he is in a relationship now

two huge aspects in abusive relationships is getting angry or jealous when your partner wants to spend time with their friends and slowly withdrawing them from their social circle. Now what do we have in the last clip? William having a true interest in Noora’s best friend and not telling Noora about what he needed to talk to her about because he knows she has to be with her friends. He wants her to spend time with people she loves and cares for and that doesn’t bother him at all. In what world does that stand for abuse???

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Prompt #1 with Steve

1. “Did you just quote Shakespeare at me?”

Requested by @suddenly-im-helpless

You smiled to yourself as you wrapped your body around Steve’s, your face nestled firmly in his neck as his strong arm cradled your shoulder and back. His hand drawling pattens across the patch of skin he had hiked your shirt up to gain access too. It was the middle of the night and neither of you could sleep, conversations ranging from the mundane to the more deeper variety. Blanketed by comfortable pauses, just like the one you were floating in now. No one in the team knew of your relationship with Steve, you both agreed keeping a low profile on your budding romance  it was for the best. After everything that had happened with the Accords, it just wasn’t the right time to be going public. 

“I just wish we could tell them” you sighed as Steve pressed his lips to your hair, breathing in the sent of your shampoo he hummed in agreement. His hand stilling on your skin, squeezing your hips in a gentle reassurance. 

“We will (Y/N) one day, soon I promise. I… I just can’t loose you. Not again, not after..everything” You raised your head to look at him, you brief time in prison was enough to understand. Not to mention his childhood best friend was currently back in cryo freeze only days after reuniting with him again. 

“I know, baby. I know..I just.. I wish I could talk to Natasha about this, we use to be so close” you sighed sadly, the thought of your best friend sent a deep pang on pain and guilt in your chest. You didn’t know where your relationship stood with the Russian, you had fought against her in what they were calling ‘a civil war between the Avengers’. You felt Steve’s hand travel up your back as he tangled his fingers in your hair. 

“I guess the course of true love never did run smooth” you hummed in agreement, before jerking back slight. 

“Wait.. Did you just quote Shakespeare at me? Who knew you were such a thespian Steve” You couldn’t help the soft giggles that passed through your lips as Steve shook his head at you pulling you down in a sweet kiss. 

“I’ll quote all the great’s for you doll” 

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27 and 57. together or not :P

I’’m assuming the pairing is malec, for obvious reasons. 

Before we start, this might not go the way you intended, nonny. That is because I just can’t see malec being jealous as in, feeling their relationship is threatened by other people. I’m not comfortable writing that or romanticizing such a harmful sentiment, so I put my own spin on this one. 

Send me a numbered prompt!

“Hey have you seen my- Oh.” + “Wait a second… are you jealous?”

Magnus was late for a meeting. Half an hour late, and it wasn’t even the fashionable late he wanted to be. It was just plain late and disrespectful to the other American High Warlocks at their biannual meeting. Really, as if he wasn’t already getting enough shit from having married a shadowhunter and adopted kids, now Magnus would get an earful from those smug old assholes simply because he couldn’t find his favorite jacket.

Desperate times called for desperate measures. There were many perks to having Alec Lightwood as his husband and only some of them had to do with their sex life. The one advantage Magnus was most thankful for at the moment, however, was the fact that Alec was a neat freak.

He would know where the jacket was for sure.

So Magnus marched up to their children’s bedroom, where Alec was putting the boys to bed. He opened the cracked door. “Hey, have you seen my- Oh,” Magnus stopped midsentence.

Alec was indeed there with the boys, sitting on the foot of Max’s bed. Only, their little one was fighting tears and whimpering, his little hands covering his face.

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Hey love 💖 72 (You deserve so much better) and 73 (You don't have to stay) with Rafa? Fluff and angst please 💖 ily ❤

It was difficult being in a long distance relationship. Rafa was someone who loved to keep busy; whether it was work in the Bay or working at NYU for a semester. However, you had a different lifestyle than Rafa. You were rooted to one city with a single job that you loved immensely. Rafa came to visit when he could but ultimately it wasn’t too often. Right now he was back in Oakland so Skype was your go-to method of communication.

“You look exhausted Rafa.”

Your boyfriend gave you a small smile before yawning into his fist.

“I wanna talk to you. I can stay up longer.” Rafa replied, sitting up straight and moving his laptop with him.

“It’s okay if you want to go to sleep, sleep is amazing. I would sleep all day if I could.” You joked, giggling until you realized Rafael wasn’t laughing with you.

He looked stressed, like something was weighing on his mind.

“Babe? Are you alright? What’s on your mind?”

Rafael was quiet for a moment, looking away from the camera.

You don’t have to stay.” He said, barely above a whisper.

“What? What do you mean?” 

“You don’t have to stay with me…you deserve so much better, Y/N. Someone who can wake up next to you daily and shower you in kisses and actually be able to pick you up from work sometimes and take you out on surprise dates. Not someone who’s constantly away and rarely ever home to hold you. So I just wanted to let you know you could go if you wanted.” Rafael rambled, his eyes downcast as he spoke.

You frowned, waiting until Rafael looked at the computer to reply.

“Rafael. I love you. I’m proud of what you’re doing. You’re doing things that make you happy. I’m here to support you, whether it be digitally or in person. Sure I miss you but it just makes me cherish the time we do have together even more. You are high on the list of best things to happen to me and I’m not letting you go over distance. Okay? You’re stuck with me.” 

You smiled as Rafael broke out into laughter.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. I’d be happy to be stuck with you until the end of time. I love you too.” 

“Good. Now tell me about your ideas for that new Youtube segment you were telling me about.”

Rafael perked up and began listing off his ideas, you listened with a small smile. It was difficult being in a long distance relationship but it was worth it.

But if the order is correct, if Julie had decided to stick with her girl squad seasons first, that means the Even season would have been after Isak graduates. 

And we would have seen Even at university or working and we would have seen Isak starting Uni and we would have seen them as like, ADULTS. 

We would have seen THAT level of their relationship.

We would have seen Even as a queer adult with a mental illness living his daily life. 

That’s what we lost. We lost the after part. We lost the next stage. We lost the part when it’s okay. That part that heals and gives closure. We lost him letting go of what happened when he was just a 17 year old kid. 

We lost seeing him still continue to balance his life but having the hang of it now. Just IMAGINE what we could have seen? 

I was ready to say goodbye yesterday but knowing what we could have had, it’s a tragedy.

Being Eric’s twin sister and having him find out about your relationship w/ Dylan

(That’s a bit of a long title but I couldn’t think of anything else)

     You and Eric. The terrible two’s. The dynamic duo. The trouble twins. You wouldn’t trade anything for your twin brother. Yeah he could be hot headed at times but he’s always there for you and you’re the same for him. You have the classic sibling rivalry relationship. You know you can trust anything with Eric. You tell him everything, except one thing. You’re in a relationship with his bestfriend, Dylan Klebold. He’s the classic protective brother when it comes to you and guys. Dylan stayed over last night. After Eric fell asleep on his bed in the basement, Dylan came into your room to see you. Nothing extreme happened, but you did end up with a small hickey on your neck.

     It’s now 10 pm. It was just you, Eric, and Dylan in the house. You just woke up and made it to the kitchen. You open the fridge and examine the inside. Not interested in what you were seeing, you grab the bottle of whipped cream and begin to shake it. Eric walks in as you spray it into your mouth. “Save some for me fat ass.”, he says as he takes the bottle away and starts spraying the whipped cream into his own mouth. “Finders keepers jackass.”, you say, lightly shoving him and grab the bottle. You begin to play tug of war. “Holy shit! What’s wrong with your neck?”, he asks. You freeze and remember the night before. He stands there for a moment. “No fucking way.”,he says in an angry tone. Dylan walks into the kitchen and Eric turns to face him. “Oh shit..”,he mumbles, realizing the situation. “RUN DYLAN!”, you laugh. Dylan jolts out of the kitchen and rushes into the living room. You laugh hysterically as you watch your brother chase Dylan around the house.

     Dylan becomes cornered and Eric grabs a large pillow from the couch. “DONT! FUCKING! TOUCH! MY! SISTER! EVER! AGAIN!”, he yells, hitting Dylan with each word. Dylan can’t help but laugh. “Eric calm down. We didn’t do anything that bad.”, you say, trying to control your laughter. “If I find out you ever hurt my sister, I will fucking skin you alive.”, he threats.

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ALL 19 DAYS FANDOM WANT MORE EMOTIONAL THINGS HAPPEN TO JIAN AND ZHAN! Next chapter the four boys will meet together! I hope something will happen between Tian and Jian yi so that we can see jealousy Zhan and Momo! Ohh they will look so cute!! And maybe Zhan or Jian yi will ask Momo about the earring! Then we will see blush Momo! I WANT THE NEW UPDATE RIGHT NOW!

HMMM. i’m expecting some chapters like the ones after zhanyi and he tian saved guan shan from getting expelled.

i just hope zhan zheng xi is there tbh. old xian been sleeping on him since 2013. but i would love some bromance between zheng xi and guan shan 👌

about the earring… not certain what could happen there. i can imagine that loser jian yi asking about it hahaha. guan shan would totally go red. so cute 🌸

i hope we get some sweet moments in zhanyi’s relationship. not sure what to think about this she li thing… i’m very interested in his character but i want zhanyi to develop on their own - not because of she li. he could help zhan feel jealous i guess (FREAKING CUTE)

with tianshan i think it’s mostly guan shan that needs to start doing something. it’s pretty obvious how he tian feels and i think guan shan has started to realize that too. we just need some insight on what he’s feeling since he’s been mostly pushing him away. maybe we’ll get that on their saturday date? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

with zhanyi it’s a different story. i think it’s jian yi that needs some time, not zheng xi. he looks ready to talk but it’s jian yi who’s so insecure with himself and doesn’t want to upset zhan or lose him because he’s the only one besides his mom who’s ever cared for him and it’s kinda sad really. jian yi, you’re amazing and zhan loves you :(. can’t you see that?

The Bangtan Gal Chapter 50- I Need U Shooting

Summary- Yoongi and Jen get into a heated argument. BTS shoot for I Need U as Jen impresses with her acting skills portraying a naive girl in an abusive relationship. Gaining confidence, Jungkook decides to tease Jen when he asks her for a massage.

Words- 12,800+

Genre- YoonJen fluff, basically fluff with all members so FLUFF FLUFF away

A/N- I think this is my new favorite chapter because of Yoongi and Jen. Their friendship is my favorite out of all the members with her. It’s been a while but I hope you enjoy the fluff and I hope your JenKook thirst is quenched for now since the last scene was thought of last minute.

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No offense to KJ, but am I suppose to believe that Jughead hasn't picked up that Archie's suddenly hitting on Betty despite her being in a committed relationship? How dumb does he think Beanie Baby is? Juggie would totally pick up that Ginger Boy wants his girl now that he can't have her.

Yeaaapppppp….Juggie’s very cynical and despite his inexplicable “love” for his asswipe of a “friend” generally is pretty perceptive, as well. I’ll write it off as “a lot going on rn”….but yeah….

TBF…tho, we ARE talking about Kamp Jock shooting his very dumb mouth off (again)

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How hot thing for Azriel, please and thank you!

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY | Kindred Souls

My relationship with Azriel: COMPLICATED

I love his personality and everything. Heck I relate to Azriel second out of all the characters in the ACOTAR series (Elain being the first). But I don’t know…I feel as though his personality gets overshadowed with Moriel and Elriel concepts. I love Az for who HE is. But I loathe how tangled his love life is and how it’s become a major part of his character because it seems he’s either:

A. Too blind to see that Mor does not love him
B. Now that Mor isn’t going to be a love interest it just so happens that Elain is conveniently here…

I just know I will be pissed if Azriel ends up with Elain just for plot. They would make a great couple, but I would want them to be together because they LOVE each other. Not because Azriel and Mor didn’t end up together.

Hopefully that all changes in the following books and we can focus more on Azriel and who he is. (CAUSE I ADORE THIS BAT SO MUCH.)

P.S. Sorry for the mini-rant, but I honestly do love Azriel which is why I take it so personally!

Common r/relationships tropes

*my off-again-on-again relationship with my (optional: cheating/mean/completely disinterested in me under normal circumstances) partner sucks. Am I allowed to break up?

*my husband doesn’t do anything. I take care of the house and the kids and he comes home from work to play video games for five hours.

*my wife gained weight (optional: after having my kids). Now how am I supposed to have sex with her?

*I’m 19-24. My boyfriend is 45. Why doesn’t he care about my inner life or make any attempts to be thoughtful in any way?

*My [1xM] brother [7-13M] got hurt because of a mean prank I (alternate: me and my friends; me and my other brothers) pulled on him. Now my mom is mad at me. How do I make her stop being mad at me?

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"I wish i could block all the antis" Well I wish I could block all of you, who are fangirling over the fact that now even official art is sexualizing a minor. You go, disgusting bitch

He is laying… ON A BED. If you have any inappropriate thoughts and think this is sexualizing, there is clearly something wrong with you. I’ve seen a dozens of designs for those pillows. Some with girls obviously younger than Yuri. No one made a fuss about that, because all of you dub ass cunts wok up only now and are throwing a tantrum over a relationship between 16 and 18 year old like it’s something new.

Gtfo from my blog and block me for all I care. One idiot less to deal with.

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Well Damian did redefine what it means to be Robin. Robin used to be just defined as Batman's lighter half. Now Robin is a lot more independent and Damian is making the Robin his own (before it was something to grow out of). You know I'm glad Snyder and Tyrion and Priest aren't writing Damian. Only Tomasi and Seeley get Damian's character and relationships. I'd rather one of my favorites be well written then assassinated. I'm still salty over Percy's characterization of Damian in Teen Titans.

Mmm I don’t know if I completely agree with your assessment. Damian arguably counted as Dick’s ‘lighter half’ when he was his partner, ie - being Damian’s guardian kept him from losing himself in the grief and rage of losing Bruce/the family being shattered. (Damian as Bruce’s partner I’d probably agree with you more, though.)

Not to mention, Tim was awfully independent as Robin himself? I mean. He was the first Robin to have a solo series. Also started his own teenage hero team, etc etc.

(Another) Anonymous said:
Hey I’m perfectly fine with Tyrion not writing Damian. Damian’s one of my favorite characters and I don’t need to see him character assassinated in more titles (like he is in Teen Titans). We all know James writes a horrible Tim (not as bad as Lobdell did but he’s still a flat arrogant sue). Cass and Clayface are the only ones I’ve seen him write really well. Damian can just stick with the writers who like and understand him (someone needs to rescue him from Percy though).

And I mean, yeah I’m glad those dirtbags aren’t writing Damian either, even the small times JT4 wrote Damian it wasn’t very good. Snyder was…okay. I just wish it wasn’t that they weren’t writing him because they disliked him/favoritism of other characters. I wish they weren’t writing him because he didn’t fit the story, not because they were avoiding him for bullshit reasons, if that makes sense. 

Oh yeah, and that made me mad too haha. For all JT4 ~loves and breathes!~ timberly drake, he just writes such a garbage one??? Like he does Timbo such a disservice with his writing, it’s hella gross and I hate that too. 

Seeley as a writer is still growing on me, but honestly if it’s not Tomasi or Gleason involved in Damian’s writing/portrayal, then I’m 400% wary from the start. Gleason and Tomasi are Damian’s REAL DADS and no one can tell me otherwise haha. 

The Other Ryn - Chapter 1 - KaerWrites - Dragon Age: Inquisition [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 14/?
Fandom: Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dragon Age (Video Games), Dragon Age - All Media Types
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Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Male Inquisitor/Dorian Pavus, Male Lavellan/Dorian Pavus
Characters: Male Lavellan, Dorian Pavus
Additional Tags: time travel-ish, Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Multiple/Alternate Realities
Series: Part 3 of Redcliff Amulet

Every choice matters - every choice has consequences. An accident with Alexius’s amulet brought Dorian to another world, where a different Inquisitor made all the difference in the Inquisition as he knew it. Now back in his original reality, Dorian sets off in search of clan Lavellan - and the Inquisitor who could have been.

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My crush is my boyfriend!! We met in high school and he's just the sweetest thing to me, I love him so much. I met him pre-transition, and looking back on him then and seeing what he's become now, I'm just so proud to see it. He helps me with my depression and anxiety, he's so respectful of my needs, and he has the brightest smile <3

Wow, he sounds like The Catch. I’m so happy your relationship is based on mutual love and support! Honest goals. Your pride in him is just so beautiful??? I’m happy you’ve found someone like him. I hope your future is as beautiful as what you’ve just sent me!

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The reaaon he never left her is because he was stuck with her and has been since 2012. Wow this explains why hes so miserable. Hes trapped. He was young and dumb when he married her and in the early happy stage of the relationship. wow just wow.

^^^^That’s why I’m now a little worried about Jake. It’s the same shit happening all over again. -N

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So, what's basically happened is that connor is a corruptellum (Which is a dope idea btw) gone-wrongTM and he caused the death of the little girl to break Stan, and now Slender is trying to basically destroy Stan's mind, but he's already dug to the "bedrock" so he can't really do anything to him. Is that about right? How does the rake fit into all this, my man?

Episode 34 answers that, yo. It pays to listen to dialogue! (i’m teasing)

I know it’s a lot of information, but the relationships these monsters have to both characters and one another is either debt-based or personal. Click below the cut for the confusing details!

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I dont get Noorhelm. Didnt he leave her hanging for months and then get a new gf.... And then he comes back like nothing happened. Thomas leaving really screwed up their story. Not that I am not thankful that S3 wasnt wasted on him. :D

To be honest, S2 to was a bit weird in its own with their relationship in some aspects, but even then it was more logical? Now ? It’s just so easy? He came back ? Like nothing? Weird, man. Julie just really needed Noorhelm and well, ok, at this point it doesn’t really matter to me haha

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Apo x Opt when they are couples?

  • Rose wasn’t looking for a relationship with anyone in the Elgang. Much less Ain now he was infected with Henir’s energy.

  • But they started talking, and Rose started listening to Ain and helping him. Obviously, it turned them into a couple.

  • Ain usually rests his head on Rose’s shoulder while she works.

  • Zero is mostly ignored by the two. Ain was given permission to hit him sometimes.

  • Ain and Rose tried to dance together once. It ended with them doing the tango in their room.

  • The two’s wedding day was quiet, just the elgang and Glave. No one else. Ain preferred it to be small and with close friends, not big and loud.