he is in a relationship now

I’m writing to tell you
it hurts.
On the best days, he tastes like too much red wine
and it’s only now that it is easier for him
to tell you he loves you—
to tell you
what you wait/deserve/want
to hear.
After the bar, he fairytales into late night laughter
and falling asleep bare-skinned.
These have become the best nights,
and my sweetheart, they come so seldom.
It is now that you avoid eye contact
with the letters you wrote to yourself
at fifteen;
how she would shake her fists
and tell me she grew up
to be stronger than this–
that we didn’t bruise to become softer,
we didn’t love so damn hard
because we wanted silence.
More than I can paint in letters,
this hurts.
After you,
I don’t know if I’ll ever trust again.
After you,
is a life I never pictured.
—  Schuyler Peck, I Will Cross This River

your overlords (6467 words) by thorduna

Chapter 2

Rating: Explicit

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Loki/Thor

Characters: Thor (Marvel), Loki (Marvel), En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster, Topaz (Marvel)

Additional Tags: Post-Ragnarok, ragnarok spoilers, Sibling Incest, Fuck Or Die, Oral Sex, Possibly Unrequited Love, Public Sex, Rape/Non-con Elements, Anal Sex, Blood and Injury, Hurt/Comfort, Alcohol, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm


Thor: Ragnarok divergence. Turns out, there are better uses the Grandmaster has for Thor once he learns he and Loki are brothers.

“Now, now, um, Loki,” Grandmaster said, fingers twitching in Loki’s general direction as they, unfortunately, have been doing quite a lot in the past days. “This brother of yours. Does he perform well?”

So apparently many people are discussing who is more into the Bughead relationship, here’s my opinion:

Bughead isn’t a one sided relationship.

Have you guys forgotten about them literally being Soulmates, saying „I love you“?

Yeah maybe lately Betty did stuff to save Jug, but he didn’t know about that and how could he? And yes he maybe wanted Toni as a rebound but hell that boy was hurt. Betty was the love if his life, his safety, his sanity…

And now for Jughead: When I started this show I thought Jughead was in deeper because he made the first move…but that wasn’t true, was it?

Don’t get blinded by momentarily fights because EVERY COUPLE HAS SMALL ARGUMENTS IT’S ONLY HEALTHY

they love each other. period

(feel free to add stuff)

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Theory: All of engineering h a t e s Culber with a passion. He's a nice guy, sure, but engineering doesn't have set shifts, they just have to show up when Stamets does. And Paul always lines his shifts up with Hugh's. The doctor's doing three shifts in a row? It's gonna be a long night for engineering. Could be worse, though: when the shifts DON'T line up, Stamets starts throwing things.

oh my GOD YES

because - i theorize that paul hasn’t really had loving relationships before, otherwise he wouldn’t be so abrasive and distancing himself so much.
but now he’s got this amazing guy in his bed who’s there to stay, and paul gets to wake up with him every morning and gets to watch him brush his teeth and put on his socks and do a million ridiculous and unattractive things, and he’s doing them all around paul, which is so stupidly domestic and sweet. paul would happily spend six hours every day watching hugh frown and pick lint off his uniform.
so of course he feels like it’s more than just redundant to be in their (their!!!) quarters when hugh isn’t there, and being woken up every morning by hugh is everything paul never knew he absolutely needed to live.
and then, coming back after a shift, telling hugh about it and asking hugh about his shift, feeling his heart beat like crazy while hugh is detailing a surgery - yeah, that’s all paul needs to be happy. 

not waking up with hugh is just decidedly the worst. it’s a little better if hugh is sleeping next to him and just has to get up later, but if hugh is already gone, then paul is ready to murder. it feels too much like loneliness again, too cold, and he misses hugh fiercely, and if that ensign asks him one damn more time on how to connect that wire he will “bite your head off goddamnit! it’s impossible to believe i’m on one of the most advanced starships in the fleet, with the smartest crew in the fleet, and it’s still like working with toddlers! is there nobody with a brain onboard?!”
the room doesn’t even dare to breathe. the ensign is close to tears.
paul harrumphs and leaves the room.
one of others comforts the ensign, while another one calls hugh down to rein his boyfriend in.

hugh arrives minutes later, his CMO having shoved him out of the door with a good-natured eyeroll and a remark like “please kiss him for at least five minutes straight so he doesn’t start to murder his team”, and he’s immediately pointed to paul’s last known location.
fifteen minutes later (or sometimes more) and a slightly flustered but also happily smiling paul resumes his work, whistling a little.
he never realizes just why exactly hugh keeps getting candy from various sources and just assumes that his team likes hugh almost as much as he does.

they still almost prefer pulling monster shifts.

this is a great thing thank you so much anon!!

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I didn't like the punisher. The whole Frank x Sarah plot was awful, they DID have a romantic conection, Frank kissed her back knowing Micro was seeing them, he hurt Micro. I hated it. Sarah and the kids seemed more important to him than Karen!!! Kastle had what 3, 4 scenes? I feel cheated.

I have to disagree with you [although, obviously it’s totally cool if you didn’t like it]. Looking back on the season, I can honestly say that there wasn’t a single episode that I didn’t enjoy. I’m sure there were some nitpicks here and there, but I literally just finished, like, five minutes ago so they’re not coming to mind right now. 

First off, I really loved Sarah. Honestly, I thought she was wonderful and doing the best that she could under the circumstances and under the circumstances that she didn’t even know that she was under. But, in regards to Frank, I liked the path of the relationship. He went there, initially, to screw with Micro. To send him a message that he was onto him, just as much David was onto Frank. And then he gets there and soon it becomes. “Look … A family.” It’s incredibly similar to how Frank’s was. It’s got it’s wife. It’s got it’s kids. They’re a similar age. And Frank doesn’t start to replace his family with Micro’s family – he just … does? what’s natural?

He sees the hurt in Sarah. He sees the pain in the kids. He sees all of these things around the house that need doing, that the occupants aren’t really well equipt for. And he does what he’d hope someone else would do for his own, if they were in a similar position. He helps. Sarah knows the recent grief of a spouse – the kids have a bunch of understandable issues but they’re kids and kids are innocent. And then his visits begin to have more purpose than simply existing in a familiar enough environment to him, that it settles into him [even in moments when visibly uncomfortable]. He starts to go in from Micro’s prodding, checking on them for him. 

And does he continue to have this connection Sarah over their similar stories? Yeah. But, I also felt like there was two very distinctively noticeable differences between Frank’s temperament and Sarah’s temperament. Frank’s not really showing any signs of being into Sarah. He’s just doing this therapy thing, with someone who understands. He’s just doing this pseudo family thing. It’s not irrelevant by any means, it’s really important in fact. It’s another small tether that he manages to form to that humanity. 

The problem on Frank’s end, is that there isn’t complete honesty. He’s open to the communication, because, as we know, he’s a lonely dude. He’s open to that understanding and he’s sympathetic to her woes, especially considering that he knows that the newest love of my life ‘douchebag’ slash forming something-of-a-friend [whether he’s ready to admit that or not and we know the answer is not] is alive and out there and making crappy food in their crappy underground bunker and literally watching them on cameras, while they suffer. But, he knows that Sarah literally has no clue who he is. Not just in name. No. In … being. You have to know and understand the *Frank Castle*, in the Pete or you don’t really know the Pete. 

Sarah’s operating in a completely different field. I can’t remember when it happens exactly [I’d have to rewatch their scenes – it’s too fresh, so it’s all a bit jumbled], but I remember thinking that you could sort-of tell the exact moment in their interactions that she’s seeing him as An Option. Seeing that these talks and having this man around the house, helping her, helping her children, watching out for them has stirred something that’s been lost since her husband “died.” It’s not a moment you really get on Frank’s end. It’s just a moment on Sarah’s. [At least in my opinion. If anyone is all about Frank and Sarah, have a blast! There was some great content.]

So, to me, it feels like the romantic connection is a one sided situation? Which Frank says, after that kiss. He does not want Micro’s wife. He made it pretty clear. And Frank’s an asshole, but he’s not an asshole. He knows that Micro is watching. I don’t think he saw that kiss coming and went, “Ooh, time to screw with Micro.” In fact, I don’t think he saw that kiss coming. I think the core of why there’s Kiss Back, is because this is the first time someone’s lips have touched his since his wife was murdered. I think there’s instinct in that. 

With Karen and her four episodes, I totally understand why you might feel bummed out – and it’s a totally acceptable feeling. When one gets excited for something and it doesn’t go as imagined, it can be a pretty, “Ugh, man.” feeling. I think most of us would’ve been thrilled to have her in more. I, myself, am really happy with what we got in those four episodes. I think that we got an entire leveling up of their prior relationship sprinkled in a pretty darn well executed way. 

From born-again strangers, but not really, to a progression of the care they’d already had for one another. In four episodes, Karen and Frank feel like More and feel like they have More than they did prior to this season. And there’s no way [in my head, at least] that that’s the end of what-ever-mess-gestures situation that they have. That elevator scene? That scene was something really important between them. That episode? That episode was something really important to them.

I probably would’ve liked a Karen newspaper article at the end, no matter who was reading it, about the recent events. But, that’s just, “Gahhhhhhhhhh moRE KAREN!!!” in me. Other than wanting a little acknowledgement in the wrap ups at the end – like, maybe just her paper on a desk or something – I’m really content with how she was placed. Even if the Karen Fan in me would’ve taken her in every single episode, without hesitating, because more Karen could never hurt.


Ryuuga’s character arc seems very much a mirror to that of Kazami Shiro’s back in Kamen Rider V3, what with learning how to find a greater reason to be a Rider outside of just personal vengeance.

Which is interesting as to how it relates to Ryuuga and Sento’s relationship, since not only did Sento homage Hongo Takeshi/Rider 1 with his scientist background, but he now shares a similar role of pseudo-mentor/guide to the new Rider he has build up.

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Thoughts on ep 310?

Caitriona is a magnificent actress and I thought the relationship between Claire and Elias was wonderful. They seemed to have more of a parent/child connection than Claire/Bree.

I thought the line about 300 men being on board the ship by Jamie and the meaning behind it, coupled with his revulsion and rage at what could happen to Claire, really interesting considering what happens in a later book.

I don’t like Cesar as Fergus. I miss the zest and charm and buoyancy Romann brought to the character. He feels very flat now. I think Lauren is good as Marsali so far, but I can tell Cesar and Lauren are just good friends because I personally don’t feel any chemistry between them.

All in all, loved the Claire scenes, loved Anneke, loved the desperation from Jamie and Claire to get back to each other but I’m not down for any more screentime apart after spending basically the first half of the season separated and then not on stable ground. I want to see Jamie and Claire TOGETHER.

Final thought: Bear McCreary’s musical genius is the unsung hero of this entire series. Gorgeous score to this episode.

Everything Will Be Alright

I refuse to write about RL people but here is a drabble cause it seems like y’all need it so I’m using Betty and Jughead’s name. 

“Babe, are you ready to do this?” Jughead asked smoothing out his suit. 

Betty squeezed her clutch nervously. “I don’t know if I’m going to be able to stand the haters.” She admitted. “There’s so much hate already.”  

“Let them come at us, as long as we love each other nothing else matters.” He said with a squeeze of her hand. 

“They don’t know you’re coming tonight, once we step out there is no going back. It’s going to be a madhouse. I can barely handle the way people comb through out relationship now.” She said admiring her sheer emerald coloured dress. “What’s it going to be like after?” 

“Do you trust me?” Jughead asked her. 

Betty searched his green eyes. She couldn’t believe she was so lucky to have met him on the set of their show, Meadowfield, two years ago. It may not have been love at first sight but it certainly felt that way to her. He was so handsome, caring, supportive and had taken her on more adventures than any one person could have hoped to have. How could she not trust him? 

“Of course I do.” She smiled at him, leaning over to give him a kiss as the limo came to a stop. 

“Well then come on kid, lets put on a show.” He grinned stepping out of the car, holding out his hand to her. 

She stepped out and the sound was deafening as people screamed and lenses snapped. 

She felt overwhelmed and took a deep breath looking over at him, his arm securely around her waist and a look of adoration on his face. She knew in that moment that no matter what happened, everything would be alright. 

Creepypasta #1312: The Lolita Next Door

Length: Long

I’ve been next door neighbors with Kurt for several years, and as far as I can remember, he lived in with only one long time relationship that has been over for more than five years now. We usually acknowledged each other by a short noncommittal “How’s it going?”, just small talk, whenever we see each other. We weren’t close by any standards, but we looked out for each other the way neighbors naturally do.

I was coming home from work around 5pm when Kurt got out of the elevator just several minutes after I did, and walked to his apartment. He had his hand on the back of a small woman, or rather a girl walking beside him, carrying a small luggage. He noticed me looking and grinned.

“Hey there, Rob. This is Lia, my girlfriend.”

I smiled and looked over at the girl, because really she looked so young. Well, not young young as in like a little kid, but too young for Kurt. She looked nothing over 18 and Kurt is nearing his 50s. She was quiet but when introduced to me, she faced me and gave me a coy, but radiant smile.

“Hi, I’m Rob.” “Nice to meet you.”

She had olive skin and long, straight jet black hair, her head barely reaching Kurt’s shoulder. I was pretty sure she came from somewhere in southeast Asia. Her eyes were dark and enigmatic. She really was so unusually beautiful I had to catch myself from staring too much. I excused myself a little after that, and all three of us entered our own apartments.

“So. Have you seen her?” said Will one Sunday afternoon, another tenant from the building who works the same job that Kurt has. Will was pretty much the only guy I could spend time with in the building who wasn’t twice my age.

“Yeah I have, a couple days ago. Saw them enter,” I replied “Why?”

He snickered. “I bet that girl is barely legal. Bet he got her from those.. what did they call ‘em? Mail order brides?” Then he laughed outright. “Bet she thought he was loaded or something. Girls from third world countries always think we’re all loaded here.”

I didn’t answer, although I kinda wanna agree with him, about the age part. I couldn’t really give a shit whether Kurt met Lia through a mail order bride website or whether they just clicked online or what. Live and let live right? However, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. Being neighbors with Kurt for years, I know what an asshole he is to women. Let’s just say, I’m glad the only woman he lived with for years has finally left him. But here we go again..

Days passed before I actually saw Lia again. I saw Kurt regularly, every time he goes to work. That one time I did see her, Lia was looking through a slightly opened door as Kurt left for work. Watching his back as he pressed the elevator door. She caught me watching her, and gave me a small smile before closing the door.

“The Lolita next door,” Will told me with glee one afternoon.

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(@lilred91) Seth Rollins’ little sister is and has been dating Roman Reigns for a while, without complications, but now that Seth’s destroyed the Shield he wants to destroy is sister’s relationship (ANGST)




I sat front row, anticipating the Shield to come down through the crowd.

But the thing is I’m not just a fan.

I happen to be Seth Rollins’ little sister.

Not little as in oh, I’m some teenager or something like that. I’m actually twenty-two but yeah, little as in he’s older, obviously.

Oh and not to brag, okay maybe a little, but I’m also Roman Reigns girlfriend.

The Shield theme hit, and a much too massive gasp left mouth, and I brought my hands up to it, the excitement getting the best of me.


“The men standing in this ring, are brothers. This is Evolution.This is the Shield.” Roman spoke doing gestures with his hand, slowly balling it into a tight fist, while looking at my brother and Dean off in the background pacing. “So Randy Orton bring your ass out here and let me break your jaw with the symbol of excellence.” The crowd heard him finish, as he tossed the mic behind him.“


“Last night was plan A.” Triple H continued, the sledgehammer still resting up against him. “Tonight.” He said finally moving the sledgehammer and looking up at it. “Plan B.” He paused for a second. “There’s always a Plan B.”


I sat, well no, I would even really call it sitting, considering my butt was barely even touching my seat.

What the hell is Plan B? I, like so many others in the arena wondered.

Then out of nowhere, like a sharp pain hitting you unexpectedly, the thought came to me.


He can’t won’t do this, I mumbled silently my eyes locked on my older brother as he slowly rose the steel chair that he’d been clutching for a while now, in the air.

By now Roman and Dean had both walked ahead as if getting ready to go on the attack against Triple H and Randy.

That’s when it happened.

Everything I’ve been mentally screaming at Seth not to do, he did.

First to my boyfriend, hitting him from behind.

Roman collapsed, falling in between the ropes, as Dean looked from Roman, to my brother shock all too clear on his face.

Next thing I know, he was going towards Seth ready to attack before he got attacked, but he was too slow and Seth too fast.


“What the fuck was that, Seth?” I yelled breaking the silence in the hotel room. “Why would you do that? And to Roman and Seth of all people?”

Seth let out a frustrated groan, his back turned to me.

If I had a steel chair right now, I’d happily lay his ass out.

That’s just how pissed, I am.

“They were your brothers.” I shouted again, this time making him turn around.

When Seth did face me, I could see nothing but rage in his eyes.

It was like I wasn’t even looking at my, but instead some other version of him.

Same careless bun with strands of hair falling freely.

Same clothes he left the arena in.

Same face, same everything.

Just more evil.

Seth took a step closer to me, his face still at an all time high, but I stood my ground.

Besides it’s not like he would’ve hit me.

“No brother of mines, would fuck around with my little sister.” He shouted, finally giving me a tad but more information as to why he’s done this but I still wasn’t buying it.

Me and Roman have been seeing each other for at least two years now, and if Seth had a problem with it why wouldn’t he say something then?

And why not react in private, with me and Roman present?

Why make it public, and professional?

Not that I was even buying his half assed lie.

It just didn’t make since, my brother’s not the type of man to just let something weigh him down, if he didn’t like it he would’ve spoken up the second me and Roman came to him, which was like a week after we made it official.

Going to Seth was nerve wreaking but I didn’t sneak around for this reason, I didn’t want to ruin what him and Roman had built.

But if this was the case, which like I said, I didn’t believe it was.

Not even for a second.

Where did Dean stand in this mess?

“Why Dean…? Is it because you knew he’d cone for you after you set your little plan in motion? So you had to get him, before he got you?”

Seth rolled his eyes at me. “Y/N, I don’t have to explain myself to you. I’m a grown ass man–”

“And I’m a grown ass woman, Seth.” I replied cutting him off. “One that can and should be able to date whoever she wants without her brother beating him down with a steel chair.”

“He was too old for you.”

Is he serious?

Like if you’re going to do something, don’t stall, then come up with bullshit excuses when questioned about it.

“You’re an idiot.” I said. “That’s none of you’re concern. I don’t care about Roman’s age. Those seven or eight years, don’t matter. If I’m old enough to go out and get drunk, then I’m old enough to date who I want, so if it’s Roman Reigns, or some random ass man I bump into on the sidewalk, and who’s twenty years older, your opinion doesn’t matter. If he makes me happy I’m going to be with him regaurdless of our age difference.”

My idiot brother stated quiet for a minute or too, and I was hoping like hell that I’d gotten through to him.

But turns out it was false hope.

“I don’t care what you say, Y/N. I want you to end it with him, because just like I broke up the Shield tonight, I can break up your relationship.”

I looked at him with disbelief in my eyes.

He’s so consumed with whatever he’s got going on in his head, he actually thinks he can come in between me and Roman.

“Go to hell, Seth.” I said before picking up my things and heading to the door.

But before I could make my exit, my brother’s stupid laugh rang through my ears, followed by his cocky words. “I mean it Y/N. Roman’s not going to want to be with you, after what I’ve got planned.”


I crossed my arms over my chest, continuing my snitching on Seth. “…it’s like he’s someone else, honestly. Like I don’t even know that man in there…”

Roman’s head hung, his eyes focused on the floor, instead of on me.

“…can you even believe that babe? Him wanting us to break up?”

Unlike Roman, my eyes were set on him, looking on as he ran his hand through his hair.

Standing here wanting for his response, was making me impatient and my anger wasn’t helping.

All I wanted was for my boyfriend, the man I’ve loved for two years, to defend me, to take me into his strong arms and tell me that we’ll make it through this.

For him to say he’ll love me through it all.

But I didn’t get that.

“Y/N.” Roman sighed, finally looking at me, with tired eyes. “Maybe Seth’s right…”


Such a perfect ending right? 😂


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paladins cuddling with a muscular s/o? i'm totally not Projecting but like cuddling is the best part of being alive and when you can just stand up and carry the other person to another place for more cuddling it is LIT


  • cute
  • he’s a bit startled the first time because wHAT IS THIS
  • but he also really likes it it makes him feel kinda calm and peaceful
  • and also at least he’s not the only muscular person in this relationship
  • he can’t carry all the wEIGHT around here
  • ok i’ll die now


  • almost snaps his neck the first time in shock because holy crap
  • kind of likes it though
  • i mean after he got over his whole ‘how can i be the weaker one’ phase
  • now he’s all “u kno i think i’d rather cuddle in the lounge lets go there”
  • it’s too much power


  • she just wants cuddles ok
  • the first time you do that she’s like “wHOM THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE”
  • but after that she’s all yea this ok
  • you guys cuddle a lot
  • she has a few nicknames for you
  • you give her piggyback rides from one location to the neck
    • “you guys stop cuddling here take ur romance somewhere else“
    • pidge: “be gone my lawful stead!” a whole dork, clings onto your neck and back and even sticks an arm out for a ‘sword’


  • would rather you not because he doesn’t get used to it very well
  • kind of cute though
  • he pouts a little because “i have legs”
  • the living embodiment of ‘NSDKJHKDF’


  • shocked every single dang time
    • “oh are we-ok then..“
  • a whole cutie though
  • he gets so happy also kind of confused because how ndskjhfk
  • but he talks about you a lot to his friends because he’s a proud bean !!

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“You’re the most important person in my life.” Logan to Roman? Emotional Logan :0

Summary: Roman thinks Logan is trying to break up with him by letting him down gently, it’s quite the opposite really. 

Warnings: icky things called emotions (none really)

Word count: 820

Tag list: (ask to be added or removed) @tssanderssidestrash @hanramz-the-fander @alwaysmy-lilith

It had been around four days. Well, four nights that Roman had spent alone and he’s sick of it. He knew dating Logan wouldn’t be a breeze, they had their differences and disagreements but now it was almost smooth sailing. Until Logan withdrew himself. He shut himself in his room for days, not spoken to him either. Roman deduces this can only mean one thing… he’s going to break up with him.

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Help help help

So my best friend @tasty-cars-trucks is a Daddy and really needs more followers or people to just send asks or talk to him. He is a wonderful guy who is going through a rough patch right now. He means lots to me and I want to make him smile so please get involved.

i have such a love/hate relationship with zac efron……on one hand,,, that’s my boy troy bolton. and he can sing. and he was in hairspray. and he was my first celebrity crush…….on the other hand,,,, have you guys looked at him recently??? i’ve never seen a bigger glo-down tbh…..like lose the muscle and the weird hair and the tan, dude…….but now i’m seeing interviews with him and zendaya,,, and he’s singing again for this new movie……and i see him and i’m like!!!!! troy!!!!!!! but also,,,,, can i like a man who has been CLAIMED by the wine moms of america?

You know my name - Beginte - James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Pairing: 00Q (James Bond/Q)

Word count: 3567

One-shot. Everyone at MI6 assumes Bond knows Q’s real name, seeing as they’re in a relationship. Everyone is wrong. Bond snowballs.


It’s Camille who asks first, because she’s as irreverent and direct as Bond. There’s a reason they’re friends, after all.

“So what’s his name?” she asks over a plate of chips she apparently decided he’s going to share with her and he isn’t yet irritated enough to stop her.

Bond watches her eat the chips in the unflattering lighting of the MI6 canteen. Normally, everyone is wary to risk the oftentimes suspect food here, but every now and again circumstances conspire (or mildly suicidal mood strikes) and Bond ventures out into the canteen to take his chances. The chips seemed harmless enough tonight.

“Whose name?” he asks, playing dumb, because there’s only one ‘he’ Camille (or anyone) could be asking him about.

Camille gives him a deeply unimpressed look and steals another chip.

“Please,” she shoves it into her mouth. He’s getting close to stopping her. “So?”

“So what?” he hasn’t driven anyone mad in almost twelve hours (Q being his latest victim) and he should probably hurry up to meet his daily quota.

She huffs and punishes him by taking three chips all at once.

“Q,” she wipes the grease off her fingers on her track bottoms. “You’ve been shagging for a while. Rumour has it you’ve sort of moved in,” Bond instinctively bristles at something actually personal to him being discussed quite so… blatantly. “He had to tell you. I want to know.”

“What makes you think I know his name?”

“So what, you’re gasping out a letter of the alphabet when you’re in the throes of passion?” she smirks crookedly, dark fringe in her eyes (how she sees anything on missions is beyond him).

“I don’t gasp,” he informs her (not entirely truthfully, but she needn’t know). “And since you won’t be in the throes of passion with him, let alone with both of us, I don’t see why you’d need to know his name.”

She huffs, mutinously flicks his plate hard enough to make it jump and spill some chips onto the chemically-clean smelling table, and gets up and leaves him be. Quietly smug, Bond finishes the chips and finds that victory is the best seasoning to serve them with.

melanisticinteractive  asked:

(takes place on surface) UT, UF, Sans and US Papyrus come over for the first time (after several successful dates) to find that their S/O is housing Flowey in a pot in their kitchen, trying to rehabilitate him. (if possible please give their immediate reaction, and how if affects your relationship over time)

(I’m gonna do Temmie for US Papyrus, caus Flowey’s swapped with him there :D )

UT Sans: He…isn’t too thrilled. He only knows bits and pieces of what that Flower did, and he knows they weren’t too nice. But after he learns a bit more, that Flowey is just a soulless, dead, child…he..still isn’t too thrilled but he at least partly understands.

And hey, he's too lazy to hold a grudge anyway. He will prank Flowey though, he is now living with you, he is now also getting pranked like all others. No exception.

UF Sans: Ugh, no not that asshole. Flowey always creeped him out, and he knows that that Flower did some really shitty things. But hey, everybody down there did. He is especially not thrilled about the resets, he hated the feeling of deja vu, without knowing what exactly happened. Didn’t really help his anxiety.

He won’t ever be all buddy-buddy with Flowey, but why should he hold a grudge, he is lazy and he has done his fair share of shitty things.

US Papyrus: Who the hell is Temmie? Papyrus knows nothing about resets, Sans is the one who seems rather surprised to see that furball around in your flat one day when he picks up Papyrus, who was too lazy to walk home.

Sans seemed to be rather thrilled to see that Temmie is trying to be better, even though there is some distrust deep in his eyes. After that, a rather confused Papyrus get’s picked up by Sans way more often than before.

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93 Blue and mutt? Rarepares!

probably one of the rarest of pairs, honestly. a bit of an intro into this: i may or may not have taken liberty with the prompt, and this may or may not be less of a ship and more of a “slim is here and oh let’s throw blue in last moment”

WARNINGS (yeah, this has warnings): thoughts of death, nihilism, unhealthy mindsets, mention of physical violence (nothing too graphic), possible relation to unhealthy relationships

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things abt jane the virgin that bother me:

adam, who came out as bisexual last week, is now leaving like what the HECK we get a bisexual character that is very open abt his bisexuality and uses the words bisexual to describe his orientation and now hes gone??? can we not get good gay representations???

rafael and jane,,,,,may be end game…,.,,,,,…

let petra b happy

let jane and petra b friends again

krishna x luisa needs to happen PLEASE LET LUISA BE IN A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP

What is this Feeling? - Chapter 1 - Shygirl4991 - Sander Side [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 2/?
Fandom: Sander Side, Thomas Sanders
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Roman Sander/Virgil Sanders, Logan Sanders/Patton Sanders
Characters: Roman Sanders, Virgil Sanders, Logan Sanders, Patton Sanders
Additional Tags: Wicked - Freeform, Sanders Sides (Video Blogging RPF), Anxiety | Virgil Sanders, Logic | Logan Sanders, Morality | Patton Sanders, Creativity | Roman “Princey” Sanders

Roman is failing his math class, and because of this Logan won’t let him audition for the upcoming musical. So Roman has no choice but to ask His roommate Virgil for help, but he should have known that when it came to his roommate things can never be easy.

Chapter 2 is now up! Still trying to get used to writing so my chapters are short but I’m having a lot of fun with this story!

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