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can you recomend any comics with a mlm relationship with a merman?

Yup! Both mermaids and mermen have been popular themes over the last year or so for some reason.

Until Sunset: Isaac has resigned himself to being stuck alone in his family holiday house for 2 months – that is until he meets Derek, a merman that got wounded when swimming too close to a fishing boat. Now Isaac gets to spend his holiday nursing his new friend back to health, and finds that he wouldn’t want to spend it any other way.

Acquine: Acquine tells the unusual love story between Nicco and Suhn, an aspiring pirate and a lost merman, and his adventures at sea!

Semiaquatic Love: A young merman wants to get out of the sea and go on an adventure on land. Will he succeed? Maybe with the help of a certain pirate…

The Meeting: A short love story about a Merman and Centaur.

Out of the Blue: A short bit of experimental nonsense about a boy and a fish monster.

Notice Me [Chapter 11]

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Final Chapter of Notice Me

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10

Series Genre: AU/Fluff/Smut/Slight Angst at times

Your eyes shot open as you saw Jackson hovered over the two of you, eyes wide and nostrils flared in anger.

“Shit!” you muttered, moving out of Mark’s grasp to sit up and look your brother in the eye.

“I knew something was going on with you two!” he shouted, pacing back and forth.

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BTS Reaction To Having A Tall Girlfriend

Namjoon: Namjoon would find it very attractive having a girlfriend that’s taller than him. He would catch himself staring at her long legs all the time.

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Taehyung: Taehyung wouldn’t mind the height difference at all because he’d look forward to looking up at her to admire her beauty.

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Hoseok: Hoseok would tease her by asking her how’s the weather up there even if they were a couple inches apart.

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Jin: Jin wouldn’t mind the height difference since he’s also tall. When it came to her wearing heels he’d tease saying maybe he should buy some heels to catch up to your height.

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Jungkook: Jungkook would like to have a tall girlfriend but when it came to her wearing heels he would be surprised how much taller she’d become. 

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Yoongi: Yoongi is already small to begin with and now the height difference would trouble him a bit. But he was in too deep to let such a minor thing to ruin their relationship.

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Jimin: Another smol bean how looks even smaller compared to his girlfriend. To his surprise, he didn’t mind it at all teasing her by telling her they look more like mother and son despite him being older than her.

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Question, did Adrien hesitate when hooking up Nino and Alya? I know he'd want his best friend to be happy, but did he have any second thoughts cause of Chloe?

Lucky Us, Chapter 6

Adrien: *casually* If you must know, I am trying to hook Nino up with an entertainment reporter.
Chloe: Ugh. Sounds like they’re perfect for each other already.
Adrien: *passive-aggressively* It was love at first sight! For him. Possibly for her, too, *hinting that there’s still time to stop it* but she doesn’t know it yet.
Chloe: *immediately deflects* Adrien, the hopeless romantic thing was cute when we were kids, but you have relationship experience now. It’s okay to admit that love is a sham and sex isn’t that great.
Adrien: *genuinely* I will pray for you, Chlo.
Chloe: *a brief moment of emotion* Whatever.

Adrien is a sneaky guy. Nino having a crush on someone else is an opportunity to shock Chloe out of her stupor and make her say something. But Chloe proves that she is more stubborn than Adrien could ever hope to break through.

I can’t say that he hesitated because he had ulterior motives from the get-go. He wished for an outcome that Chloe refused to let happen. In the end, he couldn’t meddle any more than that.

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I was lucky to meet my soulmate early, at age 13, he was my first boyfriend. Now I'm 19, I'm still with him, we told each other that we'll keep being together no matter what -our relationship has never been perfect at all so we truly know what we're saying, we're not blinded by an idea of perfection of anything!-, and that we'll eventually start living together in two years and eventually get married someday.. he lives in another city so it's hard, but we need each other. I love him so much.

Awh wow! It sounds like you two love each other an awful lot ☺️ I’m happy you have this 💗

Title: Protect Me (Part 11.)

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Samantha (fictional/original character).
Summary: After Todd’s arrest, Sam confronts him during a meeting with his lawyer. 

Word Count: 2,141
Author’s Note:  We’re on the final stretch guys! We’ve got a one more chapter left of this story, so stay tuned! 
Taglist: @clinicalkayla | @negan–is–god@thendonteatwaffles | @heartfulloffandoms | @lostxwanderess | @warriorqueen1991 | @may85 | @negantrashlucille23 | @myheart4ever47 | @the-shameless-captainflint

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“I’ll be just right outside, okay?” Jason said, looking down at Sam. She was released from the hospital just yesterday and now, she had to face Todd.

The start of their relationship began in the hospital, but Jason didn’t mind. He knew that she only felt safe around him and he wanted to keep it that way. There had been times during her hospital stay where she would wake up in tears and Jason did his best to calm her down.

“You can’t come inside with us?” Sam asked, resting her forehead against Jason’s chest. His strong arms were wrapped around her, keeping her safe and protected.

“I can’t, no. But just look outside and I’ll be right there, okay? Alicia said all you’ll do is make a statement and then you can leave the room.”

“W – What if I can’t do it, Jason?”

“You can.” He reassured her, his hand gently cupping her cheek. “You can and you will because Todd will know that he didn’t break you. You’re stronger than you think, Sam.”

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Big brother- Sunghwa

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Artist: Gray

Word count: 1.4K

You were standing in front of the AOMG building debating whether to go in or not, you came to see your brother Sunghwa and ask him for a favor which you weren’t sure if he was down to help you with. You haven’t seen him for the longest time now and you were wondering how he will react to you being there, if he would welcome you or not.

Your relationship with your brother Sunghwa wasn’t the best, you never really understood why it was like that. You do remember how you guys always used to fight all that time but that’s just how siblings are usually like, and you remember Sunghwa leaving to live in the city for college and you stayed with your parents, so you automatically grew to be distant from each other. 

Growing up you sensed that Sunghwa never really liked you and that he always had something against you but you never understood why. You moved to the city after by couple of years to finish your education and pursue your dream job. However you suddenly had an issue and you needed help, and you thought maybe going to your brother wouldn’t be so bad until you got there. 

 You went to the girl sitting on the desk and asked if you could see Sunghwa since you’ve never been there and for sure you won’t be getting an easy pass. “And who are you” she asked 

 “I’m his sister” you said and she didn’t believe you thinking your a crazy fan 

“I’m sorry I believe I can’t help you” she said 

“Really I am, can’t you believe just call him down here” you asked again nicely. 

“He is not here right now” she said and you sighed, this was going to be a long day. You decided to leave because no one would believe your his sister if he never mentioned you. You were walking out of the building when someone called your name 

“Y/N?” Sunghwa asked questionly not really believing you were right here “Umm, hi Sunghwa” you said happy to see him 

“What are you doing” he asked coldly, you shouldn’t have been surprised that he was acting cold towards you right now when he’s usually like that all the time. 

 “I just came to see you” you said 

 “What do you want” he asked again 

“Umm, I was wondering if I could ask for a favor from you” you said 


 “But I really need help” 

 “Do you want money” 

“What no, I just need a place to stay at for couple weeks until I save up for a new lease” 

“No way” 

“Please, I have no where else to go” you begged him 


 “Come on, I’ll only sleep there, you won’t even see me, I won’t use any of your stuff, I’ll just sleep there and leave early too” you told him

“I said no” he said sternly 

“Okay, thanks anyway” you said on the verge of tears and turned around to leave, Sunghwa felt a little bad seeing you about to cry 

“Okay, fine” he said finally you turned around excited 

“Really” you said not believing it 

“Yeah, but you better stick to what you said” he said 

“I will, thank you so much” you said and were about to hug him but pulled back. 

First week went by just like how you told him it would be, you would wake up super early, get ready and then leave before Sunghwa woke up then head to work and spend all day out even though you didn’t have anything to do. Then when it gets later you would head back to sleep and the cycle kept going on. 

Even when Sunghwa saw you around his place he still wouldn’t acknowledge you and act as if your invisible and not there, it always hurt you because you always wished you had the big brother relationship with him but he didn’t seem to care.

After the second week Sunghwa was changing, 

One day he was passing by the bedroom you were staying in when you he heard you talking to your guys mom. 

‘Sunghwa is doing great’ 

‘Yeah its really nice here’ 

‘Of course his place is super nice’ 

‘Yeah he treats me really good, we hang out together and sometimes we have meals together when he’s not busy’

‘Okay mom ill talk to you later’

Sunghwa was really surprised and confused when he heard you talking so nice about him when he didn’t even do any of the things you mentioned nor did he treat you right. He felt really shitty and bad for the way he has been treating you because you didn’t deserve to be treated that way. 

And another reason why he wanted to treated you because he saw how you were trying to help around at his place You would always do the dishes even though you didn’t use any of them, you also cleaned around his place without messing his stuff. You would always put a blanket over him when he fell asleep watching tv or while working. You just kept proving to him how much you cared for him even though he treated you so badly.

You were adopted and he held a grudge over that all these years. He was an only child and his parents were dying for a girl so they adopted you. He was mad because all the attention that was on him was suddenly given to someone else and he had to share it with you, so for all these years he hated you and held a grudge against you. You were always wondering why he never really cared for you and a part of you knew that it was because you were adopted. And years later he still didn’t like you no matter how much you tried, after he movedd to Seoul he became more distant with you to the point he never even called you or asked about you once. 

You were coming back home after a long day of a double shift that you’ve been doing to try and save up as much as you can. 

“Hey” you heard Sunghwa say and even smile at you.

”Hi” you said surprised that he was actually talking to you. 

“I brought food” he said and nodded his head towards the takeout bags.

 “Oh thank you but I just ate” you said 

“Rayman is not a proper meal its not healthy for you so go eat” he said in a big brother tone which brought a big smile to your face. You nodded and went to eat what he got, it felt nice to eat a proper meal in a while. Sunghwa knew how much you were starving because you were saving up money for a new place and he even noticed how much weight you lost. 

You were once looking around Sunghwa’s home studio and you were dying to get your hands on the piano once you saw it, you had taken many lessons before when you were younger and you wanted to play sometimes you wrote before. You were so into playing the piano that you didn’t notice when Sunghwa came back home. He was kind of pissed that you were touching his equipment but you were playing it so nicely that he didn’t want to stop you. He fell in love with it and it felt like it was a missing puzzle to his beat. 

You stopped playing when you felt a presence behind you, you looked back and there was Sunghwa just standing there. 

“I’m sorry I touched the piano” you told him apologetically and ready to step out of the studio. 

“Wait, can you play that again” he asked you which surprised you.

“Sure, but its not that good” you said not confident in your work. 

“No, its really beautiful” he told you which made you so happy

“Thank you” you said.

 After that night everything changed, Sunghwa was treating you super nice, he was taking you out to eat to places you’ve never been too, taking you out to watch movies and he even took you shopping so you could renew your closet from places you've never even dreamed going to. He also took you to the studio for the first time and everyone loved you and asked him why he never brought you before. 

Sunghwa was becoming the brother that you always dreamed of having all your life and it was making you feel so happy to just have him by your side.

gerard’s story is so fucking inspiring for me because in high school he would always feel invisible and unnoticed and thats EXACTLY how i felt when i was in high school and he’s also dealt with depression that was so bad that he wouldn’t shower for days or even WEEKS and i’m at that point with my depression as well and he always thought he was going to die alone and didn’t think marriage was something that worked like everyone says it does and thats EXACTLY how i feel about love and relationship and he dealt with that shit for so long but !!! look at him now!!! he’s doing what he loves and he has a FAMILY and he seems fucking happy and its so fucking inspiring because if he could get through the lowest of the low in his life then i probably can too and UGH he just means so much to me

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How do you think the apology/conversation between Gon and Killua after the Chimera Ant ant went, and why did Togashi choose to have such an important conversation happen offscreen (afterall, quite a bit of screentime was dedicated to their relationship during the series in general, and to Killua's perception of it during the CA arc in particular)?

so my headcanon right now for the apology scene is that gon apologized immediately when he saw killua – like, it catches killua off-guard even. (apologizing to killua was obviously a pressing issue for gon, based on his convo with leorio).

i think that gon apologizing of his own volition would soften killua a bit, because clearly gon has realized how he acted and that it hurt killua w/o killua needing to prompt it from him. killua would probably still give gon some shit, like, “yeah, you better be sorry, stuuupid!” (and alluka would be like, “brother!!! that’s mean!” *pouty face* and gon would be like, “brother…?”) but i think any residual anger would fizzle out of him and killua would give gon an affectionate smile. and then give alluka a formal introduction.

i think that this scene was offscreened because togashi plans to revisit it later in a flashback (from either gon or killua’s pov). it’s a very important scene, i would definitely be disappointed if it’s just swept under the rug. i guess we’ll have to wait and see…


In fulfillment of this request by @velvetyvivian.

Word Count: ~900

Genre: fluff, happy birthday Yoongi

Originally posted by sugagifs

A/N: I’ve taken a little creative liberty with this and made it an AU- also a little more fluff than romance. Hope you don’t mind <3


Yoongi knew you’d been planning something for his birthday for maybe a week now. It was obvious when he walked into the apartment and you immediately closed your laptop. He didn’t know what you could possibly be hiding.

You had shared your phone password with him early on in your relationship and never failed to hand over the device without hesitation when asked. Yoongi also memorized your laptop password, though this was more by accident. Still, you knew he knew and didn’t seem to mind, namely because you had memorized his too.

When he asked you about it, all you said was a hasty, “I was working on a paper and you walked in right when I decided to take a break.” There was a nervous laugh in your undertones, so Yoongi decided to drop the subject.

It was only after he asked about the paper the next day and you forgot about its existence entirely that he wanted to chuckle affectionately and say, “If you’re going to lie, at least remember what it was.”

He didn’t say it though. Instead, he once again dropped the subject.

Still, this made him slightly suspicious and as soon as you’d headed off to uni the next morning, Yoongi decided to go poking through your browsing history.

He felt guilty about it, kind of, but after three years together, there was almost nothing worth hiding from one another.

That was when he found out you changed your laptop password.

Disgruntled, he tried everything he could think of- birthdays, addresses, names, even the titles of books you liked. It locked him out eventually and he had to wait for an hour, but as soon as he came back and typed in “Yoongles,” the nickname you’d given him after your first date, the desktop booted up with a happy “ping.”

Turns out, you were planning a vacation for his birthday. It was only for four days- a time slot that would fit into both of your school schedules, but you’d already bought the tickets to New York.

The place he’d always wanted to go.

So of course when you’d presented him with the tickets and itinerary, he feigned surprise with all his heart, happy to see the look of pure joy on your face.

And then the storm came.

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Clint Barton: CW #Dadfail no. 1: Or the One where The Brainwashee Adopts the Brainwasher

I have read a lot of posts recently on Clint Barton in Civil War - so I decided to make one of my own - because Clint is one of my many issues with Civil War. And look at that - I picked this post to make add photos. Isn’t he special?

Why did I do this? It’s because a part of the fandom appears to see the relationship between him and Wanda as adorable. My reaction to this: What? What are you ON?

It is apparent that at some point between the middle of Age of Ultron and the beginning of this one, he and Wanda have become very close. I have an issue with this. Because Wanda Maximoff brainwashed every single other Avenger – much like Loki did to him.

Remember this?

Yeah, me too. 

Now let’s make a comparison, shall we?

I picked Natasha for the illustration because she is Clint’s best friend, and she was right there by his side during the Avengers. And she’s the one who knocked him out of the brainwashing.

Since this post is about Clint - let’s have his part too, despite the fact that it failed:

Also throughout the course of Ultron, we go from the above post, to this:

I understood that at the time, up to a point. Clint is notorious for giving out second chances. It’s how he befriended Natasha to begin with, and it was a bad situation. Clint understands that some people come from a bad place and make bad choices. Presumably, Wanda had changed sides and was now trying to do the right thing. Like Natasha. So he’s mentoring her, fair enough. For now, let’s set aside the fact that she mind-fucked his best friend into her worst nightmares of the Red Room.

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Prompt:  Hey can you do any of the tony and Clint images prompts.

Nonnie, I am TERRIBLY sorry for such a long delay. I don’t know how I missed this message and can only hope that you don’t mind it being answered now.

The Playboy, the Player, and the Paradox: A secret identity IronHawk AU

Clint Barton is good at three things: hitting his targets with bullseye, finding food in the strangest of places, and slipping out of relationships. After years of having survived a crazy carnie life and crazier family life, Clint has also learned to have a brilliant poker face when necessary. Now a SHIELD agent, he is assigned to go on a mission to Budapest, to an elite hotel which is set to host a meet-and-greet of the smartest minds of the current scientific generation. The mission is to keep an eye out on Dr. Erik Selvig, a renowned physicist who had attracted the attention of nuclear power hungry eyes from the dark corners of the world. Undercover as a member of the press, he and his partner, Natasha Romanoff, are set to carry out their mission smoothly when Clint bumps into the charming and controversial tech genius Tony Stark. Tony, having come out of a recent kidnapping that led him to shut down his weapons division and employ an unknown robotic bodyguard, is a man holding his own secrets but finds the sarcastic and cheeky Clint intriguing. 

Between coincidental and orchestrated meetings, the temperamental and elusive men find themselves fighting a game of undeniable connection. Juggling the electric attraction to a billionaire playboy, a dangerous mission that seems to involve powers more than he was trained to handle, and secrets that threaten to change everything, Clint is left walking a tightrope of mysteries, money trails, and magnetic men. This is only complicated more when he faces the puzzle of Iron Man, Tony’s bodyguard, who seems to be a hindrance to Clint’s mission. Will Tony & Clint’s secrets collide in a disaster, or will they manage to solve their paradox in time to save the world? The answer lies on the shoulders of an emotionally disastrous duo of a lonesome playboy and a lonely player.

Set in a world pre IM2 where Tony never revealed Iron Man’s identity and Clint isn’t married.

Please do let me know if you use this idea for a fic :D

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what do you think about the fan idea that ruby is actually qrows kid instead of taiyang?

i’m perfectly happy with the Branwen/Xiao Long/Rose family as it is right now. I like that he’s her loving and super caring uncle. IF it happened and if it turned out that he was her father, I wouldn’t be upset - but I think we’re good where we’re at right now. 

I will say, people get oddly heated about this subject so I tend to stay out of it. Qrow/Ruby’s relationship is high quality though. One of the best in the series. 

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i guess this is an unpopular opinion but i dont rlly like barry bluejeans that much at all. like his names funny and all but when griffin made him like, one of the most important characters i was like uhhhhh. also the whole hetero "greatest love" thing w him and lup sorry griffin cant relate

oh me the fuck to i give no shits about him, like i actually liked that like.. i like the concept of a joke character coming back and being real important like because griffin kept saying that he was dead and never coming back so it was really hilarious to be but as a character i do Not care about him, i love lup but i.. feel nothing for her relationship with barry, im on team lupcretia, lucretia is taakos sister-in-law and lup sees angus and instantly wants to adopt him but lucretia already has so hes their son now


I want a klance fanfic where keith does something really bad (cheats, says bad things about lance but like REALLY BAD, or leaves him when lance needed him, idk) and lance just feels so betrayed. He cant force himself forgive keith (cuz our poor baby is so insecure and couldn’t handle the betrayal) so like their relationship starts falling apart after that. After a few weeks lance says the famous lines “i accept your apology but i cant forgive you.“ (aka breakup) Lance thought that saying that would help him feel better but it actually made him feel worse. He wants to take it back but believes keith hates him so he doesnt say anything. He just suffers through the pain by himself and hates himself for being so weak.
BASICALLY what i want is a sad klance ending where they dont get back together. I WANT MORE LANGST!

Been feeling down so I made myself on the sims with all my perceived and known issues and then went to see if tiny me would screw up his life on the sims and probably pee a blue puddle on the floor or something else I might find sad to see.  

Except he actually did alright. He has some breakdowns from his anxieties, but he gets through them. He writes a lot and even got into a loving relationship. Now as long as my sim doesn’t get struck by lightning, this is actually cheering me up to see. 

Go sim me, go!

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Every single time I find myself in a relationship, they reveal themselves to be one of the worst people I have ever met. I've been pushed, slapped, punched, and bruised. Once my ex called me to tell me he was going to slit my throat and that he hopes my brain tumor kills me. Then he told our mutual acquaintances that I am a liar and overreactive and now people think I'm some hysteric crazy person. So when somebody asks me why I choose to stay single now it takes everything I have not to scream.


I’m sorry the people around you are so insensitive ❤ Your choice is valid af and you are definitely better off single than with someone who makes life worse!

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I'm afraid Mon-el won't be here to stay, although I do believe he means to Kara, the same thing that Iris means to Barry and Felicity to Oliver, but I don't know, his storyline is still confusing me, what you think?

Right now he is definitely here to stay. This season has been heavily focused on him, his story and his relationship with Kara. Even I, a Karamel shipper, think that sometimes it’s a little too much and both of them could use some storylines apart from each other lmao They won’t waste all this time on a character just to let him go. And they’re writing his character development so thoroughly and carefully, it definitely looks like a character they intend to keep exploring for a long time. Moreover, as I’ve already mentioned in the past, CW loves romance and they know that Mon-El is her best love interest, especially if you take into account their incredible chemistry, which is something rare to find and when they find it they usually hold on to it. 

But I don’t think the writers are thinking that far ahead to be honest. Right now they want Mon-El, Karamel and Chris Wood and he’s confirmed for season 3 so he isn’t going away any time soon. :)