he is humping the air


Anon Request: Hello! Okay so I don’t know if anyone wrote an imagine about that but here’s the deal: A Tom Holland x reader where Reader is Tom’s gf and she’s watching him perform live at Lip Sync Battle and they get freaky right after the show while he’s still wearing his costume because Reader finds him extremely sexy so yeah! Thank you much! And if you don’t write smut it’s all good! Have a nice day xx

Warnings: smut, language, NSFW, 18+ please, oral (fem-receiving), dom!tom, sub!reader, basically porn

(Y/N) had heard of a show called Lip Sync Battle before, but she’d never really watched it. Sure she saw John Krasinski’s hilarious interpretation of “Proud Mary” as well as Channing Tatum’s Beyonce impersonation, but those were just isolate incidents of hilarity, right?
She sat between Harrison and Harry, who had come out to see Tom’s performance, and couldn’t help the laughter that came over her as she watched both Tom’s and Zendaya’s interactions with one another throughout their songs, but there was little she or anyone else in the audience could do to prepare themselves for the closing performance of the night.
(Y/N) stifled a giggle as she watched her boyfriend enter the stage in a suspiciously large suit and start swinging around an umbrella to one of their favorite musicals. She thought it was cute, but there was no way “Singing in the Rain” was going to beat Zendaya’s Bruno Mars performance. (Y/N) ignored the competition part of the show and payed attention to Tom’s movements as he swung around the prop light pole only to disappear behind the set. Suddenly, the piano music cut off and shifted to more of a modern day feel. (Y/N) turned toward Harry and Harrison and the three of them exchanged looks of confusion only to hear Rihanna’s voice flood over the speakers and a the crowd erupt into loud screams and cheers. The three quickly turned back in time to see Tom jump back out onto stage in a black leather leotard and pantyhose with frilly wrist gauntlets and a full face of makeup on.
“Oh shit!” “What the hell?” and “Fuck me!” escaped the mouths of the three people Tom brought with him to the show tonight as he grinned lightly against the umbrella he held in front of him before backing up into the crowd of dancers and joining in their routine: popping his hips to the side and pulling the umbrella parallel over his head before squatting and separating his knees as if air humping the prop. He continued to swing his hips in circles and body roll before he threw the umbrella between his legs and popped his ass out repeatedly.

(Y/N) could hardly contain herself as he spread his legs as far as he could, squatted down, and then rotate his pelvis for the crowd. She couldn’t help the tears streaming down her face from laughter as Tom continued over toward Zendaya to grind against her, but the thing that captured (Y/N) most was when he made his way back to the center of the stage during the song’s bridge, building up for the last chorus. As soon as the rain glistened off the leather surrounding Tom’s package, she was soaked. Tom hit his knees and started to throw his head in circles before slapping against the water that had pooled up and rising again to complete the song and then fall on his back.
Slowly, (Y/N) managed to slip away from her seat without Harrison or Harry noticing. She dipped and ducked around backstage until she made her way to Tom’s dressing room. Her heart was pounding in her chest as the television mounted on the wall displayed in real-time what was happening on stage. her heart beat faster and faster the closer the number in the corner of the screen counting down got to zero. (Y/N) paced around the room, trying to find the best place to wait for him, debating on whether to strip naked already or not. Before she could make a decision, the door knob started to turn and she quickly jumped on the side the door opened on and hid behind it as Tom entered. Just as she had hoped, he was still dressed in his soaking wet faux leather leotard. She slipped around the door as he closed it and quickly turned the lock.
“(Y/N)?” Tom called with an excited and shocked expression on his face. “How did you get-” He was cut short of finishing his sentence when she shoved her lips against his violently. He didn’t waste time questioning what was happening. Instead, he dropped the prop umbrella and stretched his muscular bare arms around her body, clutching tightly at her ass and leaving scratched along her back. The wet lipstick on his lips quickly smeared across each of their faces as he slipped his tongue into her mouth and then sucked hers into his, biting down as she tried to pull out.

Tom shoved his hand down the front of her shorts, not hesitating to push his fingers into her longingly quivering lips. “You’re so wet,” he breathed against her ear as his three middle fingers swirled within her. She pulled against the leather trousers that clung to his bulging cock and realized his outfit came in two pieces rather than one. She slipped her dominant hand down the front of his pants and gripped his dick, rigorously pumping her hand along his length. Tom groaned under her touch and started to push the tips of his fingers across her clit, causing her to whimper under his touch.

“Tom,” she moaned. The hand gripping his cock started to shake and her momentum slowed down as her hips twisted against his body, begging for more than just his fingers.

He smirked devilishly as her power over her body subsided, leaving him in complete control. As soon as he knew she was his and that she wasn’t going to put up a struggle for dominance, he shoved her onto the couch and tore her shorts from her body without bothering to unbutton them. Tom pulled her back up from the couch to tease her, sliding his hands along her waist and then up her thighs as he slowly lowered himself into a squat. Soon, his hot breath panted against her stomach and his front teeth pinched her skin as the tugged against her black lace thong. Once he had her thong on the ground, Tom shoved her back onto the couch and took her knees in each of his hands before forcing her legs apart. He pressed his lips along her legs, leaving hickies dotted across the inside of her thighs before his lips finally collided with her opening.

He was slow at first, knowing that once he got her going, there would be no way to savor the moment they were in. The smallest part of his tongue slipped back and forth over her clit and (Y/N) arched her back in an attempt to raise her hips to beg him for more. Immediately, Tom pulled himself back and thrust his face into hers. “Fuck, babe,” he huffed, “I know you remember my rules.” She could smell herself in his breath as he licked his lips, his normally caring eyes calloused into what she called his ‘hard fucking’ eyes. Whenever she had seen this crazed look of necessary lust in Tom’s, she knew he meant business. Normally Tom was very attentive in bed. He liked to please and normally only had rough sex when (Y/N) told him to bend her over the bed and ‘fuck me like you mean it,’ but one night, she teased him so much to the point that he tapped into this other side of him and she realized just how much he was holding back.
(Y/N) tried to peck her lips against Tom’s before he went back to eating her out, but her failed attempt further unleashed his dominance. She knew his rules inside and out, but it didn’t stop her from breaking them. Whenever she did something that could be considered ‘asserting dominance,’ he would counteract her move with something even more irresistible, therefore, her attempt to give him a light kiss lead to him sliding his fingers inside of her and crashing his lips onto hers, sucking and biting her lips and tongue until the sensation between her legs was too much to handle and her moaned into his mouth.
She could still remember the night he became this sex monstrosity of her dreams and the way he delivered his rules to her. Even thinking about them now  got her going even more.

(Y/N) had wanted to introduce a little role playing to their sex life and decided that having him handcuff her and bend her over would be an easy transition but a strange sense of exhilaration came over him as he realized the meaning behind what she was having him do to her. Tom knew that (Y/N)’s greatest fear was her own vulnerability so letting him have complete control over her body like this only showed the true degree of trust she had in him.
Somehow she found herself on her knees with Tom tying his ties into tight box knots around her wrists to the top of the bed frame. Her back was arched and her head hung down as her arms were stretched out above her and Tom made his way behind her. Slowly, his shoved his hard-on inside her and slapped her ass.

“You’re going to be good for me, aren’t you?” he began. “You’re going to stay still, no matter how hard it is. Once you start moaning, you’re going to moan my fucking name louder and louder as you get closer to cumming. You’re not going to distract me by touching me,” each time he listed another rule, he slapped her ass harder and made his thrusts deeper. “If you break my rules, I will make you cum and then we will start over.”

(Y/N) leaned back on the couch as Tom hovered over her. His eyes were fierce and the bore against her bare chest. His head dropped and he immediately started sucking on her tits, nibbling at her nipples just enough to cause a tingling pain but not enough to make the mistake of getting smacked in the head again.

“How many times do I have to tell you not to break my rules?” Tom asked her as he put her legs on his shoulders and gripped her love handles so hard she knew she’d be bruised within the hour. His cock traveled into her in long, quick, violent thrusts and he repeatedly hit her sweet spot she reached forward to grab his perfectly toned chest only to have her hands swatted away and his thrusts to quicken. His thighs slapped against her ass with each thrust and a quick pulse echoed through the room, matching the throbbing in her vagina as she tried to constrict herself around him. “And now that’s three,” he sighed at her before flipping her over and pounding his thick cock into her until she bit into her arm to keep herself from screaming, saving herself even more humiliation of confronting Harry and Harrison who were no doubt wondering what was taking Tom so long to change. Tom stared at her ass as it bounced against him and looked into the mirror he had bent her over in front of to see her breasts smacking into the other.

“F-fucking shit, Tom!” she yelled before releasing everything she had pent up onto him. He looked over her naked body as she slumped against the chair he was fucking her over and smirked at himself. “What?” she asked as they each caught their breath.
“You owe me three more tonight,” he muttered against her hot and sweaty skin.

“Your brothers and Harrison are staying with you tonight,” she protested.

“Then maybe you’ll follow my rules those times,” Tom smirked at her as they slipped back into their clothes. They hurried to dress and leave before causing too much of a hold up for his brother and Harrison only to find the pair impatiently waiting for them in the parking lot.

“What took you so long?” they grumbled as Tom and (Y/N) walked past them. He gave her ass  quick squeezed before slapped it as she walked toward his car and turned back to the other guys with the pride of conquest in his eyes.

Dance Studio AU

Jonathan was always in and out of the center of attention. He loved it when people kept their eyes on him when he’s busting out some sweet moves with his crew. Especially from their rival crew,anything to get that Asian eye candy’s gaze on him.. And sometimes he hated it when attention was placed on him. Even more so when he’s being a prissy bitch. But ever since he created his crew,things only got better. His crew consisted of 7 people.

Bryce,their resident gymnast who’s a sexy motherfucker. Jonathan wondered how he hasn’t gotten an offer as pole dancer.
Brock,the Mom™,also the one who can beat Miley in a twerk off. He’s thicc and ready to rumble.
Craig is usually the one who comes to rehearsals in crop tops and booty shorts. Beware though,this bespectacled beauty is feisty.
Lui loves to dance in baggy shirts and shorts but his moves are soft and quick. Usually he beats most students in their dance studio. Jonathan doesn’t like to brag but he’s better than most too.
Smii7y.. well. He choreographed ‘Drunk In Love’ and proceeded to hump the air in his boyfriend’s ripped jeans and flannel shirt.

All in all,Jonathan built their dance studio from scratch and made a name for themselves in the industry. Still,with that being said,they still had competition in the form of The Emperors. A rival crew that had Jonathan’s boyfriend,Evan Fong, as their leader. 

It was funny enough. 

Jonathan’s crew member’s significant others were also on Evan’s crew. Jonathan didn’t have the words to describe them so he doesn’t even bother. What he does bother with is the combined classes that they’ll do twice a week,a hectic time for both crews. 

Jonathan remembers doing the choreographed routine for ‘Needed’ with Evan and everyone’s eyes were on them. They just wanted to make a point that without each other,they wouldn’t be where they are now. 

Don’t even get him started on Craig’s dance with Tyler. The blue eyed male was pretty sure that 'Good Kisser’ was not suitable for their younger students. It was more like porn on ice. Don’t get him wrong,Jonathan loves Craig but he does not want to be hit with a law suite for inappropriate actions in public. 

With that being said,Smiity wasn’t any better. The young Canadian danced to ‘Rude Boy’ while he was wearing his boyfriend’s clothes. Jonathan facepalmed as he heard the hoots and catcalls directed towards the youngest of the group. Granted,he did allow Mini to do the choreograph for it but he didn’t expect it to be this bad. Brock and Brian didn’t even show some parental resistance! Traitors. They decided to throw caution into the wind and danced to ‘Bubblegum’ which wasn’t really sexual but they never did that kind of thing in the first place.

Jonathan thanked the heavens for Bryce and Lui. They,atleast,chose a less sexual dance. Bryce and Ryan chose the sickeningly sweet dance to teach their class. Jonathan could feel the affection that radiated from the pair when they finished their dance. Lui and Nogla has Jonathan’s full blessing after the two chose a very cute,very mildly sexy dance to do. 

With all honesty,Jonathan was grateful for the insults and the bullying that he went through. If it weren’t for them,he would never be where he is right now. On top of the industry with his partner to challenge him every step of the way. He’s content with how things are now. 

heeeeeres another AU :DD I had a little help from @immatureturd ! we determined the dance moves to go along with the ships so expect more to come! Really appreciate the reblogs and likes <3 

For Del’s crew,the dance moves are from 1Million Dance Studio while Evan’s are from TheKinjaz.

All My Friends Are Wasted

Warnings: fluff, drinking 

A/N: this is my first Peter Quill imagine so be nice 

 You have had a week, let me tell you. All you wanted to do was go to your local bar and just have fun with your friends, and that’s what you planned to do. You got some friends together and put you went. You started drinking, but you were never much of one. You could have just as much fun without it. But you still found yourself a few beers in. Your friends, on the other hand, were completely wasted. You sighed watching your drunken work friends and left them to go to the dance floor, bottle in hand. You were walking with your hands up, already beginning to dance. Nothing sexual, just grooving. You were having a ball all by yourself. 

Your friends eventually came out and danced (if that’s what you want to call it) with you. Suddenly, something red catches your eye. You glance up to see a very nice looking man in a red leather jacket. You smile at him as your eyes connect and he smiles back. He begins to dance with your group, but then you somehow become more you and him, rather than him, you, and everyone else. His dance moves were ridiculous and had you bent over laughing. One minute he is rocking an air guitar solo and the next he’s humping the air. Then, he will grab your hands and spin you around. You couldn’t stop your smile with this one. “So, where’s your friends?” He asked. 

“I don’t know. All my friends are wasted.” I say with a shrug. 

He laughs. “You aren’t?” 

“No sir.” I say. 

“Well, I’ll get you there.” He said with a wink. 

You laugh and say, “I’m Y/N, by the way.” 

“I’m Peter.” He said. “But you can call me Star Lord, if you want.” 

You chuckle, but then realize he was completely serious. You immediately try to hide your smile as he groaned. “Okay,” you said. “Star Lord.” But you bust into laughter, leaning into his shoulder. He just sits there nodding like he should have known this was the response he would get. And he should have. “I’m sorry,” you finally say trying to stop your laughter. 

“You look it,” he says. 

“No, really, I like the name.” You say, somehow holding in your smile. 

“You do?” He says, not believing a word. 

You nod and say, “It fits you.” He rolls his eyes and then grabs your hand and turns you around. When you complete the turn he stops you by grabbing your waist. You lock eyes and you continue dancing. 

Your bottle was now empty, but you were still waving it around. Suddenly Peter leaned down and asked, “Can I get you another drink?” Without ever stopping dancing, you nod. He smiles and leaves to go retrieve a drink. You continue to dance until he brings you back another beer. You each pop the tops. He holds his drink up to you. “Cheers?” He says. 

“To what?” You reply. 

He thinks for a minute. “To new friends.” He states, holding his bottle up higher.  

“To new friends.” You smile and clink your bottles. 

Thirty minutes later, you and Peter were really feeling the buzz and a song came on that you each loved. “All my friends are wasted… and I hate this club. Man, I drink too much!” You each yelled as you danced around each other. “Another Friday night I’ve wasted… my eyes are black and red. I’m crawling back to your bed.” The two of you almost toppled over and Peter grabbed you and stopped it. You turn to look at him and just fall into laughter. He follows suit and the two of you are just laughing over nothing. 

You stop laughing and you just look at each other for a moment. “Y/N…” he started. 

“Star Lord…” you say with a mocking smile. 

He smirks at you. “Wanna crawl back to my bed?” 

You raise your eyebrows. “Oh? What kinda girl do you take me for, Star Lord?” 

“The kind that likes to cuddle.” He said. 

You just laugh and smack his arm and start walking away, but he doesn’t follow. You turn back and raise your arms. “You coming?” You ask. 

Peter, looking like he had forgot he asked, said, “Oh!” And ran to catch up with you. “I really didn’t think you would say yes.” 

“You come off so cocky though,” you say with a smirk. 

“All fake.” He said. “Completely and utterly fake.” 

You just laugh at him and say, “So, where are we headed, Star Lord?” He smiled at the name and pointed. You turn to look and see a… ship? “You have a ship?” You asked, excited. 

“Wanna see?” He asked. 

“Um, yes!” You said, clearly excited. You grab his hand and run up to the ship, pulling him along with you. He shows you all around the ship as you look in awe. It was so nice and it was all his. You come into the cockpit and sit down in one of the chairs, propping your feet up. 

He leans against a chair and looks down at you. “You hungry?” 

“Starved.” You reply. 

He makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and you just sit in the cockpit talking for hours. He tells you about his mom. You tell him everything that’s ever happened to you. He tells you about the guardians and their adventures. He tells you all his favorite songs and lets you listen to the Awesome Mixes. There was tons of laughing and knee touching throughout the night. 

Before you know it, it’s 3 am. You look up from your watch at Peter. “You got somewhere to go?” He asks. 

“Not necessarily, but it is getting late.” You stand up and he grabs your arm. 

“You can stay if you want. No one else is staying on the ship tonight.” You think for a moment before nodding. “Are you tired?” He asked. 

“Kind of.” 

He stands up and grabs your hand. “Come on.” 

You pull him back with a smile and say, “Wait.” He turns back with his eyebrows raised, but you face him the other way. He was confused, but stayed put. You back up a little and then jump onto his back. He makes a noise and you say, “Hey! I’m not that heavy.” 

“Are you sure?” He joked and you just smiled and hit his chest before you nuzzled into his neck. 

When you get to his room, he backs up to the bed and falls backwards. You grunt with his weight on top of you. “Peter!” You yell. 

“That’s not my name.” He said. 

“Oh my gosh, Star Lord! Get up!” You say, pushing him up. 

He laughs as he walks to the dresser. He grabs a gray t-shirt and throws it at you without ever looking over at you. Soon enough a pair of boxers were thrown as well. “The bathroom is right there for you to change,” he says pointing to the bathroom, but as he turns back you already have your shirt off, facing the other way. “Or that. That works too.” He says walking over to the other side of the bed. 

You quickly slip his shirt over your head. “Hey, no peeping.” You say, sternly. 

He rolled his eyes. “Like you weren’t begging me to look. You didn’t even warn me.” He said as he climbed under the covers. 

You removed your shorts, but it didn’t really matter because his shirt was so big that you couldn’t see anything anyways. “It was a perv test. You failed. So, good job.” 

He deadpans you as you slide his boxers on. You smile and climb under the covers. You lay on your right side as you face him. He turns and faces you. There is a good bit of space between the two of you. “Don’t be shy.” He whispers. 

“You failed the perv test, so no cuddling for you, Star Lord.” You whisper back with a smile. 

“Oh, come on. No bonus questions? No redemptions?” 

“No second chances.” You say with a shrug and roll over. You reach up and turn the lamp off next to the bed. You smile as you feel a hand snake around your waist. 

“Positive?” He whispers in your ear.

“Okay, maybe just this one time.” You say. 

He laughs and nuzzles into your neck, pulling you closer to him. He kisses your temple and you smile to yourself. 

What a night.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just found your blog and I am already in love can I please request 50? Pls have fun with it, I don't mind which HP pairing you do it with ;D My week hasn't been the best (*cough**cough* depression) So it would be great to read something so sweet and funny that it makes me squeal with happiness (as most of your writing already does) Have a great day!

This was co-written with the talented @pennigg101297 

Penni’s writing

My writing

50 - “I’m pregnant”

Draco wanted to murder someone.

Preferable Harry Potter.

(If only you could murder someone while still preserving their beauty. It would be a waste, after all, to not be able to look at Potter anymore, however much it hurt to do so.)

For Potter was stretching on the Quidditch pitch, legs spread, feet solidly planted on the ground and arms elongated over his head. The movement made his his t-shirt rise up, showing a glimpse of defined abs and trail of dark hair leading to… Draco snapped out of his daze the minute he realised that he was openly staring at Potter’s crotch.

Why must you be so gay, he chided himself, forcing himself to look away. To purposefully not pay attention to the way Harry’s bronze skin seemed to be shining, to not see how his muscles stretched tight and almost obscene.
Draco lasted about three seconds before snapping his head back.

Potter was now laying down on the ground, arms resting next to his torso… what in the hell was he doing? But then… oh. Potter lifted his butt, lowered it to the ground and repeated the movement. Again and again and again. Fuck, Potter was doing butt bridges. Draco wanted to face palm, but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the scene.

The little control Draco had over himself until that point seemed to slip away.
Potter was humping into the air, and he was panting, sweating, his hair sticking to his forehead and, fuck, Draco shouldn’t find this hot, but he did, his blood rushing south so fast it was almost dizzying, his stomach so full of heat that it was almost as if he… 

“I’m pregnant,” he choked then, unable to hold it in, because he felt like he was, pregnant on his desire for Harry, Harry, Harry…




Draco had actually said that. Out loud. 

And the worst thing was… Potter had stopped moving. Potter had heard him.

Next time he came to spy on the Gryffindor practice, he was not going to seat on the first row of beaches. Hell to that, he wasn’t going to come watch the Gryffindor practice ever again. He wasn’t going to show up at lessons, either. He was going to run back to the manor, right at that second, be home schooled for for the rest of that eighth year, then work from home. There was no way he would ever show his face outside again, he was going to live as a hermit and - 

“What did you just say?” came Potter’s voice, interrupting his train of thought.

That brought Draco back to reality with a snap.

Potter had risen completely, looking at Draco with wide eyes shining beneath his glasses. “You’re pregnant?”

Draco opened his mouth. Closed it again.

For the first time in his life, he felt speechless in front of Potter. 

Potter raised an eyebrow at his silence, sighed, and then did the most improbable thing - he started walking towards him.


Potter inched closer and closer and closer, until he was standing dangerously near. “Potter, what are you… ” Draco started saying, but was swiftly cut off by Potter, who had bent down to kiss him.

For a second everything else disappeared, Draco’s world zoning down to this, to the soft sigh against his lips, to Potter’s body falling down against his.

Then he reacted, scooping Potter up in his arms to get more, he needed more -

Draco Malfoy wanted to murder someone.

At the moment, though, he was content like this, with Harry’s soft lips against his.

Preferably forever.

Black leather (Taeyong)

anon requested: Can you do a Taeyong smut? Where the reader and him have been dating for awhile but they haven’t seen each other in a while? (idk if this makes sense) but thanks in advance! :))

author: admin ri

genre: smut

word count: 1627

admin note: ~ Hi guys! This is my first imagine on this blog so I hope you guys enjoy, stay lovely and smutty and hope this quenches your thirst just a little bit. It’s my first so please forgive me if it’s not too good. Ehehe thenks~

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oh my fucking god so much was happening


so first of all papa kept interacting with @silverthurible all night. like it started with him lifting his chasuble to flash his alb at him, and thurible reacted so strongly to it that papa was like OH THEES WEELL BE FUN and from that point on he kept coming over to make thurible lose it. he air humped during body and blood while looking him in the eye, he sang cirice to him, just, HE KEPT FUCKING GOING FOR THURIBLE BECAUSE HIS REACTIONS WERE SO FUNNY IT WAS BEAUTIFUL

papa also was in great form in general. he was very singy and memey and just seemed like he was loving it.

and then the ghouls oh my GOD

so aether/chops and water/dewdrop were bein really fucking gay all night???? they were on our side of the stage and it started with chops coming up behind dew and getting really close to him, to which our entire group of queers was like !!!YES!!!!GIVE US THE GAYS!!!!! which they both seemed to notice so they Kept Fucking Doing It and getting closer and closer every time with chops resting his chin on dew’s neck and it fucking climaxed in him LOOKING AT US KNOWINGLY AND sLAPPING DEW ON THE FUCKENING ASS AND WE ALL WENT FUCKING BERSERK LMFAO DEWCHOPS CONFIRMED

the ghouls in general seemed to love the group of us because we were just……so passionate lmao. @rotten-weiler HAD HER FACE PAINTED LIKE KING DIAMOND AND DEW NOTICED AND WAS LIKE 👌🖒 AND WE ALL SCREEEEEAMED. also @giuliaghoulia brought a pair of panties that @rotten-weiler threw onstage during mummy dust and dew was immediately like 👀 and hung them on his bass then put them on his horns.


so after the show we met [AETHER] and Ten Fingers. i’d already met [AETHER] in fresno and seeing him again just made me love him more tbh. he’s such a good egg. so pure. i gave him all the cards i made for the böys and i messaged him on instagram this morning abt them so we’ll see what he says.


and then someone mentioned the nicknames that we have for the ghouls, and [AETHER] asked about them, and he was really amused by them, and when we told him abt dewdrop, he was like “is that cuz hes like this big??” holding his hand at like waist level lmao. and then he told us a lil story about how they were goofing off with a weight scale a while back and hes like “it’s funny, i stood on it then he did and hes literally half my weight AND I’M PRETTY THIN” ugh i could gush about him forever i just love that egg lmao

SO THEN WE MET TERMINATED FRIENDSHIPS HIMSELF AND HES…….THE FIRST THING I SAID WAS “HES VERY SMALL” LOL. he’s just as hideously pretty as i thought he would be, also his accent is a lot thicker than i imagined? his speaking voice is very timid. its weird like you can hear that its the same voice as papa but youre like “how do you make papas voice come out of you” lmao. but hes very sweet and attentive to everyone and spent a long time making sure everyone got things signed. thurible had a ton of art to give to him and when he handed all of it to him he was like “OKAY I HAVE TO GO” and pivoted to leave and Tabasco was like “hey wait!!” and softly grabbed him by the shoulders to stop him and spin him around and pull him into a hug. it was very Dad.

also thurible asked him if jigolo would ever be played live and hE SAID IT WOULD BE IN THE SETLIST NEXT YEAR GHHH????? GOD CANT WAIT TO SPEND ALL OF MY MONEY EVER ON SEEING GHOST LOL

other highlights:
philly sheezsteak
papa noticing a fight in the crowd and being like “HEY…….stop” lmao thanks baba
ifrit’s fucking goofball ass
chair being a sleepy genie
chops catching kisses from us and posing for us
dewdrop noticing how hard we were stanning for him and playing his bass REALLY HARD FOR US
meeting ppl from tumblr and reddit!! sorry if i seemed rude to anyone there was just a fucking LOT HAPPENING IT WAS TOO MUCH


Justin was a white, thin, conservative racist. Your run of the mill douchebag. And he was kneeling in front of me. 

“I heard that you could…” he stuttered, “M-make me strong.”

It was amusing to see this alpha male on the ground before me. “Of course I can. You want to be hot, huh?”

“I want to be bigger. I want to be muscular like the rest of my guys,” he said. He wasn’t too bad as he was, hosting a tight sick pack and thin but muscled arms. But I could see it in his desperate gaze that he wanted something different. 

“Say no more,” I said with a wave of my hand. “Of course, there will be a price to pay.”

“Huh? Wait, I-” it was too late at this point. The changes were already beginning to take their hold as he collapsed onto the floor, his vision blurring. 

“You know, I’ve heard a lot of what you’ve had to say.”

“Wha- what are you doing to me?” He gripped his temples, the details and musculature of his face realigning into a more masculine visage. His hair grew dark, the blonde draining into black as it shortened and cropped itself closer to his face. “Nngh, uh… what’s… what’s happening… ungh…”

“You’re pretty racist,” I told him, “I’ve heard what you’ve said about some of our classmates. Maybe it’s time for you to have a change of heart.”

“H-uh…” he couldn’t stop grunting, his shorts sporting a stiff, noticeable bulge. “Stop it… please…”

“Oh but it feels so good, doesn’t it? Maybe this will make you think twice before you call someone a jap or a chink.” 

He began humping the air in front of me as his struggling voice transitioned into a prolonged moan. His eyelids shifted as his nose grew rounder at the bottom and his vision went entirely blurry. He couldn’t even see his skin take on a different hue as his thin blonde hairs receded back into his body. 

“St… op… oh yeah,” pre-cum began to wet the material of his gym shorts. “Why do I… feel so… unngh, good…”

Muttering on as he tensed and writhed on the floor, I watched the transformation move down his neck, his shy collarbones growing bolder beneath his flesh as two hefty pecs began to inflate across his chest. His nipples swelled, bigger and more sensitive, the muscles of his breast creasing and expanding until they pushed up two mounds for a set of shoulders. Then, his veins hot with some strange desire, his biceps started to tear on his skin until they emerged as two full and solid creations. Even his once slender forearms had become taut and wrapped with strength, just like his hands which transformed from girlish twigs to fat, manly things. Every part of his body exuded masculinity. A scent seemed to emerge from him, too, a musty and hot smell like shoes worn in for too long or an overused t-shirt.

“I told you there was a price,” I said, watching the transformation approach his crotch, “and part of it is what’s going to happen to your sex drive…”

Beneath a stretched set of impenetrable abs popping from stomach, his dick grew so heavy and tall it tented the whole of his shorts until it throbbed free of them and grew towards his obliques. It was so red and tense, ripped with vein, cum seemed to be fighting to get out. He moaned louder as his thighs rounded and his feet ripped free form the confines of his shoes, stinking and huge.

“All that testosterone is going to shock your systems. Might make you horny forever, depends on your control,” I looked down at him mindlessly thrusting beneath me, “but it seems you’re not too controlled, huh.”

“How did I… how…” his eyes snapped into focus as a pair of glasses materialized from nowhere upon him. His mind, so dulled by the sensations pulsing through him, couldn’t even manage to wonder how they got here. His thoughts couldn’t even take shape, fading into a lustful haze until they reemerged just faintly in some other language, “どのように私は、これは巨大な手に入れました?”

“Oh I forgot you can’t even understand me anymore…” I pulled the man, much taller than me now, to his feet so he could look in the mirror before us.

He made a shocked expression that turned to a dumb horniness as he admired his new body, staring at his new Japanese features. Justin, somewhere, was screaming in horror at his new Asian appearance but he quickly surrendered to… to… Shinji. That’s right. Just dumb and huge and horny.

I handed him a measuring tape to examine himself with. He was infatuated, obsessed with the glory of his new body. It wasn’t long before he removed his old clothes, flexed in the mirror and then turned his lust to me. I felt his body, its huge weight atop me, pinned down by the titanic masculinity on top of me. He muttered something in Japanese with gave a dumb grin and I could tell any remnants of the old Jason’s panic had turned into total, disgusting libido. That’s he had now, and all he would ever have. Just his own huge sex toy body.

Some Bottom!Phil For Y'all Sinners

Some hardcore smut, some daddy kink degradation typa shit and some spanking Thanks for reading, if it all possible, leave some feedback its my absolute kink, so make me nut ;-) ~~~

Phil is wrapped in a towel, hair still dripping wet when he finds Dan unpacking boxes in his room. He’s shuffling through old movies, sorting them out on the blue and green bedspread, presumably alphabetizing them. Unpacking had proven to be quite a harrowing task, and the boys were nowhere near through.

Phil stands in the doorway for a minute, not sure how to address the situation.

“What’s wrong, Phil?” It’s easy to tell something is up by his troubled expression.

“I tried cold water but it just, it wouldnt go away.”

“What do you-” Dan looks down and notices Phil’s bulge through Phil’s towel. “Aw, baby… Come here, princess. Let me help you, that’s what I’m here for, darling.” Dan clears the DVD’s off the bed, and sits down, patting the bedspread next to him. 

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Just Tell Me

“Just tell me what you want. That’s all I’m asking for Bria. Tell me exactly what you want, and I’ll do that.” He stood there, hands in his pockets, just staring at her. 

That hard jaw and dark hair piled on top of his head. His narrowed eyes, roving down her body, as she stood there in one of his dress shirts. 

“I’ve asked you time and time again. You hear me, but you aren’t listening.” Bria rubbed her hand across her forehead, thankful she didn’t have makeup on, she would have wiped off an eyebrow. 

Taecyeon smiled at her, the corner of his mouth smile he usually did when he was planning something. Bria took a step back, her hands clasped in front of her. 

“I’m listening now. Come on, humor me.” He was smiling, god she hated when he did this, act so condescending. Mr. “I have everything and want for nothing” he didn’t know what it was like to be hungry. To be cold. To wonder how you were going to pay a bill. 

Holding her head up Bria took a deep breath. “You know what? It’s ok, I’m done.” She turned her back on him, and began to walk into the room where she kept a few of her things. 

She heard him cross the room, and felt the gust of air, when he turned her around. “No, no you don’t get to run away. You don’t get to leave and have me wondering where you are, what you’re doing and with whom.” 

Bria tried to pull her arm out of his grasp, but he held on tighter, pushing her into the wall. Her other hand came up and tried to slap him, but he was faster and caught her hand, both of them now above her head pinned by one of his own. His opposite hand, free now, skated up her neck, his thumb moving across her lips. 

“Let me go Taecyeon. I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to do this.” She tried to raise her knee, but he skillfully found his way between her legs, holding her steady with his hips. 

“I want to, and I always get what I want.” His mouth moved over her lips, not kissing her but down her throat, nipping lightly at her coffee colored skin. 

Drawing in a deep breath, Bria screamed. “Let me go!” 

He released her immediately. Half in shock of how loud she screamed and half stunned she would even raise her voice at him. They stood watching each other now. Taecyeon waiting for her resolve to falter, and Bria looking for an escape. 

“Bria.” He said gently, his deep voice purring at her. His gentle demeanor hid his gruff interior. 

She couldn’t hold back. “Fuck you! Let me in Taec, that’s all I ever wanted. I barely know you, we’ve been together three months, and my life is a whirlwind you never let me breathe!” Tears coming down her face, she covered her face in her hands, still speaking. “You try to shove jewelry, cars, clothes, pets..” Tossing her hands into the air as she motioned at everything else. “Whatever the fuck else you think will satisfy me, but I want you.” 

His face went from one of an amused smile one would give an angry child, to the look of a befuddled and be vexed man. “Do you not want these things? What did you have before me?! Nothing! You were a diamond in the rough, I polished you. I saw what was there before you knew it. You are mine!” Stalking across the room, Bria held out her hands to hold him back. 

Stopping short Taecyeon yelled, swiping a hand at a white vase. She gasped watching it crash to the floor, his red blood on the hardwood. Lifting her tear stained face up, Bria held her jaw up. “I am not your property.” 

“Aren’t you now?” He tapped his own neck, reminding her of what was around her own. “I’ve given you everything, all I ask is that you remain mine. Whatever you wish is yours, if it’s in my power it belongs to you, trust me, love me, and I will worship the ground you walk on. I said that Bria, I SAID THAT!” He yelled. 

As he crossed the room, Bria held her hands up to her face, afraid that he might be like someone from her past. She crumbled to the floor, hands above her head, waiting for the blows to rain down. Her mind flew to his arms, the strength of the muscle beneath his flesh, this would hurt but she had endured worse. 

None came. 

“What are you doing?” He was on his knees next to her, whispering trying to reach out for her like a hurt puppy. “You thought I’d hit you? In anger?”

Her lip wobbled, she knew better. He’d never do that. After everything they’d done. She knew who he was and this wasn’t him. 

“No.” Her voice tiny, as she slowly dropped her arms. 

“So he hit you.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement and the flash of anger she saw in his eyes meant he was already formulating vengeance for her sake. 

“Dont. He’s already in jail.” She couldn’t get her voice above a whisper. Why did she yell? Why was he yelling? Why was everything so hard? She just couldn’t think like this, she couldn’t function in this space. 

“Then he’ll be dead in his cell by morning.” Taecyeon lifted her from the floor. Princess carrying her from the living room, down the hall, and to their bedroom. 

Arms around his neck, head on his chest, she watched the trail of blood follow them. “Your hand.” 

“Forget about it.” Setting her on the bed, he walked into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. 

So he expected her to still be sitting here when he got out? She sat uncomfortably on the bed, thick thighs rubbing together. She licked her lips and looked out the window at Busan. The lights of the city and the seaport shining brightly, the moon hung large and shining in the dark sky. She heard the water turn on, and Taecyeon curse. She should leave, she should gather her clothes, her purse and just go. It took her all of ten minutes to gather her resolve and when she finally had her purse, and was down the hall he cleared his throat. 

“I’m not done talking to you.” Bria froze, her tiptoeing ceased. “Bria, come to the room.” 

Her back still to him, she shook her head. “I just want to get away for tonight.” Turning around she didn’t meet his eyes. “Just let me leave Taecyeon, let me leave and we can talk in the morning, or tomorrow afternoon.” 

He was securing the bandage on his hand, as he came down the hall. Slowly, the pajama pants hanging low on his waist, his wings clearly visible. She tried not to look, she willed her eyes to pay attention to the very distinct eggplant color of the walls. The way his thin waist rolled into a wide chest. His broad shoulders tense, she could smell the soap he used to wash himself. Damn, she was staring and hadn’t even realized it. 

“If I let you leave you’ll run, and then I’ll have to track you down.” He reached out for her, pulling her closer by the shirt she wore. “Besides, you’re wearing my shirt and panties. No man is going to see you like this but me.” 

“You’re being possessive again.” She felt her body shiver, giving herself away. God, she was so dysfunctional, they were just fighting and here she was trying not to picture her mouth around his cock.

She was in his arms, her purse falling to the floor, his hand on her neck, on the silver, diamond encrusted collar. “I told you, you’re mine. No matter how much you dont like me saying that.” 

“I can’t be owned.” What were her hands doing? Why were they touching him? God, his skin was so soft, so warm. 

His lips kissing along her jaw. “Just as I won you, you’ve owned me the first day I laid eyes on you.” 

“Then let me in. Tell me the truth about you, tell me your secrets, stop hiding from me.” She was pushing him away again.

“Bria.” His arms tightening around her waist. Dark eyes staring at her, she knew what was going to happen, what would happen next and she’d be sated until the next time his night time activities bothered her until she couldn’t sleep. 

“Taec.” She wiggled in his arms, he loved feeling her moving around like that against him. Wiggling in his grasp, the wolf having caught a deer. 

Then his mouth was on hers, his hands peeling the shirt off her body, pressing her body against the wall. He lifted her leg wrapping it around his waist. “Do you feel that?” He asked, voice heavy with lust. 

The thickness in his sleep pants that was currently poking her much higher than where she wanted it? “Yes.” 

His lips on her small breasts, tonguing her nipples. “You do that to me, only you.” 

Reaching down, she felt his warmth in her hand, how heavy he was in her palm. The things running through her imagination she was trying to press into his brain. She said nothing though, rubbing his cock with one hand while the other tangled in his hair. If it was one thing they did well together, it was the sex. He fucked like Eros himself, and she was more than a willing worshiper. She’d was his high priestess, and she communed with her god daily. 

“Tell me what you’re thinking.” Taecyeon asked as he pressed his forehead to her own, staring into her dark brown eyes. 

“You know what I want.” Wiggling her tongue at him, he gladly wrapped his own around hers, tasting her. 

“Use your words, Bria, or I’ll put you over my knee.” He pulled her hands from his cock, and wrapped them around his neck, as he lifted her, walking back to the bedroom. 

Leaning her head back, Bria moaned. His shaft was pressing right against her clitoris, every step bumped him into her, and he was walking hard on purpose. “I want you inside of me. I want to feel myself stretch when you get inside. I want your tongue in my mouth, I want you to fuck me like your mad at me. Flip me and hold my waist, smack my ass, put your tongue in my pussy. Just give it to me now before I come from the friction.” 

Dumping her on the bed, Taecyeon waved his fingers, she knew what that meant. Her legs falling open easily. “Look at you.” He growled. “Glistening for me.” 

Her hand reached down, and he grunted stopping her. She was practically humping the air, watching him peel the pants down, letting them drop down his legs. His shaft sprung free, hard and stiff as a flag pole. He wasted no time, climbing over her body, arms going under hers, his face buried in her neck, he slid home and listened to her groan. 

“What did you say about not being mine?” Pulling out so his tip was slapping against her clit, she choked from the pleasure. 

“Not now, please.” Legs wrapping around his waist, she tried to pull him in. 

Smiling, Taecyeon slammed back inside her. “Only cause you said please.” 

Once Bria had what she wanted, she closed her eyes and let the sensation take over her body. 

As they lay in the aftermath of their lovemaking, he was finishing a phone call, she didn’t speak Korean well, catching every other word. Simple things. Her fingers tracing muscle patterns on his chest, as he hung up, he wrapped his arm around her. 

“What was that about?” Bria asked, her head on his chest. 

“Taking care of something.” He kissed her head. “Go to sleep.” 

“Taec.” Sitting up, Bria placed her hand over his heart. “Please, just tell me.” 

Sighing, he looked out the window. “You already know, just forget it.” 

“You were serious?” She felt her heart skip a beat. A man was going to die…over her. She was no one, and who was he to command someone’s death so easily? She felt faint, she felt sick. This came so easily to him, how many people how died at his hands? What would he do to her if she truly didn’t want to be here? 

“I’m a mercenary. I deal in death. I run a business on demise and deals involving some things that you don’t need to know about. I run in an underworld circle, that consists of demons that I don’t ever want you to see. Have I killed? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. Are you in danger? Never.” 

She said nothing. Trying to get a grasp on what was going on, get a grasp on the fact that she was in bed with a man who was probably wanted. Hell, he was probably on the FBI most wanted list. That wasn’t her Taecyeon though, he was sweet, gentle, kind. He cuddled kittens, hell he fixed breakfast and danced to George Michael with her. Laying her head on his chest, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath. 

“Bria.” He was cautious in calling her name. 

“I’m here. I haven’t left.” 

“And that means?” His fingers tapped against her spine, as if nervous. 

Taking in a deep breath, Bria resolved to lay here, because she asked for this. She wanted the truth. “It means I’m here, I haven’t left, I asked for this, so I’ll deal.”

Then his arms wrapped around her, snuggling her, she felt him grow hard again. Trying to still her heart she breathed deep, and remembered what he said wasn’t him. She asked for truth and now she’d deal, because she knew her Taecyeon. 

Stacy and the dogs

Hi, my name is Stacy, I’m 12 years old and in 5th
grade. I am rather tall for my age, at five foot five,
and have green eyes and red hair that flows down to my
well-shaped butt. My mom and sister likewise have long,
matching hair.

My family has four large wolfhounds, a lab, a
Rottweiler, a huge great Dane, and an absolutely
massive Saint Bernard, all male, and all not neutered.
You could say my family collects dogs. The reason we
don’t neuter them is because my mom believes that it is
immoral and unnatural. When my daddy was here, he tried
to convince her to neuter them, but to no avail.

My family has always been very open about sex, and I
mean very open. My own mother showed me how to
masturbate, with the reasoning that I wouldn’t be as
inclined to have sex with guys if I knew how to
pleasure myself. She also signed me up for a full
sexual education course, despite protests from the
teacher. She even bought me and my sister vibrators on
our tenth birthdays, and showed us how to obtain
maximum pleasure from them. In my family, it isn’t
uncommon for me to be admitted into my sister’s bedroom
to find her masturbating. We don’t mind watching each
other, and sometimes even helping.

Despite this knowledge of sex, I had never broken my
hymen, and remained a complete virgin. Even when I
masturbated, I only rubbed the outside, or put the
vibrator to my clitoris. Nothing bigger than a finger
had even been more than a quarter-inch inside my
vagina, and the regular doctor’s checkups hurt like

The doctor, a nice young man by the name of Jack, and
whom I had a slight crush on, would often press me to
let him break my hymen with his finger. “You’d feel a
lot less pain that way,” he’d explain. But I always
said no, that I wanted to lose my virginity the real
way, with the right boy on our engagement night.

So on this particular weekend, my big sister, Karen,
and my mom, Julie, were heading out of town.

My mom was saying, “now be a big girl for mommy, and
don’t throw any wild parties, you promise?”

“I promise,” I said.

She handed me a list and said, “Here’s the emergency
contacts, as well as Greg’s number if the dogs are too
much for you, and Jack’s number in case you need
medical attention.” I blushed slightly, took the list,
and mumbled a quick goodbye.

I waved until they drove off, then, with a sigh, walked
back into the house. I took off my socks, shoes, and
shirt, leaving me with only my panties on, as I didn’t
wear a bra yet. I absent-mindedly stroked my nipples,
feeling the wonderful feelings going through my body. I
sat down on the bean bag chair in the living room and
began to masturbate. Just then, I heard a loud sound
behind me, and whirled around. It was only Buster, the
Labrador Retriever.

He yapped again and put his paws on my shoulders. He
then began to hump the air, and his penis began to come
out of its sheath. I stared at it, horrified, and
pushed him away, yelling, “Bad Buster! Down boy!”

He gave me a wounded look and went over to the corner
of the room to slowly lick his engorged member, every
once in a while shooting me another wounded look. I
sighed and said, “I know what you want, buster, but I’m
not a girl dog! I’m a girl human, and we are not
sexually compatible.”

Later on that night, shortly after dinner, I took my
vibrator and thankfully turned it on. Putting it to my
clit, I moaned with relief. I hadn’t been able to
masturbate all day, because the dogs kept bothering me
whenever I tried. I had already put them in the large
converted garage we used to keep them in at night so
they wouldn’t keep us up with barking.

I moaned again and pressed the vibrator harder. Just
then, I heard a loud crash from downstairs. I stifled a
shriek and turned off my vibrator. I hurriedly put on
my nightshirt, and walked downstairs cautiously, one
hand on the railing to steady myself.

Halfway down the stairs I stepped on a CD case and lost
my balance. I crashed over the railing, landing tummy-
first on the bean bag chair. The impact took my breath
away. I heard a sound behind me, but was unable to
look, as I was still temporarily paralyzed from a
combination of my fall and the fear I now felt. I felt
the shape sniff my crotch, and then I almost laughed
out loud with relief. I would have, if I could have
caught my breath.

It was only Buster. He and the other dogs must have
busted out of the garage into the house again. I
started to push myself up, but my arms gave way, and my
legs were still numb from the impact of the fall. I
decided to lay there for a minute and regain my breath.
Just then, I felt something wet and soft caress my
crotch, and I shrieked.

Then I realized it was only Buster again, and I
relaxed. I reached back with a very weak arm, and tried
to shoo him away, but he licked my hand and went back
to licking my crotch. “I have to… get to the…
phone… to call doctor… Jack…” I panted to myself.
I tried again to push myself to my feet, giving it all
I had. I felt blackness close in and I fainted.

When I awoke some minutes later, I felt extremely
horny. I couldn’t figure out why until I remembered
Buster licking my crotch. I looked back, and sure
enough, he was still there, licking from the base of my
vagina, curling his tongue up into my pussy, and
tweaking my clitoris with the end of his tongue. I
moaned with pleasure; I couldn’t help myself.

I was slowly losing my will to leave, and I was only a
couple licks away from an orgasm. I realized that
Buster must have found me lying on the floor, smelled
the juices in my pussy, and decided that I was in heat.
That thought froze me; if he thought I was a bitch in
heat, he would probably try to mate with me again! I
struggled now to get up, but Buster growled at me, and
I flopped back down, scared. Buster had never been very
friendly, which was unusual for a lab. He always had
been very dominant, even with me and my mom and sister.

I knew he would bite me if I tried to get up again, and
desperately I tried to think of a way to get out of
this. Before I could, however, I felt his front paws
slide past my shoulders and onto the bean bag chair. I
could feel him humping and began to scream. This was a
very bad idea, because it brought the other seven dogs
running. They were growling, until they realized what
was happening, and then they sat on the ground, tapping
their tails.

I screamed again and again, not noticing one of the
wolfhounds, Warg, sneaking up on me. Suddenly he jumped
on my head, and began thrusting in my face. I screamed
again, and that was when two things happened at once.
The first was that Warg hit my mouth with his growing
cock, and thrust in hard and deep, nearly gagging me,
and causing me to involuntarily unclench my legs.

The second was that Buster took his chance and thrust
into my now-gushing pussy with his large cock. I cried
and moaned and thrashed around, making muffled screams
and shrieks, but it was no good. Soon I resigned myself
to my fate, and simply took it. The pain in my pussy
had been incredible at first, but now I was beginning
to feel a little pleasure mixed with the pain. I
thought to myself that if I had to do this, I might as
well enjoy it, so I reached under my tummy and, upon
finding my clitoris, began to rub it vigorously.

After a few minutes, I was having a great time, and the
tears leaking from my eyes were ones of pleasure
instead of pain and horror. After about half an hour, I
felt my orgasm building. Just then, Buster thrust in
hard, and I felt his knot enter me, and my world
exploded in a wonderful orgasm. I moaned, opening my
mouth wider, and Warg took his shot and thrust his knot
into my mouth.

I gagged, trying not to choke, and breathed through my
nose. His cock was now sticking down my throat,
slightly past my trachea, and his knot was rapidly
expanding in my mouth. I felt like I had swallowed the
world’s biggest jawbreaker. Then Warg stopped thrusting
and began to pump cum down my throat, with Buster
orgasming in tandem.

I cried and cried, and tried not to choke to death with
the giant cock in my mouth. After what seemed like
ages, they both finally pulled out.

I gasped for breath, sucking air into my starved lungs,
until I felt something behind me and gasped. It was
Bernie, the saint Bernard. I felt him mount me, with no
foreplay, and knew there was nothing I could do.
Imagine my horror when his massive cock hit my asshole,
and he thrust in! I felt like my ass was going to

I cried out and moaned in pain, expecting and wishing
to die any minute. Then Big Mac, the Great Dane, darted
in and starting licking my pussy. I have masturbated
many times, but only once have I felt an orgasm like
the one Big Mac and Bernie gave me. It lasted until Big
Mac got his knot in my asshole, which hurt so much I
stopped in the middle of an orgasm.

When Bernie finally pulled out of me with a plop, shit
began to pile on the ground, simply gushing out of my
ass as if I had been given an enema. The pile of shit
and cum collected on the ground, and I sighed with
relief, until the next dog in line, one of the other
wolfhounds, mounted me.

I spent the rest of the evening like that, being
mounted one dog after another. Eventually I had to pee,
and I just peed while Big Mac’s huge cock was inside
me. I spent the rest of the night cleaning up from
being the dogs’ bitch.

I shall never forget that dogs’ day.


This story is not mine and u make no claims to have been the author
Also I in no way support beastiality or underage sex

anonymous asked:

Can I request Hanzo getting double diqd by Mccree and Reaper?


Pairing: McCree/Hanzo/Reaper (McReapzo)

Rating: R 18+

Warnings: Bondage, suspension, gag, DP, toys, smut, PWP

He felt a sharp claw lightly trace up his spine slowly, sending shivers down his spine. Goosebumps formed down his back and over his arms, before he feels something cold, yet so light move over him.

“Such a pretty thing you are….”

He shuddered and lightly humped the air when the toy against his prostrate starts to vibrate a little harder inside him. He gasps and moans, panting. He tried to press back against….against something…!

The scent of cigars filled the room when a soft chuckle sounds from another side of the room.

Hanzo turned his head despite being blindfolded towards the noise before the heavy thump of boots and sift noise of spurs was heard. A warm arm lightly encircled Hanzo’s waist, causing him to jump at the suddenness of it.

“Heh, think he’s been stretched enough boss?”

Metallic fingers lightly grip his chin, tracing under his jaw.

“M-mmmmmph…..mmmm…!” He gasped when someone pressed up against his back and gently pressed up against his back.

Lips lightly brush against his neck “Mmmm….How long has it been in him?”

Hanzo gave a muffled cry as his cock is lightly prodded, aching from the ring around it. The man with the southern drawl hummed softly.

“Hmmm……‘bout an hour now. Good boy didn’t cum once,” the hand lightly squeezes the head making Hanzo arch and scream around the gag trying to buck up into the grip.

“Well then, what are we waiting for?”

Hanzo slumped in the ropes holding him up as the toy is turned off and slowly pulled out of him. He grunted and whined legs trembling at the sudden loss of pleasure. He twitched slight before a hand grabs his hair and pulls his head back.

“Mmmm…bastante pequeño lobo~”

Hanzo grunted as he felt himself being repositioned, then held in place. He’s slowly lowered down, and he whimpers slightly as he feels what could only be cock pushing into his stretched hole. Lubricant from the toy made it easier to push in, before he felt sharp nails in his hips holding him in place.

“Shhhh shh shh, easy now darlin’…ya ok….such a good boy….Reaper an’ I ain’t gonna hurt ya…” Hanzo mewled as kisses are pressed up his neck, shivering at the praise.

There was a tsk “You done? I’d like to fuck him today please.”

The Shimada whines when he’s thrust up into slightly for emphasis. However he froze up when he felt a second one start to push up.


“Shhhhh relax…it’s ok….”

“Don’t worry little Shimada…don’t you want a reward?”

He shivered when he felt that cold return swallowing thickly. He groaned softly at the stretch, thighs twitching before he’s thrust up into by both of them. He grunts and shakes softly.

“Mmm!!! Mmmm mmm mmm!!!!!” He tugs lightly at the ropes gasping and moaning at each thrust up into him. His hands twitch when they brush up against that one spot—



Hanzo slowly opened his eyes to find himself on an old mattress, and a familiar metal arm around his waist.

His eyes are still adjusting but he feels the clawed fingers gently tilt his head up as water is gently poured down his mouth. His jaw is too sore to talk and he can’t really focus…

“Easy now…sleep. You did…very good,” he leaned up into the strokes through his hair “Lobo bueno,.”

He feels a cold kiss to his forehead before he gives in to sleep.

Taeyong Dances to Artficial Love

Originally posted by joker283

Word Count: 3538

Prompt: Taeyong dances to Artificial Love 

Based on this fancam and this fancam

> I once killed Lyn by telling her to imagine Taeyong dancing to Artificial Love

So I tried to do it again
but ended up killing myself because jfc it took me almost an entire day to write this 

And I also forgot to make him turn to the reader and turn to the other side and stuff because I’d get very into the video so I’m sorry for inaccuracies  x”D


                      When Taeyong sent you a message saying “I need your help. Can you come to the studio?” you weren’t ready for whatever it was as your knowledge in music and dance was barely what someone could consider the minimum and the maximum you could say was “it sounds good” or “it looks good”.

            As soon as you arrived, you realised that he was the only one practicing. “Where’s the others?” You asked. “They went home. I just wanted to know your opinion before I went home too.”

            “Well, what do you want to show me?” You asked. “So, for SMTown we need to cover a song by a sunbaenim… and apparently some NCTzens wanted us to dance to a very specific song.” He started. “I want to know how good it is.” He finished.

            “Sure, but remember I’m not good with dancing stuff so my opinion probably isn’t the best one.” You replied. “I know, but I value your opinion a lot which is why I asked you to come.” He said.

            As he got ready to dance, you did as you usually did. You sat near the computer that had the song he would dance to and all you had to do was press the play button and then look at him through the mirror. “Just do like always. Press the space button, it’ll play the song.” He stated, to which you nodded.

            You noticed he got a cane, but your brain still hadn’t connected the dots and you thought nothing of it. “Music, please!” He said, a bit louder than usually, already getting focused on the dance he would have to do.  You pressed the button and as soon as the song started playing, you realised what song it was.

            His back was facing the mirror, his left hand on the cane. When it started playing, he turned around and he held the cane with both of his hands while he started to move his shoulders forward and back, one at a time. He then touched his neck with his right and moved it a bit on his chest before moving it away from his body, leaning a bit towards the left, and then rotated to the other side, putting his right hand on the cane once again, going up and then when he reached the handle he moved his hand to his side and looked to his right side. He looked forward and bodyrolled twice and turned back and changed the hand he was grabbing the cane once again, with his right hand.

            He started leaning to the left, moving his body as if it was a wave, and kept going there, getting to a point he seemed like he was sitting on an invisible chair. He moved his hips to the right and then to left, making eye contact with you through the mirror.

            Moving his hand to his front and then to the side, to help him stand up properly again, he moved the cane in front of him and held it again with both of his hands, his right hand holding the handle. He then moved the cane up, his left hand holding the body of the cane and stopping at the bottom of it. He moved his hands so the cane would be horizontal to his body and moved slightly to his right, and quickly pushed the cane through his left hand and moved back to the position he was previously. With his right hand placed it above his heart, he moved it up and down twice while he put his right leg in the front to help him bow slightly.

            Going back to his original position, he placed the cane back in front of him and placed his hand on the cane’s body and rotated it with the help of his left hand. As soon as the cane’s end was above him, he rotated it again so it would face the mirror. Then, he moved it to his right, making the cane stand vertically, with its end facing up, and moving to his right side as well as placing his left leg behind in his right leg. As he took his left hand off the cane, pointed at somewhere in front of him with his hand and bodyrolled once. Then, he grabbed the cane by its end and did the same movement with the opposite hand, but this time holding it in a fist. When he did that, he moved back slightly and you noticed he looked like an archer.

             He moved back to his original position, holding the cane near its handle with his right hand. Putting the cane down, still holding it with both of his hand, he moved in front of it and squatted down. He moved his right side back and then his left side. Holding the cane with his right hand, he stood up normally and threw it in the air and grabbed it with his left hand. He cut the air with the cane and was now facing your body, but looking at the mirror. When he faced you, you got distracted and you didn’t notice the cane was now on his left side.

            As he brought it up in front of him, holding the handle with his right hand, he let go of his left hand and moved a bit to the side, the cane of his left again. As if he was covering his mouth, he placed his hand on his face and then moved it forwards and then down, making eye contact, through the mirror, while he put his hand on his crotch and moved it upwards. Pumping his chest when he did that, he then moved to his left and extended his right hand to his side, looking at it now. He then brought his hand back to the cane’s handle, looking at you again. Taeyong started to move his shoulders up and down while he squatted a bit.

            After that, he moved towards his left side, with only his right hand on the cane and then stood up right again, and then pointed slightly to his left with his left hand and then right. While looking at you through the mirror, he raised his cane a bit and grabbed the body of it and slid his hand down to the bottom of it and then let go, holding the cane halfway with his left hand.

            He then lifted his right leg and right hand and twirled, grabbing the handle with his right hand. and put the cane down on the floor, while he almost kneeled, the cane in-between his legs. He then stood up, almost humping the cane. He threw the cane in the air with his right hand and grabbed it in the air.

            At this point, you were amazed by how well he was doing the choreography, almost certain your mouth as wide open as if you were a surprised emoji.

            Taeyong was standing up and then he lifted his arms and held the cane above his head, only with his right hand. Then, he moved them forward, his left hand just open. He then moved his hands back, his left hand on his side while his right hand was holding the cane, which he then moved in front of him. Swiftly grabbing it with his left hand as well, making an X motion with his arms, he rotated the cane until it was in a diagonal, then moving it to his right side. Moving the cane behind him, he grabbed the handle of it with his left hand, his right hand still on the middle of the body of the cane. He moved his hand towards the end of the cane, looking in that direction, looking directly at you.

            He then moved the cane to his left and then right and went back to looking at you through the mirror. Moving the cane up and then moving it in front of him, he pulled it back and then, holding the handle with his right hand, and the body with his left hand, he put it down while squatting. Getting up properly and holding the cane with both of his hands now, he moved his shoulders up and then, to the left and to the right.

            He moved his leg and kicked the cane, so it would go up and rotate on his hand, letting go of the cane with his left hand. Moving it forwards and then down to his side again, Taeyong moved his shoulders left and right twice.

            Moving to his right again, he extended his right hand on his side and then went back to holding the cane with both hands. Moving his left shoulder back, and then his right, he placed his hand on the middle of his torso and started to move it up when he was facing the front. Holding his shirt on his left shoulder and letting go, he let the hand wander his body, hovering his crotch for what seemed like a bit too long for you, and going past his hip while moving from his right side to his left side.

            He was facing you again, and this time he was looking directly at you. He kneeled on the floor, holding the cane with only his left hand. Your breath was caught in your throat as soon as he started to bodyroll. He was making eye contact with you and you could swear the room had suddenly gotten hotter.

            When he held the cane with both hands, you knew you were practically dead. He took his left hand off and held the cane with just his right hand, leaning back as far as he could in the position he was in. Still with his head back, he started to move forwards again and started to get up. Then, still leaning a bit back, Taeyong looked at you and got up. You could feel that your cheeks were a bit warm.

            With the cane on his right hand, he started to walk around the room, blowing a flirtatious kiss towards you, which made you blush a bit more. You remembered this was the time that the EXO members walked a bit through the stage to wave at everyone who was attending the concert.

            He then turned to his side, his back facing the mirror. He raised his arms, holding the cane’s body with his left hand and the handle with his right hand. He then placed it behind his back and walked forward a bit.  You remembered this part was done with someone else on the other side, but since you didn’t know the choreography there was no way you could help him even if you needed to.

            He moved the cane back to his front, and while moving to the face the mirror he put the cane on the floor, holding it with his right hand. As soon as he was facing the mirror, he moved back to his previous position. With his back towards the mirror, he started to move towards his right side and then gyrated to the other side so he was facing the mirror again, putting the cane forward. You could have sworn you heard a faint “tching” of two metal canes touching each other. He then jumped, smiling a bit, and started to bodyroll to the rhythm.

            Moving the cane a bit further, as if to unhook it from the other cane, he drew the cane back and let it slide his hand. Now holding it by his handle with his right hand, he started to move towards the other side of the room.

            When he got to the spot he needed to be, he put the cane on the floor once again and started to move his crotch towards the cane, his left hand over his mouth. With that same hand, and as if it was right away, he grabbed his crotch, just like he had done before. While pumping his chest he moved his hand up until it reached the middle of his chest. Then, and quite dramatically you thought, he moved it away from his body, towards the mirror.

            He grabbed the cane with both hands again, the cane still on the floor, and started to move his shoulders left and right. He moved to his left side and put his right foot in the front. Right after that, he moved his left leg forward and pointed to his left and then right with his left hand.

            He raised his right arm a bit and grabbed the cane with his left hand. Moving the cane up and then dropping it when his left hand reached the end, he rotated and put the cane down, holding it with just his right hand, and then basically humped it.

            Throwing it in the air and then catching it right away with his right hand, he moved back a bit with by extending his hands above himself and then put them in front of him. Moving them back to his sides for an instant, he grabbed the body of the cane with both of his hands, just like he had done in the beginning, and held it with his arms in an X-shape and then rotated the cane. Holding it with his right hand, he faced the mirror and looked directly at you, not through the mirror like before, and held the cane with both hands on his left side.

            Letting go of the cane with his left hand, he placed the cane behind him and held the handle with his left hand. He bent his right knee a bit and moved towards his right side and moved the cane to his left.

            Moving back a bit, he moved the cane above his head and then in front of him. Pulling back, he put the cane on the floor, and moved up. He moved his shoulder back a bit, and right after that, he kicked the cane so it would rotate and he moved it more towards his right side.

            He, then, moved his shoulders up and down again. He moved towards his left and his back was facing the mirror again. Moving to his left side, he went back to facing the back other side. With the cane on the floor once more, you noticed he moved his right shoulder back and then his left. Right after that, his right hand went from his crotch to his left shoulder and grabbed the shirt, before he moved the hand back down to his crotch. He then, started to kneel down on the floor, his right hand by his side and his left hand holding the cane.

            This time, he wasn’t facing the mirror nor looking directly at you. His head slightly tilted back, you could see him basically bodyroll against the cane, which made him look like he was humping it.

            When he moved the cane to his right hand, and moved so his back was facing the mirror, you saw him put the cane behind his lower back, his left hand holding the end of it and his right hand on the top part, but not on the handle. Whenever he bodyrolled during this song, you felt your cheeks getting warmer, so he when he did it again the same happened.

            After that, he got up and threw the cane towards the side opposite to the mirror.

            As he went back to having his back facing you, you focused on the mirror to see his moves. His right hand went up to the right side of his chest and he moved his arms to his side, his left hand extended to his left side. Then, he moved his hands to his right side, and moved them as a way to help him rotate. His right hand went up above his head, and his left arm was extended on his side. He closed his hands and moved his right hand to his front and back, giving an idea of him hip thrusting. He went moved his left hand down, grabbing his crotch, while his right hand was behind his head, on his neck, he then thrusted into the air and moved his hands forward. You thought he was going to do another hip thrust, but simply moved his hand to his sides and then up to his left and down with his right, his index finger pointing to something.

            He jumped slightly, and with that impulse, he covered his eyes with his right hand and slowly moved the hand away. He moved his right leg up and down, which, once again, made him look like he was hip thrusting. After the 1st and 2nd time doing it, he balled his hand into a fist, and when that move was over, he moved his hand to the side.

            He raised his hands up to his chest, touching it, and then moved them to the side, moving his right hand again. This time, the palm was covering his entire face. His left hand was on his side, but extended a bit. He moved the palm away from his face, as if he was removing a mask, and using both his right leg and his left arm, he rotated and kneeled on the floor with only one knee. His left leg was on his left knee and his right hand was on the floor.

            He stayed in that position for probably less than 3 seconds, and then moved his right hand so the back of it would touch the floor. He hit the floor lightly 3 times and then got up swiftly with a jump.

            He placed his hand in front of his crotch, and moved his shoulders right and left. You had lost count of how many times he had to move his shoulders that way. After what seemed like forever, he moved his hands to his chest and then away from it, simultaneously moving his chest back.

            He then moved to the other side, this time facing you and gave two steps towards you, making you gulp and anticipate his next movements. He then, winked and moved to the back of the room to get the cane back.

            Facing you, instead of turning his back to you, like he should have, he kept making eye contact with you while he threw the cane in the hair and caught it with his right hand. Moving his arms up and then in front of him, he moved them back. Holding the cane with his right hand, he extended his arm and grabbed the cane, forming an X with his arms, which he then used to help him rotate the cane.

            Using left hand on the body of the cane, he moved the cane back and then held the handle with his right hand, moving it to his left. He then moved it above his head and held it in front of him before he moved it back and put it on the floor.

            Holding the cane with both of his hands, moving his shoulders up and down again alternately. He then kicked the cane, just like before, and made the cane rotate, which he then held on his side, while he moved to face the mirror again. He moved his shoulders just like he had done before he kicked the cane and then slid so he was facing you again.

            Both of his hands were back on the handle of the cane and this time he moved his shoulders back alternately. He did a mini-jump and then moved his shoulders up and down consecutively. He then moved his left hand over his crotch and squatted down and thrusted up, his cane going forward when he squatted and closer when he thrusted.  He moved his hand to his hip, and was literally moving his cane in a circle while bodyrolling. He then stood up right and turned around, and extended his left arm to his left and then did the same in front of him.

            He bent over and reached in front of him and then pulled his hand back and went back to standing properly. He turned back to look at you, the cane a bit behind him, still in his left hand. He then switched the hands while smiling widely. Facing you, instead of the other side of the side, he moved his hand against his chest and then to his side, balling it afterwards.

            The song stopped playing. Before it repeated, he walked in front of the computer and pressed pause.

            Out of breath, he grabbed the water bottle and took big gulps while looking at you. Saying you were flustered was an understatement as you thought you probably looked like a tomato.

            “What did you think?” Taeyong said, his voice contrasting against his loud breathing. He was sweating a lot and the then grabbed his towel that was next to the computer to clean himself, which made you flush a bit more.

            Unsure of what to say, as it was all too much visual and auditory stimulation, you hesitated before saying. “It was good.” 

My Best Friend’s Brother Pt. 4

Originally posted by x-mutation

Part 3


Warnings: SMUT! SO MUCH SMUT! And some really romantic fluffiness in there too but there are TWO MAJOR SMUT SCENES!

Relationships: Romantic!Pietro x Reader, BestFriends!Wanda x Reader, Side!Romantic!Wanda x Vision

Summary: It’s Pietro’s turn for revenge now…When you get up for a midnight snack, you end up getting a midnight treat ;) and he asks you out afterwards. Will you finally give into your desire for the speedster’s heart? Or will you still try to push him away because of how Wanda might react?

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ve been adjusting to college life and let me tell you it is amazing! I love it so much and I’ve made lots of new friends! I hope the extra smut makes up for my inactivity ;) but don’t worry I added lots of fluff too as usual! I am so inspired for Pietro tonight and I think this part will be really good! Enjoy! :)

You woke up at around 2 am, groggy and hungry. You groaned when you looked at your phone and saw what time it is. You sighed. Might as well get up and grab a snack. You thought to yourself as you got up and left Wanda’s room and made your way down to the kitchen to find a snack. When you walked inside you saw that someone had beat you to it. Pietro. You groaned when you saw him taking all of the good food out of the freezer. “Seriously.” You whined and he picked his head up from the fridge. “Do you really need all of that food?”

“Yes actually.” Pietro says and sets his food down on the island. “Because my metabolism is so fast I need to keep eating in large amounts to satisfy it.” 

“Damn.” You say and watch as he makes himself a sandwich. “Is there any left for me?” You ask and make your way over to the fridge. Your hopeful smile falls when you see that there’s no food left for you. 

“Sorry Printsessa…” Pietro says softly, then you feel two hands ghost your hips and move up your sides. “Perhaps there is another way I can make it up to you…” He says and you blush. 

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I’m A Slave 4 U [a Barry Allen AU]

Request: that fratboy!barry begging tho. Can you do a smut where it starts by the reader stealing a strawberry from Barry ;) and it turns him on but oh no he’s not gonna be dominant this time.

a/n: LETS GET ONE THING STRAIGHT, im a slut for fratboy!barry


Apparently, Barry’s too ‘cocky’. He isn’t sure what that means but you always tell him that when you come to the frat house. Maybe he is. Shrugging off the thought, he types on his red laptop aggressively, trying to get this paper done for tomorrow. His legs move slightly in their crisscross position, gray joggers hanging low on his hips.

With his eyes still glued to the screen, he rereads the last few sentences, grabbing one of his delicious strawberries from the container to the side of him. Quickly, he shoves the fruit into his mouth, wiping his hands on his joggers before going to type. There’s a knock and the door opens slightly; you poke your head in. “Oh look, a shirtless frat boy.” you giggle, stepping into his room.

He turns his head, hazel eyes still focused on his laptop, waving faintly. Huffing, you kick off your galaxy Vans, stomping over to his bed, purple hoodie falling off your shoulder. You grab the dark green stem from his lips, pulling the strawberry out. “Y/N!” he yells, watching you bite down on the berry seductively. Oh, oh that was sexy. “You’re being very…bad.” he winces at his voice crack.

Still chewing, you shut his laptop, moving it from his lanky legs, finally seeing the growing tent. “Oh, am I?” you hum, cupping his crotch. He whimpers, throwing his head back. “I’m sorry, do you want me to stop?” you tease, fingers hooked around the waistband of his joggers.

Barry shakes head, tumbling backwards on the mattress. His hips buck up unwillingly into your hand; body aching to be touched. “Y/N, please. Do-don’t ah-” His throat disobeys him, throwing out a deep moan when you pull his pants and boxer briefs down. His dick is throbbing against his abs, already hard and leaking with pre-cum. “Y/N PLEASE!” he screams so loud, he’s sure that the house can hear.

Smirking, you wrap your fingers around his cock, pumping it. He pants, balling the light red sheets in his fists, fuckboy hair style becoming unkempt. Your thumb teases the head, making him gasp, rocking his hips. You hold him down and he whimpers, sweat dripping from his forehead. “Maybe if you beg, I’ll let you cum.” you hum, stroking his dick at a steady pace. Ah, who doesn’t love when frat boys beg?

A whine escapes him and his Adam’s apple bobs, chest heaving heavily. Okay, fuck it, he needs this. “Please Y/N, please let me cum! Please, please, PLEASE!” he shouts, arching his back when his dick twitches in your hand.

Being a little minx, you decide to have a little more fun. You squeeze his base, creating a melodic moan from him. “Say you’re a slut. Then you can cum.” you mutter, grinning evilly. Barry glares at you, grip tightening in the sheets, jaw clenching. “Say it.” you order, fingers curling as you move up and down.

“I’M A SLUT, OKAY?! I’M A SLUT! NOW LET ME CUM!” Barry screeches, watching you put on a satisfied face, nodding. With a groan, he lets go, cum shooting on the bed sheets and your hand, his body shakes, humping the air. Finally, he gets control of his movements, falling limp on the mattress.

You grin at him, “I knew you were.”