he is honestly the nicest person ever

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Did I ever mention how literally amazing your blog is? Like my blog aspires to be your blog? Does that make sense? You just post the best content and your tags are so swagger and your aesthetic is like on point shoes it's so perf and you honestly seem like the nicest person and you get all these asks and you come across genuinely funny and invested and it's just really nice and anyway I think you and your blog are awesome so thank you :)



oh wow that’s honestly one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me lmao i’m so glad you like it and find my pointless ramblings funny bc i honestly wonder why anyone takes the time to ask me anything like my opinion is nothing or why anyone takes the time to talk to me bc i’m just??? but all of you guys are super sweet and talented there are so many other fantastic blogs you guys could go to but you come to mine and i still dk why bUT i appreciate every single one of my anons so much and i love all my friends in the fandom

i just really love the marvey fandom okay y’all are the greatest

you’ve literally just made my day, thank you for being such a sweet person!!!

i now go to cry brb

#teammarvey xo

(and #teammarveyfandom x1000000 xo) 

no but let’s face it

Harry doesn’t give a damn when the media releases lies about him


if the media publishes some shitty lies about his loved ones

like oh i don’t know Draco Malfoy his boyfriend???

Harry will literally go through hell and back to make sure that nobody will ever attempt that again

which just proves how much of a selfless and sweet person Harry Potter really is

and he honestly deserves more love than he’s given


So this happened today. Proper photo op. Another autograph. Selfies. Talking. Hugs. I don’t know what to say. I can’t stress it enough how many years I’ve waited to be able to meet this man. He is my favourite actor. He played my absolute favourite character. And as a person, he is the nicest, humblest, kindest, funniest, most sincere, warm, loving, creative, talented and honestly fucking amazing and mesmerizing human being I EVER had the luck to be able to meet. He completely lost his voice (!!!!) and was a bit under the weather today. Like he lost his trademark today. For the first time during a convention really. But he still saved his voice and still tried anyway just so he could do the Boondock Saints panel. He could’ve just canceled the panel and gotten some rest for both himself and his voice. He really didn’t even know if could talk at all in the morning and if he could do it. But he still showed up. He talked even with his squeaky voice and a sore throat. He was so incredibly happy to be in London, to meet us people.

I really and utterly lost my shit when the panel was almost done and he thanked us so much for everything. I’ve very rarely cried PROPER hardcore tears of joy in my life. Yesterday and today Sean Flanery made me weep like a baby because I was SO fucking happy to have been able to meet him and realize how MUCH it really exceeded my expectations.

Some people talked shit about him in London. I seriously don’t fucking get that. Go and meet this man yourself before you wanna start talking any shit about him with those kinds of assumptions and fixiation on a certain someone else. He was really happy and honoured and flattered. He’s an actor but you can’t fake that shit or the reactions I’ve seen. I and many other people were utterly utterly happy that he came along for WSCLondon and I wanted to share my pictures to show that there’s people who DO care and that it mattered to ME/THEM/US.

I seriously just fucking love him so much. This just meant so much to me. I don’t even have any words.

It’s been a while now and it’s fair to say I miss you a lot. I tell you all, Misha is honestly the nicest person i’ve ever met. I just went up and was like “Hey do you mind if we do this cute lil pose?” And he was like, “Aw yeah, cute things are my specialty.” And after I asked for a hug and he was like “Of course!” Here, I kinda shook and cried and just mumbled that I loved him. He then ruffled my hair and awed, and said that he loved me too.

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what did we do to deserve chris evans like honestly he seems like the nicest person ever! every single one of his co-stars look like they are in love with him when they are around him.

  • YES LISTEN he’s the nicest angel ever
  • filthiest dork at the same time
  • he never means any harm ok
  • he apparently greets everyone on set with a huge smile wtf
  • never seems to hold any resentment against anyone ever
  • self deprecates all the time i cannot
  • curses at himself in the 3rd person???
  • doesnt care abt screentime & money & contracts
  • “hey if marvel wants to have me after my contract is up im here”

in conclusion im p sure that yes everyone is in love with him and if they aren’t at least i am

Nice Guys

I went to elementary through high school with a guy who is honestly one of the nicest people you may ever have the fortune of having in your life.  Super polite, super friendly, all the time, even though we’re not very close.  Extremely supportive and enthusiastic on social media.  Whenever I run into him, there’s always a hug and a smile involved.  Every Monday, he sends out a text message of a funny image he found or awesome piece of artwork he created for no other reason than to make us smile because, ugh, Monday.

THAT is a nice guy.  And guess what?  That nice guy has a girlfriend!

Being nice only to girls you want to fuck =/= being a nice guy.
Being nice to everyone all the time = being a nice guy.