he is honestly one of the more adorable characters

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Kageyama for the character ask !!

My boy Kags!!!!!!

First impression

GREAT, HERE’S THE “ENEMY” TYPE CHARACTER WHO DOESN’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT ANYONE BUT HIMSELF. Obviously doesn’t play well with others. STOP YELLING. Volleyball prodigy! I didn’t hate Kageyama at first but I didn’t think he would become one of my favourite characters or anything.

Impression now

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS. THIS BOY HAS CHAAAANGED. Plays so well with his team, although some can argue he needs to work on his people skills a bit more lol. He’s an awkward, adorable bean who works so hard, is insanely talented, competitive, loves volleyball, loves milk. LOOK AT HIM RIGHT BEFORE THE SHIRATORIZAWA MATCH HE’S JUST SO HAPPY TO BE THERE, IM SO PROUD OF HIM.

Favorite moment

I could say so many “epic” Kageyama moments for this but honestly when Hinata hits him in the back of the head with that serve I cry laughing everytime 

Idea for a story

Kageyama…. at the olympics. Give me that good shit ♡‿♡

Unpopular opinion

I call him Kags 24/7. In the HQ subreddit someone was saying “I hate when ppl call Kageyama and Yamaguchi ‘Kags’ and ‘Yams’” and like 100 people agreed and I was like ……yea i’m still gonna do it. It’s cute and I don’t care lmao.

Favorite relationship


Favorite headcanon

Someone offered him almond milk once, he almost hit them.



tfw you try to be like suga

i love these volleyball idiots ⌒‿⌒

Thanks for asking!!

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How on earth did this happen?! (I honestly do nothing worthwhile on this blog~!) Another promo post in such a short period of time, how it flies! Goodness, this post will be very long, so I will be adding a small tag underneath for all those who I’ve tagged! When I do consider it, 150 wonderful people is such a huge group following this small blog, it still amazes me how much encouragement I receive daily for my portrayal of Kaede, despite how little of the game I am knowledgeable about! Each and every single one of you have contributed so much to my experience here, making my experience in the Danganronpa RP fandom absolutely memorable, therefore, without further ado, here is the list of those who deserve such a big mention for making this milestone happen! 

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No damn offense but the ending could have been much better. Sure it was nice seeing so many characters back for one final show, but honestly the ending even felt like a slap in the face…

While Bonnie doesnt need a man to make her happy, she deserved better than what she got. I honestly don’t get why Enzo had to die…

While it makes sense to Stefan’s character, Stefan also deserved better than to just die the way he did.

It anything, Damon should have been the one to die for all his bad deeds.

Katherine’s appearance should have been way more epic than what was given.

The only things I liked were Klaus’ letter, which was so adorable and sweet. The DEFAN endgame, and the BEAUTIFUL Stelena scene, which both Paul and Nina broke my heart with…

I still wonder till this day what’s so wonderful about Dullena when Stelena is life…

Versailles Meta Part 3

(clearly I am on a roll today)

PSA: we need to start separating the characters from the historical figures. I mean this in the nicest way possible but if ‘history’ was 100% kept to, the show would be kind of boring. Number one: a lot of these historical sources are opinions and observations of biased people at court. Many of them were paid for by Louis XIV (obviously not Liselotte’s letters but she had her own biases too). Number two: this is a story. Characters need to develop and change over time and they need to be adapted in a way that makes sense for modern viewership, for streamlined purposes, and in a way that creates an arc.

Like yes, ok realistically and under the rules of etiquette Liselotte would not be left to sit under a window until someone talks to her. But, as a character, she’s almost an audience surrogate. She’s relatable to probably most people who watch the show because let’s be honest how many of us have been in that situation of being  in a new school/job/whatever and been so excited  and then had someone be a complete bitch to you. Or have seen that popular person and been like ‘damn I wish I was them’? Everyone? Yeah everyone. In contemporary historical dramas, there is a fine line between respecting the period and also making the characters people we can understand in today’s context. And I understand being frustrated by the tiny inconsistencies. As a history buff who’s read a LOT about the court I am too, but as an actor and as someone who understands the dramatic medium I can forgive having Montespan sit in an armchair because of what that represents in the story: that her status is perceived to be as high as the queen’s. Making her downfall all the more dramatic. 

Also story. Story and storytelling and characters not starting at 10 but getting somewhere is important. There is also a finite amount of time in any series and only so much that can be explained without becoming confusing or contradictory. Like it or not, the storyline that makes the most dramatic sense for the Chevalier is not for him to start out being a rich, courageous fighter-prince because a: that would basically make him Philippe and b:…there’d be nowhere for him to go. Which is probably closer to reality than the show paints him to be. I think that his character has probably the most growth over the season because he starts out as what you think is a sterotypical manipulative asshole who is using Philippe for his own gain and then you realize that he is a bit of a dick but he also is a man in a very precarious position who loves this man more than anything and is terrified of losing him not just because he’d literally be thrown out into the street but also because he loves Philippe more than I think he can even express and the thought of losing him to another is devastating. His depression and terror is heartbreaking, because a big part of the Chevalier as a character is that he is insecure because as he states multiple times to both Philippe and to Louise, he KNOWS that Philippe deserves better than him and he’s scared that someone is going to come along who is as smart, as brave and as awesome as Philippe and he’ll be left. And someone does come along, even though Philippe is not attracted to Liselotte physically, she’s sort of exactly the person that he SHOULD be with (in the Chevalier’s eyes). She’s his worst nightmare. Her scene with the Chevalier is the most honest I think we see him (or the beginnings of it). She saw straight through him, he’s terrified and he’s throwing away the best thing in his life. I think by the end of the season, he has grown closer to the historical Chevalier. He has wealth of his own now, he’s found more confidence in himself, that he isn’t as fearful as he thought he was when things come down to it, and that he isn’t going to lose Philippe and that Liselotte isn’t his enemy but could potentially be his friend. And that’s great storytelling. That’s a character arc. I would not be surprised if next season, you do see him going to war and fighting by Philippe’s side (which happened in real life and he got wounded!). 

And to continue: I am beyond happy that the show did not make Philippe a stereotypical presentation of a gay man. I ADORE the fact that they took someone who has historically been painted as VERY flamboyant and yet a brave soldier and colored in the lines. I do not find him too masculine, I find him a wonderful balance of everything. He’s still sassy, he still loves fashion (I see him as more NYC fashion where everything is black and dark but stylish), he has NO filter but he’s also an intelligent bookworm. He’s honestly one of the most three dimensional characters I have seen and I will say that to my dying day. Which he needs to be, there NEEDS to be a reason that Louis is scared of being overshadowed. Philippe has some qualities that Louis does not have, he is well-liked, he’s fun to be around, he’s brave and he’s intelligent. There also needs to be contrast between Philippe and the Chevalier, because they need to balance each other out. The Chevalier’s flightyness is offset by Philippe’s (more) serious nature. Philippe’s tendencies to behave like Wednesday Addams is offset by the Chevalier’s sense of fun. 

So TLDR…history sometimes needs to be changed a teeny bit to work as a TV series. This show is GOOD. The writing on the show is terrific in my opinion because though it does use some modern ‘golden age’ of television tropes like the shocking death, overall the show is more about the characters’ relationships than about the story. That’s why I  watch it. They do character arcs very well and very subtly and that should be celebrated. 

character profile: Mephisto Pheles/Samael

This basically a character profile on some of the blue exorcist characters, I will be using this for the fanfictions I plan on doing in the future. I used the True Cross Academy survey found in the manga and my own personal views on the characters  

Originally posted by ultra-green-prada

Age: 1,000+

sex: Male

height: 195cm or 6.3ft

weight: 74kg or 163 lb

D.O.B August 28 (More like anniversary of possession I guess)

Blood type  ;)  

Average hours of sleep: 1

Pastimes and talents: Movies, Manga, anime, video games, music, toys, subcultures

Fav foods: junk food

Favorite manga genres: ALL OF THEM

favorite type of girl: Temptresses or elegant, beautiful girls ( in weekend hero he said he likes pretty girls with a sad past )

Details: Pretty good at party games, claw crane games and chess. He can transform into a white Scottish terrier ( in Kazue Kato’s question corner he said he can turn into other things too and we will be see it soon enough)

Status: President, True Cross Academy Head of Exorcism Cram School Honorable Knight, Knights of the True Cross, Demon King of time and space Gehenna’ s second most powerful being.

Powers and abilities: powerful enough to block high ranking demons from entering the Academy. Even Amaimon demon king of earth said he couldn’t enter the academy!! Time-space manipulation  able to transfer consciousness to other dimensions. Er Stopfen a barrier that stops time from passing can for 4-5 months. Kuchens Kuckucksuhr  basically a giant coo coo clock that grabs a target and restrains them used on Amaimon when he was fighting Rin. Das Starkste Gefangnis a prisin that has the ability to stop movement of people who have hostile intentions approaching it , cannot be opened from the inside (without the key) but can be opened from the outside. Summoning Mephisto can summon many objects be counting to 3 in German

My personal opinion on Mephisto/Samael: were do I honestly start with this one? Mephisto  is like a cute fun loving little kid and an evil snake all at the same time ( time LOL). I think he’s very neutral and doesn’t have any morals ( He even went as far as to call himself a libertine). His acclaimed “affection” towards humans seems to be more contempt  (“look how cute and weak you are”)  than that of adoration. Mephisto has this, mysterious aura about him and uses it to his advantage to keep people guessing.  I think Mephisto would be ENTP the “devils advocate" personality type. 

I honestly can’t wait to learn more about his character he’s just so mysterious and interesting

28 Days of OTP

Day 8: Bertholdt x Reiner

I honestly love this couple to death because its adorable. I love how awkward Bertholdt can be and Reiner being the powerhouse. (what is he, mitochondria?) 

But their dynamic as characters makes me ship them so hard :)

Ok but why don’t we ever talk about the fucking absolute gold acting abilities of David Castro?? Because like yes, obviously Harry is literally the king of the kings, and Dom is just hands down a fucking gift, and Alberto my adorable lil cinnamon roll is so talented, but like ??

David Castro is fucking 20 years old? 20? Like he can’t even drink champagne to celebrate the new season airing? Like most people are still in the junior year of college at 20? Most people still live with their parents at 20?

And David fucking Castro is 20 years old and he slays my entire existence with his acting abilities, and I criticize really hard on acting, and honestly there has only been probably one time when I wasn’t completely satisfied with his acting in the entire season and this is like his first really big project, but he still just showed so much fucking potential!! I just

He’s so good and he deserves so much more credit and he also deserves so much more than just being one half of Saphael, he’s so talented and so precious and has such a deep and rich character and just.


David Castro is my adorable lil talented son and I will personally cut anyone who says otherwise.


Yeah Hi sorry but can we talk about this adorable man please

Because Mark Cohen is one of my most favorite characters in the world and he makes me want to cry for the following reasons: (sit the fuck back kids this is gonna take awhile)

1) He’s honestly the most caring, giving, self sacrificing one of the whole show. In the original Demos, in the end when Mimi got sick, the first thing he does is offer to sell his camera. His fucking CAMERA. (mind you, anyone whose even heard of Rent knows that Mark Cohen loves his camera more than life itself, and it’s never far from his side. Filmmaking is his passion, and he was more than willing to give up probably the most important item he owned, if it meant one of his friends, (who he didnt know very well yet at this point) was able to get medical care, even if it was just for a short while. He cant stand to see the people he cares about suffer.

2) He probably helped Roger through withdrawal because they couldnt afford a rehab clinic. We all know what withdrawal entails: Screaming, violent fits, shaking, sweating, probably crying, emotional roller coasters that Mark must have guided him through. He went even further to try his best to get Roger to go for Mimi, because all he wants is for his best friend to be happy. He’s constantly reminding him to take his AZT. He cares so much.

3) His love and support of the people he cares for breaks my heart because it seems as if he has nobody left to care for him. Everyone gets wrapped up in their own lives, and the Valentines day monologue is him basically realizing that even if hes surrounded by people most days, in reality, hes alone. “And me? I’m here… nowhere…” During the riot, while he was filming, they all rushed off, and left him behind. Accidentally, but still, can you imagine how much that must have hurt him?

4) Even if Maureen broke up with him, he refuses to hold a grudge. He still fixes her sound equipment and does her favors and tries to make her happy because he loves her, even if it isn’t romantic at this point. Mark sacrifices so much to ensure those around him are taken care of first.

5) During No day but today, while everyone is crowding Mimi, he pretty stands off to the side with his camera because it’s all he has lol

6) The fact that during the musical version, when Mimi and Roger look like theyre about to rip each other apart, he throws himself right in the middle and breaks it up because he’ll be damned if he lets two of people he loves fight. Not to mention, he’s probably seen Roger’s temper before, and probably has taken a few hits. Does he care that Roger could snap, and go after him for intervening? no, because he doesn’t care about his well being at that moment. He hates fighting, and will always stop it.

7) His biggest fear is to be left alone. He doesn’t have a good home life obviously, if its a BIG DEAL for his father to even mutter that he’s proud of Mark. The lights was probably constantly on Cindy, and hey, his life in the city probably isnt going to end well either. Lets face it: his friends are dying right in front of his eyes and there isnt a damn thing he can do to stop it. His worst nightmare is gonna come true, and he’s gonna be alone someday.

And yet, there he goes, with his awkward little scuffle when all eyes are on him, his cute dances, and determined focus while he’s filming, he really does get lost in his work.

I want to hug Mark Cohen more than Ive wanted to hug anyone on this earth before.

Greg Lestrade is one of the purest human beings ever

He is one of my favourite characters and I realised only today how rarely I speak, post or reblog about him. He’s honest, straightforward, pure, kind, nice, funny, brave, adorable, just, moral, easy going, not judgemental, positive, he sees the good in others, he believes in people and he is loyal to those he loves. He will do everything to help you. He’s the best kind of friend. He’s the best of the best. He’s perfect actually.
Honestly, I have never seen a person disliking Lestrade. He’s the most likeable man in London.
One of my biggest wishes is to see more of Lestrade in S4, even though he appears for some milliseconds in the trailer and Rupert Graves was rarely seen in Setlock. I still hope. I want more about Lestrade. Give me more. I want an insight into his past and the beginning of his friendship with Sherlock. I want him to finally find the love he deserves and yearns in the face of sweet Molly. I DON’T WANT HIM TO BE LONELY
Also, he’s steaming hot.

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7, 13 for Eggsy Unwin and 14

This is, like, 25% less salt.

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

For Eggsy: I guess the needing protection/saving trope? I’ve found it a bit in Hartwin fic and while it was fun to read at the start, now that I have a better feel for Eggsy as a character, even if he has to struggle endlessly to get there, I’d rather him pick himself up and save himself than rely on Harry/Kingsman. Let him discover his own limits and expectations without relying on someone else. Even better if he thinks he needs them and grows much more when he steps outside of those standards.

13. Unpopular opinion about XXX character?

For Eggsy: I honestly don’t think I have one? Like, I just literally adore him too much. Maybe I will become cold and jaded in time.

14. Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

Ugh… okay there is a certain section of this fandom that makes my skin crawl. Vaguey McVaguerson here but whatever. That’s all I’m saying.

salty fandom asks!

1. Answer the new questions given by the previous person
2. Write 11 new questions
3. Tag 11 people

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  1. If you could make any fictional character your best friend, who would it be?
    Oh dear god this is difficult! I honestly’ don’t think I’d get along that well with any of my favs?? Maybe Phichit from Yuri!!! On Ice, he seems like a fun, adorable dude.
  2. Do you like cold desserts, or warm ones more?
    Warm. I tend to prefer warm food over cold in general.
  3. Do you like to do projects in pieces, or all in one go?
    That assumes I tend to finish projects. XD But when I do them, I foolishly try to do them all at once. I should do them in bits and pieces.
  4. What era of history do you find yourself most drawn to?
    It isn’t really “history” per se, but you know I love me some Arthuriana. I also really enjoy interbellum Europe.
  5. Would you rather live without music, or without visual art as a part of your life?
    Without visual art. Even though I’m HOH, music is still super important to me. 
  6. What’s your happy place movie that picks you up?
    Quest for Camelot. It’s silly and far from the “best” movie ever, but it always cheers me right up.
  7. What was the first thing you ever shipped?
    Why are you doing this to meeee? XD It was Kurama/Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho. >>
  8. What quote from something has been on your mind lately?
    I…really don’t know? I can’t think of anything.
  9. Would you at age thirteen think that present you is cool?
    Lol nah, not a bit.
  10. Who’s someone from history or literature you would fight?
    I honestly want to punch Jack Favell from Rebecca in the face. Multiple times. Until his face either caves in or falls off.
  11. Have you ever expected something to go horribly, and then been pleasantly surprised and rocked it?
    Yeah, definitely. Most recently, joining my brother’s coworker’s Pathfinder group. I thought I wouldn’t fit in at all and would feel embarrassed and awkward, but they embraced me right away and I’ve never had so much fun in my life.

My questions:

  1. What’s the last positive thing you’ve said to yourself?
  2. Is there a book / movie / show you love, but don’t recommend to people?
  3. Do you prefer on-ear headphones or earbuds?
  4. When’s the last time you laughed so hard you cried, and what was it about?
  5. If you could change your zodiac sign to one that better reflects your personality, which one would it be?
  6. What would you choose for your perfect last meal?
  7. What is your favorite word or phrase in your native language and/or the language you’re currently learning?
  8. Would you prefer to have complete and encyclopedic knowledge of your favorite thing and little else, or know a moderate amount about literally everything in the world?
  9. Would you rather be a bird or a sea animal?
  10. Do you still have the stuffed toy / security blanket you slept with as a child?
  11. If the world was perfect and money were no object, what would be your dream vacation?

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so I hear ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) that you are into bnha now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) andyour fav character is toshinori ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) tell me about him, no holding back

Oh wow okay. I’m gonna do something similar to what you did with Reborn just because. So.


All Might/Toshinori is, in a single statement, an ADORABLE DOOFUS. I would compare him to someone if I could, but honestly he’s such a different cut of “mentor-character” that I can’t really think of someone else. (There are a few, but they still don’t give quite the same vibe - either because of poor execution, short role in story, or intrinsic differences)

A huge thing that I love about Toshinori is how he is a character with a health issue. Maybe it’s because I have health issues myself, but he’s, so, EARNEST. “Debilitating health problem brought about by near-death experience that has cut my ability to be a hero significantly? Oh well, time to go do my hero duties!” He’s so virtuous but in a way that doesn’t grate on my nerves or feel like a reach, like in the usual storylines.

He’s just, nope, don’t care, “oops I just coughed blood BWAHAHA NO BIGGIE I CAN STILL PUNCH MY FOES TO THE MOON JUST GIVE ME A SEC.” And then he’s also quiet, with features that look downright terrifying and dimensions that look like they could cut you (LITERALLY, THE CHIN, I’VE SEEN POINTY ANIME CHINS AND I LOVEH OW IT’S DONE HERE BUT FOR A CHARACTER THAT HAS A REASON TO HAVE A POINTY CHIN + SALLOW CHEEKS).

Underline, DORK. Look at how he is!!! He’s so startled from Izuku’s friends entering that he jumps and coughs blood. Goes from American Hero bravado to quiet sickly guy that fades into the background and tries to stay in the background. There are flexible characters in the figurative sense, and then there is Toshinori, who is literally on both sides of the goddamn spectrum while still being the same person. I LOVE IT.


(Note: from here on out it’s not just Toshinori/All Might, it’s also the friendship he has with Deku)

I’ve honestly never seen two characters with such a dynamic relationship that effortlessly makes so much sense. And these two, they are a comedy skit. A SIDE-SPLITTING, ADORABLE COMEDY SKIT. I mean really, once-fanboy-turned-protege, and once-idol-turned-mentor/dad. Neither are the type for being the serious/broody one, or even the loud-mouthed violent one (these roles are more or less filled by Todo-broski and Baku-ho, the rivals, ironically enough) WHICH LEAVES THESE TWO AS THE ABSOLUTE DORKS. 


*coughs* Toshinori shows so much concern for Deku. I mean I know he’s his successor but, it’s just, so ENDEARING? His reaction is so PURE, so SURPRISED, so DIFFERENT from the usual Cool Indifference/”I’m a fucking badass that will have my moment and then be forgotten later” mentors in the usual shounen genres. Toshinori is an adorable man-child/father that totally dads Izuku.

Just… LOOK at the regret on his face. MIDORIYA’S HEART-BREAKING WORDS, TOSHINORI’S LOOK OF REGRET AND “I DUN FUCKED UP,” GOOD GOD. And they’re both so goddamned pure-hearted it physically HURTS. GGUUGH

LOOK AT THESE TWO. LOOK AT THOSE SMILES. They weren’t standing in the same room or within a couple meters of each other, Deku was in an ARENA, Toshinori was in the STANDS, THEY MADE EYE-CONTACT AND IT WAS LIKE “HELL YEAH I FUCKING DID IT ARE YOU PROUD DAD” WHILE TOSHINORI WAS LIKE “MIDORIYA MY BOY YOU FUCKING DID IT I’M PROUD OF YOU SON” AND I LOVED IT, I LOVE THESE FUCKING DORKS. (…I mean I guess with less swearing, since, Katsuki is so heavy on the swears that he probably has a patent on them or something, and liberal use of the word “fucking” is pretty much held solely by him)

… oh. Oh shit. I almost forgot. I HAVE to include this, because the implications destroy me (the reasons for which are PRETTY DAMN OBVIOUS WHAT WITH HOW MUCH I LOVE THESE IDIOTS)

THIS PAGE, IT FUCKING DESTROYED ME. I was all happy, reading this amazing manga, loving the characters being their badass lovable selves and these two being doofuses together, and then this. THIS. WHY. fucKING WHY.


I swear, if All Might is killed off like Kamina in TTGL was… Please. Please don’t kill him for Izuku’s character growth, these dorks don’t need to suffer.

*gross sobbing in a corner*

So, yeah. My thoughts on Toshinori. … That. *coughs*

Azriel: What We Know by the End


-he still isn’t sure where he fits in even though he’s deeply loved

-wins the wing span contest

-hears and speaks to shadows (shadowsinger)

-is the one with most control over his emotions, making him the only one that doesn’t show if he’s bothered by torturing (and therefore even more mysterious than he tries to appear)

-totally in love with Mor (platonic or not)

-and Cassian (duh)

-quiet but observant which helps him be there for his Court and his friends (honestly the most he speaks in this book is to Feyre after she asks him to fly her through the wall)

-is overall freaking adorable I mean just look at that quiet lil bat babe

-should have been Elain’s mate but sure ok I guess Lucien makes sense instead for a dramatic plot and character development point, sure, I’m ok, no really, I’m fine, Mor just needs to get to loving him plz so Morziel can happen

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

I was laughing and covering my face so much in the beginning cuz Brett was so adorable and ridiculous I just couldn’t handle it.

Then when his character had his real touching moments I was crying, and I loved the end production result, it was beautiful.

The movie was really cute and enlightening, I’m not religious at all and I honestly thought it was wonderful.

And Brett looked SO GOOD in everything he wore in it btw.

Need more convincing…Brett doing sign language, Brett working as a mechanic in one scene, or, Brett half naked covered in blood and being hosed down. Just think about that. Lol.

No but really, every Brett fan should see this movie. So proud of him.

anonymous asked:

Scrolling through your blog and Brax has so many more ships then your other muses, which ship with Brax is the strongest?!

Brax has literally become my most popular character and he’s quite honestly one of my personal favorites so I adore EVERY ship that I let Brax have, and I say ‘let’ because if I didn’t put some control on it, Brax would covet every fucking body. 

So there are two muses that I feel are Brax’s strongest ships and I can’t choose between them because they have two totally different connections. 

@assassinsandco‘s muse Min in the Criminal AU verse; Brax is strongly connected to Min, having been his first and only friend since high school and turning back to him for help when he gets in over his head. The fact that he thinks Min truly trusts him and wants to help is heart breaking since that instantly makes his old high school crush sky rocket back and after spending more time with the cop, though he has no idea, he knows he’s in love with him. So much so that he’s willing to be arrested, knowing Min betrayed him and still takes the fall for everything to keep Min safe. SO OMG I LOVE THIS SHIP.


@justxcallxmexsuga‘s Yoongi and Brax fucking tear my heart to PIECES(by Red hahaha T_T ). First of all, Brax is this hyper, obnoxious little shit that despite the fact that he murders people and runs a criminal organization he still manages to want to socialize and have a normal love life(he’s a hopeless romantic at heart). So cue fucking Min Yoongi to stumble unexpectedly into this assholes life and instead of running when he finds out what a psycho his friend is, he wholeheartedly accepts it and even fucking MURDERS PEOPLE to keep Brax with him and Brax just fucking loves this panda of his and he would kill to keep him safe. Literally, he’d murder an entire gang to make sure Yoongi stays safe.

So yes, these two ships are my fucking otps.

But also; @sncwflckes  Brax and Jay <3 I fucking love these two and @quiettuptown Brax and Taemin are just as adorable. 

And all of these except Min are Yoongi faces, what the hell Brax?!

anonymous asked:

do you read the manga for chihayafuru? if so do you know if it's goi g in a chihaya X taichi route or Arata X chihaya route?

What a wonderful random question! Yes, I do follow the Chihayafuru manga though I haven’t been involved in the fandom for years! Nonetheless, I could honestly write an essay about my shipping views in Chihayafuru but I wouldn’t want to bore you with–

You know what? Screw it, I’ll write that essay. ^-^

The first Chihayafuru-related fact you should know about me would be that when I first read Chihayafuru I was young, and I was crazy about Taichi/Chihaya. I believed that Taichi and Chihaya would somehow end up together, one way or another, no matter how improbable it seemed at that time.

I still believe that Taichi and Chihaya are endgame, but the basis for my argument is much more grounded and evidence-filled than it would have been, say, three years ago. Back then, I just had a gut feeling that they would be together, but now I can allude to several scenes in the manga to back me up.

It’s important that I should mention that this is definitely NOT an Arata-hate post, but if you’re an Arata/Chihaya shipper and the idea of Taichi and Chihaya being together upsets you, I advise you not to read my post any further than this. I may be right, but I also may be wrong, and in the end, only Sensei can decide how this series will progress. ^-^

Without further ado, here’s why I think Taichihaya is endgame.

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senpaichansan  asked:

Your post about Elodin kinda makes sense. I never thought about it like that or rather realized it but he does act very wrong/disgusting sometimes. I will pay more attention to it through the next reread.

//Thank you <3! It’s honestly things that people over look because the fandom babies him and adores him because he is ‘weird’. Not to mention that these are actions and things that are socially ‘acceptable’ / ignored / looked over because of one reason or ten behind it. I’m just glad people are taking my views into perspective and thinking on them instead of attacking me and saying no.//

//Again, my intentions are NOT to demonize Elodin or say he is a bad character who cannot be liked. I’m saying that you need to look at him more critically and not ignore these things he is doing / has done. That’s all! Enjoy him all you like, just don’t baby him or ignore actual issues.//

Zuko’s character development is one of my favourites of anything ever. It was so unexpected that this villain I used to (love to) hate could turn around so drastically and show his compassion, his heart and his strength of character to become the Zuko I adore and love now. It wasn’t just that he became good but that he survived against the odds. He broke out of his father’s hold; he saved himself and that takes so much courage. That’s so admirable and it makes him one of the best characters ever imo. 

And then I realised I love Sansa for pretty much the same reason. She was this spoiled brat at the start of GoT and I honestly hated her. For me, I connected more with Arya as a character, being a bit of a tomboy myself growing up, but watching Sansa endure all that she has and come out the other side stronger and better and smarter is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever experienced in fictional stories. She’s been broken and beaten down by so many different people but she’s always gotten back up even when she didn’t want to. Sansa is a survivor. 

Both characters hold such a special place in my heart. 

some things i learned and some things that happened at the tuck everlasting cd release in manhattan today:

● sarah charles lewis is on vacation and says hello
● there was a deleted song after winnie gets to the cabin where miles and jesse reunite with mae and argue over who loves her more
● its called “who loves you best” and involves both boys presenting mae with gifts from their adventures; miles gives her a beautiful necklace and jesse gives her a shrunken head
● there used to be mentions of jesse being on a pirate ship and miles having a gambling problem
● theres a deleted song called something like “we live on” (i forget exactly) but its a thorough and apparently comedic number by all 4 tucks describing the ways theyve tried to kill themselves
● michael park sang The Wheel and started crying during the last verse
● michael wartella sang both hugo songs and actually came onstage in character it was hilarious and adorable
● andrew keenan-bolger sang top of the world and was honestly. stunning
● this is more personal but i was talking to one of the writers and he asked me kf i was a writer bc apparently i Had A Vibe and i had 2 stop myself from telling him i have the most kudosd fic for tuck on ao3
● i made akb and michael wartella and 2/3 writers laugh. they all have very nice laughs

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For Lovely Teeth (because honestly these characters are adorable and I want MOAR): point, certain, snap, and tremble

(Ahh, thank you!! ^//w//^ I’m glad you think so!) Brace yourselves everyone. I use all these words a lot, apparently.


  • Gleaming canines drew the brunt of my attention; longer than normal and sharpened to dangerous points.
  • “Cerra, you’re going to make him regress at this point, and if he starts chewing on things again you’ll be the one replacing what he destroys.
  • “We don’t hit merchants at random, and make a point to only pick out ones that deserve a bit of trouble.”
  • “I was little more than a wild animal at that point, despite what Cer seems to think I was.“
  • “We offer sanctuary to anyone that finds their way here, and even though it’s been all werewolves and Halflings up to this point you deserve no less.“
  • “Now!” she hissed, shaking her head when I gave her an incredulous look and pointed at the bush I’d come for.
  • “He’ll just make sure you look that point in the eyes and step on its toes until he lets you stop.“
  • I found myself wildly offended over the fact that he even dared to question such a thing, and went to point an accusing finger at him before realizing I’d never let go of his hand.
  • “…Javianna does not wish to become a vampire, so that is a moot point, Kish.“
  • “I believe this provides us the tipping point to bring our standstill to an end.”
  • Rekr had found my description amusing, until Griff had so kindly pointed out that the younger werewolf should join me if he was going to hang around.

Certain- I certainly like this word -A- :

  • No regular wolf was the size of a massive work horse, and they certainly didn’t wear pants like this one did.
  • “We’re all seen feral werewolves, Griff, and you were certainly not wild.“
  • I’d never encountered loyalty so strong before, and certainly not from someone I’d known for just one day.
  • “All we know for certain is that he was wasting away to skin and bones when we found him running wild in the wastes, and he’s recovered more than we ever could have dreamed.“
  • I hesitated as Jezzmir stared at me blank-faced, certain I’d offended him, and smiled nervously when he started to chuckle.
  • Jezzmir would certainly have opposed the plan, but luckily he’d left already.
  • It had been the same spell he’d used before, that was certain, but I’d been able to ignore it without any trouble at all.
  • “So when I need to feed -something that serves as a dead giveaway to my nature- I need to employ a certain level of…discretion.“
  • Certainly not the sort of place to wander about alone, is it.“
  • “She feared that man more than she feared certain death, Cedric.”
  • Where before he’d granted me certain chances to be by myself, now he stalked my every step.

Snap- Hey. Hey guys. Did you know that mouths can snap? APPARENTLY I DO:

  • His pale lips, opened to speak, snapped shut at my words, and he gave me an odd look.
  • I gulped at the beast with fearful dread in my stomach as it jerked back against the wall and snapped a maw large enough to close over my entire upper half and then some.
  • “This from the one named after a cheese dish.” he snapped at her, earning a snarl from the moody werewolf.
  • “When we got there we saw this big bloody werewolf surrounded by dead crocs, snarling and snapping at big old monsters at least three times his size.“
  • Angry hissing echoed through the crevice as I wedged myself inside, and the snapping of teeth spurred me into pushing as far down the hole as I could go.
  • I hesitantly reached a hand toward his, then flinched and scuttled back as I heard teeth snapping behind him.
  • “I feel safe with you.” I told him, not liking the way he seemed to think everyone was standing around waiting for him to snap.
  • “It looked like she’d snap me in half without even trying.”


  • Every once in a while a violent tremble would shake through the Halfling, and each time I made an effort to push as much comfort into her as I could through a fierce hug.
  • Cerra trembled and stopped talking, covering her face with her hands.
  • My body started to tremble as I saw what I’d been dreading so much.
  • He raised a hand to my head to stroke my hair, and a little thrill spiked my heart when I felt that he was trembling.
  • I appreciated the gesture, even if it only made my legs tremble for two reasons instead of just the one.

(You might look at this and think “gee Rai you’re just sharing all the lines in the whole book here aren’t you”, but you’d be WRONG. SO WRONG. THIS IS NOTHINGGGG)