he is honestly enjoying himself

Just Watch

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers

Summary: It’s birthday sex as usual, but Bucky wants Steve to watch. 

A/N: This is my submission for @bucky-plums-barnes 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s 100th Birthday.  My kink was “a third person watches”.  I dk how i feel about this though… I guess we’ll see.  

Warnings: NSFW; smut, voyeurism, unprotected sex, oral (mr); it’s just crappy smut

Word Count: 1555

tags: @feelmyroarrrr @malindacath @daybreak96

Happy Birthday Bucky!

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Date Night

Request: Hi! Can you do a short fluffy imagine for Jasper? Like maybe he and the reader go on a date and try to be a ‘normal’ couple or something like that, do it however you want! Thanks! 

Pairing: Jasper x human!reader

Summary: ‘normal’ date night for a rather abnormal couple 

Warnings: Suggestive things, fluff 

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i hope that ryan ross had a nice day. maybe hes not telling us much about his life right now and thats totally fine. he has right to secrecy and i respect him for that. he deserves to be happy and i honestly truly hope that hes enjoying himself. i hope that ryan took dottie on a nice walk today. i hope that ryan smiled genuinely today. i hope that someone texted him goodnight and that they said that they love and appreciate him. i hope hes safe and happy and healthy. i hope that he knows that there will always be people there to adore and support him. i hope that he went to bed happy today. i hope that tomorrow he has fun and hangs out with his friends. i hope that hes still singing for himself, of not for the public. i hope that ryan ross is in a good place right now. i hope that hes physically, mentally, emotionally and social healthy. i hope that hes living his life and enjoying what he has. goodnight i love ryan ross. 

anonymous asked:

It's more that he takes up so much screentime that no other character has gotten well-paced growth or a backstory arc. Cassandra suddenly had a call from the hospital that her tumor's worse but she hadn't had symptoms all season? Ezekiel is a super empathetic person for one episode then back to snark 24/7? Eve hasn't gotten focus since S1 Christmas, she's always Flynn's SO. I like him, but they're using him too much and we're going into the fourth season barely knowing any details about the cast

Okay I’m sorry but this actually made me laugh

“he takes up too much screentime”

Out of all 30 episodes, over 3 seasons, Flynn has only been in 16. One of them (And the Eternal Question) he about 10 minutes of screentime. Only 2 of those episodes were even focused on Flynn (”And the Hollow Man” and “And the Trial of the Triangle”).

“no other character has gotten well-paced growth or a backstory arc”

This has nothing to do with Flynn being in episodes. This is entirely because The Librarians is a small show with only 10 episodes per season. There are massive time jumps between episodes and we can only get so much story in 40 minutes.

The backstory of every character has been address in multiple occasions at this point. I mean, Jacob had an entire episode, “And What Lies Beneath the Stone (AKA Coyote)”, dedicated to his previous home life, in “And the Rule of Three” we learn that Cassandra’s family was rather controlling as well as her emotions over her tumor in “And the Heart of Darkness”, and in “And the Curse of Cindy” and “And What Lies Beneath the Stone (AKA Coyote)” we learn that Ezekiel once worked for MI6 and grew up impoverished. Jenkins even got backstory points in “And the Apple of Dischord” and “And the Fatal Separation”, as well as sprinkles of his history throughout other episodes.

I would also like to point out, the first show runner and one of the main writers for 1 and 2, John Rogers, was not fond of throwing backstory at the audience, in fact “backstory arc” probably would have made him cringe.

“Eve hasn’t gotten focus since S1 Christmas”

Eve focused episodes: “And Santa’s Midnight Run”, “And the Loom of Fate”, “And the Infernal Contract”, “And the Image of Image”,  and “And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”. We get backstory in two of these episodes as well as a little backstory in “And the Fatal Separation”.

“but they’re using him too much and we’re going into the fourth season barely knowing any details about the cast”

Once again, 16 episodes, and we know a lot about these characters for only 30 episodes, I’m not sure what show you’re watching.

Eve Baird:

  • Military parents, born on Christmas Eve
  • Spent most of her life in the military
  • Went through A LOT to get to her position in NATO including sexual harassment from the people she worked with
  • This resulted with her having some issues with self image and the way people interrupt you based on how you look, and does not like having photos taken of her because of this
  • Stays in touch with the people she fought with, even had a mentor
  • Incredibly protective, only wants the best for the Librarians and the Library
  • Also not “always Flynn’s SO” in “And the Hollow Men” she left his bitch ass behind when he wouldn’t stick around, and was prepared to do it again as many times as she needed to in order to protect Cassandra, Jacob, and Ezekiel
  • Growth: Over the past 3 season we’ve watched Eve turn from a hardened boss bitch military solider to someone who cares fiercely but is still learning to be a guardian to someone who understands that the people she works with are human and acts in their best interest

Jacob Stone

  • Rural upbringing with a bitch of a father and a most likely absent mother
  • Worked on an oil rigging firm that his father hoped he would run with him one day whether he wanted to or not
  • Had to grow up with a father who thought he was a dumbass as he taught himself to read ancient greek texts at night
  • Has major league trust issues after spending about 30+ years hiding his identity from people
  • Passionate, will fight for what he believes, even if it’s against people he admires
  • Better singer than Ezekiel
  • Probably would’ve been a professor is he had a different life cause honestly he was enjoying himself way to much in “And the Cost of Education”
  • Doesn’t think too highly of himself when it comes to fighting, before “And the Fatal Separation” he only thought of himself as a bar fighter
  • Incredibly loyal once somebody’s earned his trust
  • Growth: Over the past 3 season Jacob as grown from a distrustful man who hides his abilities from the world to someone is unashamed of his passion and fully trusts the people around him

Cassandra Cillian

  • Had a mom and dad who pushed her to be the best in academics, no matter what she wanted
  • Diagnosed with her tumor at 15 years old
  • Her parents threw out all her STEM trophies when she became too sick to compete 
  • Grew up feeling inadequate, constantly reminder of her mortality as well as having to face her synthesis attacks 
  • Couldn’t go to college, despite how badly she wanted to
  • Child-like at heart, because she grew up with parents who never gave her the chance to believe in magic (they told her Santa wasn’t real when she was 3)
  • Picked her own death date when she was diagnosed with her tumor because she wanted to die on her own terms
  • Feels the need to prove herself because before she thought her gift was a curse that made her useless and now struggles with the idea that her gift is the only thing that makes her useful
  • Growth: We’ve watched Cassandra gain control of her abilities gradually over the course of season 1 then gain confidence as she finds something she’s quite good at (combining science and magic) over season 2 to someone who has learned that she does not need magic or her gift to be useful


  • Grew up impoverished (with someone else, as he says “we” in his monologue)
  • Was made fun of by the other kids, this made him grow to resent other people and just take what he wants
  • Was recruited by MI6 for his skills (and in fact did enough for and against the MI6 that he has 2 separate files)
  • Believes he’s only good at stealing, and is proud of his abilities
  • Met Flynn once while Flynn was the only Librarian
  • In that same time period, made a name for himself among the underground community of thieves
  • Spent a lot of times in night clubs, enough to be able to easily recognize different symptoms of drug use and how to treat them
  • Still cares greatly for the wellbeing of other people, even though he’s constantly egotistical 
  • He was at one point, the worst version of himself, and wasn’t even that bad
  • Growth: Went from literally the worst version of himself, someone who would bail on the people who needed him and would rather run then punch, to someone who would go through the same torture repeatedly to save his friends and not even boast about it, in fact he fakes forgetting everything, who sacrifice himself to help the cause, and would fight side by side with people who once though he was just an egotistical brat


  • Was once the night Galahad of Camelot
  • Fought his own father, who turned to the Serpent Brotherhood and bring chaos to the world
  • Has spent thousands of years working for the Library, tinkering and enhancing magical objects
  • Does not like the first Librarian, Judson, because he fell in love with the first Guardian, Charlene, but Charlene chose Judson over him
  • Is friends with Mrs. Clause apparently?!?
  • Also performed naked on stage at one point?!!?
  • Unfortunately that’s all I can think of because we haven’t had much with Camelot since season 1 and I’m just waiting for the Jenkins focused episode I need in my life
  • Growth: Grew from a grumpy caretaker who wanted nothing more than to be left alone and not bother to someone who cares deeply for the people he’s become friends with and actually charge into dangerous situations to save them after even being told not to (I mean, dude jumped off a cliff to save Eve man like my gosh)

I would list Flynn’s stuff, but I have 3 movies worth of backstory for him and I can’t properly separate it from the show without having to rewatch everything. 

However, I think at this point it should be rather obvious that Flynn being in only half of the series has done very little to actually affect the developing story and the character growth in The Librarians

Only for You

Levy never really thought much about it. Yeah, after her first ‘encounter’ with Gajeel, she’d more or less decided that he was the type to enjoy violence. And for very good reasons. But the more she got to know him, and as their relationship turned more intimate, she was surprised to find that it was really something he seemed interested in. Jet and Droy frequently cautioned her on him and claimed him to be a brute, but he was proving to be anything but.

He was actually kinda…sweet, in his own way. He really enjoyed doing things for her. Anything. Like if she just mentions a newly released novel that she wants, he goes out and gets it for her. He would go to the market with her and even, a few times, braved riding a train just so he could accompany her on a job when Droy and Jet were busy. So no, he might not be the conventional type of nice guy, but he definitely fell into some sort of outer layer of the word.

And that was okay with Levy. It really was. She liked that on the outside he seemed so dastardly and was feared on spec, but he could drop all that when they were alone. It made her feel…special.

Because she was. To Gajeel. He couldn’t explain it, really. From the first time he realized just how attracted he was to the shrimp, it’d always felt different. Weird, really. Unlike all the other women that he’d fooled around with, back in his Phantom days. Levy was just… He couldn’t explain it.

He wanted to be so many different things when he was around her. He wanted to be strong, like always, but even more so. He wanted to be able to protect her. To make her strong too. Also though he wanted to, well, not be soft or anything. But there was just something about her. The gruff demeanor that he tried to have around most of the women that he associated with usually just didn’t hold up around the letter mage.

Not even in the most important way.

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Glimmering Gold

Summary: Love hangs in the air like stars and snowflakes, like a promise—and Taehyung is hopeful, he really is. / Or, a story about coming apart and coming back together.
Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Word Count: 10,248
Author’s Note: A little early for Christmas, but I know if I didn’t post this now I wouldn’t have time until after the holidays. Either way, my gift to you guys as a thank you for making my past 2 months here so special and memorable. This took extremely long for me to write and I apologize, but I hope it’s not too messy.


(present day)

He almost can’t believe his eyes, the sudden shock to his system rendering him completely incapable to move as he stands with his hands at his side and the breath catching in his throat. He grows numb from dismay, from a flood of emotions, and he can’t even begin to think about what kind of fear, apprehension, regret, love would be dancing behind his eyes at the same moment.

He had been stupid to think that after all this time, after all these seconds, minutes, hours, weeks away from you would have been good for him. Especially given all the shit you’ve both been through, it should have been easy to let go of you, easy to push you to the back of his mind and busy himself with the real stuff, the important stuff. So what if he’s spent far too long trying to stop being so hung up over you? You were his first girlfriend, his first love, and everything else in between. He had created a whole new perspective, a whole newfound respect for his life—one that became undeniably brighter with you in it.

And then you had to go and stomp over all that hard work, all that care and effort and love. He should have hated you, despised you even, for turning him into something he almost couldn’t recognize anymore.

But however, in spite of everything, in spite of the passiveness, the awkward glances and the silence that felt more like heavy tons weighing on his shoulder, his heart still beat for you. The sight of you elicited fire in his nerves, making him feel alive for the first time since you walked away, since he let you go.

It had been six months since he last saw you, that final sunny morning in June—you, in a sundress, eyes full of tears, him leaving your apartment, shattering the last remains of trust that could have possibly been lingering in the atmosphere.

But now, 3 weeks before Christmas, dressed in a navy blue winter coat, beanie, black jeans, boots, and a smile, arms filled with carefully wrapped presents, the love and attention clearly shown, long hair decorated with the falling snow outside, standing in the door frame as Seokjin opens it wider to make it easier to step through—!


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Breaking Younow

just a short lil one shot for you :3 

Prompt: Hey I have a prompt for you :) Ok, so Dan’s in the middle of a younow. He’s talking about something then gets a call from his mom. She starts talking really fast giving Dan no time to tell her that he’s in the middle of a younow. She asks him how his boyfriend’s doing (phil) Dan says something like I don’t know what you’re talking about. Dan’s mom starts to freak out because she thinks Dan and Phil broke up (they didn’t) ending is up to you :)

word count: 1.2k

warnings: none 

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Jerking Off

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Jerking Off

The halls were emptied, and deserted. As far as Bucky was concerned, that was the only plus to being stuck walking through the Avengers Corporation - The Avengers business, AKA: Avengers  manor - after midnight. He was irritated with himself. Which was nothing new, really. Recently, his thoughts have been clouded down to nothing but lust, his best friend was to be blamed. For he hired an innocent secretary. And demanded she wears the ‘uniform’ - which was quite stupid since Steve Rogers made sure it was non sexual (He is a gentlemen after all) . He supposed it was to annoy his best friend. Non the less, he had been careless enough to leave the Missions file That he was suppose to finish alone inside of his damn room when he was checking it, Bucky then had forgotten about the mission and the file in general. He wouldn’t have driven all the way from Toronto to New York if it wasn’t that important. Which resulted in having to cancel all the plans with his Avenger group, after receiving a phone call from the Manger of S.H.I.L.D, He was suppose to go undercover with a fake identity and interguate a HYDRA member that S.H.I.L.D had gotten their hands on.

On the bright side, once he had tried to enter through the garage the doors were already open. He didn’t have to shut down the security alarm and have to go through all of the trouble to disarm it. And make sure that the alarms don’t go off resulting in Hulk crashing down from the God knows where…

With an audible sigh of tiredness, he had quickened his strides in the darkened hall of the building, Bucky shoved his hands into his adidas black joggers, while slicking his hair to the side and behind his ears, then adjusting his cap. The sooner he got the file, the sooner he could leave and finally get the damn mission under his fucking control. Bucky wouldn’t lie, he was honestly enjoying himself in the party back in Toronto with his friends, it was just something so new to the former assassin. Although it came to an ebrupt ending  once S.H.I.L.D had called him for his missing case.

Drive from Toronto to New York, Grab the mission file, and drive all the way to New Jersey, get his mission done within an hour and hopefully make it back to the party Tony had thrown. That’s what he had in plan, or so that was the plan.

A double red oak door up ahead was left ajar - just the slightest crack - allowing a thin stream of dim light to pour through the tiny opening crystallizing the specs of dust flying from one place to the other. He instantly knew someone was in his Friends office. During working hours, no one was to step foot into Steve’s  room. His office was strictly off limits. Considering the fact he had all of his personal shit gathered in one special drawer. Had some baboon been looking through his private place in hopes of rumors?

Yes- the Avengers Corporation had been getting some… Problems with the media and reporters dug so low they offered millions of dollars for just the slightest of information. His thoughts clouded by anger, as well as the inner nagging that penetrated his brain to just get there faster and bust the idiot red handed. After clutching the metal knob he was just about ready to bust the door down with the impact his body and metal arm had collected…

But stopped, his metal knuckle released a little bit of force from the metal knob. Even though he had already created deep prints on the metal knob.

There was a peculiar noise coming from inside. Elegant pitter-pattering of small feet graced across the floor, heavy breathing…

Bucky was beyond confused. His perfectly arched eyebrows knitted together, while his forehead creased. Why on earth would Steve’s  secretary be in his  work study? Surely she knew that the building would generally be closed after six. Perhaps she had lost track of time? Or was she looking for information on his friends life? It’s not like he didn’t pay her well… She even got a raise this morning. After Steve had announced to her about her payment, she had gleefully embraced her boss and squealed. She was super sweet and nice, always made small talk with Bucky and tried her hardest to get a smile from former assassin.

Curious to find the answer, despite his duties to get the mission integration done and handed before tomorrow morning, Bucky leaned forward and cautiously peeped through the small crack opening. His wide green eyes hungrily scanned her body She was short in general, had about shoulder length brown hair twisted up into bun on the back of her head, chestnut brown orbs, and had a small, fragile body.

Steve’s secretary was practically the last person he had expected to sell out rumors of his or Steve’s life for money.

Not only that, he was also angry at him self to not be able to catch on on her innocent act wasn’t he suppose to be the worlds best assassin… She should have noticed things like these. It was probably because he had been imagining dirty things. Like bending her on the desk and slapping her throbbing clit, while pulling on her reddish nipple and demanding she doesn’t make a single noi— ‘Get your head together! She’s selling you out!’ Bucky though. As images of the small lady ate at his thoughts,

His next immediate thought was to call the cops - Quickly and quietly for no publicity. He needed to do it as fast as he could, his paw reaching down to his pocket clutching his smartphone before she could hypnotize him from being capable of thinking straight. He had more important things to be taking care of, his whole mission and make it on time for the party before it ended. He couldn’t just get hypnotized by a small girl rummaging through his friends now littered room. Papers everywhere. And keys being rustled from side to side as he watched her try and fit a million keys to one whole. She had been trying to open all the drawers, by the company’s keys collection. Little did she know Steve had never placed a spare key of his office in the corporations key section.

It was due to stupid people like her. He had trust issues, but only with his workers since all they seemed to worry about was money and crap. Never taking time to ask The Avengers or S.H.I.L.D  for a raise.

The young male ran a hand through his brown shoulder length hair, breathing in a lump and sighing. He grabbed his phone out and looked at the number he dialed subconsciously about few minutes ago. He had his thumb come across the call button… 'Punk Cap…’ But couldn’t find it in him to call on such an Innocent lady. 'Wait… I’ll just confront her when she’s done….’ He looked around the dark hall and smirked. He would catch her when she tries to escape. There was absolutely no need to call Steve. Bucky was just as scary, if not even more.

Suddenly, he heard a frustrated growl followed with a loud thud. She was already trying to give up, hopefully this wouldn’t take any longer.

She was sitting on the polished tile floor with her back facing the door, her long legs bent out in front her and trying to find another key to open Steve’s  personal drawer. With a sigh, the brunet took off her jacket and sighed of relief.

He knew for a fact her body language said many things. Like she was tired and sore. But he wouldn’t really care anymore. Her tank top hugged her upper body so tight it was as if a second skin. While her shorts were revealing a bit of her assets. Oh how he wished he could slap that ass cheek, and watch it ripple under his touch. While she whimpered for him to go easy, he would then demand her to beg— 'Damn it!’ Bucky cursed as he felt his member throb. This isn’t like him… He’s suppose to be a gentlemen.

All that mattered was watching her, her every move. He wanted nothing more than to witness her arch, bend, twist, stretch… He was captivated by her long legs, and amazing ass, with the thunder thighs- oh those thighs… He would shove her leg over his shoulder and bite her meat. He would leave love bites on the inner part of her thighs and slap it afterwards. While she squirmed and tried to struggle from his fat penis. Her eyes would be dimmed with tears, as he stretched her virgin vagi— 'FUCK!!! Stop with the thoughts!’ Bucky cried in his head as he now felt his shaft struggle to stay in one place.

The young man stifled a muffled curse of pain when he hit his head against the red oak doors from his sudden movement while trying to fix his 'problem’ down there. The thing was he forgot all of the pain he had endured when he realized that the secretary could have heard him. Damn! He’s been fantasizing about her when he should be calling the Avengers about her break and entering-

However, staring at her like a fucking peeping tom from behind the tiny crack of an opening of a door. Oh where did his mother go wrong with raising her son? It’s as if all the gentleman manners he was taught went to waste.

Bucky was trying his super hardest to not touch The secretary. He’s been demanding to him self he had absolutely no liking to the female in front of him. But oh such a waste it was. Bucky was different… He never compare girls’ chest sizes, or join in the men’s’ appalling conversations about 'conquests’. He didn’t care which girls were considered good kissers or desirable by the rest of the young male population.

But that never stopped him from imagining things, not only sexual but also cute and warm- he would wonder how she would take to kissing and study the softness of her pink plush lips in silence as she rambled on about her day to him. He would feel strange the urges to reach out and touch her - whether to simply brush a strand of chestnut brown hair that hung lose from her bun and laced her face, or simply cup her cheek with his rough large hand, or even pull her right into his waiting arms.

once he snapped out of those thoughts, he would become infuriated with himself for thinking of such things. It wasn’t uncommon for him to stalk off right in the middle of talking with her, or even turning around and heading the opposite direction when he saw her approaching. Bucky feared those thoughts and odd, inexplicable urges to touch her, feel her, taste her. He was a damn coward and that overshadowed even risking to hurt her feelings just for his own peace of mind. He is a monster, and doesn’t deserve such innocence.

If (Y/N)  - The  secretary knew the kind of young male he was shaping up to be, she would probably freely avoid him without him having to go out of his way to keep enough distance from her. However, he was far too much of a coward to tell her the truth. And to make matters worse, little by little, he felt almost as though he was truly breaking his promise. He needed to feel her, needed her in general.

He wanted to be closer to her. Even in ways he was certain were not appropriate. It was for her own good that he was pushing her away. At least until he got it under better control… Where he would be able to control him self.

And for the first time, Bucky admitted to himself that he was attracted to her. So much, in fact, that it frightened him.

The heat already engulfing his face was growing and spreading down, mixing and churning with a burning sensation that drifted all the way down to the area of his groin. How would it feel with her bare skin pressuring down upon him, he wondered, and his hidden shaft seemed throb with want at the thought.

He released an agonizing sigh, while slowly, he reached down to the front of his black joggers and carefully rubbed the aching bulge that had formed there, never once taking his eyes off the girl as he did so.

This was dirty. Dirty and wrong and he was filled with guilt as he proceeded to stroke himself while he peeked at the bad girl through the open crack of the door. Although he had done worse, this was simply an act of need.

It’s just guilty pleasure, And it was a weakness of both mind and body… He watched as she stretched down to grab another file and skim through it… Oh he imagined her fingers carefully stroking his abs and stomach all the way to his metal arm as he stared at her gleaming face. Tthis was Wrong, Dirty, Perverted–

Nagging thoughts are at his mind, are giving in completely. There was absolutely no one  else in the building. It was dark, cameras wouldn’t even catch him. And even if they did he would surly delete them. He is the the best pal of the CEO of S.H.I.L.D… No one would know. If he could keep himself quiet, even she wouldn’t know. Her innocence would not be lost, or damaged, or even threatened. She would never even know a thing-

Relief… he needed to have it. He couldn’t have her. And if he wanted to protect her, then this was the only way to reach satisfaction by coming as close to being with her as he could without actually touching her or damaging her purity. This is the only way.

“Ughhh…” Bucky winced when he pulled his stiff manhood right out from his pants and boxers, the cool hallway air making him realize just how sensitive that part of him truly was at the moment…

He turned his back flat to the oak door, he returned his gaze to the object of his shameful want. She was simply bending down…

As the young man curled his right hand’s fingers around his length, he knew he had just sealed his fate - one he did not have the mental or physical strength to even try to defy. And there was no turning back now.

And like that, he slid his hand up and down over his erect penis at a languid, careful speed.

He could imagine pinning her down to the floor just like that, her legs open and inviting, brown eyes pleading for all of him…

Bucky found him self panting as he gripped himself with a little more force from the unnecessary image his brain had conjured up. The thought of her vunriable and bare beneath him should have bothered him, at least for her sake. But as sickening as it was to admit it, that scenario excited him terribly. Oh but he was just a man… For heavens sake, this was terribly revolting.

He almost expected her breasts to fall free of confinement, given how low of a dip the collar of the small tank top was.

He squeezed both sides firmly in his hands, relishing in the moan of pleasure from the brown head as he teased his large shaft to a hardened, ready state.

“Ughhhh… Ughhh!” Bucky struggled to hold his quickening breathy gasps in while his hand stroked rough and fast over his erection. Whether there was still any amount of guilt left or not, he had abandoned his earlier restraint and started to move against the gliding motion of his hand. And still his eyes remained glued to her, hazed green eyes unable to break even a precious moment from regarding her every move. He needed this before he would never see her again.

Damn, thoughts of her naked and pressed against the bed sheets, cheeks flaring pink and fingers curled down to hold on either side of the bed to keep from screaming in pleasure. Her legs would be entwined around his back with glistening sweat that would be collected between her little bouncing breasts. She would choke out his name over and over in ecstasy as he slammed into her tight walls of warmth and rattled the bed.

Bucky inhaled sharply as a white hot sensation poured through his whole body like Niagara falls. What he had just indirectly imagined doing to her on his own bed is quite unthinkable. And now he had already stooped low enough to envision having actual intercourse with her. Dirty imagery that formed while he secretly spied on her and masturbated to watching her steal from S.H.I.L.D…

Jame’s panting breaths had turned shallow and more quick, his fisted hand wildly thrusting over his hard length with an uncontrolled pace. Being inside of her, moving within her wet warmth… just wondering about how it would feel was nearly enough to drive him insane with desire.

Thoughts urged him to lean closer to the door, his hand not pumping over his shaft. He could fix his clothing and walk in easily, demand for an answer and then when she tried to beg for mercy he would suggest fucking. He would ask to have sex, with her.

Bucky released a strangled breath, He dared think of taking her innocence while he was trying to protect it? Damn, his sexual thoughts were taking control of him Faster then he liked. If he can’t stop him self now, it’s safe to say the girl in front of him would be severely damaged by the end of this.

He needed to feel her, His hand immediately sought its former grip on his manhood, instantly having an inappropriate fantasy to mind before he could prevent it.

Her lips teased along the very tip of his shaft, closing around it for the briefest moment that made him twitch in anticipation. He dug his fingers into her hair and tugged forward, eager for her to take him into the waiting warmth of her mouth. And she complied, mouth opening further to allow more of his manhood inside. He gave a staggering breath which swiftly turned into a deep groan when her tongue licked the base, then licking the veined area on the underside with her warm, wet tong. He recklessly pulled her forward by the grip of her brown locks, forcing her to take more of his length in and then out, in and out…

Bucky’s hand followed those motions as she continued to bob the shaft down, his fingertips flexing and squeezing around the erection to mimic her gesture from his fantasy.

His orbs became weary, the binding heat that held him captive all exploding at once and ate his vision with bright white. A lounging, whispered cry of her name escaped his throat as he was consumed by euphoria, his cum spilling out of his tip and over the hallway floor below him.

Bucky wasn’t sure how much time had passed before he could finally see and think straight again, but he found himself sitting down against the red oak doors and breathing harshly, limp shaft still held loosely in his fingertips. He could feel the stickiness of cum on his hand, and twitched when he noticed the substance on the floor in a mess in front of him.

He instantly stood up and shoved his shaft back in his boxers cleaning his hand with a tissue that he had in his pockets. Then threw away the object.

He looked from left and right then pushed the door open only to be bombarded by a female body pressed roughly on his board chest. They fell together with a thud.

“Sir?” She squealed, aha… Now if hadn’t just came, he would have had fantasizes about that.

“What were you doing in Steve’s office (Y/N)?”

“I had noticed you forgot these!” She scurried off him and stood up, fixing her booty shorts and tucking in her tank top only to have her breast spill out. Her jacket forgotten in the room. Her messy bun only added to her devilish features.


“These mission document! Nick Furry would kill you if you can’t send those reports  to New Jersey by twelve tomorrow!” She smiled, then tilted her head to the side, small strands of hair followed her movement.

“How did you-?”

“I had gotten a call from Mister Steve Rogers, he said he knew you would forget. And wanted me to get them ready.” She handed Bucky the files and smiled. Dusting her shirt- even tho Bucky would most likely like it off- 'Ahhhh fuck not now!’ He thought. If Bucky didn’t know any better, he would say Steve had this all planed out with Natasha. Get Bucky alone with (Y/N) so they could hit it off.

“Yes-… Do say, would you like to get to know each other-?” He asked, while holding his files in one hand and watching as she blushed under his ruthless gaze. 'And to think I thought she was robbing The Avengers—-’ Bucky chuckled when he watched her trying to make a choice. “How about I pick you up tomorrow and take you on a date to Tronto… You deserve it.” Like that the male walked away with less dignity then he came in with…

“What’s the white stuff…?” (Y/N) asked, as she looked at the ground. If anything it looked so bad and she was just curios to know what it was.

The male that had only took a few strides stood stiff in his place. “Just go home before I cancel  our date!” He shouted. Taking a sharp turn and pushing her out of the building with him. Damn, he would have to Thank the cap for setting him up with this fair lady…

i absolutely adore jimmy fallon 

I’ve seen quite a few semi threatening/anxiety inducing posts about this so i’m just here to reassure you guys that:

it is ok to still like movies that Johnny Depp is in

it is ok to still laugh at the silly Jack Sparrow scenes 

it is ok to still appreciate Johhny Depp’s acting ability

you’re not a bad person for liking a Johnny Depp movie

Johnny Depp has starred in a lot of popular films (POTC, Edward Scissorhands, the original 21 Jump Street, basically every Tim Burton film ever) and it’s perfectly ok to still enjoy them and appreciate the art he has made.

However, it is not ok to:

trivialize Amber Heard’s abuse

say things like “well, I’m a big fan of Johnny so it can’t be true”

whine about how “this will ruin his career”

say terrible things like “she’s lying,” “she’s doing it for the attention,” or “she deserved it.”

I actually saw one post where someone said they were “team Johnny” like jfc I wanted to fling myself onto a cactus after that

anyway, above all else, it is not ok to say biphobic things and make this about Amber Heard’s sexuality, when really it is about domestic abuse

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i can't believe that i never noticed your “ask” was replaced with “would you like a side of balls with that?” ( ̄▽ ̄;;) i really like your blog (and the copious amount of “balls”), and i hope it's okay for me to request yakuza!au scenarios for iwaizumi, kuroo, akaashi, and matsukawa with a female s/o. if not that is okay!! thank you!!

Hehehe, thank you ;) Ball is life, you know? And it is more than okay to request Yakuza/Mafia AUs! This was a lot of fun to write, and actually Admin Panini and I have a lot of mafia AU headcanons. I’ll probably get around to writing those some time soon for fun. 

Have I mention I love Yakuza/Mafia AUs? Because I do, very much so! :D ~Admin Mari

“Hold still, Hajime.” You frowned deeply as you tried to apply more disinfectant on the cut that decorated his cheek. When the cotton ball grazed the wound, Iwaizumi Hajime sucked in a sharp breath when the hot sting followed after. All you did was click your tongue before you repeated the action, something he knew you did to get back at him. “You’re worse than Tooru.”

“Don’t compare me to Shittykawa. I’m not a baby like him.” He grumbled, his eyes shifting away as you placed a few butterfly bandages along the cut. Of course, it was only natural that you were upset with him. But it wasn’t like he planned to get injured when he woke up this morning. Sometimes things were unpredictable and the yakuza life was the most unpredictable.

You heaved a deep sigh and tossed the wrappers into the trash beside the table. Then, you turned to gently brush your fingertips along the cut you had just dressed. His eyes softened when he saw the worry lines between your brows and he reached out to pull you against him. It didn’t matter if his muscles protested the action; having you in his arms helped him feel at ease.

“Don’t worry, I’m okay. It’s just a scratch anyway.” He rested his chin on your shoulder and buried his free hand into your hair, fingers weaving through the softness. It was his way of reassuring you. Which was kind of silly because you were Aobajohsai’s doctor and you knew how bad each injury was.

“How can I not worry about you?” You mumbled into the crook of his neck, arms wrapping around his middle. “You’re my boyfriend. I always worry.” The sincerity melted his heart and the corners of his lips quirked up before he leaned back to get a better look at you.

“I think I could get used to that.” That earned him a slap on the chest, but he caught your hand before you retracted it. Instead, he lifted it up to his cheek and placed your hand there with his over yours. Then, he leaned forward to place a soft kiss on your lips. “I love you.”

“I love you too, dummy.” You smiled sweetly, following his lips to press another kiss against his.

The moment you’d laid eyes on Kuroo Tetsurou you were hooked. Perhaps it was the unruly hair that was surprisingly all natural, maybe it was that mischievous twinkle in his eyes, or maybe it was that charming smirk that had your heart skipping a beat. Whatever it was, you had locked in on him. He was like the most potent of drugs and you were addicted to him. Addicted to his kisses, his touches, his sweet words.

Every time the both of you met up, it was romantic and sweet. When you two were together, he could put his guard down for a while and just enjoy the moment without a worry in the world. The two of you would spend hours talking, flirting, and laughing. Then, the two of you would set the sheets on fire with passion and ecstasy.

You nestled comfortably against Kuroo’s side, cheek pressed against his chest. The after effects of the mind-blowing pleasure were subsiding, and all that was left was the satisfied humming on your skin and in your veins. Kuroo’s arm was wrapped protectively around your waist as he mindlessly traced patterns along the damp skin.

However, the comforting silence didn’t last very long because the sound of his cellphone pierced through the air. Grumbling under his breath, he reached over with his free hand and answered the phone.

“Hello?” He asked, but a sigh followed when the voice on the other end began to speak. His eyes glanced down at you before he cut the voice off on the other end. “Yaku, just tell him I’ll be rescheduling the meeting. The old geezer can wait a day, it’s not like he’s going to die any time soon.” You had to stifle your giggles and Kuroo flashed you a smirk. It was obvious that the person on the other end, Yaku, wasn’t very impressed by Kuroo’s response and he got a bit of an earful before he hung up.

“What was that about?” You asked, lifting yourself up onto your elbow to look at Kuroo.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, somehow making his hair look sexier. “It was my right-hand man. My father has been trying to set a meeting up.” There was a pause as he looked at you with sorrow clouding his eyes. “For my arranged marriage.”

That was like an anvil to your heart and you felt your chest squeeze in pain. Instantly, your body went cold and dread clung to every cell. The protests that threatened to spill out died on your lips, because what could you say? Kuroo was the next boss to Nekoma while you were just a call-girl that he had unexpectedly met at a club one night.

But that had never mattered to him. Because when you two were together, you guys were just yourselves.

“Tetsu…” You whispered, your heart throbbing in your chest. Of course, you knew one day he would probably have to get married to keep the lineage going, but you hadn’t hoped it would happen so soon. “Don’t go yet. Stay longer with me.”

He cupped your chin and lifted your head up to look at him. The easy-going smile that you’d fallen in love with was on his face. “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll stay as long as you want me to.”

You knew him as the London Fog guy and he knew you as the Barista with a Pretty Smile. The coffee shop a few blocks away from the Fukurodani house was becoming a favourite of Akaashi Keiji’s. He’d accidentally stumbled upon it months ago after needing some fresh air and that’s when he had first seen you. The second he had walked in through the door, you had greeted him with the prettiest smile he’d ever seen and from that moment on, he was completely enamoured. He had only wondered how on Earth he’d passed by this street without noticing the dainty café.

Several times a week, Akaashi would slip away from the mansion and bring his paperwork with him. It was much more peaceful without having to listen to Bokuto jabber away and he got more work done this way since he was pulling his boss’ weight too. Today was no different.

“Large London Fog?” You chimed with that beautiful smile that made Akaashi’s heart stutter.

The corners of his lips twitched into a smile and he nodded his head. “Yes, please.” He dug into his wallet, producing a bill to give to you. The amount he gave you was much larger than the cost of the tea latte. And when you tried to give him the change, he only curled his hand over yours. “It’s the tip.”

“O-oh, but…it’s too much. You’re always too generous.” There was a shy blush on your cheeks and you looked unsure if you could take it.

Akaashi chuckled softly, shaking his head lightly. His large hand stayed in place, relishing in the contact and warmth of your hand. “It’s the least I could do for the delicious London fogs you always make me.” And money was never a problem for him. After all, Fukurodani mainly dealt with money.

“I-I’m…” You started, but finally relented. “Thank you.”

“Akaashi.” When you gave him a confused look, the corner of his lip quirked up. “That’s my name.”

“Oh!” Your eyebrows shot up to your hairline and your cheeks flushed in embarrassment. Then, you gestured to your name tag and gave him that brilliant smile again. “I’m ____.”

When he sat down in his usual seat, his heart was fluttering in his chest and his eyes were instantly on you as you prepared his drink. His gaze lingered a few more seconds before he started on the paperwork again, a reminder of the dark world he lived in. It was a place where someone as innocent as you didn’t belong in and a place he didn’t want to drag you into.

A soft clink caught his attention and he looked up at you then at the plate beside his cup. “It’s coffee cake. This one’s on me.”

There was no way he could tell you about the dangerous part of him, the dangerous life he led where blood and death were a constant. “Thank you.” And yet, he couldn’t help but gesture to the chair across from his. “Would you like to sit with me?”

You were the Barista with the Pretty Smile and he was the London Fog guy; that was the way it had to stay.


“Stop calling me that.” You huffed, childishly crossing your arms over your chest. Matsukawa Issei only grinned lazily in response, and watched as your cheeks flushed in annoyance and embarrassment. Making you flush was one of the things he enjoyed doing and he honestly couldn’t help himself sometimes. It was easy to get you going.

Being the younger sister of Oikawa Tooru was no easy feat, especially when he was the head of Aobajohsai, one of the top yakuza families in Japan. It also wasn’t easy when your older brother was extremely protective of you, spouting out nonsense about keeping you safe from other rival yakuza. Since he became the head after your father, he had insisted on having your own personal bodyguard.

That’s where Matsukawa came in. Oikawa had assigned him as your bodyguard several years ago. At the beginning, he’d believed that it would be a boring babysitting job, but you’d proven him wrong with that defiant personality. For a while, you had avoided Matsukawa as much as possible, which usually meant sneaking away when his head was turned the other way. You kept him on his toes and he had soon begun to enjoy watching over you. He loved teasing you as much as he loved teasing Oikawa.

“Mattsun.” You drawled, your cheek resting against your fist. His eyes shifted to peek at you from the rear view mirror and he hummed for you to continue. “I want ice cream. Can we go get some?”

“Anything for the princess.” There was that blush again along with that irresistible pout. A deep chuckle resonated within his chest and he signaled to take a turn at the next corner, knowing where your favourite ice cream parlor by heart.

After spending years with you, he knew where all your favourite places were. He knew what made you happy and what made you sad. He was the first to know any troubles you had and the shoulder you cried on when you needed it. He was shield and your sword, and he vowed to stand by you not because it was his duty, but because he wanted to.

“You’ve got some ice cream here.” Matsukawa said, several minutes later when the both of you emerged out of the ice cream shop with waffle cones in hand. Gently, he thumbed away the light ice cream moustache on your upper lip and chuckled when your eyes went crossed eyed to try and see what he was doing. “There, all gone.”

Matsukawa had fallen in love with you.

caesar’s love for his friends is honestly such an important aspect of his character and, imo, the sweetest one? he’s a distant guy and keeps most people at arm’s length, but then with those friends he’s more genuine and he fools around and its honestly so nice to see. both because he’s enjoying himself for once in his miserable little life and because it shows he can care, he does care, and while he’s weird with relationships and emotional connections, he’s still a really caring guy (and, canonically, he takes pride in that)

and man, i really love writing that side of him. i love giving him friends and people he cares about. i constantly beat the dead horse of him being some slimy gutterpunk, but he’s a slimy gutterpunk who loves his friends with an intensely and i don’t want you to forget that either. 

anonymous asked:

Kenma, Hinata, Oikawa, Kuroo, and Tsuki hc for them and their s/o at a hot spring? can be co ed or separate- hope you have a lovely day <3 awesome adorbs blog!

((ohoho~ quite an interesting requests anon! also, i used these for inspiration while thinking of these head canons. if you hadn’t looked at them, you should because they are amazing. i want this kareshi really badly lol



  • Kenma would be very shy the first he ever went to a hot spring. Honestly, he didn’t want anyone else to see him unclothed. It embarrassed him even more that his s/o was around.
  • He would be lying if he said he didn’t think hot springs weren’t relaxing. He really likes to sit and relax. Be watchful of Kenma though, he might fall asleep!
  • He wouldn’t make eye contact with his s/o. He doesn’t want to be accused of staring at them so he will always look elsewhere.
  • After they got out of the hot spring, he will be glad that is over, but he wouldn’t mind going with you again.


  • The poor child would be blushing like mad, and not because of the steam from the hot spring. The first time he went to the hot spring, he fainted because his bodily temperature rose too much.
  • It seems to be that Hinata is accident-prone because there was also a time he wasn’t watching where he was going and tripped over a bucket. He still has a bruise from that incident.
  • Hinata would be very stiff sitting next to his s/o and would speak very loudly. He just can’t calm down because his s/o is sitting right next to him!
  • Whenever it’s time for you two to get out of the hot springs, Hinata will cover his eyes and tell you to go first. He won’t open them until you have left.


  • Oikawa would have been the one to suggest the idea of going to the hot spring.
  • Oikawa is very comfortable with his body so he would act as his carefree self, much to his s/o’s embarrassment.
  • If he has a rather shy s/o he will give them many compliments to fluster them, but also because he sincerely believes what he says.
  • There have been many times Oikawa has received hits to the head from his s/o because he is always embarrassing them.


  • Once the two of you are seated in the hot spring, he will make “steamy” jokes because it’s Kuroo.
  • Being the provocation expert that he is, he will find a way to fluster his s/o because he gets a kick out of it. There isn’t much his s/o can do about it.
  • There was one time that he poured a bucket of cold water on his s/o, and they didn’t talk to him for a very long time.


  • There are times Tsukki does not like being the co-ed ones because there have been times old ladies sit close to his s/o and talk to them. They always seem to be asking about their relationship with him.
  • He hesitantly accepts to go to the hot spring with his s/o. It’s not that he hates it, he finds it a little awkward at times.
  • Tsukki would be very mindful of his s/o’s feelings, because honestly, he is a little embarrassed as well.
  • Tsukki finds himself enjoy being at the hot spring. It’s far more relaxing than he had expected, and the comfortable silence with his s/o helps with that.
Lunar Comet

Nothing was better than this. The harsh underground winds blowing through Frost’s icy, stalagmite like hair. He could feel the snow blow past his face and stain his work uniform. While most monsters would wear some form of insulation out here in the freezing temperatures of Snowdin, Frost lived for this sort of thing. He honestly thought he needed to strip down more to enjoy himself here, knowing how much warmth the clothes kept in! However, he was only in Snowdin’s forests for one purpose. And while he wished it was for self-indulgence, it was something far too common.

Stress Relief

A soft sigh escaping through his fang like lips. The hot moisture freezing into fog in front of him.  He had walked far past the town already. His fingertips gently brushing along the occasional tree trunk as snow occasionally crunched underneath his boots.

He was all alone out here. Some piece and quiet! Such things were not offered in the capital and surely not at his establishment. Luckily, it was considered ‘nightfall’ for most of the underground. No monsters were going to be out here to bug him.

After a good half hour of walking, he finally found a small bridge with a strange trap built above it. Was it some kind of gate? What idiot would design the bars like that..Far too wide to stop anyone!

A disgruntled groan escaping him as he closed his eyesockets in frustration. He was right. The morons here in Snowdin were growing dumber by the day! No matter. This would serve as an excellent point to rest until he was prepared to make his long track back to the Capital.

He pressed his body against one of the nearby trees. His feet sinking deep into the snow as he crossed his arms over his chest, hands resting on his biceps. His fingers digging into his sleeves as his eyesockets drifted closed after a few moments.

Although he wasn’t asleep, he could feel his head drifting down a little. He was completely relaxed for a change. The swirling wind around him and any other noises highly amplified. 


Stop Changing The Station

A/N: I wasn’t sure who you wanted to be the ler in this story, but I chose Papyrus! Have some brotherly fluff! Please do not tag as fontcest!!!
Des: Sans and Papyrus keep fighting over the radio for their choice in music. Papyrus has had enough of this nonsense, so he decides to take back what is rightfully his. (Dancetale)

Papyrus sighed as the obnoxiously loud Hip Hop music thumped against his skull. This was the third time he had gone back there and changed it from Sans’ god-awful rap music to his more luxurious, free-flowing latin mix. He knew Sans was teleporting back and forth from his bedroom to the dance hall in the back. 

It was getting a little old. “SANS!” Papyrus shouted. “TURN OFF THAT HORRIBLE MUSIC! PUT IT BACK ON MY STATION!”

He heard a snicker from upstairs, but no sight of Sans. “Bro, I thought you were just playin’ some good tunes. I haven’t touched the radio.”

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do you have anymore fluff headcannons for maxson? im in dire need of cuteness rn

Well, I consider his little possessive thing to be fluff so have some possessive but sweet Maxson fluff plus some more stuff<3

Whenever he and Sole are in more populated places (Diamond City, Goodneighbor, etc), his arm is always locked tight around their waist. He knows the Brotherhood isn’t well liked in the Commonwealth. So, it gives him pride to know that he’s able to show everyone that the vault dweller is now his and only his. When it comes to being on the Prydwen, he enjoys making sure everyone knows how well he can pleasure Sole. But when it comes to being out in the Commonwealth with everyone else, he just…has this desire to show everyone how well he can take care of them. He turns into a gentleman, almost. Giving them chaste pecks to their cheek, always opening the door for them, offering to carry anything that’s too heavy for them, offering to help repair their armor, etc. Sole likes going out with him for that one reason. They love seeing that side of him and honestly? He quite enjoys that side of himself too.

The first time he met Sole, he was smitten. Yes, his first reaction was that he wanted to fuck them right then and there against the window but that wasn’t all. That night, he just stood in his quarters, pacing around the room. He had never had such a strong reaction towards someone before. He just couldn’t stop thinking about them. He couldn’t stop thinking about fucking them until they couldn’t walk, he couldn’t stop thinking about kissing them until their lips felt sore. He just couldn’t stop. To be honest, it scared him a bit. He wasn’t used to these feelings. And knowing that he was feeling like this due to the vault dweller? He was absolutely conflicted. But at the same time…constantly thinking about it is what made him strive to seduce them. Though, according to Sole, he didn’t need to do much seducing to be able to get them. Because they were feeling the exact same way about him.

Christmas Eve With Mickey

It was late after Ian got off work at the club and the snow was coming down hard. He trudged through the white thickness that was now up to his knees and climbed the stairs to the Milkovich house. He slowly opened the door, careful not to make too much noise, and tiptoed in. He crept past the tree that had been decorated, regardless of Mickey’s protest. Remembering the conversation that took place after Ian had brought in the tree the second December 1st hit.

“What the fuck is that?” Mickey asked.
“It’s a Christmas tree, duh.” Ian answered. “I know that, captain obvious. I mean what the fuck is it doing here?” Mickey said back, mocking Ian.
“I thought the place could use some brightening up! I’ve never seen you guys decorate before..” Ian said, his eyes on Mickey now.
“Yeah well we never had anyone who gave a shit about decorating or who even cared about any Holiday for that matter. Don’t see what the point is.” Mickey said, not daring to look up.
“Mickey,” Ian said walking over to him and cupping his face, forcing their eyes to meet.
“I didn’t mean to..” Ian said softly.
“I know..it’s okay.” Mickey said staring into soft green eyes for a moment before turning away.
“We don’t have to.” Ian said back to Mickey.
“No, I don’t mind it.” He said, knowing how much Christmas meant to Ian. And honestly, he was actually starting to enjoy it himself, taking an interest in all of the Gallagher traditions. It made him feel like a part of something for once.
“So are we gonna do this shit or what, firecrotch?” Mickey said, with a smile on his face now, pushing Ian lightly.
“Yes!” Ian said, excited. “I’ll go wake Yev up from his nap so he can help.” He continued.

Ian snapped back to reality, his eyes fixed on Mickey now who was asleep on his back. He looked so damn cute when he slept, there was no hardness in his face. Ian stood there for a moment, taking in his beauty before sneaking behind the couch where Mickey was sleeping. He jumped over full force, landing right on top him, straddling him in the process.
“What the fuck?!” Mickey jerked awake, swinging at Ian but the redhead leaned back, anticipating his reaction to waking up so abruptly.
“Merry Christmas Eve!” Ian shouted, his smile wide.
“Jesus Christ, Ian. You can’t just wake someone up like that.” Mickey said, his hands still held up in fists. Ian grabbed his wrists and pinned them to his waist, leaning down.
“I’m sorry. I’m just so excited!” Ian proclaimed.
“You’re so childish.” Mickey said back, rolling his eyes. “No one even fucking says ‘Merry Christmas Eve’ it’s not even a real holiday.” He continued.
“How could you even say that?” Ian gasped, his mouth wide open. “Come on Mick, where’s your christmas spirit?” Ian asked, smiling down at him.
“Ba-humbug.” Mickey scoffed, but couldn’t help a smile from forming. He secretly loved that his boyfriend was so into the holidays. He loved when Ian was happy, genuinely happy.
“Wait.” Ian said, pulling out 2 Santa hats that were hanging out of his back pocket. He put one on his head, then did the same to Mickey. “There. Now you have no choice. You’re wearing a fucking Santa hat.” Ian laughed. Mickey was laughing now too.
“Come here.” Mickey pulled Ian down by his scarf and kissed him passionately. Ian kissed back, his stomach swarming with butterflies and warmth. He pulled Mickey’s shirt, making him sit upright and pressed their bodies together, wrapping his arms around the dark haired man’s neck. He jerked away and looked into deep blue eyes. He swore he could swim in them, they were so clear.
“So, do I get a Christmas present on Christmas Eve?” Ian asked, raising his eyebrows playfully.
“No. No presents until Christmas morning. That’s the rule. Besides, you should be giving me the present for waking me up like that, asshole.” Mickey answered, smirking.
“Aww. Well I had something else in mind anyway.” Ian said, licking his lips, looking down at the bulge in Mickey’s jeans.
“Oh did you now?” Mickey said with seductive eyes before pulling him into another kiss, their lips clashing together. He licked Ian’s lips, their tongues now intertwining. They stand, moving quickly as Mickey jerked off Ian’s coat and scarf, still locked in a kiss. They break away and take off each other’s shirts, tugging them quickly over their heads. Ian picked his Santa hat off the ground and placed it back on his head, frowning when Mickey didnt do the same.
“Put the hat back on scrooge.” Ian scooped it up off the floor and handed it to him.
“Ugh, fine.” He said, putting it on. Mickey looked down, admiring Ian’s perfect physique, and ran his hands across his abs and up to his chest. God his muscles felt so good. Mickey pulled Ian by the waist and led them to his bedroom. Ian pushed Mickey onto the bed roughly and climbed on top of him. He kissed him again, running his hands through Mickey’s hair. He moved down now, sucking at his neck, leaving a mark on his skin. Mickey moaned softly as Ian was grinding on his growing erection.
“Get on with it.” Mickey said, he couldn’t take the teasing any longer. Ian unbuckled his belt and pulled off his jeans and boxers, Mickey did the same. He couldn’t get them off fast enough. Ian moved down Mickey’s chest kissing softly, making his way to his abs, and finally taking him into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the head of his dick before moving down inch by inch, sucking at a steady pace. “Shit.” Mickey moaned. “That feels good.” He grabbed the back of Ian’s head and pushed into his mouth further, running his hands through fire red hair. Mickey reached into the drawer of his nightstand and grabbed lube and a condom, handing it to Ian who squirted some onto his fingers. The redhead slowly inserted a finger and then 2 shortly after into Mickey’s hole.
“Fuck. Get inside me now.” He said, not wanting to finish already. Ian rolled on the condom and lined himself up, moving in slowly. Mickey sighed with relief at his boyfriend being inside him. Ian picked up the pace swiftly, moaning with pleasure. “Shit Mickey. You’re so tight.” He said, smiling.
“Pound me.” Mickey gasped and Ian pulled out then went in hard, grabbing his lover’s hips and trusting aggressively, hitting his prostate. Mickey moaned and arched his back, Ian digging his nails into Mickey’s skin.
“I’m close..” Mickey said.
“Me too.” Ian agreed and grabbed Mickey’s cock, “Oh, Mickey.” Ian whispered in his ear and nibbled on his earlobe, warm cum falling onto his hand after a few pumps. Ian followed shortly after, slowing his pace and breathing heavily. He slowly pulled out and rolled over onto his side. Mickey pulled him up to his chest and wrapped his arms around Ian, laying his head on his bare skin. They layed there for a moment in silence before bringing their foreheads together, gazing into each other’s eyes.
“Merry Christmas, Ian.” Mickey said softly. “Merry Christmas, Mickey.” Ian responded, a huge grin on his face. They fell asleep embracing each other, truly grateful of the love they shared.

Note: this is the first Fic I’m actually posting so thanks for bearing with me. I don’t have an AO3 yet, so I just posted it here. I know it’s actually “Christmas morning” now but I got off work late and wanted to finish this one since I was working on it yesterday. Anyway, I hope you liked it and feel free to let me know what you think (:
Merry Christmas everyone! 😚🎄🎁🎅

When Bunny Met Fox - A Zootopia one-shot

I really wanted to make a comic of a scene, but alas I cannot draw Judy to save myself. So instead I wrote this little ficlet. Enjoy!

Summary: Nick hated romantic comedies for being so predictable. Take two characters who don’t get along, put them in your trope of choice and watch them fall for each other. If only it were that easy. –Nick and Judy have a movie night. Post-Zootopia drabble.

Read below or on ff.net or AO3

When Bunny Met Fox

Movie nights were a common occurrence on the evening before a day off. Being partners, their schedules typically lined up and as soon as their “weekend” - whenever it happened to land - finally rolled around, they were always eager to relax in each other’s company.

It had been Judy’s turn to choose and Nick had been less than subtle over his displeasure for her “lovey-dovey” pick. With more teasing and groans than usual, they had finally settled in to watch at Nick’s apartment. Donned in comfortable clothes and popcorn bowls in hand, they situated themselves on the relatively small - but perfectly sized for the two of them - couch.  

Nick didn’t want to admit it, but the main reason he was so opposed to romantic movies was that they made him feel vulnerable. He worked very hard every day to suppress the transforming feelings he felt towards his rabbit partner and sitting beside her while he watched the characters on the screen profess their undying love for one another was like torture.

If only life were that easy, if all it took was a paw placed haphazardly on the other’s and instantly, they would be staring into one another’s eyes while the sky lit up around them with fireworks. But unfortunately life wasn’t that easy. 

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XI - Do they celebrate holidays? Anniversaries? [ByaIchi]

[Do they celebrate holidays? Anniversaries?]

Before they got together, Byakuya didn’t. The Kuchikis as a whole aren’t big on celebrations of any kind, and Byakuya is known for keeping his colleagues and subordinates at arm’s length. He had no friends, and the nicest, most genuine greeting would usually come from Ukitake or Kyouraku. A handful of polite happy birthdays might crop up on the day of his birth from his relatives or clan elders, along with a couple of the other captains, same with Christmas and New Year’s, but other than that, those days were about the same as every other for him. Hisana didn’t like birthdays because it reminded her of her own forgotten one and her sister whom she abandoned, so they never celebrated either in the few years that Byakuya courted and wed her.

Ichigo on the other hand does celebrate, if only because of his sisters. Their mother loved the holidays, any holiday, and she’d go all out. Ever since she died, he’s tried to mimic her because the twins cried the first Christmas when Isshin was busy drinking in the clinic and Ichigo just… didn’t think to put up any decorations. So big holidays were still big deals to them, and birthdays were even bigger deals. Ichigo always put thought into the presents he got the girls, and Karin and especially Yuzu loved to throw him ‘surprise’ parties every year. Isshin was willing to pitch in too after the first few years of spending holidays in the clinic (partly because Ichigo wouldn’t let him drink in front of the girls), and even though the celebrations sometimes made him more sad than happy, he’ll suck it up and nail on a smile for his sisters.

The first time Ichigo and Byakuya celebrate something together, it’s Byakuya’s birthday again. Ichigo drags the captain away from his paperwork – bribes Renji into finishing the awful stuff – but he doesn’t take Byakuya out on some fancy date or even out in public because Ichigo knows he doesn’t like that sort of thing. Byakuya prefers to keep personal matters more private, not secret, but simply not flaunting it, and he enjoys a quiet afternoon and good tea and just some relaxations, all of which he doesn’t get very often because he’s both a clan head and a captain, so that’s what Ichigo offers him – rest, with nothing pressing to attend to, and a present in the form of exotic teas from all around the world that make Byakuya smile. They spend the rest of the day lazing about by a river with a picnic between them and nature all around them (with no nosy friends to bother them).

When Ichigo’s birthday swings around after Byakuya’s, the twins are away at college, and Ichigo’s never partied with his friends on this day, so it’s just the two of them. Ichigo isn’t even really expecting anything, except Byakuya drops by his apartment to pick him up, dressed in jeans and a shirt and coat with a scarf, kenseikan and dutiful propriety nowhere in sight (though he’s still one of the most aristocratic people Ichigo has ever met), and before Ichigo can digest all this, Byakuya’s already taken him out to a restaurant that Ichigo mentioned months earlier for lunch. The whole affair isn’t anything crazy or pretentious, thank god (but then this is Byakuya after all; the man is hardly one for dramatics), but Byakuya makes the day special, going out of his way to take Ichigo out on a date he’s obviously planned with some of Ichigo’s favourite places in mind, which had to have taken at least a few weeks’ worth of sneaky research into the human world, and by the time they return to Ichigo’s apartment, there’s a present and cake waiting for them (“I had Rukia deliver them while we were out.” “You’re encouraging your sister’s breaking and entering skills; nice.” “I could have had Renji deliver them, if you’d prefer that next time?” “…He’d probably eat the cake.” “Precisely.”). Ichigo is honestly thrilled, enjoyed himself in a way he hasn’t in all his previous birthdays since his mom died, and Byakuya is subtle about it but to Ichigo, the guy looks damn proud of himself to the point of smugness. It’s so irritating that he just has to kiss it off Byakuya’s face. Byakuya doesn’t seem to mind.

They both – of course – celebrate their anniversary, but Byakuya of all people insists on celebrating the day Ichigo made him concede their final battle as enemies instead of the day they officially got together. His reason is as sappy as they come – “You changed me for the better that day, Ichigo, and you drew my eye ever since. The more I saw of you after that, the harder it was to look away. That day was the turning point. I never want to forget that.” Byakuya is horrifyingly embarrassed after admitting this but it also makes Ichigo turn endearingly red so he figures it’s a fair trade.