he is her bedrock


TMI Appreciation Week:  Favorite Platonic Ship; Climon

♡ Pictures of Simon - and much fewer of Isabelle; Shadowhunters weren’t big on photographs - flickered, appearing and disappearing on the blank wall behind the harpsichord. There was Simon as a baby, in his mother’s arms - Clary wished she could have been here, but Elaine’s knowledge of Shadowhunter’s was nil. As far as she knew, Isabelle was a nice girl who worked in a tattoo parlor. And Simon when he was six, grinning with two teeth missing. Simon as a teenager with his guitar. Simon and Clary, ten years old, in the park, under a shower of falling autumn leaves. Simon glanced at the picture and smiled at Clary, his eyes crinkling around the corners. Clary touched her fingers to her right forearm, where her parabatai mark was. She hoped he could see in her eyes all that she felt: that he was her anchor, the bedrock of her childhood and the guidepost of her adult life.

Okay if people don't want spoilers from the Klaroline phonecall, do not read

Oh my God the Klaroline phonecall was perfect. We haven’t had a scene for two years, so a simple phonecall does a lot for our fangirling experience.

At first when Klaus sees the phone and sees its Caroline, he almost goes and gives it to Stefan as he made a promise, he’ll stay away from her. But there’s no Stefan  right then, so he surrenders and answers it himself. He picks up, and says ‘Hello, love’ with a small smile. In spite of everything, he missed talking to her and just knowing the sound of her voice would come across to him. Who is this? But she already knows who it is, unless someone’s playing a sick joke. Ouch, has it really been that long? He asks with another smile. Ouch, man he’s never acknowledged anyone being able to hurt him like that before, even if it was playfully said. Something she’ll be able to bring up next time they talk. Then after Caroline picks up one of the twins, he asks her what she thinks about taking some of Hope’s old clothing. #Lol the fact that he said ‘onesie’.

Then they go to the subject of Stefan, ‘your boyfriend’, not ‘Stefan’ but ‘your boyfriend’ in an exceedingly jealous tone, and not hiding his disdain for hero hair. She starts to go off on the rant of how everything’s going wrong and Klaus begins to feel bad, then assures Caroline her boyfriend will be safe. She asks him how he knows as if it was just a way to calm her down, already believing him and he vows that he’ll make sure of it reluctantly. For her, and only for her. She believes him completely and one thing automatically isn’t going wrong anymore.

So, here you are…listing all the things she had planned before when in fact they ignore the reality, which is almost none of that has happened nor will it in the near future, which is at least a century now. Klaus, I am not doing this with you. She smiles, their conversation brings back good memories and she knows he’s trying to make her feel better. He starts to get to the bedrock of his question with jealousy and frustration beginning to rage. She begins to patronize him and herself while he fires it back at her. But he doesn’t hold onto the frustration because it’s about her, not him. You know, my family…saying what he’d do for them, and how much they hurt him. Caroline hears him and feels pity for him. But as it turns out, my family is what makes me truly happy. #Can we just…everytime they’ve talked, it’s been about Caroline’s things and what she wants. And while that’s fabulous and awesome, Klaus never mentioned what made him happy. No one even knows what makes him truly happy except his family and her, now. He has to say that other thing that’s teetering at the edge of his mind, right on the tip of his tongue. It’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain. Caroline looks down at the baby girl and feels a lot better. Whether that was about his child or her, it doesn’t matter. It felt the same either way.

He says he’s sorry for her mother’s death. She almost says thank you but he cuts her off. I’m sure she would’ve loved to see you with the little ones. Finally he’s able to say sorry for the death of one of her loved ones. He puts in all he can towards his words.

Oh my god she’s finally sleeping. One more thing is going to be okay, everything is starting to be okay again. Klaus smiles at the sound of how soft her voice is and is thankful he was able to help her despite being so far away. He could make her happy and nothing was worth as much as that.

We best not wake her. He says, knowing if he carried on with the conversation and the child awoke Caroline would blame herself and him. He prepares himself for a goodbye, Caroline with a wavering voice, not knowing the next time he can say her name out loud, or when he can make her smile again. Caroline almost doesn’t want to hang up, almost says ‘wait’, but she has to end the call. Klaus never made her believe she was somewhere else, she was ready for right here, right now because of him. She wouldn’t be talking to him again for a while. She doesn’t say it back, hoping this won’t be the end, and hangs up.