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Why the wand chose the wizard: Newton Artemis Fido Scamander

Have you ever wondered what they put in all those wands at Ollivander’s? Do you know what they mean? Do you know why certain wands pick certain witches and wizards to use them?
I’ll tell you about Newt’s wand, what it’s made out of, and what it means about this Hufflepuff. Sound cool?

So this is it! Looks pretty simple. In fact, that’s one of the reasons Eddie Redmayne picked this wand for Newt; he thought the style fit his personality well. 

So what’s it made of?

We don’t know everything about Newt’s wand but here’s what we’ve got so far: it is composed of ash, lime, elements of bone and shell (in the core and at the bottom of the wand), mother-of-pearl (inside of the handle), and the end is curved in just the right way to fit his hand.

A wand made from ash wood tends to cling to one master and lose strength as it’s passed on to other witches and wizards. People chosen by ash wands are very steadfast in their beliefs and purposes. An ideal owner of this type of wand would be stubborn, never arrogant or insensitive, and very courageous.

As far as we know, no one has ever used Newt’s wand besides him. So I’m pretty sure he’s the first owner. And I’d say all those qualities listed above match him perfectly.

Newt’s wand is the first one we’ve seen made of lime wood. Not much is known about it, but here’s something from the Wikia article: “[This tree is] widely grown in tropical and subtropical areas, known for its edible acid fruits.” Also, it’s non-sentient. So that’s good, I guess.

His wand is also the first one we know of that has multiple animal-derived materials in its core. Bone and shell. The magical properties of these materials are unknown to us as of right now (or maybe I just can’t find anything. If you come across something interesting, please let me know).

My guess is the core of Newt’s wand is made up of parts of an old fossil. Everything about this wand would have to be animal friendly, of course. All natural materials, no creatures were harmed in the making of this wand, that sort of thing.

There are some scuff marks all around the wand. Most of those probably came from his year-long journey around the world. And who knows how many magical creatures have stolen his wand and chewed on it! As for the mother-of-pearl, I couldn’t find anything significant about that. Eddie just thought it was pretty shhh don’t tell anyone.

Until we find out just how long the wand is, that’s basically it. If you enjoyed this, please send me suggestions for the next one! And if you’d like to be tagged in the next one, let me know! :)

What wand would you like me to cover next? Let’s talk about some fantastic wands and the wizards and witches who own them!

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Does your husband know you ship drarry? I feel like my boyfriend would be a little freaked out if he found out about my ship but I don't like hiding it

Yes he does! He’s even read some of my stuff!

Ok so flash back 9 years. When we were first dating…I didn’t tell him right away I was afraid he would think it was weird. But I realized I didn’t like feeling like I was hiding anything so I old him.

He thought it was odd at first but not because it’s two boys but because he was born and raised in rural Mexico he knew nothing about popular culture or fanfiction! And he asked a lot of questions and we talked about it A LOT because he wanted to understand now.

Flash forward to now….we don’t really talk about it but only because he knows everything and he isn’t into Harry Potter. But he does joke with me about Draco being Harry’s boyfriend and he’s read some of my stories and knows I’ve written hardcore smut.

Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed! Your boyfriend should accept you and everything you like!

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Okay, so there's this Band contest tourney going on and everyone is dressed so fine. I saw this guy who was so fine with his Gryffindor scarf looking at his phone. So I walked past him and I said softly "10 points to Gryffindor". He looked up and chuckled and I panicked, I yelled "ITS FROM HARRY POTTER" and ran away. Literally 2 seconds later a girl walked up to me and said "Why did you flirt with my band teacher?" and that's my story of flirting with a (hot) teacher

This isn’t really a sex story but I mean, work

Big Bang reactions to you having Harry Potter marathon

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He just came home and saw you wrapped up in blankets with all 8 CDs of Harry Potter movies on the table. He wasn’t the biggest Harry Potter fan so you left him to do his things, but it was boring watching a movie without him so you fell asleep during the 5th movie. He saw you were asleep and he knew how much you liked watching movies, especially Harry Potter movies with him.When you woke up you begged him to watch it with you and he felt honored that you invited him to watch your favorite film series with you. He was happy you wanted to spend more time with him though.
“I will watch it with you just don’t scream too much while fangirling okay?”

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You were just watching the first Harry Potter film when he texted you if you want to go out on a date today. You told him you were having Harry Potter marathon and continued watching. After just a few minutes you heard the phone again and that happened 3 more times. You had enough of him and called him to get his ass over here and he better come with some popcorn and some snacks.He wanted to make you angry so you’d invite him over. He was satisfied that you were such big Harry Potter fan because he liked Harry Potter a lot too. He liked you were envious because he met Emma Watson before.
“Yeah, I met her and you would never believe how beautiful she looks up close…”

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He was calling you to ask you if you want to go to a party with him, but you refused and he really wanted to know why. When you told him it was because of your Harry Potter marathon he got angry and invited himself over to your place. He made sure he bought your favorite snacks and drinks, so you would never choose Harry Potter before him.He liked the films though, but all of the 8 films were too much for him and he fell asleep after the 4th movie.
“Did I fell asleep? What? At 4th film? You better never ever choose Harry over me okay?”

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You were very disappointed when he told you he never watched any Harry Potter movie. It made you very sad that people really haven’t seen all of the Harry Potter films. He agreed to watch the films with you, but he had no idea there were 8 really long movies that he would have to watch all day. He was really surprised how long the movies were, but he liked watching them with you because you explained everything to you. It was really fun thing to do and after all of the films he said he wants to watch them again and that’s how he slowly began to be Harry Potter fan.
“When will we watch them again? Tomorrow?”

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When you told him you will watch all the Harry Potter movies tonight he joined you right away. He was very big Harry Potter fan and he loved it when you both explained same things to each other and exchanged opinions about how great the movies are.He knew exactly how much food is necessary for all the movies, so he brought your favorite snacks and ice cream.He loved watching Harry Potter movies with you and he promised he will throw you a Harry Potter themed party once.
“I stan Hinny so hard I can’t even.”

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part 2/? of our med au!!!

also pls check out citras art for this too!! its in her twitter moments here!! :))

idk about them but the way i memorize it is repeatedly banging my head against the wall until it retains in my mind



Hard to argue with that logic.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  

(Thank you to the MANY lovely people that recommended this scene from Deathly Hallows!)

Newt isn’t just a Hufflepuff Badger, he’s a Hufflepuff Honey Badger.  

Everyone:  Newt you can’t bring all these illegal magical beasts into New York.  You cannot set them loose.  No stop trying to pet that it’s dangerous NEWT.

Newt:  *literally doesn’t give a shit*

Y'all can say what you want but I refuse to believe

that Harry James Potter, an orphan child, who grew up in an abusive house hold, would ever, EVER, tell his son, quote: ‘Well, there are times I wish you weren’t my son.’
He would never. He of all people, who felt unwanted for several years of his life, would never tell his son that. No matter what.