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Headcanons for Trini/Kimberly in the reboot verse pretty pretty pretty please?

Okay, okay these are probably super random, but here you go! 

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•Obviosly Zack, Billy, and Trini think Jason and Kimberly are going to get together 

      -One time Zack mentions it to Trini and her face drops and he knows. He just knows. So she resigns and tells him about her feelings for Kimberly

      -He becomes like their number 1 shipper cause “how cute would crazy girl and Kimmy be?!” 

•Kimberly and Jason hang out a lot though, they are great friends. He’s the first person she told about sending the picture and everything, and he’s the first person she goes to tell she thinks that she might like Trini

      -And Jason being Jason is like wtf? Of course you like her! We’re a team- let’s hope you like her. And she just stares at him until he finally gets it and he just grins, jumping in the air and exclaiming "I KNEW IT”

•When they finally get together, the girls can’t stop smiling because they know this is right, and it’s meant to be

•At first there wasn’t a whole lot of pda, just discreet handholding and secret kisses. But one time Zack was teasing Kimberly and she had this amazing comeback and Trini crossed the room and just smashed her lips to hers

     -the guys are just so happy because they love their girls and are glad that they are happy 

•When they walk through school holding hands, Kimberly’s old friends tease them a lot 

       -This makes Trini so mad, she knows about Kimberly sending the photos and how bad she feels about it, she doesn’t need more things on her plate 

      -So one time, Kimberly is walking through the halls and she sees her ex-friends standing in her way and she stops, because oh no, what are they gonna do now? But then they slowly back away 

      -Kimberly is confused, until she looks behind her and just sees Trini: arms crossed and her eyes practically on fire as she glared at the girls 

•Kimberly always has Trini’s back when they are in their zorbs, she always keeps yellow in her sight 

     -On the ground they are practically unstoppable. They practice together so much they have planned moves and strategies that rely on complete trust of one another. Their enemies are stunned by how seamlessly they work together

•Kimberly takes Trini to the lake near the coal mines, where she first talked to Jason

      -they spend nearly all their time there in the summer

•Whenever one of them asks the other for water, they just grin and smile at eachother. Remembering when Kimberly just freaking threw Them off a cliff

•They both are always wearing something with the others color on it, whether it’s a necklace, or socks they always have pink and yellow

•They plan these sarcastic responses using the both of them that just make the guys crazy

         -“That’s totally cheating, you guys practice that!”

•Just loving and supporting eachother 100% because they know they are perfect for eachother

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How each of the DAII companions grieves a Hawke left behind in the fade? romanced and non

Varric: His world comes to a halt. After Bartrand Hawke became like a replacement sibling, a true best friend in every sense. He’s drowning in guilt-  it’s his fault, he knew the Champion should have stayed out of it- and for a long time it looks as though he might drink himself into oblivion. HIs wicked grace deck spends weeks gathering dust and once he does get the urge to write again its very dark. It takes months before he’s back to even a semblance of himself- thanks in great part to the goal of the Inquisition- but in the end going back to Kirkwall is incredibly painful.

Isabela:  She’s subdued for a long time, the loss of a friend heavy in her heart. A glass is raised to the fallen champion in every port and tavern, and should she ever truly acquaire her own fleet the flagship will be named for them.
ROMANCED: The bender that follows Hawke’s death goes down in legends among sailors. In the midst of her grief Isabela is responsible for some truly epic bar fights and tavern brawls, but nothing makes the sorrow lighter. A part of her heart has crumbled- it was worse than when she lost her ship, when her mother sold her without thought, when the Arishok was calling for her blood- and there is no question that it will never heal.

Fenris: Its a true loss. Hawke was a friend- a good friend- and someone who stood up against the evil of the world with him. The world is less bright now, a little smaller, but Fenris swears to himself that he will never forget the Champion.
ROMANCED: There are a few days after Varrics letter arrived that Fenris was incandescantly angry. It had been his first experience with that level of intimacy– he had not loved as a slave, not cherished or remembered or grieved as he now did over his lover. They had been his whole heart but had not been given the chance to lay his own life down in return for theirs. But the anger cannot play bulwark against sorrow for long, and for a long time after he falls back into old -and wine fueled- habits. But if one thing can be said about Hawke it was that he was a good influence, and at the end of it Fenris carries on in his lovers name.

Anders: Its the first time he prays in a long time, but when he gets the news Anders drops to his knees and prays hard that it was painless and that Hawke is at the Makers side. The champion saved them, spared them after the greatest mistake he’d ever made, and it seems only fair that his dear friend gets the same chance at redemtion and peace the mage was given.
ROMANCED: There is no Anders to grieve for Hawke, not anymore. This last and most terrible lost sent both him and Justice over the edge, and the small hamlet he was sheltering in will never forget the time it took a squad of Templars to destroy the Vengeance demon that has destroyed the gentle healers hut.
Merrill: It’s a sad day when Merrill gets the news about her friend, and she sheds tears over it for some time. Hawke was a true friend to her when she needed it, and she prays to the Creators that they find peace. AS long as she is in Kirkwall she keeps their memory alive, and places flowers at their statue periodically.
 ROMANCED:If the Eluvian was not destroyed Merrill works feverishly for  days to try and repair it. Somehow the idea gets in her mind that if she can open the path she can fetch Hawke back, but in the end it is simply useless. Eventually she collapses in exhuasted grief and sobs for hours. She loved the Champion, had never imagined she could love a human to that degree, and losing them was like losing a part of herself.

Aveline: She assembles the guard and calls for a moment of silence the day after she gets the news. So many of them- including herself- owed Hawke their lives and he will be missed greatly. She also swears to herself that she watch over the remaining Hawke sibling if they live, and -though she feels odd and guilty doing it- goes to the small memorial they built from Leandra to tell the woman what happened. It feels right.

ROMANCED: The guards never mention to a soul that their Captain was absent for almost a week. Watches are maintained, complaints taken and reports filed. It’s the only kindness they can offer, and later Aveline will appreciate it. But in the moment she can only cling to what little she has left of Hawke– the smell of him distant on their pillows, the few pieces of clothing left in the mansion, the letters he’d written her over the ten years they’d been both friends and lovers. It hurts- more even than losing Wesley had- and it takes years before she can get up every morning and not reach for him first.

Sebastian: He lights a candle for them in the Starkhaven chantry every day and prays for their soul. He knows the Maker is kind, knows there is a plan, but it is hard to recognize it sometimes. He also tries to be a comfort to those friends left behind and keep the Champions memory alive in good works as Hawke did.
ROMANCED: His family, his faith, his future. All have been robbed from him and for the second in his life Sebastian purposefully walked away from the Maker. He throws himself into his city- now bereft of its princess- and in helping the Inquisition and all Hawke gave her life for. Its better than dwelling on the burning grief and anger is his gut, and he does everything he can to keep a strong face before his people. But at night he sobs for her, wishing bitterly for the comfort of a Maker that he no longer believes in and for a world were the best people were not lost.

Carver: He’s angry. He’s so angry and so sad and it has nowhere to go. So much time was wasted resenting his sibling- who he always knew loved him and protected him to the best of their ability- and now they are gone. All he has left now are the Wardens or the Templars, and even after so many years gone he wishes desperately for Bethany and his mother.

Bethany: She weeps for days after the letter arrives. Her sibling deserved better. Her family deserved better, and for a long time it takes everything she has to fight off the despair demons haunting her sleep. If she is a Warden then Aveline is a great comfort, but if she has been living as an apostate than it is harder. She can only hope that the rest of her family are safe at the Maker’s side and that someday she will see them again.


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Smol s/o who had a dreary day and goes back to their habsuit with mtmte megatron and they just cuddle or smthing sweet,, I really love your writing it always manages to make me feel better- keep up the great work!

Thank you sweetie! This was a really cute prompt ^.^

You were exhausted. That morning you’d woken up on the wrong side of the bed, and from there it’d just gotten worse. It seemed nobody was watching where they were going and you nearly got stepped on several times. Whirl had been especially temperamental, Tailgate constantly complained to you about “relationship issues”- though those two things may have been connected- and to top it all off you hadn’t been able to see Megatron all day. He was too busy, probably with cleaning up one of Rodimus’ messes. You huffed and pushed away the thought; that wasn’t fair to Roddy- this whole day had just made you tired and grumpy. Groaning, you dragged your feet through the hall.

Finally you made it to your habsuite. Good thing too, because you felt ready to keel over.  You trudged halfway to the berth before you were gathered up in strong, gentle servos.

“Megatron!” you gasped. “I didn’t see you when I came in!”

Megatron smiled at you- the smile reserved especially for you, the one that lit up his optics. He pulled your favorite blanket from his subspace and lounged back on the berth, wrapping you up and settling you on his chest. The blanket smelled freshly washed.

“I’m not surprised,” he said, petting your head. “You look drained. Was it a rough day?”

“Mmm-hmmm.” You nuzzled against the warmth of his chest to hear the whirr of his spark. Megatron’s servo came up to rest lightly on your back. A contended sigh left your lips as he caressed you. The fatigue melted into soft sleepiness as your muscles unwound and your spine relaxed; you couldn’t have been more comfortable if you were lying on a cloud. You mumbled a barely-there goodnight as you drifted off.

“Goodnight, My Love.”


Can I just brag about my boy here for a second? This Renegade, he’s only 14 months old and a complete monster.  There are some of his puppy pictures in there but the top ones are what he looks like now mostly. He’s a purebred German Shepherd, ¼ work and ¾ show. He’s my big baby and he’s being trained to be a service dog for me for my anxiety and depression. He’s too smart for his own good and it makes it hard to train him, but he knows that when I’m having a hard time that it’s his job to comfort me. He’s also a great protection dog, he is not trained but he does scare people off with his “I will eat your children” bark but he’s very loving towards everyone once he meets you or your dog.

I’m very happy to have this boy in my life even though there are days that I want to strangle him. His looks are the only thing that keeps him alive sometime, lol. Anyway, I just need to show off my boy.


I am pretty intrigued by the “Betty lets her anger loose” storyline this seems to headed towards. Even in the wholesomest comics, she always came off to me as someone who had a lot of anger she pushed deep down and might seriously go off someday and it would be fantastic and terrifying. Though in the comics her anger was more like “archie and veronica are jerks that kinda take me for granted” not “my sister was screwed over by a guy and then my mother turned on her and completely fucked her up and now she’s in a group home and I have tons of pressure on me to be the “good daughter” and I know how screwed up this all is”.

For the record, Betty’s sister showed up in the comics occasionally- obviously not as a broken woman living in a group home, though. She was a few years older than Betty so she lives in San Francisco and works as a reporter. She also has an older bother, named Chic (I had to look that up actually, because he shows up even less than Polly so i couldn’t remember his name). I honestly think they must have been added to the comics later on because the writers realized it was weird everyone was an only child. Same reason Jughead probably got a little sister eventually. Does anyone keep track of when these characters debuted? Someone somewhere must be obsessive enough, right?

This is a really roundabout way of saying this show is failure for not featuring Jughead being adorable with his little sister and his dog so far. 

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OKAY this ain't canon but Candace totally gets an internship w/ OWCA and on her first day she sees Perry in the hall and at that point neither of them know 'cause OWCA never explains anything and Perry has a mini heart attack and Candace just screams 'cause "he knows I called him a meatbrick and holy f*ck THAT'S where he goes all the time" and then Vanessa walks by and is like "oh, so it's YOUR platypus that beat my dad up on a regular basis" and Candace is just DONE.

OKAY I LOVE THIS!! There’s so many great things that could come out of Candace interning at OWCA and I’m just. Yes. Even though it’s not canon, it’s great.

First off, she’d strike up a friendship with Perry after recognizing him. She’d probably end up talking to him (and looking through that pamphlet from the 2nd Dimension episode) and realizing that he’s actually pretty cool. And of course she’s friends with Vanessa already, but while interning there together I feel like they’d grow a lot closer. And maybe she’d even be friends with Carl!

Plus, OWCA is a perfect job for Candace. Their whole goal is to bust people! Even if she isn’t the one doing the busting, she’d get to see people busted by the agents every day. Maybe she and Perry could bond over their shared goal of busting people who do thing they aren’t supposed to.

Okay I could go on but my point is this is a rEALLY GOOD headcanon omg

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Ethan x reader Hc plz. Where Ethan calls the reader lovey-dovey Nick names and they just throw each other pick up lines and all out fun.👌 👌 Thx.

Sure thing!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- ‘Are your pants a mirror because I see myself in them.’

- He usually flubs up the pick-up lines, but it’s cute

- Babe and baby come out of his mouth on the daily

- Sweetheart and honey out of yours

- It’s grossly sweet, and but it’s great

- ‘Something about space because your ass is out of this world’

- 'You didn’t even try’

- It’s whatever though, you know he means well

Yesterday was hard

Papa was more of a father to me than my father ever has been. Yesterday he was laid to rest.

It’s sometimes strange to others how my ex’s family accepts me as their family still. I think that’s how it should be and I understand it’s not the norm and I am very grateful for all of their acceptance if me.

I feel honored that I was asked to speak at his funeral, even though public speaking is equivalent to alien abduction for me…the scary kind of alien abduction. I was also just informed the night prior to the services that it was requested that I speak.

I wish I had been able to honor him just a little better through my words. He is such an important person in my life. We had a great relationship….a special connection. He was someone I could talk about anything to and also wanted to hear hours advice on things.

The services were short, and catered to those mourning. I know this is very traditional. I know I have a different view I death and definitely have strong feelings about life celebrations vs traditional services.

There are many ways this service was not Papa and I felt that we were not honoring him by not celebrating his life more and we were not doing things related to how he would have wanted things done. But I also know these services were also for what Mimi, his wife needed for her healing too. I know he loved her and would have no problem with it all knowing that’s what she was needed. So over all it was one last tribute to his love.

There is still a part of me that wants to have a Papa remembrance day to celebrate his life and all the things that he loved. To share memories while enjoying the things he loved. This is something I will look into seeing if I can figure out how to coordinate.

The trip was good out there and back. Middle child and I had a lot of one on one time and a lot of good conversation. I was also able to see some friends and (ex)family I haven’t seen in awhile, which was good.

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For me it was also the Bran assassin plot, which was sort of underwhelming.

Well, yeah, considering it really felt dropped for a while, after all the frantic stuff about it in AGOT. Though it is brought up at the end of ACOK when Cat accuses Jaime, whose response reiterates that it couldn’t have been Tyrion, because he lost the bet at the tourney, and it was Robert who won the dagger from Littlefinger. And the Joffrey thing is part of a general theme in ASOS of characterizing him as trying desperately to prove himself to Robert and failing at it because of his sociopathy. (Stannis’s story about the kittens is another one, where Joff was probably trying to show his dad what a great hunter he was, just like him, and instead got hit so hard he lost teeth; and there’s also his “a strong king acts boldly”, which is how LF probably sold him on killing Ned, because that’s what a strong king like Robert would do.)

But unfortunately, yes, what GRRM mostly did with the assassin plot (until the last half of ASOS, when Joff says he’s no stranger to Valyrian steel and Tyrion has an intuitive leap) was set up who couldn’t have been the one to send the catspaw, not set up who actually was.

@sassyeggs74 replied:

Yes, that’s it! I couldn’t really put into words what my problem was but yeah, that’s it. And I think maybe at that point in the story it no longer seemed important WHO did it, so looping back and explaining it felt a little off but maybe that’s just me.

No, you’re right, especially after Catelyn’s death, the Red Wedding and all, it feels almost pointless? Like, she was the one who really cared who tried to kill Bran, but at the time she died, she thought Bran was dead, so who did it matter to anymore? Nobody really except Tyrion, and by the time the mystery was solved he had a much bigger and far more immediate murder accusation to worry about. Though I suppose the parallels there are important. And maybe, idk, it’ll mean something to Stoneheart, if Jaime tells her, though I doubt she’s rational enough for it to matter.

Nevertheless, the Bran’s assassin mystery was important for GRRM to resolve, along with the other big mystery of the series up until that point, who killed Jon Arryn (and why). Probably the reason is because GRRM thought he was going to do a five-year-gap after ASOS, and after five years those mysteries really wouldn’t be relevant to the characters anymore. And the resolution of those mysteries also signifies the end of the first act: the Stark-Lannister war is over, here’s why it got started, now we move on to the next act. Though hopefully there will eventually be repercussions on the one who used those mysteries to cause chaos and advance himself…

Cartoon Faves: Wolf Boss Collage

A taunting, big bad wolf type with a savage past as a murderer, the sometimes tough and sometimes goofy Boss Wolf strikes up quite the rivalry with plushy panda Po in Kung Fu Panda 2, though he’s not the greatest evil in that film.

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You know, the usual stuff, like newt cares more about his creatures than tina/family. They being completely opposite that dont work as a couple. Or the old katherine/eddie don't have chemistry. I'm just so sick of it, that makes me angry when it shouldn't. I mean, it's not worth it, right? Also about your fics, don't feel bad like that, you write really great ones (the Leo's birth, always my favorite). Sometimes I read in here, on tumblr, and kinda forget about the feedback, sorry.

Don’t worry about the feedback thing, to be honest - it was me being kind of petty and sad. I’m glad you like my fics though, that means a lot.

These people really shouldn’t be worth our time; I’ve written my pieces on pretty much all of these, but to summarise:

  • The idea that Newt would care MORE about his creatures than his wife/children or that he would put his wife/children second is quite simply bullshit in my eyes.
  • They work as a couple because they’re both somewhat socially awkward and learning to be themselves, how to best utilise their skills, because they’re both extremely compassionate (Credence) and passionate about their jobs.
  • Anyone who says that Eddie and Katherine don’t have chemistry needs to rewatch the film and then watch their interviews together.

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I rest my case. Have a lovely day, lovely anon! :)

Porps out!

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There are some people on social media kinda of shipping and talking about the chemistry between Trini and Zak and i haven´t watched the movie so is that something concerning or are those people exagerating?

Zack was definitely showing interest in Trini throughout the first half of the movie. He seemed so fascinated with her. There were a couple of times where he kind of accidentally fell on top of her but she dismissed him every time. Then he toned it down when the whole team got closer as friends and especially after the campfire scene with the “girlfriend problems” revelation. They did have a great relationship though because as Becky has said in a few interviews, they’re kindred spirits because they’re both outsiders and loners so they understand each other. They had a really great friendship so I guess that’s why some people are shipping them