he is great in this though

“I hear you caught yourself a siren.”

Victor groaned, dropping his head onto the bar with a heavy ‘thunk.’ He did not look up, dramatic in his exaggeration as he sighed into folded arms. His glass of beer rocked precariously, knocked by the sudden movement. “How does everyone know?”

“Sara said she saw you in the port market with one last time your crew came in,” Minako replied, saving the beer glass from toppling and spilling all over her floor.

“How did what a siren looks like suddenly become such common knowledge?” Victor muttered. He had never truly known until he had first seen Yuuri and understood what he was. Without his feathers and wings, Yuuri looked ordinary enough. Unfairly gorgeous, but Victor always wondered if his personal bias influenced that. Perhaps he would need to purchase Yuuri gloves to hide his arm markings, though they would appear simply as tattoos to anyone unaware.

“She said the whole market heard him speak. That it was like hearing all your desires promised to you in a single word,” Minako explained. When Victor glanced up, she smirked in accomplishment. “So it’s true?”

“We can neither confirm nor deny such allegations,” Chris chimed in, patting his companion on the back. “Safer that way. Victor has had enough excitement with his new… crew mate.”

Minako laughed, throwing her head back. “Wait, are you– Don’t tell me the great Victor Nikiforov has fallen for a siren?”

Chris pointedly arched an eyebrow, smiling into his drink.

“Really! A siren?!”

“How could I not?” Victor said, sighing like a lovesick fool. “He’s so beautiful… Hypothetically.”

“How do you even have sex, if he’s– you know?” Voice hushed, Minako leaned in, curious.

“If he’s what?” Victor asked, brows furrowed. “Male?”

“No, I’ve been around enough years to know how that goes. Hasn’t he got… fins?”

Victor sat up, mouth twisting into a frown. “What, no, he’s got wings– Why does everyone think he’s a mermaid? He’s not a mermaid.”

“Sorry, merman?” Minako corrected, shrugging her shoulders.

“No, it’s mermaid,” Chris cut in firmly. When both heads turned to him, he cleared his throat. “They prefer mermaid, for both sexes. Said merman sounds too butch and that some cultures consider mermen far more vicious and unattractive. Plus everyone already says mermaids, so it’s better.”

Minako blinked. Victor chuckled. “Been chatting with Phichit?”

“I’m allowed to live a life outside the kitchen,” Chris defended, smirking. “Unlike your murderbird, he makes for pleasant conversation.”

Victor glared. Chris laughed.

Minako simply took a step back. “I don’t think I need to know anymore about what’s going on with your crew, Nikiforov. Sirens, mermaids. What’s next, harpies?”

Both Chris and Victor bristled, hastily waving off her words.

You Bet [Part 2]

Pairing: Steve Harrington x Henderson!Reader

Request(s): A freaking lot

Word Count: 3233… too long I hate it

Song: Shook Me All Night Long by ACDC for no reason other than I love that song

Summary: Steve is awfully distracted by your getup for helping out at the Snow Ball

Warning(s): Smut (duh), Swearing (have you met me), arguing (Nancy and the reader), Jonathan being the coolest, Dustin being a little shit, this is really basic honestly it’s pretty bad

Author’s Note: IT’S HERE! FUCKING FINALLY! THIS HAS BEEN DONE FOR LIKE A WEEK I JUST HAVEN’T GOTTEN AROUND TO POSTING! I’M SO SORRY! Anyway, this probably isn’t that amazing but it could be worse i’m somewhat okay with how it turned out

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46. What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.

When Victor had first received the invitation from the Tsarevich, he’d had half a mind to decline.

But then Yakov had scolded him, telling Victor would be insolent at best and dangerous at worst. Victor couldn’t deny that, knowing Friedrich as well as he did. Ever since they were teenagers, Victor guiding the would-be Tsar around the ice, Friedrich had always made his temper known. Victor had often found him unpleasant at times in their youth, the callous way he would treat his servants rankling Victor’s sensitivities.

Once Victor’s coaching had ended when Friedrich entered the political sphere at eighteen, Victor had swallowed his distaste, taken the money he’d been granted and fled further West into the continent. Never in the last decade did Victor think the Tsarevich’s reach would stretch as far as Vienna, but here was Victor being proven unfortunately wrong.

Victor bowed to the doorman at the Hotel Imperial, handing his invitation over with a careful flick of the wrist. The doorman nodded, calling over an escort to bring Victor to what was no doubt going to be one of the more grand ballrooms. Friedrich always had a taste for fine things, even by royal standards. If the Tsar ever did die, (which looked unlikely, as the codger seemed intent of living forever), Friedrich would likely bankrupt Russia in a week.

Not that Victor cared, mind.

Victor followed his escort up the Royal Staircase, adjusting the buttons of his shirt from where the white cuffs sat below the sleeves of his black tailcoat. When Victor had first suggested a short jacket, preferring the more daring fashion of it, Yakov had nearly thrown the kettle he’d been boiling at the time at Victor’s head. While it had definitely been worth it to rile Yakov up, Victor knew that he’d do better to try and emulate the Russian aesthetic. Like a good countryman.

The escort took Victor’s overcoat, bowing low and opening the door to the ballroom for him. As expected, Victor was at first blinded by the grandness of it. Gilded walls, like the palaces of home and ornate chandeliers dripping glass and sparkling light across the room. There was chatter and music, and the smell of wine.

‘Victor Nikiforov!’ the escort announced to the room, Victor just biting his lip in time to stop a sigh of resignation.

The ballroom was full of what was undeniably an almost exclusively Russian crowd. Victor recognised some of the faces from his own readings and the papers- bankers and politicians, the odd ballerina. Russia must be empty, Victor thought to himself, taking a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

‘Victor!’ A voice boomed and Victor pushed his hair from his face, preparing himself.

‘Your highness,’ Victor said in familiar Russian as Friedrich approached, bowing low. Friedrich was reflecting almost as much as the chandelier above him, Imperial military jacket bespeckled in shining brass buttons and gleaming medals that sat proudly against his chest. Knowing Friedrich, he was probably wearing them in the prayer of a war.

‘Oh, Victor!’ Friedrich said, grabbing Victor by the shoulders and shoving him upright. ‘Don’t be so formal. I couldn’t have that, dear friend.’

Victor blinked, truly surprised at being called dear. ‘Then what shall you have me call you?’

‘Nothing unpleasant,’ Friedrich replied with a wink, dark eyes hooded beneath his thick eyebrows. He had grown a beard in the last ten years, shaven square and elegant like his father’s. He had not grown much over the last ten years, only brushing Victor’s nose. Victor inclined his head.

‘I would never dream of it,’ Victor said with an easy grin, toasting his glass to Friedrich. Friedrich beamed from behind his beard, clapping Victor so hard on the back it had him choke on his sip of champagne. Hiding his cough, Victor let himself be led into the crowd.

‘Everyone, you must know who this is!’ Friedrich announced to a group of rather impressive looking men and women. Dressed in their finery and regarding Victor in his modest tailcoat with mild interest. ‘Victor Nikiforov, the ice dancer!’

‘Oh yes,’ a portly man said, nodding his red face in Victor’s direction. ‘I’ve heard of you. You have that- how do you say- ice show? Is that it?’

Victor rolled his shoulders. ‘Yes, I do. But only during the winter season, naturally. Otherwise, I spend my time with the ballet.’

‘A waste!’ a woman with blonde hair said, leaning into her husband’s side like what Victor had said almost had her swoon with misfortune. ‘To have such talent lost to the continent. I’ve seen your shows. The Bolshoi would be happy to have you.’

‘Victor was never one for patriotism,’ Friedrich said, giving Victor another strong pat on the back. Victor was rather getting the impression that Friedrich wanted Victor to be hunched over as often as possible, perhaps to make Friedrich appear taller. ‘Fled the old country the moment you were free to, didn’t you, my friend?’

‘Call it wanderlust,’ Victor said airily, taking another sip of champagne before he said something he’d regret.

‘I’d say it was lust of a sort,’ Friedrich said crudely and Victor coughed into his champagne, embarrassed. ‘You were always one to follow a pretty face!’

Victor didn’t know what to say to that, glancing around their company for some inclination of what to do. The other men laughed while their wives smiled benignly, which really only further Victor’s discomfort. He did not appreciate being laughed at.

‘Speaking of such, I must introduce you to someone,’ Friedrich said, taking Victor’s arm again and leading him down the ballroom. Victor smiled to those who nodded to him as they passed, guests bending low to Friedrich who paid them no attention. ‘I must say I didn’t even know you were here in Vienna. Ignorant, on my part, I know. But thankfully, my betrothed knew of your show and insisted we attend. He has quite an interest in skating, you see.’

‘I see,’ Victor replied, not really listening as he finished off his champagne. Then, Victor realised what Friedrich had said to him and stopped so suddenly, he nearly toppled them both to the ground. ‘Forgive me, but did you say your betrothed?’

Friedrich looked at Victor with great amusement. ‘I am a twenty-eight year old man, Victor. Did you think me incapable of finding one?’

‘No… No, of course not,’ Victor said, dazed. His mind was racing and Victor looked over Friedrich’s shoulder, paying far more attention to the people around them. ‘I knew you had an arrangement.’

‘A rather fortunate one, as it has proven to be,’ Friedrich said, puffing out his medaled chest. Victor was certain the flute in his hand would break, he was gripping the stem so tightly. Friedrich seemed not to notice Victor’s anxiety, starting to walk again. ‘He’s quite the beauty, though I’m sure you’ve heard already. Japan performed well in that regard. They must be awfully interested.’

Victor was barely listening, following Friedrich like he were dreaming. Victor felt weightless, without an anchor. His thoughts were running ahead of him, all the imagined fantasies he’d indulged in as a young man rushing down him in a wave of nostalgia that his heart reeling.

They were almost to the end of the ballroom, towards the large windows that led to the balcony overlooking the street. And through the fine chiffon curtains, Victor saw a figure.

The man was wearing what had to be the Japanese fashion, similar to what he had the first time Victor had met him as children. Shimmering satin of a deep, blood red with embroidered black and white spirals that crept up the carefully folded fabric like rose vines. He turned when Friedrich approached, dark eyes catching the golden light of the ballroom and Victor felt time stop around him.


The years had been exceptionally kind to Yuuri. He had grown tall, though not as tall as Victor, and his frame willowy. Like a dancer, Victor thought as Yuuri’s slim arms came together in front of the thick, silk belt that bound his ensemble together. The dark hair Victor remembered seemed a tad longer, combed back over Yuuri’s head quite fashionably.

And though Yuuri’s face was not as round as Victor remembered it being as a child, his eyes were just as warm. Like firewood embers, earth-brown and catching like flint in the light.

‘Victor,’ Friedrich said, holding a hand out towards Yuuri like he were a particularly fine piece of art. Not that Victor would disagree with such an assessment, as it were. In heavily accented English, Friedrich introduced; ‘This is my fiancé, Yuuri Katsuki.’

Yuuri smiled when he met Victor’s eyes. It was a small thing, just the barest curl of his full lips and then Yuuri was bending low, his arms in front of him.

‘It’s a pleasure to meet you, Victor,’ Yuuri said in English so elegant, it was almost without accent to Victor’s ear. As he straightened back up, Victor was still frozen, all manners and protocol slipping from his mind entirely. Yuuri titled his head, dark eyes burnt gold from the light around them.

‘I think you have him quite stunned,’ Friedrich said and Yuuri looked away, his cheeks colouring. Friedrich laughed and it broke Victor from his reverie, looking to the Tsarevich in a panic. ‘Oh, do not trouble yourself, my friend. Even the court quite forgets the look of their own shoes when they see him.’

‘You are too kind, Your Highness,’ Yuuri said blithely, almost sounding rehearsed to Victor’s ear. He doubted Friedrich’s English was strong enough to pick it up, however. Friedrich stepped over to Yuuri, but Victor noted Yuuri’s slight shift. The way his hips angled slightly away.

‘What is the use of you if I can’t inspire jealousy?’ Friedrich asked, touching Yuuri’s elbow. Victor looked down, unable to stop himself. He saw the satin of Yuuri’s robe bunch, Friedrich was gripping so tight. ‘Yuuri insisted we see your show and once I recognised you, I simply had to invite you to our gathering. Only Russia’s finest, I assure you.’

‘I’m honoured,’ Victor said truthfully, looking to Yuuri’s face. Yuuri glanced up at him from beneath his dark lashes, cheeks still pink. ‘If I have ever done anything you found engaging, then I would consider myself achieved.’

‘Such flattery!’ Friedrich cried, releasing Yuuri and stepping away. He patted Victor’s shoulder again. When he spoke, it was in Russian, Yuuri’s face going blank at the sound of it; ‘I trust with such a sweet tongue you can keep Yuuri entertained while I meet with the General?’

Victor could only nod, not trusting himself to speak. Friedrich smiled at the both of them, before stepping back into the ballroom. Victor stayed where he was, too afraid even to move. Yuuri glanced up at him, a true smile breaking across his beautiful features.

‘Hello, again, Victor.’

‘Yuuri,’ Victor said, grinning before he could stop himself. ‘I wish I had the words, but I don’t.’

Victor walked up to Yuuri, impropriety abundant in his boldness but Victor found himself uncaring. Yuuri looked up at him, smiling so widely now his teeth were flashing between his lips. Victor reached out with his free hand, taking Yuuri’s own by the fingers. He raised it up, pressing the chilled skin to his lips.

‘I’m afraid I don’t have any gloves to offer you this time,’ Victor said, words kissed to Yuuri’s fingers. Yuuri was watching him, smile faltering only slightly.

‘You cut your hair,’ Yuuri said, hand slipping out of Victor’s grip. For a moment, Victor thought Yuuri might reach up to touch the careful sweep Victor retained over his left side, but then Yuuri’s hand was gone entirely. ‘It suits you well.’

Victor laughed. ‘You remember my hair?’

‘I remember all of you,’ Yuuri replied, before his eyes went wide. He stepped back, hands tight down at his sides. ‘Forgive me, that was untoward.’

‘It’s flattering to know you’ve thought of me,’ Victor said honestly and Yuuri blushed, turning to face the street from the balcony wall. Victor walked up beside him, his hand brushing against the silken edge of his robe. ‘I’ve thought of you as well. More often than I’m sure is proper for me to admit. Seeing you again is… Like something from a dream.’

Yuuri went nearly as red as his robe, blinking up at Victor with such shock that Victor was sure he’d overstepped. He was just about apologise when Yuuri laughed quietly, pushing a stray hair behind his ear.

‘You’re a skilled flatterer. No wonder you dance so well.’

‘It is truth,’ Victor said earnestly, placing his empty champagne flute down on the balcony wall. He watched Yuuri, careful not to push. ‘I find myself wondering if you kept the gloves I gave you. If you ever tried skating. If you ever think of me. To know at least one of those things for certain is more than I could ever have imagined all these years.’

Yuuri said nothing to that, eyes back down on the street below. Victor saw Yuuri tug on his lip with his teeth, almost like he were concentrating. Perhaps on the carriages that were making their way through the snow that lay across the cobbles.

‘Tell me, Yuuri,’ Victor said, trying to charm and stepping back to appreciate Yuuri’s dress once again. ‘Are you actively seeking a poetic death of cold? Every time I meet you, you seem intent on standing out in the snow.’

‘I must confess a secret,’ Yuuri said, looking up with a bashful nervousness. Yuuri inclined his head behind them. ‘I don’t care much for these political parties. I don’t really perform well with an audience, despite what His Highness says. I’d rather be out here alone and cold, than warm and with those people.’

Victor laughed, charmed as he had been at seventeen. ‘I certainly can’t blame you for that. I ran from the whole country. But I can tell you a secret, so you don’t feel too bad for it. Might be a dreadful secret though.’

Yuuri smiled, eyes coy. ‘I’m sure I could pardon you.’

Victor stepped closer, waiting for Yuuri to meet his eye. He watched Yuuri’s face, traced the lines of the cheeks Victor remembered and the lips he’d dreamed of.

‘What if I told you that I have been in love with you since we were children?’ Victor asked, voice low with an emotion too dangerous to name. Yuuri looked at Victor, his brown eyes round.

‘Then I would say you were a fool,’ Yuuri replied, breathless and it put a fire in Victor’s heart. ‘Who says such things?’

‘Fools, I’m told,’ Victor teased back, cautious but not adverse to the tension that gathered between them. It reminded him of the thunderous clouds that would roll over Vienna in the autumn time, promising split skies and flooding rain. Yuuri looked as devastating as a storm.

‘Or liars,’ Yuuri said, voice suddenly cold. He stepped away from Victor, hands before him again in perfect posture. He stood tall, regarding Victor warily. ‘It was good to see you again, Victor.’

Before Victor could say anything else, Yuuri turned and headed back into the ballroom, leaving Victor standing in the snow, wondering if he’d ever misstepped so badly before in his life.

Eat Your Own Words, Stark

Word count: 323

Warnings: one swear word

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Summary: Y/N gets tired of listening to Tony tease Bucky about being too old to get a date

“I’m just saying, at least I wouldn’t get called a perverted grandpa for dating a girl in her late twenties”, Tony spoke from the kitchen, I could practically hear the shit-eating grin he more than likely had on his face

I groaned in annoyance from my spot on the couch. Tony had been picking on Bucky nonstop for the last few days or so, mainly about his age. Cap and Nat were off on a small recon mission and, since Bucky and Steve were both almost the same age (Bucky being older by a mere three years), Tony had assigned Bucky as his temporary verbal punching bag.

I glanced over the couch cushions at the two men. Bucky had a small smile on his face as well, knowing Stark was only pushing his buttons as a joke, but you could see his patience was clearly growing thin.

“In all seriousness though, how fast do the ladies run away when you tell them that you’re a hundred years old?” Tony continued to push.

Bucky looked up at Tony with a mischievous smirk. “How’s Pepper doing?” he asked, knowing it would get to Tony, who was still on “break” with the pretty ginger.

Tony glared at Bucky.

“No need to get defensive, tin can. I’m just saying, it’s okay if you can’t ever bring a girl over for Thanksgiving dinner.”

The comment was the last straw for me. I got up from your spot on the couch and stormed into the kitchen. I shot a glance at Tony before grabbing the sides of Bucky’s face and bringing his lips down to mine. Even though it was short and off guard, it was as great as I had always thought it would be.

I pulled away from the shell-shocked Bucky and turned to Tony.

“Eat your own words, Stark”, I said, and then sauntered off to my room, not another word coming out of Tony’s mouth.

Why Tweek and Craig are Both Important as Representation

Craig is loved as an example of good representation for gay people. He’s the complete opposite of gay stereotypes. But because of this, Tweek is often dismissed even though his representation is just as important. Let me explain why both of these characters come together as great representation.

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Dear Kim Namjoon,

Can we just take a moment and appreciate Namjoonie? This week has been monumental for the boys for obvious reasons. The boys performed at the AMA’s and in turn have done a crap ton of interviews.

Let’s appreciate how he has led his members during this time. How much thought he has put into his translations and his response to the questions. Though some were redundant, he took his time answering each question with care. Even when some people wanted dirt on ARMY, he made the fandom sound great still.

He probably was hella nervous, just like the rest of the boys. But he didn’t show it. What more? He treated each and every single person with respect.

I remember one question was how he came to be the leader. He seemed kinda flustered and said something along the lines of “I want to say it’s because I’m the oldest but I can’t. I think it’s because I️ was one of the original members”. Oh sweets, there’s so much more. He is so thoughtful and considerate to everyone around him. He provides a safe haven of sorts for both the boys and the fans. I hope he doesn’t doubt that he’s a great leader.

I can’t really put into words how I feel about Namjoon right now. Seeing him carry the group the way he did over this last week has made my heart swell.

I know he won’t ever see this post but if by some miracle he does, then I just want to say something: You are so loved and so precious. The courage you have inspires me. The confidence you have is truly admirable. You are truly, truly a blessing.


Originally posted by agustxj

Chapter Two

Jin had the room temperature changed back to normal so that you could enter.

Yoongi’s wrists were chained up in the air, from the ceiling and he was dangling upright, with his feet just barely touching the ground. He was shirtless and his shoes were tossed to the side.

His hair and body were dripping wet with perspiration.

His breaths were ragged and he looked up at you with sunken eyes.

“Namjoon said she’s yours now. Just for a day though.” Jin said.

Yoongi laughed.

“Don’t piss him off too.” Jin whispered into your ear before taking his leave.

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That Boy is Mine

Anon asked:

“YES! I’m the anon that said I couldn’t wait for it to be open. So I was listening to a 90’s song (the boy is mine) and an idea popped in my head what if there was ( Namjoon or Tae or Jungkook: I love all of them but I feel like Tae, Jungkook, or Joonie would fit this perfectly. ) but like a high school au or college au Y/N and another girl fight over the member, The member is a player but can’t decide between the girls. You know like the song, and so the they try to prove who he belongs to.”

AHHH! Sorry this took so so so long! I have exams and things to prepare for when I don’t have internet and gahhh! I might have changed it up just a little, but yeah.. I hope this is mostly what you wanted. I’ve never done this kind of thing before, hehehe. So so.. chick-flicky, so I found it slightly challenging. And I watched the video like wtf the girls are so pretty like get ur head out of the clouds the guy you like is pulling DUCK FACES to the damn camera??????

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x reader

Genre: fluff, humor, highschool au!


Originally posted by bangthebae

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One More Confession

I promised @numinoceur soft kisses BECAUSE BAE IS TOO GOOD TO ME and keeps drawing me the happiest, softest Promptis. This wasn’t what I set out to write, initially, but the idea stuck and here we go. I… actually probably like this enough to post on AO3. (also: everyone lives canon divergence is always nice)


Noctis knows, as the damn crown prince of Lucis, he has to be careful.

His dad does his best to keep him shielded from the public eye. Most of the newspapers are under the influence of the crown, to keep them from reporting on him. The seedier tabloids are afraid of the wrath of King Regis—or, rather, they appreciate the money that’s tossed their way. A little bribery pays off, and as such, Noct’s happy enough to live a relatively low-key life, for a prince.

Of course, as much as he tries to keep the image up, he’s got a best friend who sorely tests Noct’s self-control. It’d been okay, at first, when their transgressions had involved skipping class occasionally, or spending way too much money at the arcade. But then Noctis had realized just how much he liked looking at his best friend. Weird dreams had followed, and they’d caught each other staring, had exchanged flustered, flushed looks, and then one day Prompto had gotten brave—

Now, instead of cutting class, they’re spending stolen moments in the back of the schoolyard during lunch breaks, sharing bites of the lunches Ignis packs them, stealing kisses when nobody’s looking. And nobody ever is looking. Noct’s pretty sure there’s rumours about them, but as long as they’re simply that, rumours, he can live with it.

It’s not Noct’s fault, really. Prompto’s just so kissable. They’ve kept this secret for a while now. It has to be a secret. Noct’s the crown prince, and even though the whole political marriage thing is only necessary in times of war – and Lucis and the Empire have been at peace for some time now, miraculously – Noctis hasn’t even started to think about how to tell his dad, hey, I’m kissing a boy.

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First Date

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

Anonymous Requested: Could you please do a cute fluffy peter taking you out on your first date?

Pairing: Peter x Reader

Warnings: none.


Peter felt his hands grow clammy, his stomach riddled with nerves. It was his first date with you and while he was extremely excited, Peter also was extremely nervous. He wasn’t even sure why you’d accepted his requests, or actually why you’d asked him out (he never found the guts to do so himself) and while he wasn’t complaining, Peter couldn’t understand.

You were popular while he was not - and while you were nice and kind and sweet and never worried about talking to those that others would think are less than them, Peter would’ve never expected you to ask him out. Though the moment you had he’d accepted with great eagerness.

Raising his hand, he tried to ignore the butterflies that grew in his stomach and knocked on your door. He didn’t have to wait long before it swung open and you were revealed to his eyes. While you’d both agreed nothing fancy, Peter couldn’t help but feel completely blown away at the sight of you - he’d always thought you to be pretty - but seeing you in a simple sundress and your hair curled made Peter feel like he was the luckiest man on earth.

“Hey, Peter.” You greeted, your cheeks growing red as you noticed his eyes on you.

Upon the sound of your voice, Peter seemed to snap out of his stupor and with that same doe eye look he met your eyes. “H-Hey.”

“Shall we go?” You offered once you realized he was making no move to go; once you said that Peter quickly nodded and with a bright smile, he offered his hand out. You accepted it graciously, pleased that Peter seemed just as eager as you did for this date. With a bright smile, you both walked hand-in-hand down the pavement, a skip in your step.

sorry it’s so short and bleh.

B99 SPOILERY THOUGHT: Seriously...

Ray Holt & Kevin Cozner = the best married couple/relationship on TV. 

I love these two, and their relationship. They are the perfect example of two “boring” people in a “boring” relationship - liking it this way, and being this way! (I prefer things this way, too, and though most people find this kind of life/relationships “dull”, I find it to be most exciting)

They’re excited about plain scones (the best!), and long car-rides spent in silence. And they’re just… amazing. 

If you do not watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, do yourself a favour and start watching…now! I’d watch just for Andre Braugher (as Capt. Holt), but the other characters and storylines are great, too! Holt is the best. (he is also written in a way that it’s possible he is on the spectrum) He likes to paint the same object (a rock) over and over again. His facial expression for every emotion is the same, he likes order and he’s good at what he does. He…  OK, I’ll stop now. I just love this character so much! And Ray/Kevin is the dream relationship! #relationshipgoals

Thanks Dan Goor & Michael Schur & B99 writers & the cast! 

You know what I want?

I want a reversed version of injustice, where BATMAN is the one to snap and become a tyrant, and Superman is the good guy. Because Evil!Superman is always really out of character for me (though hot), but Batman is always one step away from the edge, and if he ever falls over - there’s a reason the Dark Knights of the Metal Crossover are so terrifying.

Just picture it though - the Joker does to Batman what he did to Superman in injustice canon, and Bruce watches as his city explodes, with his kids and Gordon and Alfred all in it. He snaps, and kills the Joker - and then he plans.

Because this can never happen again.

He uses his brain and detective skills to figure out who would be open to helping him run the world properly (which would be a great way to bring in Lex Luthor), instead of the mess it is now, and makes overtures - those of the Justice League that wouldn’t (like Superman) are sent away on a wild goose chase in space, and Batman takes control of all the technology and weapons in the world, and sets his people - and possibly robots? - in place as a police force. When the other members get back - well, he has ways, non-lethal but hard hitting, of taking them down until they can see that he’s doing the right thing, and join him (he has no doubt that once Superman stops looking at so betrayed, he will join him.)

Superman in a krptonite collar, silent and hurting, staring at Bruce with big, betrayed blue eyes - and you’re working with Luthor, Bruce, really? Luthor!? - and Batman always standing a little to close, staring a little to hard at Superman’s mouth…Bruce is finally going to get everything he ever wanted.

(For bonus points, Luthor ALSO creeps on Collared!Superman, because I am a multishipper, and also really like the mental image of them sharing him.)

Eventually, Superman gets away and starts an insurgency - but he can’t out-think Batman.

For that…he’d need another Batman…

anonymous asked:

Hello! Could I have an EXO gif reaction of you dropping something really heavy on your leg because you had to or else you would have accidentally hit them? Sorry if if doesn’t makes sense. Have a great day/night!

Xiumin: He’d become your personal servant after what happened. Even if you insisted that you could do things by yourself. He wouldn’t let you move a muscle.

“You want to hear music!? I’ll put it on for you don’t move”

Originally posted by deararchimedes

Suho: He’d be completely worried about you, wanting to pick you up and take you somewhere to check your leg. But you’d refuse trying to tell him you were fine (even though you weren’t)

“What do you mean you can walk? you’re limping”

Originally posted by exoblithe

Lay: you: “YIXING MOVE”

you’d push him as it falls on you, it would take him a couple of seconds to understand what happened but once he realized that you hurt yourself for him, He’d apologize a million times 

Originally posted by laygion

Chen: Just like Minseok he’d want to make it up to you, instead of doing it himself he’d hire a personal assistant to help you everywhere.

you: “I really don’t need someone to massage my legs!”

“just enjoy it! I’ll be right here in case they massage too hard and hurt you.”

you: “you’re the one that hurt me..”

“techinically no.. just enjoy”

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Baekhyun: “call me if you need anything ok? seriously don’t be walking. Let the doctors treat you don’t be stubborn” 

You had to go to the hospital but he couldn’t go with you because he had a schedule. Baekhyun couldn’t concentrate though, calling you every five minutes”

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Chanyeol: He’d hug you tightly while you cried because of the pain. You’d start calling him idiot for standing in your way, scolding Chanyeol that he should’ve been more aware of his surroundings.

“I know… I know I’m stupid. I’m sorry you got hurt because of me” He’d take all your scolding. Amazed that you would do that for him.

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D.O: “why did you do that? are you stupid?!”

His anger would get the best of him, seeing you in pain made him angry. He could’ve taken the hit but knowing that you got hurt because of him made him mad. 

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Kai: “this is all my fault” He’d say, devastated at the fact that you ended up breaking your leg for him. 

You: “I’m fine! A dancer can’t hurt his legs right?”

“ya.. don’t say that. Please don’t ever do this type of stuff again”

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Sehun: “Th…Thank you.” he’d say completely grateful that you’d do that for him. He hadn’t said much when you got hurt, you two weren’t close, 

but seeing you in crutches was killing him. He’d silently worry about you looking over you everytime you’d wince at the pain.

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How would ut and uf skele bros react to waltzing with their S/O? (Thought of Beauty and the Beast x3)


Yeah, you might get a little jig out of him after some pressing, but it’s gonna be exactly what you expect from him; slow, casual, lazy. His movements grow slow & slower, & it’s almost romantic. His eyes are half-lidded as he stares up at you, face relaxed, hands so gentle…he’s asleep. He passed out mid-step, flopping against your shoulder with a soft snore. You can’t believe this.


He has always wanted to try this!! Hold onto your bootstraps, baby, because you’re going on a ride!!! He takes the right pose, sure, but the minute you start moving he’s quickening things to such a pace that eventually you’re standing on his feet just to keep up. The entire time he’s giggling & remarking on what a fun idea this was! You’re trying not to pass out because of dizziness.


It’s gonna take a lot of pushing & pleading to get him to even agree to try it. The first few times he just shuffles around, not putting in much effort. When he sees you pouting, though, he just sighs, rolls his eyes, & puts in a little more effort. He’s not graceful, balanced…or good at it at all. But the cherry red blush crawling across his skull in the form of sparkling magic is enough for you to realize that you have to do this more often.


You dare doubt the Great & Terrible Papyrus’s dancing skills–have at thee, date-mate!! Before you know it he’s whirling you around, the waltz suddenly crossing with a tango at points. You might be a little dizzy, but goddamn if you are not having the time of your life. The passion in his expression has your ears burning, & the feeling of his finger bones digging into your waist as he twirls & dips you makes your skin crawl in all the best ways. Oh, this was a wonderful idea.

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How would BTS act at a formal do/ball with their S/O?

Jin: He’d be hyped for the chance to go. There were so many good points of going to a formal ball. You would be beyond beautiful, great food and most importantly, he had the chance to look beyond handsome to the point everyone would ignore you and stare at him. Well, that last one was a joke, even though it was probably true. When he finally got there with you, he’d try his hardest not to embarrass you with dad jokes, but that wasn’t to say he didn’t say cheesy things and blow kisses at everyone.

“Thank you for taking care of my Y/N.” He blew a kiss, before moving onto the next person.

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Yoongi: He hated formal gatherings. Honestly, Yoongi just wanted to either be inside his studio working, talking with you or napping with you. That was all he needed to be happy. Heck, he’d even spend the whole day with Hoseok to get out of going to a formal gathering and that was seriously draining. Despite this, he thought it would be okay as long as you were with him. The two of you ended up going to the gathering where he rarely spoke or smiled in public, but when the two of you had the chance to talk alone as you scolded him for being antisocial, his gummy grin would appear.

“Hey, now you smile?” You’d complain, laughing a little.

“Of course, I’m with you.” He’d joke in return, the two of you cringing slightly.

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Namjoon: To be honest, he wouldn’t mind. It was a chance to meet new people and that was fine by him, another experience to write songs about if necessary. He’d try his best to dress up and compliment your outfit, before linking arms with you and walking into the gathering. There was a chance to dance, but the pair of you were very much against that. Namjoon didn’t want to mess up and embarrass you, whilst you were merely praying he didn’t stand on your feet.

“Let’s not dance today, got it?” You whispered to him from the side, a smile still on your face as you nodded along to what another guest was saying.

“But I thought I was Dance Monster? Maybe I should change my name again to DM.” He winked.

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Hoseok: He’d be happy to go with you. Despite this, you’d later regret him coming due to second hand embarrassment. Whenever the conversation got awkward, he’d try and be extra to entertain the guests. True, they would laugh. Yet this would end up leading the conversation to get even more awkward and the guests to judge your love choices. These thoughts would be gone from their minds though when you two stepped up to dance.

“I’m not forgiving you for embarrassing me earlier.”

“What do you mean? I swear you already forgave me as soon as you agreed to dance.” He chuckled.

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Jimin: He’d agree to go a few minutes after you asked, deciding it would be fun to see you dressed up. When the two of you arrived, he’d be pretty surprised by the density of people and would be quite shy at first as multiple people approached to greet them. You’d end up speaking for him and correcting him if he stuttered, but when he got the chance to dance with you all signs of shyness disappeared.

“I’m glad you have relaxed.” You laughed a little as you spun around the dancefloor.

“I don’t feel relaxed.” He’d comment back, a smile growing on his features.

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Taehyung: He wouldn’t mind going and would spend the whole night pretty quietly and rarely speaking. He just found it awkward to act like himself when surrounded by so many people in such a formal setting. You’d make sure to get away from the crowds sometimes so he could talk to you more naturally.

“I didn’t expect this many people.” You explained, swaying from side to side in his embrace.

“Neither did I.”

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Jungkook: Like Taehyung, he wouldn’t mind coming along but would barely speak as well. He’d pipe up if there was something that he desperately wanted to say and would stay close by your side the whole night. That isn’t to say he wouldn’t dance though. Jungkook would almost rush you to dance as it meant he’d have you to himself as long as you were in his arms, your hips swaying to the beat.

“Y/N, let’s dance.” He said for the fifth time in a minute.

“Okay, okay, let’s go.” You chuckled, letting him drag you to the dancefloor.

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Hello! I'm Sage! I'm interested in working with/worshiping Odin, but I have heard both good and bad things about Him and so I am unsure about working with/worshiping Odin. Do you have any advice about working with/worshiping Odin?


If I have one piece of advice regarding the Old Man, it is this:

He is what he is - utterly, ambivalently, absolutely, mysteriously, terribly, wholly, and awfully himself. The contradictions that appear in his character are just that appearances. After all, he is Grimnir - the Masked, the Hooded One.

Good, bad? These things are not things, not reference points he can be defined by. Does he not, in his quest for the Mead of Poetry, name himself Bolverk - worker of that which is evil, baleful?

This is Odin, who violates the gender norms of the times by learning seidr - becoming as woman, as witch.

Whatever you have heard, he is far, far, worse, and far, far better. At the same time. 

Understand that he will come to, will inter-face with you, in a unique shape and form. My Odin is not your Odin - the face, the mask, the role, the character he plays will be uniquely yours. And it will probably change over time.

Your relationship, should you you have one, will be unique to the two of you - though there will of course be commonalities with other peoples, because that’s the way it goes. 

That said, caveat emptor. 

You, and only you, can decide if what you give and receive in the great back-and-forth of reciprocity between humans and gods, is ‘worth’ it. You, and only you, can take the necessary steps to deal with that.

Yet the gods have their own agency, and sometimes, they have agendas and will manipulate circumstances so that certain things happen. So sometimes the ideas of ‘choice’, ‘free-will’ and suchlike get revealed as mere polite conventions.

Also, as they say in certain circles: Trust, but verify.

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That's a fairly good point, still commenting on phear lap, WHAT THE HELL DID HE DO TO GET INTO KING DICE'S STAFF? (I feel like even though they're great the staff can all be exceedingly scary)

What are you talking about? Of course they can be downright terrifying - you don’t work in the Devil’s Casino and not learn to hold your ground over the years lmao. Each of them are great people and are pretty friendly but when the situation calls for it they can get down to serious business.

And who knows what Phear Lap did? Hell, who knows what each of them did? There’s rumors and stories but no one knows for sure. Not sure about you but I don’t wanna find out

Imagine waking Woozi up on his birthday by showering him with hugs and kisses.

BONUS: Even though you tried your best to wake him up, Woozi just ends up going back to sleep but this time, with you in his arms.

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are you gonna make a part two of i've always been here because i thought it was great lol

😂 thank you so much! I’m working on a part 2 right now, don’t worry.

Here’s a teaser:

“[Y/N]-” he started. You quickly turned around and tried to run away, but he was too fast for you. Peter grabbed your wrist and turned you around.

“Get away from me!” You hollered, struggling to get out of his grip.

“[Y/N], just listen-”

“No! You don’t deserve it! I was going to apologize, even though I did nothing! But this, this is too far. What? You want attention so bad, you’re willing to make me a walking target?!”

“I didn’t do it!”

“Oh you expect me to believe you after last night?”

“I don’t expect you to believe me. I just- godammit, [Y/N], it’s complicated,” Peter said, rubbing his eyes anxiously.

“No, Peter it’s not. We had something special, you threw it away. It’s that simple.”

“She was going to tell everyone about me.”

“What the hell are you talking about, Parker?” You asked. At the slightest suggestion of an excuse, you felt your wall crumble a bit. You couldn’t let it fall, he didn’t deserve it.