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I'm so happy for Ed and all the success he has but with this new album he got even more famous and with that comes hate from others.When I go to twitter and search through his tag there's a lot of hate and I'm constantly blocking people.I'm just tired of it.He's such a good hearted person. I dont listen to e.g. to Ariana Grande or Lady Gaga but I'm not hating them just because I'm bored.I'm like whatever about them. Not my fandom so I dont care.What's the point of hating just for the sake of it?

Posting hate online just for the sake of it is a form of trolling, and many trolls have certain mental and emotional commonalities that predispose them to that type of behavior. Tons of studies have been done about why trolls exist and what they get out of it, but it seems like the most popular answers are that they want attention and they like the thrill of provoking an emotional response from someone who is passionate about whatever subject they’re trolling – which by design isn’t something they themselves actually feel passionately about. It’s an act to get a response. Whoever attacks Ed on Twitter isn’t someone who actually cares much one way or the other about him; they’re doing it because they know you care. One troll described it this way: 

Basically, yeah, it sucks that some people lash out because their lives have no meaning. The best thing you can do is ignore it and make sure the things you post yourself are positive. And I would add that blocking is a form of attention, which trolls crave, so a better solution would be simply to mute them. They don’t know they’ve been muted, so they end up just screaming into the void, and you still don’t have to see it. :)


sakurada dori; monochrome boyfriend aesthetic


s3 ep7 suga sketch dump from my twitter because let’s be real he was great and i am so proud of him i cried 3 h straight

( can we talk about how completely ridiculous my drawing style gets when i work fast like holy. that’s the real me ladies and gentlemen ) 

Connor Mcdavid has six points in only two games.

Auston Matthews scored 4 goals in his NHL debut.

PK Subban scored his first goal as a pred off his first shot of the season (and almost fell down during his celly because he is the cutest human alive)

A fly landed on the camera during the Edmonton/Calgary game and someone promptly made a twitter account for it.

Chicago have lost every game they’ve played so far.

I know it’s only been two days but hockey is honestly killing it right now.


These are literally my first attempts at drawing Overhaul. Not My Best, but I didn’t think I was gonna be my first tries anyway.

Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a bit better. \o/

Edit: added one more from twitter.
Getting that embarrassing First Timer with drawing him, but honestly you won’t know unless you try.

I get whoever started the trending tag on twitter had good intentions, but like come on. You guys are fans and get him trending because his nudes got leaked? What about for his acting? Why did it take this for people to notice him? If anything, he’s being exposed and noticed for the wrong reasons in my opinion.



I will add that our good buddies Amazon are running this Q&A - so maybe we should show them something as well ;)


The Q&A is tomorrow at 5pm GMT (Noon ET) - follow the#AskAmericanGods tag and @AmericanGodsTV!!!!  AND SEND HIM ALL YOUR LOVE!!!! 

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YOI fans, listen up

So, the brazilians YOI fans are thinking about making something at the GP final day/the last episode day We are thinking about wishing good luck to Yuuri I mean, we all know Yuuri is a fictional character (duh) but his improvement in the anime can’t be ignored, and we, the fandom, could do something for him, since we love this katsudon so much He doesn’t have a lot of fans in the anime besides his family and the small nugget Minami (for what we see) so let’s show how we support our baby and how we believe in him!! So, we are going to start the hashtag “#DavaiYuuri” on Twitter to wish good luck to him and maybe, you know, tag the criator to see it! Our goal is to make the hashtag one of the trendings, so we need the most help we can get! Hope you all like the idea and help us

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randoms: y’all just couldn’t WAIT to talk down about Justin, hm? since the show started, y’all been wanting to trash the black man and now you feel this is your chance, huh? this tag is racist against black men


*thinks back to when Justin was literally the fan favorite across the board. most popular posts on tumblr and twitter had to do w/ something positive about Justin. people blogged how much they adored Justin for weeks until he started acting funny and called the other black women hoes, started lying on Danielle and would rather cater to girls that laughed at racist jokes about him rather than dani who would AND HAS protected him and his name*

me: ….yeah u right we’ve been plottin against that mofo since the moment his black ass walked thru that door.

Is this for real? - Tyler Seguin

You and Tyler were relaxing outside with Marshall and Cash. It was such a nice day outside and plus it was really fun relaxing with Tyler which you guys really didn’t do a lot of. Tyler was more of the party type when you, on the other hand, loved staying in a reading a good book. Tyler was looking down at his phone probably on twitter or Instagram since those were the two social media apps that he used the most. 

He noticed that someone tagged him in a picture thinking that a fan tagged him in a picture he thought it was nothing just he kept on getting messages saying stuff like congrats and atta boy Segs. Tyler knew that he had to look at the picture. He noticed that it was from you. It was a picture of Marshall and Cash and right in the middle of them were a pair of baby skates. The caption said that Marshall and Cash are going to be older brothers.

 Tyler couldn’t believe that you were pregnant. The two of you were so young and he didn’t think he would ever become someone’s father. His eyes traveled to you playing with the dogs. He knew that you were going to be an amazing mother but, he was still worried about himself being responsible for a kid. 

But, yet a light bulb went off. The didn’t want his kid to come from a broken home, he wanted to teach him or her to skate and make try out for their own team when they got older. He wanted to be like the other guys on the team that had kids. He wanted what they had, he wanted his own perfect little family. Tyler walked over to where you were standing and hugged you from behind.

 “How did I not noticed you taking that picture?” He asked nuzzling his head on your shoulder. “I took it when you went to take a shower.” You said kissing him wondering what he thought about the whole pregnancy. Tyler didn’t say anything else, but what he did next surprised you. He walked right in front of you and got down on his knees and placed both of his hands on the side of your  stomach. 

“Hi there baby, this is daddy, I just wanted to let you know that even though I am a party kind of person I will be there for you and mommy because I love her and she’s the best because she gave me you.” You felt like crying because you were glad that he was okay with  the pregnancy.

You want a good laugh?? Go in the grand*ce tag (don’t answer anything we are more bright then that) and read a couple of their conspiracy theory about why Grant and Candice don’t interact or acknowledge eachother. 

Also, you might do a face palm a couple of time and understand why you dislike that ship. I mean they are hitting a new level of being disrespectful. 

I really hope Grant and his more than a year GF will never see that!

They have that theory that Grant and Candice stop interacting with each other in september because of her and how they cant interact because people will think they are dating and it’s not good for her but Grant was dating her since february

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Going in the Magnus Bane tag was a mistake: "Wait. Why is Harry so giddy and happy in that video mkjlksksjhljqo lmfaaooo He looks so fucking happy! Like, excuse me sir but a LOT of us were anticipating and all of our dreams and hopes just got crushed and Harry’s just all smiles. Babe wtf?! " well...he is a genuinely positive person for one. And probably wanted to make people smile/feel better? good god. You'd think the boy was satan.

i saw similar things on twitter anon, harry got it the worst for trying to make a sad situation a lil better? how nasty, they just want to hate on him for no reason

Hobrien Moment Part 2

Ok, Sorry, things got crazy today, and the con is finally over and some time son I’m getting food, which is good ‘cause I’m out of it. ANYWAY, as promised on Twitter, some Hobrien-ness happened during the Meet & Greet with Hoechlin today. Again, colored by my bad memory, so sorry for inaccuracies.

Basically, someone asked if he could show the video of him and Posey scaring Dylan, and he whipped out his phone and pulled the video out pretty fast (just sayin’). It was kind of hard to see as there were like 20-something of us trying to see it on a little phone screen. But basically it was Hoechlin filming and laughing after they scared Dylan, so the camera is pretty shaky, and it’s Dylan yelling and cussing and flailing his arms around and running out of the trailer, and then it happening again when Posey scared Dylan the 2nd time.

Someone asked how he still had it on his phone (I think, or maybe he said it on his own, not sure), and he said that he would never delete it or get rid of it.

THEN later on, someone gave him a tangentially related Mets hat (like it wasn’t a Mets hat, but it had to do with the Mets??). And once they explained how it had to do with the Mets, he got excited and was like, “I can’t wait to show Dylan.” Then someone else asked him what Dylan texted back about being in trouble (referring to the text he sent yesterday in which Dylan went to a Mets game without him). And he said that yes Dylan texted back and told him that he originally didn’t invite Hoechlin because it was going to be over Halloween weekend, and he figured Hoechlin wouldn’t want to/couldn’t come. And Hoechlin admitted that it was probably true, and Dylan was probably right in thinking that, but then someone said Dylan should have invited Hoechlin anyway. And Tyler goes, “Yeah! He should have!’ And then I /believe/ he added something about they could do it someday in the future.