he is gonna be the best father in the world

My first time I played DnD

The character I played was an elven rogue who was a notorius prankster who was raised by a dragon and was obsessed with their culture. Her father the Dragon gave her a magic crate (like an infinite space box, like hermione’s purse) filled with a bunch of minorly enchanted items. Aria (the elf) decided that she would use these items to become the best pranker in the world (cue evil laughter). Since it was my first time playing, it was just me and the DM with his character, a demonic warrior looking for his master.

Extra context: we are fighting a blue dragon. I’m dying, he’s still ok on health.

Me: okay I’m gonna grab an item from my box

Dm: what are you looking for?

Me: a ring of healing? Idk something to heal me

DM’s little bro(not playing, just watching): Is a ring of healing an engagement ring?

Me: …if you want it to?

DM: (evil snicker) okay roll a d20

Me: shit, 5

DM: So you pull out a ring of healing but before you can use the enchantment, the dragon notices the ring and thinks you’re about to propose.

Me: shit NO Aria may love dragons but NO

DM: roll charisma

Me: *nat20* WHAT

DM: Congrats, you’re now engaged to a dragon.

GOT7 Reaction // When they find out you’re pregnant.

i love writing fluff get ready :)


lil baby had to ask you to repeat yourself cause he couldn’t believe you. Mark would wrap you in the tightest hug and kiss you all over your face. HE COULDN’T BELIEVE THE TWO OF YOU WERE GOING TO BE PARENTS AHH.

“this is actually happening oh my god i love you”

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He was barely awake when you told him, so once he finally heard you, his eyes grew big and began to freak out. You thought he was jumping from wall to wall at one point. He was so excited since he really didn’t see this coming.


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You honestly thought his soul escaped his body. He practically screamed and picked you up from the legs and started jumping. He left multiple kisses on your face and embraced you in a big, affectionate hug.


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His jaw dropped all the way down to the floor once you showed him your pregnancy tests. He used this moment to wrap you in the most heartwarming hug ever.

“You’re gonna be the best mother I love you so much.”

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Once you told him he started running around the house screaming. HE WAS SO EXCITED!! He picked up coco and ran to you and started jumping all over the place. He was so soft.

“I am so excited and proud of you, coco is too.”

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Oh my boi. This was the moment he realized he needed to start maturing more and taking better care of you. He was overwhelmed by the pressure, but was still incredibly happy for the both of you.

“I need to be the best father in the world. WE’RE GONNA HAVE A CHILD”

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When you told him, he thought you were joking until you showed him the tests. He ran away and hid in a closet and basically started crying. He was so overwhelmed with happiness and once he came out from hiding, he hugged you so tightly and gave you a peck on the cheek.

“Do you know what this means?! I’m gonna be a dad, you’re gonna be a mommy! OH MY”

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I don’t think you understand how much I cried while writing this omg.


BTS reaction to their s/o (the reader) being pregnant

Sorry it’s taken us so long to do this :) 

Thanks for the request; we hope you like it


He came home to you saying she needs to talk to him and the first thing that popped into his mind was that you wanted to end your guys’ relationship but when you told him you were pregnant he’d be so happy that he would actually start crying.

Wow, I’m so so so happy right now, you don’t even know’ 

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When you told him you were pregnant he was in a state of shock, you both knew that it wasn’t exactly the best time for it to happen, he said he needed some time to think things over making you get nervous be eventually became around to the idea and started getting really excited for the baby.

I think that even though it’s not a great time, we’ll make it work just fine

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Rap Monster

You wouldn’t have to tell him you were pregnant, he found the pregnancy test not so well hidden in one of the cabinets in your bathroom. When you go home that day he asked you if it was true or not or if it was a prank, but when you confirmed it was true, he’d be so happy and pull into a huge (but gentle) hug.

I’m so happy it turned out to be true, I can’t wait to start a family with you

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J Hope 

Your best friend would accidentally let it slip that you were pregnant, he’d rush straight home to ask if it was true or not, he was 100% hoping it was true, when he got home and you told him you were in fact pregnant he’d just burst into tears but he’d also be low-key upset that the wasn’t the first person you told.

This is great jagiya, but why wasn’t I the first to know?

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As soon as the words ‘pregnant’ left your lips he’d be happy but considering the fact he’s busy and he’s never home he’d be hesitant about it but after some time he’d come to his sense and support you through everything and would try and be with you every spare second he had.

I’ll be with you as often as I can jagiya, don’t you worry about it

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He’d be hella excited, like as soon as you told him he’d be on the phone to all his family and friends letting them all know that you were pregnant and that he was becoming a dad, even random people in the street would be told, he was just so thrilled about becoming a dad and having a mini version of you guys running around.


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Since he’s young he wouldn’t know what to do, he’d be scared as hell and really nervous but since he’s going to become a father he’s gonna have to mature so he did the best thing he could do and support you through everything and be with you whenever he could and all in all become a good dad to his child.

It’ll be really scary jagiya, but I’ll be there every step of the way jagi. I promise

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Lives Intertwined

Characters: Y/N (reader), Chris Evans, Chris and Reader’s mom’s mentioned, Natalia (OFC), Clark (OMC)

Pairing: Clark x Reader, Chris x Reader (sorta, kinda)

Warnings: It’s angsty - don’t wanna say anything else cause it will give the story away.    

Word Count: 2800ish

A/N: I have been suffering from a writer’s block trying to work on my Dean series so I decided to try and switch it up a bit. I had some serious Chris feels and I was apparently in a angsty(ish) mood so here you go guys. I missed writing him :)

Thanks to the sweet amazing @percywinchester27 for being my beta

Chris couldn’t believe he was here. His heart clenched as he walked down the hall of the Hotel. He knew he shouldn’t have let things get this far. He shouldn’t even be thinking about telling her now. He should keep his mouth closed. Nothing he could say was going to do anything but cause heartache.

She was his best friend. She had always been his best friend. She had been the first kid to walk up to him on his first day of school. She had been the first person other than his mom, to reassure him everything was going to be okay. Everytime he felt like crying and running from the building, she had known. Her hand finding it’s way into his had always stopped him. She had given him the strength he needed to eventually open up and be himself. As long as she was by his side, he knew everything was truly going to be okay.

Chris took a deep breath as he stood outside her door, trying to prepare himself for the sight that would meet him beyond that door. She was going to be gorgeous, and she was going to take his breath away. He was going to want to say all the things to her, that he so desperately tried to hold in. All the things he had no right to say, because she wasn’t his. He was too late and he had no right to ruin this day for her.

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Okay but I need to talk to someone about how explosive season 2 of Sense8 was. IT WAS SO GOOD. THE BEST PART WAS HOW OFTEN THE CLUSTER GOT TOGETHER AND SUPPORTED EACH OTHER THROUGH TOUGH SHIT.

Kala “bring it, bitch” Dandekar: hot

Wolfgang’s smile whenever he looks at Kala: ***dead***

Riley visiting Will’s father in the hospital? Kill me.

Will’s broken heart over the death of his father? Don’t look at me.

Sun “gonna set the world on fire in booty shorts brb lol” Bak: AMAZING

Lito being an adorable drama queen in a onesie? Wonderful but not as wonderful as him referring to both Hernando and Dani as family

Nomi and Amanita immediately stopping in their tracks to help Sun break out of prison. I cried so hard watching the sensates experience what Sun was feeling. Don’t get me started on what happened to Wolfgang. That was so hard to watch

Capheus’ political campaign and beautiful newfound love interest? Yaaay!

Honestly it was so hard accepting the fact that season 2 was already over but wow was the wait worth it! I loved it

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Well, you know, in order, Dean has been Sam's brother, protector, father, mother, guardian, friend, best friend, brothers again, partners, codependents, saviour, soulmate, equal, his first choice, his reason for saving the world, his reason for defeating the devil, his only sin is how he let him down, his reason for laughing, for getting up in the morning, for staring at him like he's the only thing in the world. They're each other's love, one and only, and that's how it's always gonna be to me.

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Spells - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Spells

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: Around 3k+

Warnings: None

Prompt: Can you do a Deanxreader: the boys go on a hunt where there are victims from different kinds of monsters. They find a toddler (reader) talking about a witch has been summoning monsters to kill her. They bring her to Bobby who recognizes her and tells the boys she should be the same age as Dean. While the brothers go to kill the witch, the spell wears off and she leaves before they get back. After a few weeks she ends up rescuing them and Dean ask her to join them because he is falling for her? (Slightly altered towards the end)

“Alright sweetheart-” Dean smiled down at you as he tucked you inside the car, a blanket wrapped around you “You’re gonna wait here while I go find the moose and we will be right back, ok?”

“N-no” you whined slightly, not letting go of him; looking up at him with tears in your eyes.

“Sweetheart” he said in a soft tone “My brother’s in there fighting those nutjobs. He needs my help.” Dean placed a hand on top of your head as you whimpered slightly.

“But- but the witch-” you stuttered “The witch will get you.” you were on the verge of crying, holding desperately ontothe man.

Dean’s green eyes filled with sorrow, there were a few things that could break him and one of those was a little girl begging for him to not leave her. And if it wasn’t for his brother being in there he really would have stayed by your side.

“No” you whimpered “No- I don’t want her to get you.” yor lower lip trembled as you shut your eyes and wrapped your small arms around his neck. He brought you a sense of comfort and peace, like you were at home and someone could finally take care of you. Like you could finally be put to rest in his arms.

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season four had a lot of sad deaths, but the one that most unexpectedly gut-wrenching was the death of david miller, nate miller’s dad. this is a man, who despite being a minor character, came with nothing but love and strength every time he was on screen. a man that was chief guard but had a thief for a son. he could have disowned nate for what he did, but instead the minute he had his son back he never let him go a day without knowing he was loved. the relationship between nate and david was so wonderful and that kind of loving, affectionate dynamic between a father and son is so rare and was executed so beautifully. 

david miller, a man who gave up his spot in the bunker so nate could have one extra chance at staying alive. nate, who wanted to give up his spot if that meant living without his dad. 

and david’s final line is what sums up his character the best. loving. passionate. and hopeful.

it’s gonna be wonderful nate, you’re gonna rebuild the world.

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The Merguckets meeting Filbrick

 Out of nowhere, I was inspired to write this, so.  Here you go!  A chance meeting when Stan and Angie take their first clutch on their first trip to a human town.

               “Stan, where’s Daisy?” Angie asked.  Stan looked around.  He caught a glimpse of a brown head bobbing through the full market.  

               “Over there,” he replied.  Angie sighed.

               “Mom, look!” Molly said eagerly, pointing at a book store the next street over. Danny oohed, catching sight of what Molly was gesturing to.  “Can we go there?”

               “Can we?” Danny repeated.  Angie looked back in the direction Daisy had gone in, worry lines etching on her face.

               “Sweetling, I’d love to take y’all there, but yer sister went off and-”

               “I’ll go get Daisy,” Stan said immediately.  “You girls go to the book store.”  Angie smiled at him.

               “Thank you, darlin’.”

               “No prob.”  He kissed her on the forehead.  “Still think the girls’ first trip on land ‘ll be easy.”

               “Better ‘n mine was,” Angie retorted.  “Go get yer daughter.  Molly, Danny, and I will be at the book store.”  Stan set off in the direction he had seen Daisy headed.  He caught a glimpse of the bright blue shirt she was wearing.

               “Daisy!” Stan shouted.  His daughter turned around.  She grinned mischievously.  “No,” Stan said warningly.  He recognized the look on her face.  “Junebug, this ain’t a game, get back here!”  Daisy shook her head, making her twin braids bounce.  She took off, running as fast as her brand-new legs could take her.

               Shit!  Stan followed her through the market, apologizing to the people he shoved out of the way in his attempts to reach Daisy.  The chase came to a sudden stop when Daisy collided with someone and fell down.  Stan finally caught up and pulled his troublesome daughter to her feet.

               “Sorry, sir,” Stan said, brushing dirt off Daisy’s blouse.  “She doesn’t always look where she’s goin’, and she’s kinda clumsy.”

               “Dad!” Daisy protested.  

               “Stanley.”  Stan’s heart stopped.  He slowly looked up at the person his daughter had run into, dreading the face he would see.  

               “Pops,” Stan said, carefully keeping his voice neutral.  Filbrick Pines looked his son up and down, taking in Stan’s slightly more streamlined figure from years of swimming.  His gaze drifted over to Daisy.  

               “Did this girl call you ‘Dad’?” Filbrick asked.  Stan nodded.  “You’re a father.”


               “Dad!”  Stan was suddenly tackled with hugs from his two other daughters.  Molly and Danny laughed happily as they embraced him.  “We didn’t expect ya to meet us here so soon!” Danny said. Stan frowned.  He looked around.  Sure enough, his chase with Daisy had ended right in front of the book store Molly and Danny had wanted to go to.

               “Howdy there, darlin’,” Angie said, walking over to Stan and giving him a kiss on the cheek.  “I see ya found our wayward charge.”

               “Y-yeah,” Stan said.  He swallowed nervously.

               Pops can’t see my family.  He can’t.  But he is. Motherfucker!  Angie looked at Filbrick with interest.

               “Hello, sir,” she said cautiously.  

               “You’re the mother of my son’s children then, huh?” Filbrick rumbled. Angie’s eyes widened.  She looked at Stan.  Stan nodded.

               “Angie, this is my Pops, Filbrick Pines.”

               “…Oh.  It’s nice to meet you, Filbrick,” Angie said with a careful smile.  

               “Stan, you married this girl after you knocked her up with triplets, right?” Filbrick asked.  Molly opened her mouth to argue that they weren’t triplets.

               “Sweetling, why don’t ya take yer sisters into the book store,” Angie said quickly.  “Since yer the oldest, I’ll trust ya with supervision.”

               “‘Kay, Mom.”  Molly took off, followed by her younger sisters.  

               “And don’t take nothin’ from the store without consultin’ me or yer Dad!” Angie shouted after them.

               “Of course we’re married,” Stan said to Filbrick.

               “Then where’s her ring?” Filbrick asked, crossing his arms.  

               “I keep it on a chain ‘round my neck,” Angie said, showing Filbrick.  “Easier to keep track of that way.”  Neither she or Stan said the actual reason she didn’t wear the ring on her finger.

               It would get caught in her webbing.

               “So, your wife is too embarrassed to show that she’s married to you,” Filbrick said, “and you can’t control your kids.  Heh.  Knew you’d screw up.”

               “What?” Angie asked shortly.  Stan held her arm firmly, to keep her from acting on any violent urges.

               “My kids are kids, Pops!” Stan protested.  “They’re a bit wild, yeah, but all kids are.”

               “That’s why you control them!” Filbrick barked.  “They’re runnin’ around, bumping into strangers, and are barefoot!  What, can’t you afford to buy them shoes?”

               “I can buy them whatever they damn well want,” Stan snapped.  “They choose not to wear shoes.”

               “Again, Stanley, control your damn kids!  Sweet Moses, you’re a worse father than I thought you’d be.”

               “Excuse me?”

               “I’m not impressed with your parenting skills, Stan.  And I’m not impressed with your…feral daughters!” Filbrick said fiercely.  Angie gasped.

               “You piece of-” she started.  Stan spoke over her, before she used her siren’s call to command Filbrick to jump off a cliff.

               “Fuck you,” Stan snarled.  Filbrick glowered.

               “What did you just say to me, you punk?”

               “Fuck you,” Stan repeated.  He relished the shade of red Filbrick’s face turned.  “I can handle you degrading me in front of the woman I love.  But I won’t let you insult my kids.  My kids are the best thing in this entire world.  They’re beautiful and smart and gonna grow up in a house where their parents actually love each other.  And Pops, I’m a damn sight better at being a father than you ever were.  My kids don’t have to worry about a belt, or going to bed without dinner, or being kicked out.”  Stan eyed his father with disgust.  “You’re a piece of shit and an even shittier dad.  I’m glad Mom finally divorced your abusive ass.”  Filbrick opened his mouth.  “Leave, Pops.  Get goin’, before I let Angie go and she does to you what I always wanted to, but never had the guts to do.”  Angie emitted a low snarl.  Stan glanced at her.  She was baring her teeth aggressively.  Stan felt his heart swell with pride.

               God, I love her.  He looked back at Filbrick.  Filbrick stared at Angie with a mixture of revulsion and fear. After a few moments, he turned around and walked away.  Angie collapsed against him.

               “Oh, heavens,” she whispered.  “What an absolutely despicable person.”

               “Yeah.  Now you know why Ford and I had to leave so bad,” Stan said in a low voice.  Angie nodded slowly.

               “We don’t have to see him at any gatherin’s with yer fam’ly, do we?” she asked.

               “Oh, hell no.  And if he’s there for some reason?  You can go full siren on his nasty ass.”

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Guzma headcanons with a pregnant S/O!

oooohhh my goodness! i love you guys for topics like this :)

-When Guzma is told he’s gonna be a dad, he loses it, in a good way! he hugs you tightly, trying not to tear up. He tells all the grunts to be extra nice to you and to tend to you if he steps out on business.

- He makes sure to compliment you everyday, but you easily get annoyed if he takes it too far. He’s only doing this because on that one episode when you got upset when he didn’t pay attention to you when you complained about being fat. He loves to kiss your belly, telling your child how strong its gonna be and what he plans to do once it’s born, “you got ya mom’s fighting spirit, and your gonna have my good looks! We’re gonna play outside, and go get malasadas once you can eat solid food, and, and…..I can’t wait to meet you.

-He makes sure you’re well fed, and healthy. He goes to get pre-natals, goes with you to every doctor’s appointment and constantly reassures you that he promises to be the best father in the world. You feel so happy that he makes an effort everyday to care for you and be there for you all the way.

-He can get clingy and very overprotective. There were a couple of incidents….One time you both went shopping, and a lady was complimenting your baby bump. You didn’t like it when people touched your stomach, it invades your personal space. He took it too far when a guy came over attempting you touch your stomach, “Oy! Hands off ma girl! can’t ya see you’re makin’ MY girl uncomfortable!? Back up or your gonna have to add painkillers to your shoppin’ list!” Turns out he was a doctor, and long story short, you both were banned from the store, plus a medical bill to pay FOR a medical professional, ironic right? Now you gotta shop on another island, which he will happily do. 

A non-comic book reader's guide to the differences between the Preacher books vs. show
  • Jesse's backstory
  • Show: His father was a preacher and owned a church. He grew up in Anville Texas and knew Tulip from a young age. He prayed for his father to die and then witnessed his father getting gunned down.
  • Book: Jesse's father was a soldier, his mother was the daughter of a fucked up lady who was obsessed with religion. Jesse's grandmother sends men to kidnap the Custer family and bring them back to her creepy farm. When John Custer tried to escape with his wife and son, Jody (one of the crazy men) shoots him in the head in front of his wife and son. Jesse is tortured throughout his life and loses his mom. He eventually loses the fight and becomes a preacher like his grandma wanted him to.
  • Tulip's backstory
  • Show: Mother was a prostitute, uncle was a drunk. Went with child services. Name is not actually Tulip?
  • Books: Grew up with her daddy because her mom died in childbirth. Her name is actually Tulip. Her dad raised her like he would raise a son, which made it hard for her to fit in with the boys or girls but it made her a badass. Her father died in a hunting accident and she got sent to a boarding school, where she met her best friend. Eventually, she met Jesse and fell in love, and the rest is history.
  • Cassidy
  • Book: Addict, but an extremely likable dude who makes bad life choices.
  • Show: Basically, nailed Cassidy so far. You don't find out about his dark side until much later in the books.
  • Emily: Loves Jesse. Is a stay at home mom.
  • Books: NA. Why is she a show character? No idea.
  • Eugene
  • Show: Got rejected, shot girl and himself.
  • Book: His father physically and mentally abused him, he was bullied, and his only friend was a sociopath who killed animals and was obsessed with Nirvana. When Kurt Cobain shot himself, Eugene's friend convinced him that they should commit suicide the same way. Eugene survived and decided to be the best person he could be and continued to be shit on by the entire world. Eugene is a fucking tragic character, and would never have done what the show made him do, but whatever. Why did they do that?! Why?! I'm gonna go cry now.
  • Saint of Killers: Basically, perfection. Keep doing what you're doing show. His scenes are almost taken exactly out of the comics.
Imagine being Tig's daughter.

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Tig wasn’t surprised when you were standing hand in hand with Jax at Abel’s coming home bash, he had nothing but joy actually, the smile never leaving his face as you cradled that beautiful baby boy and looked at him with all the love in the world, as you sat on his father’s lap, whose eyes were never leaving you.  

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It didn’t surprise him either when at Donna’s funeral your face lit up when you saw Jax walking over, and you walked away to hand him his cut. You looked like you were gonna go back to your spot but his hand grabbed your hand as you turned and you stopped. Seconds later you both were walking toward your childhood best friend’s grave, leaving your father with nothing but a smile on his face as he watched you leave. 

Originally posted by pandapunk825

 He was never prouder then the time you told him about flipping Ima off as Jax fucked you in a bathroom and how later that night you actually punched her in the face for calling you a biker whore. As you recounted the story to Tig he couldn’t stop thinking about how proud he was that his little princess grew up to be a person who was not going to take no shit from no one. 

 His heart broke when you ran away crying because you found out he was the reason Donna was dead. He figured you would never speak to him again, your words still ran through his head when he thought about it. 

“Daddy, how could you, you are by far the worst person I have ever met, and I never want to see you again, unless it’s because you are in a fucking wooden box." 

 You stormed off as Tig’s eyes watered, he found himself just sitting at the bar, drinking until the pain went away. The pain didn’t go away though for hours and it wasn’t the alcohol that made it go away. 

"I get it ok, you were acting on orders. As much as what you did was a dick move you at least tried to make it right. And I’m sorry I reacted like that, I love you." 

 When your arms wrapped around him he felt as though he would never experience that kind of heart break from you again. 

 Until right now, as he sat at the end of the metal pit, the smell of burnt flesh filling the air as he sat there defenseless. He could still hear your screams and the sound of Pope laughing as you slowly died. He managed to call the guys and at the sound of the engines he knew it was his fault, you were dead because of him and as Jax ran up behind him all that could come out was, "they killed our girl Jax, and now we gotta kill him.”

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having a lil child with Hoseok?

hi yes as a hoseok biased girl this was v easy for me and like wow i hope you enjoy we can share hoseok okay im not willing to part

Dad Hoseok

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

  • yo yo yo back at it again with my bias wow we can all marry hoseok i dont think im ready to part with him
  • im kidding
  • this one should be interesting cause bias but im ready to get at it!!
  • hoseok to me is someone who would want kids as soon as he’s married
  • he wouldn’t want to have kids before hand because wow that is a lot of work and he would want to know the person he is having kids with is someone who he will be the spending the rest of his life with and he would just be a very traditional guy?
  • like he would know the dangers of having kids before marriage and how that often ends poorly so he would definitely want to be married first
  • but as soon as you guys tie the knight he’s like hello yes time to have a little jung running around the house what do you say to that
  • “hoseok you’re already like raising one kid i don’t think that i could deal with another one right now”
  • and of course he pouts and gets all whiny and hides his face in a pillow until you agree to wanting to have kids
  • tbh he would probably tell all the boys you two were having a baby but he would never specify when honestly and they would all be hyped because what another baby what is this?? and they’re all ready to throw a baby shower and you’re like “just hold up for a second um im not pregnant”
  • and everyone kinda gives hoseok a look and he’s like “well we’re gonna have a baby soon, right jagiya~?”
  • “i dont know hoseok i would probably prefer to get a dog instead”
  • you’re just teasing him
  • if his partner was willing to have kids as early as he wanted (bcuz obviously the man doesn’t make the ultimate decision, ladies are the ones who have to lug that thing around for nine months) he would probably be the third to have a kid after taehyung and jin
  • he would make the best dad can you imagine hoseok as a dad like that kid is gonna be spoiled rotten
  • and you know that because hoseok spoils you enough as is like your kid is gonna be a brat
  • kidding of course they couldn’t with hoseok as a parent
  • okay but now about the actual pregnancy
  • you realize you’re gonna have a baby pretty early on like you take one of those tests when you get really suspicious and you’re like oh yikES
  • not because you don’t want the baby but because the boys just left for some promoting deal all over in japan or something and they won’t be home for like a month and a half> maybe two? and like you weren’t exactly planning to get pregnant (you wanted to wait until the promo ended so you could have hoseok with you through it all) but hey sometimes things happen
  • a baby is one of thoe things
  • you also desperately want to tell hoseok in person like he was so excited to have a lil baby it wouldn’t do him justice to tell him over skype
  • so you sit there, staring down at the test like what do i do?
  • and so you decide you do what any normal person would do in this situation and you’re just not gonna bring it up until he gets back home
  • you’re not gonna tell anyone actually (like nance smh)
  • you’re gonna keep it on the down low because if you tell someone, they might let it slip to hoseok and that is the last thing you need
  • you’re gonna tough it out
  • you’re literally gonna tough it out because morning sickness has wrecked you
  • and time differences so like the only time hoseok can talk to you is like after things go down with promoting so usually late at night for him
  • and for my time at least twenty two there is like nine here so for the sake of this let’s say when he does get to skype you and call you it’s kinda early in the morning
  • and you’re sitting there in your computer chair, and on the floor next to you is a huge ass bowl just in case
  • you’re seriously doing everything your power not to tell him every time you two Skype because you want to tell him so badly but you know it’ll be so much better if you wait to tell him in person
  • so you keep a giant pillow up against your chest that you snuggle up so he can’t see anything (not like anything would be there yet but just in case) and you’re holding your tea (the one thing that doesn’t make you queasy) and you’re smiling for hoseok but he can tell something is off
  • you’ve been holding in this huge secret and that’s never healthy and it’s taking a toll on you like hoseok can tell you’re stressed
  • your hair is mess and there are dark bags under your eyes and your cheeks look sunken and pale but whenever he brings it up you say something like “oh it’s work, really”
  • but he doesn’t believe it at all
  • and the other boys can see because he’s been eating less and all he does is stare down at his phone and he’s really not doing good
  • namjoon is the one who finally calls you
  • and he asks if you’re doing okay and you give him the same spiel you give hoseok about being stressed about work or whatever and namjoon doesn’t buy it
  • and he has a heart to heart with you like namjoon would be amazing at those kind of talks don’t you think
  • “look I know you’re not telling us the truth. you may think you’re doing it for the best but isn’t it a little selfish? letting hoseok stress and worry about you but not letting him in on what’s wrong? doesn’t that seem selfish on your part? I think you need to talk to him… you guys are married after all”
  • and namjoon really puts it into perspective for you like he’s right you are being selfish
  • hoseok does nothing but love you and care for you and put you first and you thought you were doing what was right but it’s worse that you’ve caused him to panic over you
  • and so you decide to call him the next morning right away
  • but first you go to the store…
  • okay okay so you wake up the next morning right and you fix yourself up a bit
  • and you head downstairs to the computer and you turn on Skype and hoseok is already calling you
  • “jagiya morning how are you my love are you feeling better? are you feeling okay? are you eating enough? are you sleep-”
  • “hoseok”
  • “are you making sure that you take care of yourself? namjoon said he called you last night, he said you seemed to be doing better is that true?”
  • “hoseok, namjoon helped me realize that I need to tell you something”
  • and he freezes
  • he’s bare faced and beautiful right now just letting you know
  • but he looks so scared and you shake your head and you quickly grab something that was right down near your feet and it’s a little uncomfortable but whatever
  • okay but you’re now holding a pair of baby shoes and they’re probably heelys throwback and you’re smiling so softly
  • “hoseok we’re having a baby”
  • and he’s silent and that worried you because maybe he actually isn’t ready maybe he isn’t prepared to be a dad what if you messed this up
  • but then he screams okay scratch that he shrieks and he starts jumping up and down and he’s spinning in circles and yelling and yoongi busts down the door and comes running in because he thinks hoseok got hurt or something
  • and hoseok just runs over to yoongi and tackles him to the ground and you hear a thump but you can’t see him cause he moved out of the frame oops and yoongi starts cursing and hoseok is still screaming
  • you still can’t see anything cause hoseok is a mess
  • but you hear him crying now and yoongi is congratulating him and by now all the other boys have run into the room and they’re all flooding the camera and asking you for how long and when’s the due date and all these questions and you’re tearing up cause you can’t believe you didn’t tell him sooner
  • when he’s off the ground hoseok shoves everyone away oops and tells you to get your belly up to the camera so he can kiss the baby and say hi he’s so cute god ily hoseok
  • every morning he starts the video call by saying hello to the baby and then asking how you’re feeling and he’s so cute
  • he does a cute voice when talking to the baby “like hello lil munchkin it’s me your pops how you doing in there is it comfy”
  • okay but when they do come home you go to pick him up from the airport and by this point you’re like three months pregnant?? about?? all I know about pregnancy is based off nance tbh but you have like a minimal bump it’s like not even there honestly but
  • and he gets off the plane and he walks in to the gate and and look who’s there it’s you and he shoves jin and namjoon out of the way and he sprints over to you and he picks you up and spins you around in his arms and kisses your face all over and then gets on his knee and kisses your bump all over and starts rambling to the baby “hi it’s me its me, your dad I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you”
  • okay but hoseok doesn’t let you do anything while you’re pregnant
  • you’re reaching for a cup to get some water and he bolts up from across the room and gets it for you instead
  • “jagiya don’t you dare strain yourself that’s how you get hurt!!”
  • “hoseok it’s a cup…?”
  • you try to get up in the middle of the night cause pregnant ladies always need to pee oh my god and hoseok jerks awake and he physically carries you to the bathroom so you don’t strain yourself
  • he has a list of baby names on the fridge already and he adds a new one every single day
  • except you start to notice that there are only boy names up in this camp and you kinda?? “we aren’t gonna find out the gender.. you remember that conversation right hoseok darling??”
  • “please honey i know this is gonna be a boy baby okay”
  • “how you know this??”
  • “well because when-”
  • you just give him a look like please hoseok i dont even wanna hear what obscure theory you have about childbirth cause i bet theyre all lies yoongi has been feeding you
  • yoongi is really invested in this baby cause hoseok was his lil babe he needed to protect and he low key needs to make sure everything is okay
  • he is the most supportive of hoseok like sometimes hobi will come to him in tears cause he’s worried that he won’t be a good father or something ?? and he gets so stressed and yoongi tells him that he will be the best dad in the world and that this kid is gonna have the best family in the world and it’s really super touching
  • anyway
  • hoseok goes overboard with buying things for the nursery and everything!! you guys paint it a light green okay and it has this cute jungle theme and you have lots of animal plushies and this little wallpaper border that goes around the wall and a rocking chair and he sits in it all the time “soon i’ll be sitting here with our baby”
  • he buys the cutest clothes for the baby too oh my god and all of them say daddy’s prince or daddy’s boy and you’re like hoseok this could be a small girl and he’s still shoving the cart with daddy’s number one onesies
  • his sister sends you two lots of baby clothes too!! and bunch of never before seen pics of baby hobi to inspire you
  • you guys keep all your baby pics around cause when your baby is born you wanna compare the child to you two as small lil kids
  • probably goes up to random strangers like “hi my wife is pregnant doesn’t she look so amazing though wow when the baby is born i can send you some pics!!”
  • “um that’s wonderful sir but would you like to pay cash or credit”
  • every single night he calls his parents to update them on the baby and let them know that everything is going smoothly
  • he also asks his dad for advice cause i think hoseok is someone who internalizes his problems and always expects himself to be perfect so he’s a little stressed about not doing something right so he needs all the advice he can get
  • practices dad things with tae and jin’s babies but mostly tae’s cause he’s a bit older and jin doesn’t like people going near his little girl
  • like he holds the baby and he squeals every time he gets the little thing to laugh or smile and you look on fondly cause he’s going to be the most perfect dad in the world
  • he always has his hands on the bay bump like you guys are sitting and watching psych?? well he just keeps a hand on the belly and traces hearts and smiles and i love you and it tickles a lot and you end up giggling
  • that’s when the first kick happens tbh
  • like you two are chilling and watching your movie and he traces down the name he really likes for the baby like his most favorite name he’s been pestering you about for ages now and he finishes the last letter and the baby kicks really hard and you two freeze then stare at each other
  • he screams and you scream and you both start to tear up a bit and he’s hugging you super tight and he kisses your face all over
  • whenever you guys go to the doctors he’s a little stressed “um is my baby healthy are they gonna be here soon and by they i mean he cause i know my own child’s gender trust me”
  • and the nurses think it’s so funny cause like obvious first time parents right here
  • but your baby is super healthy and when hoseok sees the little picture thing for the first time he full out weeps like not tearing up nope he’s sobbing and he squeezes your hand because that’s his baby?? and they’re so healthy and perfect?? and it’s actually happening, he’s actually going to be a father??
  • okay but he takes the time out of his day to sit down and he has one hand on your belly and the other is holding a large book of fairy tales and he reads to your lil baby every single night cause he loves reading and he wants his baby to have that seem love and he wants to let the baby hear his voice as much as possible
  • the baby likes to kick when he reads so he does it a lot more
  • decides that the baby will be dancing the day they take their first steps and he has all these baby dance shoes ready for the moment it happens even though you’re like “that’s gonna take a few months there buddy”
  • he loves to make some songs for the baby not like hardcore songs but like just more like nursery rhyme type things and he’ll sing them at the top of his lungs all the days long
  • you guys don’t have a gender reveal party cause you didn’t want to find out anyhow but yoongi does organize something for you two
  • except it’s him and namjoon and chim cause the others are busy with babies or their own upcoming pregnancies oops
  • they send gifts though
  • and you can tell hoseok is upset he plays it off though all casual like he doesn’t seek to care at all but you know he’s upset
  • like he eats his cake all glum and yoongi and namjoon are exchanging looks and they seem rather worried and you’re rubbing his back and he doesn’t wanna seem ungrateful especially cause yoongi even baked the cake by himself!!
  • and you’re opening presents and it’s super cute and fun and hoseok begins to cheer up but then the doorbell rings
  • hoseok gets up to open it cause you’re too swollen for this crap
  • there’s all the boys and they’re smiling wide and giggling and they step aside and there is hoseok’s family
  • they went to the airport to pick them up surprise!!
  • and it’s lots of hugging and crying and more hugging and it’s so cute and they’re sicheng precious and cute and they’re all gaping at your belly cause wow you’re so big you’re gonna burst
  • you guys play all these fun baby shower games and yoongi and namjoon end up winning all of them tbqh
  • and you guys make the spare room all ready and they’re gonna stay for a few months to help with the baby cause they know he’s more than worried about everything and like in Asian cultures grandparents do a lot with the kids !! they’re really super involved and his parents wanted to be there
  • they’re the one who end up taking you to the hospital surprise!!
  • it’s probably a week before your due date and you’re cooking dinner and hoseok’s parents are helping you out by setting the table and stuff and you guys are talking about the baby how cute
  • hoseok said he would be home late; they’re learning a new dance routine and some of the boys are having a really hard time so they’re staying longer to make sure they get it down
  • you don’t live close to the studio nope he wanted somewhere far from work cause he didn’t wanna be a workaholic okay
  • anyway you’re stirring the noodles and all of the sudden you kinda “um I think my water broke??”
  • and his mother rushes over and she’s like yup yup I know this I’ve had kids we need to get you to the hospital right now
  • she sits in the back of the car with you while hoseok’s dad drives and his mom is asking you about contractions and whatever happens when people go into labor
  • and she’s squeezing your hand and giving you a pep talk meanwhile she has hoseok on the phone and while you’re pretty calm he’s screaming and you can hear him even though the phone is nowhere near your ear
  • the hospital is probably equal distance from your house and the studio so hoseok promises that he’ll be there for you no doubt about it
  • when you get there, there’s hoseok standing outside the doors, the other boys flanking him
  • he runs to your side and he ushers you inside and behold it begins
  • he is actually really super calm like he holds your hand and talks to you he tries to distract you from your pain by talking to you and keeping up a conversation but when that doesn’t work he’s calming you and inspiring you and reminding you it’s okay
  • and after everything you hear the cry and they’re like ahh the baby is finally here and hoseok breaks down in tears and he’s smiling so brightly and laughing too but he’s crying too ahh it’s so sweet
  • and they wash the baby off and then they hand them over to hoseok
  • “congrats on your baby boy”
  • and he’s crying and he’s whispering sweet nothings to your son and he’s kissing his baby head and oh
  • you hold him too and then they take him to wherever they take babies
  • and all the boys and his parents are there and they’re all pointing and cooing and tae can’t wait to introduce him to his son and oh my god I love babies so much
  • okay the baby has his nose and his cute lil ears and a mix of your eyes and your face ship and lips and he’s a tan lil thing kinda tiny too
  • at home hoseok does not let either of you leave his sight ever
  • he’s always the one who wakes up first when your son does so much as yawns he’s up and ready to help
  • always dancing with the baby on his hip once he’s old enough obv
  • takes him to all their practices when he’s old enough and your son always coos and claps at hoseok
  • takes his first steps in the studio cause hoseok is dancing and not paying attention to him and he gets up and stumbles toward him and you’re crying and hoseok is crying and yikes
  • he always reads to his son always he sits him on his lap and holds the book in front of the both of them so he can see the pictures okay
  • and he does different voices for different characters
  • your baby boy cries if he’s separated from hoseok for too long
  • he’s like the most angelic baby save that one fact
  • hoseok loves to help with bath time cause he’ll make a bubble beard and pretend to be Santa or something and your little boy just squeals
  • he loves tae’s little boy he’s always playing with him and they’re brothers from the beginning oh my god can you imagine
  • anyway hoseok will be the best father im convinced part two will be coming to talk about the other jung kiddos
Protective Father Mode

Request-request for some John love? I’m desperate!! one where the reader is his youngest child and goes through her first real heartbreak and he comes through for her and comforts her? :) @itsrainbowunicornstuff

Word count-682

Warnings-Mild swearing and mentions of break up 

Tag- @evyiione

A/n- Again I’m really sorry it’s up late! But I hope you enjoy some John fluff <3

You didn’t have the most normal life. Probably the most normal thing you had is going to school. But you didn’t care. You have two amazing older brothers, a dad who most of the time can be strict but you knew he loved you all, and an amazing boyfriend. You met Zack in your history class and that’s where it all started. He is the most kind and gorgeous boy you’ve ever met. You loved him and he loved you … well that’s what you thought.

“Excuse me?” You asked Zack on the phone while unpacking your stuff in a motel. Sam and Dean were on a different hunt so it was just you and John.

“(Y/n) your a lovely girl and so beautiful but I don’t think it’s going to work out. I feel we both can find someone better do you understand?”  He was using kind words but you could tell he wanted one of your friends whose he’s been talking to behind your back.

“Screw. You.” You say holding the tears back and hanging up.”

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Home (Tony Stark!Adoptive Dad x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader)

(Hey guys so I’m not really sure if I like how this turned out but it was requested so I’m gonna go ahead and post it anyways. Also, there is a lot more Tony then there is Peter! Just letting you know!) 

Requested : Yes! (So this is a kinda big request can u do one where the reader is Tony Starks daughter and she’s adopted so she has fire powers, and Spider-Man gets added to the team and the reader has seen the videos of him Tony showed her and she like became a huge fan, Peter ends up liking her a lot too but Tony is really overprotective, sorry if it’s really specific.)

Warnings: A little sad (i guess), lil fluffy with Peter that’s it.

Word Count: 1,261


It was as if it happened yesterday. You remember it all, you remembered the heat, you remember the tightening in your chest, you remember your screams when you knew you were no longer in your own control, you remember the feeling of people running from you, and mostly you remembered the feeling of guilt.

You had hurt so many people, simply because you lost control of your power, you were left alone and abandoned by a family that once loved you uncontrollably. 

You were so young and so afraid of the world, your powers made people scared of you, you knew you were never going to be able to feel normal, and that hurt, that frightened you.

Then you found a place called home.

Tony Stark, found you on the streets alone pushing along a shopping cart with lord knows what, the first thing he said to you was, “Where’s your family kid?” He had pulled up next to you, in one of those shiny cars that you only see in the movies, and you froze, you knew who it was, and you knew what he was capable of, so your first reaction, you lifted up your hand making fire come out of each of your fingertips. His face was frozen in shock, “You should probably come with me.” You nodded not questioning and getting into his car.

It had been about 3 years since then, and you were now living with Tony Stark in the Avengers headquarters, with your now, so-called ‘family’. You were the youngest, until one day Tony told you he was ready to recruit someone else to the team.

He sat you on the couch with him, showing you videos of this, thing swinging from building to building, saving people from getting hit by cars, and stopping small robberies and immediately you were interested in who was under the mask.

You remembered spending days on your computer, looking up every video of the Spider-Man, every picture, every incident that involved him. You were so curious about who was under the mask, and how could anyone get a power like that. It was so different to you.

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Ship 01: Annon

Could I have a ship please and thank you? I’m female, 15, 5'6", and I have shoulder length black hair and greenish grey eyes. I have super pale skin an a few feckless across my nose. I love reading, listening to music, drawing, and watching tv. I’m pretty quiet most of the time and don’t like big crowds, and I also don’t like talking to people I don’t know and I have a hard time trusting people, but once you get to know me I’m funny, sweet, and sometimes sarcastic. Hope you have a great day

Male Ship:

Originally posted by melodymaysecret

Theon didn’t believe it possible but there you were and his heart stopped. It had been only a second but you intrigued him.

How could the niece of Tyrion Lannister be so shy?

It was, believe it or not, you who made the first move, him being to insecure to talk, and with an extra push from your Uncle, you two began courting.

You and Theon are very alike and this can cause some complications in the relationship but at the same time, it pulls you tighter together.

Female Ship:

Originally posted by seriesparadise

You and Dany met in Season 5 and instantly clicked. You defended her and she you, even her children loved you. She is a bit over protective and lives in fear of loosing you, but she is committed and kind to you, caring about you non- stop.  The only thing that really drifted you two apart was your difficult past. That’s were your personality is different from hers.

While she is often to busy to share your hobbies, she adores watching you doodle or something in your freetime.

Your relationship is kept a secret from everyone but your Uncle who found out in… Well…. Let’s just say he found out and ran.

You are very passionate lovers. Literally it was love at first words. You guys are like soulmates.


Originally posted by housebaratheonaesthetic

Your eyes told me the story at first, then again with mentions of freckles, and finally when you said you were sarcastic I knew you were a member of House Lannister, but in my mind, perhaps you were the true born child of Robert and Cersei. This being said, Cersei made sure you wouldn’t be a problem and fostered you off to Vale when you were eight. Lysa Arryn “raised” you and helped take care of Robin. After the death of her husband, Lysa sent you home, where you for the first time met your baby brother Tommen.

Originally posted by thegameofthronesbitches


You are born between Mycrella and Joffrey, second eldest.


Originally posted by iheartgot

Robert adores you. It is clear you are possibly his only child, but that’s not why: he adores your personality and is very over protective of you. He writes you often and will send you home at least twice a year, usually at least four times.


Originally posted by mynuttylifeinanuttyshell

Your mother was honestly terrified of you and wasn’t afraid to show it. When you survived infancy, it meant that Robert not only had a true born heir, but now there was prof that her children could be bastards or worse, children of incest. This being said, she does care in a strange way, she just cares about her other children more and will try to separate you from them (spoiler: it doesn’t work). She writes once a year, just to inform you of life in the capital.


Originally posted by requiemforawhore

  He’s a brat to you, extremely over protective, and is very jealous of your relationship with your guys’ father. Joffrey with you is very bipolar. He cares and will show it sometimes but he also is pretty crude to you as well. Deep down however, you are one of few (or only) he cares for. He wrote to you at least twice a year while you were gone.


Originally posted by dailymartells

Your baby sister was so little when you were fostered off she did not even remember having an older. Upon finding out she would write to you CONSTANTLY (more than your father) and would never leave your side when you got home. When she was sent to Drone, her writing became even more frequent and she even picked up your enjoyment of drawing. She is defiantly of your best friends, but I’m not gonna count it because she’s family.


Originally posted by sergendry

Much like you did with little Robin, you were a really big part of Tommen’s life and you two clicked as soon as you met. You being shy and him being hidden from the world, he spent a lot of time by your side while you listened to music, reading, drew, and played with his cat together. He confides in you and you in him. He is one of two males beside your father that you are the closest to. He would be one of your best friends.


Originally posted by my-favoritess

Though a little more compassionate than his twin, your uncle shared your moms fears. However he did care about you dearly and worried for you. He wrote twice a year.


Originally posted by thebestofgameofthrones

To say that you and Tyrion were close would be an understatement. You constant stood up for him whether he was present or not even though you are shy and he you, though you didn’t really need it. He broke you out a the Landing with him to protect you! By far you are his favorite out of the children of his sister. He would give his life for you.


Originally posted by iheartgot

He doesn’t care all that much until he sees your face. Then he knows you are a threat to his family.


Originally posted by lilyfrankenstein

She tolerated you and appreciated (and despised) your relationship with her son. As soon as Jon was killed, she sent you home without hesitation.

Jon or Jonh:

He never got to know you, but you knew a lot about him and mourned his death dearly.


Originally posted by sciencevsromance

  You saved me (and my mom) a TON of pain and suffering by stopping this boys annoying and childish habits. You pulled him from his mother and taught him how to be proper but most importantly, kind. He looks up to you and misses you dearly when his mother sends you home.

Best Male Friend:

Originally posted by kutsalkasedekisu

You had only met the boy a few times, but you tried to write to him.  You never expected him to ever write back. He did only once, to thank you. Telling you that you had helped him through a hard part of his life and filled you in, begging you to continue, but he wouldn’t be able to reply for another year, only being able to do so because of his friend Sam.

  Best Female Friend:

Originally posted by diver5ion

Funny, how you love the girl who want to run Needle through you is the one girl you admire the most. She was a true warrior and kind at the same time. Beautiful, selfless. Everything you wished you be but couldn’t because of your position. You hoped one day to meet again.

Season/ Book you are introduced:

Season 1, Episode 2.

 A Game of Thrones by George RR Martain.


Nah you are still alive and well.

Last we saw you on the show, you were on your way home with your Uncle and the Queen, ready to over throw your mother. Though… Be careful in battle… You are a fan favorite and we don’t want to loose you yet.

  Last we saw you in the book, you are being consulted by Tyrion while you fear for the fate of your little siblings and contemplate if you should go and see your sister or not.

BTS as your husband

Jin: Man, I feel like he would be that husband that will make all your friends jealous. He can cook, clean, also imagine all those dad jokes. (HAHa) anyways like he’d let you sleep in and make your children breakfast and help them get ready for school. Then after the kids are gone he’d go up to your room and shower you with kisses and make you wake up. Also imagine little date nights (awe) he’ll spend like 2 days planning your date night you get like once every 2 months or so. And him coming home from work and just showering you with kisses, telling you how much he missed you. Also when he’s in the mood- (ya know what I mean by mood) he isn’t gonna let you off easy. Don’t worry he’ll go easy on you AT FIRST ;) but overall Jin would be an amazing dad and husband.

Rap Monster: Honestly for Namjoon he’d be a great dad but don’t let him do the dishes. He’ll break ALL of the dishes, even the dishes you thought were hard to break, he’ll break them all. Also not letting him stand or walk around with the baby in his hands because you’re afraid he might drop your precious child. Also telling him to calm down when you’re at the park because he’s feeling needy. And telling him to stop grabbing your booty while you’re at the grocery store. He’d try to help you around the house but you don’t let him because he doesn’t clean ‘your way’ he’ll come home from work and greet the kids then go into the kitchen and hug you from behind (awe) also after the kids go to sleep you let him become god of destruction in the bedroom ;)

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Headcanon: Jacob with his pregnant girlfriend

-Jacob is always an overprotective bunny because he is so afraid someone could hurt his loved one
-So imagine him when she is pregnant omg
-He is so paranoid that she would roll her eyes at him at least one-hundred times a day
-Because yes he’d get reeeeeeeally apprehensive
-Like ordering his Rooks to patrol DAY AND NIGHT near his wife’s house
-Or costantly taking days off from his assassin and gang leader duties just to stay with her
-Or when he is on a mission he’d sneak off from the field and go and check on her
-Did I also mention how he would be like when he comes back home at night, only to find his wife sleeping peacefully?
-(Hey, is that a tear in you eye, Jacob?)
-He would carefully sit on the bed near her and spend several minutes caressing her locks and kissing her belly
-Yeah he loves kissing her belly
-Especially in the third trimester
-Because it is so swollen that he can feel the baby moving from the inside
-Oh, I almost forgot - he would talk to it, too
-“Ohi, Little Rook? Can you hear daddy, Little Rook?” “Jacob, our baby is NOT going to be a Rook.” “*sad face*”
-And he’d love feeling it kicking under his touch or watching his wife’s amused expression
-And, hey - imagine if he had two twins
-“So, brother of mine, how are you two going to call them?” “Is it not obvious, sweet sister?” “Why?” “Jacob and Evie Frye junior, of course!” “*facepalm*”
-Yes he would go crazy at the idea of having twins
-*childbirth* *hears his wife screaming* “oh my shiT WHY IS SHE SCREAMING IS SOMETHING GOING WRONG?!” “It is normal Jac-” “SHUT UP YOU GOB”
-Yup, the childbirth would be as happy as frightening for him
-Losing his mother during childbirth, he has the same fear now since he is going to have a baby himself
-Like choosing the most brilliant doctors at the moment of the birth
-But when she goes into labour he’d get so scared (do you remember when your Sim went into labour on your The Sims and her husband got panicked? He’d do exactly the same) that he would not even have the time and the lucidity to think properly
-So he ends up picking any doctor from the streets
-But then the doctor gets out of the door and gives good news
-Oh, right. He couldn’t give good news before Jacob rushes to him with a face like “OH GODDAMN IT HOW IS SHE HOW IS THE BABY ARE THEY TWINS YOU GODDAMN BASTARD TELL ME HOW IS SHE”
-He would definitely cry like a child for how happy he is too see she’s okay
-Ahem ahem, I meant, THEY are okay.
-His son (or daughter)’s birth would probably make him change his mind
-He would become more careful, mature and responsible
-Because he knows he now has to protect a family, and that’s all that matters
-I should have put this in the first sentences but CAN YOU IMAGINE HIS REACTION ONCE HE DISCOVERS SHE’S PREGNANT?
-Like he would first look shocked by it with a “wadda fuck” face
-But then he realizes and immediately hugs her tightly
-Whispering hundreds of sweet nothings
-“aaaaaahw romantic Jacob💓
-He didn’t get along very well with his father, and he wants his child to have the best parents in this world
-Even though he still fears he might repeat Ethan’s same mistakes and not making his child proud of him
-But we know he is gonna be a wonderful father and love his family more than himself

Chuck Takeover

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YOOO WASSUP GUYS. SO, in honor of Father’s Day, my 2500th post and 100+ followers, I’m gonna show off the World’s Greatest Dad! I’m doing a Chuck takeover for the rest of the day! Send in your asks and ill have him answer! Get as weird as you want! Anything he says will be in “quotation marks” and italics!

“Hi, um, how are you kids doing today? Alaina is blackmailing me into this. I’ll answer any questions as best I can for the rest of the day though.”