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for @monsieur-sangoire who wanted a fantasy AU Bakugou taking in an injured reader and growing closer to them and asking them to join him. (I hope this is somewhat well enough and kind of what you wanted)

Bakugou prowls through the camp he set up and some of the other bandits throw him half-salutes or nods in greeting. He barely pays attention to half of his underlings, only meets the eyes of his closest friends and trusted comrades, before he steps into his tent and towards the one resting inside.

The person he found on one of his patrols with some of his companions looks like they’re ready to leave soon. They warned him and his group of an impending attack and of a mole in their rows – both of their claims have turned out to be true once Bakugou checked it out.

That stranger warned them and risked an attack by the guards, has come as a bit of a surprise. The locals don’t really mind him and his group, since Bakugou has no interest in harassing them.

No, he’s here for the knights and the royal guards and all the blue-bloods that travel through the forest and mountain pass he claimed as his. It’s the fight with the warriors that he wants and the gold and other things they steal are just a nice bonus to him.

The bleeding wounds of the person who warned them have healed over nicely and by now, Bakugou has come to know them rather well. Their name, where they came from and what brought them here. If anything, Bakugou found himself breaking out into a laugh once or twice thanks to their company and while they take no shit from him, they also don’t look down on him or treat him without respect.

Settling down on his own furs, Bakugou turns to them. “So, looks like you’re finally fucking healthy enough to walk again.”

They nod, giving him a small smile. “Thank you, for saving me.”

He scoffs. “It’s fucking repay for your information. Besides, I don’t like people bleeding out in my forest, at least when I don’t have a hand in it.” He shrugs and feels the scowl on his face lighten, when they give him a lightly bigger and warmer smile.

Okay, damn, he fucking likes them. Somehow, between him grouching at them not to aggravate their wounds and them having more and more conversations with him, he grew used to their company. He likes to have them around, though he won’t say it out loud.

“Will I have to leave soon?” They ask, sobering up. Bakugou feels a light twinge at the thought in his chest and grits his teeth for a moment.

“Like I fucking care.” He says and shrugs. “You could join us.”

They give him a surprised look and he frowns. “What?”

“I could stay?” They ask, sounding like they didn’t expect him to invite them.

Bakugou exhales and drags a hand through his hair, grumbling under his breath for a moment before he looks them squarely in the eye.

“Of course you could fucking stay. I’m damn asking you to.” He straightens. “So? Your answer?”

They slowly break out into a grin and Bakugou finds himself mirroring it. “Yes, I’ll stay.”

He huffs out a laugh. “Fucking perfect. Now rest up, you’re still frigging injured.”

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okay, you know how there are a lot of headcanons and shit about oikawa being photogenic? okay, but what if oikawa literally takes a hundred and thirteen selfies for each one he uploads. iwaizumi and matsuwaka and hanamaki have so much blackmail material. and oikawa tries to get payback on his boyfriend. but it turns out... hajime is the photogenic one. legends say, oikawa explored the earth for decades for the one ugly picture of iwaizumi...


oikawa spends hours posing and messing with filters before he can get any decent selfies, so it irks him to no end that iwaizumi, who literally doesn’t care whatsoever how he looks in pictures, aLWAYS LOOKS FRIGGING PERFECT IN EVERY SINGLE ONE


Niall sighed heavily and ran a hand through his hair in frustration. There were about six hundred other things he’d rather be doing than be in this situation. He was getting impatient and childishly tired and annoyed. He was driving to go shopping in downtown London. But as per usual, when it was convenient to shop for him, he was stuck in God-awful London traffic. Niall tapped his steering wheel to the beat of a song not realizing it was coming from the car behind him. He glanced in his rear view and saw the pretty girl dancing to She Looks So Perfect.

He chuckled to himself as he watched her have a grand old time as she sang to herself. He held his phone up and took a video of her as she snaked around a bit to sit in a spot of traffic where she wouldn’t be beeped at.

Thankfully, that spot was right next to Niall. He watched her as she shook her silky sweet locks around and giggled and danced to herself. She had the best smile he’d ever seen and he couldn’t get over how beautiful she looked as she danced in the most carefree way. She looked so happy and he couldn’t believe how good she looked.

The song restarted. Oh God, he was a goner. His heart fluttered and hands shook as he pulled his phone up as she sang and danced with as much enthusiasm as she did the first time. This was the best traffic he ever could have hoped for. After taking a snap chat to send to Ashton. “Looks like you have a pretty fan I’m about to steal,” he said to Ashton with the caption #traffic. “Nice music, darling,” he called over her music. Her head snapped to him and her jaw fell open and her eyes widened incredibly. She smacked the volume silencing the music. “Don’t stop on my account, love. I love that song. I’m a huge fan of the boys,” he joked. She blushed a ton and stared straight ahead trying to disappear. Niall snickered and got out of his car and tried not to make a scene as he moved over to your passenger side after seeing no one was moving for the time being.

Niall Horan is in my car. You thought to yourself. You didn’t breathe in fear you’d ruin this precarious setting. He slowly inched the music up and smiled toward you. “Are you a fan of just 5SOS? Or can I make a case for 1D?” He asked. “I’m a pretty big fan of both,” he said knowingly with a smile. You giggled once and he already adored that sound.

“I’m a bigger One Direction fan actually,” you told him. “But I love this song,” you explained as you fiddled with your fingers against the steering wheel.

“Where are you coming from at rush hour, darling?” He asked.

“I just wanted to drive for a bit after work, clear my head,” you shrugged and smiled softly. “Dance and have no one see me or remember me…” You sighed. “Looks like that didn’t work.”

He smiled at you. “Where do you work?” He asked.

“I’m a secretary for a medical company–nothing super fancy. But I get to dress the way I’ve always wanted to,” you smirked. Niall glanced over your outfit. A pair of black pants with white polka dots and a white blouse that looked super cute on you.

“Can I ask if you’re wearing American Apparel underwear?” He smirked. You laughed loudly and he grinned delightedly that he made you do that. He chuckled and scrolled through your music and found a variety of everything. He skipped to albums looking for what you had completed and so on. “Are you an Eagles fan?” He asked in shock. “I don’t know any person our age that likes them…” he said. He found the perfect girl sitting in frigging traffic. He wanted to write a book.

“Oh…um…I’m not a super fan, I enjoy their music, it’s calming. My mom told me she listened to it while she was pregnant with me. I tell myself that it stuck,” you shrugged as you glanced to see what he would find in your music selection.

His phone pinged with an influx of messages. He snickered. “Oh, God. I’m sorry love, I took a snapchat of you dancing, you looked so, so cute and I sent it to Ash…” he said looking at you shyly. You must think he’s a creep. “He thinks you look so perfect…and uh…I told him I was going to steal his pretty fan, but he called dibs. So I’ll let you pick,” he winked.

You gaped and blushed heavily. “You took a video of me?” You asked in horror.

“I’m sorry, darling. I thought you looked beautiful,” he said. “Can I make it up to you somehow? Dinner maybe?” He asked cheekily. “Where are you headed?” He wondered.

“Erm…the mall…but–” you started shyly.

“Perfect, I’m headed there too. This is my number,” he said and set his contact as Nialler <3 and then pecked your cheek before rushing back to his car just in time for traffic to get moving.


He sat in his car for ten minutes after you two parted ways. Then his phone rang with an unknown number. “Hello?” He asked.

“Did you really think I looked beautiful enough to take to dinner?” You asked insecurely. Niall Horan was beautiful 24/7…you were worried you wouldn’t look up to snuff.

“You look beautiful enough to meet the Queen, darling,” he said with a sigh nd a smile as he thought about you dancing again. He was completely curious about the kind of girl you were and he was pretty sure that’s all love at first sight was–the overwhelming desire to know someone you had just met. “Where are you?” He wondered hoping you hadn’t left out of shyness.

You sighed heavily. “I’ve been parked next to you for five minutes watching you stare at your phone for my phone call, I presume.” He looked out the window and smiled brightly at you and then hung up. Kindly, he opened your door for you and rested a hand on your lower back as he guided you into the mall and tugged you toward the restaurant so that you would get there quickly with avoiding a crowd of fans as best you two could.

“So,” he said as you waited for your food to come around. “Are you more of an Ashton girl or a Niall girl?” he wondered. You giggled and blushed a bit more.


“And you can tell me the truth, but literally, you’re adorable and if you don’t want me, I’ll gladly set you up with Ash,” he promised. He wouldn’t be happy about it, because you were unbelievably adorable and he wanted you all to himself–but he wanted you to be happy.

“Um…I’m actually…like…a total Luke girl,” you said softly. He frowned and looked at the table for a moment about to offer his number and tell Luke all about you. “Oh my God, I’m kidding, please don’t ever look that sad again, I’ve been a Niall girl since day one. I’ve wanted a Horan hug and to play soccer with you for hours,” you promised with a shy smile. He smiled in delight and stared in shock. Soccer, too? You were literally perfect.

“Really?” He asked. “Most girls these days like tatoos…and drummers,” he said a tad insecurely. Niall was a shy person despite how carefree he was. He wasn’t the best with girls. He knew that he could make most girls melt but he didn’t know if he actually impressed them. Some never wanted to be in pictures with him. He knew that he wasn’t the most popular in the band…but he liked to think that he impressed some of his fans.

“Well I like Irish, unmarked-skinned, singing-guitar players,” you said knowingly. He grinned excitedly and looked up at you.

“You’re amazing,” he whispered.

You blushed. “Hardly.”

He shook his head and She Looks So Perfect started playing. “I think it’s only fitting that we dance, darling,” he hummed softly. “This is our song, now,” he said tugging you from your seat.

“Is it now?” You asked.

He smiled down at you and smirked softly. “You look so perfect,” he whispered into your ear.You blushed and he kissed your cheek before starting his dance with you.

The first of many.