he is flawless. flawless i tell you


Sophies meme | 5 of 9 scenes
6.20 - Super Cool Party People

Day 3: Charm / Song-inspired (using both! here’s the song)

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[This got longer than anticipated so it’s going under the cut, but HERE IT IS - HP AU!! *yelling*]


Oikawa’s nose scrunches up, but he doesn’t care enough to try and neutralize his expression - besides, there’s no one here watching right now except Hanamaki and Matsukawa, and they’re going to give him shit either way.

“There’s no way that works,” he says, oozing contempt.

“You won’t know if you don’t try it out,” Hanamaki says, shrugging as if the matter meant no more to him than the headline of the Daily Prophet . (His mom sends them, in an attempt to educate my foolish son , but Makki mostly throws them out without sparing them a second glance - no matter how reproachful the family owl looks when he does so. Being the son of the editor in chief means absolutely nothing to him.)

“I mean, you don’t really have anything to lose, do you?” Matsukawa tacks on, holding out the folded piece of paper for Oikawa to take.

Oikawa’s frown deepens.

“I don’t like this. At all. He’s gonna see right through it.” He even goes so far as to take a step back. “Besides - I know you guys have heard of amortentia. Do you know how long that takes to brew? There’s no way some simple charm -”

“It’s not gonna make him fall in love with you,” Hanamaki interrupts. “Obviously. But that’s not what you want, anyway. You just want to… make him admit his feelings. Right?”

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27/01 Happy birthday to the prettiest flower: Hanamaki!!

Reasons why you should love Makki (How could you not?!)

He is so underrated it’s A CRIME!

He is a wing spiker that is fantastic at recieves:

F L A W L E S S i tell you

Strong with his serves:

Hello? He can toss as well!

And be an awesome senpai when you do great, btw:

Want more cute things? How about Makki being an Iwaizumi fangirl? (Who isn’t, anyway?)


He is the master of teasing at Seijou (With his boyfriend as well)

And, just if you need one more extra reason.. he is a bae: 

Fierce and flawless. NOW GO AND LOVE HIM FOREVER!! 

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Okay can we talk about how fucking flawless his voice was on slow hands today?! It was absolute perfection how does this kid always sound exactly like he sounds on the record when he's playing acoustic it's just madness I tell you madness

😩😩😩 bc he’s flawless pure talent, THATS WHY!!!!

I just saw this photo on Instagram and I thought to myself “ Photo from last night? Hum nop…At this point he must be looking older idk this looks like a photo from 2011 or idk nah this is not recent he looks way too young” then I looked to the description and the girl next to him said “Was amazing to meet Billie Joe again LAST NIGHT” YOU HEAR ME? LAST NIGHT! and now Im screaming cuz of his flawless Ok now stop reading this and take a look at his face come on Done? Now tell me HOW CAN HE BE SO FUCKING PRETTY? THIS IS AN ATTEMPET TO SOCIETY CAUSE IT BRINGS EVERYONE’S SELF ESTEEM DOWN. And I think Billie Joe should be arrested for excess of hotness Done

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could you give me an angsty drarry please. rip my heart out but with a happy ending? thanks love you

*clears throat* one ripped out heart with a happy ending, coming up. (love you too, mystery prompt person!! <3)

There was something wrong with Potter.

Draco didn’t know what it was, but he could see it inside of him, festering. Permeating from his skin like a curse.

But no one else seemed to notice it. As Draco looked around the castle grounds, all he could see were students enjoying the sunshine after their final exams.

Students, and Potter, sitting by the lake with an almost visible black fog seeping from his pores.

Draco was alone, just as he had spent most of eighth year. From the beginning, the mere thought of talking to someone who could not comprehend the atrocities of the war was less than palatable. And anyone who could comprehend it hadn’t bothered to return to Hogwarts.

Potter, on the other hand, was never alone. But Draco couldn’t shake the feeling that perhaps he wanted to be.

Draco had long since forgotten their petty rivalry; war had a way of forcing perspective, whether you wanted it or not.

Besides, he felt an inescapable solidarity with Potter. Although they hadn’t spoken beyond brief greetings – pleasantly free from animosity – Draco felt certain that Potter was the only one who might have a hope of understanding what Draco had experienced during the war. And even though Potter had his friends with him, Draco was wondering more and more lately if Potter wouldn’t feel the same about him.

Of course, there was also the fact that once Draco no longer had their mutual hatred to distract him, there was nothing left to keep him from the knowledge that he was desperately, irrefutably in love with the man.

He planned on telling him one day, just not yet.

So, when Potter’s friends gave up trying to engage him in their conversation, and for once left him alone, Draco stood up and walked over.

He ignored the way Potter’s shoulders had relaxed into the silence - the way he seemed for once to be at peace - and sat down. Deep down, Draco acknowledged that he’d always been selfish like that.

Potter looked up in confusion, but to Draco’s surprise, the tenseness did not return to his posture.

“Malfoy,” he said.

“Potter,” Draco replied, settling himself comfortably onto the grass.

They sat that way for a while, each lost in their own thoughts.

“What’s wrong?” Draco asked finally.

Potter shrugged, loquacious as ever.

Draco raised one eyebrow. “Any idiot can see it,” he drawled. “And, for whatever reason, you don’t want to tell your friends. Maybe telling your enemy will help.”

Potter looked up to see Draco smirking. He laughed quietly. “Well,” he said, pausing. “That’s flawless logic if ever I heard it.”

“I am flawless,” Draco replied. “So, what’s wrong?”

“He’s still inside me.”

Draco froze. The words were ambiguous, but their meaning was clear. Suddenly, the gentle sunshine felt cold and grey, like they were sitting inside a photograph.

“How?” he whispered.

Potter sighed. “I survived death – so did the Horcrux. To destroy a living Horcrux, you need to kill the host.” His eyes met Draco’s, and he gave a wry smile. “There’s no room for loopholes with that kind of magic. The Killing Curse damaged the piece of his soul in me, but it didn’t destroy it, because it didn’t destroy me. It’s only faint, but it’s still there. I can feel it.”

Draco didn’t know what to say. He felt like there was a hole where his stomach should be, and he was slowly sinking into it.

“What will you do? Has Granger found a way to destroy it?”

Potter shook his head. “They don’t know. I won’t tell them.”

Draco’s ears were ringing. “But-” his voice was shaking. He tried again. “But you have to move quickly. Who knows when He’ll grow strong enough to do something? He could possess you, Potter.”

“I know,” Potter said, the smile still on his face. He held Draco’s gaze, but said nothing further.

There was something that Draco was missing.

“So, you already know what to do, then?” he asked, frowning.

Potter nodded, finally turning away.

“What is it, you melodramatic git?” Draco snapped.

Potter looked at him, just looked at him.

Draco felt a strange numbness settle through his body. In the distance, he could hear people laughing and chatting, but it was like it was in slow motion.

“When?” Draco managed to ask, his voice a throaty whisper.

“I thought I’d wait until everyone had finished exams,” Potter mused.

Exams were over.

Draco tried to speak, but his lips felt like lead. “There has to be another way,” he finally managed.

Potter shrugged again. “I’ve spent all year looking,” he said simply. “Time’s running out.” He smiled, his eyes staring into the distance. “It was too good to be true, really. I should have known I couldn’t cheat death.”

“Let me look,” Draco found himself begging.

Potter looked at him in mild surprise, but shook his head. “Thanks, Malfoy, but really, there’s nothing. I’ve looked everywhere, and asked everyone who might know the answer. There’s nothing, and it’s too dangerous for me to stay.”

To stay… like all he was doing was leaving for a little while.

Potter stood up suddenly. “Thanks, Malfoy. I know I can trust you not to tell them.” He frowned slightly, almost to himself. “For some reason, I feel like you’re the only one who might have a hope of understanding this.”

He gave a small laugh, before lifting his hand in farewell and turning away, leaving Draco breaking into pieces behind him.

At breakfast, Draco received a letter. It was the first letter he had been sent all year. His parents couldn’t write from Azkaban.

I know this is a terrible thing to ask, but I don’t think I can be alone. If you think you can handle it, I’ll be in the Forest at midnight.

If you can’t come, I’ll understand.

Draco’s hands were shaking so much he could hardly read the words. If he could handle it? Of course he couldn’t handle it. But he couldn’t leave Potter alone either.

At midnight, he waited by the Forest near Hagrid’s hut. He heard a noise behind him, and turned to see Potter emerging from the shadows.

“You came,” he said calmly.

Draco nodded. Feeling like he was part of a dream, he followed Potter deeper into the forest.

“How are you doing it?” he heard himself ask. He wasn’t certain, but he couldn’t imagine someone would be capable of casting the Killing Curse on themselves, and Draco sure as hell wasn’t going to do it for him.

Draco thought he misheard the answer. “Basilisk venom?!” he repeated in shock. “You have to be joking.”

Potter half turned to give him the most chilling smile Draco had ever seen. “Have to be certain the Horcrux is gone, and we know that Basilisk venom destroys them. Besides, it doesn’t hurt much. I’ve had it before.”

Draco was horrified to realise that he was crying. He hastily wiped the tears from his cheeks, hurrying to catch up.

“Are you sure about this?”


Potter stopped, and Draco cannoned into him. Potter turned and ran a hand through his hair. For the first time, he seemed to be regretting something.

“Look,” he said quietly. “I shouldn’t have asked you here. I’m sorry. It was just-” He sighed. “It was weak of me. But, I thought that maybe, because we’re not really friends-” Potter’s face twisted into an ironic sort of smile. “Well, I thought you would be able to handle it.”

Draco tried to speak, but found himself choking instead. He couldn’t breathe – it was too dark, and there wasn’t enough oxygen in here.

“And also,” Potter continued like he hadn’t even noticed Draco’s internal battle. “I didn’t want to go without telling you. Which is selfish, I know. But I think I’m allowed that, after all this.”

Potter suddenly stepped forward and cupped Draco’s face in his hands. Before Draco knew what was happening, Potter’s lips were pressed against his. And then, just as quickly, they were gone.

Draco gaped at him, but he had already stepped back into the shadows. There was vial in his hand that Draco hadn’t noticed before. With a finality that left Draco breathless, Potter lifted the vial to his lips and drank.

“No!” Draco burst out. Without thinking, he dived forward and knocked the vial from Potter’s hand.

It smashed into pieces on the rock. Potter stared at him, his eyes wide and glistening with fear and horror. He dropped to his knees, and Draco caught him, but it was too late.

“Potter, you idiot,” Draco sobbed, holding Potter – Harry – upright in his arms.

Harry smiled. “Still,” he said weakly. “This is a better way to go than last time.”

Something was niggling at the back of Draco’s mind, buried deep beneath fear and panic. He tried to focus on it, but it kept slipping away. He held Harry to him and wept.

If only Dumbledore’s phoenix were here – he could save Harry. Then they could figure out how to get rid of the Horcrux.

Draco froze, the niggling thought suddenly penetrating the fog of despair.

“Phoenix tears,” he gasped. “Harry, will Dumbledore’s phoenix come to you?”

Harry frowned, struggling to focus on Draco’s words. “He has before,” he muttered, confused. “But there’s no point-”

“Just call him, dammit,” Draco hissed.

Even through the pain and delirium, Harry smirked. “I can’t call a phoenix. They either come, or they don’t.”

The words were barely out of Harry’s mouth when a soft rush of air hit Draco’s face. He looked up to see Fawkes slowly landing beside them.

Draco carefully leaned Harry back against a tree and cupped his shaking hands beneath Fawkes beak. The tears dropped slowly in, one by one.

“You have to drink it,” he said forcefully, bringing his hands to Harry’s lips.

Harry tried to turn away, but Draco forced the liquid down his throat. Draco barely breathed as he waited for Harry’s eyes to open again.

After what felt like hours, Harry’s breathing began to steady. When his eyes opened, they looked clear and focused once more.

Draco let out a breath of relief and wrapped his arms around Harry again. He felt Harry pause, before tentatively bringing his own arms up to Draco’s waist, holding him close.

Draco drew back just far enough so that they could see each other.

“I’ll just have to do it again, you know,” Harry said, his voice flat. “And I don’t know if I can do it a second time.”

“Good, because you’re a git and you don’t have to,” Draco said fiercely. “Did it ever occur to you that you were looking for the wrong answer?”

Harry frowned. “What do you mean?”

“You kept trying to destroy the Horcrux, thinking it hadn’t worked the first time. But it was already destroyed. You know what you didn’t do? You didn’t heal, you complete and utter, bloody moron. That’s why you could still feel him.”

Harry continued to look confused.

Draco sighed in exasperation, the relief making him feel giddy. He softened his voice. “Did you really think you could just snap back awake, sans Horcrux, and be yourself again? The scars were still there.”

For the first time since the war, Draco saw hope enter Harry’s eyes.

“Tell me,” Draco continued. “How do you feel now?”

“Good,” Harry said hesitantly. “I feel good. I- I can’t feel him anymore.”

“Of course you can’t,” Draco said, his face breaking into a grin. “Because I am a genius, and you should have asked me sooner.”

Harry stared at him, his mouth open, and then, suddenly, he began to laugh. He drew Draco closer and buried his face in Draco’s neck.

“You’re right,” he said, his voice muffled.

Draco finally felt Harry relax against him, and they stayed there together until the first rays of dawn came through the leaves.

I’m Not Her Though (Newt x Reader)

Warnings: Self-Hate

Also yes I spell Queenie different (Qunnie) get over it.

Song: This Love

You, Jacob, and Newt were sitting at the table with Qunnie and Tina, eating dinner. 

“So Y/N we know why Newt and Jacob are here, what about you?” You hear Qunnie ask. You glance up to see she was trying to read your mind, so broke eye contact, hoping she would get the hint to stop. 

“Newt is a good friend of mine and I didn’t want him going to New York alone. I use to live hear as a kid so I thought it would also be nice if he had someone who knew the area,” You say. You glance over at Newt, who was staring at Tina and having a small chat with her. 

“If you excuse me I’m going to lay down, I’m not very hungry,” you say, getting up from the table. You walk into the small room Tina and Qunnie offered to you, Newt, and Jacob for tonight. You sat in the corner, with the door closed, twiddling with your wand. 

“Why can’t I be pretty like her?” You mumble to yourself. “She has flawless face, a flawless face, works for the Ministry. Of course Newt would like her. I’m just the invisible third wheel friend.” Tears were now streaming down your face. You then hear a knock on the door. Panicking, you grab Newt’s suitcase and open it. You quickly climb inside then close it. Luckily you were the only one who knew Newt;s suitcase could do that, besides Newt obviously. 

You start walking around, finding the bowtruckles. They were the only creatures who liked you. 

“Hey guys,” You whisper softly to them. One them walked over and started to crawl on your hand. “Well at least you like me and not some other perfect, barbie looking, flawless girl.” A tear fell from your eye again followed by more. You sat down, burrowing your face into your knees. You glance up to see the bowtruckle standing on your knee, causing you to smile. 

“You just always want attention huh?” You say softly. 

“That would probably be my fault, they think I favor Pickett,” You hear a voice say. You stand up to see Newt standing in front of you. 

“Pickett’s a lucky guy then,” You say. You carefully placed the bowtruckle back with his friends. 

“Y/N,” Newt mumbles. You glance up at him, making eye contact. “Why did you leave the table? And why did you come here?” 

“I love it here, it reminds me of-” You stop yourself. “I told you I wasn’t hungry.”

“Y/N,” Newt whispers. He tucks your hair behind your hair then placed his hand on your cheek. “I know you are upset talk to me.” 

“I see the way you look at her!” You begin. “With her flawless hair, flawless face, barbie like body.” 

“What’s a barbie?” You hear Newt asks. 

“Never mind that,” You say. “Just tell me already. You like her, how could you not?” Tears were now streaming down your face, again. 

“Is that what you think?” Newt asks you. You nod your head yes. He then takes his hand and wipes off the tears off of your face. “Y/N I love you okay? I have since day one! Why else do you think I invited you to come with me?”  

“I’m not her though,” You mumble. “I’m not pretty like her.

“You are right, you aren’t her,” Newt begins. “She’s pretty but you are beautiful Y/n and I love you.” 

“I love you too Newt,” You whisper. He leans in and kisses your cheek. Newt then leans in to kiss your lips but ends up stopping thanks to Pickett. You couldn’t help but to laugh. 

“Looks like someone is jealous,” You say. You and Newt both laugh which then ends when he kisses you again. 

my reactions to Shadowhunters s01e01

all messages were aimed to @playingfetchwithdinosaurs:

  • it starts with alec looking hot??? bless this show 
  • okay but clary’s clothes are amazing
  • “Simon, how can someone as smart and perceptive as you not realize that the person sitting right there is in love with you?”
    “I guarantee you I’m not the only smart, perceptive person to make that mistake.”
  • clary and simon’s characterization are flawless
  • luke is too hot for me to deal with and woah he’s policeman instead of bookseller 
  • i love the fact they changed the fact jocelyn was gonna tell clary
  • the foreshadowing is ridiculous - 'heading to an epic journey’ and ‘mundane’ omfg
  • i looooooooove clace first meeting
    the WAY he spoke to the demon???    
    NOW i understand why they picked this actor 
  • this jocelyn is more hardass than in the books???? she just set stuff on fire??? jocelyn show >>>>>>>> jocelyn books and i loved jocelyn in the books
  • THAT’S THE FUCKING VALENTINE NOT HENRY VIII - wtf they were thinking when they did that movie tho?  the only good part was jamily
  • lol valentine killing ppl when disrespect jocelyn? #same
  • “I GOT YOU”
  • newsflash: this jace owns my ass as much as book!jace
  • i’m jace wayland
    jace u know this is a lie
    you’re jace herondale lightwood morgenstern wayland -  the best fandom joke is jace and his 40 different surnames
    !!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO UPSET DON’T TALK TO ME
  • im dying here!!! this pilot is like 16515468 times better than the movie already even though it’s clear they need too much to improve
    took a look at simon and said he was denying all he is to him
    holy shit i need to lay down
  • omfg they foreshadowed the “””love triangle”””

anonymous asked:

I find it funny how Olivia fans are all pissed that so many are loving Mellie and calling Olivia the pathetic tramp she is. Tramp that screws a married manchild of a man. Keep hating on flawless Mellie!

And I find it funny that you’re so butt-hurt and pressed that the majority of fans hate Mellie that you felt the need to send me an anon hate message. The only reason you’re even writing to me is A, because you’re a coward, and B, because it’s killing you that this flawless woman that you stan for is so lazy and stupid, instead of forging her own path to the White House, she let herself get sold to the so-called man-child that Olivia is screwing. And guess what, she stays losing because the only reason she’s still married is because Olivia keeps throwing Fitz back. She doubly stays losing because she knows that without Olivia by his side, he’ll lose the election, and before the final numbers were even tallied, Mellie knows that Fitz would have rolled his suitcase over to Olivia’s apartment. Man I know it burns you that even the so-called man-child doesn’t want your favorite. 

If I had to choose somebody to emulate, it wouldn’t be the woman who was so desperate to keep this “man-child”, that she risked the life of her baby and induced him early just so that her husband wouldn’t leave her. I guess you think that kind of behavior makes her flawless? Go you.

If I had to choose somebody to emulate, it wouldn’t be a woman who decided to use the fact that her father-in-law raped her as a bargaining chip.  I guess you think that kind of behavior makes her flawless? Go you.

If I had to choose somebody to emulate, it wouldn’t be a woman stupid enough to go on national TV, tell the world that her husband was cheating on her, then be dumb enough to take him back.  I guess you think that kind of behavior makes her flawless? Go you.

If I had to choose somebody to emulate, it wouldn’t be a woman stupid enough to beg her husband’s mistress to come sleep with him to make sure that she stays on as First Lady.  I guess you think that kind of behavior makes her flawless? Go you.

If I had to choose somebody to emulate, it wouldn’t be a woman so cold that she delighted over the death of a woman’s husband. Being happy that somebody is dead is obviously flawless behavior to you, which says more about you than anything else.

If I had to choose somebody to emulate, it wouldn’t be a woman so desperate that no matter how much her husband humiliates her, and tells her that he loves another woman, she clings to his leg like a dog, even knowing that he’s sleeping with his mistress every chance he gets.  I guess you think that kind of behavior makes her flawless? Go you.

I’m so pleased that Mellie has a new man who she’s going to be screwing ten ways to Sunday, I guess that makes her no different to Olivia? Regardless of who cheated first - and you could argue that she cheated on Fitz first by having an emotional affair with Andrew -  she can’t say that she never opened her legs during her marriage after she sleeps with Andrew can she? She’ll be an adulterer, period, and I’m here for it. She can be a whore and a tramp too, yay! 

Now do yourself a favor and go away and fuck yourself. Or your father. Or that poster of Mellie Grant/Bellamy Young that you have hanging up in your bedroom. The choice is yours.

Sayonara bitch.

Morning with Performance Team

Jun: He always woke before you. He had breakfast already made and was waking you up as soon as it was done. “Y/N!” He say obnoxiously in your face. You cover your mouth. “I haven’t brushed my teeth!” You whine. “It’s okay, you’re still sexy.” He winks. You glare. He get up and just strolls out the room, warning you to come eat soon before it gets cold. You feel your hair and almost have a heart attack when you think your scarf came off. Realizing it was still on you sigh and untie it. “Hair flawless and a flawless boyfriend to match.” You cheer happily hurrying to go eat.

Hoshi: He was still asleep at twelve o’clock. Since he was always so busy, you decided to let him have his beauty sleep. It wasn’t until about half past noon when he sluggishly walked into the livingroom. His eyes were a little puffy from just waking up but you could tell he slept good. “Y/N!” He says coming over to kiss your face. “My Y/N! I slept so long.” He says snuggling up to you on the couch. “Do you want breakfast?” You ask. “Yes please!” He says closing his eyes and laying his head on your lap. He said it was the perfect pillow because it was squishy. “I have to be able to get to the kitchen to cook.” You laugh.

The8: He had woken up around the same time as you. “I’m still sleepy.” He says yawning. “Go to sleep then.” You get up and he pouts. “Y/n, please stay a little longer.” He begged. You think for a second before going to sit on the bed. For a few minutes, he just starts talking about his night and how he wants to stay home a bit longer. It isn’t long until this boy finds himself drifting back into sleep. “Sleep a bit longer babe.” You kiss his cheek and get up to make a meal for you both.

Dino: He actually woke up first. Attempted to make breakfast but ended up buying it instead. “Y/N!” He cheers with coffee in his hand. You wake up startled and look up at him. He had a big grin on his face and he laughed. “Sorry y/n, I just got us breakfast. You can sleep longer if you want to.” He says. You shake your head and sit up. You ruffled your hair and yawned. The sun hit your skin looking like cream on coffee. He walked over to you and sat down. “We can have breakfast in bed?”

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It may seem shallow but I really really like the scene in the beginning when Sam sleeping with his feet hanging off of his bed and then HE WOKE UP LOOKING FLAWLESS LIKE HOW??!! In my best day I could barely look as good as he did lol. That fluffy shiny silky hair I wanna see it more!!! Then his terrified puppy eyes/face I'm jkjglkwjerkd. Pls tell me I'm not the only one??

Not just you, E V E R Y BO DY  DID!


Then his terrified puppy eyes/face I’m jkjglkwjerkd.

gif by @megalosarus here 

 hello, my old heart 〕 a stiles/lydia fanmix 

01. “hello, my old heart” – the oh hello’s
hello, my old heart, it’s been so long since i’ve given you away
02. “tourist” – yuna
i’m just another tourist making stops, but it’s clear i’ll never leave without you
03. "lucky you" – the national
you own me; lucky you. you’re too smart; lucky you.
04. “wanted” – julia sheer & alex goot
anyone can tell me i’m pretty, i get that all the time
05. “gracious” – ben howard
when the wind it settles, i’ll be here you know
06. “run” – daughter
but he is restless at night; he has horrible dreams
07. “fiction” – the xx
i know your face all too well, still i wake up alone
08. “patient love” – passenger
three words on the tip of my tongue, not to be spoken nor sung
09. “the wolves” – ben howard
we’ve been fighting lately, we’ve been fighting with the wolves
10. “wild” – royal teeth
i believe that i can make you scream for me
11. “flawless” – the neighborhood
you are flawless, and i just can’t wait for love to destroy us
12. “the wolves” – ellie goulding
with the wild wolves around you, in the morning i’ll call you

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