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160417 JAT 2017 Hokkaido

Taemin couldn’t stay still at all! Dancing, and acting cute towards the audience even when the lights are out. It was probably because of that cute pose during Your Number intro, that Jinki almost burst out laughing. Jjong looks so gorgeous! And happy! It was funny when he was trying to appease Key after that Your Number fail. I’ll also never get over how mr. director always focuses the camera on key’s lips and eyes during Dream Girl, no matter how many times i see it. KEY’s LIPS ON THE WHOLE SCREEN. ugh. And Minho’s body wave during ABOAB too!

And Jinki. He’s fiiiiiiiiiine. He was dancing, and running, twirling, jumping (landing on both feet), and sliding across the stage.^^ He did all the moves and he doesn’t look as tired as he was yesterday. He was so into it during ABOAB. 😂Love the part during MTTM, when the camera panned to Jinki and he smiled, THEN WINKED. Then during one of the ments, when Jinki made a joke and failed, Key shot an imaginary dart at him so he laid down on the floor. Jjong saved him by pulling the “dart” out. Later, when the others were talking, Jinki took the “dart” from Jjong, threw it on the floor and crushed it with his foot. 😂 My favorite thing today though was Jinki’s hearty laugh. I felt my heart swell with love. Lol.

i love watching you boys when you’re just having fun! And thank you for always giving it your all. 수고했어요! ❤️

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NurseyDex #15? Please and Thank You!

Hey there, thank you for sending a number in :D I hope you’ll enjoy this little piece of fluff (with a hint of added NSFW). Have a wonderful day, darling <3

#15 A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss + DexNursey

“God, I missed you so much,” Nursey gasps and he can’t help but put his lips against the marble skin of Dex’ throat again, trying to mark Dex as his all over again. 

He wants everyone to know that only he gets to touch Dex tis way. Only Nursey is allowed to graze his teeth over his raging pulse point, the sparks of the thrill running all over his back. 

It’s been too long, too many days without Dex’ presence around him, without his voice in his ears and his smell filling up his senses. Winter break has definitely been way too long. 

Nursey sucks Dex skin into his mouth, licks over it before he moves up to kiss him again, desperate and with his mouth open, tongue stroking Dex’ softly. 

“I didn’t miss you at all,” Dex grins. “Not one bit. Was nice to be able to sleep without having a living furnace on me all night long.” 

Nursey shakes his head with a smile, his eyes twinkling in the dim light of the basement. He bites down on Dex shoulder, hard.

“Liar,” he growls and Dex moans loudly. 

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She's Mine! | ONE SHOT ft. Sehun |

Anonymous asked: Can I ask for a Sehun scenario where you are being so close with the other members while he’s left out, and he is being jealous and whinny and childish to his members and to you. Fluffy one please. Hehe thanks, i like your bloooog!!!!

“Do you want to play with Candy?!”

Tao was practically handing his puppy into your arms the moment you arrived at the park. It was a little past midnight when Sehun had asked you out to hang out with him (and the rest of the members). It had been weeks since you had last seen him and took up the opportunity, regardless of the time.

“Does she want to play with me?” You were a little terrified, considering how Candy herself wasn’t playful with Tao, none the less, she leaped into your arms, “I guess so!”

Sehun had spotted you after hearing your voice from a few metres away and the rest of the members who had been playing basketball joined him in greeting you.

“It’s good to see you!” Joonmyeon called out in a leader like fashion, leading the pack even out of stage, “I wasn’t sure you’d come”

Even though Suho was addressing you, you couldn’t help but keep your attention on Sehun who was fading from your view as the other members gathered around you with their greetings, hugs and hello’s.

“Such a faithful girlfriend~” Jongdae almost sung as he gave you a quick hug, “Even I wouldn’t leave the house at this time for our Sehun-ahhh~”

Minseok and Yixing followed suit, before Chanyeol and Baekhyun hugged you from either side of you, leaving Kyungsoo and Jongin who patiently waited for their turns.

“We’ve got some coffee at the tables” Kai added after greeting you, “Go grab some, yeah?”

“And I’ve brought some leftover spaghetti” D.O spoke bashfully, pointing in the same direction as Jongin, “Assuming you’re looking for a midnight snack, there’s plenty to go around”

“Awww, thanks you guys!” You replied earnestly, still petting Candy who was comfortable in your arms, “I’ll go eat some”

As if you were forgetting something, you stopped in your path as a voice called out to you a few metres away; with the EXO members parting like the Red Sea.

“Where’s my hello?!?!” Sehun sounded like a little child, his arms crossed in a fitting manner, “I am the reason why you’re here, right?!”

You wanted to chuckle but you were afraid to wake up Candy, so you handed her over to Kyungsoo, who seemed to have the magic touch with her.

“Of course~” You grinned, embracing Sehun a little longer than you did with the others, “And it is so good to see you”

“Just me?” He sharpened his eyes, questioning you with his look, 

“And well the others too” You joked, knowing he’d get a little worked up, “So, 5 on 5?”

EXO and yourself had been divided into two teams of five for a game of basketball; leaving one impatient Oh Sehun as the referee (much to his discontent).

With the ball in your possession, you drove towards the other end of the court where your team’s basket was. As much as you wanted to share the ball with Baekhyun and Lay; you were a little greedy, pouncing straight down the court.

Poised for an ambitious three pointer, it was Chanyeol who had blocked you with his long arms; practically making it impossible to shoot.

“That’s a FOUL!” Sehun had raced to where you and Chanyeol were, and pulled out an imaginary card, “Off the court, hyung!”

Shooting a look to Suho, Chanyeol raised an eyebrow at the referee,

“Pretty sure she gets a free throw” He patted Sehun on the shoulder,

Sehun looked to you and you had agreed with the Happy Virus; no harm was done,

“Fiiiiiiiiiine” He dragged his words, before taking you by the hand to the free throw line, “Free throw for _____’s team”

Jongin, who had the ball, personally handed the basketball to you before getting into position for the throw,

“You got this!” He gave a little cheer and ‘fighting’ sign, just for you,

“OK, I saw that!” Sehun was again raising his voice, pointing out Kai, “That’s another Free throw for her!”

“We’re on the same team!!” Baekhyun was having none of it, this time approaching Sehun, “You know, you’re acting a little different, Sehun-ahhh”

“Could it be it’s because of ____ being here?” Minseok butted in, teasing his younger,

Sehun frowned, full knowing that everyone recognised that particular face of his, before letting down his guard,

“You guys are getting too close to her!” He admitted, looking down the ground, trying to avoid you, “She’s… my girlfriend”

The rest of the members had broken out into cheesy chuckles and 'aw’s’, leaving you to react,

“Everyone knows that” You teased, lifting his chin so his eyes would look into yours, “And as flattering as it is to know that you can get a little jealous… You don’t have to go around like this, you know?”

“I know…” Sehun was almost in defeat, “But, this is just a warning, okay, you guys? She’s mine!”

LOL. I haven’t written scenarios since… last year HAHAHA getting back to writing after a while is so strange. Any who, hope y'all liked it! Don’t forget to hit like and even request if you wanna :D (And thanks for liking my blog ^^)