he is fabulous and you dont

Yuri On Ice Aladdin AU

Wherein Yuuri is Aladdin, and Viktor is the dramatic Genie 

  • Yuuri has a crush on the Princess Yuko, whom he’ll never get to speak to 
  • He ends up getting tricked by JJ (it’s Jafar style) into fetching the golden lamp, you all know the story 
  • The story diverges when Yuuri meets the incredibly attractive genie Viktor, (i mean come on Viktor is extra enough for this role) and though his looks throw him, Yuuri still wishes to be taught how to approach and seduce a woman
  • Viktor ‘coaches’ Yuuri and transforms him into a prince 
  • PRINCE YUURI, FABULOUS HE, YUURI KATSUUUUUUKI! sings viktor with passion
  • Through this all, they accidentally end up seducing each other 
  • Yuuri doesn’t know exactly how to take a girl out on a date, so he asks Viktor for a trial run 
  • They out on their magic ice skates (replacing the carpet) and this happens 
  • They magically skate all the way from Hasetsu to St Petersburg fight me
  • Basically Viktor and Yuuri have fallen in love, which is okay because Yuuri realises he likes Yuko as more of a friend anyway
  • Yuuri uses his final wish to free Viktor so they can be together and it’s cute okay 

Yurio is totally Rajah (the tiger) in this fight me


myth x ladies of hannibal :  apate x freddie lounds

Zeus sovereign in the heights will leave his earthly loves
and return self-bidden to heaven he will change his mind
by my guileful girdle. This one puts to shame the
heart bewitching girdle of the Paphian [Aphrodite]


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Hello Rainbow, you fabulous sass master! Question for ya: do you have a favorite way to mess with your brothers?

Dont worry though, he gives it back.

The wallet i mean, not the money.

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i dont understand how you can even like advay. he's horrible and nothing changes that

Well hello to you morality police.

The good thing here is that you don’t have to understand why a character speaks to me or why I like them. Isn’t that fabulous? 

In my opinion, Advay is meant to be bad. Dark and foreboding. That’s what he is and thats what I like about him. 

Unlike with Arnav, you don’t get the vibe that Advay is harmless under all his bluster. He’s two steps from being unhinged and that’s what I love. He’s different and I have an appreciation for dark characters.

While I will always remain critical and outspoken about the flaws of things I enjoy, I refuse to not allow myself to enjoy them because of the problematic police.

Have a nice day :) 

christmas cheer! ft. s.j.m characters


aelin : ‘cuz baby all i want for christmas… is yooooouuu. dancing with fleetfloot. you thought it was rowan. no. she loves her dog. dressed up as mrs. claus. mean girls style. jingle bell rock it out. christmas is her calling. fenrys and connall are her back up dancers. 

rowan : rolled his eyes so many times, they’ve fallen out of his head a few hours ago. screams every time he hears a christmas song. “if oNE MORE PERSON SINGS-” “have a holly jolly christmas-” screeEAMS.

aedion : loves putting up christmas decorations with lysandra. makes eggnog and always spikes it. go to aedion to get drunk on christmas. somehow he even spiked the candy canes. knows how to have a good time. 

lysandra : sexiest elf alive. woah™ mama™ back it up over here. the whole nine yards. short green skirt, suspenders, elf ears, tight red blouse, all of the above. has little jingle bells on her hat. hands out candy canes to the children and tells stories. evangeline is her elf in training. 

dorian : rich enough to make santa’s workshop. for the children of course. he is still considered a child right? dressed up as rudolph the red nose reindeer. “if i see aelin on your back, i will end you, dorian” aelin was on his back five minutes later, swinging a sack around. run, dorian, run.

manon : rolling her eyes along with rowan. secretly enjoying it. she loves singing carols with the thirteen. they go door to door at night. low key™, don’t tell anyone, but manon loves christmas. 

chaol : he’s the one that’s thinking about how much mess he has to clean up on December 26. crossing his arms. brooding. could give lorcan a run for his money. aelin gets him in the christmas spirit.

nesryn : christmas? what is christmas? what kind of (white) trash™ northern holiday is this. all of you are so white i can’t stop laughing. santa? seriously? let me show y’all some good ole southern holidays.

fenrys : back up dancer 1. follows aelin everywhere. breaks out into dance randomly and loves it. male stripper elf™ put the ho ho ho in christmas. perfected the art of twerking and loves to eat christmas cookies.

asterin : “fenrys calm down or i swear to the Three-Faced Goddess-”. wears a tiny santa hat and some red and silver clothes. that’s it. don’t ask her to do more. low key™ is the lead singer when the Thirteen goes Christmas caroling. she has a reputation to uphold. 

lorcan : is the tree. who needs a tree when you have lorcan? put a couple tinsel and lights on his shirt and his arms and his legs. hang up some ornaments on his ears and shoulders. brooding™ so™ much™ it’s™ now™ his™ permanent™ face™ “oh cheer up” growling. 

elide : is the star to the lorcan’s tree. screamed when fenrys and connall lifted her up but started laughing when they set her on lorcan’s shoulders. they drowned the poor girl in golden glitter. “stop brooding. this is fun, lorcan”. lorcan did not stop brooding but he was happy elide was his star. 

connall : back up dancer 2. follows aelin around as well. little wolf pup that just needs love. he actually made the choreography. follows fenrys down to the kitchen to eat all the cookies. always has mistletoe for some reason?? 

vaughan : put the christ in christmas. calm down you heathens. i am ashamed to know any of you. this is not what christmas is all about. **holds up arms to make the cross** “heathens! heathens surround us!”

gavriel : mY SON. just wants to hang out with his son on christmas. probably the one that wrapped all the presents. dad™ uncle™. gotta keep his child and niece happy. low key drank a gallon of spiked eggnog.

acomaf : 

rhys : ‘twas the night before christmas and it was quiet through the house, until Santa Rhysand came in, and threw them all a party. 100% into Christmas ever since Feyre told him about it. decorated all of Velaris and the Night Court. dressing up as Santa from now on. “have you been naughty or nice?”

feyre : her birthday and christmas are so close. she loves it. so many presents. dressed in simple leggings and sweaters but was happy so see rhys being over dramatic. eats about 100 christmas cookies…per hour.

cassian : wants to kill rhys. how dare he make him dress up like a reindeer. a rein-illyrian. drinking spiked eggnog and pot cookies. wants to forget this night. stripper™ reindeer. somehow got a pole too. 

nesta : made everyone christmas cookies and brownies. made everyone matching sweaters. christmas is her favorite™. blasts the christmas music and dances with her sisters. 

azriel : ‘twas the night before christmas, and azriel disappeared into the shadows, he was not seen again, until the New Year. 

mor : somehow got access to the internet and found the mean girls jingle bell rock. made feyre, nesta, and amren dance with her. she rocked those jingle bells hard. fierce™ fabulous™ get it, mor, get it. very!drunk™

lucien : what is christmas? elain, why? i aM A MIGHTY FOX DONT YOU- put me in an ugly christmas sweater. this green looks horrid with my hair. o hm y go d it lights up. i hate christmas 

elain : having waaaay too much fun putting lucien in ugly christmas sweaters. dressed up as mrs. claus. it was a bit awkward during the family dinner, considering rhys and his santa get-up. but feyre and lucien really didn’t care enough to comment. 

amren : won’t stop rolling her eyes. it took her a while but she finally got into the christmas spirit. she got into like mid-Christmas day. amren was the one to wrap all the presents and she kept growling when everyone just rIPpEd them open. death to all™ 

tamlin : …

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*leans close to the mic* DO YOU WANT TO CATCH THESE HANDS BOI ((jk))

Sorry Izzy But There Is Not Debate Kurokuma Is The Best Kuma! Bet You Can’t Make Monokuma Look This Fabulous He Doesn’t Have Enough To Work With! Good Luck Beating Kurokuma With Lame Old Monokuma! He Why Not Make It A Challenge Try To Make Monokuma Look This Cute/Extravagant Without Adding More Than A Patterns (like freckles,stripes or spots) To His Design! 

(JkJK But Hey If You Wanna Try To Make Monokuma Look Less Plain Then Be My Guest)

(Still Have Nothing Against You Or Monokuma Fans But Someone Has To Defend Kurokuma)

(Also Based Loosely On Asain Black Bears) 

@askizzyravin66666 (WHY DONT YOU CATCH THESE HANDS!)

Why do you keep bringing up that Levi and Eren’s relationship is somehow abusive? Like the fuck? LIKE DID YOU OR DID YOU NOT READ/WATCH THE DAMN SHOW??
You do realize that Levi HAD TO DO THAT to save Eren’s fucking life or he’d have his brains blown out, right?
Not only that, but even after the whole “fabulous show of Levi going to town on Eren’s face,” Levi asked Eren if he resented him. And what did Eren say? Hm?


Oh, well I dont know?! Maybe something along the lines of, and I quote, “N-no…I understand why it was necessary.” And Levi replied with, “That’s good.”

Ever since then, has Levi ever laid a finger on Eren that even remotely bordered the lines of being abusive since the whole courthouse scene?


And even if Ereri doesn’t become canon, you absolutely CANNOT DENY that Levi has gained a stong, beautiful bond with Eren as a soldier and as a human being. You can see that through many scenes in the manga. And Levi has even saved Eren’s life countless times while also worrying about his well being just as much.

Now you haters can dislike the ship all you want, but I fucking swear, that if you bring up that their relationship is abusive ONE MORE FUCKING TIME, I will personally shove your fucking dead ass into a god damn closet and ram a big ass broomstick so fucking far in your asshole that you’ll be shitting out all the fucks that I give about your lame ass excuse of sinking this ship because of “abuse”.


Latest story event in Love Scramble had an idol contest of sorts, naturally they dressed our beloved Samurai in fabulously ridiculous stage outfits. 

WHY KOJURO WHY? I DONT MIND UNBUTTONED SHIRT AT ALL BUT ELVIS REALLY? You know who would look really hot in that garb? KENSHIN!

Also, Masamune with the K-pop boyband garb, pfffttt, I’m sorry my lord.

And surprise surprise, the freaky clown host introduces a new band called SHINOBI *squeaaaaallllssss* Of course it’s Saizo and Hanzo!! (Hanzoooo!!!)

and they got to wear their ninja garb! So unfair! But hey, we got to see Hanzo’s tanuki mask (because he serves Ieyasu?) hahahahha. 

Please continue your pan making you jealous with Wendy imagine it’s soooo good!!!!!! Make it go on longer please!!!!!! -Anonymous

Thanks so much hun!  Here’s part 2! I hope this is what you were looking for! <3

You and Peter walk back to camp holding hands. you can’t help but keep sneaking glances at him, and you notice he keeps doing the same. The two of you smile at each other as you enter the clearing. “Would you look at that. The two lovebirds are finally together,” Felix says with a smirk. “took you two long enough. We were all starting to make bets on how long it would take this to happen.” You blush and look down, but can’t help laughing along with the other lost boys. You look over to see that neither can Peter. From the corner of your eyes, you catch Wendy giving you a glare, and getting up and walking into the forest. You’re so happy that you choose to ignore it. He smiles at you and gives you a peck on the cheek. “alright, love. We’ve got to do some work now. Guard the island and all that. Come on boys!” As the lost boys follow him, Felix stops and tells you, “I’ve never seen him this happy before. Never this cheerful.” Felix looks into your eyes. “He’s genuinely happy (y/n). Please dont break his heart…” You stare back. “I love him Felix, and i would never hurt him. I promise you” He gives you a nod and goes to join the rest.

You’re sitting in your tent, using this time to think about what happened today. As you think back through every detail, you cant help but smile. You touch your lips, and can still feel Peter’s kiss on your lips. You giggle and hug yourself. This was the best day of your life. You want to just lie in your tent forever, going over what happened over and over, but you know what you’ve got to get up and working. Maybe prepare something special to eat. It could be a surprise! 

You leave the tent and find yourself standing face to face with Wendy. She looks furious, and you involuntarily take a step back. “So,” she says venomously. “You and Peter, huh? I bet it was just fantastic“ "Uh yea, actually. We found out that we both liked each other, and it worked out pretty well” “Yea, i bet its all so fabulous. But let me tell you something (y/n), Peter Pan is mine. I had him first and I always will.” You sigh. poor girl, she still doesn’t know that Peter was only using her. As much as you hate her, you dont wanna tell her, after all you know the feeling…

“Oh Wendy, maybe you did have him first, but when we walked back to camp today, he was holy my hand. and back in the forest, he kissed me. Maybe you two did have something, but now its gone” Wendy stares at you incredulously. Suddenly, she starts laughing. “You poor girl.” she says with a sigh. “Peter has you sooo fooled. He’s got you wrapped around his finger. When I said that Peter and I had something, i meant that he had-sorry has- something for me. Ever since I came here he’s been trying to get my attention. And all those times you’ve seen us together, his arm around me, him kissing me on the cheek, he’s been trying to get me to respond. Its so obvious he likes me. Everyone knows that. The truth is, he’s been using you to get to me. and its finally worked. I think im gonna go let him know that i feel the same way for him. You stare at Wendy with an incredulous look on your face. “Yea, okay good luck with that Wendy. I can assure you that he’ll tell you exactly what he told me. You know, i really didnt want to tell you this, i was trying to be nice. But i guess that’s something you dont deserve. When we were training Peter told me that he’d been using you to get to me. He wanted to make me jealous, because he likes me. You think everything is about you, dont you. Welll go ahead, go ask him. See what he says, and let me know, mkay?” Wendy just stares at you, and the next thing you know, you’re on the ground and you feel a burning pain on your cheek. You touch your cheek to find blood dripping down your face. That bloody girl. She hit you. Wendy stands over you; she looks like she’s lost it. “We’ll see how it turns out. I cant WAIT to see your face when Peter and I come through that forest holding hands” She turns around and stalks into the forest, searching for Peter.

You shakily get up and clean your cut. You didn’t think about this before, but could Peter really be using you? The thought makes you shiver. You need to find out the truth. You walk through the forest searching for Peter. You hear two people talking and stealthily walk towards where the noise is coming from. You step out of the bush and you freeze, because right in front of you Wendy and Peter are making out.

"Peter!” you exclaim. He pushes Wendy away and stares at you in shock. “(y/n), i-i can explain. I promise this isnt what it looks like.” You shake your head turn around. “When Wendy told me that you loved her, I told her she was stupid, that it’s all in her head. But she’s right! W-why would you do this to me? Why would you use me to get to her?! Why would you play with my feelings like that?!” “Use you to get to her? Is that what Wendy told you? No no no, (y/n) please listen to me. I was just standing here when she comes up to me and says she needs to tell me something. and the next thing you know she’s kissing me! And at that exact moment you came through the bush. Please, you have to believe me!” “How can I believe you Peter?!” you start crying. “How!?” A lost boy steps out of a bush. “Wendy kissed him (y/n). I saw it. Pan loves you, and only you.” You stare at the lost boy, wanting to believe him, but you can’t. You know that the lost boys will always support him, no matter what. “And how do i know you’re not lying, lost boy? You would do anything to support Peter…” peter comes towards you. “You want to know how you can believe me? Be-Because I love you (y/n). I love you. You mean so much to me and I don-what happened to your face?” “Why dont you ask your girlfriend?” you retort. She seems to be the cause of everything around here.” Peter gasps. “She did this to you?” he turns to Wendy and starts yelling. “Why would you do this to us Wendy? WHY?! I love her and she loves me why would you ruin my one chance at happiness?” “Because you’re mine” Wendy whispers. “I love you and you’re supposed to be mine..” peter glares at her “I belong to nobody” he says. “Im peter pan and i belong to NOBODY! Please (y/n), please believe me. “I need proof” you whisper. “i want to believe you Peter. So bad, but I cant. I need proof.” “You want proof?”he says. “here’s your proof” Without a warning, Peter reaches out and takes Wendy’s heart from her body.

Everyone gasps, and you’re staring at Peter with the most shocked expression. “Peter..” He slowly squeezes the heart, and Wendy lets out a whimper of pain before collapsing to her death. The entire time, Peter is looking at you, his eyes turned red from tears. “That’s your proof.” You start crying and run into his arms. “oh Peter im so sorry. im so so so sorry. I j-just have trust issues. I’ve been used before, before i came to neverland, and I couldnt bear for it to happen again. Please understand” You start crying all over again. Peter hugs you back and says,  ”Dont worry love. I understand, and I would like to kill the boy who broke your heart before. You deserve so much better than that.” “I love you Peter. For forever and ever and ever.” “I love you too, (y/n). For forever and ever and ever.”

*Oh my. I got really into this one. haha Enjoy my loves! Muahh <3

EXO reaction, he wants you to stop studying and pay attention to him instead

Summary: You’re sudying and he wants your attention

A/N: Imma just put this under the reaction category lol

Gifs are not mine, credit to all the owners!

Xiumin: *Moves in front of you and gets close to your face* “Jagiyaaaaa, you’ve been studying for 2 hours straight! Take a break pleaseeee”

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Suho: *Imagine your Kai* “Suho what-” “Pay attention to meeeee”

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D.O: *Cooks for you* *while you eat, he hides your books so you will cuddle with him*                  now im hungry ; snack break!!

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Tao: *Gif*

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Kris: *Starts having a fashion show to catch your attention* “Am I not fabulous jagiya?”        dont ask idek

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Chen: *Puts on music really loud and dances and sings along until you join him*

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Baekhyun: *Starts making weird noises to catch your attention*

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Chanyeol: *Observes you quietly* *You feel him staring* “Yeolie, what are you doing?” *Second gif* “Saranghaeeee!!”

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Luhan: *Gif* “Luhan, what the fuck do you think you’re doing? You’re distracting meee” *second gif* *sarcastic* “Oh, I’m sorry baby” *casually takes his shirt off and walks around your room*     i tried to keep it sweet lololol

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Lay: *First gif* “Jagiyaaaa, look at meee” *Second gif*   bye

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Sehun: “Jagiya” “Yes?” You mumble while checking if you answered right on some ekvation. “Spend time with me instead” He whines. You look at the time deciding you could go to sleep since it’s midnight. *gif*    hah u thought

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Kai: *Waits for you to get done with the last ekvation*

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“This is some sweet wallpaper, it’s actually moving…” Adrien said in awe as he pressed his nose to the door, staring at the perfectly still floral pattern on it. “Look at it go~”

I binge read all 9 chapters of You Don’t Know Me today, and it’s fabulous. I just had to laugh at Adrien tho, drugged out of his mind in the middle of all this tragedy.

honey. please.

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ok just bc have u seen this boy during the sports festival

i lov e

very good choice, anon

I dont know if I’d say I’m obsessed with Gerard. It’s more of a love for him and what he does. Maybe that is obsession. I don’t know.

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Ok, ok, hear me out. Sollux in a bee costume and Eridan in a fish costume because its almost halloween

merry hallowween or wwhatever

im so stoked that hallowween is getting so close i can hardly wait oh my gawd

what better to celebrate and get into the holiday spirit than some good ol erisol

awww yisss

(also im really proud of fishy eridan. he fabulous)

i accept donations on the donate button on my tumblr page (you dont have to. its okay lil child. shhhh is oka. but it would be very appreciated)

send me more requests sonny boiz

Fabulous Gay Louis Tomlinson- A Masterpost

okay so in this masterpost I will show you my favourite pictures of Louis flaunting his gayness. I’ve spent years and years of research all for my followers (exactly 15 minutes)

so let’s explore the greatest moments of my life…

lets start off with banana Louis. Beautiful.

twink louis is my favourite person, color, song and food

rock n roll nipple selfie

he can steal your man in a carrot costume


sassy lou

I CANT BREATHE LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL TWINK i bet he’s thinking about harry’s dick

he is so cUTE

aw are you fixing up your suspenders lou

I see he enjoys being with Eleanor so much look it seems like he’s having the time of his life picking his nose does Eleanor really turn you on that much Lou?

im sorry did you not want this gif? this gif doesnt care because it’s too fierce and fabulous for you anyway

look at that little sassy smirk he does at the end hes KILLING ME

Lou’s having lots of fun being completely hetero at a gay club with a beer in his hand being awfully close to his new friend



peace out lou’s out

Exo Scenarios: Exo Writing Fanfics
  • Kai: Alright what else should I add...Oh Oh....'Kai was a tan hot teenager with a 6 pack who had 3 fabulous dogs...They were his pride and joy...'. It's perfect! My description of me is perfect!
  • Kyungsoo: *Writes fanfic about himself winning MasterChef*
  • Baekhyun: Guys look, guys look, I'm King Baekhyun in my fanfic heuheuheuh
  • Chanyeol: I wrote about the time Dara noona and I were best friends and we fell in love... What the...guys, what do you mean it didn't happen in real life?
  • Sehun: *writes smut and includes unrealistic descriptions of his body*
  • Suho: *Writes a detailed 5 chapter story on how he spent lavishly with his credit card* Oh in this world i dont have to deal with 11 annoying mother fuckers- what.
  • --
  • Luhan: Guys guys guys sit down and just listen to me for a moment...my new fanfic's name is..."LUHAN THE MANLY MAN-" oW MY NAIL WHAT THE I JUST GOT THESE DONE.
  • Kris: *Writes about his eyebrows and his love for his own fucking hands*
  • Xiumin: Heh, all the ladies call me Minseok Oppa in my fanfic. *Wiggles eyebrows*
  • Zitao: *cries because he accidentally made his fanfic about ghosts*
  • Lay: Oh no....oh my god...guys...that...was that for fun? The fanfic, it was supposed to be for fun? Oh my god I just handed lee soo man my unicorn smut oh my god

x SNK model AU Notes PT4: Mikasa

Because Mikasa is indeed a flawless queen and Mean Girls references ftw. I HAD WAY TOO MUCH FUN WITH THIS ONE. 


did u know originally I was gonna have taiyaki-kun as a lady who is an obasan that tries to be fabulous hip and cool around the youngsters and tries to dress like a fashion model

but no somewhere deep inside of me said “no frick that instead I’m going to have a fish head 6 feet tall man who thinks hes a superhero walking around in the dessert universe" 

and that is the birth of taiyaki-kun thank you for listening to his story