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Hello, I'm a new follower and I just wanted to say that I love your blog. Can I request nsfw with Lev please? My tol baby needs some love.

He does need love! Someone needs to love all those long limbs! Gosh, Lev is the number one person I would go to for cuddling! I, personally, stand at nearly 6 feet tall! So, I would like to feel small next to this gentle lion!

He was enraptured with the way their head fell back, exposing the smooth skin of their neck, allowing his eyes to soak in the sight. His own groan was cut short to allow himself the full effect of hearing the pleasured noises that escaped from their parted lips. He felt his blood rushing faster as they gasped for more, which he didn’t hesitate in the slightest to give.

Lev’s hips pressed against their own, hyper aware of every place his skin touched, brushed, glided across their own. And he refused to close his eyes, he didn’t want to miss a single sharp intake of breath when he pushed deeper. Their fingers gripped at his biceps where they sat next to their head, propping himself up to give himself a better angle, conscious of how their hold loosened and tightened with every movement. He dropped his mouth to their shoulder, shivering as their nails traveled over his shoulders and down his back, grappling for a hold when his pace increased.

His voice was muffled by their skin and their voice so clear and so close to his ear when he found himself falling over the edge. Their hold, their body, everything was so tight around him, their entire body trembling when he slowly began to part from them, his orbs soaking in their mused state.

They were beautiful in every way. Their hair beyond saving with how many times Lev had pulled at it. Their cheeks flushed red both from the physicality of their act and the warmth that filled them. Their voice hummed, shooting straight at his heart as he didn’t waste another moment in crawling back into bed with them, his long limbs curling around them, his head dipping into the crock of their neck. Their breathless laughter filled his chest with joy and he instantly realized there was no greater place in the entire world than being right there with them in that bed.

Because everyone should love themselves, and they shouldn’t strive for perfection.
—  Harry Styles, after a brief pause when asked why the boobs on his mermaid tattoo were saggy. He could’ve been glib. He could’ve laughed. He could’ve just said, “I don’t know.” But he paused. And he thought. And he said this. And this is why he is so, so special.
  • sirius feeling smug because he finally convinced remus to play him a song
  • “re, I won’t make fun of you”
  • remus being scared because what if he hates him after
  • little does sirius know that it’s an original song about him
  • remus starts playing soft chords on the guitar
  • and he suddenly starts singing
  • and wow
  • sirius stops laughing
  • he’s enraptured by this boy’s voice 
  • remus sings about unrequited love and a boy with long midnight hair and full moons
  • sirius just stares and stares
  • until remus strums the last chord 
  • they sit in silence for a few minutes
  • and sirius finally says
  • “you wrote a song… about me?”
  • remus nods timidly
  • bracing himself for rejection
  • but sirius turns remus’s chin with his hand
  • and their eyes meet
  • and a fire deep inside both of them grows inside their hearts
  • “remus lupin, I have been in love with you since first year when you offered me a piece of your chocolate”
  • remus’s eyes widen at his confession
  • and he musters up all his courage and says
  • “I love you too”
  • sirius’s eyes light up
  • and he kisses him

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Domestic Tae smuuuuut
Word count: Not enough 1,891

Summary: Taehyung is completely enraptured by the way the light makes your skin glow and can’t resist the urge the feel the beauty of it against his fingertips. 

A/N: FOR MY LOVE @taechulo WHO I PROMISED TO WRITE THIS FOR LIKE FOREVER AGO <333333 Okay but smut is hard for me??? Idk why??? So I’m sorry if this isn’t super fab ;u; I also very briefly edited this cause I’m lazy (psst there’s probably a lot of grammar errors oh well)

When dawn first peeked through the blinds, blanketing you in a golden hue, he fought back the urge to reach out and touch you for Taehyung wanted nothing more than to feel the warmth of your skin beneath his palm. It took a lot of self control, but he refrained from doing so - you needed your rest; the night prior had been long and rigorous, fueled by too much wine and desire. But the longer he looked you over; completely mesmerized by the way you glowed as though you were a deity, the more Taehyung couldn’t resist the urge any longer and allowed his hand to find purchase on your shoulder.

He had started off just ghosting the pads of his fingers along the length of your upper arm, slow and gentle, then carrying on to the remaining parts still left untouched. A shiver crawls up your spine every time his nails scratch the smooth expanse of your bare waist while his fingers trace your curves. It causes small bumps to litter your flesh, accompanied by a soft whine and the flutter of your lashes and he holds his breath, stills his movements and smiles in silent amusement when you do not wake.

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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Summary: Adult Henry and Regina have a talk the first time his adoptive daughter tells him that he’s not her father.


At thirty four years old Henry Mills knew that he’d never fallen in love with anything quicker and harder than he had for his daughter.

He’d never planned to adopt. It hadn’t been a goal or even a thought in his head at the time but the minute he’d laid eyes on her he knew. She would be his and he would be hers forever.

He’d only been twenty-three when he first met her mother. Barely out of college when they’d ran into each other but he easily became enraptured with her warm, honey-colored eyes and melodious laughter. Luisa had been her name and it was only on their third date that she’d first told him about her daughter. Naturally he’d been shocked and a little apprehensive but still undeterred. A few months later she’d finally let him meet her, her little Olivia. Dark chocolate eyes and chubby red cheeks, she’d wrapped her tiny finger around his and he knew there was no going back.

A week being a part of their lives taught him more about love than an entire lifetime of reading and writing about fairy tales.

Twelve years and a wedding later they’d still been blissful. He truly thought that he’d found his happily ever after. But of course he’d forgotten the most cardinal rule of life.

It’s often more tragic than you expect.

A car crash stole Luisa away from them. One irreversible moment and suddenly he found himself standing over her casket, surrounded by family, his hand holding onto his daughter’s.

It would only be the two of them from now on.

A fact that Olivia appeared to struggle with.

She missed her mother, that much was clear. And Henry tried as hard as he could to give her a safe place to grieve, a place with him but she’d pushed him away. They used to be so close but she wasn’t talking to him anymore, she wasn’t talking to anyone. Isolating herself from her friends and family. He made excuses for her and tried to give her space, but things came to a head one afternoon when he’d gotten a call from the school saying she’d never shown up. After hours of searching for her only for her to come home and walk past him as if nothing had ever happened he couldn’t help it. He lost it.

Within seconds they’d enter a screaming match and before he’d even seen it coming she’d yelled the words he knew he’d never forget.


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woah someone requested this actually, so here it is! hope you guys enjoy :)

tw: self harm mention ; read at your own risk ; repost ; character death

Keith hadn’t seen the shot coming. No one had. The celebrations of the falling of Zarkon were shown throughout the city. The smiles of the people were bright. As Keith made his way to the other side of the party, he saw Lance.

The golden skinned boy was in his element. Many aliens were enraptured by the beauty of his smile, resilience rolling of him in waves. Keith felt his heart swell,  which is something it seems to do every time he sees Lance. Or thought about him.

Slowly, as if in a spell, he noticed Lance looking towards him. Those blue eyes would be the death of him.  Keith hadn’t known when he had changed direction, but he had. The weight of Lance’s hand in his own was making flowers blossom in his heart. He was in love.

All it took was a split second.

The screams rang out and the red of Keith’s was no longer alone. Keith didn’t know who shot, he just knew Lance had been shot.

Lance with the Stars in his eyes.  Lance that has people orbiting him as if he was a planet. Lance with his insecurities, with his flaws, with his perfections.

Lance who was bloody in his arms, tears at the edge of his eyes. Lance, who was once a golden brown skin color, paling.

“I almost made it home, Keith.”

Keith choked up. His eyes stung. “You’re going to make it, Lance. You’re going to be fine. You’re going to see your mom again. You’re going to have to introduce me. I’ll let her braid my hair and she’ll show me old baby pictures. She’ll tell me embarrassing stories of when you were younger. You’ll graduate from the Garrison and we’ll find an apartment. We’ll live together. I’ll make a living off fixing cars and you’ll have your own daycare. You know how much you love kids.” He was rambling. “Lance stay awake. Lance stay awake.

“I’m awake, Keith.” Lance’s voice was gravely. His eyes weren’t focused. They said sight was the first to go.

Where were the others?  Keith couldn’t get him to safety alone. Where were the others?

“Keith. I know I’m not going to make it.” Lance’s voice cut his through his thoughts. “Keith, I love you. I love you so much. So much. I think you would’ve,” a cough wracked through Lance, interrupting him, “I think you would’ve liked Sophia. She would’ve loved to do your nails while Mamá did your hair. She would’ve called you pretty. Because you are Keith, you’re so pretty.” Lance had some much more to say, but his mind was slipping. “I love you.”

Keith felt the last of Lance’s life slip through his fingers.


The next few days hurt. Keith hadn’t been able to do much, besides replaying the last “I love you,” Lance had ever told him. He hadn’t been able to say it back.

Sometimes Keith still heard his taunts. Still heard the loud laugh and the puns.

It was quiet without him. Keith noticed that the first day. It was like the background music of a movie was gone. He was gone.

Keith had a hard time saying his name, instead resulting in just using “he/him”.

Keith spent a lot of time with the blue lion. It was the closest thing he could get to Lance. The last connection, besides the ship and team. Shiro liked to say that Lance was in a better place. Liked to say that he was watching over them. But that wasn’t the same as being there with them, laughing and smiling.

Some days Keith thought he was okay. That he could do it. Others, he was swamped in sadness. In depression. Those days were the scariest.

He isn’t in control of his body on those days. He shakes, he feels his sanity slipping away from him. He feels the life slipping from Lance’s body. On those days, he finds himself itching with the need to hurt. Something to distract himself from the inner turmoil.

Keith begins to cut. Finds comfort in the distractions.

Until Keith cuts too deep and finds his life slipping away from himself, just like Lance’s had. Only then had the flowers wilted.

Meant To Be - Newt x Reader

This is a really fluffy, bittersweet fic? It just came to me listening to Sick Of Losing Soulmates by my love Dodie Clark (I love her so much, she’s beautiful and talented and sweet aaa my gay lil heart can’t take it)

Reader could be either gender!

Prompt: In a world where most people are born with the first words their soulmate says to them tattooed on their wrist, Newt does not have a tattoo. Reader does, and as a result he refuses to return her affections for him.

Warnings: mild angst, cursing, also again that sort of writing that seems to be a weird mash of plot, runon sentences, and poetry

It was with soft touches and sweet glances and the smell of pine on his coat that you fell deeply in love with Newton Artemis Fido Scamander. Your genuine smiles and your bright laugh and the way you leapt about when you were excited captured and enraptured him, and he found himself falling just as hard.

The first time you kissed him was sudden, your heartbeat thudding in your ears as you rolled with the swift burst of confidence that had swelled through you, your eyes aglow and your cheeks flushed as you decided act before your doubts could hold you back. His lips were chapped and warm on yours as you tugged him closer by his collar, locking the two of you in a long-awaited embrace and letting your hands roam his hair and his back as you drank in every second of this experience you were sharing 

You couldn’t help but notice how right it felt, your fingers in his hair, his hands gripping your hips firmly but with care, your eyes closed and your breath stolen away as stars danced behind your eyelids and your skin prickled with electricity at every movement. Your teeth clacked clumsily as your lips smoothed together, hands frantic and all care for perfection flying out the window. You wanted him in his entirety, sloppy kisses and awkward stumbling and all.

He was the one who broke the kiss, dropping his hands fretfully and refusing to make eye contact with you, his brow furrowed and his hand scrabbling anxiously at the back of his neck. “(y/n),” he murmured, looking guilty and distressed and heartbroken all at once as he glanced at you, gaze lingering on your eyes, your lips, your tentatively outstretched hand, before looking away again.

“What’s wrong?” 

You were completely terrified that you had done something wrong, been too desperate, too hasty, too rushed with the whole thing, and your heart dropped to your stomach as he took your hand gently, flipping it over and brushing his fingers against your skin, moving your sleeve back ever so slightly to reveal the ugly ink words that were permanently tattooed onto your wrist, and he looked slowly back up to you. “We can’t,” he murmured. “That is who you’re meant to be with, and I can’t be the one to make this difficult for you when you get the opportunity to be with them,”

You could tell by each movement he made that it hurt, that he wanted this just as much as you did, his eyes down, his hair in his face, and a crack in his voice as he brushed your cheek in a fond, chaste, and longing way before turning away and leaving you completely speechless, your fingers lingering on your lips and your eyes welling with tears. You knew he was right, that you had a soulmate, and that they were your perfect match, but that didn’t dull the pain or make it any easier to hear him say it. Say what you always knew, but what you were too afraid to acknowledge.

You weren’t meant to be with Newt.

You went out for a drink that evening. Just one or two, to have some fun and get a little drunk and maybe get your mind off of Newt for just an hour or so before you had to return home. You were sipping on some firewhiskey, eyes watering and throat burning and heart heavy as you sat alone in a booth. It wasn’t fun to go out without Newt, you realized, and the alcohol was just making your reason a little fuzzier, making you crave his lips and his soft chuckles and the innocent brush of his hand against yours or the sound of his voice and damn it hurt more than the burn of the whiskey down your throat.

A man slid into the opposite side of the booth, a small grin on his face as he leaned forward to greet you. His words rang in your ears, your heart dropped, your stomach churned and you almost choked on your whiskey as he spoke.

Good evening, love.

It was all to familiar, your hand shooting instinctively to your wrist and your breath hitching in your throat as he slid a shot of giggle water across the table to you. “I hate to see such a lovely person so sad, so let’s cheer you up, huh?”

You had never been so sure of what you wanted in your life until this moment, and it was most certainly not a shot of giggle water.

As he pushed it toward you, his sleeve fell back, revealing a bare wrist, and you took that opportunity to shoot out of your seat, snatching your coat and tearing for the exit as he called after you. It was quiet in your mind, far away, distorted as though underwater, and your feet pounded the ground as you sprinted with all your might home, home to the case, home to Newt.

You threw open the door and leapt over to where he sat on the couch, your chest heaving and your hair stuck to your sweaty forehead as you tumbled into his arms. He gripped you tight, wordlessly holding you as you caught your breath and buried your face in his neck as you drank in his comforting scent.

You pulled away, hands gripping his arms for purchase and gaze fixed intently on his, and you just stared at him for a moment before you spoke.

“I met my soulmate today,” you told him softly.

His eyes widened, lips slightly parted and cheeks flushed in an expression of complete surprise. “And…?” he managed, swallowing hard as his bright eyes bore into yours with surprising intensity and longing.

Fuck meant to be,” you murmured, your lips crashing down on his for the second time, his arms secure around you and his hair just as soft under his fingers as it had been earlier. 

You didn’t care at all about the person the universe had chosen for you, because you had chosen Newt for yourself and you wouldn’t have it any other way.


(in other news I didn’t reread this or edit surprise surprise it’s kind of shit oops sorry)

Love Drunk (Bucky x Reader)

It was in the way that the sunlight caught his smile when he laughed. The way that the sides of his eyes crinkled when he smiled.

The way that he always knew what to say to make her cheeks burn and a flustered smile spread onto her face. The way that he would hold her in the mornings and through the nights, whether he was holding her pieces together just embracing her it didn’t matter.

The way his voice sounded when he first awoke, its warm raspiness finding its way into her ears sending shivers down her spine when it brushed the back of her neck.

All of these ways had dragged her down deeper and deeper into a love that she had no hopes of leaving. No plans of leaving either. She was completely enraptured in it.

(y/n) sat atop Buck’s lap, her legs wrapped around his waist and their hands wonderfully intertwined.

“What’s our plan for today?” she inquired in a low voice, pressing her forehead against his and staring into his eyes, “Any ideas?”

he released her hands in favor of her hips, brushing and rubbing his hands up and down them as he tucked his lip between his teeth, “I’ve got a few…” he muttered, a cocky smirk now on his lips.

(y/n) chuckled and sighed, “My hips still hurt from last night, Buck, I think we outta take a break from that for today.” she said, a warning tone in her voice. “Let’s…watch some movies instead, yeah?”

He rolled his eyes at her response, “You seem to have an obsession with those things, doll,” he said, letting her off of his lap.

(y/n) scoffed as she sauntered off to the cabinet beside the television, “Of course I do Buck. They’re what formed most of my childhood. And they’re pretty damn magical if you ask me.” she answered, bending down to pick a couple out of their cases. “How could you not have an obsession with them?”

“I’m not a child trapped in an adult’s body, that’s why,” he answered, a chuckle weaving itself through his sentence as he nonchalantly swung his arm over the back of the plush couch that he resided on. “You and I both know we’re too old to watch this stuff.”

(y/n) just rolled her eyes as she placed one in the player beneath the television, “Whatever, James.” she said, returning back to the couch and snuggling into his warm side.

“If it bothers you that much you can go into the kitchen. I’ll watch them myself,” she suggested slightly loosening her arms from around him, a knowing smile slipping onto her lips as she let her offer sink in.

Buck just chuckled at her response, “You know I wouldn’t pass up quality time with you for the world, (y/n).” he said soothingly, softly rubbing his hand up and down her side once more. “Even if it involves cheesy kids movies.”

(y/n) snuggled back into his side, “That’s what I wanna hear…” she settled as the movie began, a triumphant smile now adorning her face.

Buck was always helpless against her will. He couldn’t put his finger on it was just something about this girl that he could not get enough of. And he adored it.

He admired every dip and curve of her face and body. Every tone and detail in her voice that held so much humor and personality in it, it was unforgettable. How her jovial laugh seemed to resonate through a room and make others laugh harder than they were before.

He admired all of her ‘imperfections” as well. Like how she would wake up in the morning at times with sleep crusted by her eye and droll dried on her face, and how her snoring was nearly as loud as her laughs were.

He loved every inch of her, so deeply that he could feel it thread into his soul. He had it bad, and he was not looking for a cure anytime soon.

They were both enraptured in the other in an equal and satisfying way that had the both of them drunk on love, and showing no signs of sobering up in the future.

 Imagine dancing in the rain while Loki is watching you :

C/Y/E-your eyes color

“It is so beautiful! “ you stood at the window, unobtrusive light from the fire shone on your body and his eyes slid on to your beautiful face.You’re fascinated watched the large drops of rain and  the extraordinary pleasure overwhelmed you. It was cozily warm inside; the fireplace crackled merrily and Loki sat in the chair and carefully read the parchment. He chuckled; too well he knew you for being  sure, his flighty girl  will come up something.But it made him happy.Melt his heart turned out to be easier when you just loved Loki. Now sparkling in your C/Y/E eyes enraptured him. Suddenly you smiled slyly and turned on song and ran to the back yard.He just shook his head, and putting the parchment aside followed you.As he had expected, you danced in the rain, sincere and real :

Girl, you know I want your love
Your love was handmade for somebody like me
Come on now, follow my lead
I may be crazy, don’t mind me
Say, boy, let’s not talk too much
Grab on my waist and put that body on me
Come on now, follow my lead
Come, come on now, follow my lead 

It took his breath away completely.You got wet the rain but it didn’t bother you. “C’mere it is really amazing!” you literally glowed with happiness. He still hesitated when you ran and seizing him by the arm dragged him into the rain. “ Kitten, you are incredible “Loki laughed and pressed you harder, softly kissed you on the forehead.You giggled and wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him “I know” 

So here’s what the lions do in their off time with their paladins.

Blue and Lance will often have secret little sleep overs in the navigation room, looking up at the holographic stars and planets as they talk. One subject in particular that comes up often is Earth. Even though Blue was on the planet for 10,000 years he was asleep for the majority of it, so he knows basically next to nothing about the culture. Lance’s stories immediately enrapture Blue, who instantly believes it wasn’t chance that led him there, considering how quickly he begins to foster the same love for the planet as Lance.

Keith and Red however have a much…more violent time. Red and Keith fight constantly in the training room, or in some cases, Red beats the shit out of Keith and yells at him to get better. It’s not uncommon to walk by the room and see them face down on the floor exhausted, yet still conscious enough to talk shit to the other. Keith is also trying to teach Red how to meditate, but that going about as well as you can expect. 

Soundless Kisses

Request from an anon for Gajevy. 

‘I saw your last post about Lucy getting surgery and it was really good! How about Levy getting surgery but on her thort? And Gajeel being all protective.’ 

Here you are, dear!

Gajeel walked into the room where Levy rested from her surgery, happy to see the girl he loved for the first time in several hours.

He sat down and looked at her for a moment, enraptured with her appearance. Her hair fell down softly past her shoulders, and her eyes were pressed shut in sleep. Her tiny hands were folded together in her lap, the fingernail polish chipped. She had been working on her art for so long that she hadn’t had time to paint her nails again, which showed dedication to Gajeel.

He leaned in and smoothed her hair with a small upturn of his lips.

Gajeel was surprised at how much he felt for her. He hadn’t felt this way for a girl for a long time, and it felt strange. The difference in how he felt for others and how he felt for her was vast, and she was a big deal in his life. He wasn’t used to feeling this way for someone, but it felt really good.

Her eyes fluttered open, and he yanked his hand back to not show her that he was stroking her hair. She yawned and went to say hello after she was completely awake, but no noise came out. An annoyed look on her face, she tried to say hello once more, but still there was silence.

“What did you expect, shrimp? You had surgery on your throat!” Gajeel said, a laugh arising from his throat. Levy pounded her fists on her hospital bed, and he laughed even more. Her face screwed into an irritated look, her brows furrowed at Gajeel.

“Thank God yer voice is out, otherwise I’d be gettin’ yelled at!” Gajeel said with a chuckle, and Levy attempted a growl at him.

Finally his chuckles died down, and she sighed and folded her arms across her chest.

“C’mon, shrimp. Let’s get you outta here,” he said, holding out his arm so she could grab it and get out of bed. Glaring at him, she grabbed his arm and pulled herself out of bed, pushing her feet into her shoes that she left by her bed hours ago.

Suddenly she fell, and she toppled over onto Gajeel’s chest. He held her up, hands over her wrists. Slowly, Levy gazed up at him with a soft smile on her face. Gajeel felt shocked by her cute smile, and his eyes looked on hers affectionately for the first time in a while.

She leaned into him, and his eyes widened before he leaned in and kissed her lips softly. Their scents mingled together, and he smelled the acrylic and parchment on her skin. When they broke apart, she smiled at him before pressing her head on his chest.

“Shrimp, I think you might make me fall for you,” Gajeel said as he rubbed her head softly.

Levy grinned but said nothing, knowing that the feeling was mutual.

There you are, my friend! I hope you see this. My computer deleted everything that I wrote on my computer when I posted it :-;

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↳ Dionysus was the god of the most blessed ecstasy and the most enraptured love. But he 

was also the persecuted god, the suffering and the dying god, and all whom he loved, all

 who attended him, had to share his tragic fate.

Meh, I’ll put this out here so that people will know what my viewpoint on Viktuuri is before they delve too deeply into my fic…

…but I don’t think Viktor fell in love with Yuuri at the Banquet. At most, he was strongly sexually interested in Yuuri, strongly romantically interested in Yuuri, but mostly enraptured in this idea of Life Beyond Skating. To Viktor, here was this skater who scored dead last, was miserable for a significant portion of this stuffy gathering, but who seemed to overcome it through dance. 

It doesn’t matter who Katsuki Yuuri was on the ice, because tonight, who he is off the ice is much more important.

I think Viktor has been thinking about what happens when he retires. Even if he isn’t organically thinking it, there’s sure a shit-ton of media asking him that question. He’s also wondering about his beloved dog Makkachin and how much time he has left with her.

So enter Banquet—Katsuki Yuuri proves he’s more than just that dead-last skater and, better, he gives Viktor an out. “Be my coach, Viktor!” There’s really no better time and no better person. He has so many people screaming at him asking if he’s going to retire already, little!Yuri is not being receptive to his attempts at helping (let’s be real: for all the people floating the idea of coaching to Viktor, he would not waste him time on anyone less than the best), he’d get to leave Russian for Japan (tell me that the Russian Skating Federation isn’t chomping at the bit to have an 2018 Olympics podium sweep with Viktor leading the charge), and Yuuri’s just interesting.

…and then lolz. Yuuri has no fucking clue this happened and Viktor is partly just “ummm… call me maybe? i didn’t realize how much i needed this break???” and “should I say something? you know what, I’ll wait till Worlds (guess who’s not there)” and “am i getting anxious he’s forgotten about me???? he was really drunk???? but who moves like that that drunk??? omg. now let me just compose a SP for next year detailing these events…”

Then video happens, Viktor goes to Japan with Makkachin (because hellz yeah he’s bringing his beloved, aging dog for what’s partly a Coaching Stint and partly Huge-ass Vacation in Hot Springs Land with Great Food and Booze), but dammit… sober!Yuuri isn’t like drunk!Yuuri. Ugh, maybe he was wrong? Maybe it was just a joke? 

So that 2nd episode of Viktor’s shenanigans is basically him trying to draw out fun!Yuuri and punishing Yuuri for Acting Like Nothing Happened. 

Also Featuring: All of Yuuri’s Beloved Friends Telling Viktor What’s Up With Yuuri and Goddamn It Viktor Chill the Fuck Out.

And then Yuuri skates Eros during the competition. And oh, isn’t this something? All his life, Viktor’s been pretending while on the ice, but Yuuri—Yuuri—uses figure skating to showcase his truest self and oh, if only Viktor could be that brave to wear his heart on his sleeve when he skates and…

Is this love?

Then comes episode 4, where Viktor’s done thinking about himself and honestly asks Yuuri what he needs him to be. Viktor’s prepared if Yuuri says “friend” or “coach” (btdubs, he’s totally throwing out “boyfriend” to see how bae reacts) but then Yuuri says “you” and, yep, Viktor’s done for.

Ok so I decided this will have three parts. The third being the longest. And I’m assuming you can all guess what’ll happen in part 3 XD Once again thank you to @natsubutart for the inspo and if I’m not mistaken, @gayicehell I believe you owe me your first born. *whispers* if you listen to the actual song while reading it’s sorta cool. Enjoy!~

The story of a playboy. Enrapturing all the women in town, save for one.

Are you watching, Yuuri?

Hands strike down and—


Caught you.

It was as though this program were made for him: the languid movements, the sharp turns, the elegant twisting of his wrist, twirling to capture the audience with each spin before he tucked into his own body and jumped—

Landed it.

He loved this performance. Even more so since Yuuri had been the one to choreograph it for him. It accentuated everything he was good at, his hair flowing behind him in unmatched grace.

This next jump was the hardest. Yuuri had put it right in the middle of his routine. ‘So that you don’t think about it,’ he’d said.


That was all he could think about. Especially with the music hitting one of it’s climaxes. But he’d nail it. With perfected precision, so that Yuuri would become so mesmerized he wouldn’t be able to look away.

Viktor ground his teeth, speeding up to get more force in his jump. Yuuri always made it seem like it was so easy to look away. Like last night. After he’d worn a yukata and everything. How could he have fallen asleep when they were like that, in bed, together?


The blunt thud of his skates meeting the ice shook through him. He’d made it. How had that been? Good enough? It didn’t feel so bad. A smooth enough jump, he guessed.

His eyes scanned the crowd as he circled back, preparing for his final jump. And for a moment his heart stopped. Because those deep brown eyes were looking at him.

Yes. This was perfect. It was everything he’d always wanted, from the moment he flew to Japan, begging Yuuri to be his coach.

Please look only at me.

With rushed excitement, he leapt for his final jump, going at it with a bit too much speed, Viktor cursing himself in his head. He’d over-rotated, so the landing was wobbly, his fingers grazing the ice.

He could hear Yuuri’s voice in his head. ’You’re too eager.’

Viktor clenched his teeth once more. Well, was that such a bad thing? It was how people improved. That drive was absolutely necessary, in a world as competitive as this one. And that will to do more was more than necessary at the end of a program, when you’re all out of breath and your muscles ache and all you want is for the music to stop so you can be done.

But Yuuri…Yuuri never skated like that. They way he skated it was like the music were drawing him out, begging him to stay on the ice a little longer, to dance a little more, so that you’d never have to stop watching him.

Viktor could…do the same. Yes. He would.

How could he not, after all? Wearing Yuuri’s costume, it were almost as though Yuuri were right there on the ice with him, latching onto his skin, guiding his movements just as he had during practice, hoisting his legs up and up…then slowly back down, showing him how to get more out of his final spins…

Don’t stop looking.

The crowds were cheering. The announcers were saying something or other. He didn’t know. What was this last part?

Oh yeah, the playboy tosses the woman away, because he doesn’t need her. All he needs is—

Those brown eyes were expressionless, and Viktor’s eyes were watery from the strain, his chest rising and falling quickly, heavy pants trying to sate his lungs.

What was it? Not enough?

Viktor watched as Yuuri inhaled, and for a moment his heart clenched, because Yuuri really did look mad—


Those outstretched arms were all he needed to know, skating as fast as he could to the edge of the rink, colliding with that thick jacket and familiar smell, burying his face in Yuuri’s chest, laughing in both exhaustion and relief.

“How was that,” he panted, “Sensei?”

Yuuri squeezed him tight, like he didn’t want to let go. 

“I couldn’t stop looking.”  

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All my love

Title: All my love 

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook/Park Jimin (Jikook/Kookmin)

Word count: 5,000

Genre: Stalker AU, romance


Warnings: Possessive and obsessive behaviour. Smut. Unhealthy relationship. Dark themes. Kidnapping.  

Author’s note: Some Stalker headcanons!! I’m sorry if this one isn’t as well written out and poetic as my previous Murder Husbands AU headcanons and I thought it was pretty good as it was!! Please enjoy!!!!! :D 


It’s love at first sight when Jungkook meets Jimin at some obscure club one night. They bond over a few drinks, whilst Jimin is oblivious to the hungry stare that Jungkook drags over his body. He thinks it’s just lust for the moment, something he’s very accustomed to, but then Jimin tells him a little more about himself, and Jungkook is immediately enraptured. When they go home together in a drunken stupor, Jungkook does his best to memorise Jimin’s face. He does his best to remember the breathy introduction they make between kisses, and he’s adamant on not forgetting the next morning.

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César Esparza-Rosales, 9th generation Toreador antitribu expertly captured by @panda-capuccino in a moment of weakness. 

Once an accomplished playwright and performer in life, Cesar spent the golden days of his youth crafting sordid tales of beauty and tragedy to set his sister, Melania, within and inspire her to ever greater heights of fame. When the war between the Loyalists and the Nationalists of Spain erupted, he was among the first to stand to defend his people against those who sought to bring their full might unfairly against the disenfranchised. His disappearance from the public eye shortly after the conflict broke out was the agony of his beloved, but preceded the very beginning of his unlife: enraptured by the soul of an eternal beauty obsessed with the melancholy resident in his music, he lived, loved and lost as quickly as he had his last sight of the light of day.

This is my character in @diermina’s future campaign, Death of a Nation - I’m really excited to be able to play him!