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Mary leaving the show is not intended to be the big surprise if s4. They’re being way too open about it. Way too blatant. Like in s3 when they straight up told us John was getting married. That wasn’t the spoiler; it wasn’t the surprise. Johnlock was the surprise. As it was in TAB as well. The surprise of the episode was that it was Sherlock in what he reckons could be his dying moments trying to desperately to figure out his relationship with John. They mean everything to each other. And somehow that isn’t totally obvious (the art of disguise is knowing how to hide in plain sight. But it’s about to be unhidden. Undeniably, irrevocably. It’s almost here.

Your True Nature.

One fresh, spring day, a deer detected a mysterious and heavenly fragrance in the air.  It hinted of peace, beauty and love, and like a whisper beckoned him onward.  Compelled to find its source, he set out, determined to search the whole world over.

He climbed forbidding and icy mountain peaks, padded through steamy jungles, trekked across endless desert sands.  Wherever he went, the scent was there, faint yet always detectable.

At the end of his life, exhausted from his relentless search, the deer collapsed. As he fell, his horn pierced his belly, and suddenly the air was filled with the heavenly scent.  As he lay dying, the deer realized that the fragrance had all along been emanating from within himself.

The loving awareness you cherish is not a distant fragrance, a treasure found only after an arduous journey.  As the deer realized at his death, the beauty you long for is already right here, inside you.  It has been all along.

  ~ traditional legend from ancient India; adapted from a telling by Tara Brach.

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Why did Lord Shadow kill him?

time agowhen they had 15 years old the king say to Edgar the furure King will be Edgar because SF since shild he born with a disease, he is bipolar, and alergic to the sun, the king was the king of sunset, also, Shadow freddy don’t know govern, so Shadow Freddy listen this, and his “brother” Nightmare “Nightmare is like PS, Scott and Lord shadow born with a Phantom/angel Brother” tell him he can kill his father, and then that happend, whenthe king was sick he sleep and he was dying, so, finally Nightmare/shadow Freddy Kill him *why i say Nightmare/Shadow freddy kill him? because they’re in a same body” before he kill him time ago The king was win the Darkfelle kingdom, then the king was so sad because he doesn’t know how care darkfelle, and Edgar say to the king “S. Freddy can govern that Kingdom, i can tell him how” so yes, that happened, and S. Freddy just want power, that’s the why he kill him

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Can we have some headcanons if Denmark had a daughter?

(SHIT THE BAE BECAME A FATHER brb lowkey dying)

-He’s a bit more protective than is necessary. He’s made sure that he’s met all of her friends so that he knows them by name so that if she says she’s going somewhere than he knows who she’s going with. 

-S/O’s aren’t exactly taboo in his books, he just wants to get to know them. He might seem intimidating but he doesn’t mind them dating. He just wants to know the person that they’re dating and make his own judgment. If he doesn’t like them, he’d tell her straight up and be honest with her. 

-He’s wrapped around her finger. He wants to make her happy and will do most anything for her but he isn’t too lenient up to the point where they can do anything without consequence. He does have his limits.  

        Letter To You

God, everyday..I sit here and regret the fact you left me hanging and barely able to live..You were the finishing piece to the puzzle I couldn’t get myself to finish. You were the reason I am the strong woman I am today..I wish you would see us now, Jose..I am modeling now…I am doing great..I have met someone and he reminds me of you, it scares me because what if he ends dying like you. Did it hurt when you were shot..Did you see the life you once had flash before your eyes? I heard in heaven it’s an amazing place..full of nothing but good. I would be honest with you and say I wish I could be up there with you when I pass but I didn’t listen to your promise..So, I doubt it

These drugs have became a part of me, Jose. I am a slave for them..I want them and I crave them..I can’t help but sit here and irk for them everyday. I have gotten good at making our product you always told me not to go extra with the baking soda..I haven’t, I promise I haven’t.

I didn’t cry for two years straight until now..I miss you, Jose. Why did you fucking leave me?! I needed you ! YOU WERE THE ONLY PERSON I HAD. Don’t get me fucking wrong I loved grandma but you left me, Jose. What am I supposed to do now.

I am writing you a bullshit ass fucking letter and it’s not like you’ll just come back..I watched you DIE and there was nothing I could do ..What if it was me.. The world would’ve been fine with Dyamond dead..but the world needs you. You were a  cocky bastard.but, i fucking loved.. So, Talented ..an amazing DJ..Jose..they needed you and i needed you.

I am tired of hurting myself but i can’t get myself to stop..I can’t stop..I won’t stop. Not until I am happy..And you’re here but you won’t ever be here.

I miss you..

and I love you..


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:^ )

  • Why I like them - I love him so much fuck..he’s just..all the shit he went through and how he dealt with it all..his like..determination to get back at DIO for hurting him so badly…how fucking brave he was to use the last of his strength as he literally laid dying to give his only friends a chance of living…he’s just way too good oh my god. All his little interactions with people….I could go on for hours so I’ll stop here
  • Why I don’t - I just wish there was more of him really…:^( Like he was gone for most of the second season/second half of the manga and it just kinda sucked.
  • Favorite episode (scene if movie) - Death Thirteen was so good oh my god especially in the manga… I also loved N’doul’s fight not really because he did anything but because of how he was protected by the others lmao like…please be nice to him…keep him safe…
  • Favorite season/movie - He’s only in one sadly
  • Favorite line - “Polnareff use Chariot to attack.” “What? No way. You’re closer. You do it.” “I don’t wanna.”
  • Favorite outfit - He only ever wears his stupid fucking school uniform what an asshole
  • OTP - Uhhh…probably Jota/Kak lol. I also kinda like Kakhan but that obviously has nothing to it
  • Brotp - Him and Polnareff but….also him and Avdol…Avdol being a dad figure to him….please
  • Head Canon - He speaks fluent Spanish. Don’t ask where this came from. He’d literally have no reason to know it but. Just don’t ask.
  • Unpopular opinion - Idk I see a lot of people say he’s boring but…idk to each his own I guess, I thought he was really fun.
  • A wish - Please…please graduate highschool..grow up…get a job…have a happy life… 
  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen - PLEASE STOP HURTING HIM
  • 5 words to best describe them - The Light Of My Life
  • My nickname for them - Kak, Kak Boy, K Dog, Nori, My Son

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So... How do you deal with a family member with dementia that is dying that you want to spend quality time with, but are going to get constantly misgendered due to a transphobic partner? I really dread going to them because they don't accept me, I want to cut them off, but I'm the only grandchild and he is dying or going to forget me completely soon and I think I'm going to regret not making an effort in spending time with him

My god father has dementia. I saw him last week. We didn’t tell him I was transgender and no one brought it up to him even though they know. He asked my dad how his daughter was doing and if she would stop by but my dad just came up with a story saying that she was out of town but he brought his boys. It seemed to work well. Pretty soon he’s not even going to remember who you are either way. Just spend time with him and don’t push it because it will just frustrate you when you go back the next time and he’s forgotten it all. I’m sorry you have to go through this. It’s hard when someone you know has dementia and even harder when you are transgender.

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Okay i'm nervous.. but could i ask for alice in wonderland AU?.. were aomine is that blue worm that smokes alot and the reader is alice.. and he falls in love with her and doesn't want her to leave?.. If the ask is closed ignore this .. thanks♡

DONT WORRY <3 I GOT YOU xx Raniku  ps. Its hard for me to imagine Aomine as a blue worm/caterpillar. If someone sees this scenario and decides to do an edit, PLS TAG ME. ID LOVE TO SHARE IT. 

You were lost, yet again, and Aomine couldn’t help but sigh at your stupidity. How many times are you planning to not listen to him? How many times are you planning to go to places you weren’t supposed to go.

Aomine couldn’t help but roll his eyes, as he watched you interact with the annoying rabbit. 

Taking in a deep drag of his cigarette before he finally asked you what he’s been dying to ask you for days now.

“How long are you planning to stay here Alice? Are you running around here in circles because you can’t bear to part with me?” Aomine asked smirking. 

You couldn’t help but glare at him. It was his fault for getting you lost in the first place. If that stupid cat didn’t tell you, you were going the wrong direction, you’d be stuck here even longer, trying to find your way out. 

“I’m leaving to day, for your information.” You huffed. 

“Good luck with that.” Aomine smirked. 

But you did ended up leaving today, not even saying your good byes to the blue caterpillar, that “helped” you in Wonderland.

And after a few days of ignoring it, Aomine finally admitted to himself, as he stared at the vast forest right in front of him, that losing you that way was not worth it.

“…Maybe I should have been honest with her from the start.”

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I think Billie's natural hair color is black, isn't it? You can see his grey hair when it's black

His natural hair color is reddish brown :) You can always see his grey hair when he has outgrowth, no matter what color he dyed it :p


Hux was jerked roughly awake, sitting up abruptly, his eyes wrenching open. He was panting and his heartbeat was going too fast. He heard the beeping of machines around him. He… he had just been dead. He remembered dying.

He looked over Kylo, who was still kneeling by his hospital bed, looking weak and paler than usual.

“Kylo,” he asked suspiciously, and slightly warily. “What did you do?”