he is dreaming about her :')


“I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.” 

As much as I ship it too, I feel like platonic heartrate is so underrated, I mean it makes such a great brotp

  • Kim and Alix having a friendly rivalry
  • stupid reckless challenges like skating races at 3am behind a McDonalds
  • everyone else being lowkey scared of them because Kim is tall and Alix is terrifying
  • them fighting akuma villains together like the idiots they are even though they have no superpowers so probably they’re gonna die
  • if Alix hears you talking bad about Kim behind his back she will fight you because only she’s allowed to do that
  • in a crowd of tols, Kim lifting up his smol friend so she can see stuff

The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents

what I love the most about the whole concept of idk fletch dropping a bomb as to morven and jasmine being one step away from double dating bernie and serena + this week having serena name small chested models is that they could oh so very easily be part of the whole incorrent quotes meme that is spreading all over tumblr like wildfire - but it’s not, they actually said the words. wild. 


the pain is  g o n e

God, what a beautifully written exchange.  I am tearing up over the contrast between what Dave and Dirk needed to hear from each other.  And tearing up more over what they had in common.

Dirk needed someone to tell him about how terrible he is capable of being …and also to tell him he’s not that person.

Dave need someone to tell him about how awesome he is capable of being  (successful, heroic, “cool”) …and also to tell him he doesn’t need to be that person.

“Sleepy Beauty” - Digital Oil Painting

Rumple almost woke her up with one of his tittering giggles and would have delighted in catching her unawares, but then he saw she was wearing the red rose he’d given her in her hair. It was wilting, the petals grown soft and droopy, but it pleased him to see her still using it. She hadn’t just thrown it out. So, he let her dream on.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.