he is cute as times

harry is truly the level of chill i wanna be. he just dropped a single, did some promo, announced the album release, and now is straight chilling. just going to the gym. wearing tall white socks. drinking water. hashtag goals

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Hello, I really like your writing. Especially those about Cor. I'd like to rquest something with Cor, Drautos and a Fem!Reader. Something like Reader is pregnant with Drautos' Child after a One Night Stand with him, but has gotten into a relationship with Cor after the fall of Insomnia. And after it's starting to show that she is pregnant she tells Cor and expects to see him leave her because it's the child of a traitor. Something like that. Please.

Oooh, drama~! Love it! :D And thank you for the lovely compliment on my writing <3 This is also the first time my drabble has actually remained a short drabble! YAY! xD I initially wanted to make this angsty as heck, but then I went down the fluff lane and it was sooo cute and sweet and I can’t have Cor be a butt right now because I needed to write some fluff- there’s too much angsty shizz happening IRL with patriarchs in my life and I just wanted there to be a nice male figure who was sensitive to a woman’s needs around- that man ended up being Cor Leonis LMAO!

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You were shivering as you slowly trudged your way up to your apartment. You almost couldn’t believe what the doctor had told you at Lestallum’s general practice. The symptoms checked out, for sure, but you just didn’t want to believe it to be true. It was too difficult to be true- you were pregnant. And you were four months pregnant at that.

It didn’t make sense. At least, at first it didn’t make any sense to you- Cor had only started being intimate with you around a month and a half ago. For you to be four months along, it could only mean that the baby belonged to none other than…

“Titus… oh my Six.” You murmured to yourself, your voice shaking slightly as you fumbled with the locks on your front door. You practically fell into your apartment and slammed the door shut behind you, fishing out your Crownsguard issue smart phone and scrolling down your contacts list before stopping abruptly on Cor’s contact profile. You stared at the stern picture of your current boyfriend and drew in a shuddered breath before forcing yourself to press the call button.

He answered almost immediately, contrary to your prior experiences with him. He was usually really bad with answering his phone.

“Is there something wrong? How did the doctor’s appointment go?” Cor immediately asked. His voice was laced in concern, and you couldn’t help but bite your lip in both fear and frustration. You had to tell him. He had to know.

“I’m pregnant.” You blurted out, quick and painlessly.

Silence hung over the phone before Cor’s smooth, deep voice rung over the line.

“Congratulations- you’re going to have to look after yourself better now with our-” Cor began to speak, his voice sounding light and stern at the same time. You felt your heart break a little at how he referred to baby as both yours and his. You loudly cleared your throat, stopping him from speaking momentarily.

“I’m almost four months along Cor…” you revealed, your voice impossibly soft. You listened to Cor inhale and exhale over the phone, and you started slightly when he spoke once again.

“Drautos?” he asked, his tone falling flat. You couldn’t help but let out a whimper as you pressed your fingernails into your knee, absolutely refusing to shed any tears. Still, a single tear escaped the corner of your eye and trickled slowly down your cheek.

“… I think so. I’m sorry. I don’t expect you to-” you started to cry over the phone, attempting to let go of Cor in the process. You fully expected him to refuse to be with you, or have anything to do with the child given that Drautos was a traitor- that Drautos was the one who killed Cor’s SECOND king with his own hands. Cor had been aware of your past with Drautos, but he still accepted you into his life. But… Drautos’ baby… you didn’t know if Cor would ever accept the child. You tried not to break into sobs as you awaited Cor’s response over the line.

“Y/n- I want to. This baby needs a father- Drautos is no longer around, I’m happy to take his place.” Cor spoke softly to you, and you couldn’t help yourself as more tears slid down your cheeks.

“You’re too good to me.” You simply said, surprised by his easy assent to the news of yours and Drautos’ baby.

Cor chuckled over the line. “And you, to me. Now go rest- I’ll be to Lestallum to see you after I assist Gladio with something. I’ll speak to you further about this when I’m home- don’t worry, nothing to do with leaving you or anything like that. I promise.” You wiped your tears and hummed in concurrence.

“Okay. Be careful… you’re going to be a father soon. So no more of this ‘Cor the Restless’ business, okay?” Cor chuckled over the line at your made-up title for him. He’d heard Noctis and his friends call him something similar, but it always tickled him right when you called him that.

“Alright sweet heart. I’ll be careful. You take care of yourself and our baby.”

You smiled and nodded, feeling warmth spread through your chest as you rubbed your distended abdomen gently. “I promise I will. Love you Cor.”

“Love you too, dearest. I’ll be back soon- promise.”

regarding the last live eatjin +jm&jk all i diid see is jikook sharing food if you look closely jiminie and kookie were sharing the food between them and even eating with the same spoon it was so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and jimin’s aura is leaning toward kookie! he was so cute i was chanting the whole time jimin  go and sit in his lap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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okayyyy this may sound silly buttttttt, how would the RFA+V&Saeran (i'm so sorry if it's too much) react to their smol s/o's face always being red? like not blushing bUT THEIR S/O HAS RED CHEEKS ALL THE TIME. thank uuuu

This is literally one of the cutest requests ever oh my gosh! I’m sorry if they’re a little on the short side, I had two projects due today because my professors hate me so I didn’t have a lot of time to write them longer ugh. But I still sincerely hope that you enjoy and thank you for the request!! :D


  • Yoosung absolutely adores your red cheeks!
  • He literally squealed with happiness the first time he saw you because oh my gosh how can someone be so cute?
  • Yoosung blushes and his own cheeks turn red a lot so he gets it
  • He’ll constantly tell you how cute you look
  • He totally pinches your cheeks all of the time because of your cuteness like you may give this boy a heart attack of from your cuteness
  • Random cuddle sessions because when Yoosung thinks someone/something is cute, he’ll cuddle the heck out of them
  • You and Yoosung become the cutest, red cheeked couple ever~


  • At first, Zen thinks that you just blush all of the time
  • “I know that I look like a god but babe you don’t have to blush all the time when you’re around me~”
  • Zen no
  • Once he finally realizes that your cheeks are naturally red all of the time he dotes so much over you
  • Will always tell you how adorable you are because of your cute little red cheeks 
  • Zen starts taking almost fifty pictures of you a day because he thinks that you’re just so adorable
  • He’ll also always show you off when the two of you are out and about because he wants everyone to know that you’re the most adorable person ever and just adores your cute little red cheeks


  • Jaehee thought that you were sick when she first noticed that your cheeks were red
  • But when you explain to her that they’re always like that she’s in love
  • Will literally just look at you and go “Awww!”
  • She smiles like ten times more than usual because you generally make her happy but she just finds you so precious
  • Will beat the crap out of anyone who dares to say anything negative about your red cheeks
  • She’ll sometimes just stare at your face because you’re so precious and when you look at her, she starts to turn red in the cheeks herself


  • Jumin’s kind of confused at first when he notices that your cheeks are red 24/7
  • He legitimately thinks that you’re sick and starts calling six different doctors to come check on you
  • You have to calm this poor man down and explain that you’re not sick, your cheeks are just always red
  • Instant relief, but it just makes him more confused like why are they like that?
  • But he eventually grows to love it and Jumin will often give small kisses to your cheeks, with him telling you how beautiful you are
  • Jumin becomes kind of obsessed with how beautiful your cheeks are and has a blurry photo taken by him as his phone screen saver


  • Seven thought that he was going to have a heart attack from the cuteness that is you when he first saw you
  • He will literally just poke you cheeks all of the time and if you ask him why he’s doing it, he’ll say it’s because you’re so cute
  • Seriously you two will be watching a horror movie and right when it gets to a jump scare Seven will poke your cheeks
  • Seven, my boy, please chill
  • If you’re ever feeling insecure about your red cheeks, Seven will put on some of his cosplay makeup blush so he looks just like you
  • Seven will constantly tell you how cute you are because in his eyes, you really are the cutest person in the world to this dork


  • V still can’t see very well, basically his vision is pretty blurry here
  • So when he first meets you, he doesn’t really notice your red cheeks
  • But when he leans in for a kiss for the first time, he hesitates and asks if you’re sick
  • Precious boy is so concerned about your health bless him
  • You tell him that they’re just naturally red and he’s like whoa
  • This might sound weird but he’ll just kind of lay his palm on your cheeks
  • It becomes sort of a new relaxing thing for V to just touch your cheeks and feel the warmth from them, it’s basically the sweetest thing ever


  • Saeran’s super confused why your cheeks are red and will constantly question you why they are
  • You tell him that they’re just naturally red, nothing more or less
  • He starts hesitantly touching your cheeks, muttering how cute they look
  • One day Saeran sees that you’re upset because someone made fun of your cheeks
  • Home boy wants to go and murder the douche but he knows that he should comfort you first
  • So he places a nervous kiss on your cheeks, telling you without muttering that you’re beautiful to him and that’s all that matters
  • Now Saeran will constantly kiss your cheeks and makes sure you know that he loves every part of you, especially your cheeks

My little cat, Sam, he was not even 2 years old

I stayed awake all night to be by his side, I petted him, telling him that it was going to be okay, he was going to feel better tomorrow 

He died this morning from poisoning

I can’t … I just can’t he was so nice, cute, he was purring all the time life is so unfair, I just can’t stand it

I am devastated with grief

Rest in peace Sam, You were the best cat, I will miss you, I miss you so much 

so my best friend/sort of crush showed up this weekend after almost half a year away (he doesn’t live in Canada anymore) and it’s just that I had the best time of my life with him while we were hanging out because he just makes me laugh all the time and we basically just talked and had fun while completely ignoring the movie we were watching. it’s just that before he left he said that this was probably the last time I’m going to see him 

and my heart sorta broke. I’m pretty sure he could see it on my face because i was completely caught off guard. and i already miss him and god, he’s just so fucking hot and cute and funny at the same time and like whenever I’m around him my cheeks literally hurt from smiling so much

and i mean to be honest he has gotten me through some of the hardest times in my life and like he knows exactly how sometimes im overconfident and how to handle that, and also how to handle me when im insecure and trying to cover it up through sarcastic insults and no matter what i say to him or he says to me we know that we’re always there

but i don’t want to never see him again

i already miss him so much

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Jdansaw where JD says shit like "make love" and Veronica things it's cute and Heather just GAGS every time he says it like "God JD do you want her to get turned off??"

omg,,,,,,,,, Ronnie finds it adorable and Chandler is just GROANING the entire time like, JD no, shut up