he is considering it

Okay but is Taako still wearing the “dope outfit” he put himself in during episode 56? Did he change his clothes? Has all of this been happening with Taako wearing whatever he considers high fashion? Was he having that argument with Magnus in the Fantasy Costco storeroom while wearing a Beyoncé-esque bejeweled leotard with matching high heeled boots or????

Mass Effect’s regression

Mass Effect 1, out of all the Mass Effect titles, has the most varying models for NPC’s. With each game, you see less and less (this goes for all Alien species in the games). By the time you get to Mass Effect 3, only one or two models exist and only vary through colour palette. Hanar, Elcor, Quarian, Vorcha and Volus dip out the most in terms of a unique model. But in Mass Effect 1, there were several very unique models for Aliens, especially the Salarians. Dr Saleon (last row, 3 across) to me was incredibly unique considering he has next to no screen time. Several models for Turians existed too (male only). Some had slight mandible and fringe changes (short, long, bent) as well as a more expansive colour variety and face tattoos. 

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, every Salarian is Kallo Jath’s model with a different colour or face paint slapped on top. Turians are all the same and all Asari have Dr Lexi’s face. Many features of the Salarian’s have been left out such as their upward blinking and large pupils and now they tower over Krogan.

Andromeda has less variation than Mass Effect 3, cruder animations and is just as glitchy as the first release of the first game. 

emilywritesaboutdean  asked:

Dean please, obviously.

Dean is gentle. He likes passion, kissing, and sliding his fingers over your form again and again. He’s got this way of touching you, even if you’re a complete stranger, he’ll make you feel like he’s in love. 

He’s very orally fixated, before he even had penetrative sex, he spent time perfecting his craft on girlfriends who were ok with oral but nothing further. His head game is A1 steak sauce, once you’ve had Dean between your legs, there’s no going back. You’ll want to wife him, you’ll want to make him as many pies as he can stomach, hell you’d consider birthing his god damn babies even if you don’t want none because his tongue is just…and those plush lips….and the soft noises he makes – who the hell moans when they’re eating someone out besides Dean fucking Winchester??

He’s got a pretty long dong, not overly thick, but longer than average. It hits your spots juuuust right. He’s good with short thrusts, his tip pressing against your spot with every rock of his hips. He also likes long thrusts that fill you up, relishing in the feeling of being engulfed in your warmth. 

He does enjoy rough sex, mostly when you’re taking control and riding him until the sun comes up. (Don’t forget that zorro mask)

Dean is an overall 8.5/10, 9/10 for oral, and personally a 7.5/10 (Simply because I crave a fight for dominance and he’s so damn gentle that it’s more of a “Here be dominant babe” thing)

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Am I the only one the feels like Emori was completely wrong when she was talking with Clarke about she doesn't know what it's like to be "cast out" and "thrown away like someone's garbage"? I mean yeah she was right about Clarke being loved and shit but like Clarke's people put her and a bunch of kids into a drop ship and literally sent them off to die on a radiation soaked planet because as Jaha put it they were "disposable". So I think Clarke does know a little something about Emori's pain.

ooh I never thought of that, yeah you’re completely right. Also an interesting parallel between Emori and Murphy considering he literally got cast out from the group. I find it funny the show seems to like creating couples who have similar roles 

No Explanation

Pairing: Joe Sugg x Reader
Warnings: None
Summary: Reader left Joe with no explanation, Joe explains her absence in various ways
Word count: 559 A/N: Idk, I listened to 50 ways to say goodbye by Train and this idea came to mind.

You left. Joe could not believe it. One day you were here and the next day you were gone. You two were so in love, it was the kind of love that made everyone want to be in love. It started a year ago. One year ago… You saw him in a restaurant with some friends, you had been eyeing him the whole night. Joe saw your stares, he stared back taking in your beauty. He was stunned that he had caught your eye, he was with friends that people considered more attractive than him. For some reason though, you of all people were staring… at him. His disbelief continued when you came up to his table, apologizing for interrupting and then asking for his number. He quickly gave it to you and was blushing the rest of the evening. Joe pulled himself out of his trance, remembering why he was so upset. He looked around for some kind of note, he checked his phone for any type of message. He couldn’t find one, he tried calling you, texting you even snapchatting and DM-ing you. He got no response, he filled your voice mail, begging you to come back, that he would do anything to get you back. He waited days for you to respond, but he still got nothing back from you. Whenever friends came over and asked where you were he gave short, unrealistic replies, “She fell, but no one caught her”, “She fell in a cement mixer full of quicksand”. His friends became worried none of them had heard from you in weeks. Josh contacted you, hoping that you would be okay. When you responded within a couple of days, he called you immediately. “Y/N! Where are you? Are you okay? Are you safe? Joe really misses you. I miss you. We all miss you. You need to come back. We’re all messes without you.” . His excitement got the best of him, and caused him to ramble on. You chuckled in response. “Josh, I am fine, I don’t know if I’m coming back…” She went quiet, silent almost. “Wait, what? You don’t think you’re coming back? Why did you leave in the first place?” “It didn’t feel right… being with Joe was amazing and I love and care about him still. It didn’t feel right, we were drifting apart, all the things we loved about each other seemed to disappear. I can’t even begin to explain the agony I’ve put myself through, I can’t imagine what he’s going through. I really am sorry. Please promise me you’ll tell him” Josh could tell she was hurt, he could hear the tears streaming down her cheeks. “I really think that you-” Josh was cut off “Josh… please… I am begging you.” With a sigh he agreed, they talked for a bit longer and then hung up. Josh went to Joe’s apartment, he explained everything. They cried, Josh was Joe’s shoulder to cry on. Joe could not believe the pain he had caused you. Joe still texted you, telling you that he wasn’t going to change the locks any time soon, that you were welcome home, whenever you wanted to come back. Two months later, locks weren’t changed, Joe was home, but you still weren’t. Joe would wait until you were ready, he would wait years for you. A/N: So I hope you guys liked this! I’m actually kind of happy with this one. Let me know what you guys think!
How NCT 127 acts when they like you

Taeil: He is hesitant on his feelings. Unsure if he should commit to them or not. However, if he thinks you are the one he will be set on you. It’ll be hard to shake him off. He will be around you often.

Johnny: Johnny will grow very close to you. Making you trust him. You’ll be best friends before he decides to confess. If he isn’t to shy about confessing. He may never admit it to you directly, but you can pick up the hints.

Taeyong: He is always very generous. Giving you endless amounts of affection without confessing. Occasionally he can be a bit smothering with his love for you, but he tries not to go overboard.

Yuta: Not someone who tends to let people close to him consider yourself lucky. He is always indirect with his approach, but will end up showing interest within time. He will try to connect with you on a deep level.

Doyoung: He will try to figure out how to get to your heart before thinking about confessing. He will always make sure to pay attention to you and offer romantic gestures. He can be a bit unpredictable, but it’s nice.

Jaehyun: He will be direct with telling you his feelings, but getting there is tricky. He will slowly learn more and more about you. If he doesn’t get bored he will consider you and eventually confess. He is very confident about his feelings.

Winwin: He is always loyal and reliable. Someone you can trust. He always tries to seem like he isn’t weak around you. He won’t show his more sensitive side in fear that you may think of him as weak. He will find himself getting very attached to you.

Mark: If you have a similar energetic nature it will attract Mark. He likes that you can keep up with his energy and stay at the same pace. He is very loyal to you and tends to choose your side over others. He may assume it is unrequited love and feel hesitant on confessing.

Haechan: Haechan needs someone who can fully keep up with him. He can be a bit eccentric and needs someone who can accept that and match it. He will develop his feelings over time as he figures you out. Although he seems like a trouble maker he is very kind and considerate with you.

Second Thoughts, Second Chances (Sniper/Spy)

Chapter 9: Dim Light

AO3 Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/9419246/chapters/23015601

Rating: Teen+

Chapter Summary: It’ll probably go badly. He doesn’t know what he’s doing or what Spy sees in him. Sniper knocks on a hotel door, and chooses not to run anymore.

This was it, everything the sniper had been nervously avoiding for the last two months was happening tonight. He was either going to really enjoy this evening, or really, really regret it. He concentrated hard into a foggy mirror, pulling the blade of a straight razor down the bottom of his sideburns. He carefully neatened the edges with a practiced hand, stripping away the shaving foam on his face. He’d considered once or twice that he could always busy himself as a barber if he tired of this whole assassin thing, he had the steady fingers for it. He rinsed off what white remained on his face in the sink and looked hard at himself as he rubbed aftershave into his skin. His hair was still wet; he’d taken a shower just moments before and scrubbed parts of his body he’d never washed so thoroughly in all his years. He ran fixative through his hair, taming the front and back into place as usual. None of the ritualism was any different than what he always did and yet he still felt he was making a big deal of things. He wanted to punch his reflection right in the nose for looking so worried.

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daddyscoliosis  asked:

I haven't been watching Dan and Phil lately is dan just over straightening his hair or??

dan said (mainly in his liveshows) that:

1) when his hair is short like this, the curly hair doesn’t look too wild so he likes how it looks

2) curly/wavy hair happens to be considered ‘trendy’ at the moment

3) when his hair is straightened, their camera makes his hair look flat and strange and nothing like in real life

so he’s not going to straignten his hair until he gets a new camera. but who knows :)


BSD Rarepair week Day 6: Too Little, Too Late//Future// “I hope one day you’re as happy as you’re pretending to be.”-Gnash, Leave A Message (song lyric)

After Odasaku’s death neither Dazai or Ango can’t enjoy each other’s company without scratching the wound of bad memories .

Ango has one wish, for Dazai to be happy and he tries so hard to be a perfect replacement for Oda. It is a small improvement since Dazai is always watched by him so his suicidal attempts lower their number but…there is still sadness in those big brown eyes and wide smile, and it hurts him to know, he will never be at least a quarter as good as Oda was for Dazai.

Dazai on the other hand has one wish as well, to be dead. So he would have never had to choose between two of his only friends he consider family.

110 Observations (Based on the Press Release

1) Officially moves from Fuckboi to Rentboi in 109, because clearly SOMETHING (in addition to Madelaine hinting about it) between him and Cheryl. Which is why he’s trying to get back in Val’s good graces (love to hear that explanation: “but I really do only like you—-for the moment!!! She bought my kiss with a fancee guitar!!”).

Also….consider he’ll have had something with Cheryl in 109, be trying to get back with Val in 110 and then be chasing both B&V over the last three episodes. After also having been with Grundy and kissed both Val and Veronica in earlier episodes.

As @musingmola‘s Grandma says, “he just likes everybody!!!”

2) I think it’s gonna be Cheryl or whatever popular jock dude picks on Juggie who triggers Dark Betty back (we already saw a touch when Betty threw Cheryl out of her house)—-or she’ll be so upset, she’ll self harm with her palms. Juggie will find out and they’ll share that vulnerable moment and fully open up to one another….so I have actually good feelings about this and don’t even think Bughead will exactly have a fight….more like external forces

The POT tonight idk… he wore his wedding ring. He has been widowed for 2 years now. I get that moving on is tough, especially in the case of a loved one being forcibly taken away, but at the same time, it is not appropriate to go out with a young lady more than half your age while still wearing a wedding ring with the intention of becoming intimate in the future.

He told me during the date that a girl had gotten super clingy with him, but I honestly cannot believe that. This man obviously has some problems unsolved. Still, I totally get it. He’s definitely lonely, which is why he is even on SA, but I think that loneliness can lead one to be susceptible to attachment. And this is a situation that is supposed to be NSA.

Just my thoughts on that matter…

He does seem to be a good person. He’s a big man (especially considering that I am pretty petite), but he’s not hideous. The age difference is definitely there. And it’s just awkward that he still wears his ring. I’m not sure if it’s my place to ask him to take it off. It just adds unnecessary awkwardness to the awkwardness that is already there.

50. Talk about anything? Actually I’d like to talk about one character, and I’d like to introduce: Luka Umbra <3 

He’s an old OC that I made years and years ago. I’m trying to revive him and he’s now completely different from the way he used to be. I’ve been considering Luka as a main character for my second book, after Frozen Fire. So far, he’s a pretty sure candidate. He’s a pure shadow dragon, and he’s quite the fun character~

fer8girl  asked:



Send 💗 to kiss my muse tenderly without explanation

Jaren + Nya + confusion!

The tall red-gold Cathar made a startled sound as Nya dragged him down a bit to her level. Green eyes widened as they started in violet-gray, right before she pressed her mouth against his. It was a nice kiss: warm and soft and tender. However, it was also completely shocking and he had no idea what to do with his hands. Grabbing her seemed a poor idea all things considered…

When she finally leaned back, he blinked at her owlishly for a few moments. “Not that it wasn’t nice, but…” He cleared his throat, nose darkening in a blush. “why did you do that?”

muryokuyuzami  asked:

In a Mafia AU, what would elgangs roles be?

Elsword would be willing to do any job thrown at him, regardless of the consequences, and loves the rush he gets from performing the jobs. 

Aisha would be a member of the crew. Though she doesn’t do much, she is always there to help if it it’s needed, but refuses to get her hands dirty.

Rena would be the trusted right-hand woman to Raven. She would provide insightful ideas they could pull off, providing the plans to do so. 

Raven would be the leader. He worked his way to the top, bypassing all who looked down on him to prove them wrong. This is the type of boss you do not want pissed at you. 

Eve would be their informant on other gangs. She provides insightful and accurate information and she always manages to stay one step ahead of all Mafia leaders. 

Chung would be a member of the crew, the same as Aisha. He is considered to be Raven’s “secret weapon” when dealing with other mafias — or anything troublesome really — as people always fall for his look of innocence. 

Ara would be married into the mafia. She doesn’t enjoy violence, nor having to do it, but if it means Raven is pleased and she lives to see another day, she’ll do it. 

Elesis would be an enforcer. It took her a long time to reach this rank, it isn’t given out freely to just anyone, but sometimes she yearns for a normal life and hates when Raven calls her in to witness the murder or torture of a fellow member. 

Add would be Eve’s partner in the informant business. Like her, he stays one step ahead of all leaders. Sometimes, when he can’t find something for his entertainment, he stirs up drama between mafia leaders. His favourite pastime is watching the leaders try tearing each others throats out. 

Lu would be a member of the crew. Like Chung, Raven prefers to send these two out the most because of their look of innocence and their track record of being able to get the job done in a swift amount of time. 

Ciel would be an enforcer. He doesn’t know how he got there, but he did. On the days that Elesis can’t be reached, Raven will call him in instead to witness the beatings. 

Rose would be the one doing the dirty work. She has a track record that proves herself time and time again, she is the one who is done the quickest out of them all, and is always sought out by Raven to do the more difficult jobs at hand. 

Ain would be the one doing the enforcing and the dirty work. He is somewhat apathetic to the mafia lifestyle, having been born and raised in it, and deems his duties as normal and everyday life. 

anonymous asked:

If Severus quite suddenly came into a large amount of money, how and where would he spend it?

He wouldn’t. Severus has trouble spending money because he’s never had much. I imagine that he’d throw most of it in the bank and only take out small amounts as needed (for books and other things that he considers he might need from a practical standpoint).  I don’t think he’d ever be the sort to live lavishly, but he might eventually convince himself to drop some money on things he really wants.  I imagine that he’d have a lot of guilt about spending money, though, and often sink into a depressive state after dropping a lot of money on something, even if it’s something he really needed or wanted.

So current set up chapter

I don’t really get why Jellal is even there. What is he even going to do? Get his ass kicked? Jellal got his ass kicked by much weaker characters, and you’ll need dragon slaying magic to even inflict damage on Acnologia.

Not a fan of Jellal, but safe to say he has a death flag for now. and considering he isn’t a member of FT, there’s a chance he will be the one to die to save Erza.

anonymous asked:

If Elliot doesn't like the colour green, does that mean he doesn't like Nari, a character from Lost Stars, considering she has both green hair and eyes?

If we’re being real Elliot’s only issue with green is that they aren’t comfortable wearing it themselves. Other people wearing green, or having green eyes or hair, isn’t an issue to them. The whole “EVERYTHING GREEN MUST BURN” thing just became a little ongoing joke that I find funny.

God Nari and Elliot interacting would be… The most awkward and uncomfortable thing. Elliot probably wouldn’t talk at all and has a difficult time emoting sometimes, and Nari is just completely expressionless and really blunt. I feel like Nari would get impatient and just leave if I’m honest, LMAOO