he is bigger shipper than you

  • Future Rogue: Ughh… I couldn’t do it.
  • Future Rogue: You came all that way to save me.
  • Future Rogue: You’re actually… quite hard to hate.
  • Sting: So… that means we’re friends now?
  • Future Rogue: Yeah… I guess.
  • Future Rogue: I’m sorry. I was… I was wrong about you.
  • Sting: Uh… You were wrong about more than that. You kinda destroyed everyone and everything I love.
  • Future Rogue: Hey! It takes a big man to admit he was wrong!
  • Sting: And it takes a bigger man to not rub it in the first man’s face.
  • Sting: I am not the big of a man.
  • Sting: (points at Future Rogue and grins obnoxiously) HA!
  • Future Rogue: I take back what I said about you being hard to hate.
  • Sting: Sorry.
You think Destiel shippers are the only ones who can meta? Check this out

They’re in the antique store and Dean looking at that large ship. I mean, it’s big but it kinda seems like maybe that ship thinks it’s a way bigger deal than it really is. He knocks it over, accidentally kicks it around a little, breaks a piece off of it, finally sets it back on the table. Whew. BUT HE’S NOT DONE. He drops it again. And again. Really beats it to hell. 

Then he walks over to a bookshelf and there’s a much smaller, prettier ship sitting there minding it’s own business in an totally unobtrusive way. He goes to touch it but then stops and leaves it be. Maybe because it didn’t need a good smackdown?

There’s really no point to this scene except comedy relief. Oh, and symbolism. I’m not saying that the big ship is destiel and the little one is wincest but… oh wait. That’s exactly what I’m saying. 

Oh hail Nina, O Captain my Captain

I have watched *every* Hunger Games commentary and I’ve noticed something - having since watched the Mockingjay Part 2 commentary as well - there is no bigger Everlark shipper in that production team, than Nina Jacobson.  Francis is up there, but he doesn’t compare to her. Love her talking in commentaries.  Here’s just some of the golden nuggets…

Catching Fire Commentary

*Regarding the Finnick/Katniss dynamic*
FRANCIS LAWRENCE: It was really interesting when working on the screenplay with everybody sort of tracking this distrust of Finnick was one thing, but when you suddenly start doing these sequences and this scene, all the different things that he does, it is getting harder and harder to not trust him. Cause you realize very early on that, he could’ve killed her, but he didn’t. Instead he kills someone that was coming after her, and saves her life. He then he goes and finds Peeta, goes and tries to help save Peeta, he carries this old woman around on his back, in the jungle, and now, saves Peeta’s life. And how it’s pretty – it’s pretty honorable. You sort of have to have a deep level of distrust in your soul to, uh, to not trust Finnick. And it’s one of the things about Sam (Claflin) he’s so likable. And so warm. And so emotional which I think becomes a huge part of Finnick’s character.
NINA JACOBSON: On the other side of the relationship is Finnick checking her out, seeing what she’s made of, and I – one of the things I love in this scene is, uh, he’s watching this unfold between them, and um, he’s seeing for the first time her love for Peeta is not an act. That she really feels for him and, cares for him. And he sees her differently after this too.
FRANCIS LAWRENCE: Yeah, yeah. Both he and Snow. And something is key for the very very ending of these next stories is, starts to take place when Snow sees that hug, and see that she really does care for him. And I think plans begin to form in his head.

NINA JACOBSON:This is also i think the movie in which she realizes how deeply she loves him. And you know at the end of this movie in the arena Peeta and Katniss have what is in the book described as her first passionate kiss. Her first kiss that’s not for the cameras at all and it’s truly rooted in her own feelings.

NINA JACOBSON:  I love where we are now in terms of the love story between Katniss and Peeta. She’s really chosen him now. They don’t get very long together, but she’s made her choice. And I think he’s really earned her love. And really I think, feel why she’s ended up coming to this place with him.

Mockingjay Part 1 Commentary

NINA JACOBSON:  I think Liam does an amazing job in this movie actually. You really feel for him, you feel for a guy who, he’s in love with this girl, and yet, and this is his first time to have time with her when he’s not overtly competing with Peeta. And yet, now, Peeta is tugging at her heart in a way that’s impossible to compete with.

NINA JACOBSON:  …she does fall in love with [Peeta] over time.

NINA JACOBSON:  It’s important for Gale and Katniss to have this fight…we really want to see them break apart on a philosophical level. They have different world views. While she also feels this great concern for Peeta, she also sees to the degree Gale has fully aligned himself with Coin, fully aligned with 13 and with his role as a warrior above all else, and seems to have lost empathy for Peeta and Peeta’s situation.

Mockingjay Part 2 Commentary

NINA JACOBSON:  Gale loves her. And even when he has her attention he doesn’t really *have* her attention.

PEETA: We’ve been here before you know?
PEETA: That look.
FRANCIS LAWRENCE: This is a scene I always liked from the book, always found it very moving. The sort of beginnings of - Katniss and Peeta growing back together again. What’s interesting about it, is that, it’s a relationship that becomes an obstacle to her. To her goal now, her goal that if she’s going to take off and she’s going to get that Holo and take off with Gale and go on her own and go rogue, that somehow seeing the glimpses of the real Peeta again and feeling the connection to Peeta again becomes an obstacle to that objective.
PEETA: Fiancee. Enemy.
NINA JACOBSON: It’s also the beginning of “Real or not real,” which I think thematically is such a brilliant motif for the series and for their relationship because *that* is the question they have both asked themselves from the beginning about their relationship, if it is real or not real. And in the Games the demands that are placed on them and their responses and the sense of constant surveillance and how you behave when you’re being watched. And are your actions real or not real?
KATNISS: …not bright orange. Soft, like a sunset.

And just because she’s like the queen of our ship, here’s another little thing she has said in an article… 

NINA JACOBSON: at the same time its clear during that great moment at the beach in Catching Fire that she has fallen in love with Peeta.  That scene I love where she says “I need you” is so romantic and she’s clearly come to realize the depths of her feelings for him only to lose him.