he is beautiful jfc


my heart just did about 1 million flips 💞 

[/heavy breathing.]


what I saw in that bangtan bomb

Episode 5 of Hwarang

Sam Maek: *walks into Sun Woo’s room with him passed out on his back*

Yeol Wool: (the most beautiful man in all of Silla) *is stroking his long, luscious tresses as he is sat elegantly atop the steps*

Sam Maek: ???

Yeol Wool: *regards Sam Maek with a posh look* What? Have you never seen a beautiful man before?

Me: *chokes* jFC- He makes me not want to admit that he’s literally prettier than me-


always a slut for natan and shirtless supernatural beings

bloomess  asked:

❛ faluuuuu !!! ❜ she sprints in, practically springing herself onto his side, with the force of her semblance. a smile and her eyes gleaming like diamonds as she grinned up towards him, heart a flutter. ❛ hi! what'cha doin'? ❜

Oof. He’d forgotten how fast Ruby was when using that nifty semblance.

“Hey dollface~ I’m just thinking about which poem can accurately describe your beauty.” A wink.

“O beauty, passing beauty! Sweetest sweet! How can thou let me waste my youth in sighs? I only ask to sit beside thy feet. Thou knowest I dare not look into thine eyes,” He recited this as he stared into Ruby’s pretty eyes, with laughter shining in his own.


“The signs are all there. Just got to know how to read ‘em.”