he is bad at hide and seek

The Gentle Ogre.

Deep in the Haunted Forest,
where the sun doth never shine,
there dwells an Ogre so modest,
that on us he n’er doth dine.

When he hears us humans talking,
he runs and hides away,
and he’ll watch as we go walking,
then he’ll come out and play.

He plays with all the spooks and ghosts,
the Nymphs and Fairies of the woodland’s green;
and hide and seek, he loves the most,
for he’s very good at not being seen.

This Gentle Ogre, he lives alone,
but he’s never down or feeling sad;
the woods, the forests, are his home,
and he’s n’er been seen to do some bad.

So if in the woods, you do go rambling;
and you hear some noise among the tree’s;
have no fear, t’is the Ogre a shambling;
a playing in the spring time breeze.
Ambrose Harte
Scattered Thoughts

More Snily Headcanons

Lily’s not shy about being affectionate with Sev—liberally, genuinely, and spontaneously—and she’s perhaps the one person who’s allowed to be.

Snape can hotwire a car.

A mouse once escaped Lily’s bag and ran into Petunia’s room—the screams could be heard all the way to Spinner’s.

Snape never told Lily how he was treated at home; it was bad enough she saw what happened at school.

Lily was so delighted when she first opened a chocolate frog, Sev couldn’t help watching her with a smile.

Snape taught Lily how to play Gobstones, and even gave her tips—such as how to get the least bit of goo after a loss.

In contrast, Lily taught Sev how to play most Muggle games, such as “Hide and Seek” (which for some reason frightened him almost humorously at first—seems he thought she was making it up to get away from him).

While Snape visited Lily quite frequently, he never let her come to his house—not once.

One of Lily’s favorite places was the Astronomy Tower, and she’d stargaze whenever possible; Sev was invited more than once.

Snape knew things most—Wizard or Muggle—did not at age 9: where to get bootleg booze and cigarettes, what places held underground cock fights, and how much Amaranth was necessary to distract angry fathers.

Lily knew how to bake cookies by 9 and would often invite Sev over to try some, or bring them to share.

15-year-old Snape once overheard Regulus Black voice his impressed opinion with his skills to one Barty Crouch Jr. Apparently, “He can do incredible things, and he’s only a half-blood!”

Lily’s backyard had a huge flower garden, where she and Sev would share Butterbeer, biscuits, and tales of Merlin (a Slytherin) on lazy afternoons.

Both have the same favorite color: green.

anonymous asked:

Imagine Asriel being bad at hide n' seek because you can smell a sweet floral scent whenever he's around, making him easy to find and the scent being an indicator to find a new spot when you're hiding. Poor goat, he never wins.

Jimin Scenario: Bad Behavior

Request: I would like to request another Jimin scenario where he’s a bad guy and he wants me and I judge ignore him and whatever… then one day after school,jimin admits his feelings to me and kisses me?

Genre: Romance

You knew Jimin since you were children, your mothers were good friends so you had shared many times together during childhood, that and the fact that Jimin and you had always studied in the same school, in the same class.
He used to be such a sweet boy, all smiles and laughs, always playing hide and seek and sometimes he even played house with you; but now everything was different.

You were in class trying to not drift too much to your thoughts, but that was a difficult thing to do, even more when the teacher was currently giving a scold to Jimin who had laughed at the teacher’s back and had been caught.

-Tell us the joke-

He sat at the back of the room, and the teacher had asked him to stand up. So now everyone had their head turned to the back so they could see how the teacher scolded Jimin. You tried not to look but the curiosity of what was he going to do now was big. 

-I don’t think you would get it professor Choi- he had an arrogant smirk on his face and his two friends chuckled beside him. Although they were still sitting, Taehyung and Jungkook looked as smug as Jimin, daring the teacher.

The teacher was fuming and it was notable how he was trying to contain himself from yelling and losing control to Jimin’s manners. 

-Is that so? You think you are really funny Park Jimin, but this is not a circus, this is a school. So I won’t accept clowns in my class-

Jimin sat down again and the teacher went to his desk to resume the class.
-If this was a circus I think I’d know who would be the clown- Jimin said to his friends who laughed at the comment. 

The teacher heard them though, so he grabbed three papers and gave one to each of them. - To detention right now-

The three of them didn’t seem faced by the punishment and just took their things and left the classroom, laughing and grinning careless. You watched the entire scene feeling heavy inside, how could people change so much?

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Ep 1 thoughts:
• I love the opening credits!!!
• As usual, my boy Max is on the move (I just love that horse so much ok???)
• Cassandra’s friendship with Rapunzel continues to give me life
• For a moment I thought Eugene’s ego would escalate at the thought of Varian’s obsession for Flynn Rider. At least he told him his real name and who Flynn really was
• This episode was basically “hide and seek your secrets and I’ll do the same for mine”. Either way I’m happy Rapunzel decided to stay true to Eugene in the end when explaining how her hair returned.
• Varian was sooo adorable….say no more. I really felt bad for him when his machines broke, I hope he’ll rebuild something again with his incredibly innovative mind

That’s just about it!! Can’t wait for the next episode….!!!

Got7 As Animal Crossing Villagers

This has probably been done before but whatever:

Jackson/Dog/Jock - His house is decorated like a gym and he always challenges you to a game of hide and seek. Encourages you when you’re digging for fossils. Tries to show off by carrying said fossils to the museum for you.

Youngjae/Otter/Lazy - Youngjae is a bright kid who’s chill and always like to come to your house. He volunteers at the museum and had learned a lot from Blathers. He likes to tell you all about the different items you donate after displaying them.

JB/Wolf/Cranky - A grumpy old man that made you promise not to tell the other villagers that you saw him feeding the birds. Too bad everyone already knows. May seem a bit distant to some, but is still super protective of you.

Jinyoung/Alligator/Smug - If someone loves themself, that’s Jinyoung and it’s quite hilarious. As nice as he is, he is rather conceited and thinks highly of himself. JB doesn’t like him. Has a crush on Mabel and has asked for your advice to approach her. Hangs around the Able Sisters tailor shop to get her attention. It doesn’t work.

Mark/Lion/Jock - Jackson’s best friend and rival when it comes to whatever games they play. They once had a game of hide and seek that lasted until 5AM because Jackson kept moving from one spot to another. You tend to stay away from the madness, though sometimes you and Mark go to Harvey’s RV campsite to sit around the fire.

Yugyeom/Alpaca/Lazy - A pretty chill dude for the most part. He likes to go fishing and can be pretty competitive when it comes to the Fishing Tournament. You can find him at Club LOL during the week, partying it up with BamBam and DJ. KK.

BamBam/Goat/Jock - A wild kid who loves to party at Club LOL. Is banned from the museum… and the Fortune Tellers… and almost got banned from the Nook’s store. (You had to convince Tommy and Timmy not to.) Once tried to be a member of the HHA but got fired after he accidentally set someone’s carpet on fire…

Suho: has anyone seen baekhyun??

Lay: well hes probably with chanyeol you know they never leave each others side so I wouldn’t worry too much

Chanyeol: *turns corner* hey where is baek at?


Baekhyun: *walks in room* wtf I’ve been playing hide in seek for three hours and no one came to find me??

Lay: oh we were still playing that? lmao

Together (Newt)

Description: Y/N and Newt do something that results in them being banished to the Maze for a night. However Minho and Thomas have already killed all the Grievers so Y/N and Newt play ‘Hide and Seek’ instead.

Warnings: None

Word count: 1222


Newt stood next to you, both of you staring down at Albys new clothes he’d gotten from the box that day.

“Should we hide them?” Newt asks.

“No,” you say thoughtfully. “We should wear them.”

“This is a bad idea isn’t it?” Newt says indifferently.

You nod. “Yep.”


The Maze doors slam shut in front of you, sealing both you and Newt inside it for the night. You groan and turn, walking slowly further into the Maze.

“I didn’t think it was that bad of an idea,” you mutter.

Newt sighs and takes the lead. You follow behind him quickly and he turns right at the first corner. You wondered if he remembered a lot of the Maze or if he was just guessing.

“Sooo,” you drag out. “What do you want to talk about?”

Newt shakes his head. “How were going to survive in here, or where to hide? Yeah any of those would be helpful conversations.”

Newt pushes air past his teeth and walks faster. You jog to catch up to him. An unhappy expression rests on his face and his frown seems to be etched into his mouth. You grab his swaying arm and stop walking.

He turns to you, frustrated. “What?”

“Newt, relax, okay? Were going to be fine.”

“Fine,” he scoffs. “You know you say that as if we’re not stuck in a bloody Maze that’s filled with killer creatures.”

“We’re not! Remember?”

You wait for Newt to recall the last couple days. Your hand slides down his smooth arm and your fingers curl in with his. Then, after a couple moments, a smile spreads across his face and he shakes his head.

“I’m sorry,” he sighs. “I nearly forgot. It’s just the Maze has been that way for so shuckin long…” He shakes his head again and you nod understandingly.

Minho and Thomas had killed the last of the Grievers two days before. They found that stabbing the Griever from underneath would immediately kill them. They spent the next week eliminating the vile creatures and ridding the Maze of them. That’s why Albys first reaction was to send you both into the Maze. No harm anymore, just a metaphorical slap to the wrist.

Newt begins walking again with you by his side. He hums a song you’ve never heard before and you let a small smile show at his song. He was happy simply being.

“Okay I have an idea.”

You turn to Newt, surprised that he’d spoken and broken his song up. “Shoot,” you shrug.

“Hide and seek?” Newt raises an eyebrow and turns his head, waiting for your response.

You smirk and place a hand over your eyes. “One…two…three…”

As you’re counting, you hear Newts uneven footsteps scurry away somewhere in front of you. You can’t hear him after a couple seconds and then it hits you how hard this game of hide and seek was going to be.

“Twenty-nine, thirty!” You remove your hand from over your eyes and begin running instantly. You turn left, the way you thought you’d heard him go. But with the way the walls echoed in here, you could be going the completely wrong way.

“We really should’ve set up rules,” you mutter. He could’ve climbed the ivy and you could pass right under him. How ironic would that be?

You make your footsteps as quiet as possible, just to make sure he wouldn’t hear you and move spots, making the game more difficult than it needed to be. You stick close to the right wall, running your palm against the surface lightly.

After five more minutes of searching, getting lost, and going in a complete circle, you see Newts fingers poking around a corner. You shake your head and walk slowly towards him and place your hand on top of his.

You sigh. “One fatal mistake, Newt.”

He turns from the corner and his mouth gapes. “I want a do-over! Not my fault you have eyes that can see apparently very well in the dark.”

You shrug and lift his reluctant hands to cover his eyes. You smile widely and turn on your heel the second he begins counting. You take a left and then a right. You continue down the long corridor, making sure that only the tips of your feet touched the pavement to keep the sound from echoing.

You spot thick ivy you could partially cover yourself with if you stood just right. You sprint towards it and take a couple minutes to position it the best you could. Depending on which direction Newt came from, he might just miss you.

It seems like you’re waiting in the same spot forever. The ivy was beginning to make your skin irritated and you had about had it with the pestering bugs whose home was the ivy itself. You listen closely for any of Newts footsteps. You knew he was close before, but now? Where was he? You hadn’t heard him go either left or right, but he couldn’t have just stayed in the same spot.

You slide yourself out from the ivy and brush the dirt and bugs off your arms. You frown. You’d be itching for a week!

You start to jog as quietly as you could towards the next intersection. You check to your left but turn right, making sure that Newt wouldn’t see you from behind and you’d be caught. What you actually should’ve been worried about though, is if he was to your right.

Your body hits into something soft and it falls, bringing you with it. Newt. Both of you groan at the impact but you immediately start laughing. Newt takes a deep breath and chuckles.

“Did no one tell you to check both ways before crossing?” He sits up but you remain laughing on the ground.

“Sorry,” you give one last laugh and sigh. “Totally did not see you there.”

“Oh really?” Newt rolls his eyes and smiles.

You crawl over to Newt and push him back down so he’s laying flat on the ground. You lay next to him and smile with content at yourself.

“What was the point of this?” He asks with playful curiosity.

You shrug. “Might as well stay down. I’m too tired to keep running.”

Newt doesn’t say anything but instead turns to gaze at you. He reaches over and takes a strand of your hair in his fingers and tries to braid it. A horrified look crosses his face when he accidentally knots it. He pushes the hair pack to you and hopes you didn’t notice. You did.

“Who knew the Maze could be so beautiful?” He asks after a moment.

“Minho. He’s always bragging about how cool it is out here after all the Grievers are gone.”

“True,” Newt agrees. You were glad to know that you weren’t the only one who noticed Minhos long talks.

Newt yawns and moves closer to you. He takes your hand in his and rubs the back of it soothingly. You close your eyes and cherish the feeling.

Eventually you both fall asleep there, huddled together in the Maze. What was once a place of terror at night was now something mysterious and beautiful, and you really, really liked that.

Maybe you and Newt would have to mess with Alby more often.

Being Clint Barton’s Best Friend Would Include...
  • Totally shipping Natasha and him
  • Playing pranks on the rest of the Avengers with him
  • Being one of the only people that Clint lets up in his nest
  • Training with him
  • Trash talking each other all the time
  • “God you move like a grandpa, I could probably get more of a workout by training with Pietro.”                                                                            “Shut up, you punch like a girl.“                                                            “You say that like it’s a bad thing, bird boy.”
  • Movie marathons
  • Giving him daily updates on the team when he retires
  • His kids calling you “auntie (Y/n)”
  • Playing hide-and-go-seek tag with him in the vents of the Avengers Tower
  • Teaching Thor untruthful Midgardian terms with Clint and laughing when he actually uses them.
  • “Man of Iron, Man With the Bow and Lady (Y/n) told me you passed your colon exam! They informed me that you were studying nonstop and thought you would fail, but you didn’t! We must throw a celebration for you!”                                                                                                      “My colon- Legolas and (Y/n) get down here!”
  • An endless stream of inside jokes
  • Natasha being a bit jealous of your guys friendship but eventually getting over it
  • Clint teaching you how to use the bow and arrow
  • The rest of the team mistaking you two for a couple
  • Forcing Clint to tell you what happened in Budapest
  • Sneaking into his room and switching around all of his uniforms with Natasha’s
  • “What the hell- (Y/n)!”
  • Being a Godparent to Clint’s first child
  • Making dirty jokes to each other
  • Spying on the rest of the team in your free time
  • Hiding his hearing aid when you guys get in a fight
  • “C’mon (Y/n) that’s a low blow, now give it back I can barely hear a damn thing.”                                                                                                    “Aw poor Clint.”                                                                               “What? I can’t hear a fucking thing because you took my hearing aid!”
  • Playing ‘what are the odds’ and losing every time
  • The Avengers having to convince you not to kill Loki when he compels Clint
  • Making up the weirdest nicknames for each other

-Daizy xx

things to consider when the paladins get back to earth

  • hunk buying small potted plants and naming them after the paladins 
  • hunk crying and hugging both of his moms while telling them how much he missed them
  • hunk meeting pidge’s dog and he talks to him in a baby voice. the dog loves him immediately and proceeds to ignore everyone else for the rest of the day because hunk’s belly rubs are magical
  • hunk visiting lance’s family again after years and having dinner with them like they used to while talking about childhood memories because him and lance used to be little troublemakers (this one time when they were 7, they were playing hide and seek and lance hid in the tree house for like 3 hours because of his competitive nature, he got his entire family worried and made hunk cry. he still feels bad about it)
  • lance’s mom is so happy to see both of them back, safe and sound because she considers hunk a part of her family

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: Germany would find it cute at first, but soon get worried that his child could accidentally injure themselves. He wouldn’t mind it too much, as long as it didn’t interrupt his work.

Italy/Feliciano Vargas: Italy would be overjoyed and find this absolutely adorable. He would likely play hide-and-seek with them, picking them up and giving them kisses when they found him. 

Japan/Honda Kiku: Like Germany, he would be wary of his child getting hurt by following them around. Japan would take care to walk slower around his house so his child wouldn’t have much of a problem following behind.

omg yess i love these,
wait let me think of some of the ship names

Iori X Mc:
• Saltwater: iori’s hella salty and mc does have her thirsty moments
• Color Blind:Since Mc likes Oranges, and he has bad eyesight.
• S&M
• Poker tables: wow i loved that sequel ending

Nagito X Mc:
• Orange Honeysuckle
• Sunrise: Their relationship is cheerful and sunny, and orange and yellow are associated with Sunrises.
• Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf

Takashi X Mc:
• Beauty and the Beast: Since Takashi has his monster mode, and he he sees Mc as extremely beautiful.
• SongScript: Mc is a scriptwriter, and Takashi writes the songs, so it’s fitting
• Musicalovers
• Caramel Tea
Ryo X Mc:
• Coffee Shop Au:
• Hide and Seek: “I know he told me he was good at hide and seek as a kid, but I didn’t think he was this good.”
• Lyric Lovers: They’re probably going to write lyrics together in his route. (hella excited for his route tbh)

Kyohei X Mx:
• Burning Passion: Both Orange and Red are associated with fire, and their relationship is rather steamy
• Destined Duo: They both work rather well together, so I think it’s fitting.
• Boss and Subordinate: she did call him boss in that one chapter

Kota X Mc:
• Joe Watabe’s number 1 fans tbh
• A purr-incess and her purr-ince
• Hy-purr-critacal couple
• already past fur-d base
• The claw-monner and the singer
• Litter-ature


Brandy: P-Please run……. tell my mom……that dad was……bad….

Bart: Brandy please! we can win the hide and seek game please BRANDY!!

Purple Guy: YOU CANT!

Bart: Hey Let me go, I’ll tell my dad !, he works here!!

Purple guy: Calm Down…….


some head cannons 4 ya boi kai

•is bad at hide and seek
•enjoys bath bombs
•loves sea salt taffy and will fight u for it
•wants a dragon onesie (im bad @ spelling)
•actually had long hair once
•wants 2 know how to have bad ass eyeshadow and winged eyeliner
•was actually scared of fire when he was little
•thinks otters r cool
•loves and supports the people he cares about

Connor tries to hide his panic attacks. Like they’ve become so prevalent since everything happened that the smallest things can trigger them. Oliver has urged him to seek help, but Connor is one stubborn fuck.

Sometimes, they aren’t so obvious, and he quells them with tugging a pillow into his chest until he can regulate his breathing. Sometimes, they’re so bad that Connor sits in his car for like a half hour before coming upstairs to their apartment because he couldn’t breathe, he couldn’t move.

On one such occasion, Oliver notices Connor pull into a parking spot and smiles, thinking he’ll be coming through the door at any moment. But when five, ten minutes just tick by, Oliver grows concerned. Pulling on a jacket and some shoes, Oliver heads outside and finds Connor in his car, fingers tightly wound into his hair, an unnatural pallor to his skin, tears tracks on his cheeks. His heart clenches painfully before he slowly opens the door, trying to not startle the other man.

Connor doesn’t move, but his sporadic breathing grows more ragged. Ollie wraps his arms around him, petting his hair soothing and whispering gentle nothings against his ear.

Connor sags against him in what seems like an eternity later. Ollie carefully helps him out of the car and up to their apartment and straight into bed.

Connor starts apologizing endlessly, but Oliver hushes him. Tells him that this conversation is for another time and that he isn’t mad or upset. Just worried.

He crawls into bed beside him and holds him close, and continues to do so long after he can feel Connor relax and drift off to sleep. He’s so concerned that he doesn’t find sleep until hours later, trying to fight the burning in his eyes to remain awake, just in case Connor needs him.

i like to imagine that every father’s day on pandora when gaige started to feel a little down about her dad or tina felt down about roland, all the other vault hunters would do dad things with them

axton being the embarrassing dad showing year old memes on the internet he found

salvador being the cool dad that takes you out bandit shootin’

krieg being the huggy dad that gives the best bearhugs

zer0 being the fun dad that plays hide and seek (and always lets you win even though he could win in the first five seconds)

maya being life lesson teachy dad 

lilith being the appreciative dad who lets the girls know how proud she is of them

mordecai being the party dad who gets drunk and embarrassing but it’s still a good time

brick being the good cook dad who makes everyone a nice family dinner

Don’t pick on people, jump on their failures, criticize their faults— unless, of course, you want the same treatment. That critical spirit has a way of boomeranging. It’s easy to see a smudge on your neighbor’s face and be oblivious to the ugly sneer on your own. Do you have the nerve to say, ‘Let me wash your face for you,’ when your own face is distorted by contempt? It’s this whole traveling road-show mentality all over again, playing a holier-than-thou part instead of just living your part. Wipe that ugly sneer off your own face, and you might be fit to offer a washcloth to your neighbor.

“Don’t bargain with God. Be direct. Ask for what you need. This isn’t a cat-and-mouse, hide-and-seek game we’re in. If your child asks for bread, do you trick him with sawdust? If he asks for fish, do you scare him with a live snake on his plate? As bad as you are, you wouldn’t think of such a thing. You’re at least decent to your own children. So don’t you think the God who conceived you in love will be even better?

“Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them . Add up God’s Law and Prophets and this is what you get.

—  Matthew 7:1-5, 7-12 MSG
1872 stevetony ficlet

A fill for the “language” square on my stevetony bingo card.

It wasn’t even noon yet, and Tony was already drinking. It was a bad sign. That he was in the pub, not hiding alone, made it somehow better—Dugan could, and would, water down his drinks, and it always was worse when Tony didn’t seek out company—but also worse, because Steve couldn’t very well say anything to him in public.

Anything that mattered, that was.

“Drinking already, Stark?” he asked, because that was expected for him, but when he walked past Tony to sit next to him, he allowed his fingers to brush Tony’s back, like a gentle caress. Tony would know Steve’s question was worry, not an accusation.

He also probably wouldn’t care, but this was another story.

Steve sat probably a bit closer to him than he should, their knees touching, but he didn’t move away. Tony always reacted better to touch; their own private language.

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Daddy Calum playing hide and go seek with Twins Baby Boy and Baby Girl Hood and he easily finds Baby Boy Hood hiding in his dressing room but after twenty minutes of searching they still can’t find his sister and so Calum enlists the help of his band mates and his hands are shaking and he’s gripping his phone tightly, praying that he won’t have to file a missing person’s report because you would KILL HIM if he lost one of your children but suddenly he hears a giggle coming from Ashton’s drum case and Calum rushes over and he’s practically in tears because he’s so happy he’s found her and all Baby Girl Hood has to say is, “Daddy, you’re so bad at hide and go seek!”