he is bad at hide and seek

Rhysand’s Sister
  • Her name was Nisha 
    • But her nickname was Nighbug 
  • She loved to fly, loved to feel the wind on her wings, loved looking at the land beneath her feet and the sky at her fingertips. 
  • She loved her father, a man no one could thaw. But she did. She was his princess. She could make him smile, make him laugh and whisper. But only at night. And only when they were alone. 
  • She loved her mother. She loved her mother’s hugs, enveloping her with her wings. She loved how her mother smelled, always like a fresh summers rain. She loved laughing with her, exploring the world with her and flying.
  • She loved her brother. He was older than her, always away, always for long periods of time. But when he came back he would spend every second of every day with her. He would read to her, dance with her, tell her stories, make her laugh and fly with her. 
  • She loved her friends. She loved Mor, loved how she played with her hair and dressed her up and taught her all the bad words. She loved Azriel, loved to play hide and seek because he was the best. She loved Cassian, loved how he gave her a knife and told her “never hold the pointy ends.” And she loved Amren, loved how she could make the little woman smile, loved how she would always get a gift. She loved them all with everything she had inside of her. 
  • She loved how they would make her laugh, would play with her and watch her when she flew. And they loved her too. 
  • She was loved by the people of Velaris. They would say “Hi” to her on the streets. They would give her gifts even if it was not her birthday, include her in any game they played and watch her soar through the sky. 
  • They thought they would get millennials with their princess. They thought they would watch her grow and smile and sing. Watch as she learned to fight, learned to defend, learned to live. They thought they would see her find a mate, get married, rule over them all. They thought they would see their Princess fly forever.
  • But they did not get this. Instead, she was killed. 
  • And when the news was told, when the black banners flew from the homes. When she was brought through the town one last time before she was buried. 
  • The only thing everyone saw was not how she looked as though she was sleeping. Not the flowers in her hair or her favorite dress she was in. 
  • No, what the world saw was that their little princess had no wings. 
  • At first, there was silence. Deafening, deafening silence.
  • And then the stars started weeping. 
Truth or Dare... Choose carefully..

Anonymous Request: could you do an imagine where the lost boys play truth or dare and someone dares you to sleep with pan.

 A/N: Y'all wish is my command boo 😂😘! Sorry anon for taking too long to post this but i hope you enjoy it c: and i’m thinking on making this imagine into a series. i hope y’all like it! my requests are open c:

To all my followers sorry if i was on indefinite hiatus before. i just had to deal with my depression issue and it was really hard cause every now and then i had suicidal thoughts and actually trying to end my life but i’m okay now. I’m trying to be happy and live my life to the fullest. If ever you are dealing with the same issue like mine please feel free to talk to me c:

Warnings: Cursing,” the thing” ;), slight harassing 

 P.S ( The gifs aren’t mine c: )


You were staring up at the night sky feeling rather chilly, while the lost boys are dancing by the bonfire. “Hey (Y/N)” Felix. Your best friend, greeted startling you “Oh! Hey Felix.” You said with a nervous smile.

 “So… What are you doing out here alone?” Felix said looking at you with a glint of interest in his eyes. “Not much.. I just like looking at the stars.” You said as you smiled looking back up at the starry night sky. 

 Felix just looks at you as you stare at the stars and noticed him through peripheral vision. “Why are you looking at me like that?” You said half laughing “Nothing.” He said as he stood up. 

“We better head off. Dinner’s almost ready.” He said as he offered you a hand to stand up “Yeah. Sure.” You said with a smile. 

 As you and Felix head off to the dining hall you saw peter making his way to the both of you. “Felix,” Peter said as he reached the both of you, ignoring your presence. "I want to discuss a few things with you.“ Peter said.You liked Peter but it seems that he’s not really interested in you so you just keep all your feelings to yourself not wanting to get hurt. When Peter finally looked directly into your eyes and you can’t help but stare at him.

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 "Do you mind?” Peter said raising one brow “Why is he always like that when I’m with Felix?” you said in your mind as you looked at Peter with a blank stare

“Oh! Sorry, I’ll just be on my way.” You said as you looked at Peter one last time then at Felix. “I’ll just see you at the hut.” You said to Felix “Yeah, sure.” Felix said with a smile and you went on your way to the hut.

The dinner was a blur or maybe it was because you were bored. “Why is Peter and Felix taking so long?” you said in your mind as you looked at your plate with a blank face. 

“(Y/N), you look bored.” Baelfire said with a smile on his face. Bae was your friend in Neverland besides Felix. “Yeah? Well I don’t think i’m just in the mood to eat right now. I don’t know.” You said looking at Bae with a small smile.

“Well if you’ll allow me to keep you company.Then i might be able to change your mood.” Bae said with a big smile on his face “Sure,” you said your face lighting up with happiness.

Time seemed to pass by and as the night goes on you and Bae can’t stop telling each other’s stories but your mind can’t help but think where Peter and Felix were. The talk didn’t seem to end until a one lost boy invited everyone to play a game by the bonfire.

“Do you wanna join?” Bae said with a smile on his face “I-i don’t know.” you said scratching your head with a small smile “Come on it’ll be fun.” Bae said reaching a hand “A little game doesn’t hurt.” you thought to yourself “Fine,” you said with a defeated smile “I’ll join.”

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“Okay! So What game do you guys want? Huh?” The boy said and soon got a lot of answers “Spin the bottle!” “Hide and seek!” the boys screamed with excitement. “Truth or Dare!” you heard Bae said and he soon got a lot of yes’ and everyone seemed to agree with him, you looked at him with a “not bad’ face and he laughed at you.

“Okay Truth or Dare it is then!” 

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Right before the game started you saw Felix and Peter coming from the woods and you immediately rushed to Felix.

“Where were you?” you said with a smile “It’s none of your business.” Felix said with a glare and walked fast and you tried to stop him 

“Felix, What’s the matter?” you said with a worried expression that can be seen all over you face. “Why do you care?” Felix said rather harsh “Because I’m your friend and i’m here to help you.” You said.

“If you want to help me then stay away from me,” He said holding your wrist, his face serious “Felix, you’re hurting me.” You said with a scared look.

He let go of your wrist harshly and continued to walk away from you. You were shocked at Felix “Why is he like this?” you thought as you looked back you saw Peter staring at you. You rushed up to Peter with an angry expression.

“What did you do to him?” you said “What do you mean what i did?” Peter raised his brow with a smirk plastered on his face. “Felix wouldn’t be acting that way if there was no reason and i think i know that the reason why he’s like that is because of you,” you said and Peter just raised his brows at you “Now what did you do to him?”

And out of nowhere he just walked away “Wait! You haven’t even answered my question!” you screamed while Peter just ignored you “Bastard.” you said.

“Whatever, I’m just going back to play with the boys.” you thought to yourself not wanting to ruin your evening.

You rushed back to he group of boys and saw them already having fun.

“Where were you?” Bae said with a worried look “I just went to the… Bathroom.” You said with a smile.”What happened so far?” you asked Bae while looking at the boy eating the eggs. “Well not much, the game just started.”

“Do you all mind if join the party?” you soon heard the voice just behind you and it didn’t took you long to realize that it was just Peter-Fucking-Pan.

“Sure! You can join us!” Said the boy who hosted the game. “Oh great” you said to yourself as you rolled your eyes and then Peter had the urge to sit right between you and Baelfire. Bae soon gave you a ‘What the fuck?’ face and you returned him a ‘I don’t know’ look. You looked away from Bae not wanting to make the situation worse “This night couldn’t get even better” you thought as you exhaled deeply.

The game seemed to pass by and you can’t help but feel like Peter is being weird like one boy was dared to confess that he likes you in front of everyone and you saw Peter giving him the ‘look’ and it scared the poor boy.

it really bothered you seeing Peter act this way. It wasn’t like him and you can’t help but think that Peter likes you “No it’s impossible. Peter Pan doesn’t like me and he never will.” you thought to yourself slightly having the urge to slap yourself in the face for thinking like that.

The next one to play was Baelfire, you looked at him and saw that he’s kind of nervous.

“Baelfire! Truth or Dare?” The boy hosting the game asked “Truth.” Bae said with a smile “Truth it is then,” The boy said “Okay, Baelfire. Is it true that you have a thing for (Y/N).” The boy said with a smirk.

You looked at Baelfire with a shocked face, though you’re trying to hide it. You saw Baelfire look at you with a nervous look “Remember Baelfire, you can’t lie or there will be consequences.” The boy said.

You saw how Peter look at Bae and he seems pretty pissed off “It’s true. I like (Y/N).” Bae said as he looked down obviously embarrassed “Looks like we’ve got two lover boys head-over-heels for (Y/N).” the boy said earning a lot of giggles and laughs.

It then Peter’s turn and he looks pretty confident playing the game “Okay, Peter. Your turn. Truth or Dare? Choose carefully.” the boy said, a smug grin plastered on his face “Dare, of course” Peter said confidently earning a lot of ‘ oooooohh’s ‘

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“A brave decision Peter,” the boy said, his grin wider than before “Well then, Peter. I. DARE.YOU.TO.SLEEP.WITH THE GIRL.NEXT.TO.YOU!” your eyes went big and you were nervous and there were a lot of hollers and noises from the crowd obviously liking the dare Peter got “And to add why don’t you give us a little make out session in front huh?” 

The crowd went wild not believing they are about to witness Peter making out with you. You saw Bae walk out of the group and you immediately stood up from the ground to follow Bae. But before you could even run out to him, Peter took a hold of your wrist and pulled you close to him and started kissing you and soon the lost boys were insane, seeing Peter kissing you in front of them.

You pushed Peter away from you and you looked at him with disbelief and disgust and then all the lost boys were disappointed because the kiss was cut short. Sure you liked peter but you don’t want to be treated like a slut because you aren’t. 

You slapped Peter’s face and looked at him and saw his face in shock, and the crowd of boys were also surprised “How could you.” You said and you saw how hurt he is when he looked at you directly in the eyes.

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“(Y/N) I’m sor-” you walked out before he even finished his sentence and then you started running through the forest and heard all the boys say “Get her!” “Come back!” But you kept on running to take everything in your mind about what just happened at camp. 

As you were running you heard someone chasing you as a result you ran faster because you didn’t want to get caught by someone or something. As you kept on running you slowly ran out of breath and stopped running. You pulled out your dagger to protect yourself from what’s out there.

“Show yourself!” you said but there was no reply instead there were footsteps “Don’t be a coward and show yourself!” You said and someone caught you from behind, his hand on your waist and the other in your mouth.

“(Y/N) it’s me.” You heard Peter’s voice behind you and you trashed your body away from him hoping you can get out of his grip “Please let me explain, I’m really sorry for what i did. I just can’t control myself.” with that he finally let go of you “Can’t control yourself?!” you screamed “It was clear that you did it on purpose! You did the dare!” you screamed at the top of your lungs and looked at Peter with a sad look on your eyes.

“I’m really sorry (Y/N).” Peter said “Why are you even apologizing!? You obviously want to do it. B-be-because you think I’m nothing more than just a-a-a toy to you, huh Peter?! I’m just a toy to you after you do your dares?! Huh?!” you said

“I did it not because i was dared to do it! I did it because i love you!” Peter shouted and you shut up with disbelief and you started to shake your head telling yourself it’s not true “I love you! I love you even before those bastards at camp took an interest in you! I loved you first!” Peter said shouting so you can hear it loud and clear to know it’s true of what he felt towards you.

You looked at him one last time then you started to run away from him again. Peter then started to smirk to himself.

“Don’t run away from me (Y/N)! We both know Peter pan never fails!” you heard Peter yelled from a distance and you kept on running….. away from Peter.

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“The game’s about to change (Y/N), and this game is about to start. I hope you choose to play it carefully. This game is between you and me only, and nobody, not even Baelfire……. or Felix is going to stand in my way.” Peter said with an evil smirk while looking at the direction where you ran.

“Let’s Play.”


“Hanging Confessions”

A/N: For @bucky-plums-barnes 8k writing challenge!

I had prompt 6, “I swear to God, I will kill you if you drop me.” 

Summary: Weeks of missions has led to tension among the team. Tony decides that some team bonding is needed, but he pairs you up with the one how set your nerves on fire, Bucky Barnes. 

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1301


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The anger was settling in your bones. It racked your body like a cold. Six weeks of nonstop missions with the team had set you on edge. There was no longer harmony or function with the Avengers. Everyone was fighting with each other. Natasha took your shots, Steve couldn’t stop shouting “language!” through the coms, and Bucky, he was the worst of them all. He physically pulled you from the battlefield. He grabbed you by the arm and pulled you back to the Quinjet. He felt the need to babysit you the rest of the mission. His stoic face haunted your thoughts.

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Close Quarters

(For @manateeparty. Thank you for donating to @trashbrigade‘s gisholarship fundraiser!)


Sam shakes his head, laughing at his brother. “Always with the scissors, Dean.”

Dean doesn’t even dignify him with a response. Rock-Paper-Scissors is a sacred, binding contract for laundromat duty and he’s lost fair and square. He picks up the duffles full of dirty clothes and hoists them over his shoulder.

Cas, who has been watching this exchange with interest from the far bed, gets to his feet. “I’d be happy to assist you.”

“Oh, how sweet,” Sam practically chirps. “A laundry date.”

“Shut up, Sammy.” He looks at Cas. “C’mon if you’re coming.”

They try to time things to be back at the bunker before they’re out of clean clothes, but an unexpected addition to their last case had them heading four hundred miles in the wrong direction.

Dean slings the bags into the back seat while Cas searches for to the nearest laundromat. It’s not far from the motel and, from the pictures on the website, it looks fairly bright and cheery
as far as coin laundries go.

Dean parks out front and they each grab a bag. Inside, the washers stand in rows while dryers line the walls. Dean drops his bag on a high counter meant for folding clothes and goes to find the change machine. By the time he returns, his jacket pocket heavy with quarters, he finds Cas standing between two open washer doors carefully studying one of Sam’s t-shirts.

He looks to Dean with the same face he uses when he’s making sure a sigil is correct. “Is this considered a dark or a light?”

“What are you doing?”

“I’m sorting.”

“Well, stop it.”

“Dean,” Cas says with the utmost concern, “the label says to wash separately.”

“They all say that, Cas. Time to live on the edge.” He reaches into the second washer and grabs the couple of things that are in there and throws them in with the other clothes.

Cas frowns, but pulls some more clothes out of the bag.

Dean sighs. “The trick is to not touch any of this nasty stuff. Have you met Sam Winchester?” He shudders; there’d been Mexican food recently.

“Of course I have, Dean,” Cas grouses. “And he said I should sort the laundry.”

Dean takes the bag from Cas’s hand and dumps it into the washer, then slams the door shut with a flourish. “Ok, maybe at home that’s fine, but on the road it’s all about cheap and efficient. And as long as there isn’t anything—“ he glances around at the other patrons before continuing, “unnatural on the clothes, you can wash them all together in cold water.” He’s still pissed about the ectoplasm that ruined one of his favorite band t-shirts. Sam knows that shit needs to be treated with vinegar first.

“I don’t understand why clothing comes with rules if you’re just going to ignore them.”

“You,” Dean says. “Mr. I Rebelled From Heaven. You’re judging my laundry law-breaking.”

Cas’s scowl lightens into something close to a smile.

Grinning, Dean hands Cas some quarters. “Go get some soap.”

When the soap is added, Dean slots the quarters one by one into the washer. “This used to be Sam’s favorite part. I had to lift him up so he could reach.”

“You spent a lot of time in laundromats as kids.”

“Yeah, and let me tell you most of them weren’t nearly as nice as this one.” He ushers Cas to a couple of empty seats where they can keep an eye on their washer. He nods toward the sign announcing free wi-fi that hangs over the row of vending machines. “Plenty of times Dad left us in one and went off to a bar.”

Cas gives him that same pinched-brow look he always gets when Dean talks about John, but Dean waves it off. “It was actually kind of fun. Sam and I played a lot of hide and seek in these things.” He nudges the wheeled laundry cart with his foot. “Raced around in these when the place was empty.”

It hadn’t been all bad. Even without a door to lock between them and the rest of the world, laundromats felt safer than motels a lot of the time. They were mostly populated by moms and old ladies and sometimes they shared snacks or gave quarters when John left them lacking in one or the other. The swishing sounds of the washer, the hum of the fluorescent lights, even the startling buzzers from the timers. These were all soothing, familiar sounds that led to the simple joy of clean, warm-from-the dryer clothing. Even after the years of having the bunker to call home, Dean still finds himself hoarding quarters just in case.

It’s funny to think that he learned all this as a child, but now he’s teaching an older-than-dirt angel how to do it. But it’s kind of nice to have him here, tagging along not because he has to but for the sheer sake of keeping Dean company. That’s been a happy realization, since the two of them became…well, whatever the hell they are these days. The way that having someone by your side can make even the most mundane tasks fun. Things like grocery shopping, where Cas studies coupons like they’re instructions for defusing a bomb, or washing dishes, which was inevitably followed by instructing Cas on how to snap a dishtowel. (Cas had gotten surprisingly good in a short amount of time with Dean’s ass as his target.) Not to mention the unexpected bonus of decreased nightmares that came with having this particular warm body next to his each night.

They sit in comfortable silence as the washers whir and the dryers tumble. Cas keeps his knee pressing against Dean’s, and sometimes Dean still can’t believe he spent all the time lecturing him on personal space. Especially now when he’d like nothing more than to pull him onto his lap and kiss him until they are both gasping for breath.  But that’ll have to wait. They’ve still got a few more days on the road before they can head home again. He tries not to think about how they’d be spending their time alone at the motel if Sam had been the one banished here.

Dean’s eye is caught by their washer accelerating into the final spin. Checking that the row is empty of people, he tugs Cas by the hand, leading him over to it. There, mostly hidden from view, he backs Cas up against the washer and kisses him, pressing against him so that the vibrations tingle through them both.

“Soon,” Cas whispers.

“Soon,” Dean agrees.

There’s time for one more kiss before the buzzer sounds.

“Can I Be Him?“ - Part III

At first, you believed it was a good idea to ask Eggsy for the biggest favor he could ever do – pretend to be your boyfriend. However, you are a bundle of nerves at the garden party because suddenly you are scared of what your heart wants.

Warning: None
Eggsy Unwin x Reader 
Part THREE of the ‘Can I Be Him?’ - Series

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A/N: Wow, I didn’t know how many imagines I had until someone requested a Masterlist. I hope you enjoy these as much as I enjoyed writing them. I have posted a link to this in my description

Peter Pan/Robbie Kay Imagines

Having A Bad Leg 

Peter Finding Out That You Have Eternal Youth, Part 2 Part 3

Peter Finding Out That You Came To Save Henry

Singing Distant Melody To The Lost Boys

Bringing Peter Back To Life

Peter Finding Out That You’re Working For Hook

Peter Changing Neverland’s Moon For You

Peter Having To Choose Between You Or Wendy

Peter Finding Out That You Have Dark Magic

Peter Being Overly Protective When You’re With The Lost Boys

Being The Little Mermaid And Peter Taking You To Neverland, Part 2

Peter Pan Saving You From The Evil Pirates

Peter Catching You Singing In The Woods

Losing Your Memory, Part 2

Peter Pan Liking You, But You Have No Idea

Leaving Neverland, But Coming Back To Save Henry, Part 2, Part 3

Being Thomas Brodie Sangster’s Little Sister And Meeting Robbie Kay 

Wendy Accidentally Telling Peter That You Fancy Him, Part 2

Robbie Being Caught Cheating On You(Hamilton), Prequel, Part 2

Knowing Pan Before Neverland, Part 2

Being the Only Girl That Could Stand Up to Pan, Part 2, Part 3

Having the “Perfect” Life with Peter

Peter Seeing No Faults In You

Not Being Able To Get Peter Out of Your Mind

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Being Taken to Neverland After the Maze, Part 2, Part 3

Losing Peter to Wendy in Storybrooke

Causing Trouble on Neverland Which Makes Pan Interested In You

Peter Getting Jealous of a Poetic Lost Boy(ft. Neil from Dead Poet’s Society)

Peter Hating You until He Finds Out Your Gender

Newt/Thomas Brodie Sangster Imagines

Playing Hide And Seek With The Scorch Trial Cast

Being Really Small Compared to Thomas

Having A Crush On Thomas Brodie Sangster, But He Has A Girlfriend

“Hating” Newt

The Glade Changes You, Part 2, Part 3

Bonding Over A Bad Leg

Trying To Help Newt After His Suicide Attempt

Rule 1, Greenie: Don’t Even Think About Y/N

Being Thomas’s Sister And Newt Liking You

The Gladers Flirting With You And Newt Doesn’t Like It 

Being Accidentally Sent To Group A

Meeting Thomas Brodie Sangster At A 1960s Diner

Coming Up In The Box, Knowing Newt’s Name

The Gladers Finding Your Feminine Items Before You

Newt Always Being Too Tired After Running

Dating Newt In The Glade, But He Leaves You For Another Girl, Part 2

Newt’s Reaction To Some Of The Gladers Treating You Like A Slave

You And Newt Being Competitive With Each Other And The Whole Glade Knows Why, Part 2, Part 3

Putting Your Feelings For Newt And Minho In A Diary And Newt Finds It

Getting Stuck In The Maze Overnight

Newt Getting Jealous(With A Twist)

Newt Having to Prove Himself to Your Brother, Aris

Being Sad Because Newt Doesn’t Remember You

Being Thomas Brodie-Sangster’s Nanny

All I Want for Christmas Is You

Being Taken to Neverland After the Maze, Part 2, Part 3

Being in Nowhere Boys with Thomas

Being Thomas’s Love Interest

Newt Gathering His Courage to Ask You Out

Being in a Relationship, But In Love with Thomas

This One is Plain Bad and I should Delete It but This is your warning

Newt Scamander Imagines

Convincing Newt to Stop at a Cafe in Paris

Being a Flapper and Interested in Newt

Newt Having to Erase your Memories

Being with Newt the Day Before He Starts Traveling 

Peter Parker(Tom Holland) Imagines

Peter Parker Being Your Superman

Being Tony Stark’s Daughter and Meeting Peter

Being a Speedster and Helping Spiderman

Being the Eponine to Peter’s Marius (I’m not even sorry)

Being the Pizza Delivery Girl for Peter

Peter Getting Jealous When You Get a Boyfriend, Part 2

Not Being Cool Enough for Peter

Peter Parker(Andrew Garfield) Imagines

Getting Struck by the Electrical Blast from Electro

Liam Dunbar Imagines

You Belong With Me

Your Powers Change

Liam Overhears His Friends Talking About You

Being Scott’s Little Sister And There When He Kidnaps Liam

Liam Ditching You For Hayden, Part 2 Part 3, Part 4

Writing A Song About Being With Liam Once He Starts Dating Hayden

Liam Being Forced to Do a Song With You

Becoming A True Alpha After Being Kicked Out of Your Old Pack

Being Brett’s Sister and Unaware of his Rivalry with Liam

Stiles Stilinski Imagines

Being Nervous Around Your Boyfriend

Being Stiles’s Heartbreak Girl

Stiles’s Reaction To You Changing Your Look Over The Summer

Scott McCall Imagines

Scott Thinking That You Like Stiles

Tommy Clarke Imagines

Being Tommy’s Best Friend and Falling for Him

The Flash Imagines

Being Considered Out of Barry’s League

Meeting Barry, a Metahuman Like Yourself

What Happened Between You and Barry on the Day that Never Happened

Once Upon A Time Imagines

Being Snow’s And Charming’s Best Friend, But Not Remembering Them In Storybrooke

Doctor Who Imagines

Being A Teacher With Clara And Coming With Her And The Doctor

Thomas Imagines

Liking Thomas, But Newt Is Too Overprotective

The Internship Imagines

Being A Huge Harry Potter Fan And The Reason Why Your Team Wins

Supernatural Imagines

Imagine Your Brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester, Taking You To Beacon Hills: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

Merlin Imagines

Being a Betrothed Princess Who Has Feelings for Merlin

Meeting Merlin When He First Comes to Camelot

Harry Potter Imagines

Being Sent to Hogwarts Despite your Nationality 

Jack Wilder Imagines

Being Jack’s “Something or Other”

Oliver Wood Imagines

Going to Hogwarts and Meeting Oliver Wood

Remus Lupin Imagines

James Knowing About Your Crush on Remus


What Do You Mean By ‘Distracting’?(Maze Runner Newt)

Wasting Time(Stiles Stilinski)

Godzilla’s Revenge(Henry Mills)

Childish(Liam Dunbar) 

Are You Always Like This When You’re Drunk?(Stiles Stilinski)

You’re Ridiculous, You Know That?(Gally)

Go To Bed, Boys(Peter Pan)

Playtime With A Lost Boy(Peter Pan) 

Pastries Are Always the Answer(Sherlock Holmes)

What BTS Members would say about your relationship

Okay, so this is like another member adding a comment of your relationship. There will also be, like, a scenario following some. Idk, just roll with it.

Hyung line.


  • “He feeds her/him every two seconds!”

You sighed, taking another bite of the food that Jin made. He had made a crap ton and claimed that he was going to finish it all. “Jin! You made to much!” You laughed as he shoved another bite into his mouth. “I did not!” Namjoon had walked in, in the middle of you guys ‘bickering.’ “Guys! Calm down!” He exclaimed. “If you want princess I can make cake for desert.” Jin said, looking back at you from Namjoon. “That’d be great.” Namjoon looked at the both of you before walking out of the room, “You guys are killing me.”

  • “He never makes anymore room for us, besides well, photoshoots and interviews and concerts. You know what? Never mind.”
  • “They are always telling bad jokes.”

Originally posted by ksjknj


  • “They don’t do normal things.”
  • “They sneak off to SLEEP!”

“Y/N! Get up!” Jimin exclaimed, trying to shake you awake. “We wanna play hide and seek.” You sighed, sitting up halfway. “Not it!” You exclaimed. Everyone said the same thing until Suga was the one it. “Ugh! Why?” Yoongi cried. He began counting to 20 as everyone ran in opposite directions. You found a nice spot in the corner padded with blankets. You laid down, not really caring about the stupid game. You eventually felt someone lay next to you, their arm resting on your side. “Yoongi?” You asked. “Shh, go to bed. I’m tired too.”

“What the heck Yoongi! You found Y/N and then just took a nap? We waited for 3 hours and you never found us!” Jimin exclaimed, making the two of you laugh. “I’m sorry Jimin, I’ll make it up to you.” Yoongi laughed.

  • “He always talks about her/him. He writes and plays music for her/him. He’s so whipped and he gets so soft.”

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  • “They light to smile, like 24/7.”
  • “(S)he tells more jokes than he does.”
  • “They annoy us all the time. Well, Hoseok does, not Y/N.”

“Taehyung ah! Taehyung!” Hoseok called, trying to gain his attention. “What?” V called. “I’m bored, lets go do something.” “Hyung, I’m kind of busy at the moment.” Tae said, turning back around in his chair. “I’ll buy you ice cream.” You suggested. He instantly whipped around and jumped up. “Come on, what are you waiting for?” “V, lets go to the park!” Hobi tried again. “No hyung, I’m going on a ice cream date with Y/N. Don’t be annoying.” Hoseok just laughed, walking over and holding his hand. “Come on child, I’ll buy you better ice cream.” 

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  • “Uhm, we can’t say what they do.”

._. You know exactly what this means, don’t pretend you don’t.

  • “They are always listening to music.”
  • “I think that Y/N is annoyed of Rapmon. (S)he constantly has to fix things or put a bandage on him because he hurts himself.”

“What did you do?” You asked, cupping his face as you put a bandage over a cut on his cheek. “Um, I got really excited and hit myself in the face with the mic.” He said sheepishly. The other member shook their heads as you laughed.

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Possibly a part 2 for the maknae line?

Hide and Seek

Tony wasn’t too sure how they managed to get on to the topic. 

Actually- scratch that- yes he was. It was Clint. All bad things in the world happened because of Clint. 


Anyway- Clint had been talking about his years in the circus, and how they’d taught him all sorts of weird ways to contort your body for the extra showmanship. “Made for some pretty awesome games of hide and seek, though,” he’d said, nodding serenely to himself as he’d sipped from his coffee.

“I bet I’d still find you in under an hour,” Natasha had challenged, raising a daring eyebrow up at him before turning back to the morning paper.

Clint scoffed, turning to Steve, who was stood cooking eggs on the stove. “Cap, you can vouch for me here, right? I am the master at hide and seek. No one beats me at hide and seek.”

And Steve had laughed- a lovely throaty thing that made Tony smile just from hearing it. “Uhhh, I don’t know? It depends on a lot of variables. If it were in a park, maybe- but here? Tony would beat you hands-down. He knows every nook and cranny of this tower, you wouldn’t stand a chance.”

And then- here had come Tony’s fatal mistake of the day. Later, he’d pin it on lack of caffeine in his system and the early hour at which he was conscious- but really, he was just an idiot who’d forgotten how offended his teammates could (and did) get on his behalf.

“Actually, I’ve never played. Although I could still probably beat Barton.”

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(Requested by Anon)

“1… 2… 3…”

Can’t let him catch me. Gotta get away. Gotta find someplace safe.

You ran for your life, feet aching and calves burning as you pushed yourself to get away from the predator that was hunting you. You knew running was pointless, but damn if you were going to go down without a fight.

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Seventeen going to Dino’s Birthday Party: A Dino Birthday Special

Episode 11: Where Seventeen tries to plan and prepare for Dino’s birthday by splitting up into their units to get things done.

A/N: I may or not have been trying to stall time to have this special posted as the 11th episode cause you know 11 feb is chan’s birthday haha okay im sorry my brain stopped functioning and it this special somehow ended up being episode eleven… 

Jeonghan: “Okay children we need to do something special for my baby! He’s finally turning 5!”


Scoups: “Um Chan’s gonna be 18 what are you talking about?”

Jeonghan: “We need FIVE candles for his cake, we need FIVE presents, we need FIVE balloons, we need to buy five of everything because he is FIVEEEE!!!”

Joshua: “I love you Jeonghan but I think you have problems with facing the fact that Dino is growing up…”


Hoshi: “I think it’s time to let go of that fact that he isn’t 5 years old anymore”

Vernon: “The last time I checked… Chan hasn’t been 5 years old in let’s see… about THIRTEEN YEARS?!?!”

Jeonghan: “My baby is FIVEEEE!!!”

Seungkwan: “This is absurd, you guys didn’t do anything for my birthday… this is unfair! WHAT IS THIS INJUSTICE?!”



The8: “Your birthday passed?”

Jun: “I thought Seungkwan’s birthday’s in December”

Woozi: “No that’s Joshua’s birthday”

Jun: “Then when’s Seungkwan’s birthday?”

Seungkwan: “F-”

Joshua: “February?”

Vernon: “No cursing on Dino’s birthday it’s bad luck for the birthday boy”

Jeonghan: “You mean birthday baby”

Seungkwan: “Who cares?!?!?! It’s Dino that’ll have bad luck NOT ME and my birthday for your information is in January!”

Woozi: “No one asked for when your birthday was”

Seungkwan: “UGH fine and anyway Vernon you curse all the time…”

Vernon: “Gangsta-sol rests on birthdays, on birthdays I sing happy songs and give presents”

Joshua: “That sounds more like Santa Claus”

Jeonghan: “Okay attention to the less beautiful human beings, please gather before me”

Wonwoo: “Is hyung the birthday party planner?”

Jun: “Yeah he thinks no one can do a better job than he can…”

Jeonghan: “Okay so we are going to split up into our units to split the tasks, the hip hop unit will be going to buy the cake and present, the vocal unit will be decorating the house and the performance unit will be stalling time and making sure that Dino doesn’t come home”

Mingyu: “Why do we have to do the errands? You always give us the tougher ones…” *pouts*

Jeonghan: “Because Dino is my baby and Jeonghan the Angel says so!”

Mingyu: “Wha-”

Jeonghan: “and also because my hair is superior”

Scoups: “Don’t fight with Jeonghan, you’ll never win if he brings his hair into the fight”


Mingyu: “Fine but we are stopping by KFC before we come home”

Scoups: “Okay deal”

Mingyu: “and also the famous bakery”

Scoups: “Alright, we have to get Chan’s birthday cake anyways”

Mingyu: “and the candy store!”

Scoups: “I guess we can get Chan some candy for his birthday right?”

Mingyu: “AND AND AND the pancake and waffles cafe!!”

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu I think you are getting too carried away…”

Scoups: “… It’s okay if we have a slight detour right?”

Mingyu: “AND POPCORN!”


Scoups: “Now you’re just being greedy”


Jun: “Is this your birthday or Dino’s?”

Mingyu: “Mine”

Seungkwan: “You mean mine since y’all never even bothered to celebrate mine?!?!”

Mingyu: “NO it’s MAH birthday since I’m gonna get some cake!”




*on the way to the toy shop with the hip hop unit*

Mingyu: “I hate Seungkwan… he’s trying to steal my birthday…”

Scoups: “Okay ONE, your birthday is in April. TWO, it’s neither yours nor Seungkwan’s birthday, it’s DINO’s. THREE, we are already going to all the places you want to go so plea-“

Mingyu: “OHHH CAKE!” *runs to the bakery’s display window”

Scoups: “annnnddd I guess we’ll be buying Chan’s birthday cake first then” *sighs*

Mingyu: “CAN I EAT IT?”

Vernon: “No, it’s just for display, it’s not even real, it’s just made out of styr-“

Mingyu: *opens mouth*

Vernon: “Mingyu you can’t eat Styrofoam!”


Vernon: “IT’S NOT!” *attempts to take the display cake away*




Mingyu: *takes a bite*

Vernon: “Oh my god”

Mingyu: *chokes and collapses*

Wonwoo: “MINGYU!”

Scoups: “I knew this was going to happen someday”

Wonwoo: “Someone save Mingyu!!”

Vernon: “Okay hang on, let me google how to save someone who is choking on styrofoam”

Wonwoo: “Are you serious with me now?”

Vernon: “Why am I not getting any reception?!?!” *hits phone*

Mingyu: *coughs out white foam*

Wonwoo: “COUPS HYUNG!!!”

Scoups: “Hold on, hold on, I’m buying Dino’s cake, if I don’t buy it Jeonghan will either nag at me every single day until my ear bleeds and I die because of excessive bleeding or he will just take a knife and stab me until I die. And just between you and me, I think I rather have the latter”

Wonwoo: “But if you don’t do something now, MINGYU’S GONNA DIEEEE”




Mingyu: *nods head*

Vernon: “okay for once google was useless”


Mingyu: “W-won-woo”

Wonwoo: “Yes Mingyu?” *crying*

Mingyu: “I-I don’t think… I’m going to make it…” *chokes*

Wonwoo: “Don’t say that! You’re gonna live! I won’t let you dieeee!”

Mingyu: “Wonwoo…. If I die…”

Wonwoo: “Yes?” *cries harder*

Mingyu: “Please bring lots of food to my funeral”

Wonwoo: “Anything for you Mingyu, I’m sorry you had to leave this way…” *hugs gyu tightly on the floor*

Mingyu: *closes eyes*


Mingyu: “G-go-goodbye Wonwoo….”

Wonwoo: “I can’t believe… he’s…. gone….” *SOBS*

Scoups: “Oh look, they sell donuts here too”

Mingyu: *gets up* “WHERE?!?!”

Scoups: “Just joking, alright boys let’s go”


Mingyu: “B-but I came back from the dead for donuts….”

Vernon: “They said to wait for the person to cough first and if the person’s nails and lips starts to turn blue then you can stand behind the person and put your arms around his waist and make a fist with your hand and place it above his navel and then- “

Scoups: “He’s not choking anymore Hansol…”

Vernon: “Oh”

Wonwoo: “My life is a lie”

*meanwhile at the dorm with the vocal unit*

Jeonghan: “I’m going to blow up the balloons, Joshua and Woozi, you two will hang up the banner and posters, DK and Seungkwan can you set up the Karaoke set and games?”

Joshua: *grabs banner from the floor*

Joshua: “Woozi can you stop lying on the sofa and help me with this banner?”

Woozi: “Sure”


Joshua: “I’m waiting for you Woozi….”

Woozi: “Yeah continue to wait then”

Joshua: “Woozi I can’t hang this banner up alone!”

Woozi: “I’ll come help you as soon as Jeonghan cuts his hair”


Joshua: “That’s never happening…”

Woozi: “And so is me helping you hang that banner” *smiles*

Woozi: “I’m very glad we had this talk Joshua” *pats Joshua on the back and walks into bedroom*

Joshua: “Well first he forgets about my existence in the vocal unit and now this”

DK: “What games did Jeonghan hyung write down?”

Seungkwan: “According to this list…. We’re gonna play… hide and seek, musical chairs… and pin the tail on the donkey?”

DK: “What is this? A kid’s party?!”



DK: “In that case, that donkey better not be me”

Seungkwan: “That actually… doesn’t sound too bad” *evil plots*

DK: “Oh you know what? We should set up the Karaoke set first” *takes console out of the dusty box*

Seungkwan: “EW THE DUST”

DK: “It’s grosser than Mingyu’s snot bubbles”


DK: “Yeah you don’t want to know Kwan… you don’t want to know…”

Seungkwan: “Okay question”

Seungkwan: “Do I plug in the pink, blue or yellow plug into the TV?”

DK: “That’s a good question…. You know what? Let’s just try it all”

Seungkwan: *plugs the blue one in*

Seungkwan: “Nope not the blue one” *yanks it out*

Seungkwan: “Pink one?”

TV: *sparks up and makes hissing noises*

Seungkwan: “OKAY OKAY HOLY CRAP ITS NOT THE PINK ONE!!!” *unplugs pink one*

Joshua: “Hannie…. Can you get Woozi to do something? I still haven’t put up any posters”

Jeonghan: “Jihoon! Can you put up ONE poster please?”

Woozi: “No”

Jeonghan: “I see that you haven’t cleaned up your room since a week ago when I told you to, and also you haven’t been writing or composing any songs what have you been doing in your room? It’s becoming a pig sty, oh god have you been eating pizza in this room?! I told you to clean it up-“

Woozi: “Okay! Okay! what do you want me to do?!”

Jeonghan: “Help Joshie with the posters”

Woozi: *sighs*


Seungkwan: “LETS SEE IF ITS WORKING PROPERLY THEN” *switches it on*

DK: “Won’t Jeonghan scream at us?”

Seungkwan: “Oopsy too late” *clicks song*

*song starts*


Seungkwan: “I WANT YOU TO PICK ME UP!”


Seungkwan: *dances to Pick Me*


Seungkwan: *lets go of microphone and hits the TV screen*


Seungkwan: “oops”

DK: “Omg you broke the TV Seungkwan BOO”

Seungkwan: “I said sorry!”

DK: “NO you said oops”

Seungkwan: “Well oops means sorry!”

DK: *pushes kwan*

DK: “oops”

Seungkwan: “DID YOU JUST PUSH ME?”

DK: “I said oops which means sorry”

Seungkwan: *pushes seokmin making him knock over a glass over water and spilling it onto the karaoke console*

DK: “They are gonna freak out, both the karaoke console and the TV are fried”

Seungkwan: “Well it’s not our fault… it’s Jeonghan’s for putting two irresponsible kids to such difficult tasks”

DK: “Now the problem is… how and where shall we hide this?”

DK & Seungkwan: *looks at each other 

DK & Seungkwan: *quietly turns the tv off and puts everything into the store room*

Joshua: O.O

Joshua: “What the heck is that?!”

Woozi: “A dinosaur poster with Michael Jackson’s head on the Dinosaur’s body, I call it Michael Roarson”

Jeonghan: “Genius”

Woozi: “Dino likes Michael Jackson and he likes dinosaurs, so why not combine it into one and it’ll be the best poster of the century!”

Jeonghan: “You’re gonna give the child nightmares”

Woozi: “Yes! It’ll finally scare him enough so he’ll stop talking about Michael Jackson and I can sell them away and make tons of money, now step two of my plan is to find out where Chan keeps his limited edition MJ items”

Jeonghan: “Did you say something Jihoon?”

*meanwhile with the performance unit*

Dino: “Where have you guys been???”

Jun: “Walking?”

Dino: “You three said you wanted to watch this movie and told me to go buy it at 8 in the morning and which by the way only opens at 10am, I waited 2 hours just to get the ticket and another 2 hours for you all to walk HERE!!”

Hoshi: “Sorry Chan, we were busy listening to Jeongh-“

The8: *elbows hoshi*

Hoshi: “I mean listening to Jeonghan talk about his hair” *awkward laughs*

The8: “How about we treat to popcorn and snacks”

Hoshi: “You know since its your b-“

The8: *steps of hoshi’s feet*

Dino: “My what?”

Hoshi: “Owwieee Minghao!”

The8: “Sorry I thought I saw a bug and I wanted to kill it”

Dino: “Hyungs… you are acting weirdly…”

Jun: “My boy, when have you not seen us act normally?”

Dino: “You have a point there”

The8: “Dinosaur gummies for Chan!” *hands him a packet*


Hoshi: “Can I have one?”

Dino: “NO”

Hoshi: “Selfish brat I bought that for you! Do you think you’re the king just because its your bir-“

The8: *pours his cup of coke onto hoshi*


The8: “Oops it just slipped out of my hands”

Hoshi: “Onto my head?!?!”

The8: “Yeah”

Jun: “Okay Chan let’s just leave the two weirdos out here and let’s go watch the movie, if anyone asks you, you don’t know them”

Dino: *nods head like a lil’ child*

*in the theatre*

Jun: “Do you feel cold chan?”

Dino: “Yes” *pouts as he chews on his gummies*

Jun: “Okay you can use my jacket” #mama jun mode on

Hoshi: “I’m cold too! Why isn’t anyone asking me if I’m cold?”

The8: “Because no one cares”

Hoshi: “UGH it’s not like you care about chan either, you’re just giving him special attention today because it’s his damn birt-“

The8: *whacks hoshi with his chocolate bar*

Hoshi: “OW MINGHAO!”

The8: “I can do this all day hyung”

Hoshi: “I miss Woozi…” *sobs*

*halfway through the movie

Dino: “Stop pushing me hyung!”

Hoshi: “Hush it child”

Dino: “Why are we going back to the dorm? We didn’t even get to finish watching the movie!”

Dino: *opens door*

Seventeen: “SURPRISEEE!!!”

Dino: *jumps in shock*

Dino: “I can’t believe you did all of this for me! A dinosaur cake oh my god, dinosaur balloons…is… is… is that a dinosaur poster with a michael jackson face on top of its body?!”

Jeonghan: “Erm… *looks at poster* … yes?”


Woozi: “I did it, you better be happy”


Dino: “I l-love it” *fake smiles*

Mingyu: *chokes and coughs out white styrofoam*

Dino: “Is…. Mingyu okay?”

Wonwoo: “Don’t ask Chan, some things are better left unknown”

Scoups: “I got you your cake do you like it?”

Dino: “YES it’s a giant dinosaur! Can I eat his head please?”

Joshua: “Hello Chan please look at the banner that I put up ALL BY MYSELF”

Woozi: “Joshua can you stop yelling, I’m just next to you. I’m not deaf”

Dino: “It says Happy birthday chan you’re finally…. five?”

Joshua: “Jeonghan thinks you’re five years old”

Dino: “Of course he does”

Jeonghan: “NUGU AEGI?”

Dino: “Not this again… hyung do I really have to?”

Jeonghan: “Yes”

Dino: “J-Jeonghan’s aegi” *mentally stabs self*




Jun: “Frankly no”

Seventeen: “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” *claps hands*

Mingyu: *blows out the candles*

Jeonghan: “Seriously Mingyu what did I tell you?”


Mingyu: “Because it’s my birthday!”

Seungkwan: “OH you really want to do this Kim Mingyu? Let’s see whose birthday it really is!”

Seungkwan: *cuts the cake and bites it*

Mingyu: *gasps*

Mingyu: “MY CAKE!”


Dino: *cries*

Jun: “It’s okay Dino, it’s okay” *hugs the baby*

Mingyu: *runs up to poster with a marker and cancels chan’s name and writes his name instead*

Mingyu: “Now it says Happy birthday Mingyu you’re finally five!” *claps for self*

Seungkwan: *gasps*

Woozi: “I’m not the one who hung up the poster but I feel like I need to hit someone”

Seungkwan: *runs towards presents*

Mingyu: “Oh no I’m going to open them!”

Seungkwan: “Not if I get there first!”

Mingyu & Seungkwan: *starts ripping the wrapping paper*

Jeonghan: “WHAT THE HECK”

Mingyu & Seungkwan:


Mingyu: “But it’s my birthday”

Jeonghan: *grabs mingyu by the collar*

Jeonghan: “I will break everything that you love and care about”

Wonwoo: “Me?”

Jeonghan: “No, I’m going to break all the snacks he secretly hid in this dorm and throw them out of the window”

Mingyu: “NO NOT MY FOOD!!!”

Jeonghan: “THEN BEHAVE!!!”

Dino: “Oh well, it’s okay it was a fun birthday anyways, as long as we are together and not apart”

Joshua: “Awwww what an angel, you really are Jeonghan’s baby”


Joshua: “Y-you know ca-cause Jeonghan is an angel?”

Scoups: “I’m happy you had a good birthday Chan”

Dino: “I got to watch a movie with the performance unit hyungs, even though Hoshi and The8 kept fighting…”

Jeonghan: *glares*

Hoshi: “It was Minghao that hit me, stepped on me, poured his drink on me!”

The8: “That’s because Soonyoung kept mentioning Dino’s birthday!”

Hoshi: “What so you want me to lie???”

Dino: “And the hip hop unit hyungs bought me my favourite cake even though I haven’t tasted it…”

Jeonghan: *GLARES*

Seungkwan: “WHAT”

Vernon: “Now I’m fully equipped with the knowledge from google of how to save a person who is choking from styrofoam”

Wonwoo: “I wish you’re the one who is choking right now because no one would know how to save you”

Vernon: “What did I ever do to you?”

Wonwoo: “For not saving Mingyu”


Joshua: “I still want to get rid of that phone so badly”

Dino: “And the vocal unit hyungs decorated the dorm so nicely… even if that Michael Jackson head is just pasted on the dinosaur’s body”

Hoshi: “Did my woozi do that? It’s a WORK OF ART!!! Can I keep it?”

Woozi: “I rather have Dino hate it and burn it then to let you keep it”


DK: “You mean Donkey”

Seungkwan: “No I mean Dokyeom”

DK: “Is that a real pin? With a sharp pointy tip? You can’t pin that on me!”

Seungkwan: *puts a blindfold on Chan*

DK: “What are you all just gonna watch?”

Dino: “Where is Dokyeom hyung? I can’t see” *swings arm around*

DK: *runs away*

Woozi: “Take three steps to your right, then five steps in front, he’s hiding in the corner of the house by the dining table”

Dino: *tries to pin it on Dokyeom*



Scoups: “Hold up…. Where’s our TV?”

phew that was a long one, I hoped you all enjoyed it :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE OH SO LIL’ ONE! :)

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winter wonderland (r.t.)

Prompt: Another one of @dialogue-prompts ahahaha they’re so good

Request: hi! LOVE your writing 💗 can i make a request?? for a winter themed richie fic?? where they have a snow day?? Thanks ilysm!!

A/N: Thank you so much! Ofc I can!

Pairing: Richie Tozier x Reader

Summary: After school is cancelled, the Losers decide to host a sleepover.

You were setting up the seven sleeping bags in your bedroom when your heard your doorbell ring. Yelling to your mom, who was making pasta, you threw yourself down the stairs and flung open the door. There stood Stan and Ben, both of them with bleeding knees.

“Holy shit,” You whispered, knowing that your parents would kill you if the ever heard you swear. “What happened?”

Stan shrugged. “We made the mistake of biking on an icy road.” Ben looked at you apologetically.

Today was a snow day, and you decided that what better way to spend a school-free day than having a sleepover? You were lucky that your parents allowed you to have a sleepover, but if they found out two of your friends were bleeding on the welcome mat you’d definitely be in trouble.

This lead to you sneaking Stan and Ben into your parents bathroom to look for a first aid kit. Your dad was reading one of his novels in the living room, and your mom was cooking, but you still kept an eye out.

Once you successfully got to the safety of your room, you let out a big sigh and started to work on Ben’s knees. By the time you had finished that and now progressed to one of Stan’s knees, the doorbell rung again. You asked Ben to open the door, and a few moments later, voices flooded your house.

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bitchynightmarepost  asked:

Are requests open? If so senpai I would like to request the RFA + v and saeran ( or just the Rfa) reacting to an mc who can purr like a cat. I can and my friends get a kick out of it lmao

Requests are always open my friend! It just might take a while for me to write them ;__; ALSO WHAT CAT PURR PERSON???? THAT’S WICKED????

also whoops I could’t think of anything for saeran or v i’m so so sorry ahhh


  • When she hears you purr for the first time, you guys are just closing up shop
  • Unpleasant Memories resurface, and she almost has a mental breakdown then and there
  • There’s gonna be cat hair in all our products and then one day we’re going to find a cat in the coffee bag and then there’s gonna be cats falling from the ceiling and-
  • “Jaehee?”
  • “MC! Where’s the cat? Where is it? I’ll find it and -” she grabs a nearby broom and begins her search
  • cats really stress her out I guess? i wonder why
  • you purr again because you’re just a Kind Person who is Definitely Not Sadistic in the least
  • she whips around to face you, broom raised, ready for a furry onslaught
  • but it’s just you
  • “MC? Did you.. are you…?”
  • you purr once more, a coy smile curling around your lips
  • Jaehee promptly collapses onto the floor, her poor nerves rattled beyond belief
  • in a shakey voice, she asks you to never do that again, however, 
  • she secretly enjoys it when you purr at her touch
  • she’s gonna take that secret to the grave though


  • this boy honestly thinks you farted
  • but he’s in awe of how demure and pretty it sounded
  • though also he starts to blush because bIah MC is just the cutest no matter what 
  • a few days go by before you do it again, and at that point
  • he whips out the ‘MC even your farts are perfect” you’re just like????? the hell???
  • He’s so embarrassed cuz he has to explain about how that One Time he heard you let one rip and now you just did it again and how do you do that so nicely can you teach me??
  • “Yoosung I - that- that was not flatulence!”
  • “I - huh?”
  • so you pointedly stare at him while you purr, and realization dawns on his face
  • and then it’s replaced by sheer horror
  • he clutched his head in his hands, melting in a puddle of humiliation on the floor
  • he’s still traumatized by the experience for a while after, then once he more or less gets over it, Yoosung just loves your purring cuz ya know he’s s sucker for animals and yeah
  • sometimes you say to him, “Hey Yoosung, do you still want me to teach you how to fart like me?”
  • “Yes.”


  • he’s not even inside the house when you purr yet he still sneezes himself into another dimension
  • he has an ongoing allergic reaction, and it gets to the point that he can no longer act properly
  • so he goes home, a teary-eyed and snot-dripping mess
  • he starts talking about how his allergies started again for some reason, maybe a co actor had  pet cat or something
  • you purr right at that exact moment
  • Zen knows it’s coming from your direction, but he exiles himself to the furthest physically accessible corner
  • he’s not dealing with that shit
  • “MC…if you do that again I’m…I’m going to sneeze all over your nice clothes!”
  • that was the most threatening thing Zen has ever said to you, so maybe it would be a bad idea to push him too much
  • overall just h a t e s it


  • he actually doesn’t know it’s you, cuz duh he already has a cat??
  • you like to tease him by purring, then watch as he looks around for Elly excitedly
  • he thinks that she’s just playing hide and seek with him, so Jumin starts to go along with it
  • meanwhile the real Elly is watching in mild interest from atop the bookcase
  • you think it’s cute, and you keep doing it
  • Elly catches on real quick she’s a smart lady
  • she goes around the place, purring, running away, and then you’ll purr from the other side of the house
  • which makes him sprint to your location in a matter of seconds
  • you managed to get Jumin to do this for ever
  • the record is like five hours
  • he just finds it so much fun
  • but of course, there comes the day when all games end
  • it was a simple accident, you were reading a book, and purred to yourself because why the fuck not
  • but lo and behold, Han Man was right behind you
  • he heard that shit
  • you got busted?
  • Jumin is mildly let down when he finds out that it had mostly been a ruse, but that was quickly replaced by a newfound adoration for you
  • MC can purr??? Sh e can purr?????? I love cats I love MC k???
  • what a nice guy
  • Elly still plays hide and seek though


  • he pretty much launches himself through the fucking wall as soon as he hears  the purring
  • when he can’t find the cat at first glance, he’s down on all fours, sniffing the pillows, the ground
  • hunting 4 that pussy
  • he figures out the secret real quick though cuz he’s too smart 4 lyfe
  • his hair is ruffled, his eyes are wide and shining, and he demands that you teach him how to purr,  convinced that being able to do so will allow him to have secret conversations with Elly
  • maybe actually ask her for her hand paw in marriage because consent is really important kids
  • also talking smack about Jumin because Seven can sass people to heaven
  • but talking to cats doesn’t stop there
  • you guys actually invent your own purring language, the pitch and frequency of the purr making up different sentences
  • y’all have your own conversation in Cat Speech
  • Jumin wants in on the secret
  • Elly tells you that Han Man like to sing opera in the shower
  • also other things but they’re rated R for Really Smutty

But, a spin off of shadowhunters, named “Raising Madzie” featuring :

• Madzie, her daddy Alec and her papa Magnus

• first episode is basically the introduction to Madzie as well as to her extended family which includes all of Magnus’ downworlder children who are called Madzie’s siblings

• “wait I am Aunt Clary and he is Simon, her older brother???” “Thats just the way it is, biscuit”

•episodes dedicated to Madzie spending time with all the characters

• painting with aunt Clary, she makes a painting for her daddy and papa complete with glitter and styled hair (Magnus was like super proud)

• comic book shopping with her big bro Simon. He introduces her to all the superheroes he loved as a kid and Madzie is so happy and she buys a shit ton of the comics and at the end of the day Alec is like ??? Couldn’t you have taught her like Shakespeare or something?? And simon is like wtf Alec?? she’s like a kid??

• cooking lessons with Aunt Izzy where somehow the entire oven catched on fire..no one talks about that time..especially not Madzie tho she doesn’t spend anymore time with Izzy anywhere near fire

• she totally bonds with Jace over piano lessons. Her sitting on his lap and he plays her all the lullabies Maryse used to sing to them when they were little and she just claps along with him. Totally helps with her PTSD too (i have a shit ton of headcanons about that too..more on that later)

• bring your kid to work day with Luke. Little detective Madzie complete with fake badge and little gun running around chasing bad, bad guys

• bingo nights at the club with big brother Raphael and of course hide and seek in the Dumort Hotel..no vamp is able to say no to that face. So somehow the entire new york clan ends up playing hide and seek till morning

• auntie Maia takes her to Jade Wolf and treats her to the finer things in life like the best chinese she had had the pleasure of having

• grandma Maryse being like super sweet with the little warlock girl and being all overprotective and grandmotherly. 100% brings cookies and cakes even after being told no.

• papa Magnus takes her to meet important clients and teach her about her heritage and the clients are so totally taken with the little girl and makeup nights!!! Magnus teaches her how to put on winged eyeliner like immediately. Very important

• daddy Alec and archery lessons. Enough said. She totally gets matchin sweaters and bomber jackets (courtesy of Jace)

anonymous asked:

RFA meets a little sister of MC that looks like a mini MC. MC might be jealous a bit of how much attention they give mini MC. (Maybe you can somehow work out Saeyoung saying "MC Shrunk!?! Omg, I didn't do it!!!!") Please and have a lovely day!

Such a cute request! Hope you like it! ^^

RFA react to MC’s little sister who looks like her


  • I mean, if you weren’t already adorable enough…
  • He’s always waiting for your family reunions just so he can see her, he likes to play with her and give her piggy rides
  • He even lets her braid and do piggy tails in his hair! Which… he never let you… no! you’re not jealous of your little sister, that’s ridiculous!
  • But look at them, he’s even taking selfies of him with his hair like this! Ugh… okay, you’re jealous.
  • When you confront him, he laughs because you look so embarrassed for even thinking like this. You know how pathetic you’re being, blushing and looking away like this.
  • So he keeps teasing you, but on a more serious note: “I like hanging out with her because she looks like you, but has my personality, babe, she’s probably like our daughter is going to be.”
  • Well, he was trying to be serious, but couldn’t help but chuckle when he sees you blushing hard.
  • He loves to see your flustered face, that’s something not even your sister can pull it off so adorably.


  • You keep telling him his sister looks a lot like him, but this is on a complete different level.
  • He’s always very shy at your family reunions, but he always loosens up when your sister is there.
  • She makes him play with her dolls and he doesn’t even flinch, he doesn’t look flustered or uncomfortable. Why is he not like this to you all the time too?
  • He’s talking so much while he comes up with stories for Barbie and her friends,. When he’s alone with you, it’s so hard to make him speak his mind, what he wants, what he needs from you…
  • You know you’re being ridiculous, especially when you apparently hurt him by telling him all this. Shit! She’s just a kid, why does she make you feel like this?
  • He apologizes a lot, and you have to reassure him a million times you’re the wrong one here. “I’m sorry, MC. I’m just trying to show you I can deal with children really well, you know… because I… I… we… gonna have a baby one day and… ahh! Pretend I didn’s say that!”
  • You knew how much he wants a kid with you, but it’s the first time he says it that clear and loud.
  • Like, really loud, your whole family is staring at him, but he looks determined… oh wow!


  • She’s a little scared, how is that even possible?
  • You thought she wasn’t really fond of kids, well, apparently you were wrong, she plays along whenever your sister grab her hand and take her from the adults table.
  • She draws Jaehee, you, an alligator, a flower… so much draws! And Jaehee draws too, you thought she only drew at coffee foam…
  • It’s not that you’re jealous, you’re just intrigued. You’re seeing a new side of her you thought it wasn’t really there. Why did she never show you before? She doesn’t trust you enough?
  • No! You can’t jump in conclusions like that just because she’s drawing with your freaking sister! Pull yourself together!
  • She asks you what’s wrong, and you don’t feel like lying to her. She’s… intrigued too, your mind work in a very weird way.
  • “Well, I don’t know what to tell you, I just play with your sister because I’m still trying to be comfortable around your family, I know some of them are judging us… me, and… she doesn’t judge. Kids never judge.”
  • Congratulations! You’re the worst brat alive! She comforts you telling you’re very cute being jealous of a mini-you.
  • “I’m not jealous! And we don’t even look like that much!” oh my… you two even pout similarly!


  • Could you be any cuter? Okay, it’s not really you, but… you probably looked like this when you were a child, right? Lovely
  • He’s always so stiff and formal around your family, but your sister appears and he’s a completely different man.
  • He reads her stories and encourages her to create her own, she can say the weirdest and craziest thing, he’s laughing and telling her that’s really creative!
  • He’s laughing! Not smirking, not chuckling, he’s LAUGHING! The only time he ever laughed with you, he was drunk! HE’S PRETTY SOBER NOW! WTF?
  • You don’t have the guts to confront him over something so silly and kinda crazy, but he notices the way you glare at him.
  • When you finally tell him, he just nods and apologizes. Now you’re feeling guilty, he was having so much fun before…
  • “I’m sorry if it bothers you, my love. It’s just your sister reminds me a lot of you, she’s very creative and smart, I’m just encouraging her to be her best self, just like you already are.”
  • HOLY SHIT! Is this man even real? You feel your face on fire, how can he say things like this and look so stoic while you’re a blushing mess?
  • But you manage to calm down when he laughs before giving you a little peck in the lips.


  • A pocket version of you! Yay!!!
  • Forget your family, he just says a quick hi and goes straight to your sister. Who’s the kid here? It’s hard to tell…
  • He runs around with her everywhere. Piggy rides, hide and seek, he even lets her wear his glasses. Not too much, because she can have a headache and he… needs them to see.
  • You think it’s adorable, but he completely forgets about you the whole day, it’s all about mini-MC. You’re starting to miss him, even his bad puns and silly pranks…
  • You know how much he would tease you if you brought up something like this, so you don’t say anything.
  • And you keep saying anything even in your way back home, he just assumes you’re tired. “I’m tired too, mini-MC couldn’t give me a rest!” he sighs “It’s so nice, right? See kids being kids, being able to have fun and go crazy…”
  • Oh… you know what this is about… stupid brat! Of course he would like to hang out more with a kid, he never had the chance to be one! His childhood was hell, of course he would compensate a little being an adult!
  • Ah…  he’s gonna be such a great father one day and… wait! Are you really thinking about this? Right now?
  • “And she looks so much like you! Do you think our kids will look more like you or more like me?” “We’ll only know if we try… I-I’m ready!  You… do you feel ready to try?” the way he brakes the car and smiles at you can only mean “yes”.

You can see Saeran and V here~

I lost our baby

Request: #13…?  

Could I have 13 for the drabble thing? Thanks!

So basically this is #13 from the Drabble challenge

Summary: You and Peter have been spending most of your days at the avengers tower after the birth of your baby girl. You leave Peter to supervise her for one minute, and you could’ve predicted what happened next.

! y/d/n= your daughters name !

I wanted to make this happy and funny. Hopefully you guys like it!!! Also made this a Peterxreader. If you’d like a Tomxreader let me know! <3 

Originally posted by gounderoos

After announcing your pregnancy you couldn’t tell who was more excited, Peter or the rest of the avengers. They always looked after you and treated you like a baby sister, so naturally they were protective of you. But once your pregnancy became public knowledge, it was as if you couldn’t go to the bathroom without someone holding your hand. You didn’t entirely mind it, you loved having the extra help as the months went by. You certainly love the extra help now that the baby was here and you single-handedly could never do it all. Peter is always there to help of course, it was his job, and his priority. He lived up to the ‘father’ name quite greatly.

      Recently the two of you had been living in the avengers tower with the rest of the gang. You loved it. You were enjoying the company and your baby girl, now 4 months old was loving all the attention. Natasha and Tony spent every moment of their spare time with y/d/n. They loved her as if she were their own. 

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anonymous asked:

Can you do #30 "out of necessity" please?

30. Out of necessity

“I told you this was a bad idea”, Nico mumbles against Will’s chest, pressed together so tightly that it’s hard to breathe. “I told you we wouldn’t both fit in here, but did you listen? That’s right, you didn’t because you never - “

“I think the whole point of hiding is that we won’t be found, so I think you should just shut up.”

Nico’s arm is stuck between them, and it’s going to sleep fast. Will is standing on his toes, his hip and lower bag are digging painfully to the shelf behind him, and it’s so dark he can’t see a thing. Who’s idea was it to play hide and seek, anyway? Nico puts all his drachmas on Harley.

For ten painfully long seconds the closet is deadly quiet. Nico thinks he can hear Will’s heartbeat, and he can definitely feel it because they’re so close he’s practically resting his head on Will’s chest and - and actually, that’s not exactly a bad idea.

“I bet we’re going to be here for a while”, Nico whispers, and even though he keeps it quiet it feels like he’s shouting. “We could… I mean, we might as well get… comfortable.” He can feel his face heating up quickly, and he’s so, so glad that Will can’t see his face.

Will’s chuckle is only felt and never heard, and Nico blushes even more when he feels one of Will’s arms slowly wrap around his waist. “If you want to cuddle with me all you have to do is ask, you know that, right?”

“Shut up.”

It takes some maneuvering, but in the end they do find a way to get comfortable. Will’s arms are around him and Nico stretches his sleeping one to rest on Will’s bicep, and that helps a little with the pressure on his chest. They shuffle their feet a little, and Nico’s land in between both of Will’s, and there’s gotta be a metaphor there somewhere, and Nico does get to rest his head on Will’s chest, in the end. His ear is right on top of Will’s heart, and it makes him a little smug to realize it’s beating faster than normal.

And Nico knows exactly why. In their four weeks of dating (five, if you ask Will, but Nico’s not asking) they have only been this close once, and that was due to a misfortunate fall on the three legged death race (curiously, also thanks to Harley; seriously, who lets eight year old payload experts plan camp activities?) and only lasted for the thirty seconds it took them to get back on their feet.

This time is different. This is long-term cuddling, in the real sense of the word, deliberate and done in mutual agreement. This is calm and quiet and serene and Nico almost forgets they’re actually hiding and the cuddling isn’t the main point here.

This is nice.

“I can hear you grinning.”

Nico bites his cheek to try to school his face into a frown. “You can’t hear a grin. It doesn’t make a sound. And I’m not grinning.”

“Sure.” It’s funny to hear Will’s voice like that, echoing against the shell of Nico’s ear and vibrating all over their tangled bodies. Nico thinks he might actually want to do this again, when they’re not trapped in a closet in the back of the infirmary for team spirit purposes. He feels the grin come back in full force.

Will’s body shakes with silent laughter.

“Shut up.”

(idk if you can cuddle standing up, but in this case it counts. hit me up on my ask box!)

Having a child with Kraglin would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaaawww Kraglin :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him and your child loving to just sit next to each other to eat pudding, even going as far as to feed it to one another, making you laugh at how cute they are

-Him liking to brag to them how he’s a great First Mate and all, and showing them so by sitting them on his lap as he pilots the ship

-Your child loving to run around the ship and bumping into all the crew members, making him have to run to catch and stop them before you find out how he just lets them do whatever they want

-Him getting shy and blushing whenever they get his attention by calling him “Daddy” just to show him that they want to hold hands with him

-Your child having the habit of playing with Yondu’s trinket, only to accidentally break some and for him to be brave enough to take the blame, making them feel bad and admit their mistake

-Your child liking to play hide and seek with him on the ship and always pulling you along, all while not telling him that you were all playing, scaring him on multiple occasions as he thinks you just both left him

-Him and your child always being overly excited whenever you all stop by a new planet, only for you to have to quickly catch up to them before you’re left all alone

-Your child jokingly choosing Yondu whenever he asks them who is more fun, only to have to cheer him up by jumping back into his arms

-Him feeling bad whenever they cry and just doing whatever he can to comfort them, especially kissing their cheeks until they feel better

-Him getting emotional whenever Yondu tells him how proud he is of him for having started his own family

anonymous asked:

Langst prompt (or Lanuff whichever way you want to write it, if you want to write it) where Lance has narcolepsy


I found this interesting tbh!!!! 

Growing up Lance found himself constantly tired, no matter how much sleep he got he was always tired. 

Lance found himself falling asleep during the day, even during his normal routine. He couldn’t control them either one moment he’s awake and the next he’s not. 

It also didn’t matter what he was doing, playing a board game with his family? He fell asleep. Playing hide n go seek with his best friend Hunk? He fell asleep. 

No matter what he did he would find himself falling into a paralysing sleep, even when he was awake. 

His muscle would slack, his jaw would fall open and his arms and legs would feel weak. 

He was constantly in a “about to fall asleep/just woke up” state. 


A few months before Lance left for the Garrison he was taken to a doctor and he was diagnosed with narcolepsy. It wasn’t anything bad except that his brain didn’t make enough of the chemical hypocretin, which keeps people awake. Lance was okay with the that, it wasn’t hurting him or anyone else. It just meant he had to take more medicine and try to keep his routine changing. 

Yet he wasn’t okay with the fact that the Garrison almost denied him when he sent in his medical report. Two days after he did a Garrison member came to his house and talked to him about his “issue”. 

Lance and his family assured the Garrison member that Lance would be on top of his game. After hours of pleading and convincing Lance was cleared to go. 


At the Garrison Lance was able to keep himself awake for the most part. Between his medicine and Hunk’s support system he didn’t have much of a problem until he wasn’t on Earth and he didn’t have his meds. 

As time went on with Team Voltron Lance found himself falling asleep more and more. Hunk would usually keep him awake but when it was just Lance or someone else Lance would pass out. 

Of course Lance didn’t mean too it just happened. He felt like he was back on Earth. 

Lance venting to Hunk about his concern that he was bring the team down since he fell asleep inside of Blue while they were heading towards a planet. 

Hunk assured him that, that was not the case and the team just didn’t know what Lance was going though. 

After about a month or so Lance told the team about why he constantly fell asleep. The team understood and the Alteans thought of ways to recreate his medicine. 

Lance grinned at the thought of having his medicine again and was told that he would have them in a week or two. 

In the meantime Lance found himself falling asleep on his team members but when he eventually woke up that person was either reading or sleeping right beside him. Lance could live with this for awhile. 

Sorry this took so long!!!!!

I hope you like it!!!!

Thank you <3 

The Lost Princess (Royal AU) - Part 1

Summary: Two families joined kingdoms. One kingdom was falling apart while the other had unfortunate wealth that they could offer. Their oldest children became the best friends getting to know and grow up together, but after a terrible incident they didn’t get that chance anymore. 

Warnings: mentions of disappearing, some fluff, guilt, sad

Word Count: 2,476

Pairing: Tom Holland x Princess! Reader

A/n: Hope you like it tell me what you think. : )

~The Lost Princess Masterlist~


“Mummy I’m bored!” You whined tugging on your mother’s dress. She was holding your sister Charlotte’s hand. She was in the dinning hall with your mother discussing something with the Hollands. They were a well loaned family who ruled over the whole kingdom of Thames. 

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Give Me Love

Pairing: Tom x Fem!reader

Summary: Tom and the reader get into a huge fight, leaving a dent in their relationship that needs to be fixed.

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Swearing, angst™, Alcohol, fighting, kind of unedited whoops

A/N: I was listening to Tom’s ‘Sheeran Sounds’ playlist on Spotify and this song came up, decided to make a fic about it! (In my opinion listening to the song+reading this makes it 10x better, highly recommend) Enjoy!

Tuesday morning. The usual, waking up in the with the other half of your shared bed empty, the person who usually filled it had left early in the morning for work. You understood that Tom works hard and loves what he does, but with this constant filming, him running around all the time. It was getting old really quickly. You barely even see him anymore, it was just the everyday routine of waking up without him, spending the day alone, and him coming home at a ridiculous hour, slightly tipsy and barely awake while you were already fast asleep.

Give me love like her,

Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone

Sitting up and stretching, you glanced around the room, sunlight streaming in through the blinds, Tom’s unwashed clothing lying on the floor. You sighed, made your way around the room, picked up what you could and put the clothes into the washer. Leaving the bed unmade, you went to pour yourself a coffee and checked your phone. Your lock-screen was a picture of you and Tom, a couple months before he got the role of Spider-Man. He was laughing, with you on his back, and you had almost as big of a smile that he had. Your heart broke a little looking at the photo, you were so happy then, why is it that now you could go days without talking?

That night, Tom came home later and more drunk than usual, holding a beer bottle, but you were awake this time, waiting for him on the couch as he stumbled through the doorway.

“H-hey babe.” He managed to say not expecting you to be up so late. You stood up, prepared to say what needed to be said.

“Tom, we need to talk.” You replied, a stern look on your face. “I’m tired of never getting to see you, I know you have a passion, but we go days without even speaking and you coming back shit-faced doesn’t help your situation either.”

“Y-Y/N,” Tom started to reply as he was, suddenly, was brought back to reality by your words; he might’ve been drunk but he was smart enough to know he couldn’t lose you.

You cut him off. “Tom, stop trying, I’ve heard the rumors about you and Zendaya, I’d like to think that you’d wouldn’t do something like that to me, but to be honest, I don’t know what to expect from you these days.” Saying these words to the man you loved hurt more than anything else, but you knew it had to be done; how you and Tom were living, just wasn’t a healthy relationship. Now Tom was obviously angry, he loved and cared for you so much, and you had the audacity to accuse him of cheating.

“God dammit, Y/N, you know I’d never do that! Maybe the problem isn’t me, maybe it’s you, I don’t need you to be with me all the time, alright?” These words shattered you heart as you started crying, tears rolling down your face, but his stayed stone cold.

“Oh, I’m the problem?! I don’t even know where you go half the time after work, at this rate probably some trashy club with girls and booze!”

“Look, Y/N, I’m done with you accusing me of this bullshit, I’m done!” At this point the bottle that was in his hand went crashing to the ground as he stormed out of the house you shared, or at least used to.

Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt

Told you I’d let them go

You let go of all of the emotion boiling up inside you and started to cry, you couldn’t hold back anymore, a once happy relationship turned sour because of a stupid argument. You sank to the floor in your place, not caring about the shards of glass scatted across the hardwood, and it felt like you were there for hours on end, crying until you couldn’t cry anymore, and, crawling back onto the couch, you fell asleep there, desperately trying to forget what had happened only a few minutes ago.

Tom angrily walked back to his trailer on the set of Spider-man, the alcohol mixing with the heartbreak, but before he could open the door, the reality hit, sobbing, he punched the door of his trailer, leaving a dent.

“God damn it!” He yelled, leaning against the side of the vehicle, his hands covering his face, tears rolling off his cheeks and onto the smooth pavement underneath him. Before he could do any more damage, he opened the door, and walked inside, opened up a cabinet, and pulled out one more beer bottle. Opening up his phone, he stared at your contact, wanting to call, wanting to apologize, wanting to make everything right, wanting to hold you close like he used to, but he couldn’t.

And that I’ll fight my corner

Maybe tonight I’ll call ya

After my blood turns into alcohol

No, I just wanna hold ya

Tom opened his eyes, the sunlight coming through the window blinded him. His head pounding, he looked around the room, and realized he wasn’t at home with you and the memories of last night came flooding back to him. He heard urgent knocking on his door and he quickly stood up, and almost fell over because of the throes of pain against his skull.

‘Damn, this is one hell of a hangover.’ He thought to himself, as he slowly steadied and open the door to one of the assistant directors and Harrison.

“What the hell are you doing, mate? We’ve been looking for you, what happened last night?” Haz started bombarding Tom with questions, trying to make sense of the situation.

“Fight. Y/N. Bad.” Was all the actor could muster out before almost collapsing, the agony of losing you and the immense headache he had engulfed him. The AD went off to tell the others that Tom was ‘sick’ after giving tom the news that she’d get him the day off.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s sit you down, Tom. Try to explain to me what happened.” And that’s exactly what he did, after Harrison sat him on the tiny couch in the trailer, practically having to carry Tom, as he could barely form comprehend-able sentences.

“Haz, I’ve messed up, real bad.” Tom’s voice cracked while saying that last sentence, you could feel the pain from heartbreak radiation off of the broken man. “She’ll never forgive me now, everything’s gone to shit and it’s all my fault, I should’ve been more responsible. I’d do anything just to hold her right now, Haz, I’ve seriously fucked up. This could be the end of it, God, why did I have to be so stupid, I want to make it right so badly.”

Give a little time to me or burn this out

We’ll play hide and seek to turn this around

All I want is the taste that your lips allow

My, my, my, my, oh give me love

“Maybe it’s time to let go, man, I mean, I hate to be a downer and I know you two have been together for a while now, but if it’s been rocky for a while, maybe you need time away. It could be good for the both of you.” Haz tried to make this seem like a good idea to Tom, but with the state he was in, Haz could tell nothing would cheer him up. “I need to make sure that your not unemployed right now, I’ll be back.” Harrison said, patting Tom’s shoulder as Tom made a small grunt in acknowledgment and Haz was gone.

Tom put a couple fingers on his lips, trying to remember what yours felt like on his, but that felt like a distant dream now, that he longed for to be true.

He went to the fridge again to get an ice pack for his hand, which had a terrible ache from punching to door to his trailer, but was met with the temptation of another beer, and picked that up instead.

Give me love like never before

‘Cause lately I’ve been craving more

And it’s been a while but I still feel the same

Maybe I should let you go

You know I’ll fight my corner

And that tonight I’ll call ya

After my blood is drowning in alcohol

No I just wanna hold ya

Nothing like starting off a new blog with some good ol’ angst. I am so sorry, haha. Definite part 2 coming soon! Hope you liked it!