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Chicks or Girlfriend - Part 2 (Tyler Seguin)

Masterlist  Part 1

Word Count: 612

Team: Dallas Stars

Warning/s: none

Request:  Part 2 for the chicks or me Tyler S imagine? -  Are you doing a part 2 for the Tyler Imagine?????

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“Uhm, Y/n?”, Katie called from your kitchen. 

You were spread out on the couch, your eyes focused on your phone. You were waiting for this damn idiot to call you. But it had been a few days since you had spoken to him and he didn’t seem to call anytime soon.

“Yeah?”, you called back, your eyes snapping to the open kitchen door.

“Tyler just pulled into your driveway.”, she announced, coming over to the living room.

“Oh.”, was all that you got out. 

You jumped up from the couch and peeked out of the window, seeing his jeep in front of your house. Tyler was getting out of it, and he didn’t look happy, to say the least.

“I’m gonna go, okay? Call me later.”, Katie said, snapping you back into reality.  

“Yeah, sure.”

You watched as your friend got her phone from the coffee table and snatched her keys from the drawer before she disappeared out of the door. You had barely made your way over to the couch when Tyler was already standing in the room.

“Hey.”, you said, crossing your legs on the couch.

“Really? Hey?”, he spat, obviously annoyed.


“After you kicked me out that’s the first thing you say to me?”

You frowned at him, getting more and more annoyed by the second.

“Yes. That’s what I’m saying. After I asked you to leave MY house. Did you come here to talk?”

Tyler sat down on the couch next to you. You locked eyes, trying to figure out the look that he had. Was it a: I’m breaking up with you? Or more of a: Let’s work this out?

“I did come here to talk. About this Ultimatum of yours.”

“And?”, you asked, a little too hopeful.

“I don’t get it.”, he blurted out.

Your face fell instantly and you brought a little more distance between the two of you, pushing his hand from your thigh.

“What?”, you hissed.

“I don’t get it. I don’t get where this is coming from so suddenly. There have always been girls flirting with me. Since before we started this relationship. Why is this only a problem now?”

“Tyler, it’s always been a problem. And I told you that before. But you refused to change anything. But now I don’t accept that anymore. Not after being humiliated at the family skate.”

“But that means you don’t accept me, Y/n! I can’t feel caged in a relationship.”

“Tyler, if you’re really serious right now, if flirting with other girls while you’re in a relationship is part of who you are, then I’m afraid a girlfriend is not the right thing for you.”

“I love you, Y/n. And I want to choose you…”, he said.

“But you don’t. You choose the girls instead. Because that’s the easy way. And choosing the easy way is what you’re truly good at.”, you hissed, standing up from the couch.

You stormed over to the door of the kitchen, arms crossed in front of your chest. He wasn’t serious. He was kidding, right?

“Y/n, please. Can’t we work this out?”

“No, Tyler, we can’t. You like flirting with girls and I like being one of two persons in a relationship. I’m afraid that doesn’t go well with each other.”, you snapped.

You pointed your finger at the exit, dropping your eyes to the floor. It was time for him to go. 


“Tyler go.”, you insisted. “You made your decision and I made mine.”


I wrote this because I was siting alone in an apartment (house sitting), waiting for the owner to come home and I got this random idea.
Jumin x MC

He was alone in the quiet room, the brutal sound of the air conditioning deafening in the empty silence. It had been a couple of hours now and his emotions were turning. MC would be back soon he knew but he couldn’t help but worry. It wasn’t often that she agreed to go out with her friends so he left her the room to socialize, free from the influence of his work or the constrictions of the penthouse. He had to give her that at least. He knew how her time at the penthouse alone would cause her to reminisce, to feel lonely even with the company of Elizabeth the 3rd.

He knew this was a good thing for her, to reconnect with her friends after the frightful situations she had experienced within the RFA. She would disagree arguing how that wasn’t truly frightful as she had met Jumin from it, that answering unknowns message was the best thing she had done… but he knew how she flinched at the thought of the hacker and in that small apartment when she thought he wasn’t looking. He had given her everything he could think of to help her but as always she said she was always most comforted by having just him.

It was past the time that his dinner should have been eaten but he couldn’t bear to eat the meal on the table in front of him alone. His stomach felt empty, but even eating would not fill the emptiness. How did he survive before, eating alone each night? Now he could not even raise the fork to his lips without her presence. How he had come to depended on her, to pray for her presence to ease his emptiness. He couldn’t waver the feeling of regret. Was he being selfish… yes, but he couldn’t contain it. After the wedding the only times they had spent apart was when he was working or on short business trips. He felt this way in those situations too, but tonight was much worse. Much worse because he knew she had chosen to be away from him. He was being selfish. He couldn’t help but be selfish. He wanted her back. How weak she has made me.

He had said it was fine when she kissed his cheek before leaving, but every cell in his body contorted unable to contain the desperate want to keep her near. He didn’t know her friends. He worried about how they treated her when she was there and how they treated her when she was not. He fretted over the types of meals she was eating, the dangerous nature in which she had wanted to arrive by public transport when it was so easy to get Driver Kim. He wanted to pamper and give her anything she could want, but she never asked for anything more than him. He wanted to pay Saeyoung to check the backgrounds of her friends, but she placed a finger to his lips telling him not to worry so much with a smile on her face.

How that ate away at him inside. What if that was the last smile he saw because he was not cautious enough. The wait was agonizing. Was this how she felt every day waiting for him to arrive home? He looked out over the city from the window, hoping one of those car lights would be the one bringing her home.

The wine tasted bitter against his tongue. He was pitiful in this moment. He had never known that someone could enter and transform his life so much that he was empty when they were not with him. He promised he wouldn’t call, even though she said she didn’t mind. His fingers hovered over her face on his contacts list. Mrs Han. How he loved that she had his name. He loved that the world knew she were him.

Closing his eyes, he can picture her in his mind, sitting around one of those tables in a commoner… no, she didn’t like him using that word… low level “fancy” restaurant? Siting there surrounded by three others. She was smiling, her eyes alight and interested not matter what the others were saying. She was amazing like that. She could take interest in anything whether she understood it or not, she strove to listen regardless. She was laughing gleefully at something someone had said, even in his imagination his heart panged that he was not the one making her laugh. What has she done to me.

“Elizabeth, tell me. When is she coming home?” he said, gently stroking her white fur as she relaxed in his lap. She’s safe isn’t she? Maybe I should ask Seven to check?

Bodies shuffled outside, the sound muffled through the door but amplified in the silence of the room. He picked up Elizabeth the 3rd from his lap and placed her gently on the floor. He walked towards the door with a controlled urgency. His hand clasped around the handle as it was pulled away from him making him falter his step.

She was there before him with a smile on her face. All his worries vanished as he pulled her into his into him and rand his hand ran through her hair.

“I’m back Jumin.” She says the smile still on her face. She placed her palm against his cheek, looking up at him. She wipes away a stray strand of his dark hair from his eyes. “It’s alright, I’m back.” Somehow she knew, she always knew what was plaguing him and how he loved her for it.

“My love, I love you.” He said leading her inside, closing the door behind them. He leaned into her, his eyes hovering on her lips. She smiled as his hand traveled to the back of her and he gently pulled her lips to his. They were soft, her fingers lacing themselves into his hair. It was electric, it was everything he ever needed. In that moment he could overwrite his worries as in those moments he knew that he was hers and she was his.

He re-positioned himself, his posture growing taller at the removal of his worries. He looked at MC who was beaming, eyes glistening with delight. She was home again in his arms. He took her hands and lead her to sit beside him on the couch before asking her to tell him about her evening. The warm smile that grew on her face set his heart alight and he marveled at every aspect of her as she retold her evening to him in the comfort of his arms.

“Hey, Cas.” Dean doesn’t bother hiding the smile in his voice when he answers. He hates that Cas is back out there so soon after Ramiel, but the job needs be done.

“Hello, Dean.” Dean’s smile widens when he hears it in Cas’s voice, too. They fall into a brief silence. Dean takes solace in hearing Cas breathing.

“You okay?” he asks finally.

“Of course. I just…” Cas hesitates, and Dean stands, pacing the room. “I wanted to…”

“I miss you, too, Cas.” He hears Cas huff out a soft laugh, and he grins. “You’re bein’ careful?”

“I am. I haven’t had much luck with any leads, but I am being careful. Thank you.”

Dean swallows. “Cas, I…” he sighs, running a hand over his face.

“I know, Dean. Hopefully I’ll be home soon.”

Dean swallows, trying to ignore the ache in his chest. They barely had any time to process before Cas was called away.  He knows it’ll never end, the emergencies and cases and big-bads, but then again… he, a hunter, fell in love with an angel. What did he really expect? He finds himself pacing the hallway. “Maybe,” he starts, taking a steadying breath. “Maybe when you come back we can try for real. No death bed confessions. Just… Y'know. You and me.” In the light of day, not clinging desperately to one another in the dark. “Hell, maybe I’ll even take you on a date,” he chuckles.

“I’d like that, Dean,” Cas answers, and Dean exhales, relieved. As if he thought Cas would actually turn him down. He hears Sam call him from the library, and he turns in that direction. He doesn’t think, and nearly says those words again, even as he steps into the library. Instead, he clears his throat. “Okay, well. Stay on it.” He panics.

“Dean, what–" 

"You get any leads, you let us know. And we’ll keep working on it from our end.”


"Thanks, Cas.” He ends the call and frowns, leaning against the table, chiding himself for his idiocy. “So, Kelly Kline is in the wind. No trace,” he announces, pulling up his texts.

I’m sorry. I panicked. Didn’t mean to be a dick. Just haven’t told Sam about us yet. I’ll call you later. Promise.

“Great,” Sam says. Dean’s half paying attention as Cas’s reply comes through.

I understand. I’ll talk to you soon.

Another message comes through almost immediately.

I’m counting the moments until we’re together again. Be safe, Dean.

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He'll be back soon he'll see, mark will remember he belongs to us!! He'll be back time will tell, he'll remember that we served him well!!

he doesn’t?????? belong to his fans???????? using hamilton refs to hide how gross you are isn’t working,,,,,,,


“I’m not your weapon, Demon King or savior! I’m Rin Okumura! And when I’m done, I’m going to be the best Exorcist you ever laid your eyes on!”        - happy birthday Rai(。’▽’。)♡

Hair ties // Draco Malfoy

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Summary: Draco takes an interest in a Muggle-born reader, whose hair ties seem to always snap when she tries to put her hair up.

Draco Malfoy sat at the very far corner of the library, pretending to be immersed in his copy of Unfogging the Future as the other students around him worked on their homework or simply read for fun. Truth was, he couldn’t care less about Divination or Professor Trelawney’s –he was there waiting for someone.

Someone who didn’t even dared glance his way.

And he was okay with that; he was a Slytherin (and a pureblood) while she was a Muggle-born. They would never cross paths, he was sure of that. Still, he had acquired a certain fascination of watching her study at the same table on Wednesdays. Even if he could never talk to her, he wouldn’t deny himself the pleasure of her presence.

He buried his nose back into the boring book as soon as he saw (Y/N) walking in, heading for her usual spot just three tables away from him. After a couple of seconds of re-reading the same line over and over again, he dared to look up, finding the girl pulling out her books from her bag and placing them on the table along with a scroll of parchment. Draco then watched as she took out a small flask of black tint, and a quill. Soon enough, she was working, and he had to read his book once again. Or at least, pretend to.

Nearly thirty minutes had passed since her arrival, when Draco noticed a different motion coming from her, other that wasn’t the constant dipping of the quill in the flask or hurried scribbling. He watched intently as she seemed to pull something from her wrist, to then grab her hair and comb it with her fingers until it was up in a ponytail, held together by her hand. (Y/N) pulled on the hair tie that lay on her wrist, and began to twist in in her ponytail, passing the strands of soft hair through the loop.

Draco watched dumbfounded as her fingers moved quickly around the back of her head, until he was taken back to reality by a snap and a hiss. He watched as (Y/N) sucked on her finger before pulling out a thick string out of her hair. The hair tie had snapped.

Mumbling a few curses under her breath, she packed her things in her bag and, in no time, she was out of the library.

The blond boy closed his book and decided to leave as well.

A week later, Draco Malfoy walked around the big aisles of books the Library owned, fishing for a book that might spark his interest while he waited for (Y/N)’s arrival. Just as he passed the Invisibility Section, he heard a pair of footsteps approaching the girl’s usual spot. He quickly dragged a book out of the bookshelf and opened it, pretending to be immersed on its content. He peeked discretely, noticing that it indeed was (Y/N) who had just entered the room. She placed her bag on the wooden table and proceeded to pass her fingers through her hair, pulling it up into a bun. Then, she pulled a black hair tie from her wrist, and just as she twisted it for the first time…


“Bloody hell!” she whispered, letting her hair fall back on her shoulders and taking her bag before stomping out of the library.

Draco huffed and closed his book angrily before stepping into the other aisle, in search for a useful book that might help him at the moment.

Two Wednesdays later, (Y/N) stepped into the library, carrying a heavy bag full of books and parchment next to her. She basically tossed it on the table, receiving a glare from Madam Pince, the librarian. (Y/N) pushed her bag aside and sat down, taking out her books and a large scroll of parchment. As she placed the quill on top of her open book, she searched on her wrist for a hair tie, noticing that she had forgotten to carry one.

A frustrated sigh left her lips, and she hopelessly introduced a hand to her bag, searching frantically for a hair tie and praying she had one with her. Just as she was about to give up, a paper swan flying in her direction caught her attention before it landed on her book, right in front of her. She glanced around, being too confused as to why the figure had been sent to her, or by whom. Carefully grabbing it, she opened the swan to find a small note written on its inside, along with a circular, black rubber.

A hair tie.

Examining the object curiously, she put it aside and began to read the note.

“The world might run out of hair ties because of you. To liberate you from your constant pain and bitterness, I gift this to you.

If you manage to break it, you’re a lost cause.


a fellow classmate.”

(Y/N) looked up and exanimated the room, trying to find the person who had sent her such gift. Seeing it was just Madame Pince and her, she focused once again in the hair tie, and pulled it. And she pulled, and pulled, and pulled. Amazed, she began to cut on the edge of it with the end of her quill, which was made of a sharp metal.

It didn’t break.

Happily, she began combing her hair upward, using her new hair tie, which was as unbreakable as the Unbreakable Vow, and then proceeded to open her book and dip her quill in tint.

There, hidden behind the Invisibility Section, stood a certain platinum blond boy, smiling proudly as he saw his plan had worked.




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One Last Thing

12x12 coda almost a week late (oops)

When they get back to the bunker, Dean is surprised to see Mom head toward the room they’d assigned to her all those months ago. He assumed she’d leave as soon as they were safely back underground. He’s still staring down the hallway after her when he hears Cas sigh.

He turns to find him slumped in a kitchen chair, his hands in his lap and his coat closed enough to cover the blood and black…goo on his shirt. He’s staring down at the table with a crease between his brow.

“You OK?” Dean asks gruffly as he takes a tentative seat perpendicular to him.


Dean balks at the honesty but doesn’t say anything. He leans forward and folds his hands on top of the table. Somewhere in the direction of Sam’s room, a door opens and closes.

“I shouldn’t be alive,” Cas continues, still staring at the table. “I would’ve never…”

Suddenly Cas’ eyes pop up and past Dean as Sam enters the kitchen.

None of them say anything as Sam grabs a cold cup of coffee. Dean and Cas look at each other. When Sam leaves, Cas’ eyes find the table again.

“I wouldn’t’ve…said what I said,” Cas continues, hesitance clear in his tone, “If I had known…”

A couple of seconds pass before it clicks for Dean. “That you weren’t actually gonna die?”

Cas nods minutely.

Dean leans back, runs a hand up through his hair and then drops it to his knee. “Look, man, you know I ain’t good at this. But you are family, so…what you said…it’s not–it doesn’t–you’re not trying to take it back, are you?” What the fuck–that’s not what he meant to say at all.

“No, of course not.” For some reason, Cas sounds angry. “It’s just that I–nothing.” He quickly turns his head to the side, the way he used to do when Dean had hurt his feelings.

“Cas,” Dean says softly. He waits until Cas looks at him. “I was scared to death when I saw that…what that spear did to you. I can’t lose you, man. So, uh, tell me. Whatever’s on your mind, spit it out.” It’s too harsh, too casual, but anything else wouldn’t be Dean.

“I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable.”


Cas squints at him. “It was a declaration made because I thought it was the last chance I would get to tell you. I couldn’t die without telling you that I…that.”

Dean leans forward again and wipes his hand over his mouth. “You, uh, you didn’t make me uncomfortable. You know I’m not–I’m not very good at the whole, uh, love thing, but I know it’s there. I know we’re–you know, we’re good.”

Cas squints harder and leans forward so they’re only inches apart. “You knew I was in love with you?”

Hold on.

“That’s not–you didn’t–that’s not what you said, man. You didn’t say that.”


That’s his “quit being a dense idiot, Dean” voice.

Dean huffs a nervous laugh and stares at the table. “Yeah, uh, this would be a hell of a lot easier if you had died.”

Now Cas is laughing, too. “We are terrible at this.”

Dean lifts his eyes shyly. Cas is studying him.

“Do you remember…” Dean stops and sucks in a breath. He shouldn’t be talking about this. “That day in the cemetery, when we all thought I was gonna die.”

Cas nods once but doesn’t say anything.

“I wanted to, uh, say something.” Dean smiles and scratches the back of his head. “Actually, I didn’t. I wanted to–to kiss you.” He winces in embarrassment.

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

Dean looks sharply over at him.

“If you waited until you were on the brink of death to kiss me, I would’ve killed you myself.”

“You waited until your deathbed to tell me you lo–”

Cas cuts Dean’s argument off with a kiss. It’s just a tentative press of lips, but Dean still lets out a needy, embarrassing whimper as it happens. When Cas pulls away, Dean mumbles, “Nuh-uh,” and grabs him by the cheek to pull him back in. His hip is digging into the edge of the table, but he doesn’t care. He doesn’t care.

It’s sloppy and too fast and Cas is breathing heavy and whispering, “I love you,” over and over right against Dean’s mouth and it’s all too much and not nearly enough.

Later, in the pitch black of his room, lying breathless next to an angel, Dean tells Cas that he loves him, too.


12 Days until Woohyun’s Birthday - Woohyun through the Eras  

Ok but imagine after s4, John’s heading out with Rosie, and he turns around and says ‘We’ll be back soon, love you!’ and Sherlock just freezes from where he’s standing. He finally opens his mouth and says, ‘John… I’m not Mary.’ And John just smile and says ‘I know’, turns around, and leaves.