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“One of the great things is that the relationship that Sherlock and Watson have, it’s such a strong bond that I can only imagine that the relationship that you and Martin have off-screen it has to be just as similar, is that right?” Ben talks about Martin and how much they love doing the show ♥ x


Happy trans day of visibility to all of the trans and non binary people out there! You’re all amazing and I hope all of you have an awesome day :)
(He/him pronouns)

Eric x OC: Trapped

A/N: Keep those requests comin’. Haha. I can’t wait for Suicide Squad!!

Pairing: Eric x OC

Request: Could I request another where the reader is also a Leader in Dauntless and one day her friend dares her to sit in Eric’s lap (maybe he’s at the bar), and instead of pushing her away he won’t let her get up. Thank yooou!

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Cheers erupted in the mess hall as you entered. You smirked at the back of the group, proud of your men. There was a factionless attack in Candor and your team had been deployed to contain the situation. The mission was a success with minimal casualty sustained. There was not even a scratch on you or your team. Yes, you knew you were good.

After picking up a tray, you went down and joined your friends. “Hey, there she is. The undefeatable Y/F/N “The Stinger” Y/L/N!! Whoo!” Johnson whooped, clearly buzzed. You winced at the nickname he gave you. “Why are you yelling my name like we’re at a boxing match?” You asked and this time it was John that made a face. “What’s a boxing match?” A laugh bubbled up your throat. “Nevermind.” You said. You forgot that boxing was an activity from the Old World. They don’t do that anymore. The only reason you knew about it was because you were quite interested in History while in school.

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Ok but think about Ahsoka picking up a snake on a certain planet, knowing that it was harmless and she shows it to Cody like, ‘Look at this lil cutie!’ and Cody just, ‘That is very fascinating, Commander Tano.’ and smirks under his helmet because Ahsoka is a cute lil scamp and the snake is pretty cute too just chillin on her arm like :3 

Then Rex comes up behind Ahsoka, preoccupied with something, Ahsoka turns around and it basically goes like this:

“Commander, General SkywalkaaaAAAAAAHHH WHAT IS THAT??!?!” 

and Ahsoka absolutely doesn’t get why Rex is so freaked and Cody is very thankful that their helmets are soundproof with the comms turned off because hes just laughing as he watches Rex beat a hasty retreat and Ahsoka chase him like, ‘Rex, come back , you hurt its feelings!’

@laexploradoraaa replied to your post: OK but Tony would say ‘yeah he’s awesome’ & mean…

Oh that super pained grin is my favorite. Yeah that’s the reaction. Also, when will the MCU let him cry

laexploradoraaa replied to your postOK but Tony would say 'yeah he’s awesome’ & mean…

I’M STILL UPSET: HE DIDN’T BUST OUT IN TEARS IN SIBERIA after the fight, when he’s just lying there. Jesus, all that stress, frustration, & just the sadness of being confronted – viscerally – with what happened to his parents – to his mom – is enough to make anyone cry, even men of iron.

The most we’ve gotten is teary-eyed Tony, on the brink of exhaustion or pain or loss, but this mofo does not cry. None of these people cry! Their lives are very hard! I cry watching them, don’t tell me they wouldn’t occasionally burst into tears. Like I get it, they’ve got to be emotionally strong and steady in the moment but jeeeez.

Siberia really would have been the perfect moment. He does spend the entirety of that fight with that weird super-glare in his eyes that happens when people are constantly on the verge of tears so kudos to Mr. Downey for that. (Seriously, side note, the delivery of “I don’t care.” (before “He killed my mom.”) as one giant tired exhale that also sounds super bitter is just golden.)

The super pained grin is my fave Tony expression. I don’t know what that says about me, but I also have the instinct to grin or laugh when I’m in pain or I’m afraid, so I guess I identify. “Smile, what’s the use in crying?”


Motherhood (Mama) Michonne by SBK

She sits quietly in her son’s room, coaxing herself to remain calm.  She is going to find out exactly where he’s been before she doles out any punishment.  Maybe he has a good reason for committing such an act.  Thank goodness Rick is too tired from the run today to notice anything unusual.  She left him sleeping soundly in their room.

She jerks toward the window as she hears a noise.  She deliberately left the room cloaked in darkness so he wouldn’t detect her presence right off.  She watches quietly as he slowly lifts his bedroom window and climbs inside.

Carl moves over to his desk and switches the lamp on and freezes with a gasp as he notices Michonne sitting at the foot of his bed.  He drops his head with guilt at being caught sneaking into his room.  He knew it was well past midnight, probably 2 or 3 in the morning.  He thought his mom and dad would be fast asleep and neither of them would ever be the wiser that he’d left home.

“You wanna explain yourself?”  Michonne asks quietly as she folds her arms across her chest.

“I uh…..I was with Enid. We were just…talking,” Carl explains. “We go over and sit on the roof of Gabe’s chapel.”

“And you couldn’t tell me or your dad that?” Michonne inquires.

“Well, I didn’t think you’d allow me to go.  She’s having trouble sleeping at night…bad dreams so she has to get out every now and then,” Carl explains.

“You two aren’t going outside the walls at night, are you?”  Michonne asks sternly.

“No, of course not.  I know not to do anything like that,” Carl answers.

“Just talking, huh? Nothing else?”

“What else is there to do?” He asks with an innocent look.

Michonne gives him a thorough once over but doesn’t detect anything so she allows the subject to drop.

“Am I in trouble?”

“I think I’m going to leave that up to your Dad, but we might  have to punish you,” Michonne admits.

“Are you serious right now?”

“Rules are rules, my friend.”  She stands and prepares to leave the room.  “Try and get some sleep, ok?  We’ll talk more over breakfast.”

Carl only nods as she exits the room, closing the door behind her.

Moments later, Michonne is climbing into bed with Rick sans clothing, snuggling as close to him as possible.  He feels her immediately and wraps an arm around her waist.

“Everything ok?”  He asks, groggily.

“It’s awesome.  I just caught Carl sneaking into his room.  It’s almost 3 o’clock in the morning.  Is that not the most typical teenage thing to do?” Michonne queries.

Rick frowns with confusion. “Are we supposed to be happy about that?”

Michonne turns to face him. “But it’s so normal.  Aren’t you excited about how normal that is?”

“Ummm…..I guess so. Does he know we’re happy about this?”

“No way.  We can’t let on and we’ll have to punish him somehow. Oh….and it’s probably time for you to talk to him about the birds and bees.  Just saying.”

Rick is wide awake now, his exhaustion forgotten.  “Anythang else I need to do?”

“Well, since you’re up……” She giggles as he tosses the sheet over both their heads and pulls her close.

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You are the human/god embodiment of everything that is good and great about golden retrievers. Also, you need one as a side kick.

[ ϟ ]—– Praise is soaked up; like the proverbial sponge does he accept and store the compliment, before mild confusion emerges.

‘ I cannot imagine a canine… being necessary?’

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So I met VE Schwab back in November at a book signing and I asked her if ACOL would be the last in the series and she said yes but not the last in that world and I now seriously want a book about Tieren when he was a young priest

Ok past Tieren stories would be AWESOME. Maybe we’ll get a Tieren flashback book sometime.

As has been mentioned by those more eloquent than I, there are definitely some questions left unanswered by the *Black Magic Arc* and I look forward to seeing what other stories come out of the Londons Schwab has created.

Ok but...
  • Prussia telling Italy he is awesome when he feels insecure
  • Italy falling asleep in Prussia’s arms
  • Prussia proposing on live TV to a really shocked Italy
  • Italy wearing cute dresses and thigh high socks because he wants to.
  • Prussia also wearing cute dresses and thigh high socks.
  • Prussia and Italy waking up with lots of birds sitting on them
  • Prussia and Italy trying to have sex but they both roll off the bed and can’t stop laughing.
  • Prussia and Italy making far too many cakes and lie on the couch eating them all
  • Prussia and Italy sharing loads of blankets and cuddling
  • Prussia and Italy having bubble baths and ending up with too many bubbles.
  • Prussia and Italy raising kids

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Ok, ok, “mature” South Park Fans

Ok, Yeah. We understand your point. Maybe we are right and they are in love, or maybe you are right and they are boyfriends only because they have so much pressure to do it. But… What whit that? We understand. We are not fools. We are fans too. If they brake up, it they say that the had never love each other in the end of the season, well, we’ll be sad, but, the show is like this. The show is an entire satire. 

If you like it, that’s ok. If you don’t like, well, that’s ok too. It’s only a show.

We have shipped them since ‘99, but, if they are canon ‘cause bad things, Have we have to be sad or angry? Can’t we be happy? I don’t understand. The shippers will never change. They can be boyfriends, if they break up, people will write fanfiction about they getting together again, they will draw fanart about they being happy years after. 

So, what’s the point of being angry with us? You know. They are making fun of us, the shippers in a really realistic and soft form. I really like how they manage it. 

We shipped them before, we ship them now, and no matter what happens in the next episodes, we will still ship them.

Take it easy, Trey and Matt are great and love us no matter how weird are we.

With love, a South Park fan like you. 


YOU STAY AWAY FROM HERA DO YOU HEAR ME MISTER! But Ezra is with her, and she packs a mean punch…so they’ll be fine. Space mom and space son will look after each other!

Ok but are celebrities and political leaders and whatnot aware they’re parodied in animes?? That’s unlikely and frankly that’s a shame. We should show them

G dragon Scenario #29 “Love at first sight” REQUEST

Note: This gifs are not mine, all the credit to the owner.

“Hello” you said with a smile on your face as the door opens and Ji yong enters the room. “Hi” he said friendly. “My name is Y/N”

He was speechless for a moment. (Wow she’s so…) he thought. “Nice to meet you…” he said awkwardly after he realized that he didn’t say anything for like three seconds “…I’m Ji yong”

“I know” you smiled, laughing a little. Ji yong just smiled shyly, sitting in the couch in front of you.

You don’t know why he’s acting so weird. He was different from what you were expecting.  

When he walked through that door a few minutes ago and saw you, sitting in that couch. He felt butterflies in his stomach. 

He was used to be surrounded by beautiful women, but for some reason he doesn’t know, you seem different from any other girl he met before. And is not only the fact that you are also really beautiful, but there’s something about you, something different… something special.

“As you might know I came here because of PEACEMUSICONE…” you started to say but then he look at you, and said. “Please talk to me informally…” he asked you. “Ok…” you laughed “… I’ll try my best” you said smiling again.

(Gosh! Her smile) he can’t look at you now.

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“We are extremely thankful you chose us”

“I like your work, your photos are amazing” he says, looking at his hands. “You think so?” you asked him excited. 

“I know so” he quickly looks at you to check out your reaction… he wasn’t disappointed. Your “happy smile” turn into a “shy” one, which makes you look even more beautiful, and then you put your hair behind your ears, looking at the floor. Now you’re the one who can’t look at him.

Neither you or Jiyong knew at that moment but you two just had met the love of your life.

PEACEMUSICONE will open at the Seoul Museum of Art on June 6. That was going to be in about a month. During all this time, you two started to know each other.

Whenever Ji yong sees you, he felt extremely happy, regardless if he was stressed or tired. Just the thought of you, makes him smile.

He would always try to be near you with the most stupid excuses. He really enjoys your company, although he still feels shy around you. Small details are his way to show you how much he likes you. 

A perfect example of that was that he brought you the coffee every morning without miss a day, or when he carried your bag, or even when he stayed with you all those nights because you haven’t finished your work.

One day, or actually one night you stayed really late. He showed up with a plastic bag “Why don’t you take a break?… I bought you dinner” he says, smiling at you, and you just smiled as an answer.

You were eating talking about a lot of random things. Laughing and joking around… like normal people, and he loves that. 

People always acts awkward with him, like if he was some kind of god or something. He never gets to feel comfortable with no one else, except for his group of friends, which was actually pretty small compared with what people believe.

Being one of the most famous persons in Korea has his cost. He barely can trust in someone, because he feels they want something from him. He feels like everyone wants to meet, and be friends with GD but nobody cares for Ji yong.

But with you is not like that at all…

Right now, you were just talking but he already knew he was in love. It was weird. He never felt like this before. He never fell in love with someone so quickly, and yet so strongly in his entire life.

“What are you thinking about?” you said, taking him by surprise. He was so immersed in his thoughts. “Nothing…” he smiles “… you shouldn’t work like this, take your time, don’t rush yourself…” he says, drinking some water. 

“Is just that… I really like my work, and also I really like to be here. What you did here, is amazing… I want to capture everything. I want people to feel what I feel when I see all of this”

“That’s awesome but don’t rush yourself, ok?” he is not looking at you. He was playing with the cap of the bottle.

“Isn’t better if I finish soon?” you asked confused.

“I just… I just don’t want to stop seeing you” he admits shyly. He looks at you, and you feel like your heart was about to explode. You stare into each other’s eyes for a long moment, until you said “Me neither”.

For a moment, Ji yong forgot about his embarrassment. He stretched his hand out to touch and caress your cheek, and then he gave you a little kiss on your lips “I’ve been wanting to do this since I met you” he whispered on your lips and he kissed you again, but this time was a long sweet kiss.

Since that day, you two started dating, and it was the most beautiful experience.  Ji yong was the best boyfriend, he was kind, caring and mature. You do fight, but those fights doesn’t last more than a day. 

You felt extremely happy with him…

A few months later, you two were coming back from a party. Both of you were feeling super tired.

You collapsed in his bed, and he follows you. “Did you have fun?” he says. Ji yong has his eyes closed, same as you. “Yes” you were lying on the bed, face to face, and one of his hands was resting on your waist.

He opens his eyes, staring at you for a while, thinking about something “Y/N…”

“Mmm…” you answered him half asleep.

“Marry me”

You open your eyes, you couldn’t believe what he just said. “Marry me” he repeats, with a beautiful smile on his face. You stared at him and eventually you smiled too. He pulls you closer to him by your waist as he says “I want to be with you the rest of my life” and he kissed you, putting himself on top of you.

Four months later, you got married. 

Everyone was crazy about the date, but they weren’t surprised by the newsThey already knew that you would end up marrying.

It wasn’t a huge wedding though, in fact, was a really small one. Less than thirty people, just the closest friends and family…

The wedding was beautiful, just perfect. It was at night, lighting up by thousands of candles, and decorated with your favorites flowers…

He took care of every single detail. He wanted to make this day perfect.

He was feeling really anxious standing there, waiting to see you, then, the music starts and when he saw you walking towards him, he couldn’t hold his tears. You look absolutely gorgeous, stunning, in your white dress. You looked like an angel.

You were crying too. You couldn’t believe you were about to marry with the most amazing man in the entire world, the man of your prayers. The man that makes you feel the luckiest girl in the world.

The ceremony starts and soon the moment of the vows came.

You two hold their hands and he took a deep breath before he starts. You caressed his hand with your thumbs, smiling at him.

“When you know, you know… that’s what they say…” he laughs “… well… is true…” he sighed “… since the first second I saw you I knew you were the one. I hadn’t doubts…” he smiled at you “… we connected immediately, it felt like we had known each other forever…” he said, and you nodded because it was true “… I love you, and I’ll always love you…” he starts crying again, when he saw the tears falling on your cheeks “… you filled a place in my heart that I never knew was empty…” he slid the ring in your finger “… thank you for existing, and thank you for choosing me” he bends and captures your lips.