he is attractive okay

Lance is attractive

Fucking fight me on this Barbara ok hERE WE GO

- being a girl, who talks to girls, I know that girls don’t giggle unless they like it and are more likely to shoot poisonous glares at strangers who flirt with them
- if a girl giggles at a stranger who flirts with them she’s likely interested
- if she’s interested in a stranger it’s probably because he’s good looking

- the fandom had a fucking carnival with this fact okay there is a scene both in season one and in season two where Lance is wearing a facemask so we all know he’s got flawless skin

- he just does
- everyone knows this
- even 80’s Lance dresses the best

- I don’t remember where I heard this, but apparently some social study drew the conclusion that when men wear blue they are generally received as more good looking

- um she knew him for like a day or two
- made some battle plans with him and then suddenly decided smooching him up was the best course of action
- listen man,, people don’t go kissing other strangers just so show their appreciation, she was definitely at least SOMEWHAT attracted to him

- yeah okay this is probably a stylistic thing but um
- I have more than one screenshot of Lance with a small sparkle on his teeth, usually when he smirks
- those things are pearly white and pretty af

- did you see him in the cryo pod
- muscles are portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- also portrayed as attractive by your friendly neighborhood Media™

- guys I only fall in love with attractive people, trust me,,


• bonus Keith is also in love with him so I mean how many people falling in love with him does it take for someone to realize that he is a good looking motherfucker

Ink and Kisses

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“Omg i want a tattoo artist jungkook!!!!!! 😭😩 smut/fluff/and honestly anything!!!! I just love tattoos artists jungkook but there aren’t alot of those fanfic…. can u help a poor girl out ??💖”

FIRst time trying a Tattoo artist AU. I had to do some reading before this, and JK is sO sexy i s2g. Still weird that I don’t really ever feel like doing the do with him. HOPE YOU ENJOY <3 1,400 Words

Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Tattooist au!

Part 1 | Part 2 (FINAL)

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No one would have ever imagined that hardcore badass Jeon Jungkook, the most well-known tattoo artist in the town, the guy who dropped out to follow his passion, was best friends with beautiful, sweet, top-scoring university student, Y/N. 

Physically, they seemed to be polar opposites. He had dragons inked onto his skin, three piercings on his left ear and two on his right, and always wore black; whilst you were a bright, clean slate – but you knew that was what he loved about you.

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Jungkook Appreciation

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He is so cute

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I’m still attracted to him, even when he just woke up!!

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okay… I was going to wait before we got into the sexy but I couldn’t wait any longer to show you this

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you’re welcome

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….ummm what?

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this is where I leave you and say goodbye. goodbye.

106 of 365 in 2017: As soon as I saw this absolutely wonderful Yuri on Ice piece done by @randomsplashes, I had to do a Miraculous remix. XD

Ladybug stared at the message screen, a ball of dread forming in her stomach. The “seen” notification taunted her. There were no blinking ellipses to show that Chat Noir was responding but he had seen her mistake, he most definitely had seen it.

It wasn’t her fault her first message didn’t go through! She supposed it wasn’t Chat’s fault either but it felt a little easier to blame him. He was obviously going to get the wrong idea when her response to what she wanted for dinner was “YOU” in all caps, asterisk or not.

And it was the wrong idea. Absolutely, without a doubt, one hundred percent the wrong idea.

Sure, Chat Noir was attractive; anyone could admit that. And, okay, he was funny and caring and thoughtful and brave and loyal and sexy and…sexy? Since when did she find him sexy? Yeah, so what if he wore his suit like a walking billboard for Bad Decisions R Us and maybe the way he curled his tongue behind his teeth when he thought he was being really clever was a tiny bit enticing? That didn’t mean anything. Probably. Maybe.

Adrien looked down at his phone and swallowed hard. He had expected her to ask him to pick up a pizza or something before patrol. This…this was something else. His time had come. Ladybug was finally ready to admit her feelings for him…in a rather explicit way, but he could work with that. Oh, holy cats, he could work with that.

“I must go to My Lady now!” Adrien stood, gripping his phone tightly. He felt a little lightheaded.

“Kid!” Plagg yelled as Adrien’s eyes rolled back and he dropped to the floor.

Plagg checked on him and then pulled up the message screen on Adrien’s phone.

“Chat will be a little late, Bugsy. I think you broke him. - Plagg”

I saw it and then I had to do it I HAD TO DO IT

It’s official now Benny can play piano I’m going to worm that into all of the oneshots I’ve written somEHOW

Bonus starstruck Ethan:


The Fitting (Part 1 - Jungkook)

(The younger Jungkook has a workplace crush on you, but you let the flattery get to you and make a proposition you can’t take back.)

You checked yourself in the mirror, tucking your hair behind your ears and undoing the top two buttons of your dress to show just a little cleavage… “Ugh, what am I doing?”, you thought, buttoning back up. “This is wrong. I’m only here to work and flirting is certainly not part of the job.”

You had been working as a stylist for BTS for the past three months and the job came at the perfect time in your life. For the previous few years you had been working in New York in the costuming department for a theater group and preparing to get married, you thought everything was great until one day you came home to find your fiancé in bed with someone else. Your world crashed in that moment and after spending a few months moping around feeling sorry for yourself, you decided to pack your bags and move to Seoul where you had family and you could start your life over again.

A big part of your new job was being responsible for doing all alterations. It was tedious work and not very creative, but it was a foot in the door and the group members and all your coworkers were pretty nice to you.

You looked at the clock, it was 9pm and he would be here any minute. So you checked the mirror one more time, “maybe I’ll just undo one button…”

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Title: Perry P. Penson the Attractive Bee

Year: October 28, 2007

Photographer: Simone Hackner

Value: $287,594,577

Rarity: Rare

History: Fresh out of college, Perry P. Penson finds the prospect of working with honey uninspiring. He flies outside the hive for the first time and talks to a human named Vanessa, breaking a cardinal rule of his species. Perry learns from Vanessa that humans have been stealing and eating honey for centuries, and he realizes that his true calling is to obtain justice for his kind by suing humanity for theft. Vanessa is on board this plan but during this journey, she starts to worry that she might be developing feelings for him. Perry however is okay with this attraction and he thinks that maybe this relationship or something they might have might need some time to bloom like waiting for a flower before it is ready for pollination.

Trivia: Controversial for showing bee x human relationship. Inspired by a real kid’s movie.

Under One Condition: Chapter One

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So, this is the first fic I will have posted. Go easy on me aha.

I hope you enjoy it!! Chapter two is now live, I recommend reading in order. :)

This is the first part, i will try upload one part per week, until the finale.

This fic is a Jimin x reader, featuring Taehyung.

warnings: mature content, smut, kinks, swearing

Chapter List:

chapter one     chapter two    


(Chapter One)

You nervously tapped the edge of the table as you waited, checking your phone every now and then. He was late, with not even a text to explain or comfort you. Taehyung had never been late for one of your meet ups before, and you’d known each other since the early years of school. This seemed odd to you, and you started to feel extremely anxious. 

Thoughts ran through your head, “Is he okay? I hope he isn’t hurt. He will be here soon, surely? Oh god what if…” you stopped mid thought as a warm hand landed on your shoulder and you heard a familiar sigh. 

You quickly span round in your chair to see Tae looking down at you, and spoke before you had chance to greet him. “Sorry I am late, this one held me up” he said gesturing over his shoulder. “This is Jimin, you can finally meet him now and not just hear about my days which include him.” 

He stepped to the side, into view, and your mouth gaped open a little. You were so taken back by him you couldn’t even articulate correctly. “H-h-h-hi, I’m… I’m (y/n). it’s a erm… It’s a pleasure to meet you.” You managed to stutter out, embarrassingly breathily and weak. 

You stare at Tae questioningly for some kind of reassurance. “Ah, sorry, I know we usually meet alone to catch up, I should have told you. He stopped by and I didn’t see the harm in him tagging along. Don’t be nervous, I know how you get. It’s okay!” he said soothingly and pat your head before sitting next you, and gesturing at the seat opposite for Jimin to sit. 

He sits opposite you with a coy smirk, “(Y/n)? That’s a pretty name, to match a pretty face huh?” he said nonchalantly as he picked up a menu, not breaking eye contact as he did so. You felt your cheeks heat, and you hoped he wouldn’t notice you blushing, but you couldn’t look away. His voice was smoother than honey, but with a raspy edge that would become your weakness. He cocked an eyebrow at you and let out a single, smug, breathy laugh as he spoke, “What’s up, cat got your tongue?” 

You shook your head and opened your mouth to speak, but Tae, who you’d forgot was even present, spoke for you. “Stop Jimin, you are making her uneasy, can you not see that? Now, what would you like to order?” 

Little did Tae know, you were not uneasy, but more drawn to him as he left you speechless. No one had spoken to you this way before, let alone someone so attractive. However, you smiled at Tae thankfully and managed to find your words again as you place your order. “I will have a chai latte and a cookie please, those are the best from this café! I highly recommend them.“ you said joyfully and plopped your menu back down on the table. “Ah, your usual then? I should have guessed.” Tae said as he giggled to himself, which gained an amused look from Jimin before hespoke. “I will have what the ladies having, if she says it’s the best, then it must be good. Tae, your go hyung.” Tae pondered a second longer and ordered his usual, a green tea and a brownie. 

He would always flick through the menu at least ten times, looking deep in thought, before ordering the same thing, every time. You couldn’t help but smile and gently nudged him in the ribs, and repeated his earlier words in a mocking tone while giggling. “Your usual then?” Jimin rolled his eyes and sighed heavily. “Ugh, guys… must you flirt so obviously in front of me!?” You both quickly snapped around to look at each other with wide eyes, but quickly burst out laughing, you gently hit his thigh with laughter and he leant back in the chair. “FLIRTING!?” Tae wheezed through his laughter. “We are just friends, we do not flirt, we would never.“ You wipe away a tear that’s formed from laughing so hard and take a deep breath to try contain yourself. “Yeah, what Tae said. Oh god, that is so funny. I can’t believe…” Tae cuts you off. “You would think…” and then you both say at the same time “that we were flirting!”, and you both erupt in laughter again. Jimin sits with his arms folded, looking anything but amused, his lips creating a straight line, and his right brow raised. That is, until you catch his gaze while wiping a tear. 

His lips suddenly form a smirk and he cocks his head, “Ah, is that so?” Your laughter stops instantly and you gulp quite loudly as your mouth has gone dry from the tone he spoke in. His voice was deep and suggestive, and the smirk on his face did little to hide his thoughts. His eyes seemed a little darker than before, with a glint to them. 

He noticed you studying him, but just as he opened his mouth to speak, the waiter stood at the table with your orders and you silently thanked the universe. 

You all ate and drank merrily while chatting about what you had all been up to the past couple of months; work, time with friends, funny things, reminiscing with Tae and giving Jimin your stories from your times at school. The time passed so quickly, it was so lovely to see Tae again. “Ah, I have missed this!!” you sighed contentedly. “Me too, maybe we should try make it more than once every couple of months if we ever manage to get the free time!” he chuckled lowly and turned to Jimin. “You should come next time too, its been great to be with you both at the same time! Ah, that’s if you don’t mind?” he then turned to you, pleadingly.

“That’s fine, I have had such a great afternoon, we should definitely all meet up again like this, it has been fun. Plus, I quite like Jimin’s embarrassing stories about you Tae” you prod him and giggle. He gripped the back of his neck in his palm and rubbed it nervously and smiled. “Yeah, well, I had better go pay. I will be right back.”

You smiled and watched as he left, though you felt Jimins eyes trained on you. You turned around, fully intending to speak to him, to get some more fun stories about Tae. However, his eyes were deep with intensity and his smug smirk spread across one side on his face as he cocked his head at you as soon as you made eye contact with him. The smile was wiped from your face and your jack slacked. How could someone look this good!? 

You felt a tightening in your stomach as he kept the intense eye contact, not saying a word. His tongue flicked out and slowly rolled across his lower lip as he studied your face, your eyes immediately darted to it, watching as it slowly glided corner to corner. You snapped out of your trance when he finally spoke after what felt like an eternity, and give your head a tiny, barely noticeable shake to snap back into reality. 

“So, (y/n), how about we go out sometime? Without Tae.” He paused slightly and his smirk grew, “just you, and me. How about that?” 

You were so flustered, you had no idea what to say at the proposition. “I-I-I… b-but we… we just…” you stuttered pathetically, why did he have this effect on you!? “Ah, come on now Jagi, spit it out. Yes, or no?”  He cupped one side of his face and leant forward and you scanned the room to find Tae, but you couldn’t see him. You turned back around, cheeks tinted rose. 

“Jagi!?” you said in tone fused with question and mild irritation. Jimin tipped his head to the side and look of mild confusion flashed across his face, before the smirk returned, only this time his eyes flared with a lustful glow. “What is wrong, would you prefer I called you babygirl!?” And with that he winked at you. Your mouth dropped open at his question and you retaliate quickly. “What’s wrong with my name? You could just use that.” You crossed your arms and looked smug with yourself for the snarky, quick retaliation. 

He seemed to be a little taken back by the unexpected response, but managed to compose himself quickly. “So, (y/n), how about we go out, just the two of us? One evening next week, sound good?” He smiled at you sweetly, all the lustfulness drained from his being, and you hated to admit it but his eye smile was undeniably charming, yet super cute! You giggled bashfully. “Yeah, sure. Why not? But, under one condition!!” He brushed his hand through his thick black hair while tipping his head back, collecting all the stray wisps that had fell in to his face, you watched in awe of his beauty. Why was this so attractive? He was only fixing his hair. “Okay, so, what is this one condition?” He said roughly as he raised an eyebrow in interest. 

You rolled your eyes at him and responded quickly, “I just have to hear more of those embarrassing stories of Tae, so I can wind him up about what an idiot he is next time we meet up.“ You giggled to yourself at the thought, and how Tae would look so flushed at hearing you joke about the tales he didn’t want you to know. He always wanted to seem poised, but you knew him better than that, he was a massive goofball; this is why you adored him so much. 

Jimins hand grabbing yours from across the table quickly brought you out of your thoughts and you gasped a little, and tried to snatch your hand back, but his grip did not release. The warmth on your hand and his firm grip sent sparks through you. “I have just one condition as well.”

His voice was low, and you felt your stomach tighten again, like earlier, but shrugged it off quickly. “And what exactly would that be, when this is your idea Jimin?!” You raised your brow and looked displeased with his request. He eased his grip, only to rub small circles against the back of your hand as he smiled. “Oh come on now, it is a simple request (y/n), I promise!” You hummed, and decided to hear him out. “Hm, I guess that’s fair after all, what is it?” And with that his eyes widened and a cocky look appeared on his face. “Oh, like I said, it is quite simple…” He hesitated to gauge your reaction, his eyes dark and mysterious, as you looked at him in wonder.

“All you have to do is do as you are told, no questions asked.” You got a little flustered at how low and rough his voice was, it seemed to be a command, not a request. “Oh, are you planning the evening then?” you said, denying the lust in his voice and the commanding tone.

“Yes, I am. It will be great, you just have to remember my one request. Can you do that for me?” he raised his eye brow and released your hand.

“AH, okay I guess. Seems you are being so kind to organise everything.” You gave him a smirk and crossed your arms as Tae returned to the table.

“YAH, that que was terrible, sorry I took so long.”He gazed around the table at the both of you, and stood with his hand on one hip, with a lopsided grin. “so, what were you guys talking about while I was gone then? Jimin looks very happy with himself, huh?” He gestured towards him and laughed before grabbing his coat, and the smile was quickly wiped off Jimins face.

“UH… nothing much really Tae, just she asked if we could all do this again sometime soon, it would seem she’s had quite a good time.” Tae quickly span around and darted a look at you, he Smiled and took a breath.

“Well, I’d like that too, we should definitely do that!”. He was happy his two closest friends were getting along so well.

You all put on your coats and left, and on the walk Jimin slipped a napkin in your pocket and winked at you. You went weak at the knees momentarily, how was he so seductive? He hadn’t even touched you, and you felt quivery, how was this possible?

You all stopped as you approached Tae’s car, “get in (y/n), I will drop you off at home, save you getting the train. They’re always so crowded this time of day”. You bowed your head to thank him and went to open the passenger side door, your usual spot, but Tae grabbed your hand to stop you. “Ah, sorry, there’s some stuff I have been working on, on the seat. Would you mind sitting in the back with Jimin, just this once I promise!” he pleaded, as if it was a massive insult you had to be demoted to the back. You giggled at his sincere apology.

“Tae, relax, it’s okay!” you rubbed his arm reassuringly and walked around the car to the opposite, back door, the other often stuck and you could never get it to open properly. You were greeted by Jimin holding the door open, a smirk spread across his face.

“My lady!” he said formally as he bowed his head and gestured you to enter, causing an audible tut to leave your lips, yet you still blushed slightly at the kind gesture.

You lived about forty minutes from the café, and the ride was filled with music, Tae and Jimin having some kind of singing competition, and a lot of jokes. It was about twenty minutes into the journey when you felt Jimins hand snake up your thigh. You immediately snapped your head up, only to be met with his gaze, lip pulled between his teeth. The air hitched in your throat a little, you were taken back, his hand looked so masculine as his long, thick fingers gripped your delicate thigh.

He squeezed firmly, causing his knuckles to whiten, and you gasped at the pain and shot your attention back to his face. His smirk now took over his entire face, his eyes had become much darker, and as you opened your mouth to speak he dug his fingers in deeper, causing you to whimper a little.  “What was my one condition?” he whispered close to you, and left you no room to speak before continuing, “that started as soon as you agreed babygirl”.

He winked at you and trailed his hand further up your thigh, revealing the band of your holdups from under your mid length skirt. You tried to brush it back down, afraid Tae would see, but Jimin grabbed your hand and smacked it lightly. “ah ah, that is not how to behave, is it?” he scolded, lust flaming in his eyes. You lowered your head in submission and let him continue to roam your thigh. “Look at me, not at the floor. Look at me while I touch you.” He growled in your ear and tipped your chin up to meet his stare. You felt a coil tighten in your lower stomach, you recalled having not felt like this about anyone in almost a year. Your mouth parted and let out a small breathy sigh as he grazed his forefinger across the line of your panties atop your thigh. “You sound so pretty when you make noises for me” he said smugly as he ran his finger over your clothed core, causing you to grip the seat tightly as you bit your lip.

Tae turned the music up, leading you both to look to the driver’s seat, in case he caught you out. “THIS is such a good song!!” he exclaimed, and you were both relieved.

“Yes, I love this one too. Hey, remember it was on that time…” Jimin started, “AH that time at the party with the rest of the guys, and Namjoon fell over the table!!”  Tae finished his sentence. They both burst out laughing, Jimins hand still cupping your core, yet speaking and laughing so freely.

You sat there not knowing what to do, but you felt the heat growing within you as he started to rub you through panties while him and Tae carried on reminiscing. You darted a pointed look at him, to which he just rubbed harder and circled your clit, causing a quiet, breathy moan to escape you.

Jimin turned his gaze to you, and rolled his bottom lip between his teeth, then glanced at his lap, and back to you, a silent order for you to look too. You obeyed and were greeted by a prominent bulge in his jeans. You bit your lip at the sight, it looked so thick, you couldn’t help but to wonder what it felt like under your hands.

“Tae, how long have we left until we arrive?” he asked, as he grabbed your hand and placed it on his erection. You instinctively began to palm it, and he let out a low hiss as he bit his lip.

“Should be around two minutes now, are you getting impatient as usual?” he chuckled, but didn’t take his eyes off the road.

“ME!? Impatient? Pft.” He turned his attention back to you, and winked at you, “besides, I am quiet enjoying the journey”.

You can’t help but to thrust up and grind on his hand as he circles your entrance through your panties roughly, a smirk glued to his face as it causes you to squeeze his erection tightly through his jeans.

He removes his hand from your skirt, you sigh at the loss of contact, and loosen your grip of the car seat. Holding his finger up, he admires the glistening wetness that coats it and turns to you.

“Look how wet you are for me, and I have hardly touched you. You are soaking babygirl” he growls in your ear before biting it causing you to let out a quiet moan.

“Right, should be but a few seconds now” Tae sighs from the driver’s seat, totally unaware of what has been going on. Jimin brushes your hand off of him, and sucks his fingers clean before he adjusts his jeans as Tae carries on speaking. “You must text me as soon as you have a date we can meet up again, its always so good to see you!”

You smile, while trying to adjust you skirt unnoticed as he flicks his eyes to the rear view mirror to look at you. “Yeah, it has been great! I will let you know as soon as I get my new works rota, and we can work something out”.

The car pulled up outside your house, and Jimin whispers to you quickly as he’s letting you out of the car. “Don’t forget the napkin, my number is on it. Text me a soon as you get in.” You nod and make your way to Tae’s window to say goodbye.

You lean through his wound down window, kiss him on the cheek and say thank you for a wonderful afternoon, and quickly make your way to the door.  Turning to wave them goodbye as you reach the door, you can’t help but notice the smug grin plastered across Jimins face, what a beautiful sight it was.

You enter your house and immediately fidget in your jacket pocket to get to napkin out. It read ‘My number, text me as soon as you read this so I have yours. Thank you for obeying my only rule, I knew you were a good girl’.

You are so taken back by what it says you stumble slightly, did he really plan that? How did he know you would let him, and not make him stop? Was he really that into you? Why was he into you? Should you even text him? Your head was whirling with questions, but your panties grew wetter at the thought of him being that into you he just could not wait to have you, and you mumbled under your breath “Jimin…” and sighed in disbelief. You hurried to go change and wash up quickly, anything to be out of your ruined panties.

You sat on the sofa and typed his number in carefully, so not to text the wrong person. After saving it you sent him three simple words, ‘what the fuck?’, in hopes he would explain himself.

No more than thirty seconds later he replies, ‘I honestly didn’t hear you complaining babygirl. But I am now, I have a big problem and no one to take care of it. You are going to pay for this, you know that right?’. Your stomach did a summer sault, you weren’t sure exactly what he meant, but you were sure it was going to be along the lines of what had just transpired.

You pondered what to reply, but settled with a simple ‘what do you mean?’ to get the clarification you sought.

You decided to fix yourself some dinner, seems he wasn’t responding, but then again, he was with Tae and probably busy as they were going out. No sooner had you sat at the table to eat, your phone goes off. It is Jimin.

You took a deep breath to prepare yourself before opening the message, which read ‘you are going to get punished, daddy doesn’t like to be left high and dry’. You inhaled sharply and choked a little on your food.

What had you let yourself in for.


Jealousy and Firewhisky

Request: “Hello I was wandering if you could write a Sirius x reader where like all the marauders and y/n are drinking but concious and Sirius is really drunk and can’t take it anymore and so confesses his love to the reader and everyone is like surprised but kind of knew💖💖💖💖💖thank you”

Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: implied smuuuut & alcohol 

Originally posted by belandsx

You sat cross legged, taking yet another swig from the bottle of Firewhisky while James rounded up the last of the partygoers, shooing them out the door. Sirius haphazardly snatched up the bottle from you, tutting with a wild giggle.

“You’ve had enough (Y/n).” He stated, ending in a hiccup.

“Speak for yourself!” You snorted. “You can barely sit without toppling over.”

“That’s the last of them.” Peter huffed, taking a seat beside you, soon to be joined with James.

“I’d call that party a success, what do you think Moony?” James eyed the boy who was already climbing up the stairs to their dorm.

“Yeah, great.” Remus answered through a yawn. “I’m going to pass out. I have an early potions class tomorrow.”

“You’re so boring.” Sirius shouted at his friend with an easy smile.

“Boring, and getting better grades than you Padfoot.” Remus reminded, disappearing up the stairs.

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anonymous asked:

Do you think Guan Shan feels attracted to He Tian? I think he hasn't realized how hot he is.

considering how guan shan was staring at he tian so intently that even he tian himself could feel guan shan’s eyes on him while he was surrounded by girls fawning over him, i’d say guan shan knows exactly how hot he tian is and appreciates that a lot ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

no, but seriously, you have to keep in mind that under all the drama and action and mafia subplot, 19 days is also a coming of age story, and that even if they don’t look like it, the characters as we’re seeing them right now are only 15 years old: there are some kids this age who are already fully aware and secure in their identity, but most of the time they are not, and adolescence is exactly the period in life where identity starts to be built, where people start to learn more about themselves and to explore the world and interact with others in a more conscious way

we’ve seen this in 19 days mostly with jian yi, in the way he is struggling to accept and come to terms with his attraction and feelings for zheng xi, while on the other side we have he tian, who seems to be perfectly aware and at ease with who he is and what he wants, and then we have guan shan and zheng xi, who are still at the very first stages when it comes to discover themselves and what we know they’ll come to feel towards he tian and jian yi respectively, however!! we have started to see the beginning of it

when it comes to guan shan, his attraction to he tian - both physical and emotional (and im using these terms because it’s not quite yet a sexual and romantic attraction, but it will turn into that with time) - is pretty obvious, even if it is shown in a subtler way: as i said at the beginning, it’s in the way he stared at he tian so intently that he tian ended up noticing, but also in the way he kept he tian’s note on his bed like he spent all night rereading it, in the way he used his shirt to cover the cut on he tian’s hand and stop the bleeding, in the way he blushed bright read when jian yi brought up kissing, in the way he lay down on his bed still wearing he tian’s jacket, in the way he either read he tian’s horoscope or his own but obviously thought about he tian when reading about his ‘partner’, in the way it looked like he was inching his hand under his pants as if to jerk off while thinking about he tian (….okay, so maybe the attraction is already sexual), in the way he clearly considered compromising to have he tian on top of him……….

i don’t think we will ever get to see guan shan doing very obvious stuff like ogling at he tian’s body, or at least not until he becomes more self-aware (tho im pretty sure he already realized how hot he tian is), but we do have a lot of subtle and at the same time evident moments where we see guan shan showing some kind of attraction towards he tian, even if guan shan himself is not fully conscious of it yet, and we’re only going to see it develop more and more in the future!!