he is aroused

she demanded from him to cum to ten women on skype within five weeks
for him to swallow his cum while they were watching and enjoying his humiliation with a bit of disgust (but also, I trust, aroused)
he had several options: either to cum into his mouth or to ejaculate into a glass and slowly sip the dim liquid.
for every woman he would not have gotten in the five weeks, he had to contact a gay man and offer him the same

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Oof- A Moment of Weakness.

Oh boy. 11: Aphrodisiac on Keenan

Keenans head swam as he opened his eyes, looking at the restraints his arms were in. Testing his feet, they were bound as well, to the same chair. His mind was a bit cloudy. He remembered he had been drinking, and went to the park. There was a woman there. She seemed quote sociable, and Keenan recalled enjoying Thier conversation.

There was a tiny stinging sensation in his arm. Searching for the source, the Blackfyre man observed a syringe sticking from his flesh, the plunger depressed and held by a gloved hand.

“What…who’re?” In am instant, Keenan felt a heat radiate from his arm, covering his whole body. He hadn’t noticed before, but he was nearly bare, save for his undergarments. The cool air licked at his sensitive skin, and he quickly found himself aroused. Searching for his apparent attacker in the room, Keenan found himself somewhat short of breath, “What did you do to me?”

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BTS Smut Reaction? When they find a vibrator in their S/O's drawer? I love you ❤

Namjoon“Baby you didn’t tell me you have this..” “Do you want me to use this on you?”

~You say no shyly~

*Stares blankly at you* 

“You say no now,” “ but I know you will want me to later on.” “You always do that.”

Jungkook : *He’d pick it up looking at it in confusion*

“(Y/N), what is this?” “This is like our new army bomb. “I like it..”

Jimin : *Start chuckling to himself turning to face you*

“Is this what you use when I’m not here hmm?” * long silence* “Answer me..”

~Playfully threatens you with it in his hand even though he’s very aroused you have one~

Jin : *Starts walking towards the door about to take it to the dumpster shaking his head in disapproval*

~You yell no loudly~

“You don’t need this,” “you have me.” “I’m better than this tiny thing.” *Starts yelling being dramatic * “HOW DOES THIS EVEN MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD?!”

Taehyung : *Gives you his signature creep face*

“Ahh,” “look at what I found.” “You were never good at hiding things.” “You should get better at that.” 

*Starts playing with it just to make you mad*

~You try to get it back yelling his full name, but he starts being childish running with it~

Yoongi : *Mutters your name*

“Did you put this here on purpose so I could find it?” 

~You run to the bathroom covering your face with the pillow that was on your bed~

“I guess not..”

J-Hope : Decides to slowly close your drawer back in acting like he didn’t see anything not even knowing how to approach the situation.

Rewatching Friendenemies for probably the 15th time and I just….

Tom’s expression after Marco’s angry outburst is just priceless? Like,

It just starts off like, “Woah..”



Eddie plays “Does It Give You Red Wood” - admitting which cartoons he finds arousing, during “Watch What Happens Live”

The Joker X Reader -“Play Pretend”

The Joker loves having “rehearsal therapy sessions” with you just in case he will end up at Arkham again. The truth is he enjoys playing games and so do you. UNTIL…

“So ,baby, how are you feeling today?” you ask, readjusting your eyeglasses and looking at him. J is tide up in his straitjacket and you even ordered him custom sweatpants with Arkham logo, this way it feels more…official.

“Aroused!” he replies, bouncing his legs up and down like a kid, winking at you. “And you can’t call me baby, you know that. You have to call me Mister Joker.”

You roll your eyes and sigh:
“Kaayyyy, Mister Joker, then you can’t call me anything but Doctor Y/N, you know the rule.”

“Since when you’re a doctor, Princess?”

“Since you’ve became …Mister Joker,” you lift your eyebrows, glaring his way.

“Sassy, aren’t we?”

“Are you really talking like this when you are at Arkham?”, you cut him off, annoyed.

“More or less.”

“Pfftt, I’m surprised they keep you there, I wouldn’t,” you scoff, thinking of your next questions.

“I really like your lab coat, doc,” J keeps on yapping, ignoring what you just said.

“Yeah, special order so it looks even more real. Anyway, next question: tell me about your parents, your mom for example.”

“My mom was a striper,” J pouts, pretending to be sad.

“No, she wasn’t,” you interrupt.

“How would you know?”

“I just do, oh my God, you’re not taking this seriously today, might as well stop,” you anxiously tap on your clipboard with your pen, sulking.

“We never take this seriously, Kitten, it’s for fun.” The Joker’s eye narrow, suspiciously analyzing you. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing!” you immediately bounce back, trying to change your attitude to a more cheerful one. Crap, he noticed you’re distracted. How could you not be when you plan to make your move soon and he doesn’t even know yet? Of course you’re nervous, but it is for the best. You have to be more careful, he can’t catch on. Your plan must go smooth. Jesus, it’s going to be hard though…

“Don’t lie to me,” he growls, wanting to get up from his armchair.

“Sit down, baby, it’s all good. Oops, sorry…Mister Joker,” you giggle, apologizing, keeping that huge, fake smile on your face.

In the meantime, Frost wants to get in the office to talk to you two but he is stopped by the other henchmen.

“Don’t even dare knocking,” Richard warns him.

“Why, what’s going on?”

“He’s in a <therapy session> again,” Richard dramatically uses his fingers for the quote-unquote gestures.

“Again?! It’s the 3rd time this week,” Jonny frowns, unhappy he has to wait now.

Joe lifts his shoulders, knowing there is nothing they can do.

“You know they like to pretend they’re at Arkham, it’s their…thing.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, I’ll be back in about an hour, maybe they’re be done.”

“Not if they wanna have even more fun after the session,” Richard elbows Frost, chuckling.

“I can’t wait that long, I have important things I have to tell them,” Jonny takes a deep breath, aggravated.

“Don’t matter, man, it’ll have to wait. If you disturb them, it’s on you. I don’t want the boss to kill me.”

In the meantime, you manage to trick your boyfriend that everything is fine and you continue your fake interview with him.

“Can you tell me something about your dad?” you utter, pretending to write down the answer.
“My dad was a striper.”

You burst out laughing.

“Jeez, Mister Joker, you really gotta use that if they catch you again. Do they really buy this crap at Arkham?”

“They have no choice, because I tell them what I want,” he bites his lips, roaring your way. “But you sure look sexy in your new lab coat, Doctor Y/N.”

“Baby, do you ever flirt like this when you’re in there?!” you suddenly realize it and it’s kind of pissing you off.

“Whaaa’? Ne-e-ver! E-ver!”  He didn’t even realize you didn’t call him Mister Joker, you’re onto something here.

“That sounded so unconvincing,” you shake your head, closing one eye and sucking on your cheeks, unamused. Perfect occasion to do what you have to do.

You stand up from the couch and go and sit in his lap. You start caressing his green hair, and then hug him tight.

“What’s wrong, Pumpkin? You have to tell me,” he moves around in his jacket, trying to loosen it. You didn’t really tied him up that bad.

“Nothing, I just want to have some fun,” you flutter your eyelashes at him and get up, go at his desk and take out the duct tape.

“Ohhhh, yeah, let’s get kinky,” J purrs, anticipating all the fun you’ll have, forgetting he sensed something not quite right going on.

“I’m so taking advantage of you, baby,” you giggle, starting to go around him with the duct tape until his upper body is completely stuck to the chair.

“You’re such a bad girl, I love it!” he grins at you and doesn’t understand why you look so upset out of the sudden. “Ok, what is it? It’s driving me nuts,” he asks, antagonized.

You take off your lab coat and you glasses and place them on the desk.

“I’m doing this for you, so please don’t come looking for me, OK?”

Your voice is getting a bit shaky.

“I’m really going to miss you, even if you’re a jerk…” you swallow the lump in your throat as you rip a small piece of duct tape from the roll. “ But you’re my jerk and I want you to know you’ll always be my favorite boyfriend,” you sadly smile, leaning over to kiss him.

“What are you talking about, baby Doll?!”

You kiss him again, not answering and placing the duct tape on his mouth.

“Don’t worry, the boys will find you shortly, I just need a head start. Don’t look for me, will you?… Please?… If I’m gone you’ll be safer,” you whimper and you stare in his eyes that got a shade darker.  You stroke his cheek and then abruptly pull yourself together and leave the office, leaving him muttering and struggling to escape, confused and mad at the whole thing.

You didn’t want him to know how you’ve been approached by Gotham’s Secret Service and offered a deal that will erase your heavy  police record in exchange of turning him over to them. You debated for 20 seconds before you already knew you won’t do such a thing; you’re nobody’s puppet. You want to disappear and leave town, maybe even the country if you can. Double crossing the Secret Service seems like a good idea, even if it means leaving the Joker behind. Like you told him, it’s for his own good.

Too bad you got caught at the airport and place in supposedly federal care (or so they told you because the prison you’re in doesn’t resemble Arkham or anything like it). They “accidentally” bruise you up very often, they interrogate you at least once a day and they medicate you against your will with God knows what until you don’t feel like yourself anymore. But you don’t tell them anything even if they probably want to kill you for not disclosing where the Prince of Crime is.

Four months have passed and nothing has changed. Oh, something did: they dislocated your shoulder so now they have to place you in a special type of straitjacket.Today is just another day. You are so groggy from the pills you don’t even fight the guards anymore while they place you in the garment. The security kind of has to drag you to the interview room and they have no problems this time in locking up the chains around your ankles to the floor. You usually put up a fight which triggers them to “Accidentally” slam you around,punch and kick you until they get tired.

You keep on glaring at the floor, tired as hell, having a hard time concentrating.

“So, are you going to tell us where the Joker is? I see you have a bruised eye and busted lip already. You know we can do better than that!” you hear the man’s deep voice addressing you.

“I’m not telling you shit, I don’t care what you do to me,” you manage to say, yawning.

“It will be easier for you if you just give in or there will be more consequences, you know that, right?”

You huff, almost dozing off: “ More consequences than this? Even my boyfriend didn’t do this to me and he’s pretty bad…”

“So you admit The Joker is your boyfriend?”

“U-humm,” you whisper, trying to stay awake.

“Is he a jerk?”

“Ha!” you immediately have an outburst of energy but you still keep your eyes closed…“He can be…”

“Is he good in bed? Did he satisfy your needs when you were with him?”

Even if you’re half asleep, you realize these are very unprofessional questions.

“What ?! It’s none of your business.”

“Do you miss seeing him naked?”

“W-whaaatt?” you finally lift your eyes, slowly blinking.

“Jeez, what did they give you?” the man looks in the papers, trying to find the answer.“Auch, they gave that to me too when I was locked away, totally hated it.”

His voice changed and you feel your heart beating faster. Your cloudy vision rests on the man in front of you: black eyes, long black hair, perfect porcelain capped teeth and such a familiar smirk.

“Jesus Christ!” you almost shout, realizing it’s J in front of you in perfect disguise.

“No, not really, I go by Doctor…ummm” he looks down at the name tag, “Jack Green… I guess?! Please address me as such, I didn’t spend all those years going to college for nothing.”
You can’t make a single sound.

He snickers, amused:

“Wow, Princess, I’m seriously considering getting a new girlfriend: you look like shit!”

“Jerk…” you whisper, your eyes getting teary.

“Did they hide you well or what? Took me forever to find you, this is no Arkham. We’re coming tonight to get you out so be ready. It’s gonna be a tough one,” he gets up and wants to step away but he hears you sobbing and changes his mind.

J comes in front of you, pushes your chair back and sits in your lap.  He wipes your tears, his smirk disappearing as he traces your bruises and your cut lip.

“What the fuck were you thinking, hmmm? Look what they did to you. Crazy woman, if you ever do that to me again I’m going to kill you myself, got it?”

You start crying harder.

“Dammit, stop crying, I’m not gonna kill you, I’m just joking,” he tries to calm you down, kissing your cheek.

“Where are you silver teeth?” you bawl, upset they’re gone.

“I needed a perfect disguise for this place and I had to change them. The things I do for you,” he rolls his eyes, exasperated. “That’s why you’re crying harder? Because of my teeth?!”

You nod a “Yes” through tears.

“You looks scary like this, you’re freaking me out,” you cry some more, burring your face in his chest, sniffling.

“I look scary like this?! With normal teeth?!”

“Yeahhh, please get the silver teeth baaaaccckkkk,” you cry your eyes out and wipe your nose on his coat since you’re tied up in your straitjacket and can’t do too much.

“Classy, baby Doll, you’re such a classy woman,” J smiles, teasing you.

“Shut up,” you press your head against his, snorting. “And get off me, my legs are getting numb,” you pout, pretending to be upset but you can’t remember being so happy before.

“Fine, I have to go anyway! “ he gets his folder and heads towards the metal door. You hear a mumble.
“What did you say, J?” you inquire, not sure if he really said something.

“I said I missed you,” he replies, grouchy you made him repeat. ”Never mind, I take it back, I didn’t. Get ready for tonight!”

“You’re such a jerk!” you shout, but you know he’s just playing around.
“It’s doctor Jack Green, I told you!” he winks at you before he exits the room. “Have some respect!”



Head Canon: Anakin Skywalker Things he does while being intimate

Requested: Yes

-DOMINATE (  no shock there though )

-when cuddling things get heated and when he starts moving his hands up and down your body he’d LOVE to feel you squirm underneath him when you get turned on

-Anakin adores your lips. He loves the curve of them. He loves the color. EVERYTHING. So when you guys are making out he tries sucking and biting on them as much as possible. Bringing your bottom lip in between his teeth and looking into your eyes while doing it is so arousing he almost cums in his pants every time.

-during sex you HAVE to beg for him. It’s his favorite thing.

-kissing every inch of you so you know how much you mean to him is a must when being intimate. He wants you to know you intoxicate him ( in such a good way ) 

-at night when you guys are sleeping Anakin sometimes has nightmares about almost becoming a Sith Lord so when he wakes up shaking and sweaty feeling your body next to him is all the comfort in the world to him

-he likes to spoon ( of course being the big spoon most of the time )

-but sometimes you like to take control and be the big spoon and he doesn’t mind he finds it very cute

-your body is the most precious thing to him. So when cuddling he likes to cradle EVERY inch of you. 

Preference “How they react to going down on you for the first time” (NSFW)

(Wooooo more preferences :3 WOOOO OUR FAVES 😏😏 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

Negan-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d tease you as much as he could all while giving you his all. Before you’d both get to this point, he would’ve asked you for your preference, beard or no. He’d surprise you with your choice on one night and as everything gets into motion, he’d finally kiss down your body to give attention to your arousal. He’d start off teasingly slow and look at you, talking in between, only to get more and more into it and ending up making you a moaning mess.

Daryl-The first time he’d go down on you, he wouldn’t be too sure but would convey every feeling of his into you and surprised you by how passionate he is. He’d make love to you in a rather rough way as you’d like, only to slow down as he’s gets his lips between your legs. He’d hesitate here and there but seeing how your eyes close to feel him, he’d kiss and lick the way he would when you would both make out, making you nearly lose your mind.

Rick-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d show you how much he loves you through it but gradually get more and more relentless, to hear your moans and see your reactions. He’d prepare a romantic night for you and lead you to the bed, making out with you passionately. He’d kiss your body all over and as he’d touch your arousal, he’d finally lower himself start to eat you out. With just as much passion, he’d give you all the attention you want, only to start to fingering you as well and turning you on even more.

Merle-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d get a little too excited and would make sure you’re having the time of your life. He’d give you exactly what he had bragging about and be relentless with the teasing, enjoying the fact that this is your first time and that you’d probably never want anyone else this way but him. He’d tease you by going fast with his tongue on your clit, only to hear you scream and suddenly slow down, to let you breath before restarting and inserting his finger and chuckling.

Glenn-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d make it playful, just to see you smile happily, only for it to change as he gets more and more into it. He’d just want you to feel comfortable with him and let you know that he actually enjoys doing this for you. While at it, he’d softly touch your thighs and stop here and there just to talk sweetly to you, making the atmosphere lighthearted and you stroking his hair softly as you respond back to him.

The Governor-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d show you and make you realize that you now belonged to him and that no else would ever have you. He’d seem slightly scary as he’d just pull you by the ankle the moment he stood up from the bed. He’d whisper to you about how you’re his before holding your thighs tightly as they sit on his shoulders. He’d suck and lick relentlessly and look up to order you to let out your voice and his name be heard.

Abraham-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d make a joke about his facial hair all while teasing you with it and not at all making you laugh as you’re too busy moaning. He’d try his best to be gentle but seeing how you would gasp to feel him and his mustache, he’d start to tease you with the way he kisses you and only give into your demands if you really beg for it. He’d just enjoy to have so much control over you that through out all of it, he’d hold you tightly.

Eugene-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d surprise you by how good he is at it while actually being extremely careful and gentle with you. At first, you’d oddly chuckle to see him kissing down your body as he’d seem hesitant and awkward about it. You’d reassure him that it was fine if he didn’t want to and that you could be the one to go down on him, only to be instantly cut off the moment he starts giving you long licks and deep kisses.

Jesus-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d let you believe he’d go slow with you, only to have you moaning and panting for release as he’d actually go hard on you. He’d tease you with his soft touches and kisses to your cheeks and down to your stomach, while speaking to you sweetly about how he loves you and how you’re his. However, the moment he gets down to your arousal, you’d feel a change in him, especially from the way he’d look at you.

Dwight-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d promise to give the best and wouldn’t disappoint you at all. He’d surprise you with how passionate he can get and just gradually set himself in between your legs. He’d start off slow, pleasantly surprising you with how his scar feels on your skin, only to end up delving his tongue in and doing anything that would make you near the edge of your orgasm, just to hear you beg for him to do so and feel your hand gripping his hair.

Morgan-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d want to make you enjoy every moment of it by showing you how much he actually likes doing so. He’d actually prefer to do things for you than let you pleasure him, especially when it comes to oral and just instantly get into teasing you. He’d take everything slow and be as gentle as he can, marking your thighs and finally getting to your arousal. He’d surprise you with how much he could actually tease you and just enjoying your little moans and squirms.

Shane-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d flirt and tease you just as he’d like all while keeping his eyes on you and occasionally spanking you as you would playfully tell him to stop. He’d always enjoy to see you writhe and squirm under him that the idea of having such control over you would already turn him on even more. He’d kiss and give you long licks just as you’d like, only to start sucking as your voice gets louder, begging him to stop but getting slapped to the side of your thigh as a response.

Milton-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d want to please you to your liking and just ask you how he should be doing it while he teases and kisses you lightly. He’d admit to you that he had never done such things but as he’d feel to just kiss down there he’d go in slowly and ask you on how he should be doing all of it. He’d give you exactly what you want and make you moan and shudder right under him. As you’d hesitate to request him, he’d end up grabbing your hand to let you tug at his hair, letting you know you’re in control of him.

Aaron-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d be as gentle as he can and actually take his time to let you enjoy every instant of it. He’d remind you how beautiful and meaningful you are to him and kiss you deeply as you would hold onto him. He’d touch you as you’d like before sinking to his knees and leave light kisses to your thighs before finally grazing his lips to your arousal. He’d smirk to see and hear you whimper and just keep treating you with as much cares as he can to enjoy you.

Gabriel-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d act as if he was unsure, only to take you by complete surprise with how good he actually is, making you whimper and moan. He’d kiss your stomach all over, leaving hickeys along and go lower and lower. As he’d finally get to your arousal, he’d look at you in a way that makes you think he’s uncertain about it. He’d get slowly closer and as you’d finally feel his lips on you, he’d lick and suck just as you would’ve liked while smirking into you as he could tell you weren’t expect him to be this way.

The Wolf-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d be reluctant about it, only to learn how to like it as he’s pleasuring you. He’d feel like he was surrendering to you and have a hard time before finally kissing you there. As he’d start, he’d feel odd about it but with your moans and feeling your hips raise up to meet his tongue, he’d suddenly have a feeling of control over you. He’d give in to you by starting to gradually lick you over and over and find the perfect ways to make you repeat his name over and over.

Noah-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d be nervous about it and hesitate here and there, making you lead him on how to do it. He’d be adamant about returning you the favor for the other time and just make himself comfortable in between your legs. He’d talk about how much he loves you and all and seem to pace his head around while looking up at you. As you would catch on, you’d chuckle and guide him by putting a hand to his head and telling him exactly what you want.

Simon-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d tie you to the bed so he could toy and tease you as much as he likes and to hear your moans. He’d just grab you by your thighs to hold you down tightly and graze his tongue all over with a different speed just to see how you would react to each of them. As he’d figure which one would make you moan shamelessly, he’d use them against you and tease you with his words about how naughty you are. To see you pull on the binds that restrain you would then only make him chuckle.

Ezekiel-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d find that your squirming and moans so beautiful, he wouldn’t be able to stop from giving you so much attention. He’d treat you like the little princess that you are to him and just kiss and sweet talk his way down your body. He’d get to your arousal and with a gaze up to you, he’d ask you your permission to let him ravish you as he’d like. The instant you’d give him any sort of consent, he’d give you slow kisses and soft touches to get his favorite reactions from you.

Benjamin-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d feel intimidated and take rather some time to figure out as to what pleases you most. He’d stare at your arousal for a moment before making his first few moves with his tongue. With your squirming and moans, he’d understand as to what you like and continue on that way. He’d gradually change it up slowly and realize all the many things that made you even weaker.

Caesar-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d act cocky and arrogant about his skills, only to have you force him to you, actually turning him on even more. He’d tease and flirt with you while making out and just touch your arousal to make you even wetter. He’d then lower himself down your body and talk about how he’s the only one who can make you this way before giving you light kisses. He’d then show you exactly what he’s capable of but keep talking, pissing you off slightly and forcing him down.

Heath-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d just prove to you how glad he is to be with you by how gentle he treats you. He’d always be sweet and gentle with you as you’d make out on the bed. As he’d get closer to your arousal, he’d look up at you to whisper you sweet words before kissing you lightly. He’d keep the same slow pace in order to enjoy each of your reactions and stop a few times to tell you how much he loves you.

Spencer-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d be playful about it and just smile at the thought of having you in such a vulnerable state. He’d keep complimenting you and calling you “cute” as he sets himself between your legs and holds you. He’d then give you a few kisses and just smirk to see you try to control yourself. He’d chuckle a few times before pleasuring you again and really just make the atmosphere light. He’d love to feel your hand combing through his hair and see you smile at him as he’s pleasing you.

Richard-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d treat you with the utmost kindness and care that you’d actually hoped it would never end. He’d sweet talk you in the night and have his way with your body as he kisses his way down to your arousal. He’d look you in the eyes and just caress your thighs as you’d like before gripping onto you putting all of his efforts into making you moan. He’d do anything he can to make you writhe yet at the same time soothe your body.

Nicholas-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d act smug about it and would tease you endlessly. He’d just have the feeling of doing you that way as you’d have sex and get up from you. He’d smirk and tease you with his words and just back up, only to be able to pull your hips even closer before going down on. He’d give it to you slow but rough enough to make you moan and be unable to stay still. He’d encourage you with his words, only to make you run your hands through his hair before gripping.

Gareth-The first time he’d go down on you, he’d act arrogant about it as he’d want to prove how much pleasure he can bring to you. He’d treat you just as roughly as you want during sex and in the heat of the moment, he’d lower himself to start kissing and sucking at your arousal. He’d be relentless with the way he does you and just make you moan shamelessly as you beg him to stop but not really wanting him to.

Michonne-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d take it slow just to show you how much you mean to her. She’d just have such a great and romantic moment with you as you’re both making out. She’d kiss down your body and touch you softly, making you understand how much she loves you. As she’d get to your arousal, she’d start off light and gentle just as the way she kissed you earlier, only to make you moan louder as it goes on.

Maggie-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d surprise you with how passionate and loving she can get after starting it off playful. She’d tease you from the start as you were both in bed and just smirk here and there to see you try and deny her. However, as she’d kiss down your body, you’d feel her starting to change into a more passionate pace and just enjoy the moment of pleasure. You’d let out sighs of pleasure and try your best to catch your breath.

Andrea-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d give you exactly what you would want from her. She’d seem to find a way to know exactly what your body needs without even asking and just make you moan uncontrollably. She’d hold onto you and encourage you as she tortures you with her tongue, only for you to grip onto her.

Jessie-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d surprise you with how much she knows how to pleasure you right. From the many nights, you were together, she’d figure out what would please you the most from her kisses and touches. She’d use that knowledge against you, have you begging for her to let you come. She’d smirk and just deny you a few times before giving into your cute pleas.

Beth-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d be nervous about it and would’ve stalled it until she reminds herself of what you had done for her. She’d have the feeling of pleasuring and remembering how much you love her touches to your arousal, she’d find herself set in between your legs. However, as she’d stare at you, she’d suddenly have a moment of hesitation, looking back up at you. You’d both talk for a while in a sweet way, making her remember what you had done to her and getting to work.

Sasha-The first time she’d go down on you, you’d feel how much she truly loves you. She’d love the way you had please her so much that she’d remember how much of your feelings you had poured into her. She’d have the same urge for you and just hold you down in order to pleasure you right. She’d tell you about her feelings in between her kisses and just make you blush.

Rosita-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d have it her way but make you feel the utmost pleasure. She’d straddle you on the bed and just leave hickeys all over you while pleasuring your arousal to make you moan shamelessly and let her name out. She’d finally lower herself in between your legs and as she’d start she wouldn’t even listen to your plea to go slow. Nonetheless, you wouldn’t have ever wanted her to stop.

Tara-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d be surprisingly gentle and just make sure that you know that you are loved. She’d love you so much that as she’d make out with you, she’d take her time to look you in the eyes and whisper you sweet nothings before attending to your body. She’d treat you as gently as earlier and make you gasp at each of her kisses to you. She’d take that moment to keep letting you know of her love for you and would hold on to you tightly.

Carol-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d pretend to dread it, only to slowly get into it and seeming to enjoy it as much as you. As you’d shyly ask her to go down on you, she’d roll her eyes and just shake her head, sarcastically hating it. She’d just push you to a nearby surface to be able to go down on you and start off but still complain about it. As she’d hear you moan, she’d find it hard to hide the fact that she was turned on as well and just tease you relentlessly, making her words turn into encouragements.

Arat-The first time she’d go down on you, she’d be relentless with the teasing and make you beg for her to let you come. She’d actually drag you to her room at first just to make out, only to have the urge to make you understand that you’re hers. She’d suddenly pin you down and tell you about her feelings about it, before kissing down your body to your arousal. She’d give you long and harsh licks and suck onto you, and tell you to tell her who do you belong to but only moans pleas to make you come could be heard.

“I’m gonna make you scream.”


Derek’s hot breath tickles against your breasts before he flips you on the stomach. From second to second you’re getting more excited and you’re sure that he could smell your arousal in the entire loft.
Rough hands bring you now in a kneeling position, his erection throbs against your ass cheek and you spread your legs a little wider for him.
Both of you groaning as he guides the tip of his cock against your entrance before moving his hips forward.
“I’m gonna make you scream.” He growls.

And like a good boyfriend he keeps his promise..

“I hate fujoshi! if you’re female and you like yaoi, you’re fetishizing gay men and you’re a bad person!”

Look I really don’t wanna answer any more asks about this topic or respond to any more hate being directed at me or my friends, so allow me to put this issue to rest as best I can because I can’t believe this is the discourse I’m dealing with in 2017.

There’s this thing that happens sometimes where gay men watch straight porn. Yup, that’s a real thing some people do, I’ve seen it happen. It doesn’t make the person doing it any less gay; he can be aroused by something without projecting himself into it personally. If he only wants sexual and romantic relationships with other men and he identifies as gay, he’s still gay.

And when it’s drawn images like hentai, yaoi and yuri, that’s even further removed from reality. I read all kinds of stuff in doujinshi I don’t wanna recreate in real life. It’s purely a fantasy. Erotica does not need to be self-insert to be enjoyed, at least not for everyone.

So there are straight men and gay women who like yaoi, or gay men and straight women who like yuri. Heck, you can even be asexual and enjoy porn - human sexuality is beautifully weird and complex like that.

None of these things are a fetish. They’re normal, healthy human sexual behavior. Sex is sexy - sometimes it’s really just that simple. (Besides, if you’re attracted to men or women, doesn’t it stand to reason that two are better than one? Seems like common sense to me.)

A fetish is sexual arousal caused by non sexual body parts, objects or actions, so sex is ruled out right off the bat. Sex is not a fetish.

So using that to justify your hate and harassment of female yaoi fans is already a huge pile of bullshit. Fujoshi hate is just policing women for their sexualities, and is steeped in a history of misogyny. The word fujoshi exists in the first place because women are shamed for having “deviant” sexual interests, but that irony seems lost on a lot of you.

“But you’re only shipping those characters because they’re gay, my sexuality isn’t your fetish!!!” Listen, I can’t speak for anyone else, but if I ship two characters together it’s probably because I like both of them and like the way they interact, it really has fuck all to do with whether they’re a gay couple, straight couple, lesbian couple or anything else. And it has even less to do with YOU, internet stranger whom I’ve never met, or your sexuality or your relationships, all of which I couldn’t possibly know anything about.

You have a problem with some of the harmful tropes common in yaoi? Cool, so do I. We can have a respectful discussion about those tropes, if you want.

You’ve seen fujoshi being homophobic? Call them out on it. Specific people, specific behaviors - not blanket generalizations that attack a huge group of people you’ve never met.

You’re not a bad person if you’re female and like yaoi. You’re not a bad person if you’re male and like yuri. Judge people based on how they treat others. That’s it.

If you still don’t get it after this, I have nothing else to say to you.


I like to reread Saezuru, because the more you read, the more hints you get.

We all know, that Yashiro is quite a complex character. Honestly, my first impression was - what a wierd guy. But with the time I understood, that he was also very kind (in his own manner) and protective. But what I have never considered, is that he might also be very shy. Until that moment:

At first I found it unlikely, but when you think of it from a different perspective, it is actually true. Yashiro is not shy in the meaning of feeling awkward while being naked infront of Doumeki. He doesn’t care to be seen during having sex. So his shyness is somewhat different. He is shy to tell, that he gets aroused every time Doumeki touches him, even when his touches have no sexual intention.

He is shy to tell “don’t go! I want you to stay with me”.

I think with Doumeki he has also experienced embarrassment for the first time.

True, Yashiro is his boss. But in a situation like this, he doesn’t have the right to order Doumeki to continue. At this point Yashiro still thinks that Doumeki is doing it unwilingly, that it actually disgusts him, that he touches him because he is his boss and the promise he had made. No doubt Yashiro wants Doumeki to go on, but it is embarrassing to ask for it.

I also like the kissing pannels.

Yashiro looks very insecure, like he wants to flee. Usually he is the one leading the parade, but here he just doesn’t know what to do. He averts his look, he doesn’t know where to put his hand. I know it will sound ridiculous, but for me he looks like a first-timer.

At the end of the chapter 24 Yashiro comes and it is surprising for both of them. Yashiro is embarrassed again and tries to hide his face. All his body says “Please, don’t look at me now.”

I find it really cute. Yashiro’s shyness is just adorable. Even if he thinks very ill of himself, Yashiro is actually pure of heart, and his baby steps towards normal relationship with Doumeki are also very adorable.  


I’ve had about my fill of adapting lately; doing your bidding, keeping the crew in line for you […] Those men listen to you. They give a shit about what you have to say, what you think, what you want them to think. Where else in the world is that true? Where else would you wake up in the morning and matter? You walk out on this, and where the fuck are you going? … You’ll address the men? Yeah. (2x07)

Him. I can think of no one more effective at capturing men’s minds. And, maybe just as importantly, given the need to invest the moment with as much impact as possible…
Who’ll be able to take their eyes off the one-legged creature? […] Make ready the launches. I’ll lead the shore party as soon as we arrive. (3x07)

I “Edge” My Male Habitually Because:

-It’s what his body wants, whether his mind knows it or not
-It’s much more pleasurable for him to be edged and denied (over and over) than for him to cum, experiencing a short 15 second climax– simple biology
-I can do this every day and he stays aroused and excited longer and longer every time - as I build and strengthen his libido, he’s becoming a tantric stud
-He makes the sexiest noises when I edge him and oozes a perpetual drizzle of the sweetest pre-cum, while I train him “How” Not To Cum
-I love watching his mind go numb with pleasure as I methodically hypnotize and program his vulnerable subconscious with my soft encouraging voice
-He gets so stiff and hard for me much more rapidly, I can’t resist caressing it, and I want him to stay fully erect (for play and programming) as long as possible
-He Stays in a hypersexual state, always eager to please and/or pleasure me in any way that I want… my wish is his command more and more…
-It arouses me to see him totally lost in bliss and completely unable to think
-Edging him is so easy, and it gets easier every day that I do it - thanks to the priceless magic of Neurochemistry…
-I want him to be happy, and he’s obviously quite happy when he’s “Kept” on the edge
-I love that he trusts me with his most intimate, natural reflex, so I almost trigger a climax in him as often as possible … (I love watching his toes curl!)
-He always fucks me so Hard after I’ve edged him for a few days – and then give him a Series of Ruined orgasms… he’s like an animal, I fucking love it!
-He thinks of me all day every day, and texts me the sweetest things
-He works hard, doesn’t get enough respect, and deserves to “zone out” for a good long time, while caressed with my hands or gentle nurturing mouth
-It makes him dream about me, so I’m part of literally every moment of his life 

“Edging”- Reinforces and Trains Him at a Subliminal Level that I am in Total Control of His Pleasure – And That I Fully “Own” his Virile Manhood




As far as i understood by watching the pannels Sangwoo got jealous after Bum has fallen on that guy lap, it totally made him change his mood, and he talked to Bum in the toilet.

After that probably he planned revenge and decided to do that girl in front of Bum ,  tbh Sangwoo is very bold since that could be the last straw for Bum, i mean, what if that totally kills the last remote feeling of love that he has for Sangwoo? 

Anyway Sangwoo is totally crazy i wouldn’t be surprised he got aroused by the idea that Bum was watching .

Excellent Deduction. Sherlock Holmes.

Request: Can u do a Sherlock smut where he’s a virgin, but he knows ur turned on by him bc he’s smart enough to deduce it, but he has no idea what to do so the reader guides him through and rides him hard amd rough? Thanks hun

Triggers: Smut. Virgin!Sherlock.

Word Count: 1726

Enjoy ;D

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