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Dean was pissed.

God dammit if you weren’t the most stubborn, strong-willed, unruly wildcat of a woman he’d ever met. Normally Dean considered that a good thing. You were a kick ass hunter, and had literally and figuratively knocked him off his feet the first time the two of you met. He’d been a love-struck fool, pulling out all the stops to try and win you over, using his best lines, turning up the charm - the whole nine yards. And you’d laughed in his face, giggling at his attempts to hit on you, which had been quite a shock. But somehow the chase was even better, and boy had you given him one. It had taken months of friendship, getting to know you slowly, working through all the walls, all the emotional barriers you had. You were a challenge, a conundrum, but Dean loved every moment of figuring you out.

And when you’d finally opened up to him and everything had fallen into place, he suddenly found that you might just be his saving grace. Your spirit hadn’t changed and you were still feisty as all hell, but you were caring. You had an enormous heart, and you were fiercely loyal. Dean found that you calmed him down, had a settling presence whenever you were around. You were home.

But good god you could be such a pain in the frickin ass.

You were currently mad at him for shamelessly flirting with a witness, and Dean, feeling rather insolent about the whole thing, had defended himself when you brought it up. He’d done it to get information, was just working the case to figure out what was going on.

That apparently hadn’t been a good answer.

After some yelling followed by a slammed door and an evening of sullen silence and angry glares, you, Sam and Dean went out for dinner. Unfortunately for Dean, the local sheriff’s deputy was sitting at the bar, and after he gave you a wide smile, you’d joined him. The two of you were well into your third round of drinks, and you were laughing at something he said, leaning in to rest your hand on his shoulder.

“Oh boy,” Sam muttered around his beer, making Dean’s head snap around.


“Oh, nothing,” his brother said quickly, “It’s just he was checking her ass out this morning at the station.”

“She’s just doing this because of that witness,” Dean grumbled, glaring back over at you. He was sure you could feel his gaze burning into the back of your head, but you didn’t turn.

“Dean I’m sure she’s just trying to get under your skin,” Sam offered.

“Yeah that’s not really helpful, Sammy,” Dean growled, sparing him a glare before turning back to glower at you.

“I’m just saying that you know she isn’t serious. She’s crazy about you, man.”

“That doesn’t look serious to you?” Dean demanded as that goddamn deputy put his hand on your thigh.

“Dean, calm down. She’s trying to get a rise out of you.”

“Well she’s succeeding,” he snarled, tossing back the rest of his whiskey and pushing out of his chair.

“Dean!” Sam called, but Dean wasn’t listening. All he could see was that guy’s hand on your leg, and the rest of his vision had become a blurred red.

“Y/N,” he barked, making you jump slightly and look up, eyes wide and surprisingly guilty. Deputy Douchebag just raised an eyebrow, seemingly unconcerned about the intrusion. “We’re leaving,” Dean informed you. Those words seemed to change something, though, and your gaze hardened.

“I’m having a nice time, Dean,” you said dismissively, beginning to turn back towards the bar.

“Don’t think you understood me, sweetheart,” Dean snapped, grabbing your upper arm, “that wasn’t a suggestion.” He yanked you off the bar stool, making the deputy shoot to his feet.

“Hey, take it easy now,” he said, holding his hands out.

“Don’t start with me, moron,” Dean muttered, pulling you along easily across the bar despite your vehement protests and struggling. Dean was grateful to hear Sam’s voice behind him, calming down the concerned officer, assuring him that he would never hurt you, that everything was just fine. You started yelling as soon as the two of you stepped out into the cool evening air.

“You caveman,” you snarled, “let go of me!”

“Nope,” Dean said calmly, still leading you along through the parking lot.

“I swear to god, Winchester, let go!” You shouted, but Dean ignored you, heading straight for the impala.

“Get in the car,” he commanded.

“Screw you,” you spat, finally yanking your arm free of his hold.

“Excuse me?” Dean asked, his voice dangerously low. You were standing by the passenger door, Dean in front of you with his arms crossed.

“You heard me. Can’t take what you dish out, huh?” You asked with a bitter laugh, turning like you were going to head back towards the building, “Fucking figures-” Dean grabbed you, pushing you up against the car so fast you let out a little squeak of surprise.

“I did not have my hands on that woman, and I certainly didn’t let her feel me up,” he growled right in your ear. He didn’t miss your shaky breath as he pressed his body against yours, pinning you against the impala. “You. Are. Mine,” he breathed, smiling smugly when you shivered. Despite your anger and general dominant attitude, you absolutely fell apart whenever Dean got all authoritative like this, showing a surprising amount of submission.

Dean took advantage of that knowledge, running one hand up into your hair.

“Now you’re going to get in the car and we’re going back to the motel,” he said quietly, lips brushing against your neck as he tugged gently on your hair. Your eyes fluttered shut and you let out a small noise that sounded suspiciously like a moan. “What was that?” Dean demanded sharply, making you drop your head forward onto his chest.

“Yes, god yes, Dean…” you moaned, making Dean’s pulse race.

“Good girl,” he said quietly, planting a kiss on top of your head before opening the door behind you. Surprisingly, you hesitated for a moment, the dangerous glint in your eyes suggesting you might just disobey him. But with one last look, you ducked into the car.

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(requested by anon)
Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
2 275
summary : Reader gets out Kai of the new Prison World.
*not my gif

Y/N was sitting on the couch checking the clock on her phone waiting for Kai. He was supposed to come over so they can have a proper reunion but he was late. An hour late. All of this was starting to worry her because he’d never make her wait like that. He’d always call , no matter what. Something must’ve happened and no matter how hard she tried , the pit in her stomach grew bigger. She tossed the phone next to her and curled into a ball , pulling a blanket over her legs. A few times she had tried calling him but the call didn’t seem to go anywhere and Y/N wondered if his phone’s battery had died. Just as she was about to try and call him again there was a knock on the door. Her eyes went wide and a smile spread across her face as she jumped up to open it.
“Kai ! Final- . You are not Kai.” she said starring at Bonnie.
“No. Sorry. Can I come in for a minute?”
Y/N stepped away from the door letting her third cousin in. There was something wrong , she could feel it. Carefully she closed the door and turned towards Bonnie who was playing with her hands , smiling nervously at the ground refusing to meet her eyes.
“What did you do to him?” asked Y/N trying hard not to sound angry , her hands crossed on her chest.
Bonnie looked up , a sigh leaving her lips as her head tilted slightly. Somehow Y/N knew what the answer would be , yet she still hoped her friend hadn’t done what she thought he had.
“Where is he ?” demanded Y/N. “Tell me. Now.”
“In a Prison World.” said her friend.
’ What?’ mouthed Y/N , tears starting to gather behind her eyelids. Her initial shock seemed to subside , being replaced by anger.
“Kai tried to kill Lizzie and Josie. He had to be stopped.”
Bonnie took a step towards her , her hands reaching to hug Y/N except Y/N took a step back holding out her hand. Kai was gone. Again. Taken away from her. Again. By the people she called friends , by her family.
Y/N blinked back tears looking at the ceiling, her jaw clenched and she lowered her gaze to meet Bonnie’s , her eyes were burning with fire.
“You did WHAT?” she shouted at Bonnie who tried to hug her again. “No , no. Stay away from me. Get him out now.
“No ? Are you for real?!” scoffed Y/N. “We are family , Bonnie. Do I have to remind you this ?”
“I know and I am sorry but I had to do somet-”
“Stop talking. I can’t even look at you right now !” Y/N interrupted her. “Just because you don’t like him and can’t see the good in him , doesn’t mean other people can’t.”
“There is no good in him Y/N! He is still the same psychopath who killed his entire family.”
“Mhhmm , yeah right.” said Y/N raising her hand and sending Bonnie flying across the room. “And your partner in crime , Damon , is a saint right ? He has never done a bad thing in his life. I do seem to recall he tried to kill you , he has killed dozens of people but you seem to forgive him. How is Kai any different ? What ? Because he was a human at the time and didn’t have the excuse of ‘his humanity switch was off’ ?!”
Y/N’s squeezed her hand in the air chocking her cousin.
“You are such a hypocrite Bonnie! Why couldn’t you bring him to me ? Why couldn’t you let us leave this place and be happy ?” she let go the grip letting Bonnie take a breath. “Damn it Bonnie ! How are you so blind to see it ?”
“To see what Y/N ? That he has brainwashed you into believing he is ‘changing’ ?!”
“Kai hadn’t brainwashed me , cus. We fell in love and if he can love , he has a chance!”
“Even if he loves you , he is still the same psychopath underneath it all.”
Y/N stared daggers at her. “You should’ve never called him that in front of me , Bonnie.”
The next second Bonnie fell on the ground holding her head in her hands.
“Kai is kind , loving … and if you had given him a chance instead of repeatedly screwing him over and literally stabbing him in the back you would’ve seen it.”
Y/N knelt down to her cousin giving her a tissue for the nose bleeds. “Get out. Leave before I decide to cross that line.”
Bonnie got up , shakily walking to the door. She stopped for a moment to take one last look at Y/N who was starring at the ground , tears rolling down her cheeks. Bonnie hadn’t intended on causing her pain by locking away Kai , she just thought that was the best for everyone.
“I’m sorry..” she muttered. Y/N flicked her wrist slamming the door in her face.
Y/N fell on her knees , rolling over to the side , her back against the stair railing. Tears started rolling down her cheeks , a lump had formed in her throat and her heart felt like it was literally being ripped out of her chest. She cried for hours , letting it all out. There was no way she’d lose Kai again. Y/N had Bennett blood and she was witch which meant all she had to do was find the new Ascendant.
“However long it takes.” she muttered, wiping tears away from her cheeks. “I will get you out.

* * *

A month. That’s how long it took Y/N to find where Bonnie had hidden the Ascendant. After that it was the harder part. She needed a celestial event and every minute until the next full moon a week away felt like years to her.

Y/N didn’t sleep the entire night before the full moon the next day, nervous and excited at the same time because that was the day she’d get him out. She glanced at her phone then at the sky - the moon about to hit its apex. Y/N took a deep breath and cut her hand allowing a few drop bloods to fall on the Ascendant ,beginning the spell. It didn’t take long for her to jump through the portal and find herself in the Prison World.
Y/N stood in the middle of town square , looking around the quiet empty streets.
“I did it ! Hah.” she smiled to herself. Now all that was left to do was to find him. She reached in her back pocket pulling out one of his rings (she had kept after the first time she lost him) for the locator spell to find Kai. A few minutes later she already knew where he was. Y/N ran as fast as she could towards the direction of the karaoke bar.

“Kai ?” she called out walking inside looking around searching for him.Then she saw him. Bonnie , or most likely Damon , had chained him to a chair on the karaoke stage. His head had drooped and his skin was grayish. “Kai ! Oh my God !”
Y/N ran towards him muttering a spell unchaining him. She cupped his face lifting it up trying to meet his eyes.
“Hey.” she smiled. “Kai ? Can you hear me ?”
Kai’s eyes met hers , black veins showing under his eyes as his vampire senses caught the smell of her blood. Before she has had time to react his hand had grabbed her wrist and he hungrily sank his teeth into it. Y/N let him feed for a while and when he pulled out she thought that maybe that was it. Instead he pulled her onto his lap in vampire speed seating her sideways and sank his fangs into her neck.
“Kai … Kai stop.” she said trying to push him off her. “You are hurting me p-please stop.” Y/N started feeling dizzy , too dizzy to focus and use a spell to get herself free. A few moments later she blacked out.

A whole month without blood.. Kai hadn’t had a clue how painful dessicating could be. His heart tried to pump whatever blood was left in his veins, his hunger for blood growing stronger with every passing day. In a haze he had heard a familiar voice , felt the chains around him disappear and then the smell of fresh blood took over. Kai couldn’t get enough. As he fed , details from the past few minutes started becoming clearer and clearer , he heard a heart beat .. a very uneven heart beat. He pulled away only then noticing who had been the person to save him and he felt the blood in his veins freeze… her blood. His eyes widened in shock realising what he had done.
“Y/N ? No , no , no , no …” he muttered , his hands cupping her face seeing she was unconcious. Her eyes tried fluttering open when he called out for her. “What did I do ?”
Quickly he bit his wrist bringing it to her lips for her to feed. Fear was starting to take over , the thought of losing her tearing him apart on the inside. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist pulling it closer to her lips and her eyes slowly opened.
Kai had never felt relief like the one in the moment their eyes met again.
“Hey.” he smiled nervously at her , his palm brushing on her cheek and she leaned in towards it. “I … I’m sorry for hurting you. I don’t know what -”
Y/N gazed into his eyes which were now their usual gorgeous blue color , her eyes taking in every inch of his face as if trying to memorize it. Kai looked worried and she knew why but she also didn’t care. All she cared about was that he was there , with her.
“Shut up.”
Her thumb wiping away blood from his chin. He was real. Y/N smiled to herself but he didn’t seem to notice in his panic that he had hurt her.
“Please , listen to me. I am so sor-”
“Shut up and kiss me you idiot.” she smiled at him.
Kai stared at her for a moment. Y/N was smiling. How hadn’t he noticed this ?!
“Did you just call me idiot ?” he teased.
“Just kiss me.” she whispered , snaking her hands around around his neck brushing her palms slightly on his cheek before her fingers tangled in his hair pulling his face closer to hers.
For a moment they gazed into each other’s eyes and then their lips touched. It was like a switch went off somewhere , starting a wild fire igniting every fiber in her body. Kai’s hands pulled her towards him , her body pressing against his as he tried to pull her even closer.
“I missed you so much.” he said breaking the kiss for a second before his lips smashed against hers again. It felt as if it was their first kiss all over again. Kai pulled away resting his forehead on hers , a question nagging at him. “How are you even here ? Did Bonnie send you ?”
Y/N laughed , but there was something different in her laugh. Pain , anger , disappointment. Kai didn’t even know it was possible to laugh and pour those emotions into laughter.
“I stole the Ascendant you dummy.” she said tapping his nose.“Did you really think she’d let me come here ? Nope.” she said serious all of the sudden.
“Then how ? You’d need Bennett blood to do the spell …”
Y/N waved her hand in front of him , the one she had cut and was still covered in her blood. “I’m a Bennett. Surprise !”
His eyes widened. In all the time they had spent together she had never told him this.Y/N didn’t even resemble Bonnie , not in her looks and definitely not in her attitute towards him. For some reason that made him love her even more , but he couldn’t help messing with her either.
“Wow… this changes things.” said Kai pushing her off him with a serious expression. He got up taking a few steps away from her , his back to her.
Y/N took a step towards him , touching his hand and he turned around scooping her up in vampire speed , pushing her against the wall. She was out of breath , only then noticing the grin on his face. Before she has even had the chance to say something , his lips smashed against hers again taking her breath away.
“I love you even more now.” he whispered , his lips colling with hers again in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N’s fingers dug into his hair while he kissed her jaw line , leaving wet kisses on her neck and collarbone. Kai couldn’t get enough of her - her lips , her touch , everything. “I love you.”
“I love you too.” she said , pushing him away for a second. “Don’t you want to get out of here ?”
“I want you , the getting out of here can wait.” said Kai , pinning her hands over her head , his lips assaulting hers.
“The full moon will b-”
“Shhh … No talking.” he whispered smiling , spinning them around in vampire speed until they were both on the floor , Y/N on top for a second before Kai rolled on top of her. “We are getting out , just let me enjoy having you here with me. I thought I’d never see you again.”
“Don’t tell me you doubted I’d find a way to get you out.” she teased.
“Me doubt you? Never.” he smiled before his lips collided with hers again.

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Generalbauinspektor Albert Speer.
“Here was this very young, quite extraordinarily powerful man, and there was nothing about him that showed awareness of that power. What one saw was someone exceptionally courteous, calm, friendly, humorous and modest. For years he never showed anger, even when he was angry, no fatigue even when he was seriously overworked, no tension when one knew of the problems which beset him.” — Karl Maria Hettlage to Gitta Sereny.

And in second place we have… The story ‘A Special Something’ by @whelvenwings!

I’m a sucker for college AUs, a sucker for best friends to lovers, and bonus points when they’re both blind idiots and their friends have to push them in the right direction. I smiled throughout this entire thing, and was still grinning broadly at the end, well done!

I already follow you, but everyone who (by some miracle) doesn’t follow you yet is seriously missing out, and should go hit that follow button! Congrats, dear! 

Dean hustled through the door to his dorm room, all clattering keys and rustling shopping bags, almost tripping over some papers stacked up tall in front of the door.

“Dammit, Cas,” he said, and stepped over the pile, shopping bags swinging. He looked around the room, but it was empty - no roommate to hear him. Dean rolled his eyes, and went to dump the bags down on his bed. Pulling out his phone, he saw a chat bubble - Charlie, that impish smile bright in her profile picture.

>> So. Blind date tonight. On a scale of one to Star Wars reboot, how excited are you?

Dean groaned. He’d forgotten that she was trying to set him up again.

<< Yeah… might have to take a rain check, he typed out. Said I’d study with Cas tonight.

He smiled to himself just thinking about it, plugging his phone in to charge. Him and Cas, lying on their beds on opposite sides of the room, each with a bottle of the beer he’d bought… reading their textbooks, probably getting distracted for hours at a time with talking about stuff - just random things: families, high school stories, plans for the future.

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Six Moments

Pietro x Reader

Warnings: N/A

Words: 2.5k

The first time you meet Pietro, you don’t even know his name, but your freezing and fighting Hydra and really just don’t want to be there. You realized rapidly that just because you could see him definitely didn’t mean you could keep up. You heard the brief exclamations of your teammates before the blur of movement finally landed in front of you; you were left staring into the bright blue eyes of the speedster. You hadn’t been paying much attention to your surroundings until you realized you had nowhere to run to – you were trapped between the man and the tree you’d previously been hiding behind.

His face was inches from yours, with a small grin tilting the corners of his lips at your wide-eyed gaze. The thought that you should probably do something to put up some kind of fight didn’t even cross your mind, but then you heard Clint shout for you from somewhere in the distance and you released a shaky breath before teleporting away, arriving to him bloody and Natasha demanding someone take out the bunker.

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Imagine: Someone talking shit about you and Dean hears it.

“Hey douchebag, that’s not the way you talk about a lady.” The guy Dean was talking to didn’t even bother to turn around and look at him. Instead he took another sip from his beer and continued talking to his friend. “I bet you 50 bugs that i can get into her pants before the night is over.” Dean was getting realy angry now and he could feel his muscles tensing. He quickly finnished his whiskey and slammed the man’s head onto the counter, keeping him pinned in place. “First of all, i was talking to you. Second, didn’t your mother teach you any manners, ‘cause no one should talk about women like that. And third, that girl you were talking about is my girlfriend. So no one is getting in her pants unless it’s me. Did i make myself clear?” The man murmured a soft yes, but your boyfriend wasn’t satisfide with his answer. “Did i make myself clear?” You made your way over from the restrooms to the table where you and Dean sat. Your eyes searching the place for him. “Yes sir, perfectly clear.” Dean released the guy from his grasp and straightened his clothes. “Well gentleman have a fine evening then.” Dean walked back your way and gave you a little wink. “What was that about?” You asked as he took his jacket, ready to leave “Just some wisdom shared between guys, nothing to worry about.” You raised your eyebrow at him, but didn’t bother to question any further, sometimes guys were just weird, you thought

The ghosts of Undertale: Art by Acrosanti

This art shows 3 of the 4 known ghosts encountered in UnderTale, each one has a personality related to an emotion.
Napstablook is sad and introverted,
Hapstablook is happy and exoverted,
Madstablook (fan name) is mad.
Dummy blook (fan name) is neutral.

The first ghost you encounter is the dummy, who will not respond to you. You can fight and destroy its possessed dummy body, or talk to it and scare it out of its body, or do nothing and bore it till it flys away. This is one of the two blook cousins that inhabited dummies.

The second ghost is Napstablook, who is introverted and loves music but is easily depressed since his family members left. You cannot damage him because unlike the other ghosts, he is incorporeal as he has not possessed anything. You can’t kill him because of this.

Madstablook (the mad dummy) is the third ghost you meet. He will be angry over however you treated his cousin who possessed the dummy in the ruins, despite not remembering their name. You can’t harm him as he is not fused to the dummy, and attacks will knock the dummy to pieces but he will pull it back together. In the genocide route he will be so filled with hatred and determination to stop you that he will fuse with his dummy body, becoming corporeal and thus you can damage him with physical attacks and kill him.

Hapstablook (the happy ghost) is Papyruses headcanon name for the ghost that became Mettaton. Entering the house next to Napstablook will show it is pink and filled with hearts and feminine, and filled with diaries calling Napstablook “Blooky”, the nickname Mettaton later also refers to him by. According to the diaries Hapstablook promised Napstablook that they wouldn’t leave them alone and go off to become corporeal like the other cousins, stating that they doubt they could find a body they felt comfortable in. Hapstablook meets Alphys, who shows designs for a new body for them, Hapstablook loves it and says it is the body they would feel comfortable in, and says they could finally become a star with a body like that, and regrets that they have to break their promise to Napstablook to Follow their dreams.

From this point on they are known as Mettaton, and are fused with a prototype box like machine while Alphys makes their real body, under the excuse of it being a human destroying robot for Asgore. Alphys later does not want to finish the body feeling that Mettaton will leave and no longer be her friend if he has a completed body. During the fight with Mettaton, you cannot harm them as their metal shell is protecting their core heart that houses their soul, making your attacks just like using your weapon against a metal robot, not a monster. When the prototype body is stopped, Mettaton resorts to entering their unfinished true body, Mettaton ex. Their face is not finished with their hair covering up the missing eye and part of the face, and their limbs are not completely secure or tested and will fall off with overuse. The greatest flaw is that the heart core their soul is fused with is not exposed, allowing the protagonist to damage it with their soul powered attacks, and allowing them the option to destroy the soul core, destroying not only Mettatons body, but their soul as well.

The same reason is why you can easily defeat Metaton Neo, who despite appearance is not actually any good at destroying humans, revealing it was simply an excuse for Alphys to build the body Mettaton wanted.

During the pacifist ending to the fight, the first phone call Mettaton gets is from Napstablook who says they watch every show, causing Mettaton to feel regretful for leaving them. after the true pacifist ending Mettaton visits Napstablook and recruits him for a band.

Since human souls persist after death, and boss monsters are the only known species of monster that have souls that can persist for a short period after death, it is unknown what ghosts are. Given how all ghosts refer to each other as cousins and no mention is made of other relatives, it may be that all the ghosts considered any other ghost like a cousin when they formed a “family”.

Kari: My finger slipped

Ana: No it did not. You sent this GIF on purpose and you know it!

You walked on to the set soaked to the skin. No, it wasn’t raining and yes, you were completely wet. Some kid in the apartment next to the parking lot thought it might be really funny to dump a bucket of ice-cold water on the next person who gets out of their car. Of course it had to be you. 

You had flown all the way from across the country so you could surprise him, and now that you were minutes away from finally being in his presence, of course some little prat had to ruin it all for you. You were so angry, you could almost feel the water turning into steam off of your clothes.

You pulled out your phone and quickly dialed his number. Chris picked it up on the third ring.

“Hey babe!” He sounded so happy to listen to your voice, that you almost forgot you were annoyed. Almost.

“Hey,” you muttered dejectedly.

“You okay?” He asked, immediately picking up on your mood. “You sound kinda pissed.”

“That’s because I am!” You fumed. You had reached the set where he was supposed to be by then and keeping yourself distracted by listening to his voice was all you could do to keep from shivering yourself into unconsciousness.

“What happened?” He seemed genuinely concerned now.

“This dumb kid emptied a bucket of cold water on my head from his apartment window… and now I am fucking freezing and drenched!” That was the exact moment that you found him. He was sitting in a chair, while the hair dresser fussed over him. Someone else from the set was holding his phone, which was set on speaker mode about a foot away and Chris was trying his best to duck under the hairdresser’s arm to speak into it.

In one unhindered moment, the hairdresser stepped aside giving you a full view of the guy. It had been almost a month since you’d last seen him; with the hair all set and dressed in a black t-shirt, he looked downright edible and then there was that fucking beard. The next words out of his mouth didn’t help either…

“So you’re just dripping?” He spoke into the phone.

“Careful with the words Evans, you give a girl all the wrong ideas.” In spite of the cold, your face broke into a smile at the sight of the delicious man. He saw you then, his face splitting into an identical grin, his eyes wide with surprise.

“Well, I’d love for my fiancee to have just those ideas. Hold on to that thought,” he spoke before bounding out of the chair and wrapping you into a bear hug only he could give. 

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You’d think the world’s oceans would be safer now that books and movies like Jaws have inspired countless angry fishermen to kill sharks ‘round the clock. Well, they are. In fact, things are now so safe that one-third of the world’s sharks are facing extinction, thanks in part to a little phenomenon called “The 'Jaws’ effect.”

Once it became clear that sharks were suddenly and rapidly going the way of the dodo, Peter Benchley dedicated the remainder of his life to promoting awareness that sharks aren’t as bad as he claimed: “We knew so little back then, and have learned so much since, that I couldn’t possibly write the same story today.”

Sharks have since been added to the endangered species list, thanks in part to what Benchley described as “popular ignorance about sharks.” You know, like the idea that they’ll kill you if you don’t blow them up with an oxygen tank first.

6 Hugely Popular Books That Accidentally Screwed The World


Rob James Collier and Ed Speleers about Thomas and Jimmy’s relationship.
Season 5 interviews  (Rob: left  | Ed: right)


ROBRON AWARDS 2016: #13: Best Acting by Danny
“You’ve gotta promise me you’ll just use it to stop the blackmailing. No more violence. It stops now.” - June 25, 2015