he is and always will be

Maybe in July 10th I’ll come back and surprise you all, give some of you a heart attack. But never say never. It’s my home, the club which has shown the most confidence in me. I’m young, nice, and friendly… I have it all. Who knows? Maybe in time there will be another opportunity, but in the next few years, no.
—  Luis Enrique on whether he’d consider a return to coaching Barcelona in the future.

sometimes it like… dawns on me that emmerdale made a legacy character, a sugden, lgbt. like, they did that. a member of the family with one of the longest and richest soap historys ever is bi and it makes my heart so happy 


And some Aaron broadway SASS from The Belasco in LA 5/14/17 singing Desert Island Top 5 Breakups

Look for his 🖕🏼🖕🏼 in there near the end


sO @casual-dress-sunday had the idea that during recess, as kids, would hang out under the slide or whatever playing pokemon or somethin and one time they get caught by the dean and jeremy’s immediate reactION IS TO C H U C K  H I S  D S  O V E R  T H E  F E N C E never to be seen again

(also click to read captions to what they’re saying ;0 )