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Your boyfriend is an ugly neck beard lmao

Ugly neck beard? I can’t even take you serious, with your insult that honestly makes zero sense!

How ever, he is quite gorgeous, with a killer smile, awesome personality, fucks me really great, and treats me like the princess I am!


So tell me again how your opinion is relevant to my life :)!


Who needs footwork when you’re Hercule Poirot? ;)

SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi is so attractive. He’s definitely not a visual when it comes to the standard kind of beauty, but he is so charismatic and self confident that you can’t help being attracted to him more than the visuals. He literally shines on stage. He has an adorable personality, a good sense of humor and is an awesome and hard-working dancer, choreographer and singer. Definitely the whole k-pop package for me.

Health Update 🤒

So my blood work came back with a red flag on my inflammation levels, which are more than double the normal range. My doc is sending me to hematologist (blood specialist) to run more tests, but right now likely contenders are lupus, cancer, or an autoimmune disease…. Yay?

Meanwhile I’m still drawing and writing and having a grand time in life, with the tiny setback of feeling like an exhausted sack of crap sometimes. But I still have all my limbs and my cat, so I’m okay for now. Here is a picture of Bunny sitting on my butt.

I had to draw this idea, because if Michael Afton is in fact Mike Schmidt then this fucking character is so tragic and awesome oml. Personally, I believe he is, but it’s only a matter of time before Scott proves me wrong with a final FNaF game. :p
This took ages to draw, by the way. Lmao.

Costume Party

Summary: Your best friend has gotten an VIP invitation to a Halloween Party at a hot night club. Though unwillingly, you became her plus one to the event. While attending the party, you come across the fastest rapper on Broadway.

Warning: Fake club name. Roll with it, people. I don’t live in New York(or wherever he frequents) and not much of a clubbing  person. [Ten thousand awesome points if you can figure out some of the Hollywood U characters I mention.] Currently story dead at the moment and busted this story out.


“I don’t wanna.”

You face planted into the mound of pillows on your bed. Hair messy, still in pajamas and your best friend, Mallory, decides to break into your dorm screaming at the top of her lungs about a Halloween party.

Halloween. Huh. You forgot about today.

Which is a surprise since it’s your favorite holiday, considering that you’re a cosplayer and take the chance to try out a new costume on the public.

Mallory jumped on top of you, partially in her costume. Her normally white blonde hair was dyed bright pink at the ends and up in two pigtails. She was a bit on the bigger side, but she dressed however she liked. “Girl, I’m the best looking thing on the market,” she once told you.

And you had that quoted and hung above your bed in a frame.

She hopped up and down on your back as you cried out for her to get off of you. She smiled, getting off of you and straightening her leather dress. You rolled onto your side, taking in her outfit.

“What are you suppose to be? A biker chick?”

Mallory nodded, grabbing a tube of lipstick out of her leather boot. “Yup,” she answered, popping the p at the end. She swiped the dark purple lipstick on, surprisingly avoiding getting on the rest of her face.

Beauty of a makeup artist you suppose. “Not done yet. I’ll have the full outfit on when we leave tonight.”

You sat up in your bed, cocking an eyebrow at her. “I’m sorry. Did you say ‘we’? I just said-”

She placed a finger to your lips. “I heard you. But, see, you have no choice. It’s mandatory.”

At this, you furrowed your brows, pushing her hand away. “Did Mr. Fallogaway say this?”

“It’s mandatory by me!”

You rolled your eyes and promptly throwing your covers over your head. You turned your back from her, earning a groan from her.

“[F/Name]. I already put you on the V.I.P list.”

You shrugged, already drifting into another slumber. Your eyes almost closed before they pried open again. You threw the cover off of you, staring at her. “V.I.P?”

Mallory smirked. “Knew that would get you.”


Why did I agree to come?

You won’t lie that the thought of being a V.I.P. guest caught you by surprise, but after the hours of getting ready, you were honestly tired.

Mallory wouldn’t have any of your shit, though, and poured four cans of monster down your throat before leaving the dorms. You felt like you were going to die.

“This is going to be so much fun. You’ll meet some of the guys I work with here,” Mallory gushed. Mallory hopped on the balls of her feet, rambling of all the things you’ll see once inside. Not only was she studying cosmetology but was also in the process of becoming a producer for a music company. She’s currently a paid intern working with a famous-yet no so famous- rap group that she refuses to tell the name of.

You both flashed your passes, skipping the long line and heading straight into the ground shaking abyss.

Mallory immediately pulled you to the bathroom. You squeezed between gyrating bodies and a keg table before reaching the destination. She pushed open the door, revealing a few girls reapplying makeup.

A tall blonde wearing a pink and purple ballerina costume turned to both of you, a smile erupting on her face. “Mallory!”

“Addison!” The two squealed as they hugged each other. Another female with bright pink hair moved towards them wearing a rouge outfit with large blades on the back.

“See you’re rocking the pink hair there.” She fist bumped Mallory. Her light brown eyes fell on you. “So you must be [F/Name].?”

You reached out, shaking her hand. “Pleased to meet you.”

Mallory stepped beside you, introducing Lisa to you. Lisa smiled  “I heard your vocals can beat mines. Got to see for myself one day. But right now I want to get out there and party!”

She sung the last word as she left the bathroom, Addison and a few other girls following behind her with waves to you.

You cracked a smile, turning to your best fiend. “I’m assuming they’re your coworkers?” She nodded before turning to the bathroom mirror.

“They frequent La Mochie when they have the free time. Not from here so we collaborate over Skype. Now let’s fix you up, my sexy little werewolf.”


After fixing makeup and the costumes, you both headed to the V.I.P. section of the club. On the way, since you had to slither through multiple bodies, you meet a few other of Mallory’s friends. Jefferson and Milo were twins who dressed up as the creepy sisters from The Shining. Eric was dressed up as The Phantom while Aria was Christine.

Holly stood in regular clothing with headphones in while she documented the party by taking pictures and videos for her next screenplay. Georgie, the manager of La Mochie, kissed both of Mallory’s cheeks when you reached the rope separated the section.

Once the curtain you pushed aside to get in close, you noticed how much mellower it was. Not by much, but still a bit calmer than the outside part.

The room was better lit, and you could finally take in the decorations that was put into the party. “ Ain’t it grand?” Mallory whispered in your ear. She then pointed out a few Big Names that were floating around like Snoop Dog, Chris Winters, The Rock, and Thomas Hunt who looked like he would be anywhere else but here.

You connected with him on a spiritual level.

His piercing eyes flicked towards you, causing you to duck your head and fiddle with the grey, faux fur skirt you. You heard Mallory sigh dreamily. “Even with that cold glare of his, he makes my heart go boom-boom.”

You groaned, earning laughter from her. She pulled you towards the dance floor where you caught sight of Addison and Lisa. Following Mallory’s lead, the pulled you into the mass of barely clothed bodies.


You finally managed to escape the throng. Clubs weren’t really your scene but you were managing to have fun. You poured yourself a cup of iced tea. Alcohol is definitely off the table tonight. The pumping music is already giving you a headache. No need to make it worse.

You pulled your cellphone out of a side pocket in your fur boots and scrolled through Twitter. You smiled as you saw the selfies you took just a few minutes ago won Mallory’s page.

“Now what are you smiling about?” A low, sultry voice whispered in your ear. You jerked, your cup and phone almost falling from your hand. With quick reflexes, you placed both of them on the table behind you. But that voice…You recognize it.

With wide eyes, you looked up at the smiling face of Daveed Diggs. In a moment of awe, you didn’t think he was really talking to you and you glanced behind you to see…just in case.

He threw his head back, his loud laughter catching the attention of those around you. When his laughter subsided, he bit his lower lip when he caught you trying to hide your embarrassment by placing your hands over your face. He leaned down to your level and carefully moved your hands from your face.

Lucky it didn’t ruin your makeup. Mallory would have a fit. You looked up into his dark eyes, willing your racing heart to slow down. Daveed slowly smiled, growing bigger when you returned it with a small smile of your own.

Your eyes floated down to his body, your eyes widening just barely when you saw he wore nothing but a torn leopard loincloth with a club hanging on his left hip. Heat rushed into your cheeks as you looked away.

Daveed opened his mouth before his name was yelled above the music. You both watched Malory run up. Daveed released his grip on your arms to catch the flying biker girl.

You took this opportunity to step back and take deep breathes. Daveed in a loincloth got you heated and you quickly gulped down the rest of your tea. You slipped your phone back into your fur boot when Mallory gave you a sly look.

“I see you met my bestie, Diggs. Jesus [F/Name]. I gave so many hints about who I was working with.”

You shook your head. “I’ve should’ve known. You wouldn’t stop throwing news paper clippings at me.” Mallory released her hug and gave you a pat on your bare shoulder.

“It’s okay, [L/Name]. I didn’t make any moves on your baby daddy,” she said loudly with a grin. You glared daggers at her, missing Daveed cover the smile that was teasing on his lips.

You sighed. “I’m ready to go back to the dorms,” you admitted. Not only was the crash from the energy drinks were kicking in but running into a famous-yet not famous-crush was tiring.

Your best friend stomped her foot. “But we’ve only been here seven hours.”

“Yeah and it’s way past my bed time,” you retorted. You didn’t have the same energy or love for clubbing as her. Girl could go for two days straight if she could.

A hand placed itself on the small of your back, Daveed sliding it so it rested on your hip which brought you closer to him. “I could take her back. I’m getting pretty tired also.”

Mallory gasped, pretty dramatically, and placed a hand over her heart. “You’re telling me ‘Throwing Parties Cause It’s My Lifeline’ Diggs is tired of a…party?!”

He walked forward, bringing you with him. “Girl, it’s three in the morning. I’ve got grown men shit to do later on,” he yelled over his shoulder. You could only stare up at him as he guided you from the V.I.P. section.

Mallory ran to the curtains before they closed, happily shouting “Don’t forget to wear a condom!” after both of you.

You were going to kill that girl.


The late night/early morning in New York was pretty warm considering it was New York. But you thanked the warmth. You could blame the rising of temperature in your body to weather and not because Daveed still had his arm wrapped around your waist, your arm grazing his sculpted abs.

Clearly the temperature.

The dorm wasn’t too far from where the club was at but it seemed to take forever since the damn weather was making things awkward.

The roof of your complex came into view, you letting out a sigh of relief.

“Aw. Am I that bad of a walking buddy?”

You looked up at Daveed, him pouting down at you. You quickly shook your head. Daveed squeezed your side, his signature smiling returning to his face before he started laughing.

“I’m playing, [F/Name].” A shiver ran down your spine. You could listen to him say your name on repeat till you died. “But it seems like I am. You haven’t said a word to me since we met.”

“I’m sorry.” Genuinely you were. “I guess a bit star stuck mixed with a lot of embarrassment from my earlier reaction has me afraid to make you think I was a overzealous fangirl.” 

With his other free hand, he grabbed hold of yours. “Christ, you had me worried.”

“Worried?” You tilted your head up at him slightly. What could he be worried about? He was just taking you back and you most likely won’t see him again unless Mallory took you to some shows, but even then he’ll be too busy. So what-

“Worried that you didn’t like me.”

Playfulness left his tone, seriousness taking over instead.

“Of course I like you. You’re a very likeable person, Daveed.”

“Not like-” He started but stopped midsentence, his eyebrows furrowing together. A smile was soon on his lips again. He bent down, and before you could question him, you were up and on his shoulder.

Did he really just do that?!

You wiggled but his grip tightened. “So the first floor right?” He asked when he started walking. You squeals of surprise turned into fits of laughter. You tried to kick at him, but the positioning was hard to land one.

“Put me down! Do you know what the girls will say if we come in like this?”

Daveed cocked an eyebrow, reaching for the lobby door and opening it. The RA at the front desk glanced up from her magazine before her jaw hung open along with a group of girls playing pool in the common.

“Make sure to put a condom on?”

Your forehead hit the middle of his back. You could feel the rumble of his laughter. “You spend way to much time with Mallory.”

“Pretty much,” he agreed. He gently put you down in front of the RA desk. You were aware of many pairs of eyes on you. Well, mostly the barely clothed man in front of you. Daveed bent down to your level again, staring deep into your eyes.

“I hope to catch you again around here.” He whispered, which sounded more like a demand. You picked up on it and smirked, leaning so your nose was almost touching his, replying with a snarky “Yes, Sir.”

He gave you one more grin before turning to leave back to the club. He heard excited squeals as the small grouping of girls rushed you.

Sweet Jesus, it was getting hot out here.


Might have a second part.

Okay, so, headcanon that Laurens is really fucking protective over his friends. Like, he looks like a smol cinnamon roll, but will kick ass if he needs to.

So when Ham gets in a bad argument with some jackass, Laurens gets so fed up with how the guy keeps shoving him and being just an overall jerk. But when the guy nearly hits the Ham, oh, it’s on. Laurens practically picks the small-ham-man up, and sets him between Laf and Herc, pointing at them, telling them to not let anyone lay a hand on him before he storms over to the guy. Without any hesitation, he just socks him in the nose, and just beats that fucker to hell, all while yelling why Alex is an awesome person. When he’s done, Alex is just so slack jawed, while Herc and Laf are so amused and not even fazed, bc this ain’t the first time.

This guy just made my day

So this guy just made my day 100% better. How? Well as I was knee-deep in watching Buzzfeed videos on Youtube I saw this guy in my recommended. So I clicked on the video (he was ranting about his annoying emails). I watched it and I laughed and I thought, “Hm he seems like a cool dude I wonder what else I can watch?” So I find another one of his videos and have at it. Then after like 5 vids I find one entitled My Sexuality.

And in it he starts telling the story of when he was in the 5th grade and how he’s never really had a “crush” before and how even in high school he never felt the need to “do the do”. Long story short he ended the video with saying that he was demisexual ( a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone). And tbh that was the best thing I’ve ever heard. It was like music to my ears. Here’s this guy running a Youtube channel with over 100,000 subscribers and he’s demi. That just makes me so happy. Being asexual it’s often very frustrating and hard for me to find other people to relate to that are a positive uplifting influence that’s relatively close to my age (He’s almost 24 if Wiki is accurate). This guy has 100,000 subs and he’s demi. Let me say that again. THIS GUY HAS 100,000 SUBS AND HE’S DEMI.  Here is a person whose discovery story I can identify with. He is a youtuber that I can relate to.

Although I am pretty comfortable with my own sexuality I still have my “I feel like such a broken and wrong individual” days. And whenever I have one of those days I hate all the sexual innuendos that same of my other fav youtubers use (though on any other day I would laugh at cause sexual innuendos are hella funny most of the time) cause all it does is just jab at my wounds of feeling different and that there is no one on that platform that feels the way I do. So finding someone that does is such a euphoric feeling.

I know the “sexuality” video is about 5 months old but discovering it was like finding a gem. Even if it was 5 weeks old or 5 years old just knowing that this video is out there makes me happy cause it just means I’m not as horribly alone as I thought I was. 

Evan Edinger( evanedinger) thank you so much for making that video. Thank you for making me realize I’m not as alone with my sexuality as I thought I was. Just thank you. It makes me feel so much better.

You subscribe to him here on his youtube channel. He makes videos every Sunday.  Have a wonderul day!


Gifts for the Wonderful @dryeguy! who voiced not ONE but TWO!! of my comics~<3 So Yeah, I made TWO pieces of art cause this is the least I could do as a Thank You for your awesome work!!!!! >u<)/

Seriously tho~ not only is he Super Awesome but he’s also one of the Nicest person I’ve ever meet so if you looking for Great voice acting videos and just all around Wholesome content then I Highly suggesting checking him out~<333  


Upon rereading a few chapters, I now feel the need to write something about this scene, Trafalgar Law and why he is so incredibly awesome.

Personally, I instantly fell in love with Law from the first time he appeared and smirked at us in chapter 498. I loved him even more when we found out that he is friendly with Luffy and also when we got to see him fighting - his power is amazing.
But that scene↑ from chapter 578 made him infinitely more awesome. I think we can all agree on that. Akainu somehow managed to fatally hit both Luffy and Jinbei. Fortunately, Dr. Trafalgar comes to save the day - even though Luffy isn’t his nakama. He shows up during the Paramount War just to save Luffy! I was so damn relieved and so so grateful when he appeared - as I am sure every other reader was, too. Law wasn’t just a hero or a savior there; he was a frickin’ angel!
We didn’t know much about Law at that point; however the significance of that deed cannot be missed. He doesn’t “only” risk his own life but also the lives of his nakama. And why? Because Luffy is carrying the will of D? Or just because Law thinks it would have been boring if Luffy had died then?
There has got to more to it. Apoo says the following about Law in chapter 581:
A man who will eventually become our enemy?! Who on earth would think of saving him?! Seriously…! Trafalgar Law, that bastard!!! He is infamous for his cruelty, you know?!
This is something important we find out about Law - which is affirmed in later chapters. So, we have a man here who is infamous for his cruelty and yet he is not as cruel as that piece of trash Akainu for example. On the contrary; he has enough kindness in his heart to save Luffy from dying all the while risking his own life and his crew’s lives.
Let that sink in.

There are more moments which show that Luffy is somehow changing Law or in other words, Law seems to see something in Luffy that makes him change.
There is one more moment I’d like to mention. This is from chapter 713.

His thoughts: “If I let this situation travel back to Dressrosa, it’ll only make matters worse. I’ve got to buy some time.”

It would have been so easy and also less problematic for Law himself if he had just denied any cooperation with Luffy. But he didn’t! If he was only using Luffy and the others, this would have been the moment for him to kinda show his true colors, save his own skin and leave the strawhats behind. The fact that he didn’t, makes me think he has come to care about them..

Okay, this got longer than expected, sorry for that.
My point is just this; Trafalgar Law is unbearably awesome.