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“When Hastings and myself, we first came to the Grand Metropolitan Hotel, there was a man at the desk. He was elderly. He must walk with a stick. But when he goes to his room, which is on the first floor, he proceeds not to the lift that is waiting, no, but to the staircase. It was a performance, Monsieur, but a performance that, to Poirot, did not ring true.”

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Hey Al, who are your friends at school? (besides Arthur)

Alfred: Even you, Anon. You’re my friend!

On Lars and Character Growth

So I really don’t know what goes on in the majority of the SU fandom since I keep to myself and only venture into the tags that I know won’t be hostile towards my favorite characters and ships, BUT I have seen/heard about how the fandom is still ruthless towards Lars and why he doesn’t deserve Sadie, why he should be left in the dust and I’m….

Like, if the show wasn’t consciously pointing out Lars’ flaws and the parts of himself that he needs to work on, then yeah, I could see where those critiques are coming from. But that is so clearly not the case in the show. Lars is actively developing and progressing towards being a better person. He knows about and is even ashamed of the mistakes he made in the past. He hides away when the memory of he and Ronaldo plays, he makes the time and effort to be around Sadie because he wants her to know that he cares….he is changing.  It isn’t a stark or overt change because that would be, for the kind of person Lars is (someone whose always put his status and self-satisfaction before his friends), unrealistic. The changes he’s making for himself are subtle, and god, is he trying.

Honestly, before Island Adventure, I bet Lars wouldn’t have dared tagged along with Sadie and Steven. Ronaldo is the local outcast - he has interests and an eccentric personality that are outside the boundaries that Lars is comfortable with. Just going with Sadie to the lighthouse, confronting Ronaldo again after all that time - it speaks volumes as to how much he’s grown.

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Why we stan Seungri

So I received these asks and I thought about posting them without any comment. I am simply done proving Seungri’s talent to Kvips who hate him. I lived in Korea long enough to learn their thinking. Yes, some scandals were their fuels but mostly, they just hate for the sake of hating. Nothing more, nothing less. Anything that Seungri does or say is plain, stupid and annoying in their eyes but when another member does the exact same thing, they would be laughing their butt off. Their double standardisation rubs me off the wrong way.

It’s your opinion and I respect it. You have the right to hate or like anyone you want. It’s not mandatory to like everyone in BigBang but at least respect their position and what they did to the group. It’s a five member group after all. If you hate Seungri then you’re probably just a fan of the other members not of the group because VIP = BigBang (all of it, not five minus one or two).

Here, let me take your points one by one.

  • First of all, I never defended Seungri like a holy saint. He’s a human just like you and me. He makes mistakes and I never denied that.
  • I even defended his hyungs when some people blamed them for ruining his reputation.
  • How can someone who wrote and choreographed his VVIP album in two weeks be called ‘talentless’. He even wrote, composed, choreographed AND produced his ‘Let’s Talk About Love’ album.
  • Seungri’s not useless. “Without Seungri there’s no BIGBANG”: That’s a quote from Gdragon aka BigBang’s leader, songwriter, composer and producer.
  • Seungri can sing. He might’ve not posess the strongest vocals but his soft voice is just perfect for his parts and style. Just try asking male singers to reach that range. “Seungri sings very well”_ Gdragon. “Seungri, your voice’s really good. You did very well in If You”: _ Taeyang, the lead vocal of BigBang.
  • Seungri dancing skills never died. He just chose to focus on singing instead. He’s still the most technically accurate dancer in BigBang. Beside choreographing many of their dances. Fantastic Baby and Bad Boy are only few to mention.
  • Seungri tells their secrets in a joking manner. Had he ever caused a scandal for them? They reveal his secrets too. Why didn’t you mention that? You see what I am talking about: Double standard.
  • Seungri gave up his habit of seeking attention a long time ago. Now, he’s just doing his role as the maknae. There has to be someone who comunicates with the vips in BigBang concerts.
  • “He’s not even that handsome” is your personal opinion. It has nothing to do with his person.
  • Your comment about his sex scandal is rather rude. But oh well, I already said that I will say nothing about that.
  • Korean and international people who called him ‘king of variety shows’ strongly agree that he’s funny. If that’s not enough “Seungri’s really funny.” _ Taeyang. “Seungri’s more funny off camera.” _ Jiyong. 
  • “BB comeback was delayed because of his stupid accident.”. Like seriously? So he could’ve actually died and you’re only worried about that? No matter how much you hate him, at least respect him as a human being with family and friends who love him. Besides, Yg never keeps his words about comebacks. He delayed it even after Seungri got better.
  • There’s no one who writes and composes music while he hates it. “I was able to resolve the negative thoughts and the feelings accumulated inside of me through music.” _ Seungri.
  • “I am not the type of person to act one way in front of the camera and another when it’s off. What you see is what you get.” _ Seungri. If that’s not enough, there was an American MC who did an interview with him in MAMA 2012 and he said, “Seungri’s the same on and off camera.”
  • Jiyong guided Seungri but he didn’t write his music and sing it for him.“I am very proud of Seungri. I worked over a year for my album but one day YG told Seungri to make an album and he made one in two weeks. Okay, maybe three. He’s a true genius. I am jealous of his propulsion.” _ Gdragon.
  • Just because he has a social circle of his own, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t hang out with his hyungs. He’s been spotted with all of them more than few times.
  • Seungri’s BigBang’s biggest fan. You must be joking when you said he doesn’t like the group. He even checks their schedule in advance and worked hard to get them that CF in Japan. “I want it to be five people for a lifetime.” _ Seungri
  • Seungri’s promoting BigBang in Japan. Should he be arrogant around them? Hello? BigBang wouldn’t be BigBang without the Japanese market. Also, why are you bringing political issues in an idol problem? All Korean bands promote in Japan. And have you seen the episode where he stood up for Korean food telling the Japanese MC’s loud and clear to “Not make fun of Korean food?”
  • Seungri can be anything but arrogant. He’s one of the most humble idols ever.

As to why we stan him. It’s simple. We recognise his talent. We appreciate his unending fanservice and how caring he is toward vips. We love his quirky humour. We adore the bright atmosphere he brings. We live to see his cheerful character and smiling face. We know how much hardships he had to endure in order to get where he is now. We  love that he never let the haters get him down. We respect him for not giving up on music when he felt the doors close in his face. We’re just thankful for his presence because there wouldn’t be BigBang without him.

You can hate Seungri all you want. It’s enough that his hyungs love and deem him important and that the majority of Vips appreciate him for who he is.

Free! series Creation Notebook v2 Dialogue: Director: Hiroko Utsumi X Series Composer: Masahiro Yokotani X Character Designer: Futoshi Nishiya

Hiroko Utsumi
Animation Do member. Director of Free! and Free! –Eternal Summer-
Masahiro Yokotani
Series composer of Free! and Free! – Eternal Summer-. In charge of scripts
Futoshi Nishiya
Kyoto Animation member. Character designer/chief animation director for Free! and Free! –Eternal Summer-.

(umx notes: This is over 5,000 words long and talks a lot about the OVA from -Eternal Summer-. This is your warning for length and spoilers. There’s some footnotes at the bottom with the accordingly bolded number in the main text. Thanks to aliasanonyme for the scan for one picture used in this translation.)

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Louis Kahn, First Unitarian Church, Rochester, NY, (1962)

 Louis Kahn was known for his infusion of culture and creating a sense of place within modern architecture.  Although it may not be as well known as some of his other projects around the world, the First Unitarian Church in Rochester New York is one of Kahn’s most impressive works.  Completed slightly after the Salk Institute in 1967, it replaced their previous church that was designed by Richard Upjohn, founder of the AIA, which was demolished during urban redevelopment in Rochester.  The First Unitarian Church combines modern design aesthetic with traditional Unitarian values that promotes community and unites everyone at the heart of the building, the sanctuary.

 When Kahn initially started meeting with members of the congregation, the pastor had described the Unitarian Church and its aspirations of rationalism, free will and thought, and the coexistence of science and religion. These meetings resulted in Kahn beginning to sketch on a chalkboard where he conceptually organized the church’s supporting spaces around a central question mark.  In his eyes, the question mark symbolized the sanctuary where all the questioning would occur. It is a critical look at religion and the journey that one must embark on to find truth; questioning as the natural process.

In the spaces around the sanctuary Kahn situated classrooms for the school; these classrooms were what Kahn considered to be the origin from which the questions of Unitarianism were raised.  The classrooms and sanctuary are bridged by an ambulatory that wraps around the sanctuary where conceptually all methods of thought and belief of the Unitarian church converge to thus be confronted and unearthed. It’s a theological architectural promenade of learning, thought, questioning, and discovery.

The First Unitarian Church, similar to all of Kahn’s projects, is of monumental quality; the church and school take on a dominant stance in Rochester. Kahn’s implementation of brick and cast-in place concrete gives the buildings a massive presence, but the heavy, monumental design presents issues on lighting the interior spaces, especially in places of worship.

Since the classrooms are oriented around the perimeter of the building, there is a sense of regularity by the way in which Kahn approaches lighting the classrooms.  The façade has extruded window wells that filter the light within the classrooms. Each extrusion creates small seating spaces for the children within.  With the sanctuary being in the center of the building, directing natural light into the space is quite difficult.  However, Kahn design four light towers that are situated at each corner of the sanctuary.  The towers act as filters that saturate the sanctuary throughout the day constantly changing the perceptive qualities of the space even as the seasons change.

 In all of Kahn’s architecture, light has always been a main component of design, but the way he approached lighting the sanctuary interior complimented and provoked the expressive material qualities of the space.  Kahn’s implementation of simple materials that do not require any extra detailing after their construction added to the atmosphere and character of the spaces ; he believe in the integrity of each material so much so that the cast-in place concrete would take on the formal qualities of the wood planks.  The unfinished aesthetic seems to dematerialize the qualities of each space giving the spaces a new aesthetic found among the details and the light.  In the sanctuary, the rough finish of the cast-in place concrete and the brick interior appear to wash away in the light, giving the light deconstructive properties, all the while giving the material luminous qualities that engulf and transform the space.

 Even though the First Unitarian Church is not one of Kahn’s more famous buildings, it is just as impressive and spatially intriguing.  From the design concept to the design of natural lighting systems are trademarks of Kahn’s architecture.  The First Unitarian Church is one Kahn’s finest examples of how architecture can have transformative effects, not simply with light or design, but the theoretical understanding and restructuring of the use of space.

Ok, I am going to say is straight once and for all.

This picture you’re seeing here is one of the most debatable scenes to this day. I’m betting 98% of everyone is saying “Haha Ironhide is the tooth fairy LOL”…..well, honestly, I say it is not Ironhide. I believe….no….I KNOW this is Optimus Prime. WHY? Well, let me explain the 3 top things why I know it is Optimus.

1. The music. If you read my Transformers 30-Day challenge day 7 when I mentioned that my favorite song is Optimus’s theme song by Steve Jablonsky. And I even mentioned that part of the theme song was implied in the popular score “Arrival to Earth”. Well, when you hear the theme “Optimus” does Ironhide spring to mind? Of course not. Simple as that.

2. The atmosphere of the scene. Knowing Optimus Prime’s character to be honorable, kind, noble, courageous, dignified, gentle, strong, etc. With Ironhide, in the other hand, while he can have those personalities (I said he CAN, not he DOES), he is more grumpy and quick and tough and impatient and has a pumped up attitude. He is not as gentle as Optimus (not by a long shot). He’s a punk (in a good way) and punks usually don’t have a “gentle” personality (and Ironhide is no exception). While he is a good Autobot, that doesn’t mean he is a gentle character.

3. The size of the characters. Now this is a bit tricky due to how the majority of the characters are quite similar the first time we see them. But after awhile of looking at each character, we come to the conclusion whom each of them are. And once again, the pool scene was debatable to this day. Looking at the scene, as I mentioned before, Optimus is like a gentle giant. So, in this case, slow and careful to his surroundings, even to the life forms (in which this would be the little tooth fairy girl). And the fact that she was not afraid of the very tall being coming out of the pool due to how she must’ve trusted him enough to be the “tooth fairy”. And he even got a chance to hide and see the worried family for himself and (unlike Ironhide) he was patient. Okay, now size wise, while Ironhide may be bigger in width (not fat, just buffed), but Optimus is bigger in height and buffed in his own way. And also based on the personalities, Ironhide is not straight looking (anatomy wise) and is quick as his impatience. Almost reminds me of a football player in the army. Optimus, however, is straight and gentle and a bit slow in motion. He is not sporty looking but a lot like the commanding officer he is.

So, my conclusion is Ironhide NOT in the pool but instead in the field. I don’t care whether the vehicle came from that family or not. Maybe that car he found was just in Sam’s neighborhood or close to it at least. And I know with all my heart that Optimus Prime was in that pool because of the music, the atmosphere, and even the size based on personality. And besides, you had to save the leader for last. With Ironhide….well…while he is awesome, just making him the last one just doesn’t feel right to me. While if this were real, ther is no doubt whether it be Ironhide or Optimus, seeing them for the first time is a wonder beyond imagination bring us in awe.

So, convince me all you want. but no matter what you tell me, it is Optimus Prime. And you know what I am betting you’ll tell me why it is Ironhide? Because of the truck that belonged to the family. BULLCRAP. Give me better details. Give me three or more (not one or two but three or more) reasons to why you think it is Ironhide. I dare you. Bring it on!! Because no matter what you tell me, I know for the fact that is it Optimus Prime in the pool.

P.S. BTW, I am not an idiot. I have OBVIOISLY seen this film plenty of times and I have looked at him closely enough to know (PERSONALLY). But again, you guys only care about appearances and not the feeling of the scenes. Do ya guys know “More than Meets the eye” right? I don"t need to know JUST the appearances to know. And by far you guys only gave out your reasons because of the detail in appearances physically and not overall e character and the atmosphere and he pacing of the film. So, I’m sorry if I’m one of he few that doesn’t agree with you. You guys don’t have to beleive me, I’m just expressing my thoughts on the scene. And again, I am not an idiot.

Why Night Vale is Not as Appealing as it Used to Be

Listeners, as I have been a part of this fandom, I have seen recently that people have been drifting away from the fandom. I’ve heard people talk about how they are not as interested, how they’re leaving the fandom, or that more people are falling behind on episodes. It is quite obvious that Night Vale is not as appealing as it was when it first began or even as soon as a year ago.

But that’s okay.

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Rough Translation of Z.Tao’s article in 时尚Cosmo… 

it’s a very rough translation…… hope i didn’t misread anything…  scans credit to Lunchbox! (Updated - another translation of this by Lunchbox is available here for you to get another perspective. posted by @just-my-other-side, thanks!) 

Huang Zitao - A stubborn heart in a mad world.

The London Fashion Week brought Zitao’s name back on to the top trending list. Discussions on him once again erupted everywhere. It may seem hard to understand if Zitao is a good or bad boy from all these media coverage and discussions. But as we talk to him, we find that he’s more like a child whose character is maybe.. not too compatible with that of a mature society. He’s stubborn and perhaps takes things to heart a little too much, but at the same time, he is resolute and extremely hardworking.

We met Zitao at a private club where he was very at ease with the atmosphere. Much like his character (or the way he’s painted in the media with no in-between), he was in a black and white outfit. He was playing a game as we made small talk among the staff, and was interested to know if I played as well. As we all chatted and teased him a little, he merely smiled, a little absentmindedly, and continued on with his game. Looking at this, one wonders if the bad boy image created by the media was just an illusion.

He had this to say regarding the Versus incident that made headlines in the news. He had honestly been working all the time he was there and rushed over to the show the minute everything was done. They had an hour’s buffer time to make it to the show but it was evidently not enough due to the traffic congestion in London. Even though they abandoned the cars and ran over instead, they still didn’t make it on time. He’s sincerely apologetic about being late, but as for what happened after he reached the show, it was all done according to the brand’s wishes. He had followed one of the brand’s staff member in and it was an honest mistake, going onto the runway. Although not everything went well on this trip, he’s still grateful to Versus Versace’s invitation,which also introduced him to the fashion arena.

The lighthearted chat didn’t last very long. As we talked about his career, it was almost inevitable that we asked him about his time in South Korea. He changed, rather abruptly, from a mischievous demeanor to one which was a little troubled, avoiding our questions on the topic. “Haven’t I answered these questions in previous interviews?”

At this, we all fell silent and the once cheerful atmosphere was no more.

“I don’t really want to talk about those things”

“What do you wish to talk about then?”

“My music? What about the show that I’m going to, which is the reason for this interview I think?  We can talk about that too.”

We all lapsed into silence again. Deep in thought, he sat there, not talking and looking increasingly lost. He appeared to be trying very hard to repress himself and adjust his emotions at the same time. His staff came over to chat, attempting to lighten the atmosphere.  It was evident that he didn’t manage to adjust very well, but he had decided to complete this interview.

“Ok, ask what you want to ask”  His eyes started to drift again after a heavy sigh. It felt like a heavy compromise. From the way he sighed so very deeply (a total of 3 times in a mere 15 minutes), I seem to be able to understand, the intense struggle that this seemingly “bad boy”, born only in 1993, has had to make in deciding what is good and bad, kindness and lies, and choosing between causing pain and getting hurt.

Capturing the pain of growing up through song

Compared with the image of other EXO members, Huang Zitao seem to have become the “black sheep”. The internet media first did an scathing inside “scoop” on him, which was followed by criticisms and sarcastic remarks by several influential microbloggers, This was accompanied by the almost never-ending smear campaigns by anti-fans. The speed at which all these happened seemed a bit too much for this boy in his early twenties to take all at once. Just like what he said, “I had barely returned to China for half a year, still feeling the pain from the past and still harboring uncertainties and doubts about future career development back home. I haven’t even gotten a chance to adjust and adapt to thins, and it had all come to this.” While everyone else happily devoted their energies to bashing and slandering him, he chose to hide himself away. Locking himself in the recording studio for hours, writing new songs and recording them, getting himself lost in music seemed to be his only relief.

As we slowly got back on track with the interview, he seemed less resistant and more willing to take about the recent events.

“I didn’t really need to speak, be it towards the media or to fans, when I was in EXO. It wasn’t my role to. After returning home, I had to do interviews and I thought the right way would be to tell the truth. But later I discovered that that was not the case.” Zitao’s confusion is in the fact, people always seem to either twist and take things out of context when he had not meant things that way. He doesn’t know where the problem is but the repeated twisting of facts, taking things out of context, and misinterpretation by others has caused many, who would otherwise not believe in such absurd accusations, to take it as truth. And this has become the greatest shadow over his career since his return. “We (the members) actually all get along very well. But I don’t dare to talk about any one of them now. I fear that they will say that we don’t get along, or that I said someone cry, all of which are totally fabrications”. Zitao was only willing to talk about this near the end of the interview. In the beginning, whenever we mentioned South Korea or the other 3 Chinese members, he would become silent. Only later did we understand that that was his way of protecting everyone, and of course, himself. And it was the best way he could think of now.

“Would you consider your present predicament a kind of growing pain?”

“Yes, I guess. At least now I understand that the world is a lot bigger and more complicated then I previously thought it was. I am even beginning to appreciate those who spend time bashing or slandering me as they really are placing a lot of attention on me. All that time and energy that is used solely on me. In the future,when I can produce better work, I believe all these will change.”

“Will you still be adverse to meeting the media?”

“Right now, I’m trying to reduce it. When I have more works to show, that allows me speak with my music, it may be better.”

“Aren’t you eager to explain to the masses that you are not the way the media make you out to be?”

“Earlier on I used to want to do that. I really wanted to explain everything. But that only seemed to make things worse, with people still taking things out of context. So now, I think it’s best to let time prove everything. I feel that as long as I work hard, many things will surely change.”

“Are you unwilling to talk about your time in South Korea because it was a very unhappy experience?”

“Actually I have always been grateful to what my time in South Korea have taught and given me. If it haven’t been for my time there and EXO,who on earth would know who Huang Zitao is? I may never have gotten the chance to do my favorite music. I did talk about the hard times there a little when I first returned, still fresh from the experience. But now that I think about it, it wasn’t that tough.”

“Has your recent experiences made you less trusting of the environment around you, perhaps it has even made you feel very defensive?”

“Sometimes.. but I have also gotten to know many people because of this. A lot of brothers and sisters help me a lot and are very supportive. I This may the most number of friends I have made since my return. Everyone gave me a lot of comfort and joy. I am totally at ease in front of these people. I can feel their kindness and goodwill and I’ll surely return it to them.”

“Why did you cry in front of the media the last time?”

“We were talking about some experiences and being accused of acting like a big shot. I suddenly felt very wronged and misunderstood and as those feelings surged up, I cried. But later they wrote that I cried because of a certain EXO member. I was very surprised by that.”

As we slowly went through his recent experiences, we seem to find where the problem is. He has a very innocent heart, much like a child. He cares deeply about giving and taking, about brotherhood, about your opinion of him and about whether things are fair. So when you try to measure him against the criteria of an adult world, you may feel that he’s not quite as tactful, not as worldly and perhaps even a little lacking in EQ. But if you think about this from another perspective, his almost child-like, absolute sincerity and honesty on things is extremely rare and commendable.

Don Quixote’s persistence

The environment in which he grew up in is a definite factor in him being able to keep that child-like innocence. His parents had hoped that he could grow up happily, and gave him space to pursue his dreams. Later he went to Korea and even though it was tough, he was also well-protected. Later he debuted and attained stardom overnight.

In the first 10+ years of his life he grew up much like any other kid in China, competing in terms of academic results. Luckily though, his parents didn’t try to kill his interest in music because of the traditional education system. On the contrary, it was encouraged and before being scouted, he too, like many kids, took part in the audition for several popular shows. He was scouted on one of such shows and after careful discussion with his family, and repeated verification of the other party’s identity, his family agreed to his departure. That was the start of a new life for him. Zitao has an even more interesting interpretation of the decision. “Well, my studies weren’t all that good then anyway.” He has never tried to make himself into the perfect idol. He says it rather bluntly, that he’s not a good student in school and is not quite keen on his studies.  But he loves music and performing. He will devote his whole self towards learning these. He has always firmly believed that he will become an outstanding artiste. When he went to Korea, he spent his whole time in training. Other than eating and sleeping, most of the time he was in the dance or music room, simply because he liked it. When asked if he suffered over there, he replied that it was okie. Because it was things that he liked, which he took the initiative to learn. Because of that love, he didn’t feel tired.

Perhaps it’s not completely right to compare him to Don Quixote. But his single-minded devotion to music is so completely out of place with this money-grabbing, all-about-entertainment world. He is still holding on to his dream, and a wider interpretation of that dream is if Chinese rappers can make it on the international scene. If you go through his phone memos, you’ll find that it’s filled with lyrics. Full of a youth’s dreams, of missing love, of simply just being me and of thoughts of what’s wrong with the world. His view and feelings of the world is most directly expressed in this manner. When he is faced with questions that he is unable to answer, he will bring out his phone and say “Listen to this song. That reflects how I felt then”. So we listened to about 5 songs in this interview, and saw countless lyrics. He cares a lot about his work. You can say that he is not good, that he’s bad. He is silent on that. But if you question his music, he will conscientiously explain things to you and interact with you. He cares deeply about the rap that didn’t keep up to the rhythm which was uploaded on to the web. He has been waiting all along to put up the original version of the song on the web to clear his name. This is actually rather adorable.

Zitao’s life in Beijing is pretty monotonous. Music is almost all that he wishes to talk about during this period. Sometimes he would visit an eatery for mutton soup when the mood strikes him, not fearing that he would be recognized. He has a deaf and mute friend who’s always by his side. They had grown up together and takes care of each other. “We’re classmates. When I said I wanted to become a star when I was schooling, everyone thought I was simply bullshitting. Only he felt that I could do it. I thought then, that if I made it one day, he will definitely get a share of it too.” He made this story sound rather cute when he talked about it. Now this friend is well known too; almost all of Zitao’s fans know of his existence.

As to what he is going to do after this interview, Zitao replies that it’s filled to the brim with work. There’s reality TV shows and three movies coming back to back. After the interview ended, he rushed over to the recording studio, all prepared to spend a whole night there recording to finish up his album. By the time he’s done with all those schedules (TV shows and movies etc), it would be in the next year.

Perhaps for a period of time now, you will not read or see any more controversies or news on Zitao. It’s because he’s really busy with work. And with all that work going on, he has also learned to be more tactful… And as for whether a more tactful and worldly Huang Zitao will still be quite as unique a character, that remains to be seen.