he is always the one making wrong decisions

Important Quotes from GRRM

“Some people I met thought we have to find the story’s through line. Who’s the important character? Somebody thought that Dany’s the important character – cut away everybody else, tell the story of Dany. Or Jon Snow. Those were the two most popular characters to build everything around, except you’re losing 90 percent of the story. “ - Rollingstone 2014

“[T]hey couldn’t get a handle on the size of the material, the very thing that I set out to do. I had all these meetings saying, “There’s too many characters, it’s too big — Jon Snow is the central character. We’ll eliminate all the other characters and we’ll make it about Jon Snow.” Or “Daenerys is the central character. We’ll eliminate everyone else and make the movie about Daenerys.” And I turned down all those deals.” -Time Magazine 2017

These two quotes are probably the most important quotes from George because he plainly states that the story is not just about Jon/Dæny. George narrows them down to being only 10% of the story. Are they important? Yes. But so are a host of other characters.

“So all that time I thought Gandalf was dead, and now he’s back and now he’s Gandalf the White. And, ehh, he’s more or less the same as always, except he’s more powerful. It always felt a little bit like a cheat to me. And as I got older and considered it more, it also seemed to me that death doesn’t make you more powerful. That’s, in some ways, me talking to Tolkien in the dialogue, saying, “Yeah, if someone comes back from being dead, especially if they suffer a violent, traumatic death, they’re not going to come back as nice as ever.“ That’s what I was trying to do, and am still trying to do, with the Lady Stoneheart character.” - Time Magazine, 2017

Death does not make you stronger or nicer. Applying this to Jon, he is not the same and never will be.

“At some points, when [Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss] and I had discussions about what way we should go in, I would always favor sticking with the books, while they would favor making changes,” he said. “I think one of the biggest ones would probably be when they made the decision not to bring Catelyn Stark back as Lady Stoneheart. That was probably the first major diversion of the show from the books and, you know, I argued against that, and David and Dan made that decision.” - Time Magazine, 2017

Leaving Lady Stoneheart out was something George feels is a big mistake, we can assume that Lady Stoneheart is integral to the storyline in the unreleased books.

"It was the summer of 1991. I was still involved in Hollywood. My agent was trying to get me meetings to pitch my ideas, but I didn’t have anything to do in May and June. It had been years since I wrote a novel. I had an idea for a science-fiction novel called ”Avalon. I started work on it and it was going pretty good, when suddenly it just came to me, this scene, from what would ultimately be the first chapter of A Game of Thrones. It’s from Bran’s viewpoint; they see a man beheaded and they find some direwolf pups in the snow. It just came to me so strongly and vividly that I knew I had to write it. I sat down to write, and in, like, three days it just came right out of me, almost in the form you’ve read.”- Rollingstone, 2014

The Starks sparked the idea, and are at the very root of the story, but not the entire story. This also emphasizes that this book is not just about a bastard and dragon. +Bran is important, though the show fails to portray this.

“You have to remember that I started writing this story in 1991 and I first met David and Dan in 2007. I was living with these characters and this world for 16 years before we even started working on the show. They’re pretty fixed in my mind and I’m not going to change anything because of the show, or reaction to the show, or what fans think. I’m just still writing the story that I set out to write in the early 1990s.- Time Magazine, 2017


I think there are two types of writers, the architects and the gardeners. The architects plan everything ahead of time, like an architect building a house. They know how many rooms are going to be in the house, what kind of roof they’re going to have, where the wires are going to run, what kind of plumbing there’s going to be. They have the whole thing designed and blueprinted out before they even nail the first board up.”

The gardeners dig a hole, drop in a seed and water it,“ he told the Guardian. "They kind of know what seed it is, they know if [they] planted a fantasy seed or mystery seed or whatever. But as the plant comes up and they water it, they don’t know how many branches it’s going to have, they find out as it grows.-2011, The Guardian

“In the case of any of my novels, I know where I’m starting from, I know where I want to end up, more or less,” he said. “I know some of the big turning points along the way, the stuff I’m building for, but you discover an awful lot along the way. Characters rise up and seem more important, and you get to what you’d thought was going to be a big turning point and… the thing you’d thought about two years ago doesn’t really work as well, so you have a better idea! There’s always that process of discovery for me. I know not all writers work that way, but it’s always been the way I work.” -Time Magazine, 2017

Putting these quotes together because they’re implying similar things. 

George has a view of where he’s going but that doesn’t mean things can’t be reimagined. For an example, George’s original outline is almost completely different from the books we have now, but a few parts of the outline are still there, but taking shape in different characters.

I did consider in the very early stages not having the dragons in there. I wanted the Targaryen’s symbol to be the dragons, but I did play with the notion that maybe it was like a psionic power, that it was pyrokinesis — that they could conjure up flames with their minds. I went back and forth. My friend and fellow fantasy writer Phyllis Eisenstein actually was the one who convinced me to put the dragons in, and I dedicated the third book to her. And I think it was the right call.” -2017 Meduza

“In some senses, Theon is struggling all the way through to be a hero. They both come out of the same situation: they’re both raised in Winterfell by Eddard Stark, but they’re not part of the real, core family. Theon is a ward, and Jon Snow is a bastard son. So they’re both a little outside, but Jon handles this successfully, and Theon fails to handle this. He is poisoned by his own envy and his sense of not belonging.” -2017 Meduza

This quote brings the Season 7 scene with Jon and Theon to mind. Theon tells Jon that he always made the right decision, while Theon made the wrong decisions (choosing the Greyjoys over the Stark family that raised him). Jon will make the right decision.

“So many readers were reading the books with so much attention that they were throwing up some theories, and while some of those theories were amusing bulls— and creative, some of the theories are right. At least one or two readers had put together the extremely subtle and obscure clues that I’d planted in the books and came to the right solution." -The Telegraph, 2014

Extremely Subtle and obscure hints; George’s bittersweet ending will not be predictable. Only a few people have figured out the ending. If your predicted ending involves ultimate good (humans) vs ultimate evil (others), you already lost.

Being Levi's Little Sister headcanons.

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+ No one fucks with you because they know who you’re related to.
+ Being the polar opposite of Levi. You’re bubbly, carefree and fun and he’s so…him.
+ Levi thinks people are going to take advantage of your naive nature so he’s a very protective big brother.
+ You’re the only person that he would gladly give his life up for if it meant that you were safe.
+ As much as he’s a dick he really loves you.
+ You’re several years younger than him.
+ Most of you close friends are superiors and they’re way older than you.
+ Annoying the absolute fuck out of him. For example, he doesn’t like when you just barge into his office.
+ “I told you about coming in here unannounced.”
+ “Hey! Be nice to me. I brought your tea.”
+ “It probably tastes like shit.”
+ Having a really huge crush on Commander Erwin.
+ Levi isn’t happy about it but he’d rather it be eyebrows than one of those “shitty cadets.”
+ Being two inches taller than him and you tease him about it all the time.
+ Levi being more comfortable around you than his is with others.
+ During training he pushes you much harder than the other cadets.
+ Being the girl everyone wants but no one can have.
+ Guys flirting with you but they soon realize it was a mistake when they feel Levi’s eyes burning into their skull. They usually end up with stable duty for the next month.
+ Levi always knows when something is wrong so you can’t really hide anything from him and GOD FUCKING FORBID YOU LIE TO HIM. It’s the worse possible decision you could make.
+ When you get sad or upset you always go to Levi.
+ One time he found you in your room sobbing your eyes out and at first he was hesitant, but he soon pulled your crying figure into his arms.
+ “I know how it feels to feel like complete shit. But don’t think you can’t come fucking talk to me, brat.”
+ Unwanted hugs from you to Levi. Especially when you haven’t seen him in a while.
+ “Get the fuck off me!”
+ “No! Just accept my love!”
+ He actually really likes them. You seen him smile once.
+ “Hey, Levi?”
+ “What is it?”
+ “I love you.”
+ “… I love you too, kid. Now shut up and stop being stupid.”

Initial Thoughts: Rocknaldo

I liked the new episode a lot. At the heart of it was good social commentary. Often when talking about a cause or a movement, there are always attempts to undermine those who are actually in it. Fighting for X? Are you even X enough? 

People asking for the same rights granted to everyone else are often discredited, because people think it’s far easier to err on the side of giving no one the same respect because of a few possible “fakes.” 

And that’s not great. Because that does make it all about the majority and what they’re comfortable with, rather than the people whose lives could change drastically with every decision made.

I liked how the episode started with Ronaldo telling the gems he was wrong about them, and saying he wanted to champion their cause. A lot of the time, people earnestly believe they’re doing the right thing. 

Hurting others isn’t the end goal for the reasonable person; it’s just, they don’t see their actions in perspective, like when Ronaldo kept criticising Steven.

These days, a lot of bias is deep down. It’s harder to root out because no one believes they could be “guilty” of such an abhorrent thing, like discrimination, like prejudice. 

But in refusing to acknowledge that some of our actions might be tinged by our contexts, we benefit none

I applaud the subtlety in the episode. It’s a good springboard to talk to anyone about these issues. But it shouldn’t end there. I mean, the episode is a start, but it isn’t the answer to systematic marginalisation. That requires a lot more effort, just like how picking a gem name, without the love and acceptance, harms and hampers the cause more.

And it was helpful to present Steven as not dismissing Ronaldo. Each time Ronaldo misrepresented the Crystal Gems, such as with the first Ronaphlet and again as Bloodstone, Steven talked to him. And it wasn’t always without opposition, but Steven didn’t just fence of Ronaldo and refuse to educate him. 

I feel that’s what made the difference. It’s not an easy thing, to face someone who’s causing hurt and refuses to believe it. It’s not a responsibility forced on everyone, but in choosing to engage and educate, a change happened for the better. I hope we keep getting this sort of slice-of-life episodes.

Wax On, Wax Off

Characters: Y/N Padalecki, Jared Padalecki, Y/N’s parents (mentioned), Jensen Ackles, Danneel Ackles, Lucas Padalecki (OC), Sebastian Padalecki (OC), JJ Ackles, Arrow and Zeppelin Ackles    

Pairing: Jared x Reader, Jensen x Danneel (brief)

Warnings: Family sucks and waxing hurts. Jared is an amazing, patient, wonderful husband (and yes that’s a warning).    

Word Count: 1600ish

A/N: This was born out of a conversation I had with @blacktithe7 (and no this time it is not turning into a series lol) I hope you will have fun reading cause I had fun writing it. As always no wife hate here. I love Gen - she is just not married to the moose here for the purpose of the story :)

Erin also betaed this mess for me so thanks a lot darling <3

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

You knew that your family was uptight and that they would always find something to pick on you for. You had always been the black sheep of the family. Never as successful as your brother or as pretty as you sister. No matter what life decisions you made they seemed to be wrong. Every time you saw them it was something new too.

First, they disapproved that you decided to marry an actor. You sister had even said straight to your face it was only a matter of time before he was going to cheat on you with someone younger and prettier guest starring on his show. You hadn’t minded that one too much though. No matter what they said,   it couldn’t make your trust or love for Jared waver. He had never give you a reason to doubt him, and you didn’t need their approval to love him. He was good for you and you for him. You knew you could face whatever was thrown at you as long as you faced it together, your family included.

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True story I am so exhausted by all the “Jack is shy and anxious and can’t talk to people” interpretations of that Uprising comic. Like, dude spends the whole thing asking people for their opinions on the situation. He’s going out of his way to talk to people he would have every excuse to avoid interacting with if he didn’t want to deal with the stress. He’s tired and frustrated and trying to stall for time to make a big decision with a lot of of potential negative repercussions, but there’s nothing his does that, to me, reads as “antisocial and bad with people” without a hefty dose of projection.

He can be a reasonably charismatic and sociable dude who listens more than he talks! And thinks before he speaks! That’s a thing!

It’s like, the one piece of information they’ve handed us about young Jack Morrison is “he was a good people person” so it always rubs me the wrong way when people want to interpret him as a mediocre soldier, tactician, and Commander with no interpersonal skills or charisma.

hogwarts!au jungkook
  • he is a slytherin, but the sorting hat had an extremely hard time with his placement (it took like eight minutes)
  • he’s an 18-year-old first year (let’s assume this is set up more like a hogwarts university, with ages 18-24 for years 1-7)
  • pureblood but kinda hates his family; they are cold and extremely distant
  • he adores basically every class
  • all of his teachers love him bc he is so talented and very quiet !! at least in class lol
  • his wand is made of ash wood and has a dragon heartstring core, and is 11 and ¾ inches. it’s an extremely loyal wand and will backfire on anyone who isn’t jungkook
  • for a pet he has a black barn owl; they’re super rare and hard to find in the wild, and he loves his owl with his whole heart
  • he plays on the slytherin quidditch team as a seeker. outrageously talented, and is already getting job offers from teams all over the world
  • quidditch means a whole lot to him
  • his patronus is a rabbit. he was the first person in his year to produce a patronus, and everyone was a little surprised it was a rabbit bc they expected like a snake or wolf or something badass but alas it was a bunny
  • on a side note, he has an incredible voice and the frog choir has been trying to convince him to join for months now
  • he was so horrendously shy when he came to hogwarts. like, it was awful for him
  • bc people saw him and thought he was a snobby intimidating pureblood slytherin, and no one would really talk to him
  • and so he had so much trouble making friends
  • and one day it gets really bad. right after he tries out for the quidditch team and makes seeker, some asshole gryffindors walk up and one of them is like “hey kid, stop thinking you’re so much better than everyone else, you can’t just ignore everyone because you think they’ll all beneath you”
  • but jungkook has never thought that anyone was ‘beneath’ him he’s just so horribly shy and he can’t make friends and no one will talk to him
  • and so he goes into the empty bathroom by the potions classroom and starts sobbing his eyes out because it’s all way too much and he’s so lonely
  • but then he sees a little orange-haired gryffindor kid stumble into the bathroom and he’s like wtf
  • and this guy is like “omg /??? you’re crying?? what’s wrong omg”
  • and jungkook can’t help it, he just bursts into tears and starts ranting to this stranger about how he’s so alone because people constantly misjudge him, and how his family sucked and he was so excited to come to hogwarts and finally make friends, but no one will even speak to him
  • and finally the guy just holds Jungkook and he’s like “shh i’ll be your friend don’t cry my name’s jimin and hey it’s almost lunchtime, why don’t you come sit with us”
  • and that’s how jungkook met the other bts guys
  • because this lovely, muggle-born gryffindor ball of sunshine named jimin found jungkook crying in the bathroom and completely turned his life around
  • and jungkook sends up a mental ‘fuck you’ to his parents because they were so wrong about muggleborns and they were so wrong about gryffindors, because park jimin is an angel sent from heaven
  • he becomes instant friends with the other six boys, they all go to his quidditch games (unless they’re playing against him bc they literally all play quidditch)
  • gryffindor head boy seokjin always get him out of trouble when he sneaks out at night shhhhh
  • ravenclaw namjoon tutors jungkook in history of magic because it’s the one class he doesn’t really like
  • one horrible terrible night they find out that taehyung is a werewolf, and the group makes a collective decision to become animagi because they don’t want taehyung to feel so alone
  • it was a long and hard process but finally jungkook’s animagus presents first out of the group
  • he is a raven and he thinks it’s the most badass thing in the entire world
  • turns into a raven randomly to lowkey spy on people bc he is a little shit
  • once he becomes friends with the guys, jungkook begins to open up more and socialize with the people around him
  • people recognize that they were wrong about him, that he was just a shy quiet kid and he never meant any harm to anyone. soon he’s a super-popular quidditch player and he even has a little fanclub
  • yoongi and jungkook often sit in the slytherin commons and study together because they’re both very quiet and respect space
  • one time, during a quidditch game, hoseok accidentally hit his bludger way too hard in Jungkook’s direction and jungkook broke like four bones. and hoseok wouldn’t stop apologizing for weeks afterwards and insisted on staying by jungkook’s bedside int he hospital wing for the entire night
  • overall jungkook is young and brimming with so much potential and he’s a shining posterboy of how slytherins can be kind and gentle, how they aren’t all caustic and malicious
  • he becomes a professional quidditch player when he grows up, fyi
  • he is an extremely powerful wizard and is capable of performing many spells that took his classmates years to learn. his teachers haven’t seen anything like it in a really long time

jungkook ver. / taehyung ver. / jimin ver. / namjoon ver. / hoseok ver. / yoongi ver. / jin ver.

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The Pisces Man

- the Pisces sign is the final sign in the zodiac. He’s often displaying many of the main traits of the other signs.
- sign of “ultimate trust and faith”
- the Pisces man is a “Feeler”. Everything is about feelings. Literally everything. (Some even say he’s a natural born psychic).. even when I comes to his partner. He can sense that she/he is angry with him even before they can lmao. That’s what makes him an incredible partner because he always knows how the other person will feel. He knows how his actions make someone else feel and that’s why they can make you happier than any other sign.
- loves with a full heart, never holds back and approaches his loved one with care and respect. 
- he has little to no tolerance for unstable relationships. If you want an open relationship or an affair, he’s the wrong one. Pisces man are literally the stereotypes of husbands among all signs.
- tends to change his mind a lot in many different situations (for example making decisions for the smallest things, like.. dinner or plans) but as soon as it’s about something fundamental, like a love, he’ll be devoted and give his best. He’s the opposite of a cheater. Loyalty is one of the most important character traits.
- very very chaotic and unplanned lol but at the same time that makes everything about his love so poetic and true because he’s not shady when it comes to love. The little things, like dates for example, can often be unplanned and magical at the same time because of his spontaneous personality. 
- as long as he’s allowed to be what he is, he’ll treat his partner with tenderness and respect.
- Pisces men are loners! They need time for their own thoughts and experiences and they’ll go crazy if they don’t get that. Nature and adventure is something that he needs for himself, but also there’s a very domestic part about his character.. he loves being at home, being creative, expressing himself (that’s also a huuuuge connection he has to Taylor. Also, many Pisces are actors or musicians because they have such a strong connection to art.) Most Pisces man need to be secure that when they go they leave something behind. They’re creators. Most of them have incredibly high expectations for themselves which can often lead to inner disappointment.
- he’s incredibly generous. 
- verrrrrry introvert. That’s often described as his “inner journey“. And that’s his focus. He needs to find a reason for his life, a purpose. He’s very emotional even if he doesn’t show it as much as other signs. Like I said, he’s even so emotional that it makes him highly intuitive when it comes to the feelings of others. If he has a connection to someone, he can even telepathically sense what the other person is feeling or thinking. That’s what makes him an incredible partner.
- he lives in two worlds: the real world and the illusory world of dreams, secrets and mystery.. that’s his poetic side. He uses this inner world to develop deeper connections to other people, to give the “real world” more meaning.
- this inner focus can sometimes make him appear mysterious. It can become hard to know what he’s feeling but at the same time he’s fluid and easy going which is linked to his water elements.. he appears super easy going and relaxed to be around even if he’s so incredibly passionate and sensible. That side is something you’ll only experience when he opens up.
- he is deeeeply romantic! Love is the ultimatum for Pisces. It’s something that gives his life a purpose. Some even consider Pisces the most faithful and passionate lover of all signs.
- he’s very shy at first, usually wouldn’t approach a lover directly. They have so much depth in their character that they would never fall in love at first sight. Instead, they want to get to know you. And that’s the point where he becomes so different from other signs. Instead of experiencing a fast and crazy love, he falls slow and deeply. That’s what makes his love last.
- you’ll often read that “his love is poetic” that’s because Pisces man love to express their feelings in magical ways.. like poems, songs, art.
- his love is so deep that some say “he wants the oceans to part when the fish falls in love“. That means that he’d do anything for this love. Literally anything. You can definitely say that he’s the one sign that you can have a "Romeo and Juliette” romance with. He’d run away with you asap if that would mean that you two could be together.
- he’ll understand you more than any other man probably ever has because of his deep emotional complexity that makes him incredibly empathetic. (Also, these are great characteristics for him as a future dad.. just saying 😭)
- he also “wants to be madly in love” which means that once he finds that one love, he will never ever let go and becomes the greatest companion of their life’s because he’ll make sure that other person is very very happy.
- you should never judge a Pisces man by his calm and introvert persona - still waters run deep, ladies… the quiet and introvert Pisces man is often described as a “flash flood of pure passion“ in the bedroom. They mostly love living out their fantasies, like role- play etc.
- some say that games between the sheets are his speciality. That’s mostly because he’s such a creative and generous lover. Giving is the ultimatum. Even if he doesn’t receive. Sex means giving giving giving. That’s why their partners are very lucky ;)
- he has a natural skill to give intense pleasure.. that means that it’s more about quality than quantity for him.
- at the same time he’s sensual and seductive. Sex is about living out his deep deep feelings that he has for you. He could never separate love and sex.
- as sensible as he is, especially when Pisces man get older.. they’re super manly and strong in character. They have a lot of strength and love to take care of you, protect you. And now here’s the most amazing thing about his character: Even though he loves to protect, he has absolutely no interest to be “the stronger one” when it comes to success and accomplishments. That’s why many Pisces man are in happy relationships with very successful woman because they can handle it (yup.. just saying 😭)
- he’s loyal to friends and family, often puts their well- being before his own which means that his relationships often end when he’s with someone who takes advantage of this trait.. (again.. crazy how compatible he is to Taylor because it’s just the same with her!!)
- he’s not the obvious person to be in a leader role but among friends and family he possesses a powerful position because he can lead everyone through critical and tough situations with his deep strength.
- even though he’s a dreamer he’s always there when you need him. And that’s what makes an incredible partner.
- when it comes to his health, the emotional intensity of his character can become a problem. Moderation is something that’s often ignored by the Pisces man. Therefore he needs a partner that can stop him and calm him and offer him some sort of security and relaxation. Being at home and spending time with his partner alone doing nothing is an example of his ideal form of relaxation and it’s important that he finds that in a partner. If not, the relationship becomes unhealthy for him. (again… all these home videos of Taylor and Joe?!?! They LOVE to be at home together and relax. That’s so typical for Pisces.)
- also, he’s super bad to deal with stress.. this sign is very prone to anxiety and depression which is why he needs time to figure things for himself out. The annoying part is that most of the time he wants attention when he’s down lol (yeah Pisces man are considered the ’whiny babies’ among all signs lmao) but at the same time that makes dealing with him very easy because he just needs your love and affection when he’s down.. give him some cuddles and he’s good again.
- This emotional up and down is mostly the only challenge you’ll have with a Pisces man. Sometimes he’s quiet and you need to be loud and sometimes he’s so happy that nothing can stop him. The key to a happy relationship with him, that could even last forever, is to find a way to go through these ups and downs with him. If you can manage to deal with these…he’ll love you forever.

To sum it up.. the Pisces man is compassionate, helpful, dreamy, unconditional. He’ll love to put the world at your feet even if he just receives a small thank you. At the same time, he’s not just a sensible little boy, but a strong man who’s there for you during difficult times. He’s the one sign that can make you discover deep sexual feelings like you’ve never had before. At the same time, he’s faithful and true. Once you have his heart, you’ll have it forever. The only two difficult things about Pisces men is the fact that they’re literal drama queens at times and chaotic as fuck lmao. They have times when they’re super happy and times when they feel absolutely down. As a partner you have to be able to deal with these down times. If you’re not as loving as he is, he’ll suffer. Pisces men are very manly yet need a lot of affection when they’re down. Also, you have to be able to deal with his chaotic and unplanned lifestyle. They’ll accidentally forget a lot of things lol. But at the end of the day they’re “end game“ material, ladies. These are the natural born husbands and dads of our society. So.. yeah. Congrats Tay 😭.

no one expects an angel to set the world on fire – i certainly didn’t. when he touched me and his palms were too hot i always thought it was his passion, not the timebomb overheating in his chest.

the thing about an angel is that behind the smile and the flowers and the golden glow, he is here for a reason – something has gone wrong. he held the wrong things too close to his tainted chest and fell right at my feet like a meteorite. the worst decision i’ve ever made was to pick him up and try to make him whole. once an angel loses his wings, there’s no going back.

and the good times were good – always hello my love and you are my starsong and i saw a small flower sticking up from the pavement and i thought of you but i left it there to live because you would’ve wanted me to. when his palms scorched my skin, i never thought it was because he was running short on time – never thought to open his chest while he slept and pick through the machinery there to find a malfunction. a thing that glows so brightly is bound to emit heat now and then; every brilliant thing has its flaw. i knew that then. now i know nothing.

because every night his fingers burned worse and worse and when he kissed me it was less like love and more like the brimstone he tried so hard to run from. combing my hands through his hair was like raking them through hot coals. when i saw fire in his eyes my bones screamed at me to run while i could, but like any true hero, i stood my ground and screamed that my God, i loved him. my God, i couldn’t stand to look at him, he was so brilliant, and i couldn’t stand to touch him, he was so hot with euphoria, and my God, don’t do this, please! but his ears were shut to me and hell was shining in his eyes and he said your God is not your God anymore and when his fingers wrapped around my skin and dug i froze. his fingertips pierced me and burrowed underneath my veins and he took what he wanted: the divine, the holy, my church-pew bones and my cherry-wine blood and my breath in the form of a hymn. i have been a pile of ashes ever since.

and who is to blame? the angel with his back broken from having his wings ripped from his skin or the girl who thought she could play Saint Jude? how can i pin a damning sign above his head when i have provoked him time and time again to take me in his arms even though i knew he would scorch me? naivete is no excuse. in the back of my mind i had to know he was falling; i had to know there was a clock ticking between his ribs and that it would blow. i had to know.

and still, i look for him in the night sky, remembering midnight on the sabbath when he crashed into the high grass at my feet. we crave our own destruction. this i was taught by the oven of his mouth.

- no one expects an angel to set the world on fire // abby // prompt for @still-in-pieces

Decisions Decisions-Jason Blossom

Riverdale Imagine:#2

Word Count: 2,889 (idk what happened tbh…)

Warnings: Underage drinking, Implied sex.

Summary: After finding out the family business is a front for a drug ring Jason goes to the one person he knows he can trust.

A/n: I hope you all like this. I love Jason Blossom and I don’t think there is enough of him in the world so I am going to provide!!! 

Let me know what you think and remember…



Last Imagine

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A Million Reasons-Auston Matthews

Guys, I feel so bad I haven’t been posting much of my own content, and I’m hoping to get back on track here soon. I know it’s no excuse but work has been super shitty lately and I’ve been working 10-11 hour days.  

So, as an apology, here’s an Auston song fic I had written before starting this page.


Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 2624

Warnings: angsty, somewhat unrequited love, maybe language, Auston whoring around

Song: A Million Reasons-Lady Gaga

You’re giving me a million reasons to let you go

You’re giving me a million reasons to quit the show

This wasn’t the first time it had happened.  But it is the first time that I had caught him doing it.  

For as long as I can remember, so since I moved to Scottsdale, Auston Matthews had been my best friend.  Always sticking by my side, even when he couldn’t be there physically.  We were always talking, emailing, skyping, texting, writing letters, snapchatting.  You name it, we’ve done it.

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Don’t do this to me, I beg you - Jason Todd x Reader

@scrayon1  14 15 And 16 sound amazing together for Jason Peter Todd.

PROMP LIST (be sure that the number wasn’t already taken!)

14. “I don’t wanna do this anymore”
15. “Please put this down”
16. “This isn’t you”


Here’s a thing: Jason Todd wasn’t the boyfriend material typo. Sure, he could be romantic at special occasions when he felt like Y/N had enough with the entire bad boy atitude, or the mornings of when he came home covered in other’s people blood (she was too scared to wonder of who or why), but he was enough.

Y/N never had a previous relashionship to compare, but she knew how much she needed Jason as much he needed her. It was a simple combo. She never asked for him to be the boyfriend material she once imagine as a kid by seeing other people around her finding their personas. And she didn’t believe that she was all that to complain, so it was enough. He accepted and supported her with her Bordeline Syndrome and she supported him through his entire PTSD

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anonymous asked:

Can you rec any stories?

Oh boy. You better strap in, because I have read a lot of fics. Most of these will probably be Dick Grayson centric, though, so just a fair warning. I’ve seen a couple people format fic recs like this, and I really like it. I hope it’s organized enough!

Of course, you can always go through my fic recs tag, too!

The Bonds that Tie by DawnsEternalLight 
Words: 59,507 (between 2 fics)
Summary: A series exploring the Batfamily growing closer together.
My Comments: Absolutely amazing and heart wrenching. The first fic in this series is finished, which is a lot more about Dick and Damian’s relationship, but the second is still ongoing, which is more about Jason and Tim. It’s a wonderful series!

To Pass Through This Night by DawnsEternalLight
Words: 4,147
Summary: When Dick was captured by the Syndicate he died, for a short period of time, but he still died. It’s a fact he kept from his closest friends and family to protect them. When Damian and Tim find out he has to face not only them, but the emotions he’s buried from the event.
My Comments: It’s a forever evil fic. Like, you don’t even know how much I love this, especially because it involves the whole family’s feelings, not just Dick’s.

Even When You’re Down by DawnsEternalLight
Words: 4,628
Summary: Jason is expecting pizza at his door, not a very sick Dick Grayson. When he can’t figure out what’s wrong with his brother he turns to the only person he can, Bruce.
My Comments: Ahhh I love sickfics so much, and this one did not disappoint! Jason and Bruce coming together to care for Dick was amazing to read! To be honest, @preciousthingsareprecious​‘s fics are all amazing, and I’ve read so many of Dawn’s works. These are just my absolute favorites!

Stubborn by audreycritter 
Words: 20,359 (4/4)
Summary: Dick is usually the one taking care of everyone else and he’s bad at asking for help.So bad, in fact, that he never even actually asks– but Jason shows up anyway.And then Dick returns the favor. And then they both do for Tim. And it’s just going to keep going from there.It’s probably Alfred’s fault. When your butler mom calls and says, “Go check on your brother,” you don’t argue. You just do it.
My Comments: The first chapter absolutely killed me. It’s a sickfic, with each chapter focusing on a different batkid. It’s so well written, and it’s one of my all time favorites!

The Mechanics of a Hug by incogneat-oh 
Words: 4,154
Summary: “So,” Tim ventures. “It's… what, a cuddle pollen?” Bruce just shrugs. “Something like that.” 
My Comments: It’s funny, it’s angsty, the dialogue is absolutely amazing, and I would recommend this author’s fics (all of them, really) a thousand times over. This one is just my absolute favorite that I’ve read a bajillion times.

World’s Apart by Fernandidilly_yo 
Words: 37,169 (3/?)
Summary: Dick’s world is falling apart. With all the heroes and Batman gone, the teen thinks this is the end, that is until Dick miraculously end up in an Alternet Universe where the world is whole and there’s a family waiting for him.
My Comments: This is an AU that absolutely BREAKS MY HEART. There’s so much description and it’s such an amazing story. It has a lot of potential, and besides the occasional typos/spelling errors, it’s probably one of the best I’ve ever read. I’m looking forward to more!

Locked Away by AutumnHobbit 
Words: 3,021
Summary: anonymous asked: would you consider writing dick being asked to empty jasons locker at school after jason dies?

“Uh, Wayne residence,” he said, cringing after the fact at how hoarse his voice sounded. He scrubbed a hand over his eyes in frustration.
“Um, hello. Is, um….” the female voice trailed off hesitantly. “Is Mr. Wayne available at the moment?”
“I’m afraid not,” Dick said, trying harder to channel his inner Alfred. “Can I take a message?”
“…Yes,” the woman said. “It’s….well, it pertains to his son, Jason.”
My Comments: THIS IS SO SAD. I still love it, because it shows a side of Dick that we don’t see often. We see Dick happy around his family, angry, frantic, but never this grieving boy mourning the loss of a brother, and it’s heartbreaking. There are a lot more quality fics by this author, as well.

there is a design, an alignment by irnan
Words: 584
Summary: Dick’s just had brain surgery. No wonder it hurts.
My Comments: This is so sweet. But, of course, Bruce can only seem to show affection to his kids when they’re hurt or unconscious.

exactly how this grace thing works by irnan
Words: 22,710
Summary: Dick gets de-aged. You’d think this would be a routine thing.
My Comments: Honestly, this is the fic that convinced me to stay in the fandom. It’s the fic that I will always aspire to write, quality wise. It’s an amazing piece about a de-aged Dick learning to accept the family that’s suddenly thrust onto him, and his family, in turn, learn things about him that they didn’t know before. The whole fic is amazing.

Who We Were by ZiZzy
Words: 105,025 (33/?)
Summary: When the Graysons fell their son went to his great-uncle to be trained as a Talon. Four years later he is rescued and taken to live at Wayne Manor. But, he is not the talkative boy he once was, in fact talking at all is a bit of a problem… A series of connected oneshots about how the Batfamily is formed when the older brother is not quite who he was meant to be.The timeline of each chapter is in the A/Ns.
My Comments: It’s a little hard to get used to this fic, since most of them are read like one-shots in the same AU, but this fic destroyed me. Dick is so adorable, and he’s going through so much, and Bruce is so understanding. The last couple of chapters had me in tears.

Half Lost, Half Found by takadainmate
Words: 23,632 (4/5)
Summary: Driven underground, Batman fights to keep Nightwing alive. There is a fight. There’s always a fight.
My Comments: I always recommend this story, but it’s amazing. There’s a lot of tension between Dick and Bruce, but they have to work together in order to survive. Sadly, this fic hasn’t been updated since 2013, but it’s only the last chapter that’s missing. It’s still a great story, even without it.

Family is a Crisis by Lysical
Words: 4,172
Summary: In their family there’s always some sort of crisis going on.
“Probably a fashion crisis,” Jason muttered. “He probably dragged us all here so he could show off some chartreuse and fuchsia monstrosity.” “You aren’t making a new costume again, are you?” Damian added, nose wrinkling. “I thought we all agreed you were staying away from colors.”
My Comments: This fic is hilarious.Seriously, as much as I wish Tim was in it, too, it is the perfect sequel to the one scene at the burger joint in Batman #16.

Grade School by KagSesshlove
Words: 100,098 (13 fics)
Summary: Imagine that Damian goes to a regular school full time. And has to do things that normal grade-schoolers have to do. This is his life now: pretending to be a normal 10 year old at school all for the sake of the public. But, honestly, the public would rather he not.
My Comments: When I first found this fic, I think I started screaming at @stepichu to read it, too, I was so excited. I think I actually read it twice in one week? Please read this entire series. It’s hilarious and serious and just plain amazing. Sometimes the characterizations are a little exaggerated, but I still love it. It totally adds to the story! And the best part is that it was just completed!

the man with guns for eyes by 8sword
Words: 22,056
Summary: “Don’t blame him, little D. He gave me a choice.” “He always makes it a choice,” Damian mutters. “If you’re the one who makes the decision, it’s your fault if it’s the wrong one.” (Dick comes back from the dead.)
My Comments: Hm. Okay, on the one hand I really like reading this fic, because the boys are all forced to talk to each other and try to work things out. On the other hand, sometimes this fic leaves me reeling. There’s a lot to get through in one sitting, and sometimes I have to break it up.

With Friends Like These by ChimaeraKitten
Words: 4141
Summary: How Artemis got to know both Dick Grayson and Robin before finding out they were the same person.
My Comments: This is a YJ fic, but it’s really good. Like, I didn’t know I needed Artemis getting to know Dick Grayson so badly until I read this. There are also some other really good fics by @chimaerakitten​, but this one is one that I fell in love with.

Crowded Enough by CaraLee
Words: 18,744 (15/?)
Summary: An AU built off of the titular line from the pilot episodes of Young Justice. Dick Grayson comes home from the events at CADMUS to the enjoyment of his various siblings, friends, and sibling-like people. Now extended: One chapter per episode of the first season. Plus a few extras.
My Comments: I love this so much. Each chapter is gold.

Save You by ArsenicInYourPudding
Words: 6538 (4/4)
Summary: The three times Wally West made sure Dick Grayson lived to fight another day, and the one time he didn’t have to.
My Comments: Warnings for suicidal thoughts/actions. The bromance between Dick and Wally in this is amazing, and this fic got me through some tough times. The whole thing always has my crying by the end, no matter how many times I read it.

That’s just on ao3, and it’s getting really late, so I needed to shorten this a bit. I will say that you’re welcome to look through my bookmarks on ao3 and my story favs on ff.net if you’re looking for more. There are a lot of amazing fics out there that I didn’t mention. I probably will come back to update this sooner or later.

edit because I don’t know how I forgot these:

Interval of Shadow by CaramelMachete
Words: 41,403 (15/?)
Summary: Nightwing, Robin and Red Robin take on Clayface. Nightwing does not emerge unscathed.Is this the end of Nightwing’s career? How will the rest of family react? Will Dick recover, and what should he do if he can’t?
My Comments: My goodness, this fic is honest to god amazing. It shows the struggle Dick goes through and how his family scrambles to be there for him. The interactions between everyone is so spot on, and if you haven’t read this, read it. And then come scream at me or @caramelmachete about it.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by anon_nom_nom
Words: 3,614
Summary: Prompt from yj_anon_meme:
Okay, so I always thought that the reason DCAU Dick turned into such a bitter little thing was because he only ever had Batman, and sometimes Batgirl, but he never had his Titans or his Wally or anything.So I would like so see something where Robin is starting to show early warning signs of this, maybe just frustration after a really bad night on the job in Gotham with Batman, and him actually having his team there to help him deal with it.In which Robin has a bad night, discusses poetry, and gets a massage.
My Comments: This is a YJ fic that shows the struggle that Dick goes through as a partner of Batman, and I find it super realistic. It’s really fluffy with a hint of light angst, and all of the characters are spot on.

Fear by tristen84
Words: 18,622 (6/6)
Summary: While on a stake-out together, Robin and Kid Flash have a frightening run-in with Scarecrow. Dick-Wally friendship.
My Comments: Another YJ fic. If you want Wally and Dick bromance, like, this is the fic. It’s a really good story, too, and it shows just how much both Dick and Wally care for each other. It’s a good read.

I’m probably still forgetting some, but these are all amazing, too, and please check them out!


Imagine introducing your son to the world.

A/N: Guess who’s back, back again. Hiatus life was boring, but I did do some writing and some reading and some TV watching. 😋 Did I improve? Hmm…I don’t know, but I feel much more relaxed. Updates won’t be as frequent, but I am back. 😁 Chapter 8, Part 1 of ‘Beginnings’ is here ❤️ You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series: ‘Perfect’ - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Fated’ - Masterlist)

Chris’ 39th birthday was spent incredibly low-key. There was no big birthday bash, no fancy dinner party. There wasn’t even a simple luncheon with family and friends, just the four of you in your big beautiful home above Laurel Canyon. You’d wanted to plan something for him, something as amazing as he’d been for the past twelve months; your whole pregnancy and Jack’s first four months of his life. But he told you to “save it for the big four-oh,” arguing that it made more sense to go all out then. You obliged because as long as he was happy, you were happy. If you had to be honest, you were glad Chris opted for something low-key. You liked the bubble the four of you’d been in since Jack was born, with no talk of work as Chris was on hiatus and you were still on maternity leave. It was ending on Monday, but you’d throughly enjoyed the last four months with your little family.

It got a little much at times, both you and Chris admitted that. There were a number of sleepless nights and a few moments in the days where Jack would throw a tantrum like any other baby. He’d relentless cry and scream despite both your best efforts to soothe him, driving the three other members of the household insane. It was never long until you started crying too because Jack’s crying stressed you out. Then there was your messed up hormones, and really- you just cried a lot more than you’d like to admit. Chris would then have his work cut out for him because he’d have both you and Jack to soothe. Usually he’d delegate Dodger to you while he worked on Jack because once Jack stopped crying, you would too. Chris kept a good handle on things like you’d always expected him to. He was freaking out on the inside, but he played it cool so you’d remain calm too. It was a sweet notion; one you weren’t meant to find out, but overheard while he was on the phone with his mom. Needless to say, you loved him even more after.

With news about little families. Sebastian and Ava welcomed their son, Alexander Denver Stan into the world on the 21st of May even though he was due on the 4th of June. Thankfully, the delivery went smoothly and he came out a healthy and happy baby. You and Chris met Alex over FaceTime like Sebastian and Ava did with Jack, agreeing they were going to fly over for Jack’s first birthday so you could all finally meet in person. Alex looked a lot like Ava, inheriting her eyes. But his debonair smile was definitely from Sebastian, that boy- even as a newborn- was an incredibly charming one. He was a Gemini like his godfather, which Chris was happy about as he felt left out; his first name initial was the only one left out of Alex’s name. You, Ava, and Sebastian all got a letter, but not Chris. So he was glad Alex was a Gemini, even if he was on the cusp. Sebastian and Ava went a different route to you and Chris, announcing their baby’s birth and name on Sebastian’s Instagram a week after they got home from the hospital.

Their move placed a lot of pressure on you and Chris to do the same. Both your social medias were quickly bombarded with requests from fans for a photo of your child, and of course a name and a gender as that was also still a secret. Neither of you were ready to introduce Jack to the world so you didn’t, logging out of your social medias so you’d stop getting notifications every time you were online. You both agreed you’d introduce Jack to the world after you started work and actually had to leave the house ‘cause if you didn’t steer into the skid, you were going to have a lot of trouble with the paparazzi. You didn’t need to be hounded about your child every time you were out and about, it was enough they hounded you about everything else. One time when you and Chris were leaving a restaurant, a paparazzi yelled out “chicken or beef?” Neither responded because you were both confused. Why did they need that particular piece of information? How was it going to help anyone in any way?

So far, the two of you had managed to avoid the paparazzi and their useless questions well. Your little trips to the park, the grocery store, the farmer’s market, and the houses of close friends- like Robert and Susan Downey- were yet to be captured on camera. “We are nailing stealth mode,” Chris would say every time he checked the Internet for pap shots and found nothing. But as time ticked closer to the end of your maternity leave, you knew it was time to leave the bubble, get off stealth mode, get back on the grid, and resume living life realistically. Realistically, it was time to get the world off your backs and introduce Jack to them. If you weren’t Chris Evans’ wife and the mother of his child, if you were still a fan of his- you’d want an introduction. You’d want a gender, a name, and a photo. This was Chris Evans. Everyone knew how much he wanted to get married and have kids. It was cruel what the two of you were doing with all the secrecy, you knew that. You blamed Chris, he turned you into a person as private as he was.

“What photo are we going to use?” You asked, then gently nudged Chris’ thigh with your foot. You needed him to tear his attention from Jack, who was giggling because he was being lifted above his daddy’s head like Simba was lifted over Rafiki’s on Pride Rock. “Are we thinking like a family photo, or like a single shot of Jack?”

“I’m thinking whatever you think, darling,” he answered unhelpfully then proceeded to blow raspberries into Jack’s belly. You leaned your head on the back of the couch and smiled as you watched Chris play with your son. He was good at being a dad. It made him happy and anyone could see that. You were glad- honored even, to be the one who helped him become a dad. “Oh buddy, you are so adorable.” He laid Jack down on his back on his lap, playing with his feet. “I’m going to eat you. Om nom nom,” he playfully nibbled on Jack’s feet, making your son squeal with absolute delight.

“Okay Curtis Everett, if you’re hungry we’ve got some leftover curry in the pot.” You teased and Chris turned to you, trying not to smile as he shook his head. “Help me pick a picture.” You sat up and crawled over to him on the other end of the couch, holding out your iPad to show him the finalists. “We gotta pick carefully, this is going to trend for- God knows how long.”

“What is this?”

‘What’s what?”

“Would you give up pizza for a sex-filled one-night stand with your fave celeb?” Chris quizzed with a quirked brow. You looked down at the screen and realized you’d accidentally opened the conversation you were having with your friends, Taylor and Salma, on Instagram. “Whoa, excuse you.” He caught your wrist, preventing you from pulling the iPad away. You laughed because he’d read your answer and you knew what was coming. “Pizza all the way? With the thrown up hand emojis? Wow,” he dramatically gasped. “That is very hurtful.”

“I’m married to my fave celeb, I don’t need to give up pizza to have a sex-filled night with him. In fact, I should get pizza to have a sex-filled night with him.” You said and Chris cracked a smile. “Even if we weren’t married, I still wouldn’t give pizza up for a one-night stand with you. I might give it up if it was like- a serious monogamous relationship. Y’know, I’d really ponder it.”

“You’d really ponder it?” Chris snickered when you nodded, smiling. “I agree with Salma.” He looked back down at your screen and recited her response, “you are the strongest, all hail the queen. Your priorities are honorable.” You giggled and kissed his jawline. “For the record, I wouldn’t have to ponder it. I’d give anything up if it meant having you, even for one night.”

“Way to make me look like a total B,” you muttered bitterly then laughed when he laughed, wrapping one arm around you while the other held Jack close to his chest. Jack’s small hands reached for you, making you and Chris exchange; Jack for the iPad. “What are you smiling at, handsome?” You planted his tiny feet on your lap and bounced him, smiling when he smiled. “Are you ready to be famous, Jack Jack? ‘Cause you’re gonna be once Daddy picks a photo.”

“Why does Daddy have to be the one to pick?”

“‘Cause I shortlisted,” you replied. “I always do the shortlisting and you always make the final decisions. That’s us. That’s how we always make a decision when we post about Dodger and that’s how we’ll make a decision now that we’re posting about our son.” Chris’ fingers played with his lower lip as he went over the final four photos. “I doubt we could go wrong, he’s cute in every photo. Our boy is so photogenic, it’s scary.”

“Yeah, he gets it from you.” Chris mumbled under his breath while he examined the photos. You smiled because you heard him, resting your head on his shoulder. “Okay, how about this one?” He pointed at the photo of Jack in a grey onesie, smiling up at the camera. “I believe he was laughing when you took this photo. It was after he screamed us awake and we brought him to our room. He was all smiles once he got into our room.” You kissed Jack’s cheek, smiling at the memory of that moment. “He’s quite the actor, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he gets it from you,” you responded and Chris smiled. “Okay then, that is our winner.” You passed Jack back to Chris as he passed you the iPad. “What’s our caption going to be?” You asked, glancing at him. He shot you a look that said, “aren’t you the writer?” You shook your head, laughing, “forget I asked.”

“Done and done.” He quickly pecked your cheek then resumed playing with Jack, pointing at the television. ‘The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh’ had been playing in the background, almost on a loop as Jack loved Winnie the Pooh as much as you and Chris had growing up. It was pretty amazing how the age gap between the three of you didn’t change the love you had for Pooh Bear.

“Poor Bear,” you mumbled to yourself. You smiled as a caption came to mind. You opened your Instagram first, setting up your post and saving it to your drafts. You then hopped over to Twitter where Chris’ account was already logged in and created the same post, saving it to his drafts. “Okay, go on your phone and then we’ll post at the exact same time.”

He reached for his phone on the coffee table and opened Twitter. He smiled when he opened his draft box, whispering into your hair when he leaned over to kiss your head, “perfect caption, baby.” You smiled and opened your draft box. “On the count of three?” He quizzed and you nodded, finger at the ready. “One.”


“Three.” He said and you both posted. Within seconds, notifications started flooding in. Congratulations and reactions from friends, family, and fans filled your comment sections; hundreds of retweets and reposts occurred. “Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Chris read your caption, smiling in agreement. “Everyone, this is Jackson Christopher Evans.” You turned to him and met his lips for a gentle kiss. “I love you,” he whispered upon breaking the kiss.

“I love you too.”

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Part 2

Little Do You Know - Stiles Stilinski Imagine (Part 4)

❁ (not my gif, but I did edit it a little) ❁

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy this part, it continues from where things were left on part 3. Please let me know what you think, I loveee feedback. Btw next part might be the last. Also, sorry in advance for any spelling/grammar mistakes etc.

[Part 1, 2 & 3] - [Masterlist]

Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warning: Cursing, fist fight, sad? That’s all I think.
Word count: 1318

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anonymous asked:

( Part One ) Don't you think it's kinda wrong that aelin sort of decided for both her and rowan by making the choice not to use protection for the 'sake of terresan' or whatever by not preventing the possibility of conceiving... Like I get that she didn't want to bring up the conversation due to rowans situation with Lyria and there unborn child - it's still an open wound and something deeply upsetting for him

( Part Two ) But that decision is a really fucking serious one ?? And she didn’t even bother to consult him ?? Or have the decency to have a discussion with him about it ?? Like it involves two people to create a child and Aelin just completely cut him off ?? And for a couple so passionate and in love and supportive as rowaelin this just seems so out of character and kind of selfish ?? Idk it just always felt really wrong when I read it and I just wanted someone else’s opinion ! Thanks xx


Let me rephrase your question, to illustrate my answer: “Don’t you think it’s kinda wrong that Rowan sort of decided for both of them—by making the choice cum inside Aelin—and not ask her if she was on birth control?”


“That decision is a really fucking serious one. And Rowan didn’t even bother to consult Aelin. Nor did he have the decency to have a discussion with her about ejaculating inside her. Like it involves two people to create a child and Rowan just completely cut her off.”

My answer: No. Aelin is in no way at fault here. It takes two people to have sex and two people to get pregnant. It was/is just as much Rowan’s responsibility to ask Aelin if he could cum/ejaculate inside her. And he didn’t do that, so I don’t see a problem with Aelin not saying anything. We live in a patriarchal society that reinforces the idea that the responsibility of pregnancy and babies lies solely on women/the person with the uterus. 

And that is some gendered bullshit.

We reinforce that idea so much, that in the U.S.A. there are a healthy amount of men who think it’s okay to pass legislation regarding how women can and cannot use their reproductive organs. We reinforce this idea so much, that in the U.S.A. new father’s don’t get the same amount of maternity leave as new mothers. We reinforce this idea so much that in some states, men don’t have to bear any of the burden for the cost of maternity care for women they slept with who get pregnant.

So no. I think it’s easy to put the burden of this conversation on Aelin and erase Rowan’s responsibility, but that would be grossly negligent on our part. 

Rowan is old enough to understand how babies are made.

Rowan is old enough to ask Aelin if it’s okay for him to cum inside her.

Rowan is old enough to walk into a store a buy a male contraceptive.

Rowan is old enough to walk into a store and buy a female contraceptive to give to Aelin.

Rowan is old enough to understand that if he could not get his hands on a male contraceptive, then likely Aelin could not get her hands on a female contraceptive.

Rowan is old enough to know better than to assume Aelin has access to a female contraceptive. 

what does mon-el mean for supergirl?

hello everyone, I’m opal and I’m dipping my feet into the supergirl fandom and I’m doing so a little apprehensively. I’ve watched from afar and seen how truly toxic this fandom is. but I hope there are some people who want to have genuinely intelligent discourse about one of my favorite characters on TV right now and that is Mon-El Former prince of daxam and future legionnaire !! 

I realize he’s not a flawless character, I realize that maybe he’s not a well written character, but he’s someone that has a lot of potential. anyways, I do welcome opposition to my viewpoint, but not if one of your arguments is one of the following:

  • mon-el is a slave owner he deserves to die !!!! how abusive !!!!
  • thank god mon-ew got yeeted off into a butthole in space !!
  • kara danvers is free from man hell she can be with l*na superc*rp will rise.

I kind of view these to be just a spew of hatred that the show has already refuted and well I’m not going to argue with a brick wall if you think mon-el is a terrible character you’re honestly missing out and I feel sorry for you

okay now that I’ve gotten those out of the way let me talk about what I really want to discuss in this meta: mon-el’s role in supergirl’s narrative, his character development and how he’s shaped the show and speculations about his future storyline. you can read more under the cut.

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"What the Hell is a Stiles?"

“Hey y/n!”
My body trembles in nervousness immediately at who that voice belongs to, the one and only Theo frickin’ Raeken.
“Y-yes,” I stutter out ignoring the squealing escaping my best friends mouth.
“2 things,” he breathes out still flustered from jogging across the hall, “One, are you seeing anyone and two, are you free tomorrow night?” Is this forreal, is Theo Raeken asking me out?! I stand there frozen, still replaying those words he just said because again, Theo Raeken is asking me out and two, I am seeing someone, I just don’t know who, sounds crazy right?
“No, she’s not seeing anyone,” Lydia replies to the green-eyed boy, “And yes she’s free tomorrow night. Pick her up at 8? Oh and a bouquet of orchids wouldn’t hurt,” she finishes, sending a gushing smile to me and Theo. I roll my eyes and turn my head in embarrassment; I could’ve answered for myself. “I’ll see you tomorrow at 8, princess,” the beautiful boy says as he winks at me. “Can’t wait,” I smirk at him as I turn to walk away dragging the annoying red head with me. “Lydia!” I snap at her while nudging her hard in the side as we, urm I, speed walk away from my supposedly date for tomorrow night.
“Ow, y/n what the hell was that for? And stop running!” She snaps back while yanking my arm to a halt. “I can’t believe you did that to me Lydia, that was so embarrassing,” I groan while yanking the roots of my hair in attempt to forget what just happened. “What’s your problem, you finally got a date with the boy you’ve been drooling over all year, which you almost screwed up on by staring at him as if he were a ghost,” she says casually.
“Yes. Theo’s attractive but I have a boyfriend,” I say assuredly.
“Oh y/n give it a rest. You don’t have a boyfriend. Now you have the opportunity to actually have a REAL boyfriend and he was about to back out. You should be thanking me that I saved you,” she says, flipping her fiery curls over her shoulder.
“Thanking you? Lydia you spoke for me! He probably thinks somethings wrong with me!”
“Well, you are the one claiming to have a boyfriend whom none of us have seen or can recall, not even you,” she says.
“Why did you have to say yes? You always do this you’re always making decisions for me!” I admit to her, a conversation well overdue.
“Y/n quit being dramatic!”
“I’m not being dramatic Lyds, you’re being controlling!”
“Controlling? Wow, you need to chill. You’re just feeling a lot of emotions right now, relax, everything will be fine,” she assures me as she grabs my hands and stares into y/e/c eyes. “Let’s hit the mall, find a new outfit that’ll make Theo’s mouth drop to the floor. Get our nails done, maybe some facials, get coffee? Come on you’ll feel better,” she says as she flattens my hair trying to tame it.
“See! This is what I’m talking about! You’re controlling!” I snap as I stop her hands from touching my hair feeling a little bad when sadness spreads across her face.
“Okay, we don’t have to go to the mall. We can go for a run, usually that calms you down,” she says yanking me towards the exit.
“Will you stop! You can’t make me do something I don’t want to! I yank my hand out of her grasp.
“Oh so you don’t want to go out with Theo?”
“No, and I’m not going,” I say standing tall to her, which doesn’t take much.
“What do you mean you’re not going? Yes you are,” she says sternly.
“I mean I, y/f/n y/l/n, will not be going on a date with Theo Raeken tomorrow,” I say back to her with the same tone.
“You’re so unbelievable! You cry and bitch for the whole year about being alone and now you have the chance to not be alone and you’re gonna back out for something this stupid!” She screams at me catching a few glares from students running late to practices or detention.
“No Lydia! You hate the fact that you can’t control my love life because I already have a boyfriend! Remember Stiles?”
That’s it! That’s him! That’s who I was supposed to remember! Stiles Stilinski, the honey hazel-eyed goof who had my heart ever since he offered me curly fries.
“Oh my goodness, Lydia! That’s him! Stiles is whose missing!” I say full of happiness as I hug her tight and pull out my phone to text the rest of the pack to meet at my house.
“Come on, we gotta go!” I say excitedly as I grab her hand and run down the hall and out the school, the red head surprisingly quiet.
We get to my car and quickly get in, I put the key in the ignition.
“Yeah, Lyds?” I say briefly looking up at her.

“What the hell is a Stiles?”

mini (?) rant.

Reed is hella annoying, bro. this dude found a criminal file with NO NAME and immediately assumed it was Wes. it doesn’t even matter that he was right, that assumption was ugly as hell. and then to go and tell Lauren without first discussing it with Wes?? wtf?? what kind of gossip girl bs is this man on? this ya’ mans, Cait??

that conversation he had with Wes after the Wes/Lauren argument was BEAUTIFUL, and that’s what he should’ve done FIRST AND FOREMOST. i could try to understand if Wes was a grown ass man, but he’s a CHILD and a MUTANT CHILD AT THAT. this actual grown ass man tried to paint a kid as some thug. Marcos would zap the hell out of him. he’s always making these horrible decisions, like fam… where is Lorna with another drag for him?? don’t get me wrong, i’m glad he tries to make up for it after, but i need him to actually learn from his mistakes and stop.

and Lauren??? i know Lauren knows better, she’s shown from episode one that she’s against the prejudice and understands what mutants go through. her jumping on Wes like that was kind of OOC for me and she acted a little too entitled to his life story. 

An Essay on “Practical Catholicism”

So a few weeks ago, two of my coworkers were talking about different religions and how people practice their respective faiths. I didn’t really take part in the conversation, but simply listened in as it was near my desk, and I couldn’t help but hear. One of them made a remark to this effect: “I don’t see why people need to go to a special building to worship God. I can worship him in my house, or out in nature, or anywhere. I don’t need a special building for that.”

And, to a certain degree, she’s right. We can worship God anywhere. In fact, Jesus tells us that we should go to our inner rooms and pray to our Father in secret, and our Father who sees what is secret will repay us.

There is certainly merit to private prayer, do not get me wrong. We should all be comfortable with private meditation whether at home or on the go, and we don’t need a “worship space” – a church, a chapel, a grotto, or whatever – to pray.

All that being said, that doesn’t take away from the fact that we DO need to be comfortable with communal worship as well. As one of my favorite Christian musical artists Ron Kenoly says, “Learn how to worship with the person standing next to you / Because when we get to Heaven, that’s what we’re gonna do.”

We need to have and do both.

But, let’s not overlook why so many people do go to church, and have gone to a central place of worship for hundreds of generations: the practical oneit’s a community center.

Think back to the 1800s, and those rural communities out in Farmland, USA (or any country, really). Your neighbors were sometimes several miles away, and, without cars, that was easily a half-day’s journey just to go to your friend’s house for a chat, grab a thing of sugar and then head back home. It was much easier for everyone to gather at the church, a central location, on Sunday and hear the latest news — that couple just had their first baby; so-and-so is on their deathbed; Mr. Smith fell and broke his leg and is on bedrest for several weeks. But, because these were also people of Faith, that meant that they could take action on anything that they felt needed to be done. Bring the new parents some food; help Mr. Smith’s family with their chores and other tasks; offer so-and-so’s family words of consolation, etc.

Even today, politicians realize that if you want to get the African-American communities involved, you go to their churches. You talk to the pastor, or the youth minister or whomever, because if they can get their congregation involved, your collective goals will be accomplished very quickly. This can be said for other communities, too, don’t get me wrong; but the African-American community is well-known for seeing the church as a gathering place for everyone to come together and plan how to get things done. (See: the Civil Rights movement.)

And as I thought of all these things later, after my coworkers’ conversation was long over, I began to realize how many aspects of our Faith hold not only a spiritual reason, but a practical one as well.

For instance: stained glass windows. Yes, they’re pretty. Yes, they should raise our thoughts to God and His work throughout salvation history. But, really, the reason they were first used in churches was when the majority of church-goers were illiterate, and the church leaders (priests, religious, etc.) needed a way to instruct both children and adults about the stories of the Faith. Thus, stained glass windows as a visual aid for whatever important Biblical figure or story you needed to teach people about.

Candles seem so archaic and ritualistic now, but up until electricity was invented, that was the only way to see. Yes, they also serve a liturgical and spiritual purpose; but, honestly, they were there to help the priest read the Missal and everyone else to see what was going on. If your church had a lot of windows and natural light, great! But, on those days when it was dark, or cloudy, or the church couldn’t afford windows… candles were the only way to see things.

(EDIT: When first writing this essay, I forgot to add the very important example below, on confession. I will also mark where the new content ends and the old content begins, just for clarification.)

I’ve been thinking about this subject for a while, and I remember mulling it over again after I saw this reblog on my “When you have to confess a really embarrassing sin to your favorite priest” post 

This is one thing I envy Catholics for. I know I can lay my sins directly before God in private confession and prayer, but I feel like I would get more closure from confessing my transgressions in person to someone like a priest. It might feel more real, more permanent, than whispering a prayer by myself, and wondering if I was sincere enough. I mean, it is so much scarier to go to a real person and confess my shame out loud! But I would be able to trust them, and they would remind me of God’s forgiveness, and I would feel that my extra effort proved my repentance to be sincere.
And I know God’s forgiveness depends fully on Jesus’s sacrifice and not on the sincerity of my plea for it, but the mental shame game is still a toughie.

This is something I’ve always appreciated about confession. Several times I’ve wanted to just confess my sins to God and just hope in His Mercy and not have to bring them to confession, because I just felt so embarrassed about them. Why can’t I just tell God I’m sorry? Why do I have to go to a priest? Can’t I just ~assume~ that He’s forgiven me and move on?

But, I cannot tell you the relief I feel every time I do take those sins to confession and hear the words, “I absolve you of your sins in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Go in peace.” I know, with 100 percent certainty, that I am forgiven.

And, even more practically speaking, in hindsight, it’s so helpful to bring those sins to the priest who can give you counsel and advice on how to avoid giving into those temptations in the future. If you’re Catholic, I’m sure you understand how many little tidbits from confession you end up remembering. Whether you carry them out or not is another matter, but they stick with you. If you’re not Catholic, I sincerely ask you to investigate what I mean – ask Catholics you know about confession and how it helps them; talk to a priest; etc. Granted, the priest doesn’t always give you advice or counsel, but when he does, it’s almost always something you needed to hear, whether you knew it already or not. He can tell you not to beat yourself up over your weaknesses, more practical steps on avoiding certain sins, or ways you can beef up your prayer life. It’s like spiritual direction with a bit of therapy thrown in there.

(EDIT: Old content begins here.)

One of my favorite parts of the liturgy that falls into this category is when the priest washes his hands after receiving the gifts (bread, wine, monetary donations) from the congregation. He says a prayer, “Lord, wash me of my iniquities and cleanse me of my sin,” and has the server pour a bit of water on his hands. The gesture is more for a spiritual purpose now than a practical one… But it didn’t start out that way. In the days of the Early Church, the priest did this to wash off all the gunk he got from touching the livestock, produce and other things that people donated during the Offertory. Now, of course, its practical purpose is gone, but that history is still there.

Many of the things that we do, if traced back enough, can also be seen from a practical perspective, and not just a spiritual one. For instance, the relics of the saints that every church has in its altar is a reminder that many in the Early Church celebrated Mass in the crypts beneath Rome, because that was — practically speaking — the safest place to do it. It was secret, out of the public way, and you could only really find it if you knew about it. Similarly, the ichthus, or the “Jesus fish symbol” as we always called it when we were kids, was a way for Christians to identify each other when their religion was forbidden. One person would trace the symbol with their foot or their stick in the sand or the dirt, to see if the other person would recognize it. If so, they were a fellow Christian. If not, you could just smudge it out or claim you had restless leg syndrome or something and it wasn’t anything.

Practically speaking, we have a Pope, because we need a “lead guy” whenever something goes wrong or we need to make a decision. Yes, he makes those decisions in union with a council of bishops, so it’s not just him acting by himself. But, at the end of the day, the Pope can always be regarded as The Official Spokesman® for the Catholic Church. If some Catholics do something that’s bad, the Pope can be the one to say, “Yeah, no, that’s seriously not what we believe. Don’t listen to them if they tell you that we do.”

Our society is starting to see this a lot right now among the Muslim community. We have some Muslims in the Middle East who are killing Christians and other non-Muslims, and claiming jihad, and doing all sorts of violent things — all in the name of Islam; all claiming that their beliefs are justified in the Qu'ran. Yet, there are Muslims in America who believe Islam is a peaceful religion, that attacking people of other faiths is never justified, and that the other Muslims have taken the Qu'ran out of context. Who are we non-Muslims to believe? Is Islam peaceful or not?

Granted, even if there were The Official Spokesman® for the Islamic Faith, I doubt those conflicts and quarrels would go away. However, it would give us non-Muslims someone to look to and say, “S/he speaks for all the true Muslims and those who disagree are a splinter group.”

Even within the Catholic Church, there are plenty of “Catholic” politicians who are pro-choice, even though the Church has spoken out against abortion several times, and asked people not to approve of it in any way, especially politicians. Yet, there are groups within the Church who don’t listen to or follow these teachings, and do their own thing, yet still claim to be Catholic. Who are we to believe? Is Catholicism pro- or anti-abortion?

I don’t want to get too bogged down in the political dealings. The ultimate point was that we Catholics have someone to look to as a sort of final authority (on earth), a spokesman, and a guy who gets the deciding vote (if there were ever some kind of disagreement within the church about something) before proclaiming doctrine on Faith and Morals.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of things that we do in the liturgy that are wholly spiritual in nature. Kneeling, for instance — there’s really no practical reason to kneel. We do it to show reverence for the King of Kings, who is present in the Blessed Sacrament.

I simply mean to say that so much of our faith, our prayers, our rituals, our liturgy, our structure of the Church involves what I would like to call “Practical Catholicism.”

We are hylomorphic beings after all. That means that we are both body and soul. Some Christian denominations say that humans are merely souls temporarily trapped inside meat bags. That our bodies are unimportant. Merely prisons from which we must free ourselves. And while our souls are certainly more important, that doesn’t mean that are our bodies are nothing. Our souls affect our bodies, and our bodies affect our souls.

There’s a reason that my spiritual director always encouraged people to drink coffee before trying to pray in the morning. There’s a reason why you’ll start feeling depressed if you’re inactive for too long. There’s a reason why if there are certain hormones in your system, you’ll probably have to fight harder against lustful thoughts and actions. We are both. Yes, our souls will go to Heaven (or Hell) when our bodies die, but at the End of Days, we are going to get our bodies back — New and Improved® bodies.

So, the next time you wonder why Catholics’ rosaries have five sets of 10 beads (it’s because we used to count on our fingers); or why the choir loft is usually above the congregation and at the back of the church (it’s so our voices and instruments can carry better); or why Hispanic Catholics only ever seem to use guitar / mariachi-type music at church (because guitars and trumpets are hand-held, portable instruments, making them perfect for processions, or minstreling through the town, and are generally cheaper than a piano or organ); or why we use only precious metals to contain the Eucharist (not only is it spiritually respectful, but precious metals typically last longer); or anything else about the Catholic Faith, I merely ask that you try to see not only the spiritually relevant reasons, but the practical ones as well.

Because, ultimately, whether you believe in God, whether you practice a faith, whether your Catholic or another Christian denomination… learning to cooperate and work with others to achieve a common goal is central to not only our society, but society in general.

Thus, if ever anyone asks you or complains about not needing a special building to worship God in… just say, “You know, we don’t just go to church for only spiritual reasons.”