he is always so intense why

Just imagine how overwhelming yet amazing everything is for Isak, like Even is probably the only person he’s ever kissed where he actually felt something and not just that, it felt right too and now Isak knows how it feels to be so attracted to someone that you just want to kiss and hug them etc all the time and be around them all the time and just know everything about them, this is Isak’s first time for all that and he’s absolutely hooked and so overwhelmed and yet so confused because he’s never felt this way and he’s never had to deal with such deep intense emotions for someone, he’s always had to try and force himself to feel something and then fake it but now it’s all real and he doesn’t know what to do, he hasn’t got much experience and so how to deal with the whole Even situation is new territory for him and that’s why he takes his friends and Eskild’s advice so literally, he’s so far gone with Even that he is just so lost in love. That’s why his little speech to Eva in the last episode is so incredible because it’s true, he could never hate Even, he’s always going to be thankful for him coming into his life no matter how it plays out, Even introduced him to his real self and for that he’ll be forever grateful, Isak can really just be Isak now.

Cuddles- Harry Potter


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Saturday afternoons around Christmas were always a do nothing day, I sat in front of the fireplace in the Slytherin common room reading The Great Gatsby, “love why are you so interested in muggle books?” Draco asked. I ignored him and continued to read my book as it was getting quite intense, I felt the cushion next to me sink in and Draco was soon huddled right next to me, he started placing kisses down my neck “how do you expect me to just sit there and watch you bite your lip like that” he growled against my skin “Draco, I’m trying to read” I said sternly, “you’ve been reading all day” he whined as he continued to pester me. I closed my book tossing it on the table in defeat “I just want to cuddle” he pouted, I rolled my eyes at the blonde boy who always tried to come off as a big tough guy but in reality was the biggest marshmallow ever. He lay down on the couch pulling my back into his chest, but he soon rolled over so I was now the big spoon, I sighed, but not surprised my dorky boyfriend just wanted to be held all the time. 


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OWLS were finally over and we had a couple days to relax before we had to go home for the summer, this was the time of year most of us dreaded, Harry didn’t want to go back to the Dursley’s, Hermione loved her parents but after 5 years she was still in awe with Hogwarts and Ron hated how crowded his house got with his brothers visiting home and the constant stream of guests. We all knew within a month’s time we would be the guests crowding up the Burrow, but we still said our good byes as if we wouldn’t see each other till September. I sat on the end of Ron’s bed as I watched him pack, he lugged his trunk to the door and plopped himself down next to me, I lay back following his actions, he soon grabbed my hand playing with my fingers and hair. I knew that was his sign, every time Ron wanted to cuddle he would never initiate it, he would start to fiddle, touching my hair or arms, I rolled over as he wrapped his arm around me, I could feel his steady breathing against my neck, his hand interlaced with mine, I smiled at this perfect moment I always longed for.


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Another year and another courageous fight my stupid yet good-hearted boyfriend has won, I went up to the boys dormitory where I knew Harry would be packing his trunk dreading another summer with the Dursley’s. When I slowly pushed the door open I saw Harry standing over his trunk, carefully staring at a piece of clothing, still mourning the death of his God father, I padded across the room wrapping my arms around his waist pressing my head into his back “sorry love, I’m not really in the mood” he sighed pulling away from my grip. I frowned as I watched him close his trunk and carry it over to the door “Harry” I complained “I know you were supposed to live with Sirius this summer, and I know you loved him, you can’t push the people who care about you away” I sighed walking closer to him, this time he didn’t back away, I pulled him down to his bed and leaned my head on his shoulder, holding him close, “it’ll be okay, we can get through this together” I said, this was the first time he cried since it happened, the sobs wracked through his body but I comforted him “you don’t have to be strong all the time Harry” I whispered stroking his back. 


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Fred and I were polar opposites, he was so loud, funny and outgoing, whereas I was quiet, serious and incredibly shy, but I guess it’s true what they say, opposites do attract because I couldn’t be any happier than I was with this goof ball red head. I sat in the common room re-reading my potions notes, I had told Fred and George many times they should study as well, but they decided they weren’t writing their OWLs and were planning a “brilliant prank” in their words. It wasn’t until 2am the boys came running in the common room, as usual disturbing the peace “y/n love, check this out… fireworks” Fred simply said, him and George making sound effects and popping actions with their hands. I stared at them, putting my notes down “fireworks?” I asked confused “fireworks” they repeated in unison, Fred plopped himself down next to me, the sudden weight shift causing me to fall into his side, he wrapped his arm around me pulling me close “we have come up with these fireworks that will re-create Umbridge’s pig face” George laughed “right, and when and where do you plan on doing this?” I asked concerned “in the great hall during the final exams” they exclaimed in unison “isn’t that a bit dangerous?” the questions continuing. They quickly but excitedly explained their plan before Fred tried silently but failed to tell George to get out, “now that we’re alone” Fred smirked pulling me onto his lap “Fred, I’m tired” I yawned “then sleep, love, I just want to be with you” he mumbled into my messy hair, I soon fell asleep to the steady heartbeat of Fred Weasley.


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I sat on top of my boyfriend with every intent in keeping him pinned down “you think you’re stronger than me?” the redhead smirked “I don’t think, I know” I challenged. He rolled his eyes at me “you’re the biggest goof I’ve ever met” he smiled, I pretended to be offended “me!?” I gasped dramatically “yes you” he laughed pulling the pillow out from under his head and wacking me with it, before i could react he jolted up and grabbed me, pulling me into his chest, i burst into a fit of giggles against his chest, once I had calmed down I readjusted myself so my legs were now straight “George Weasley, what would your mother say about you hitting girls?” I joked “oh but I thought you were stronger than me” he smirked. I rolled my eyes “you’re such a loser” I mumbled into his chest “yes, but I’m your loser” he said pressing his lips to my temple, the energy in the room soon died down to relaxation and I was beginning to feel tired “I love you George” I whispered “I love you too, y/n” he replied holding me closer. 


Yuri on Ice Ep 5 spoilers ahead

I just can’t believe all that happened. My initial thoughts, don’t even look for coherance here

PLOT THINGS (that’s right, I pay attention to that):

  • - Viktor really being a damn good coach, regardless of Yuuri listening or not
  • - honestly, Yuuri rebelling against Viktor’s suggestions is a kind of confidence in itself. he’s trusting his own judgement for once
  • - Yuuri’s game face, he’s so intense, in it to win it, i can so see why Minami idolizes him
  • - Yuuri attempting to be a good idol to Minami (Viktor knows all about being someone’s idol, eh)
  • - Yuuri having FUN in competitions again, his love for skating has returned!
  • - so many fucking jumps, damn Yuuri, u show those youngsters u still got it
  • - VIKTOR IS NOT YAKOV. he’ll always support Yuuri even if that little nosebleeding katsudon don’t follow instructions. DEVELOPMENT IN COACHING STYLE
  • - just Yuuri not feeling alone anymore b/c Viktor gives him such strength and emotional support - THAT FUCKING PRESS CONFERENCE


  • - Yuuri has a plushie tissue box that he brings to competitions, like Yuzuru Hanyu
  • - Viktor spreading vasaline onto Yuuri’s lips b/c that’s totally part of his duty as coach
  • - as well as fixing his hair so tenderly
  • - and long heartfelt hugs, cradling each other’s necks
  • - and that other hug purposefully in front of the reporters so everyone will know Yuuri is his
  • - just at no point did they stop touching each other besides when Yuuri was skating and even then, Yuuri was constantly thinking of Viktor - LITERALLY A VIKTOR MONTAGE
  • - Viktor realizing Yuuri is skating just for him?? 
  • - that press conference WTF

Things I’m just excited to see in Ep 6:
- the skater from China!!!!
- Beijing in general
- Phichit shipping Victuuri harder than any of us
- Viktor cuddling Yuuri while watching the competition

In conclusion:

Things My Roommate Says Sentence Starters (Part 3)

“Hello, salt. Cleanse me.”
"’Whisper?’ That’s a stripper name!”
“He’s one of those mushy guys with too many emotions.”
“I’m always up for lots of intense, in-charge ladies talking to me.”
“What is going on upstairs? What sins have they committed?”
“Sometimes I spawn so many chickens at once that my phone slows down.”
“Get the blowdryer! The Gods have blessed me this day!”
“Pumpkin bathbombs? I don’t…want to smell like a pumpkin.”
“You don’t want to attract white girls in Uggs?”
“And that’s why men are so easy to just…just murder!“
“She asked me if I was gay or straight. I told her I was ‘stressed’.”
"We should watch that show about Satan.”
“Are we …like…in Jumaji right now?”
“Well, now I need cotton candy.”

Man Face Monday - These Eyes Have It Edition

It’s another Monday, my friends. But we shouldn’t have long faces because this puts us another week closer to the next new Arrow episode and possibly shirtless Oliver. Because I live in hope. Good weekend? Mine wasn’t bad at all. Not as cold as it has been, so I appreciated that. And I got a swell prompt to work on this month for the smut-a-thon in February. Yes. 

Why don’t we take a moment to check out some pretty? I noticed a theme this week as I put the edits together. Eyes. So intense. I hope you enjoy them too. 

Personally, I only like the super short hair when he’s in the League. Otherwise, it seems too severe. But hell, he’s always gorgeous. 

That sweet look. So soft an nice. 

Black and white. Obviously some of these are from season 4. The season of too many layers. His hotness is buried under there somewhere. I just know it. 

Check out this nifty gif from @arrow-ing. Love the eyes here. 

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Green Arrow. Blue eyes. Pillow mountains. What else could you want? 

This last one is my favorite. Back to Al Sahim times. He is just so lovely here. 

And there we have it for this week’s Man Face Monday, my dears. If you have missed previous ones, or want to check out some Washboard Wednesdays, do visit my dash. They are all there…for emergencies. I hope that you have a fantastic week ahead – one that’s full of happy and beautiful things. Because you are you and you deserve it. xx

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I was just thinking about Isak and Even’s first kiss, and I remember watching it thinking like, wow this was a few weeks of Isak liking Even and probably Even liking Isak too.

But now that we have the whole season it totally flips my world like. no. that was a couple of months of Even being into Isak, a couple of months of him trying to initiate conversation and get to know him. something, anything.

And I had always wondered why Even was so intensely quick with his kisses and now it makes total sense. A couple weeks build up could make sense but months adds so much more to it.

It’s like every kiss is Even going, finally. finally…finally. Because this boy likes him back, this boy is kissing him in a pool, this boy felt the same way all while Even was pining. And he’s finally getting this beautiful new part to his life.

It’s so incredible seeing how later episodes change the whole scope of earlier episodes.

so I think I’ve finally figured out how I reconcile Coldwave with my own headcanons about Len and Mick

because I’ve always imagined Len as being (intensely demi) panromantic, but mostly asexual. not necessarily sex repulsed, but he could literally go his entire life without getting laid and be peachy.

whereas my understanding of Mick is bi-flexible AT LEAST (he has, like, preferences and stuff, but he’ll take it where he can get it) but really aromantic.

which is why they’ve developed this really intense intimate qp relationship where they would obviously both die for each other but also would maybe kill each other, because they both have really strong feelings about each other but are obviously both too emotionally incompetent to actually Talk About It and Make It Work, so they’re just kind of… perpetually frustrated. and have been for, like, thirty years.


What Sanji’s experiencing here is devastatingly cruel and overwhelmingly moving at the same time… the feels this sequence of panels delivers is so myriad and intense that I can’t find the right words for it :’( 

Why is Sanji remembering the painful moment when he got beaten to a pulp by his brothers just for cooking as he listens to Luffy’s words? I’d say it’s because being reshackled to his nightmarish past made him realize how tremendously happy he was for feeding a captain and crew who valued and loved him just the way he was, unlike his blood family who didn’t acknowledge but derided his kind heart. Luffy in particular always enjoyed Sanji’s food with passion, thanked his chef and took pride in him no matter what he cooked for him - and even when he got beaten mercilessly by Sanji he still doesn’t want anyone else for his cook. Sanji’s grateful, honored beyond words… and more than anything, guilty, that he inflicted such harsh words and physical pain upon the captain he’s ready to die for. His brothers from his nightmares have reappeared in his reality and are sitting right beside him, laughing their heads off at his distress, but Sanji hears Luffy’s words only as he weeps uncontrollably in a whirlwind of emotions… His tears speak of the terrible grief and regret that have swallowed him whole, but I daresay he’s also happy to hear such honorable praise from Luffy and maybe that’s what pains him the most.  

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How do you think Magnus was feeling during the "you don't have any clue what I feel" scene? He looks so hurt which always surprises me a little

Michael Reisz who wrote the episode gave a really eloquent response to a similar question that I think is better than anything I could say, so I’ll just quote below:

Paste: Malec have an intense conversation before the wedding, and it’s a pretty affecting scene where Alec says, for the first time, that he’s gay. One thing that struck me though was how quiet Magnus remains throughout it. Why doesn’t he respond to Alec?

Reisz: I’ll tell you, as an out gay man, who is writing both straight and gay characters, those levels and those reactions are important to me. I’ve been involved with the Magnus and Alec storyline since its inception in the series. I’ve sort of been the protector of it through every episode. The writers have done a beautiful job, but we really wanted to layer the character traits to have these people be real people throughout each episode as things built and built. So, as far as Harry’s reaction to Alec’s explanation, this pressure is building up inside of Alec and he tells Magnus to back off. It’s like, everybody is on him right now, I’m in this hurricane and I don’t know how to deal with it.

Magnus hearing this, he’s never really dealt with this before, where he hasn’t gotten what he’s wanted. He’s doing everything he can, while still being this continent warlock, to share that these are what true emotions are. He’s, for the first time, cracking a wall he’s built around his heart a little bit, and opened himself up to Alec. And Alec is saying back off. So in that moment I wanted, and it was a really strong choice by Harry as well as Matt, to let Magnus just hear it and feel it—and revert back to ‘I’m a powerful warlock, and this getting hurt thing kinda sucks.’ Instead of having a big loud fight, Magnus is a proud, strong warlock and so he’s laying it out there. In that silence it’s him that’s regrouping and taking in Alec’s feelings (x)

livestream tidbits, vol. 4
  • the most important thing to remember about jack: he thinks about hockey 90% of the time. he has a laser focus on what he needs to do
  • because of this, jack has historically been a terrible boyfriend. it would take a special person to help coax him out of the idea that he needs to live and breathe hockey all the time to prove himself
  • chowder is second generation chinese. his father immigrated when he was a teen and his mother was born in the us. they met at samwell. he has an older sister
  • ngozi has said before that jack is loosely based on sidney crosby, but he’s also based in part on jonathan toews and other intense hockey captains
  • people think lardo is totally cool and perfectly badass all the time, but she has weaknesses, things that she hides. she puts on a mask of being always chill, but she worries about things like looking cool, whether or not someone she likes likes her back. she does have some problems communicating so that’s why, like jack, she befriends outgoing people. she communicates with art
  • no one was managing the team when lardo was abroad in kenya
  • ngozi reminded us that we don’t really know anything about parse (but he will become more important in year four). there is a short storyline about jack’s time in juniors (so parse shows up in flashbacks) in bitty’s junior year
  • bitty has problems with agency and confrontation; he needs to learn to stand up for himself and other people. he is passive aggressive
  • bitty isn’t a good student and isn’t the most responsible person. he procrastinates and doesn’t study
  • being the son of a southern football coach meant bitty grew up as something of a minor celebrity child
  • when jack was born, everyone said ‘oh alicia is a model and bob is a hot hockey player, their child is going to be perfect’ and then jack “oozed” out and everyone was like ‘ooooh… that… did not go as expected’. but then puberty hit and he became a beautiful young man lolol
  • shitty has a huge amount of white guilt and/but will dominate a conversation
  • shitty does not know everything about jack (including, perhaps, his sexuality, whatever that may be…) and would not be that cliche character to orchestrate jack and bitty
  • the team probably has no idea about the thing with jack and bitty - if guys like that see two guys hanging out together a lot, they don’t automatically think “oh they like each other”. they might think bitty has a crush (and maaaaybe think jack is being a bit mean by indulging him with no intention of reciprocation?), but they don’t see where this is going
  • ransom and holster are the bro-trope: they really are the definition of a bromance, with all the implied making fun of two dudes being hetero life partners. humor and serious friend-love
  • chowder is infantilized by bitty, but is also the first person to have a girlfriend (n: “so take that”)
  • jack has dated people; he dated (?? even n says he was cagey about it and weaseled out of the question) camilla collins (who now is captain of the women’s tennis team). it was probably like him saying hi, her suggesting they go out, him saying okay, and her eventually saying “we’re both busy, we should focus on the things we have to do” and him saying “oh, you’re right” and not realizing she was breaking up with him. he might not have even known they were actually dating. he’d walk away going “oh, that was a nice person i knew” 
  • jack on a date: “what are you interested in? how’s your team doing? did they win their last game? what are the weaknesses you’re trying to address?”
  • he would have to date an athlete or someone involved in something consuming; he could, however, be in a successful relationship with someone not into hockey
  • shitty can be very chivalrous if the girl doesn’t mind, but not in a “milady” way, he just really likes taking care of people

No matter how hard he works, no matter how hard he tries, there has always been this insurmountable wall.

An obstacle that he just cannot overcome.

He attends every practice.

He polishes his skills with intense, hard work. 

He pushes through the pain, through the straining muscles and heavy lungs.

He refuses to give up, even when they lose year after year.

Every year there is the hope - next year, we’ll get them.

There’s always a next year.

A next time…

Until now.

This loss is final. The end. Their last chance, in their last year of high school, to finally snag victory-

But they couldn’t do it.

And Hajime, as the ace?

He fails.

He has his chance, his opportunity to score the winning point - but he can’t do it.

His spike is picked up and Seijou ultimately loses.

The knowledge that he has held them back is almost more than he can take.

He keeps his brave face up. He barely lets himself feel - forcing himself to dry his eyes and stand next to his team while they shake hands. It feels robotic, it feels forced, but he can’t lose it here.

Not in front of his teammates. He just can’t.

It isn’t until he’s finally alone in the privacy of his room that he really allows himself to feel.

He can’t even bring himself to take off his uniform. He just collapses on his bed, breathes in deep, and cries.

No, he doesn’t cry - he bawls. He shakes, trembling, curling himself up into the tiniest ball imaginable. He can’t even remember the last time he’s cried like this. Everything hurts. 

He chokes down sobs, trying to quiet himself, but it’s to no avail. He vaguely remembers that it doesn’t matter - his parents are out of town, so nobody is gonna come and find him - but it’s only a fleeting thought. He cries until his vision is fuzzy, his head hurts and his throat burns, heavy from the effort of trying to force in breaths. He’s still trembling, but he doesn’t register any of it.

All he’s thinking about are the plays. 

The plays he failed to make that day.

Did he play alright? Maybe. But he can’t help himself; he sees all the ways in which he could have jumped higher, hit harder, been better-

It’s frustrating. He’s angry, he’s sad - he’s a complicated mess of emotions, none of which he can begin to understand while focusing so hard on where he’s sure he has failed.

He has no idea how much time has passed before the throbbing in his head starts to alleviate. His body starts to relax and he sighs, quietly, feeling a warmth settling into his face.

He hears a voice, but it sounds far away.


It sounds kind of like his name, but he can’t really be bothered to listen. He feels pressure on his temples, small but firm, rubbing away the tension there. 

He feels like he can finally, breathe, finally move, so he cracks his eyes open. His vision is hazy, but he recognizes the person sitting on the edge of his bed almost immediately. A heavy weight settles in his stomach as he realizes he’s been caught.

He tries to sit up but his whole body rejects that idea, pain seeping through his muscles.  He winces, and those hands massaging his forehead move to his chest, pushing him back down.

Hajime chances a look up and he doesn’t see Tooru looking at him with pity. No, rather, it’s something else entirely… something gentle. Something vulnerable.

Something… caring?

Tooru bites his lip; he presses himself a little closer, a hand running through Hajime’s hair, pushing the dark strands out of his face. His thumb brushes against his forehead, before he leans in and presses a slow, gentle kiss right in that spot.

“It’s okay,” he says, and his voice is so soft. “It’s okay, Hajime. I’m here. I’ve got you…” He huffs a breath, his hand continuing to move through Hajime’s hair, massaging his scalp. The action is soothing, and Hajime finds himself relaxing, body slowly uncurling from where he’d been tightly wound on his side.

Tooru doesn’t stop there. He continues massaging his scalp, but his other hand continues his ministrations on his temples. Once he’s satisfied there, he lets his fingers continue their exploration, searching out the tense muscles in Hajime’s neck and shoulders, pressing into them until Hajime heaves out a sigh of relief.

The trembling stops. He stops thinking about what he’s done wrong. Instead, he focuses on the warm feeling of Tooru touching him. It’s the same warm feeling as he feels when they’re out there, together, on the court-

“Hajime,” Tooru’s voice breaks him out of his thoughts, “You know, it’s like you always say. There are six people out there on that court. We all played together. We win together… and we lose together.” He feels the hands halt their movements. The bed dips, and Tooru climbs in, settling in behind Hajime.

“You made me so proud today,” Tooru tells him, his breath hot against the back of Hajime’s neck. “You’re strong. You’re capable. You’re the best damn ace we could have ever asked for.” 

Hajime doesn’t have to ask for it; Tooru just knows. He wraps his arm around Hajime’s waist, pressing their bodies flush together.

“Don’t ever think otherwise, and don’t try and hide from me, okay?” Tooru punctuates this with a kiss to the back of his neck. “I love you.”

Hajime’s vision blurs again, but this time he’s not alone.

He lets Tooru stay, brushing away his tears, kissing him, holding him. Loving him.

He lets Tooru stay and he lets himself feel everything that he needs to.

And the next morning, as Hajime wakes up, the warm weight at his back and the fingers tangled with his remind him that he’s not alone.

These obstacles might be a challenge, but they’re not one that he’s facing alone.

Boyfriend Suho

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  • intense eye contact
  • when he’s mad
  • disappointed
  • turned on
  • just looking into his eyes makes you blush and feel squirmy inside
  • always having him insist on buying you things
  • not because he’s oh so rich and totes famous so he’s rolling in that green
  • but because he loves you & wants you to feel loved & have the best of everything
  • sometimes, he feels like just telling you he loves you isn’t enough
  • that’s why he randomly comes home with a new watch or tickets to a band you like because he wants you to know he adores you & always thinks of you
  • junmyeon has no problem w you liking other boy groups btw, just so long as exo is your #1 and he’s your ub
  • otherwise he’ll sass you like he did that child actress who said she liked bts more than exo
  • (that was really funny though)
  • (except it was sad at the same time)
  • (exo is pretty underappreciated, considering their popularity)
  • (ppl listen to them but don’t appreciate the members individually or their hard work)
  • despite how charming and smart suho is
  • he’s also the biggest dork in the world
  • no lie
  • so you have many moments where you cringe watching him on variety shows
  • or getting second hand embarrassment when he does something dumb to make his fans smile
  • back hugs where he rests his chin on your head
  • and he’s not shy about skinship in front of cameras or the boys
  • you’re such a fluffy couple that they make faces and end up leaving bc it’s too hard to watch
  • “hyung,” sehun groans. “please stop”
  • btw sehun is your actual son
  • he goes to you to complain or when he wants something but suho said no
  • “moooom” no matter the gender you identify with, he calls you “mom.” “dad said I can’t get any bubble tea today because it’s bad for my health!”
  • and he often lays across your lap during movie night
  • you two are seen as the “parents” since you both shoulder responsibility for all the boys
  • junmyeon likes your back massages
  • which helps calm him down since he’s stressed 25/8
  • “relax, junmyeon! I’m only going to a party! I’ll be fine. stop worrying”
  • he compliments you all the time
  • he’s so cheesy too
  • “you’re so beautiful. I’m so lucky to have met you”
  • but he’s not just a fluffy potato
  • suho’s daddy af, lbr
  • when he’s annoyed and fed up with his hard lifestyle, he comes home and slams the door shut. “baby, I hope you’ve been good today. I’m not in the mood to deal with a naughty boy/girl” but then he sees you haven’t done the dishes yet and makes you bend over his knee. “naughty children get spanked. it’s the only way you’ll learn”
  • couple rings/bracelets/hats/shoes, etc
  • watching you sleep
  • waking up early to make you breakfast in bed
  • and reminding you all the time that he loves you dearly

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So explain to me why Mark gets ACTUALLY jealous when Jackson hams it up with the other members?!?! (Answer: he's Markson af)

He may not know it but Mark is actually as big a shipper of markson as is Jackson. I mean the way he follows Jackson around and always picks Jackson for the most random things is so cute. Lets not even get started on how all Jackson gotta do is breathe to make Mark’s adorable high pitch laughter (god i love his laughter) happen. The intense stares…gah. Jackson is more vocal about markson but Mark shows it in his little way; ruffling Jackson’s hair, touching his arm affectionately every time Jackson is put on the spot.
So yeah markson is real. Jackson may flirt with others but he knows he belongs to Mark. Besides Jackson probably makes Mark jealous on purpose coz he likes then intense make up sex later. A win win situation.


“Arslan, I hereby order you. Assemble men anew in order to retake my lands. You needn’t return to your king until your men number 50 thousand!”

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um. i'm fifteen and like a 19 year old guy. and i'm pretty sure he likes me. but i'm a lot more mature than my age and he's just so.... UGH HE'S SO PRETTY. i hate myself. why did i have to fall in love with him? i never even knew what butterflies in my stomach felt like until i met him and now that i do, i can't have him. this seriously sucks but i just needed to get it off my chest. You don't even have to answer this, but this rant makes me feel so much better.

Crushes are always so intense! And 19 year old boys are the age when boys start to turn pretty, definitely, as opposed to pubescent cretins. Just make sure you’re careful, please, 19 year old boys are very different. Boys that are interested in young girls usually mean they’re very good at manipulation, just be sure that you don’t get talked into anything, and be careful. Your health and safety and happiness are important ♡

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I see that you use "prince of hell" warlock in a lot of your tags, what does that mean?

oh my god this is kind of embarrassing because my feelings about this are so intense. like i’m not even sure i can fully articulate what it’s genuinely about but i will try. also book spoilers.

Warlocks always have a demon for a father and Magnus’s father in particular was revealed to be Asmodeus, one of the seven princes of hell and a fallen angel. It’s the reason he’s so powerful and since Asmodeus erased someone’s entire life as if it were nothing, it’s likely why Magnus has a particular talent for memory spells. We also see Magnus activate a witchlight at one point, which normally only responds to Shadowhunter (angel) blood.

And yet it was used more for relationship drama than anything, even though Magnus going through the centuries believing that he has the purest form of demon blood is a huge deal for his character. He’s clearly ashamed of it. Plus, what does having something so similar to angel blood mean for him? We’re told time and again that he’s powerful, that he has all this rich heartbreaking history, but we only get glimpses of it at best. What happened after he killed his human father after nearly being drowned? I mean, he was six or something and literally the first time he used his magic was to burn a man alive. How did he end up in Spain all the way from Indonesia? Did someone bring him to the Spiral Labyrinth? Magnus says Silent Brothers took him in, but that only appears in deleted pages of CoA; in CoB he simply calls them “churchmen.” How did he discover Asmodeus was his father? What was their conversation the first time he summoned him? What is even Magnus’s birth name before he took this one? A name, by the way, that unlike other warlocks speaks not of mourning or solitude (Loss, Fell, Fade, Gray) but of pure destruction, which says everything about what Magnus thinks of himself and his origins.

In short, the entire concept of him being the son of a Prince of Hell represents everything I wanted and nothing I ever got. That tag is purely about my extreme thirst for Magnus being Magnus. Not the guy who’s one half of a ship, not a glittery warlock with a great fashion sense, but Magnus Fucking Bane, the man who understands exactly who he is and what he’s capable of, who loves with all of his heart and would prefer to tell stupid stories about how he was totes BFFs with Julius Caesar but who will not hesitate to fuck your shit up if you mess with his people and when he’s done, his eyeliner will not have a single smudge. It is for Magnus lounging at his nightclub like a king. It is for Magnus carving his history and tainted birthright into his own name, but still clinging to the belief that he’s human and a good man.

fieryfairy  asked:

i read your tags on the clip with annalise and connor, and i agree with you about their relationship - it's so fascinating. i love their scenes together and the one in 3x14 was no different. they parallel each other almost completely, and it's clear that annalise knows something about connor's past (and i want to know what that is so badly!). no two other characters have a connection quite like they do and i think that's why i like them :)

i know right, their scenes are always so intense and real. she understands him better than he thinks. i thought that line about “since you were a little boy” was so interesting, like what does she know and how does she know bc when did connor open up to her??