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aarontveit: Sometimes you have to go weddings and be the guy who has to take pictures of his friends. And sometimes your other friends take a picture of you taking said picture. But all the time you hit that gangster lean to catch the moment
So this is that thing. #PWandCausa #MattandPW #whatisthehastag #yessir

EXO’s Reaction to you sleeping on the couch waiting for them


*Silent and considerate. He’d make some form of adorable grabby hands before carefully picking you up and carrying you to bed. So pro that you don’t even wake up.*

“Her adorableness is killing me slowly.”

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*No chill, he will coo and make noises and wakes you up while doing so. He then hugs you as tight as he could as an apology.*

“I couldn’t resist pinching your cheeks. You never let me do it when you’re awake, I took the chance to pinch them when you were sleeping. I hope you’re not angry.*

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*Sees you and squeaks a little bit at the cute on the couch. Then he tried to moves around the house as quietest as he can but managed to knock over some things and waking you up anyway.*

“I’m so sorry! You looked so cute and soft on the couch I didn’t want bother you..Go back to sleep, I’ll come cuddle after I shower..go back to sleep, please.”

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*Comes home with the members and coos at you when he sees your form on the couch. But then Sehun started laughing and teasing him, making Baekhyun hit him and in the process, waking you up as well.*

“Will you shut up?! She’s sleeping and…~ heeyy…sorry to wake you, baby..Sehun was being loud hehe…”

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*First and foremost, pulled out his phone and takes a picture. Doesn’t tell you he has that photo of you until a good blackmail opportunity comes up.*

“Fantastic pose. I don’t know how she manages it but not many people can sleep with their body half off of a couch.”

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*Internally having a struggle. Can’t decide of he should carry you to bed or just get on the couch and cuddle there with you. Both choices would lead to waking you up and he doesn’t want that either.*

“What do I do?!”

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*Cannot stop smiling the moment he sees you. He’ll keep you sleeping for a while before gently calling you awake to come sleep on a bed with him.*

“You’re too cute for your own good. Next time, sleep on a bed instead of waiting up for me, okay? You’re going to hurt your back sleeping on the couch.”

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*No hesitation when he went up and give your forehead a huge kiss. When you opened your eyes, he’d climb onto the couch, lay your body on top of his and wrapped your the blanket over the both of you.*

“Let’s nap together.”

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*At first, he pretends that he’s not affected by the sight of you curled up in a ball on the couch, sleeping. That was until you slowly woke up, looking around the room, blinking and rubbing your eyes until you see him, that was when he dropped the act and froze at the cute.*

Externally: “Have you been sleeping there long? Scoot over, we’re cuddling now.”
Internally: “So cute, so cute, so cute, so cute, so cute, so cute, so cute, so cute so cute…”

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I thought this was a very cute request. You are all adorable, honestly. I need a cute name for you all. Suggestions?

-Guys, the ask box is closed for scenario requests. I’m only taking Reaction requests at the moment.