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could i please i get some witch!reader x monster!kylo headcannons?? <3

Oh, I love this, though. All we’ve ever had was Hunter!Reader with Monster!Kylo but this could definitely prove to be interesting.

  • You found Kylo one day while out looking for herbs to restock
  • This was shortly after Snoke had driven Kylo too far and made his natural self deformed as we now know him (panther tail, saytr body, seemingly ink dipped hands, ram horns, golden eyes, and fangs)
  • He’s still adjusting to this new body that he has
  • Still he was on the run from Snoke and had been living in the wild for such a long time
    • “Come along, pet,” they soothe him
  • You takes pity on the poor boy because you know about Snoke and how awful he is
  • You take him in, give Kylo food and a bath
  • He starts to actually purr when you scrub the suds into his hair and massage the area around his horns, his head leaning into your touch. You can’t help but laugh
  • That night, because of his gratitude and you are working in front of your fireplace, Kylo curls up beside you on the rug
  • Each night, as time wears on and Kylo becomes ever grateful for their kindness and generosity of letting him stay there, he inches closer to them until one night, he settles his head in their lap
  • Immediately, you start stroking his hair and rubbing between his horns and he snuggles in closer to you, his claws lightly scratching of your pant leg as he flexes his fingers with the want to knead happily like a cat content
    • He falls asleep like that, his head in your lap
    • After you’re done working, you have to wake Kylo because he’s so heavy and like deadweight over your legs
  • For the longest time, he simply slept curled in front of the fire… but then he moved to the foot of your bed… and then he moved to be cuddling around you beneath the covers, his massive frame dwarfing you
    • He is forever in debt for all the kindness that you’ve shown him
  • He becomes unfailingly loyal and you help him to regain his shape-shifting powers after that
  • Now, when you go out, he either galavants as a giant, playful inky black lion or he sits content on your shoulder as a docile yet lazy raven
    • He loves to take naps in the sun filtering in from the outside
  • He loves belly scratches and hair scritches, he’s always looking for pets and affection for the longest time, his animal instincts from the Dark magic still heavily affecting him
  • For a while, he lets his problems go from his mind, simply content to act more as your familiar than anything. He would protect you with his life if the need ever arose and yet… you were powerful beyond imagine
  • You didn’t often display your powers, for you seemed to be a relatively peaceful being, yet one day, when the a few of Snoke’s other pupils rose up in their Umbra (shadow beast) forms, you displayed your awesome power and drove them off so easily
  • Kylo is subconsciously wary of you for a long while but knows that you would never hurt him in purpose. Your powers are too controlled and you are too easy-going for any of that
  • He does that weird thing sometimes that cats do where he’ll roll onto his stomach and tuck his head underneath itself in a way, one of his hands over his face while the other is stretched out completely
    • What a silly boy… you think on numerous occasions when he does this
  • It doesn’t take long before Kylo becomes inherently precious to you and you very much value his company, as does your own cat who he can seemingly speak to, though, that isn’t strange in the world of witches and monsters

Okie so I watched all of the current episodes of Yuri!!! On Ice last night with my mum and oh my god. Anyway I got bored in class today and decided to message my mum and this happened. Actual quote from my mum during episode 5 “Are you sure the fact that they say it’s an ice skating anime isn’t just a cover up so they can make a gay anime, because I’m pretty sure Viktor is just in it for the attention from hot guys like Yuri, cause why else would he move to Japan to coach a man that copied his routine and then take baths with him, suggest that they sleep together and also ask if he wants him to be his boyfriend? I mean doesn’t that just scream I’m a gay Russian man who craves Japanese Yuri?”

Swan Prince!Victuuri AU

Im still working on a cohesive story but I’ve thought of a few details -w-

  • Victor and the other Russian skaters (most notably Yuri) are Swan fae who can temporarily shed their skins to assume human form, but it makes them weak and vulnerable.
  • There’s the age old legend of a human stumbling upon a bathing swan maiden and stealing her feathered cloak/skin, which forces her to marry him and become human.
  • Victor wants to become human because he’s bored and tired of defending a throne as the Swan Prince and everyone else is like No!!!! Bad!!! Humans are gross and clumsy and evil.
  • Maybe he fell in love with the small child who fed him breadcrumbs???
  • As a fae, Victor’s name actually isn’t Victor. It’s Nikephoros (the Greek origin of his canon last name lol), but Yuuri names him Victor after he takes him in to treat his injuries. He likes the name and he likes Yuuri.
  • Yuuri lives a considerable amount of distance from the swan lake, but during a family outing, he was captivated by the prettiest swan there.
  • His family’s inn serves as a rest stop for travelers, but he currently lives alone as his family left to stay in the main village to get medical treatment for his sister. 
  • Makkachin’s there too shh

V3 boys reaction to s/o saying they want to take a bath with them pleasE

Aw, sure! This is cute!

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • he’s absolutely delighted actually!
  • he likes spending time with you, especially in ways he enjoys.
  • he loves baths, and he loves you! perfect combination!
  • and even though he usually takes his baths freezing cold, he’ll make this one a bit warmer, just for you.
  • even though hot water isn’t really his thing.
  • besides tea.
  • when you do take the bath, it’s not freezing, but it isn’t exactly warm either.
  • compromise!
  • he insists on washing your hair for you, and you do the same for him.
  • it’s a pretty calm bath, and you actually really enjoy it.
  • but you’re a little surprised that he keeps his mask on while he’s bathing.

Rantarou Amami

  • he’s a little nervous at first, aren’t baths kind of private?
  • you assure him that it’ll be fun, and that you really want it!
  • he finally agrees, and says he’ll go draw a bath right after dinner.
  • and sure enough, he does!
  • it’s nice and warm and full of bubbles, and smells really nice!
  • it’s extremely relaxing when you get in, and you lay ontop of him the entire time, with his arms around you.
  • you two don’t talk much, and you’re almost afraid you’ll fall asleep with how soothing this is.
  • he washes your hair very gently, and his fingers feel nice on your head!
  • he actually ends up giving you a back massage too.
  • it honestly starts to feel like a spa day!
  • you’re so relaxed now, and he’s glad he could make you happy!

Kokichi Ouma

  • he says yes immediately.
  • he doesn’t even think about it for a single second, just immediate yes.
  • that is never a good sign.
  • when he leaves to draw a bath, he’s smirking, and that is never a good sign.
  • when he calls you in, there’s about an inch of water in the tub…
  • and one or two hundred rubber ducks.
  • you are absolutely appalled.
  • he’s laughing his ass off when he sees you, just grinning from his place in this massive pile of ducks.
  • he tells you to join the bath before the water gets cold!
  • you leave immediately.

Shuuichi Saihara

  • is definitely nervous at first, he’s never taken a bath with somebody before!
  • so this is pretty new to him!
  • but he knows it’ll make you happy, so even though he’s embarrassed, he agrees.
  • he draws a fairly normal bath, nothing special, but nice and warm.
  • you two talk a lot while you’re in the bath, mostly just conversation, and you keep his arms around you the whole time!
  • it’s very nice! you really like spending time together!
  • since you both enjoyed the company so much, this definitely won’t be the last time you take a bath together!

Kaito Momota

  • is super excited when you ask!
  • he’d love to! that sounds great!
  • he kisses your face lots and then runs off to go make a bath!
  • it takes him a LONG time.
  • he actually leaves the house at one point and comes back like half an hour later???
  • but when he calls you in, you are amazed.
  • it smells amazing!
  • he’s put a bathbomb in the water, and of course…
  • the water now looks like space.
  • you two take a wonderful bath, and he washes your hair!
  • he keeps kissing your neck, and you probably have a few hickeys now.
  • but it was worth it, because that bath was wonderful!


  • he asks if you are trying to kill him

Gonta Gokuhara

  • he’s really happy! he’d love to!
  • he even makes the bath himself! he’s so excited!
  • and…then you two realize that gonta takes up about 90% of the bathtub alone…
  • bath cancelled.
  • gonta = disappointed.

Ryouma Hoshi

  • a little reluctant at first, but finally caves after you beg for about an hour.
  • he won’t make it though.
  • so you do!
  • it has bubbles and it smells like strawberries and he thinks it’s stupid but you think it’s nice!
  • he washes your hair for you.
  • he’s actually pretty embarrassed to be with you in here naked like this, but he’s not having a bad time.
  • he kisses your hands and your forehead, and you two talk a bit, but mostly just relax.
  • very pleasant!
Cute Mettaton headcanons:

- When he genuinely laughs he snorts and he’s really loud and obnoxious.
- He’s not a pretty sleeper. He snores and drools and ends up sprawled out on the bed with the sheets half kicked off of him.
- He purrs. Especially when pet.
- He has toe beans/pads on his feet so he doesn’t scratch floors. He really enjoys having them massaged.
- He’s waterproof and loves being bathed by someone else, especially having his hair scrubbed.
- He will flirt incessantly but the second he gets an actual date he has no idea what to do and becomes a mess.
- He calls his really young fans his little stars.
- He takes time to talk to everyone when signing autographs.
- When he gets to the surface he sees that people aren’t nearly as accepting of LGBT+ people as they are in the Underground and starts his own foundation making special clothing lines for trans people, speaking out against homophobia/transphobia, and raising money to help LGBT+ people get out of dangerous living situations. He’s also paid for several transgender fans’ surgical transition.
- He constantly lets his fans know how grateful he is for their love.

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okay but imagine bucky discovering lush and bath bombs and actually wondering if it's a real bomb for a minute because "why else would they call it a bomb that's dumb" until you show him and then he just always wants to take baths with bath bombs with you (except the glittery ones, because the glittery never comes out of his arm)

Oh he would love bath bombs and imagine how great he’d smell. Sam just says “what smells like berries?” and Bucky just smiles and says “me”

Fluffy Friday™

J-Hope as a boyfriend

> just know you’re gonna be the luckiest and happiest person alive

>he is gonna call you princess

>get ready for coffee shop dates and bookstore dates

>walks in the park

>both of you screaming over cute dogs

>he is gonna randomly pick you up and carry you around

>he’s gonna be the proudest boyfriend alive

>you passed your exam? get ready to celebrate

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I had a dream last night that I was in a bath house, in an elevated bathing area above the regular one, where I was pleading to some guy to let me hide up there because ISIS was about to take over.

He laughed at me and made a callout post about me on tumblr, it was about how being afraid of ISIS made me look like a silly willy. It’s even stranger because instead of posting what I said to him, he uploaded blurry gifs where he held his camera in front of his computer, with my text posts on the screen barely visible. 

Here’s an actual image I saw in my dream, recreated to the best of my ability, to give you an idea of just how close ISIS was to getting me.

GOT7 as element benders
  • Jaebum: Fire nation prince. Will become ruler of the fire nation some day. Once accidentally burned himself while bending.
  • Mark: Uses his air bending to find the most creative places to hide so he can be alone. Is often found sleeping in the weirdest places.
  • Jackson: Constantly tries to break his record of biggest boulder he moved. Likes to take mud baths for his skin.
  • Jinyoung: Had full control over his water bending at age 3. Makes fake pee stains on the other students' pants when the instructor isn't looking.
  • Youngjae: Uses his earth bending to make random flowers grow rather than throw around big rocks. Laughs so hard sometimes that he accidentally makes the ground shake.
  • Bambam: Constantly sets things on fire. Also has the ability to bend electricity. Will prank people by giving them shocks when they shake his hand.
  • Yugyeom: Makes Jinyoung trip a lot using his air bending. Actually barely touches the ground when he dances.


2. Their emotional/moral weak spots

He’ll easily crack if someone questioned the consequences of his actions, actually. I imagine he feels a good amount of fear under thick layers of denial and straight up madness, it’s just no one’s confronted him about it.

5. Guilty pleasures

Contrary to popular portrayal, I imagine Junkrat actually would be really happy to take a good long bubble bath with lots of toys and different colours of bubbles? Sure, you can count on him to make a mess, but that’s probably something he’d feel guilty about enjoying too. After all, clean water to bathe with is probably a rarity where he grew up.

18. Things they’ll never admit

Junkrat, does in fact, sometimes feels guilty for the destruction and violence he’s caused. However, in the rare occasion he feels that way, he thinks he’s too far down that road to do anything about it.

> Admin GK

Suitors and daily chores

Alyn - cooks and bakes A LOT, you don’t have to fret about meals much, but do help him with dishes.

Louis - brings home flowers everyday, and does the laundry, even knows how to properly iron shirts, and takes your dresses to the dry cleaner.

Nico - walks the dog everyday, and gives him a bath when needed. Makes you a warm beverage when you feel down, loves to run errands for you.

Giles - has no problem grocery shopping, even buys your tampons or pads, may come home with a stray kitten.

Leo - he dusts? Does a spectacular job actually, and pops his earphones in and sings Motown while vacuuming.

Sid - takes out the trash, and loves to make a delicious breakfast every morning, also good for any kind of car maintenance.

Byron - very organized, from your refrigerator, to books, to bills and files, to closet, and underwear drawer. Likes surprise date nights.

Albert - likes eating healthy, loves learning new recipes with you and exercising, also enjoys spoiling you with back massages.

Robert - coupons… so many coupons, very thrifty.

Canon things from the 1980’s Osomatsu-Kun

1. Hatabo was a fuckin sniper in one ep
2. Dayon actually has character development and social anxiety
3. In a beach episode Osomatsu was duped by Iyami into forgetting his bathing suit and Totoko saw that he wasn’t having fun in the water so she gave him her heart-patterned one piece bathing suit to wear and he looks fantastic in it
4. In the same episode Chibita says “I’ll just take a shortcut” and then proceeds to literally drive a car off a cliff
5. Osomatsu almost got run over by a car but Iyami saved him
6. In the “Insurance Man” episode I believe it was either Oso or Kara who purposefully punched Todomatsu for insurance money
7. Matsuyo took absolutely no shit from anyone and she deserves the world
8. The Matsu’s and Iyami locked Chibita away in a cement pipe and forgot him there for 3 days

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uhm i'm not sure if you are accepting request for the otp meme you posted? but can you maybe do it for kurodai? (just ignore this if you are not. sorry)

*gasps* Oh my god!!! 

Oh dear, no. I can never ignore a fellow shipper and I can never ever ignore KuroDai. So here you go! 

I made them aged-up because… yeah… 

  • starts the coffee or tea in the morning: Daichi, only because he’s usually the first to wake up because he has an early work time. The timer of the machine is actually Kuroo’s alarm clock. 
  • leaves socks or other random clothing items laying around: They both do, because they have an armchair where they just throw used articles of clothing like scarves or cover ups, but are not that dirty to be put into the laundry. Kuroo has the highest tally of clothes left though.
  • takes long baths (or the longest, if both do): Kuroo does. Just because he has more leisure time than Daichi. (And it really takes a while to wash that hair into perfection okay.) (Also, being exposed to all that chemicals even in a controlled environment can be a bit of pain to get off)
  • stays up late working on something: Depends on who is working with what, but it’s usually Daichi working on his lesson plan for the next day. It’s quite tough teaching elementary school children, so he’s always armed with different motivation activities or something.
  • has better fashion sense: Kuroo, but only in the aspect of being able to follow the latest trend, and because he’s more experimental with his choice of clothing. It’s not that it’s better or because Daichi’s worse, because it’s not. It’s just that Daichi doesn’t particularly care about what’s in style that season and is content with his preppy, mosty smart casual style.
  • reads more: I’d like to think that they both do. I have this headcanon that they recommend books to each other, and would sometimes have lengthy discussions about certain plots or different perspective about the characters or situations. IDK. That’s for books. Daichi reads more newspaper than Kuroo, because Kuroo just gets it from TV or the internet.
  • works out more: Daichi, definitely. It’s already a work out to be surrounded by children who keeps him in his toes everyday. (And he’s also the assistant coach in the school’s volleyball club so he has to stay fit.)
  • sleeps in on weekends: Daichi, since he has a more strict weekday schedule than Kuroo (who has a flexible schedule as a college professor)
  • introduced the other to their parents: Daichi, and it’s when Kuroo realized that the other is serious about him and their relationship. 
  • is more protective: Kuroo. Which Daichi finds weird, because he’s a grown man and he can take care of himself but the sentiment is touching all the same.
  • is more likely to flirt when they’re alone: Kuroo, duh. And it’s when they’re alone that Daichi is more comfortable about flirting back, rather when they are outside or in public. 
  • falls asleep on the couch: Kuroo, mostly. He likes to wait up for Daichi, even if the former already told him that he could go ahead and sleep first.
  • is the better driver: Daichi, only because Kuroo has very little patience about traffic and Tokyo streets. And Daichi is really an expert in driving around the country side.
  • plans date night most often: Kuroo. And his ideas are usually ones he overheard from his students, haha.
  • prefers stay-in dates: Daichi. he’s not picky andIt doesn’t really matter, just as long as they’re together. awww my heart

Thank you so much anon! Please enjoy this humble offering. 

Super Junior: When he sees you drunk for the first time.

–Okay I just realized this is the 4th SM reaction in a row. How am I only noticing this now?! Lol sorry about that guys, didn’t intend to do that, it’s just how my ideas laid out for me. Thank you for the request @sujuloverlella and I hope you enjoy!

Leeteuk: –Was following me to the bath really necessary?!–Actually, go take a cold shower and sober yourself up!

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Heechul: Heh, you’re going to be hearing some pretty interesting stories tomorrow!~

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Yesung: Oh god you’re going to have such a bad hangover in the morning… I almost feel sorry for you.

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Kangin: *Takes video* You’re not going to believe me unless I show you proof–PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW [Y/N]!!!!

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Shindong: [Y/n]… Why are you hiding in the washing machine?

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Sungmin:  I think I’ve made a huge mistake letting you drink… I’m going to have to reflect on myself after this. *Traumatized*

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Eunhyuk: *Watches you play with sharp objects* I’m just going to take this away from you now. It’s just safer for everyone this way.

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Donghae: *Talking to restaurant owner* Look I’m really sorry! I didn’t know they were going to be like this! I’m never taking you out driving anywhere again!

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Siwon: *Listens to your deepest darkest secret* Oh did you really? Wow!~ What else?

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Kyuhyun: *Gets dragged into dancing* I don’t know what’s happening but at least you’re having fun!

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Zhoumi: How are you already drunk already, you hardly drank anything! *Takes a sip and gags*–Holy crap that’s strong!

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Henry: Okay I think that’s enough drinks for one nigh–OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

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Headcanons for Levi and Jean taking a bath with their s/o ?



  • Oh boy, getting him to actually stop whatever he’s doing and take a bath, especially one with someone else there, is going to be a bit of a challenge. 
  • This man literally takes militant showers, as confirmed by Isayama himself. I can’t particularly see him being fond of sitting in his own filth, or so he would claim. 
  • Eventually, after much persuasion and begging on your part, you get Levi to (reluctantly; grumpily) agree to take a bath with you. 
  • If you’re expecting a bubble bath and relaxing with him, you’re dead wrong. Levi will literally in in there, help wash your hair and skin in the least sexual way possible and then order you out. 
  • It’s a bit disappointing, but you know Levi only views showers/baths in terms of getting clean. He will, however, help you towel dry your hair and make sure that you won’t catch a cold. Even if he’s unintentionally rough, you know that this stems from a place of concern and care. 
  • A little disappointed with how that plan transpired, you’d express how you wanted the experience to be relaxing for the both of you, and Levi might heave a sigh and lay down on the bed, staring at you expectantly. 
  • “Are you going to take all day?” 
  • It’s his own weird way of letting you know that he’s willing to actually lay the fuck down and cuddle like a normal person instead of his weird sleeping habits, i.e. the chair in front of his desk. 
  • Not exactly what you had planned, but Levi himself is quite the character, and you’d get to spend some one on one time with him in the end. <3 


  • Okay, so, you would definitely have to be the one to bring this up. Jean, unlike Levi, wouldn’t be opposed to the idea as much as he is worried that you’ll a, get caught or b, has to see you naked
  • He’s literally all talk. He can act totally confidence and nonchalant about your nudity, but he’s definitely staring at you and averting his eyes every five seconds with the biggest blush on his cheeks. 
  • When he finally calms down, he’ll discover that he really enjoys having you wash his hair. This boy will lean against your chest and sink down a little bit just so you can continue like the needy baby he is. 
  • Of course, he tries to return the favor but he’s so rough and doesn’t know what he’s doing that you swat his hands away and do it yourself. 
  • He’s better when it comes to washing your back. He’ll tenderly run the cloth over your shoulders and other areas where you can’t reach while occasionally pressing his lips to the back of your neck. 
  • It’s a lot more intimate than Levi, that’s for sure, but Jean will start to complain about turning into a prune and it sort of ruins the moment. 
  • The both of you towel off and get dressed while trying not to act suspicious, but pretty much everyone knows that the two of you were hogging all the hot water. 
  • Now that he’s warm and content, Jean will be down to cuddle, especially if it’s nighttime. He’ll especially like being able to smell your shampoo while he’s big spoon!

Fire Emblem Fates Vassals Anthology

Chapter 1

Odin ask Leo to give him some missions to do. At first he didn’t wanted, but after the constant insistence of Odin, Leo accept.

Azama is resting near the Pearl lagoon (you know, the one from My Castle) and is bored, thinking about how Hinoka probably wants to give him too much work (or she actually give him some work and he didn’t want to do it, ‘m not sure) and Mitama is just sleep somewhere. For his luck, Odin appears acting weird.

Odin explaim him about his missions, and that he is looking for something. He searched under a chair, in the grass, inside a jar… Even in the onsen when the girls were taking a bath! But nothing. What he needs is a pearl, one that Azama happyly give it to him after taking one out of the lagoon. Odin can’t accept Azama’s help for the missions, but after realising that he didn’t know how to accomplish them, he accepts the help. Both of them proceed to follow the list of missions, like finding veggies in the farm and feed Lilith.

After finishing everything, both of them return to Leo, who in exchange for his efforts, give Odin a new tome (???). Azama is happy for Odin, but then, Hinoka appears screaming at him, and he start running away of her.

While Hinokais trying to catch Azama, Leo was left with dealing with a super happy Odin.


*Plz, take in account that my interpretation of the dialogue can be wrong*

Hetalia Characters When They're Sick
  • Italy: Extra weepy, even more begging people (read: Germany) to help him with things, basically just lies in bed. Tends to get people (read: Germany) sick because he forgets he should stop being so touchy.
  • Germany: One of those people who thinks if he denies being sick it will just go away. This works alright for a cold but if he's really sick he needs someone to convince him to actually rest up.
  • Japan: Just stays home and takes care of himself, not going to bother anyone but also not going to go to work. He takes long, hot baths, because baths are always the answer.
  • America: Complains loudly, also his sneeze is really really loud too. He goes by the general rule that fevers or throwing up mean stay home, anything short of that means get up and go to work anyway.
  • England: Whiny, drinks his weight in tea. Kind of like Japan though, will just stay home until it's over. Also gets really pissy at people who ask where he's been, for some reason.
  • France: Dramatic about it. The world is ending because France is sick. He'll also actually just pamper himself even more because he deserves it.
  • China: Has some herbal medicine to cure whatever it is, always. Whether it always works is another story. Is kind of a sickness denier, like Germany.
  • Russia: Tries really hard to carry on like normal, to show he's strong. If it's bad enough that he can't though, he'll just go to bed and stay there however long it takes to sleep it off.
  • Canada: Has the tiniest sneeze, so small. Only calls in sick when he really can't bring himself to go, and even then he'll be so very apologetic about it.

Mako’s found that getting Jamison to take a bath is actually a lot easier if he does it right after a job. He’s a lot more compliant to Roadhog’s demands when he’s gotten himself all tuckered out, too tired to put up his normal fight and hassle. It doesn’t come easy, like most things with Jamison, but it’s easier to fight him this way.

Of course it always comes with a price with him, alway bargaining so that he’s getting something in return, like he’s somehow doing Mako a favor by bathing himself.

This price was tolerable though he guessed, rubbing his hands up and down Jamison’s back while he lays himself over the expanse of his body. The tub can’t quiet fit them both, most don’t, but like hell if Jamison isn’t going to join Mako in every single bath that he takes. It’s always uncomfortable, with knees and elbows bumping all over the place, but worth it in the end.

Mako always enjoys the quieter moments like this, although Jamison would probably strongly disagree with the sentiment. He isn’t so guarded as he usually is. He’s actually about to think and feel things without them getting in the way of the job. It’s when he finally gets to relax and drop the overbearing persona that’s ever looming over his head. He’s finally able to be Mako, and to give Jamison the attention he deserves and craves.

The bath has long since gone cold, but the two of them are taking a moment for themselves for once. Jamison will mumble nonsense here and there and move to press tired kisses along his cheeks and lips. Mako sighs, knowing that they probably get up and out of the bath before the both of them end up falling asleep. Sleeping in a tub does not sound like it’s comfortable in any way, shape, or form. As soon as he starts to shift, Jamison is all growling and groaning in protests.

“Stop movin’ so damn much, lard ass.” He grunts.

“Then get up so we can go to bed, Fawkes.” Mako grumbles back, pushing at Jamison chest lightly to get him to move.

“Fuck that, ’m comfortable right here.” He clings his arms around Mako’s shoulders in a futile attempt to subdue him.

“You got three seconds to move.” Mako growls out the warning, glaring down at Jamison clinging to him.

“One…” Rat just holds on tighter.

“Two.” He’s giving the biggest God damn puppy eyes right now, but he won’t be swayed. Not today.

“Three.” Mako says before he forcefully dumps Junkrat out of the tub and onto the cold tile floor.

“YOU COCK SUCKIN’ FUCK HOLE!” He curses, scrambling to get up off the cold floor as fast as possible. He’s having trouble actually doing so since he’s missing his prosthetics at the moments. The whole display has Mako chuckling lowly.

“Oh, yeah! Laugh it up, arsehole! Real funny, mate! See if I’m paying you any time soon….” He says, glaring daggers at Mako while he gets out of the tub. He huffs loudly when the big man bends down to help right him. “Maybe I should hire a new bodyguard. One that WON’T throw me on the floor like I’m trash.”

“Well, your name IS Junkrat…” He hums out, smirking down at Jamison when he earns an even harder glare from him.

“Har, har. When did you get SO funny?” Jamison ask sarcastically.

“I know a guy.” Mako says, bending down to plant a death light kiss on Jamison cheek, then turning to grab a towel. That perks him right up.

“You think I’m funny?” Jamison asks in awe after a brief pause.

“You know I do…” Mako tells him, drying his hair off with the towel he retrieved. He didn’t need to see Jamison’s face to know that he’s got a huge grin on his face. He can practically feel the excitement radiating off of the other at his statement. It’s amazing what a little praise or compliment will do to Jamison. He becomes an absolute mess of giddiness.

“Gotta make sure you’re all patched up.” Mako mumbles after sitting in silence for a minute, finishing up drying Rat up before moving onto himself.

“Well, uh, I mean I don’t feel bad… Probably a bit sore.” Jamison says, looking over himself for any cuts. He’s littered with still forming bruises, but he doesn’t think he’s gotten anything else.

“Still, better safe then sorry.” Mako replies, throwing the towel over his shoulder to inspect the damage himself. It’s not that he doesn’t trust Jamison’s judgement he just…feels better if he sees for himself.

“Lookin’ good.” Mako says and moving so he can pick Jamison up, tossing the towel careless onto the bathroom floor.

“I’m always good lookin’.” Jamison replies, giving Mako a wicked grin and a wink. Mako just shakes his head, not wanting to fuel the fire especially so close to bed.

Whenever they get a hotel the two of them always get two separates beds. It just happens to Jamison doesn’t like the idea and always crawls into bed with him at night. At first he came up with a plethora of excuses, but now it’s just become habit for the two of them. A habit that they are unwilling to break.

He sets Jamison down on the bed before getting in it himself, covering the two of them up with the blanket as the rat curls himself into Mako’s chest and sighing.

“Love ya, Roadie.”

“Love you too, Rat.”

anonymous asked:

Happy Valentine's day, Raven! I hope you'll have a wonderful day with your boyfriend.

Thank you so much! I hope you’re having a wonderful day as well. :) Last year Ryan and I tied the knot so he’s actually my husband now! He has to work tonight, but we had a great morning of shopping at Target (woohoo!) and now I’m going to take a nice bath and then go in game. It’s definitely my favorite kind of day. <3