he is actually smiling

Because I just binged the second half of season 12 and I need a pick-me-up.

The first twenty-four hours Cas is back (and wholly human), Dean hovers like Sam has never seen. Every time Sam has almost died ever? Cake, compared to the way Dean follows Castiel around the bunker like some sad, confused, lost puppy. 

And the worst part is that Cas is just happy to bask in the attention. Like he knows that this is the closest he and Dean will ever be, and he’s content to take advantage while it lasts.

It’s a little pathetic:

Cas will walk into the kitchen, dressed in the sweats and t-shirt left out for him to make him more comfortable, and lo and behold, not even thirty seconds later, Dean will follow. He’ll hover for a couple of seconds, they’ll do the whole ‘staring but not really staring’ thing, and then Dean, miraculously now in Castiel’s personal space, will casually ask something like: “you hungry?” and Cas’ll nod like his life depends on it. 

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ok but isak once made even tea in the morning, to surprise him, and even was so smiley and thanked him a thousand times but then he actually took a look and. okay. and his smile froze on his face and isak was like “is it not good?” and even just shook his head with a smile, “its great, thank u” then he took a sip ,left it in his mouth for a moment then swallowed and he faked a smile, encouraging isak and it was worth it because isaks face lit up with a bright smile and gave even a cheek kiss. (even didnt finish the tea, he let it cool out and just said he forgot about it but still was very thankful)

A dragon’s treasure

Prompt: Metalicana interacting with the twins by @ninja-status

Word count: 2k

Summary: Metalicana is asked to babysit the twins. It’ll be a piece of cake, right? RIGHT?! Modern-AU; Human!Metalicana.


After three knocks to the door, only one thought crossed his mind unrelentlessly.

How had he agreed to this?

The door swung open and he looked down to be met with two hazel eyes and a bright smile.

Oh, right. It’s all the brat’s fault.

“Welcome, Metalicana,” Levy greeted him in her singsong voice and he sighed in defeat.

“Where are they?” His gruff voice and dark appearance could have scared the bravest warrior but did nothing to her. Instead, she smiled again and stepped aside to let him come inside the house.

Yeap, it’s the brat’s fault for falling for the ballsiest and cutest woman in the whole world. Don’t get him wrong; he loves his daughter-in-law, she seemed to be the only one able to keep his son in line and she was the main reason the brat cut his connections with the dark businesses he got involved in when he was young.

Still, it didn’t explain why Metalicana had to bear with the consequences of his son’s choices.

“They are in the living room watching a movie. Come on in.” She closed the door once he stepped inside and he couldn’t help but scrunch his nose at the fruity and floral scent that wafted through each corner of the house.

“Hey Pops,” Gajeel greeted his father when he came into view and- wait, did he just smiled at him?! Was Gajeel actually happy to see his old man?!

“Brat,” he greeted back and couldn’t keep the faint smile off his face at seeing his son so damn happy. Yeah, this tiny blue haired woman was changing Gajeel’s life and Metalicana hoped it would be for the better.

“Hey Lev, could ya help me with the tie?”

“Sure, honey.” Gajeel leaned down for her to be able to reach for his tie without going up on her tiptoes. With a quick motion, Levy finished her task and patted him affectionately on the chest. “All done.”

He thanked her and kissed the top of her head which earned him a cute giggle from the woman.

“Ugh, get a room ya two.” Metalicana rolled his eyes and crossed his arms feigning irritation at the scene.

“What? Ya want a kiss too old man?”

“Yeah, in my ass,” he shot back and both males grinned at each other.

“Now now, be nice the two of you,” Levy chided but before Metalicana could argued back a new voice interrupted them.

“Grampa?” Yajeh stood at the other end of the entrance hall eyeing the older man curiously.

“Come here, sweetie.” The five-year-old boy did as his mother told him and ran into her arms happily. She lifted him up with ease and embraced the child with motherly love. “Is the movie over?”

“Yeah, it was great! Can we look for our dragons next time we go camping?” His eyes shone with excitement at the mere idea of riding his own Nightfury.

“Sure thing, champ.” Gajeel chuckled and ruffled his son’s hair.

“We’ll need lots of fishes! And no eels!” Shutora added as she stepped closer to the adults. She eyed her brother with shyness and something akin to jealousy. She also wanted to be hugged but she was too proud to admit it.

As if reading her mind, Gajeel swiftly lifted her up and sat her on his shoulder. She laughed and hugged her daddy’s head to not fall off. Metalicana just rolled his eyes one more time at the family’s antiques; that many shows of affection were too much for him to bear.

“Why is Grampa here?” Shutora questioned noticing for the first time the older man in the room.

“He is staying with ya for a couple of hours,” Gajeel said as he gently put his daughter down.

“Really?” Yajeh looked up at his grandfather with his bright red eyes.

“Yes. Daddy and I are going out for a couple of hours so Grampa will be looking after you until we come back,” Levy explained as she kissed her son in the cheek and put him down. “So you better behave, alright?”

Now, both kids looked up at Metalicana with wide eyes and unreadable expressions. He started to feel uncomfortable under their innocent and intense gaze. Surely they might have prefered to be babysat by Blondie or by Igneel’s brat but according to Levy they were unavailable for the night. So now, the twins were stuck with him and they were probably going to throw a tantrum about them not wanting to spend time with their grandfather.



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WOW @ that clip. yousana back at it again? idc about yousef's supposedly disrespectful behavior. how are two people meant to show their unspoken love for each other without giving it away? it's called teasing and he made her smile. sana actually smiled. a full smile !! be grateful we actually got some yousana, because praise the lord that was b-e-a-utiful! my heart is full once again.

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13. “I lost our baby.” with jordan parrish (but in a funny way, like loosing the baby in the shopping mall or so :D)

Jordan Parrish - “I lost our baby”

“Jordan…” You stared at the shopping bag in your left hand and then you stared at your empty right hand. Panic was racing through your veins and your chest was moving up and down, even though you didn’t seem to get as much oxygen as you actually needed.

“What’s wrong, honey?” He smiled at you, but you couldn’t bring yourself to smile back at him.

Your eyes were still staring at your empty right hand. Only a couple of minutes ago your fingers had been entwined with those small and tiny little fingers. Only a few seconds ago you had told your son that his father would return any second now. But now your hand was empty. Just empty. “He’s gone…” You held your breath and looked up, scanning the crowd. “He’s gone…” You swallowed a few times. “I lost our baby…”

Jordan placed his hands on your shoulders and he locked his glance with yours. “Don’t worry. We’ll find him. I promise.” He licked his lips and you shook your head while the tears rolled down your cheeks.

“This mall is huge! He can be anywhere!” You were almost screaming and around you people were turning their heads. You could see the judgement in their eyes. You could see the frowned and raised eyebrows. You could hear the whispers of the mothers and fathers around you, wondering how someone could lose a child, their child.

“We’ll find him.” Jordan nodded at you and then he squeezed your shoulders once more. “He’s not even two years old. He can’t be that far away.”

You took a deep breath. You weren’t too sure about that. You had seen him running through the living room. You had seen how quickly he could get somewhere or could grab something. You knew how even the smallest distraction and one second of not paying attention could change everything.

Maybe he was only two years old, but he was quicker than water and fascinated by even the smallest and barely noticeable things.

“Come with me.” Jordan grabbed your hand and he started to make his way through the crowd. He kept his eyes on the ground and you did the same, but no matter how many children you passed, not one of them was your son. Jordan eventually stood still in front of the counter. “Excuse me, miss?” He smiled a calm smile and you wondered why he was not panicking right now. Why wasn’t he even thinking about the possibility that something had happened? Why wasn’t he even wondering if maybe someone had taken him? “We lost our son. He’s two years old and he’s wearing a Disney shirt. He’s called Devon and he’s wearing a plastic sheriff pin on his chest.”

“We will make an announcement for you, Sir.” The lady behind the counter smiled politely and Jordan squeezed your hand. “Attention, attention…”

You could barely focus on the announcement. A thousand ideas, fears and worries were going through your mind and you were sweating all over your body. You should have held his hand tighter. Maybe you shouldn’t have allowed him to walk at all. Maybe you should have put him in the carrier. Maybe you should have bought one of those leashes, even though you had been so against them. Everything was better than the horrible feeling you were feeling right now because you had lost him.


You looked up when you heard a small sharp voice and you let out a relieved sigh when you saw Devon in the arms of a stranger. “Devon! There you are! Where have you been?” You pulled your hand back and wrapped your arms around your baby boy to press him to your chest.


“Did you see a dog?” You forced yourself to smile and you pressed at least ten kisses to Devon’s forehead.

“You can’t just let mommy’s hand go to pet a dog!” Jordan wrapped his arms around the two of you, a bright smile on his face. “Come, I’ll get the two of you ice cream.”

“O yes, of course, let’s reward him for running away.” You rolled your eyes, but once again you tightened your grip around the little boy in your arms.

“He didn’t run away. He saw a dog.” Jordan pressed a soft kiss on your head.

“I know who’s holding his hand the next time we go to the mall.”

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With the mug thing I like to imagine that Aaron sat there and was all " fuck robert. He's not the world's best husband I am." but in the (hopefully near) future he'll start giving Robert the mug and he'll know all os forgiven until one day he walks down stairs and Aaron is drinking out the mug and Robert's all shit fuck what have I done? And it turns out to be something really stupid like he packs the dishwasher wrong or something else painfully domestic.



imagine it though like gradually he starts giving robert the mug and like it turns into a sort of symbolism for their progression and robert doesn’t even want to draw attention to it so he just nods, ducks his head every morning and sips it slowly, washes it delicately and places it on the counter

aaron watches it and smiles, actually smiles as he sees how delicate robert is with the mug, as if it means so much to him. then one day robert just comes down the stairs and aaron’s drinking out of the mug and he feels bad instantly, he thinks back to the night before and wonders what he has done and he panics like mad, thinking that all their progress has been for absolutely nothing

aaron realises, practically hears robert’s laboured breath and asks what’s wrong. robert tries to ask what he’s done, if everything is okay and aaron is confused af until he looks at the mug and realises how it may look. so of course he has to explain that the dishwasher is packed up or something and all the other mugs are inside it and he can’t get to them, had to use the one out on the side and it just so happened to be robert’s one. robert settles almost instantly and then watches aaron finish his tea off, pass it to his husband and say “here, world’s best husband” and it’s enough to make robert go weak at the damn knees

haha what have i done to us ???

Birthday Wishes

Iruka smiled softly letting his head drift to Kakashi’s shoulder.

“Hm?” Kakashi hummed, moving his arm for a more inviting position, not looking up from his book until they were comfortable again. “You okay?”


“Did you have a good day?” The hand across his shoulder rotated to play with his ponytail.

It made him smile again. He took a second to sum it all together. There had been an incident or two with some students vandalizing the Third’s bust but that wasn’t unusual, and they might of actually seemed sorry this time.

He saw Naruto and Hinata smiling and talking about their future together with high hopes.

He and Kakashi had disscussed a place together and even if it wasn’t something they were going to do tomorrow it was a good start, because frankly he didn’t want it to be something they rushed into and did tomorrow.

“Yeah. I did. Thank you, Kakashi,” he turned his head, looking at the face close to his own.

“All I did was make you dinner,” he argued gently, letting his book fall into his lap.

Iruka shook his head, smiling wider. “You did exactly what I asked you to.”

“Ah,” he breathed, looking away again. “Well, you should always get what you want on your birthday.”

“That’s a great motto to keep in mind,” he let the suggestion carry in his tone.

Kakashi rose a brow, chuckled to himself and turned the page. “Of course.“ He looked down again with a grin. “You have until midnight.”


History of YOI fandom

As a YOI fandom grandparent, I felt it was my duty to write out all the fandom explosions for the newer fans who weren’t there to witness the big bang and gradual week-by-week creation of this universe. All the arguments, people blowing things out of proportion, blaming characters, death theories, awesome fans clearing up miscommunications, YOI breaking the internet… 

This isn’t a post to call out specific people on their arguments and theories - I’ll stay respectfully away from restarting flames and picking fights, thankyouverymuch. Rather, this is an overview of the topics and conflicting views that swept across hundreds and thousands of people and prompted strong reactions. I’m doing this now, because I know that 6 months later, 1 year later, 3 years later, etc. there will be new fans who will have many of the same exact arguments. We’ve been there and done that. I see fans now who say things without knowing where the spelling/quote comes from, or who don’t realize how much has changed, or don’t know why there are certain perceptions of characters. So here’s a little bit of passing down history.

I also don’t want to forget the crazy ride this was. Laugh with me at the silly theories; smile with me at how deeply YOI has impacted our lives.
For those of us old-timers, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember when…

(Large arguments will be italicized or bold. Special thanks to @sachiro for reminding me of a bunch of stuff I missed, and looking over the draft in its various stages of being written and edited.)


  • Idea that there would be a love triangle (Yuri P.–Yuri K.–Victor)
  • Some fans started spelling Yuri Katsuki with two “u” in order to tell them apart.
  • Victuri ship name created for Victor x Yuri K. (in a comment to the PV)
  • The title
    • “lol ‘Yuri’ on Ice? Where are all the lesbians?”
    • “When it said Yuri on Ice, I thought we would get girls. Y’know what I mean?”
    • “Yuri on Ice? More like Yaoi on Ice! amiright?”
    • etc.
  • J.J. misspelling (English spelling “Jean Jack” instead of French Canadian “Jean-Jacques”)
    • you can see the remnants of this in the audience banners during the episodes, but it was corrected to “Jean-Jacques” on the official website and the in-show text
  • Phichit x Seung-gil ship created (there was more art for this than for Victor x Yuuri)

Episode 1

  • Victor vs. Viktor spelling arguments 
    • Although “Victor” is the official spelling and seen in-show, people argued that the creators are wrong and that we fans know better than them about Russian culture - thus the “Viktor” spelling was born.
    • People argued back that spelling is subjective and you can spell a name multiple ways and still be correct - thus transliterating his Russian name into English as “Victor” would be just as acceptable.
    • The YOI wiki held fast for a time on using official spellings and information from the official website, but the transition of power led to a new team that started using agreed-upon info rather than solely using official info. “Viktor” replaced “Victor” on the website.
      • this change from “Victor” to “Viktor” on the wiki happened around episode 2~3, but the arguments were in the page comments since episode 1 – with moderators explaining their reasoning with sticking to official sources.
  • Victor is a flirtatious over-the-top character who will seduce Yuuri
  • Victor is the overwhelming seme and Yuuri is the shy whimpering uke.

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kakairu + team 7 requested by the lovely alieng0d 


[as requested] the full scene of Betty & Jughead’s declaration of love. *happy sigh~* 

just wanted to appreciate the tenderness and beauty of this entire scene… first he only takes off his jacket….but when he hears that she’s still not giving up on his dad despite everything….he decides to take off his hat while staring at her back….leaving him at his most vulnerable…knowing that it’s the right time and that he’s ready to bare it all and confess his true feelings for her….which he did so casually at first to gauge her reaction…and then when she turned around….he repeats that “I love you” with such tenderness and sincerity… not even blinking nor breaking off his eye contact…but with a hint of anticipation and fear for her response as she approaches him…..and hearing her say “I love you”… he gives that soft heartbreaking smile like he couldn’t believe that she actually loves him back…..cos probably all his life he’s been so disappointed and dejected by the people that he loves that he’s accepted that he won’t receive back the love that he’s been yearning for…. :’( until now…..in which he has finally found a reciprocal love with Betty Cooper. His equal. His happiness. His soulmate. <3

cupcakes are totally a breakfast food

I see your Otabek is a boring formulaic “stoic male character™” and raise you:

  • DJ Altin
  • motorcycle
  • that dopey smile he gets when he looks at Yuri
  • actual God of Victory™
  • lived in at least four countries
  • proud of his ethnicity
  • fingerguns
  • managed to find his own way to make it among the world’s top figure skaters
  • juvenile delinquent  - could not find the reference for this again, help?
  • finally managed to make friends with the boy he fell in love with five years ago
  • all of that in spite of minimum screen time