he is actually smiling


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

I did this just for fun~ and without context (tbh for the hell of it ) What more could i say? I hope that you liked! you can take this like a breath (?) after the last update.  \(;-;)/ 
Oh! and by the way, this is a small collab with incorrect19days of this post.

is he okay 


Fitz’s confidence is improving bit by bit (3x20 vs 4x10)

in a hundred lifetimes, i’d choose you

Happy Birthday @amazingphil!!

Wanted to practice some portraits, so I picked a random youtuber that I could draw to help get back into the swing of it! It just so happened that I picked the precious angel bean that is AmazingPhil! I realized his birthday was coming up and wanted to turn this into a gift for him! Phil is such a delight to watch and he never fails to make me smile, so I hope that if he ever sees this it can make him smile too!   

Klance is the literal personification of the teachers AU trope where one (Keith) is the strict grumpy teacher that students are lowkey terrified of while the other (Lance) is the cheerful and passionate one that’s friends with everyone and has the mental age of his students so everyone thinks they’re the coolest. Then one day they see the two having lunch together in the teacher’s room and hOLY SHIT! Mr. Kogane is actually??? Smiling?? At Mr. McClain??? nOW HE’S LAUGHING?

That’s it the whole school ships them.

i’m not crying, you’re crying