he is actually like shocked

Why they never talk about no magic home ec class in Hogwarts.

Clearly they have spells for it.

Molly Weasley has knitting needles going, and while house elves do the cooking at Hogwarts presumably they use some magic there to keep up with the giant work load, and iirc, Molly uses magic to cook. 

So, where the home ec class at.
Where the muggleborns with dread in their eyes thinking it’ll be a normal like, cooking class, [Harry all excited thinking he’s gonna ace this class or at least do alright, since he cooked for the Dursley’s], and then the first half the first class is a lesson about how you’ve got to earn the respect of your measuring spoons. Otherwise they’ll argue with you on how much has to go into a recipe.
Harry has a kind of tentative conversation with his and they work with him after he realized they were an older set used to students forcing them to work for them. Talks to them gently and asks if they think a little more or little less should go into a recipe, or if they think he should add an ingredient now and then because they’ve made the same thing over, and over.
Harry trying to make Molly a sweater in return for the one he got because he doesn’t know what to do with having gotten gifts, and only really managing a rather lengthy and oddly tensioned scarf made from the best yarn he could find out of a catalog he found on the shelf in the classroom. The professor was just delighted he’d decided to keep at knitting and crocheting [he may have… mixed the two] after they’d finished the unit, to make a gift.  

Where’s Hermione having a long drawn out conversation with the home ec professor about how it’s ridiculous to devote magic to knitting when you can do it by hand, and the professor countering about the time saved by simply using enchanted needles or a charm. The conversation takes up the entire period but a teacher actually takes Hermione seriously for once because effective division of effort/time is a very important skill to learn and it’s what they’re there to teach.
Wheres Ron answering all the questions like a fucking CHAMP because managing in his family has basically made his ass a pro at everything– budgeting a vault? On it. Spelling how many cauldrons to feed how many people with how much food? On lock like it’s fucking Azkaban. Best herbs and plants to grow for general– he has already finished the worksheet/in-class essay that was on the board and is fucking around with his quill. He gets called on, his string bean ass gonna have the answer while kinda being shocked at himself that he actually does, because– like many poor ass people– we manage resources really damn well when we know what we have. And we very rarely let it get away from us.

Where’s the rich-ass purebloods that know finances and shit because they’re taking over family blood-line affairs when their older and their parents drilled that into their heads, but can’t cook/sew/anything else to save their life till they learn.
Where was Oliver Wood trying to make Healthy Food Things for the quidditch team for Extra Energy and just making a mess.
The Twins making a totally harmless banana pudding and selling it in their store and NO ONE KNOWING WHAT IT DOES, everyone panicking because they’re SURE they did something.

We were robbed of so much is all i’m saying.

I like to imagine the first time Elder McKinley ever said a curse word was because Kevin was being a grade A piss baby and Connor got so fed up that he just yelled “WILL YOU STOP BEING SUCH AN ASSHOLE” without meaning to and then immediately clapped his hands over his mouth and said “oh my gosh”


bashfully nudges these drawings from two days ago in ur direction

consider: cameos for both Cassian & Jyn in the Han Solo movie, wherein they narrowly miss meeting each other

I cant believe Igot7’s are trying to drag Taeyong and Winwin into their arguments to justify Jackson. NO. The fandom didn’t accept that they were taking part in cultural appropriate at all, almost EVERYONE expressed their disappointment and luckily the hair styles were changed early on in limitless promotions but I saw nobody trying to say it was okay unlike almost every Got7 fan I’ve seen.

And another point is not only are fans justifying Jackson but Jackson himself laughed at fans trying to educate him. So don’t drag our boys because your fave is acting like a dick.

Batter & Cheerleader (Jeff Atkins)

Requested: Yep!

Words: 3485

Warnings: A bit angst, some swearing, and I don’t know if I should include this here, but there is a special appearance!

Request: @smiles-and-skittles:  Hey! So I just found your blog and I was wondering if I could request a Jeff Atkins imagine where the reader is the new girl and he shows her around school and ends up asking her out to Monet’s or something?

So sorry for the long long wait but here it is!


Liberty High, Admissions office

“So here’s your schedule and locker combination.” The lady said, handing Alison, her schedule.

“Thanks. Are there cheerleading tryouts this week?” Alison asked

“I don’t know dear. You can ask Sheri Holland, she’s the head cheerleader” She smiled

“Okay thanks” Alison smiled back, and She turned her head to the opening door, revealing a cute tall guy with his ear pierced

“And here’s your peer mentor, Jeff Atkins” She pointed to the guy

“You know I’m only doing this because you promised extra credit right?” He said to the lady

“Yes. It will be added to your record” The lady said, rolling her eyes at the him

Then he turned his head to Alison, and Jeff Atkins was speechless. He tried forming words in his mouth but it’s like his mind just wanted to stare at the beauty in front of him. He knows that he hasn’t even spoken two words to her, but he found himself getting lost in her eyes that were pulling him in and he swears that he somehow saw himself falling in love with this girl and he doesn’t even know her name.

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Max and Rafa grow up knowing Luke and Jocelyn as Grandpa and Grandma, which means that for a period of time when he’s a toddler, Max fully believes that they’re Magnus’s parents

anonymous asked:

Can you please do a reisaru scenario where fushimi actually like gets really mad at munkata for putting himself in danger and yells at him Infront of the alphabet squad?? Reactions from seri and such please

I can see this happening some time post-ROK now that Munakata is more on a ‘normal’ level rather than what a King was, like his powers still may be strong but he’s no longer invincible the way he once was. Maybe King powers end up deteriorating more quickly than regular clansmen powers too, so Munakata goes from being on the level of an exceptionally powerful clansmen to more Totsuka-level but despite that he’s still leading the force and basically acting as if nothing has changed. Fushimi notices it shortly after the Slate’s destruction, like he himself is still on bed rest and light duty but Munakata’s already going out on missions despite his own injuries and the need to adjust to his weaker powers. Fushimi clicks his tongue when he sees Munakata returning with a worried Awashima at his side, part of him wondering about Munakata and recalling their last private conversation where Munakata gave him the mission to infiltrate jungle. Munakata told him then that neither of them might survive that mission and Fushimi finds himself thinking that it seems as if the mindset is still there for Munakata. Maybe there’s some issue with Homra too and Fushimi notes the look on Munakata’s face when he talks with them, wondering if Munakata really thinks that Suoh Mikoto’s ghost will be satisfied by Munakata’s death.

Finally one day Munakata steps in during a mission and almost gets badly injured, Fushimi jumps in the way and saves him but it’s very close. Afterward everyone returns to the office and Munakata continues to be super chill about what just happened, like he shows no worry at all that he was nearly killed. He does thank Fushimi for saving him, very calmly and possibly phrasing it more like ‘I appreciate your valuable assistance’ rather than actually using the word 'saved’ (which would imply he was in danger) and that’s when Fushimi just snaps at him to shut up. Awashima immediately scolds him and the alphabet boys are shocked but Munakata’s expression doesn’t waver as Fushimi coldly asks what Munakata thought he was doing there anyway, he hasn’t got the powers he once did and yet here he is running into danger even so. Munakata starts saying something bland about a King’s duty and that just makes something in Fushimi snap, he starts berating Munakata in this cold dismissive voice that gets increasingly emotional as he goes on, like he’s sick of Kings and their stupid sacrificial bullshit, Munakata’s not a King anymore and he needs to accept that and stop running headlong into danger, he might not care about the risk to his life but his clan does. The rest of the squad is just left speechless, like seeing anyone yell at Munakata like that is outside of the normal but seeing Fushimi raise his voice so much, get so visibly emotional about it, that’s just dumbfounding to them all. In the end Fushimi’s breathing hard and angry and that’s when Munakata walks over to Fushimi and puts a hand on his shoulder, apologizing for not putting more value on his own life and that he did not intend to worry Fushimi so much. Fushimi immediately looks away, suddenly embarrassed by how much actual emotion he just showed, and Munakata smiles gently as he says this is what he has his clansmen for, so if their King loses his way there is someone to help him put his feet right again.

BTS reaction: them having a kid they didn’t know about

Thank you for requesting! xx

Jin/Kim Seokjin:

He would definitely want to arrange a meet up with you and talk about it. I don’t think he would be angry that you didn’t tell him, but he would definitely be upset. It’s his kid too, and even if the two of you broke up he would at least have wanted to know about them. Depending on how the two of you broke up he might want to either get back together, or at least be friends, so he can be in his kid’s life, because he doesn’t want them to grow up without at least knowing who their father is.

Originally posted by nnochu

Suga/Min Yoongi:

He’d probably confront you right then, because he’d worry that you wouldn’t agree to meet him if he asked later. And he’d probably get a bit angry. Like, he’d be so upset that it would turn into anger. He wants to be a good father to his future kids, and not even knowing they exist does not qualify as being a good father. And depending on wether you ended on a good not or not, he’d either ask to be a part of their life, or at least to get to spend a day with them, and then maybe let them decide wether they want him or not. He’s not about to let his kid get away without even trying.

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J-Hope/Jung Hoseok:

Like with Jin, I can’t see him getting angry. But he would definitely be upset. I think he’s another one who would try to confront you right away, but I don’t think he’d be collected enough to really get a good point across, so the two of you would decide that it’s better to meet up in like a few days. And when you do, he would pretty much beg you to let him be a part of his kid’s life, even if the two of you ended on a really bad note. And if he still has some kind of feelings for you, he’d probably suggest that the two of you get back together for your kid’s sake. He’d take it very seriously, and would do anything.

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Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon:

He would probably be more shocked than anything. Like, did he actually get you pregnant? He wouldn’t believe it at first. And because of that he wouldn’t walk up to you right away, but rather text or call you later and be like “I saw you with a kid that looked a lot like me today… Are they mine?”. And I think that he would want to figure most things out during that same conversation, and not postpone it to a later date. This is about his kid, and he is not about to wait a few days to figure out a solution with you.

Originally posted by hyeahjimin

Jimin/Park Jimin:

Like Yoongi, I think he would be so upset that he would get angry, especially when he finds out you didn’t say anything because you thought it was your burden. He’s just as responsible for the kid as you are, so what on earth made you think it’d be okay to not even inform him of his kid’s existence? He’d probably confront you about it right away because his emotions would tell him to, and then decide that it’s better to sit down later and talk things through for real, when he’s more collected and fit to talk about it like an adult.

Originally posted by unwhitewashedjimin

V/Kim Taehyung:

He’d be upset, frustrated, and mad at the same time. He loves kids, and everyone knows that. So why didn’t you tell him he was a father? Did you think he wouldn’t have wanted the kid? Were you afraid he’d try to take them away from you? Did you simply not want to put yet another responsibility on him? Whatever the reason, he’d think it was absolute bullshit. He’s always wanted to be a father, and now he was, even if he didn’t know about it at first. And like Hobi, he would do anything he possibly could to make you let him be in the kid’s life.

Originally posted by toughchim

Jungkook/Jeon Jeongguk:

He’d be similar to Namjoon. He’d be shocked to the point of refusing to believe it at first. He couldn’t possibly have gotten you pregnant, right? And then he’d discuss it with the members, and they’d probably be the ones to convince him to get in touch with you because he would be very hesitant to do that. But once he does, he will try his hardest to let you be your kid’s father for real. Once it has all sunk in properly, he will get really strong fatherly feelings, and he won’t want to give the kid up.

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Spots and Fluff Ch. 2

Ladrien June 2nd: Cat person

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Summary: Adrien and Ladybug become friends and eventually more in this prompt list based fanfiction.

Adrien would have thought that the night before hadn’t happened. It was too good, almost a fantasy come real in a way he could never have expected. Ladybug showing up in the middle of the night? Crazy. Actually agreeing to hang out with him was so low on the list of things that could occur that he had never actually considered it. Yet she had still said yes.

He was really, really glad she said yes. He had never had so much fun before. In fact he was pretty sure that last night counted as his first sleepover. He ginned widely at the though.

“This is going to be all the time now isn’t it?” Plagg asked drolly.

Ah yes. The reason he knew it wasn’t a dream, besides the fact that it had taken him two days to get his sleep back on track, was that his delightful Kwami had taken to constantly complaining about Adrien’s lovesick state.

“Ugh. You’re so busy mooning over her you don’t even realize I’m talking anymore do you?” Plagg threw a large piece of cheese in the air and then swallowed it whole.

Adrien grimaced. “Can’t you just be happy for me?” He asked, already knowing the answer.

Plagg let out a loud belch. “Yeesh. It’s just Ladybug. You see her all the time!” He grumbled.

Adrien shook his head. “Only as Chat and only when there’s an akuma.” He smiled. “I think I learned more about her last night than the last six months of fighting by her side.” He sighed happily.

“Here we go again.” Plagg rolled his eyes and then paused. He quickly darted into his favorite hiding spot: Adrien’s trash can.

“Is that…?” Ladybug was at his window. Again. He hadn’t actually expected her to come back!

He scrambled to open the window and let the spotted girl inside. Once he had she overshot her yoyo by just a tad and ended up colliding with him.

They ended up in a precarious position with Ladybug sitting in Adrien’s lap and their legs tied together. Adrien probably would have enjoyed such a position normally, but his head had just collided with his hard floor and he didn’t feel like doing anything more than rubbing at it and groaning.

Ladybug quickly scrambled off of him. “Sorry!” She yelped. She held out her hand and he let her lift him to his feet. Her eyes widened in horror.

“What’s wrong?” He frowned.

“B-b-blood! On your head! Oh my god!” Ladybug panicked.

Tentatively Adrien brought his hand up to the bruise forming on his head and winced as he touched it. He brought his hand to his face and frowned. It was only a little blood.

“I’ll be fine.” He assured her. “Just let me grab a towel and I’ll be right back. Take a seat on the couch if you want.” With that said he smiled at the still somewhat distraught Ladybug and headed to the bathroom to grab a towel.

When he returned he saw Ladybug sitting tensely on his couch. She yelped slightly when he sat down next to her and pressed the white towel against his bruise.

He looked over to her. She was looking down with her hands clenched in her lap. “I’m sorry.” She repeated softly. “Do you want me to leave?”

Adrien gently grabbed one of her hands. “Of course not. It was just an accident after all.” He smiled reassuringly at her.

She smiled weakly back. “Sorry, I’m just really clumsy.” She admitted.

He shook his head. “It’s fine.” She didn’t look convinced. “Fine,” He chuckled at her stubbornness. “I forgive you.”

She finally smiled genuinely. “You’re too kind.” She murmured and he felt her thumb caress his hand.

Flushing slightly and not knowing what to do next he searched his head for a distraction. “Do you want to play the question game?” He blurted out. Stupid. Plagg was going to tease him merc-

She blinked, tilted her head, smiled, and then nodded. “You first.” She said simply.

He said the first thing that came to mind. “Who are you really?”

Surprisingly she didn’t seem to take offense, only smiling wider as she answered. “I can’t tell you. Superhero confidentiality, don’t you know?” He did know actually. “My turn. Do you like hamsters?” She flushed.

He smiled back happy that she hadn’t taken offense to his out of line question. “I guess they’re cute.” He shrugged.

Ladybug hummed happily. “They are.” She agreed. “Your turn.”

God, she looked so cute when she smiled like that. “Um, do you like cats or dogs better?” Please be cats.

She tilted her head and with her free hand she tapped her chin in thought. “I’m going to go with cats. They’re so cute after all!” She grinned.

“Like your partner?” He asked slyly.

Ladybug didn’t seem to notice his intent. “Yeah, except Chat is even cuter.” She frowned when he looked at her with what looked like doubt, but was actually shock. She thought he was cute?!

“He really is.” She assured him. “I scratched under his chin once and he almost purred.” She giggled.

He blushed. “Thank-I mean that is cute!” He hoped she wouldn’t notice his slip up.

She didn’t. “Yeah,” Suddenly she seemed to realize something. “I mean not as cute as y-” She slapped a hand on her mouth.

Adrien was getting redder by the minute. “You think I’m cute?” Ladybug thought both sides of him were cute?

Reluctantly, Ladybug nodded.

Adrien smiled. “Thanks.” He said breathlessly. She thought he was cute! He sighed happily.

When he came back to reality he saw Ladybug looking at her yoyo. “Um. Is something the matter?” He asked with concern.

She shook her head. “It’s getting late and I don’t think we should stay up all night again.” She looked at him with worry.

He smiled at her and she relaxed. “Will I see you again?” He asked hopefully.

“As long as you don’t turn me away.” She smiled shyly.

“Never.” He said quickly. She flushed at his lack of hesitance and then turned to leave.

Just as she was about to throw her yoyo to swing away he gently grabbed her shoulder. “Hey Ladybug?”

She turned to look at him blue eyes shining. “Yes?” She smiled.

“Are we…?” He hesitated and Ladybug held her breath. “Friends?”

Ladybug blinked and then shook her head with a smile. “If you want to be.” She stated quietly.

“I do.” He admitted.

She grinned softy and once again pecked his cheek goodbye.

Adrien watched her go his heart swelling with affection. “I really, really love that girl.”

He heard Plagg gag behind him. He threw the towel at him and was satisfied by the squawk of indignation. Even if Plagg got him back later it was worth it just to lengthen this moment just a bit more.

He sighed as he shut the window and got ready for bed. He had a long day tomorrow after all so he needed all the sleep he could get. As his eyes slid shut his last thoughts were of Ladybug and of how he couldn’t wait to see her again.

Breathlessly Hesitant

Title: Breathlessly Hesitant 

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Warnings: Implied/smut, maybe some slight cursing, some angst, jealousy. 

Requested by @padfootserastartsnow:  Can you maybe write a Jughead x Reader where the Reader and Jughead are both really anti social and absolutely best friends? And They’re both secretly in love with the other, but they won’t tell each other, so they get into a fight (maybe about Jughead spending so much time with Betty) and they end up confessing to each other and possibly ending in smut? Honestly, you don’t have to follow my request, I just want some Jughead x Reader stories to read really badly.

A/N: I tried! I don’t know how well it will be because this is my first fic as I slowly begin to come out of my slump, so…(this is not edited/proof read)
As always feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope y’all enjoy! 

Tag List: @sunshine51879 @dempsey-mantle @emotional-wrek-hello @day-dreaming-nightmare @casual-vaporwave @aezthetically @angstylittleteen @nafa1604 @thegloomybutt 

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Imagine: One night Eth and ty are joking about tythan, and eths pining like a motherfluffer. Ty makes a joke about actually being together, and eth thinks they’re actually dating now. He’s a lil confused when he goes to kiss ty and he’s gently pushed away, but hey maybe ty wants to take it slow. Ty just thinks eth is joking along and being the Obnoxious Blu Boi. They’re already v tactile, so ty doesn’t notice a difference. In a few days, ty goes to a party, gets wasted, and has a one night stand. He casually mentions it over breakfast with teamiplier. Eth freezes up in shock, like did he actually just say that? Everyone else is teasing and congratulating ty, and no body notices when eth slips out. Eth is distraught, and when he carefully mentions that he was surprised ty slept with someone to Mark, marks just like “lol well it’s not like he’s in a relationship ship soooo.” Eth realizes that ty was probably joking and he has a complete fucking breakdown, but how can he tell teamiplier? He just tells then he’s tired and is in agony when Tyler picks him up and puts him to bed. He starts avoiding TF out of Tyler, and while it doesn’t solve anything, it helps.

So eth had been avoiding ty for like a week and ty was noticing. Eth wasn’t there to play video games, he couldn’t be heard yelling while recording because he apparently never recorded while ty was there anymore?, he didn’t even come cuddle chica in front of ty anymore. And ty realizes that shit, he really misses eth. He doesn’t get hugged or attacked or randomly tickled anymore, since Amy and kathyrn don’t do that and Mark is much more restrained that eth. So one day he pretends to leave and then corners eth on his way to get a snack. He asks eth why he’s avoiding him, and when eth doesn’t tell him he keeps pushing because he’s stubborn like that, he keeps walking closer, asking what’s wrong. Finally eth literally ducks and runs to the other side of the kitchen island asking ty to leave him alone, starting to sniffle. Whereas before he had been moving slowly, now ty moves lightening fast to hug eth and eth fucking breaks. Hes sobbing into Ty’s chest, gasping out that “it was a misunderstanding, he took a joke wrong, ty could never like him anyway, he just thought…. and then of course he’d realized, and Mark laughed, and, and,” and then he leaps away from Ty like he’s been burned and he runs to his room and sobs. Ty’s paralyzed in the kitchen, with a wet spot on his shirt. When he finally processes what happened he rushes to eths room and carefully stoops down next to the pathetically sobbing blue ball, and tells him that he realized he does like him, that he shouldn’t have joked, that he wants to really date him, that he’s sorry, that he missed eth so much and he never wants eth to leave him like that again. And eth slowly unfolds and is like are you sure? For real?? And Ty smirks and says yep, and then they kiss. 🎉

just thought i should share this with y’all, since the while idea/writing is wonderful and i think everybody needs to see it.

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Can I please request Tsukki, Bokuto, Kuroo, Oikawa, Tendou and Terushima with a fem s/o who has short pixie hair?? Tell me if there's something wrong with this request, thanks love ❤

Hey, of course you can ask for this! I actually have short hair and have been mistaken for a boy by a teacher and an old man 😂 I took this as the s/o had recently cut their hair to a pixie cut and they wanted to see their partners reactions. I hope that’s okay ❤️


• He doesn’t like change a lot, but he thinks that this decision was a good one. He thinks it suits you better than your longer hair
• He loves the feeling of running his hands through their short and soft hair
• He’s just thankful that he’ll no longer wake up with long strands on hair in his mouth


• He wants to style your hair 24/7 so it can match his
• He’ll often stroke the sides of their hair because OML IT FEELS SO NIIIIIIICE!!!
• Kind of excited to see what their new bedhead would look like when they wake up. He concluded that it looked absolutely adorable
• He thinks it makes them look more mature. However they weren’t too pleased when he said that they looked like a librarian


• He is actually quite shocked. He really likes long hair and seeing this change is a surprise
• He loves it nonetheless. He purposefully pisses you off when he messes your hair up and he knows that you spent a long time on it
• He asks to style your hair for school one day and it looked amazing. They genuinely thought he’d give them a mohawk and run away


• Is actually in love with the new style you took on. He thinks you have never looked better
• He can’t keep his hands off of it. He just love how soft the short hair feels between his fingers and he finds it very therapeutic
• He likes how unique they’re being since most girls like to have longer hair. He likes that they’re being so different


• He prefers shorter hair on girls so seeing that they went for such a drastic change made him super happy
• He takes a lot of pictures with them and even gets a few printed off since he loves them so much and he wants the world to know


• He thinks that it makes them looks fine as hell (plus he takes it as a couples thing since their hair is so similar)
• Even though he does love long hair, he can get down with shorter hair. It just means it’s harder for them to cover the hickeys he’ll leave on them and he adores that
• One time someone mistook them for a guy and he was not impressed. He ‘had’ to prove to them that they definitely were female…

Sleep Talk // Kix x Reader oneshot

| “(y/n), are you alright? You look pale.” Fives asked, looking over the engineer. Your skin had a sickly pallor as you swayed slightly. It took a moment to process this before you started nodding ever so slightly.
| “Yeah, I’m fiiiineee~~” the last word fizzled out as you collapsed. Fives barely caught you in time.
| “C’mon, you know better than this.” He scolded as he hoisted you up and took you to the infirmary. This wasn’t anything new, just usually it didn’t get this far. As the engineer of the 501st, you were known for working days on end without sleep, sometimes forgetting to eat, but the human body could only run so long off crappy, military grade caf. You mumbled incoherent excuses and with half-lidded eyes stared into space. Fives rolled his eyes, “Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.”
| After arriving in the med bay, he called Kix over. “Hey doc, I got a patient for ya’.”
| Once noticing it was you in Fives arms, three things happened: his face went red, he got a tad bit jealous, and he got really worried (but not surprised.) “Set, her down on one of the beds. Thanks, Fives.”
| “No problem, brother. Make sure to give her a good, long lecture for me.” Fives through over his shoulder before the infirmary doors swished shut.
| With Fives gone, he began running tests. Fortunately for you, it was only a extreme case of exhaustion, and letting your blood sugar fall too low. With a sigh, he cleaned the crook of your elbow before setting up an IV. Then, he pulled the blankets of the infirmary cot up to your chest. Against every want in his body, he restrained himself from kissing your forehead like he wanted too or staying besides you like he really wanted too. Instead, he brushed hair out of your face gingerly, before he went back to ‘his desk’ and started completing paperwork from the last battle.
| Maybe a half hour later, the medic was getting up to stretch and get a bite to eat. Before he went, he came over to check on you. Unsurprisingly, you were still sound asleep as he checked your vitals, charted them, and then closed the privacy curtains around the cot. After checking a few brothers that were in there, he was ready to walk out the door.
| “No, I need new power converters.” It was tired, and quiet but definitely yours. Kix stopped in his tracks, slowly looking over to your bed.
| “ (Y/N)? “ Kix whispered yelled after a minute of hesitation. After no response, he assumed it was just his imagination. Almost out of the door, he heard you again.
| “Fine. We’ll talk.”, you sounded irritated, but Kix didn’t remember you being mad at him, in fact the last time you spoke with him, you sounded pretty happy with him. (Jesse even told him you were flirting with him)
| Every so quietly, he inched back towards you. “(Y/N), are you alright? You sound mad.”
| “I know it’ll never happen.”
| Confused and slightly worried, he quietly pulled back the curtains he had just closed. Expecting to find you sitting up and awake, he was surprised to find you still sound asleep. “Ok, I’m letting this job get to my head. Maybe it’s time to let the med droid take over for the night.” The medic chuckled to himself.
| Sure enough though, after he began walking away he heard it again. “I know he’d never like me back- he’s a medic and a soldier.”
| Now you were sparking his interest; quietly as possible he rolled a stool over to you. Intent, he listened waiting for you too continue your dream induced rambling.
| “I think Kix likes the 212th’s nurse anyway.” You mumbled in your sleep. Kix’s jaw fell to the floor. You were dreaming about him?! You liked HIM?? He almost (actually did) fall off the stool in shock. He looked up hoping he hadn’t woke you up. Luckily, you just turned over in your sleep. Smiling to himself with excited energy bubbling through him, he adjusted the IV and pulled the blanket over her.
| “I wonder,” The medic whispered to himself before lowering down beside you, “Kix does like you. And the nurse from the 212th was just a plot to make you jealous. Blame Jesse.”
| With that, he laughed quietly to himself before turning out the lights. “Sleep tight, (Y/N.)”

This probably sucks, but it was fun to write. It was request by anon. I hope you enjoyed it. Sorry for not posting much today. xx

Camp Half-Blood!Au Namjoon

  • Son of Athena: Goddes of wisdom, handicrafts, useful arts, and battle strategy
  • Remember that time when namjoon dye his hair white for like 0.2 seconds, well that’s Athenas kid namjoon bc he was so cUTE TRY TO DENY IT
  • He can’t stand his mother
  • “She’s too arrogant, someone stop her pls”
  • As son of Athena, he’s sOOOOOOOOOO smart
  • He’s the fucking wikipedia
  • Counselor of cabin 6
  • His cabin is always a huge mess, bc he and his siblings have papers and books everywhere
  • You can’t see him without a book
  • He enjoys to write and he actually writes beautiful storys
  • The other boys are so shock like “aRE YOU SHAKESPEARE¿?”
  • King in tracking skills
  • L O V ES all kind of architecture
  • “One day. i’m going to design the best building in the country”
  • After high school, he went to college even when people told him it was too dangerous
  • He has to deal with some monsters but nothings stops him
  • Ares kids used to make fun of him bc he was a “nerd”
  • But actually beats their ass in wrestling, like do you see that coming
  • Helps jungkook with ancient greek
  • He has this scar in his left shoulder of a battler with the chimera and he was so insecure about it
  • But seokjin constantly kiss it and tell him it is beautiful, so goodbye insecurity
  • He didn’t understand how can he has feelings for a son of aphrodite like (?? 
  • But they started to go out and spend more time together 
  • And he was like crap i fell for this man
  • Eventually it was seokjin who did the first step 
  • When namjoon’s team won a capture the flag game, jin kissed him in front of the whole camp
  • And that’s how they became the mom and dad of the camp
  • For the record, namjoon is a incredible human who’s smart and generous and loves the camp so much

Jungkook ver / taehyung ver / jimin ver / namjoon ver / hoseok ver / yoongi ver / jin ver

Two wins, one day (Sehun Imagine)

Idol: Sehun x Reader (ft. Exo members)

Type: Fluffy af

Word count: 1569 (GOD THAT’S LONG LOL)

Originally posted by luderella

It was the final match of the regional volleyball championship and Y/N was really nervous about it. If they won they would get to the national competition, but if they didn’t, all their effort during months of hardcore training would’ve been for nothing.

As she stepped on the volleyball court she could see all EXO members who were friends with her thanks to Junmyeon, who was her childhood best friend, sitting in the front row to support her. They even had posters with her name on it.

Before the game started Y/N got a text message on her phone. It was from Sehun, it said “Good luck!” She couldn’t hold back the smile that escaped from her lips, turned the phone off, and got ready for the game which was about to start.

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