he is absolutely right

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I don't know if this might interest you. Max Ambesi shared Yuzuru's SP yesterday on twitter, and I asked him (I'm italian) if he agreed that Nathan Chen's PCS were ridiculous, since there was more than 2 points difference between one judge's score and another judge's score. He replied this: "You are absolutely right. 30 hours later, we still have no explanations. Today, with the Ladies' free, there's even been worse".

Thanks for the info :)

I’m glad Max finds Nathan’s PCS utterly ridiculous too. I’m always glad when my thoughts are in line with him, no better confirmation to know you are right :PPP

Anyway, for those curious, here you are top-12 after SP PCS summed up judge by judge:

(data entered manually, any error is mine)

In light green the two best scores. In light red the two worst scores. In purple the average (without dropping any score). Next to it, standard deviation.

Under each score, the difference from mean. And below the average of differences from mean.

Pretty interesting to note some judges’ trends.

As I said Yesterday, AUS judge was the most consistent and - all in all - the fairest.

Im freaking Jaebum

Damn, i’m so sorry to hear that your Oppa can’t satisfy your sexual fantasies by admitting that he’s NOT GAY.

I’m so sorry that he ended up letting you know that he has no intentions of fucking Youngjae (either B.A.P’s or GOT7′s, it doesn’t matter), and that therefore your ship is unreal.

I’m so sorry that he is a human being that has a normal friendship with his group mates and feels comfortable enough to joke about his own sexuality with them.

I’m sorry that he feels uncomfortable with you constantly saying that he’s gay and writing awkward fanfics about him having sex with his close REAL LIFE friends.

In fact, I’m sorry he has a sexuality at all! I mean, he’s an idol so he absolutely has to be pansexual, right? Otherwise… he’s an homophobe!!! :O


In this place, in this universe, we are together for eternity

And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

Inspired by this fic!


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

He could be outside your house.

He could be in your school.

He could be in the disguise as your best friend,

Or the date you had an amazing time at

Or the date you had an absolutely terrible time at,

He could be Mr. right under your nose,

Or trekking in Antarctica,

Huddled in Siberia,

Sunbathing in Hawaii,

Riding horses in Kentucky,

Or he could be living one, two, three kilometers away from you,

He could be in your school or at the place of work,

He could be your best friend or your worst enemy,

He could be right across the bar bracing himself to come up and talk to you,

He could be at the library, reading the same sentence over and over again, thinking about you,

He could be at the coffee shop, the cute Barista or the daily mysterious customer,

He could be anywhere,

Which just makes it all the more worth it once he finds you and never lets you go.

My soulmate,

This is for you, when and if I find you,
This is for all the waiting, all the crying, all the breaking up,
All the pain,

Here’s to you my love.
You are worth every single tear every single year.

The girl who always wanted to fall in love.

ok rabbi joke time

so there are four rabbis arguing about torah interpretation, right? three of them agree one way while one of them says the opposite, and this rabbi is used to the other three disagreeing with him, yeah, but this time? this time he is absolutely sure that he’s right, and the other ones absolutely need to know that

so he prays to god, asking god “you need to send a sign okay? they need to know that i’m right, cuz they’re really wrong here”

and thunder crackles in the distance

“oh its nothing it’s just a storm”, the other three say, nothing divine about that

so he prays again, telling god “that wasn’t enough, i need something bigger, please”

and lightning strikes nearby

the other three scoff “oh c’mon, that’s just the storm getting closer”

so he prays one last time, saying “listen, that was really good, but i need something HUGE, something that can’t possibly be anything but you”

and lighting STRIKES the synagogue, the thunder shaking the earth, and an impossibly loud booming voice shouts out:


the other three rabbis say “yeah, but it’s still three to two”

  • Reaper: Just focus the payload!
  • Soldier76: I prefer to focus your butt
  • Mercy: He is absolutely right
  • Mccree: I agree
  • Widowmaker: Yes
  • Sombra pointing Reaper's butt: GORGEOUS!
  • Reaper: ... What the fuck

i have this friend who i dont really talk to much everyday besides a hello and a smile and occasional conversations but every time i’m sad i text him and ask him to tell me something good and he always responds right away, no matter what time, with the purest, simple things like, “today i was thankful for my cat because we cuddled for an hour.” or “i saw the prettiest flowers.” and it’s just really sweet and he told me every day to look for the pretty things, the good things, things that make me happy and to write them down and read them every night so i could be reminded of the good around me. and i just think that that is so important and he reminded me of all the good things life has and he is so absolutely right and just too precious for earth.

I wanna talk about Bastian Schweinsteiger. I wanna talk about how Mourinho essentially dumped him by August, tried to ship him off. I wanna talk about how he refused to go, forced his stay, told everyone that all he wanted to do was to play for United, regardless of what the manager was going to do with him. I wanna talk about his unwavering dedication to United, his tweets supporting us every single game, cheering the boys on, celebrating our wins and mourning our losses like a team player, even though we didn’t deserve this niceness, even though he would have been absolutely within his rights to not care about us anymore. But every. single. game. he was there to say ‘let’s go, lads’, to offer his unconditional encouragement. I wanna talk about how he was forced to train with the kids, this man who’s played for years, won a football world cup, has more experience than so many people in the squad, and did it. How he buckled down and got on with it. The last player to go through this at United (Victor Valdes) didn’t handle it well, and unprofessionalism on both sides resulted in bad feeling and eventual fallout. But Bastian Schweinsteiger! Trains like he’s fighting for a place, like he believes he will get back into the first team if he works hard. Never gives up. Never thinks I’m never going to play again, I might as well not bother. Never throws a hissy fit or a strop or shades or questions the manager. It would have been so easy to start a fight with Mourinho, and hardly anyone would have blamed him for it, but he didn’t. He proved him wrong the best way - through being the amazing player everyone knows he is. I wanna talk about Bastian Schweinsteiger, whose professionalism and determination and sheer hard work has led to ninety minutes and a goal and is an inspiration, honestly, an example to old dogs everywhere that you can be kicked but you don’t have to let yourself be thrown out. His unfailing optimism. His painstaking dedication. His neverending faith. His incredible professionalism. His unwavering belief. I wanna talk about Bastian Schweinsteiger. 

Can I just say?? 😩Bbh’s Instalive gave me so much joy bc we have absolutely no right to his private life and he has absolutely no obligation to reveal anything to us but he chose to show us his sleepy no makeup face and his childhood room and cozy up under his blankets while he yawns and talks about his pup to aeris like we’re his friends and I just 😭😭 what have we done to deserve him