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93 from that latest prompt list you reblogged with Dick and Bruce on patrol and B thinking something is wrong / Dick is hiding something (injury, illness, whatever) from him. Whether he is or not is to to you :)

For @tsfennec. Thank you for donating :) Here’s some hurt Dick and protective Bruce for you! Also, this prompt has been sitting in my inbox for months, so thank you for being patient.

93. “You’ve been quiet.”

There’s something wrong, Bruce thinks.

It’s the third time Dick has swayed sideways only to catch himself in just as many hours, and there’s been a significant lack of chattering from the eleven-year-old that’s perched next to him. Bruce would blame distraction, but Dick’s sits still as they watch the building across the street and asks the occasional question about the case.

But, there’s no smile, no rambling, no excited whoops that make Bruce secretly smile when Dick’s not looking, and no movement.

“Robin,” Bruce finds himself saying.

Dick starts and half-turns toward him. Batman is silent for a moment, but he’s curious. And he’s not going to admit it out loud, but he may also be a little concerned. Dick doesn’t do not moving well, and this statue impression he’s trying out is grating on some nerves that Bruce doesn’t often acknowledge.

“Batman?” Dick asks after Bruce is silent a beat too long.

“You’ve been quiet,” Bruce says.

“Oh.” It’s apparently all Dick has to say on the subject.

Bruce tries not to grind his teeth. He’s not largely successful. “Explain.”

Dick freezes—which is a feat, considering he wasn’t moving all that much anyways. He looks more like a statue than Bruce could ever manage, and according to both Dick and Alfred on several occasions, that’s almost impossible.

“You could give a gargoyle a run for its money,” Dick has once told him after a particularly long stakeout. “Maybe we should hold a competition. Alfred can be the judge!”

Bruce mood sours. His anger and concern skyrocket. There’s no cheer left in Dick’s demeanor, and Bruce doesn’t know what to do about it.

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they’re gonna have dennis come back midway through s13 and they want it to be a surprise so that’s why they’re not saying anything. from a writing standpoint the chance to explore the gang without dennis is too rich to pass up but glenn’s a REAL dumbass if he walks out on a 13-year-old cash cow for a network show that’s almost certain to flop and get canceled after one season. this is my claim and i’m putting money on it

National Zoo Panda Tian Tian Gets Checkup For Weight Loss And Sore Shoulder

It’s tough getting old, and that goes as much for giant pandas as people.

Veterinarians at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C., say Tian Tian, an adult male panda, received laser treatment and acupuncture for what they initially thought was a touch of arthritis in his left shoulder.

During the exam earlier this week while the 20-year-old Tian Tian (pronounced t-YEN t-YEN) was under anesthesia, vets also took blood and urine samples and performed X-rays.

“Veterinarians did not find anything abnormal, but Tian Tian may be starting to show some changes that are normal for an older bear,” according to the zoo’s website. “The biggest change that the keepers have noticed is that he has lost some weight during the past several months. He weighs 260 pounds, and his weight has been holding steady for the past month. His behavior and appetite are normal, but the panda team wanted to take a closer look as an extra precaution.”

Veterinarians said they also took the opportunity while Tian Tian was under “to perform acupuncture and laser treatment — both are complementary treatments. The acupuncture may help improve some of Tian Tian’s overall muscle tone, and the laser treatment may help suspected arthritis in his left shoulder.”

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Photo: Roshan Patel/Smithsonian’s National Zoo


Rare photos of the Phoenix family at home + River and Rain performing at the Hernando Fiesta. Via the St. Petersburg Times article that resulted in them moving to Hollywood

“Composer James Taylor sang of Fire and Rain, all in the same breath. In Hernando county folks talk of River and Rain. And it’s all very musical. River, 8 and Rain, 6 came to the forefront last month with a surprising musical performance at the Hernando Fiesta in Spring Hill. The children brought the audience to it’s feet when they finished singing You Gotta Be a Baby To Get to Heaven in five languages - French, Spanish, German, Japanese and English. […] Asked about his feelings of a professional career and possible fame, River said,  ‘I hope I am famous someday, not to be proud of myself (but) because I can thank God for giving me my powers.’ This was an 8-year-old talking. His sister agreed with him when he said, ‘I don’t want to get rich. I want to give money to poor people and some for us. I’d like to give to people who need help’” - St. Petersburg Times, May 19th 1979

A Tether to the World, Ch. 2

I have never been so lost in a pairing as I have been the last two days with KnightRook. I was supposed to be editing something else. Send help. Or don’t. Please don’t. 

Chapter: 2/?

Warnings: Very mild, brief mention of past child abuse.

Synopsis: Alice is restless and Hook is at a loss. How can he give his daughter an adventure when she’s trapped?

Gods above, she was antsy. He couldn’t blame her. Spending weeks, even months at a time at sea had shown him his fair share of cabin fever. However, the Jolly Roger was a fair bit larger than this tower; even as a cabin boy he had more room to move around than his poor, darling six-year-old daughter did.

So, he couldn’t really blame her for her fidgety, irritable behavior. Usually he was able to curtail it with a game of some sort or an hour or so of pretend that would leave their living space in ruins. But, she was getting bigger, more aware that Papa could leave but Alice had to sit at home by her lonesome, likely with some chore or homeschooling assignment he had given her. She was bored and lonely, simple as that.

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My 4-year-old nephew is on his way to Lake Tahoe today to go skiing and then will be heading back to SoCal later in the week to go to Disneyland or whatever else but yesterday he was crying because “California is boring” and he really would rather go back to Florida to go on “the big ship” (i.e., a cruise ship, since he has gone to the Caribbean, like, five times) and he was in Europe early this year and will be going to the Philippines for the very first time in two months

And that is when I realized that my own preschooler nephew leads a far more baller life than I do, a borderline functional and semi-successful sad adult

It’s ok

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No you’re not stupid at all!! I read your requests and I was kind of asking for something that would have led to smut, but you don’t write that and it’s totally okay. So how about something fluffy? Like herc has a bad transformation (back into a human) after a rough full moon and the reader comforts him?? Or just any fluff! –🐍

I don’t mind writing things leading up to smut but right now I think fluff is the best thing for me to write! 

Most full moons aren’t so bad for Hercules. 

He doesn’t like full moons, the feeling of being forced out of his own body is one that he’s hated since the first time he turned when he was just 13 years old. Now that he’s older, he’s gotten used to it to a point where it’s more like an inconvenience than something he worries about happening each month. 

But sometimes things go so badly that he comes home an absolute wreck. 

You knew he wasn’t feeling good going into tonight’s full moon, last night was already a bad night and he was worried tonight would be worse, so instead of going to bed early you wait up for him on the couch downstairs. 

Or at least you tried to. 

You fell asleep eventually and when Hercules comes in he finds you curled up with your book open on your lap as he crashes down on the couch with you, his head resting on your lap. 

“Hm? Herc? Are you okay?” you mumble as you wake up, rubbing your sore eyes as you look down at your husband. 

He let’s out a long groan, his hands gripping onto your blanket. 

“What can I do to help?” you ask, fingers gently running your fingers through his hair. 

“Just want to sleep.” 

“Well would you rather sleep in this uncomfortable position or go up to bed?” you ask. 

He huffs slightly but stands up, helping you off the couch as well. You take his hand in yours and lead him upstairs, careful not to walk too fast and pull him along. 

In bed he clutches onto you tightly, arms tight around your waist and face buried in your chest as you get yourselves comfortable. 

“Get some sleep now puppy, I’ll make you a big breakfast in the morning,” you assure him. 

You rub your hand up and down his back, and feel as his body starts to relax into you. He let’s out a long breath, relaxes his tense muscles and snuggles into you a little more. 

“Thank you Y/N,” he mumbles. 

“Of course Hercules,” you whisper. 


Fandom: IT (2017)
Characters: Henry, Butch
Relationship: Henry/reader
Request: I was wondering if you could write about a reader who used to be abused and starts dating Henry when she moves to derry but finds out hes a bully and breaks up with him. But then she finds out about his father abusing him and knows she has to help him.
You trudged in the rain, your hair soaking wet but you didn’t mind. Because the water was hiding your tears.
You had only moved to Derry 3 months ago during summer after you turned 16 years old and the orphanage knew you would never get taken at that age, so they set you up in Derry with a flat. they called it a legally Minor Emancipation where you were to live like an adult of 18 when you were only 16. There was a lot of rules and regulations to abide by but, since you were in such a small town, you could disappear off the face of the earth.
It was in Derry that you met Henry Bowers. He was tough looking and tough talking. But when his eyes first fell on you, you saw them soften.
It was summer but you had to go into school because of the toll this whole situation had taken on your grades. You were surprised to see Henry there.
Over the summer, the two of you really connected in the empty class room. He made you laugh, a lot and you hadn’t felt this comfortable with someone in a long time.
One night, he was driving you home and, just before you got out, he kissed you.
That kiss set your whole world on fire as you felt your crush growing into something more.
he took you out of dates and treated you like a queen, something you had never really known, nor did you expect it from someone the same age as you. It was almost too good to be true.
but it turns out it was.
You had heard rumours that he was a bully, but people were saying he hadn’t been that bad over the summer. But then you started to hear more in depth things about what he did to people.
Then you saw it with your own eyes.
You had been walking in Derry yesterday when you saw him punching someone who was a couple of years younger than him. He was with his friends, who you had met on occasions but thought they were just a handful. But they weren’t.
They were bullies.
And that love you felt for him was overpowered by anger and hatred and you knew you couldn’t be with him.
You looked up as you rounded the corner, seeing Henry leaning against the wall of the theatre just under the small shelter which kept him dry.
It was meant to be a date tonight. He was going to take you to the cinema.
He seemed to sense someone looking at him and saw you. You saw a smile tug at his lips. He wouldn’t be smiling in a minute.
“I said I would come get you.” He joked as you came closer, nodding to his car. You glanced around, making sure there was no one about.
He reached out a hand to cup your cheek but you flinch away, backing away from him slightly.
“[y/n]?” He asked, totally confused by your actions. You were still standing in the rain, staring to the side.
“We’re over.” You said, speaking loud and clear as your heart broke in two.
“What?” Henry stepped closer, now coming into the rain.
“I saw you yesterday. I saw you punching that kid.” You look at him, trying to hide how much this was hurting you. “I wont date a bully.”
Henry stood with his mouth open staring at you for a moment before it snapped shut.
“I aint a bully.” He growled and, for the first time, you felt fear.
“You are! I know what a bully is and god knows I wont be with one!” You growl back, looking him up and down when you spoke and scowled.
you turned on your heel and started to storm away, your feel slashing in the puddles until a hand grabbed your wrist.
“[y/n]!” He called out, pulling you back. He twisted you around and, before you could saying anything, kissed you.
The kiss sent a warmth running through your body despite the rain. In fact, the rain only added to the kiss. It was like a scene out of a romance movie, a young couple kissing in the rain. You hated that you loved him this much. You hated that you weren’t strong enough to pull away and scold him but the truth was, you wanted him to kiss you.
He was first to pull away, searching your eyes for any sign of a change in your decision.
“Would you ever hit me?” You asked, unable to stop your question.
“No, no of course not.” He shook his head, his hair sending droplets of water flying but they got lost in the rain. You looked into his eyes and saw he really did mean it. But you knew better.
“When I was lying in the hospital, I swore to myself I would never put myself in a situation where someone could hurt me or harm me again.” You squeezed your eyes shut. Reaching down, you pulled up your top a little. Henrys eyes fell on a old scar which was still visible in your side. His eyes widened and he thought of how many times his hands had ran over that area.
“What-“ He trailed off as you dropped your top back over to cover it.
“My parents were killed when I was young and I was sent to live with my uncle. He used to beat me black and blue. He would threaten me, hit me, curse at me, throw things at me, put cigarettes out of my skin. You name it, he had done it. One night he went too far and he stabbed me. That was when the police got involved. I was taken away and put in an orphanage. And that was where I stayed for years until I was moved out here. But I wasn’t the only one he abused. I found out that the night he tried to kill me, he had killed my aunt who stood by and watched everything until she developed a voice. I swore I would never become her. I wouldn’t condone or turn a blind eye on abuse. I wouldn’t allow myself to be a victim any longer. I was broken, I still am. But I wont be with someone who breaks others like I was.” You looked past Henry as you spoke, tears spilling from your eyes as you told the story for the first time since that day.
“i-i-I wont hurt you.” henry stuttered, cupping your cheeks but you shook your head, backing away from him.
“You will. You will. One day, you’ll get angry and there wont be any one else around.” You shook your head, pulling away from and turning away. This time, you walked fast and didn’t hear him following.
“You wanna go?! Then go!” he screamed after you, making jump and more tears stream down your face. You heard the anger in his voice, but you also hear it break.
————-time skip———-
With summer school ending the week before you broke up with Henry, you didn’t see him again until school.
But you were surprised, you didn’t seen nearly as much of him as you thought. You saw him in passing, and when he stared at you from afar. But he didn’t come near you. Some people seemed to have gotten it in their minds that you had beaten the crap out of him, which was quickly dismissed when people got to know you. You quickly made a few friends and people seemed to like you.
The weather didn’t get any better. In fact, there was now parts of the town that were flooded. You had been in school but hadn’t seen Henry at all. He was in your maths class, but he wasn’t there today. People had said he wasn’t as bad as he used to be. And that he had became a lot more secluded and withdrawn.
You sat in the living room, reading. The TV channels were getting messed up with the torrential rain from outside so you had given up.
It was 7pm and was already dark out.
you jumped when you heard your buzzer go. You got up and ran over to it, pressing the button to speak.
“Its Henry.” A voice wheezed into the microphone. You considered ignoring it but then he spoke again. “Please. I-I need your help.”
Your fingered hovered over the button to unlock the door. He sounded desperate.
You pressed it, allowing him to enter the building. When you heard him come in, you quickly raised around your apartment, making sure there was nothing embarrassing around before you heard a knock at your door. Henry had been to your apartment many times, so knew what to do.
You walked over, your heart beating hard in your chest, but when you opened the door, it froze.
Henry was leaning against the door frame and he looked like he had been attacked.
He had a burst lip that was gushing blood, a number of bruises around his face, two black eyes, cuts and his clothes were torn, showing more damage to his skin.
“What-what-“ you trailed off as you darted out, linking his free arm around your neck and you helped him inside. You glanced down his body, through the torn clothes. You saw aged bruises and marks that you knew anywhere. The burns from cigarettes, the bruises from punches. You saw them all.
You kicked the door closes and you brought him inside and sat him on your sofa. Once there, you ran to your kitchen and got a first aid kit. Your hands were shaking as you tried to take deep breaths. You leaned against the counter for second, pulling yourself together before returning to him. He was sitting forward, his head in his hands which were shaking.
You walked over to him, kneeling in front of him and placing a hand on his knee. He jumped at the action but seemed to settle when he saw you.
You got to work on the cuts first, disinfecting them.
Henry would not look at you. He stared past you, occasionally wincing when you touched the disinfectant soaked cotton bud to a fresh cut.
You didn’t ask him who did this to him. He needed time to settle first. You were the same.
He sat in silence. You looked down and you could see through the rips in his jeans that his legs needed more help.
You got to your feet and went through to your bedroom, grabbing a towel from the pile and coming back through.
“Here. I need to tend to your legs.” You offered him the towel, which he took and you turned your back.
You heard him let out a hiss as he moved out of his clothes. He cleared his throat and you turned back. He had wrapped the towel around his waist and his top and jeans were lying on the sofa. You saw his chest was covered with marks of past scars and injuries.
Your heart broke in two for him as you walked up to him. You reached out a hand and raised your fingers over the healed scars. It was strange to touch the wounds on someone else’s skin.
You looked up at Henry, seeing he was staring down at you, intensely.
You were about to speak, not that you knew what to say, when your buzzer went.
Darting over, you pressed down on the speaker.
“Its Officer Bowers.”
You heard Henry let out a whimper and you instantly knew what was going on. You reached to let him in when Henry darted forward and grabbed your wrist.
“Please, don’t.” He begged you. You placed your hand on his chest and smiled at him, showing him it was going to be okay. You gently pushed him behind the door, knowing there was enough room for him to hid. You then pressed the speaker.
“Of course. If you come up to the second floor.” You said, making your voice sound confident and you heard him push open the door.
You had to run back to the sofa, grab Henrys clothes and chuck them at him before you opened the door just in time.
Standing in the door way, was Henrys father.
“Evening.” You greeted, smiling. “Is everything okay?”
“No, im looking for my son.” He said and you couldn’t help but feel intimidated.
“Oh, sorry. But who is your son?” You ask, frowning so you looked concerned and confused.
“Henry Bowers. He attends your school.” He said, raising an eyebrow.
You glance to the side and bite your lower lip, pretending to think before looking back to the police officer.
“About a foot taller than me, dirty blonde hair with a mullet?” You asked, raising your hand to illustrate his height. The officer nods. “No, sorry. I saw him yesterday but I haven’t seen him today.”
You see him glancing behind you. “Do you need to come in and look?” You asked.
As you thought, he shook his head. He knew that if he came in and searched your property and you went to the authorities and said he didn’t have a permit, he would be in hot water.
“No, its fine.” He grunts.
“Do you have a number or something I can call if I see him?” You ask, trying to seem as helpful and genuine as possible.
“No, its fine.” He repeats before nodding at you and leaving.
You waited until he was out of sight to close the door. The second the door was closed, Henrys arms wrapped around you. He was now violently shaking and he was panting, as if he was having a panic attack.
You returned his hug, feeling his heart beating out of his chest. You squeezed your eyes shut but held him nonetheless till you felt him calm down.
After a moment, you pulled back.
“I still need to tend to your leg.” You whispered and he nodded.
The two of you returned to the sofa and you finished up with his wounds.
“Im sorry. I just didn’t know anywhere else to go. I didn’t think he would come here.” Henry mumbled, looking past you.
“Its okay. Its nice to see you, even if the situation is horrendous.” You smiled, trying to show him it really was okay. When you looked into his eyes, you saw only heart ache as he stared at you and you couldn’t deal with it. You looked away from him.
“You shouldn’t have lied to him. He’ll find out.” Henry whispered, the fear obvious in his voice.
“He cant touch me and he knows that.” You shook your head and raised to your feet.
you moved the med kit onto the table and walked into your bedroom to grab a spare duvet and pillows.
You pulled them through to your living room when Henry frowned with confusion.
“You cant go back out in this.” You shrug as you place the pillow at the end of the sofa and covered him with the duvet, hoping he would stop shaking but giggled when it covered his head as well.
Pushing the cover to the side of the sofa, you saw a small smile pull at his broken lips.
You sat beside him, about to ask him if he needed anything but then you looked at him.
“I miss you.” He muttered but then flinched and looked down, as if he didn’t mean to say it out loud.
“I miss you, too.” You couldn’t help the smile that pulled at your lips.
He looked back to you and you saw something in his eyes. A spark of hope.
“I guess we’re both broken now, eh?” You giggle, shaking your head as you look up at him. In a moment, you felt yourself fall in love with him all over again.
You don’t know what made you lean forward. You didn’t know what drew you to his lips which were slightly swollen.
When Henry saw you do this, he moved a lot faster than you to press his lips to yours in a hungry kiss. His shaking arms wrapped around you and you were pulled towards him, under the covers. Not that you minded. You couldn’t count how many times you had made out with Henry on this couch but this felt different. It was needy.
You pulled away, panting. Henry was the same, but he kept close to you, his nose knocking against yours in a somewhat playful manner than made you giggle. But then you frowned.
“Henry, I meant what I said before.” You look up at him, seeing his heart break. “No one deserves this.” You signalled to his body. “If you raise your hands to anyone again, im gone.” You warn.
A smile broke out on Henrys battered face as he kissed you again, a silent promise. He had learnt his behaviour from his father, that much was certain. But you knew that didn’t excuse his own actions.
“Run away with me?” He mumbled against your lips, making your eyes widen.
“Henry, I don’t know. You know what the authorities are like with me.” You shake your head, but you couldn’t get the idea out of your head.
You didn’t know where the two of you would go. But there was bound to be a number of places that would take in teenagers. If not, you two could just sleep in the car.
Or, you could try speak to your social worker.
“Wait until tomorrow. I might be able to get a move from here. And you can come with me.” You think out loud, looking at him.
“You mean it?” He asked, grabbing your hands with wide eyes as if he couldn’t believe it.
You nodded and he kissed you again. You were offering him a life line that he couldn’t refuse. What happened next surprised you. Tears swelled in his eyes as he stared at you before pulling you in for another kiss.
You hoped that taking him away from this place, from his father and, in some respects, from himself would be good for him. He could see how normal people were meant to live together. And maybe, if he wasn’t getting beaten up like this at home, he wouldn’t feel the need to project it onto others. You wouldn’t just be saving him though. You knew many in the town would be thankful to see him leave, which made your heart break slightly. They would never know how sweet and caring he could be. But they didn’t have to.
Henry pulled you down so you were both lying on the couch. You were on the inside and Henry lay closest to the edge. He wrapped his arms around you, one under your head and the other lazily lay across your waist and hip.
“Carful you don’t hurt yourself even more.” You mumbled against his lips. You were very aware of the amount of cuts he had on him and didn’t want to cause any more damage than necessary.
But Henry just chuckled, pulling you closer.
You both curled up on the sofa, listening to the soft and soothing sound of the rain hitting the glass.
Henrys hand played with your hair until they slowly fell still and you heard the soft snores coming from his throat.

30 Day Mumblr Challenge- Introduce your family

I’m Ashley, I’m 26 & I work full time from home for an insurance company. My husband’s name is Jimmy. We’ve been together for 7 years and married for 3.5. We moved from VA back to SC when he got out of the Navy a couple years ago. We have an 18 month old named Isla who is crazy and strong willed but the best thing to happen to us. I love watching TV & documentaries, Harry Potter, listening to podcasts, reading, and playing the occasional video game when I find the time. 

Genetically Altered Skin Saves A Boy Dying Of A Rare Disease

A child who was on the verge of death from a rare inherited disease has been treated with genetically engineered skin cells that replaced most of the skin on his body.

The treatment represents a notable success for the field of gene therapy, which has suffered many setbacks. And it’s potentially good news for children suffering from a painful and often deadly skin condition called epidermolysis bullosa.

In this disease, children are born with a flawed gene that prevents prevents the outer layer of the skin, the epidermis, from binding to the inner layer. This can cause excruciating blisters to form all over these children’s bodies.

In the case in Europe, a 7-year old boy ended up in the hospital back in 2015 after 60 percent of his epidermis had sloughed off. Tobias Rothoeft, a surgeon at a burn unit at Ruhr University in Bochum, Germany, says he and his colleagues tried everything — including a skin transplant from the boy’s father — to no avail.

“After nearly two months we were absolutely sure there was nothing we could do for this kid and that he would die,” Rothoeft said in a telephone news conference hosted by Nature, which published the study online Wednesday.

Rothoeft and his colleagues took one last look around the medical literature and learned of researchers in Italy who were experimenting with a new treatment for this disease. Michele De Luca and colleagues at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, were genetically engineering skin cells to repair the inborn flaw.

De Luca used a virus to insert a healthy gene into cells taken from the boy’s skin. Some of those cells, stem cells, multiply indefinitely. So De Luca was able to grow entire sheets of engineered epidermis, which were shipped to the hospital in Germany.

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Photo: CMR Unimore/Nature


Taylor Swift:

• invites fans to her house for an album preview listening party where they’re served food and drinks, get five minutes alone with her for private conversation (on top of hanging out all night), and get photos taken

• send fans massive boxes full of personally handpicked gifts for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just for no reason at all

• regularly supports NYC schools with supplies

• shows up to surprise fans at their weddings/bridal showers

• holds 16 hour meet & greet and doesn’t sit down the entire time “because the fans didn’t get to, so why should I”

• randomly invites a fan from Tumblr to her New York apartment to bake cookies and chill with her cats

* gives someone $90 for dinner after finding out they’re about to go for birthday dinner with their friend

* Donates money to Mariska Hargitay’s “Joyful Heart” foundation after winning her sexual assault case

* surprises WWII veteran Cyrus Porter, 96, at his home in New Madrid, Missouri, with a performance inside of his home for him and his family

* provides a fan with expert medical care & resources for a second opinion after learning doctors warn she may miscarry - all expenses paid

* donates $5,000 on a GoFundMe page to help raise money for fan Katie Beth Carter, who died in an Alabama car crash over the Labor Day weekend.

* makes donation to Los Angeles’ Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on behalf of her godson Leo Thames upon his birth

• donates $1 million to Louisiana flood relief

• regularly visits hospitals and children’s wards to play and sing for the kids

• personally invites 13 year old fan Jorja Hopes backstage upon learning that the girl’s biggest dream is to see her live before she loses her hearing due to an inner-ear condition

• donates 25,000 books to inner city NYC schools through the Taylor Swift Education Center

• organizes worldwide online dance party for four year old terminally ill girl Jalene Salinas, who is dying from cancer but keeps her spirits up because of “Shake It Off”

• pulls her ‘1989’ album from the Apple streaming service after learning that the company would not pay writers & producers during the free three-moth trial

• donates $15,000 to firefighter Aaron Van Riper after learning that he rescued his wife and young son from a nearly fatal car crash

• donates $50,000 to her dancer’s baby nephew Ayden’s GoFundMe page to help pay for the 13-month-old’s cancer treatment

• comes online daily to talk to and interact with fans on social media and created an app in her own name to make that interaction easier

• donates $250,000 to singer Ke$ha to help cover legal costs in her sexual assault court case

• sees fans for free backstage both before and after each show - that’s approximately 200 fans a night - and spends a good five minutes with each person. Autographs and professional photos included free of charge

• regularly stops her car if she spots fans walking down the street wearing her shirts, just to chat

• buys fans pizza when they wait outside to catch a glimpse of her at tv shows

• wrote “Ronan” about a four year old boy with cancer whose mother’s blog she happened to stumble upon late one night, and donated all proceeds to charity while also listing the mother as co-writer, giving her legal rights to royalties

• regularly supported 32 separate organizations in 2014 alone and was that year’s most charitable celebrity

* and on, and on, and on, and on

But yeah; truly a terrible person, that Taylor Swift.

tell the boy on the left thanks for not killing the boy on the right  ✌

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We just got a new kitty after my other died. I thought I was doing a good thing by adopting an older cat but he's so frightened. Hasn't come out since we got him two days ago. It makes me miss my old cat more - I really wanted a companionable cat, not one that just hides all the time. I'm going to be patient, but I feel a little guilty for being disappointed. Sorry to bug you with it!

let me tell you about a certain Soft Boy

his first few days were spent underneath a bed. in the following two months, it was a major event to see him in the hallway. we would freeze so as not to spook him, & be forced to stand like statues until his courage broke and he scurried back into hiding

after 2 years of living with him, he’d still spook & run if I reached for him in the wrong way. but he’d also be waiting outside the door during my baths, ready to greet me with horrible screech-chirps & wind between my legs once the door opened

I could give a similar story for Pangur. she was stuffed to the brim with disease when I got her, & the daily process of medicating made her run from me hissing. nowadays I can flop her about like a doll

right now you’re building a relationship, and that doesn’t happen overnight. cats are prey animals, so your boy’s instincts are screaming at him to ‘be careful, be careful, don’t get eaten, run if you have to’. from his perspective, the hiding is quite understandable.

be patient with him, be kind, and over time you’ll be rewarded with a companion :)


Idk when The Arcana’s official birthday is, but this was around the time the kickstarter began, so to celebrate here’s some super old drawings from those early months. I remember not posting them bc I was worried about how ooc they might be since these were based on the limited information we had at the time. A year later, and I’m glad that my impressions weren’t TOO far off!

Happy Not-Really-But-Close-Enough Birthday Arcana–to another year of mystery and romance!

And a bonus Lucio, since I’ve never really drawn him past a doodle:


Decorative sugar skulls line the the front of the colorful, four-tiered altar. Cempasúchiles in bloom are scattered between painted skeletons, unlit candles and plates of food resting on pink papel picado, an intricately designed tissue paper.

Three banners hang above the display. In the center, La Catrina, the female skeletal figure that has become an icon for the occasion, is painted with a declaration: Día De Muertos. Day of the Dead.

Adolfo Arguello came to the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., to admire this lavish Day of the Dead altar and note the ofrendas he was missing for his altar at home. It’s the first one he and his wife, who moved to D.C. about a year ago, will have in their home – and the first Day of the Dead holiday for their 7-month-old daughter, Maia.

“I want her to understand what it means to my culture,” he says, looking at the grand display.

Day of the Dead is traditionally celebrated in Mexico on Nov. 1 and 2 – All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, respectively. Celebrants make ofrendas, or offerings, to the spirits of loved ones who have died and leave them at their gravesites or place them on makeshift altars at home.

Photos: Jennifer Kerrigan/NPR

Mexico’s Celebrated Día De Los Muertos Embraced In The U.S.