he is a true legend tho

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What video games would Bloodborne characters play?

Laurence: Bioshock. (Andrew Ryan is his role model)

Master Willem: Kirby’s Ghost Trap on a carefully kept SNES.

Gehrman: Civilization V because he’s a history and strategy nerd.  Bayonetta and Catherine when nobody’s looking because reasons.

Maria: Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines (that game is so good *^*) and she also strikes me as a Dragon Age fan, don’t ask me why.

Alfred: Any of the Dynasty Warriors games. Probably the Berserk one.

Micolash: Psychonauts and Don’t Starve.

Ludwig: Soul Calibur and his main is Siegfried :P

Rom: Okage Shadow King, Chrono Trigger, all Final Fantasy titles before VII.

Henryk: Still playing Diablo II and Starcraft 1. His name is a widespread legend across all battle.net games tho. Even Overwatch players fear him even if he never bought the game in the first place.

Gascoigne: He plays Mario Kart with his daughters, but Viola is the one true champion. (BLOODBORNE KART!)

Annalise: Portal 1-2. She senses a kindred spirit in GLaDOS.

Djura: Nintendogs he plays Overwatch and is main is Junkrat.

Plain Doll: Harvest Moon, Ori and the Blind Forest, a lot of indies.

Eileen: Darkest Dungeon, Metroidvania games and has a soft spot for the original Metal Gear.

Simon: Horizon Zero Dawn, Red Dead Redemption.

Brador: The Witcher. He plays way too much of it, actually.

Moon Presence: Alan Wake (because she loves the soundtrack)

Arianna: Pokèmon on her scarlet 3DS.

Bloody Crow of Cainhurst: He plays CoD-like shooters and he’s a camper.

Patches: He plays (a part in) all Souls games. He even wanted to play DS2, but was too busy at the time to give it a try.

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Okay, finally got the courage to send in this request! How about Zen as a merman meeting a human MC? It can be like The Little Mermaid if you like; both he and Ariel share that same inner strength and determination, a big reason as to why they are two of my all-time favorite characters. <3 Or it can be a plot of your own design. The idea of Zen as a merman sounds really awesome because he *does* look like he can come from another world, and I'm sure he'd look great as one. c: Thank you so much!

When I tried writing this, Zen always somehow ended up being a siren rather than a merman and took lots of rewriting trying to figure out a plot to use, but I finally did it! Sorry for the wait, and thank you for requesting! I really want to make a full multi-part/chaptered fic with this because I had a much deeper plot in mind, buuuut for now I’ll leave it like this. (I’ll post my fic ideas for what the deeper plot of it is later tho)

There was something about the land that seemed so fascinating to a sea-dweller like Zen. Perhaps because it was a world he doesn’t know much of and wanted to learn more, or perhaps it was out of mere curiosity. Humans were such strange creatures, and though they were interesting, they were quite dangerous towards merpeople.

What was it about immortality that made humans act so violent and greedy to get a chance at it? It wasn’t like the humans knew if those legends about merpeople were true. …Well, the legends of merpeople and their link towards immortality weren’t too far off. Zen himself has never come into contact with a human, but he has heard stories from others, so despite his curiosity towards the complicated creatures, he did maintain a safe distance from them.

But even so, Zen wanted to see what the land was like. The merman couldn’t leave the sea for too long, but he did enjoy spending some time on the shore in the middle of the night with no humans in sight as his eyes scanned around the area and starry sky.

It was just like any regular night with him spending some idle time on the shore when Zen picked up on some footsteps in the sand. He glanced around and saw a human from afar. You were walking along the shore, unable to find some sleep and decided to go for a quick stroll. Zen immediately retreated back to the water, but he couldn’t help but be curious. This was his first time seeing a human after all, so he stayed behind, still keeping a safe distance away and hidden away by the night.

You sit down onto the sand with a heavy sigh, wiggling your toes in the grains that offer ticklish sensations. The corners of your lips mar themselves into a frown as you recall something unpleasant from the day, and out of frustration, you pick up a small stone and throw it into the water. You were expecting to hear a splash, but all you heard instead was a voice.


Your eyes widen, and you immediately stand up in a panic. “Who’s there?!”

Zen was about to leave at risk of getting caught, but he can see the fear in your expression, and he bites his lip. Human or not, he wasn’t one to leave a woman in distress. Trying to push away the thoughts of what the consequences might be, the merman makes himself known to you. “You should be careful throwing stuff into the ocean. People live here.”

Confusion etches its way onto your features as this gorgeous young man is revealed in the moonlight, his silvery white hair catching the moonlight in all the right ways. “Who…are you?” You ask slowly before your eyes look into the water and realize that this young man doesn’t have any legs but a— “Are you a merman?!” You gasp in awe and wonder.

There’s a small moment of silence before Zen asks, “…Are you not going to try to catch me to eat me?”

“What? Why would I do that?” Your face scrunches up in disgust at the idea.

“Isn’t that what you humans do with us? Eating the flesh of us merfolk to gain immortality?”

You furrow your eyebrows together. “I have no idea what kind of humans you’ve been hanging out with, but I’m not like that.” Suddenly realizing how rude you were being, you quickly introduce yourself, offering your name to the merman.

“I’m Zen,” the male introduces himself to you after coming to the decision that you seem friendly enough.

After that, it sort of became a natural occurrence for the two of you to meet up on the shore in the middle of the night. Both you and Zen engaged in conversations about each other’s world, interested in the way the other lived; however, the conversations started to shift at some point. It was no longer about the other’s world as a whole, but about the other as a person. The topics of discussion changed from the foods people eat to your favourite type of food, or places that exist to places you’ve been to and would want to visit.

“You know,” Zen starts one day, “we’re always talking here on the shore. How about we go a bit further into the water?”

You hesitate for a moment. “I-I would like to, but…the thing is…I don’t know how to swim. I-I’m afraid of drowning, to be honest, especially at night with nobody else around.”

“I’m here,” Zen reminds you with a reassuring smile. “I’ll keep you safe.”

You don’t know why, but you end up trusting the merman. You give a slow nod of your head. “Okay then, tomorrow night. I’ll be sure to wear my swimsuit.”

As promised, the next night, you had worn a swimsuit underneath your usual attire. Warmth crawled up to Zen’s cheeks as he watched you strip down to it before you take a few steps into the water. “It’s cold!” You complain with a shiver, but you don’t back out. You’ve already gone this far.

You continue walking, the seafloor getting deeper and deeper, and a sense of anxiety fills you the more your body is submerged in water. You’re on your tiptoes by now, and Zen immediately goes to your side, grabbing hold of your hand. “It’s okay, I’m right here. Just relax…”

You nod, putting your faith and trust in the merman, and he guides you a bit further into the water, squeezing your hand and not once letting go. You kick your legs around for a bit, trying to figure out what kind of movement would help you stay afloat, and after a while, you finally get used to it. Even after becoming more comfortable, however, Zen doesn’t let go of you, tilting his head to the side as he stares at you.

“This is the closest we’ve ever been,” the merman notes with a small hum, the sound ringing pleasantly in your ear.

You find yourself blushing at the realization, and offer an awkward sound of acknowledgement, finding yourself unable to trust your own voice at the moment. At your silence, Zen decides to continue, “It’s a bit strange… I didn’t expect humans to be so…soft to the touch. It’s nice, and I quite like it.”

Almost as though to prove his point, Zen trails a finger along the length of your arm, starting from the wrist all the way to your shoulders. Your heart leaps in your chest when he doesn’t stop, dragging all of his fingers now along the column of your neck to your jawline before cupping your cheek. Your heart hammers against you when Zen locks his gaze with yours.

There’s something about the way he looks at you that makes your cheeks flush. Somehow, it seems like your senses are heightened, and you can take note of every single detail. Your forms reflected on the surface of the water. The moonlight illuminating the pair of you. The subtle sounds of moving water. The warmth of Zen’s body against yours. The way his shaky breaths mix with yours in the small space between your lips as Zen leans closer towards you, tilting his head to the side which allows some of his hair around his shoulders to fall off.

You close your eyes in anticipation, and you feel Zen’s lips on the corner of your mouth. He lingers there for a moment before suddenly leaning back, almost as though just realizing what he was doing.

“I-I’m sorry, I don’t know why I—I-I just felt like…” The merman stumbles with his words before trailing off, the redness of his cheeks plainly obvious even in the darkness of the night.

You squeeze Zen’s hand, prompting him to look up at you. “I think I understand…”

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Aw man, gimme an au where the master sword breaks. NO WAIT NINTENDO GIVE ME THIS GAME!!! You start the game right into the Ganon battle, Master Sword+Hylian Shield in your hands, Princess Zelda by your side and the supposedly power to defeat ganon. Except this new reencarnation of ganon is a demon powerful enough to break the Master Sword in half!!!!! Which he does and thanks to Zelda’s arrow she distracts Ganon enough so her and Link can run. The game goal is to repair the sword tho no one knows how or who so you have to do mini side quest to gather info. You have to find the True Power of the Master Sword. IDK ITS A HALF COOKED IDEA BUT I WANT IT!!!

That Seo Taiji concert was a true blessing. Seo Taiji is a king and he’s been putting out bops for 25 years, I’m sad I didn’t find out about him sooner. With that being said I now stan true legend.

Bangtan definitely came for my throat tonight!!! serving straight looks honey!!!! not to mention their stage presence was amazing, they really brought a show tonight and it really heightens my anticipation for the comeback! I can’t wait to watch all the fancams and all that jazz, but wow.

the concert was amazing, even tho i watched it through a livestream i’m still blown away.

how some of u think matty talks:

in the grandeur scheme of this turning mortal coil i remind myself every day that henceforth my ideals of a real and true life are juxtaposed with my own sadness

how he actually talks:

ah bollocks i spilled wine on my ciggies :( lmao legend tho