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I colored one of the panels in my Merman&Captain AU manga:D

The whole thing is not uploaded yet, (except some doodle-like pieces in my sideblog.) Anyways, happy Yuuri makes me happy too:) Hope you have a nice day~


Papyrus is the skeleton who is tall and active. Within a red tunic and a pair of white pantaloons, he also tied the sleeves and trouser legs in linen, which looked like a martial artist. It is quite true. He always wears in a red headband with writing “The Hero” (义者) which is made by himself.

Papyrus is not quiet but obtrusive in the group, so this lets people feel him in the ways of confidence and innocence. He didn’t have any close friends ever, because he likes to talk about his dreams with others in unfiltered ways, which let others felt unrealistic. However, in the Peach Blossom Village, he is the welcome one by his enthusiasms. He is really helpful and honest to strangers as well as a hero he wants to be. Papyrus likes to do some run errands works that most of guys are annoying to do, and this is one part of his exercise for him to be a hero. If you truly become a friend with him, he will help you to escape from the chasing battle.

Papyrus likes to advocate justice, and a part of adamancy in his mind will help him to recognise humans are evil. In contrast, his methods in treating the evil enemies are adorable. He wants to be friends with humans who fell in Arcadia. On the other hands, he doesn’t want to break the law of his justice. In this way, he chose to design some puzzles on your ways to the Peach Blossom Village but always failed. Facing your flirts, he would be surprised and then angrily say that was the trick of humans.

Papyrus is strict to his brother. Right now, he is trying to organize a series of manual exercises for him, but Sans always likes to escape by his “Space Transportation”. The reason of his restriction to Sans is that Papyrus always thought Sans cannot protect himself well. Sans is always an idiot that needs to be guarded well.

Papyrus is sometimes careless and absent-minded. For example, he prepared some pickles for you on the way, but he forgot to leave a pair of chopsticks for you. Sometimes, he is really clever, which just like what leaves you some wrong messages to Undyne in the ways of your chasing battle.

(It is a plate of well-done pickles, but there are no chopsticks for you to use. You gave up for that.)

Miscellaneous Setting

He likes to call himself as a hero, and he always helps people in the village. However, the Peach Blossom Village is quiet and peaceful, and there are not some naughty guys to make trouble here. In this way, Papyrus is looking forward a magnificent world for him to fight, and he wants to hear someone call his name in some corners of this world for help.

Facing the kindness of you, Papyrus kept telling himself that this was the cheat of humans. You would find he was murmuring to himself.

He has a soft heart, and it is hard for him to kill someone even his enemies are sinful. He cares you a lot, even he never knows you are kind or not. He prepares pickles for you as your hunger meal and some puzzles as after-meal snack.

He really wants to leave Arcadia and travels around the world.

He likes to call himself as “the Great Papyrus” or “the Just Papyrus”, although he knows that he is not great at all.

He learnt to make pickles from Undyne.

He hates poems, and he hates Sans recite poems to him.

He once gave a scarf to a scarecrow.

He is a vegetarian.

 He is a part of power to maintain “the Barrier”.

If you killed him advance, you would not meet Sans in the Waterfall.


The Dialogue of Papyrus before the battle with you







(These words must be in the font of PAPYRUS.)

[Got] 7 Deadly Sins: Gluttony

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“What time is it?” I groan, awaking with the most searing headache I’ve had in ages. The cold tile floor of the bathroom is my only relief from the pain and I realize I must have passed out here the night before.

The last thing I remember is going shot for shot with a hopelessly foolish girl, wanting so badly to convince me that she could hold her liquor as well as me.

She may have been beautiful, but a drinker she was not. It takes time and practice to keep it all down as I have learned to do; I am surely one of the greats with a bottle in my hand.

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Spare a thought today for Howard Ashman (May 17, 1950 - March 14, 1991)

Howard may have suffered in silence, but he did have a voice. No doubt he was secretive and tortured, but he is all too easily pigeon-holed as a tragic martyr. I implore you - please, please do not condense him down to something so simple. Howard was brilliant. A funny, complex, warm, strong-willed, loving, sensitive, intensely bright man; often sarcastic and moody, but always caring, and a wonderful friend. Do not remember him the way most choose to. He once was a child, who put on plays with the children in his neighbourhood. He was once a young man, who fell in and out of love. He once laughed, loudly and fully, losing control with happiness. He had a rare true artistic vision. Do not misremember. He was a man, he was whole, he was loved.

I was very lucky from the beginning.

Nobody can deny that Howard’s work was so uniquely funny, and clever, and entertaining. Yet at his most poignant, Howard wrote about the unifying existence of beauty and pain, of secrets and understanding, of darkness and love. Drawn in by the cleverness of his lyrics and then struck by his work’s truth, we are all represented in Howard’s often simple but ever-effective verse as we are confronted with the parallel need for home and purpose in a world full of cynicism and greed. Through song he gently fanned the sparks that ignite the human soul, turning them into burning flames, illuminating even the most mysterious corners of the human existence. Howard’s distinctive voice that remains so alive in his work, triggers a remembrance of the most instinctual and elemental emotions that drive us, at times seemingly evoking an older than ancient feeling of what it means to love and be loved. We are sarcastic, cynical, and troubled, but in those seldom-illuminated dark corners of ourselves, we are basic, we are children. 

Beneath the puppetry and games beats the heart of a romantic idealist longing for a world that doesn't and never did exist.  

The true tragedy of arguably Howard’s greatest and most heartbreaking song, Disneyland, is not at all that Doria believes in the fakery of the titular idyllic fantasy world. Not at all. The greatest tragedy of that song is that she knows the magic world she craves isn’t real, but she wants to live there anyway. What happened to Howard makes it painfully clear how cruel and unjust the world can be. But, and perhaps this is the greatest tragedy of all, against all reason we still believe in the beauty of our own wants, desires, and dreams. Against our better judgement, we still get lost in those safe imaginative realms of possibility. Because of Howard, there is still somewhere to which we can for a time escape, just like children - children who are acutely and disturbingly aware of the dark cruelty of our world. 

“This is a magical land,” Howard said, “you may now make a wish”

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remember when zayn said he only liked girls who were chunky in the "nice" places. and when he retweeted a meme where a bunch of guys were calling a girl a pig. and when he said he wanted an intelligent girl not one who likes makeup. and when he said the n word. and when he said that black people weren't victims of police brutality. and when he copied the album artwork of lil wayne and other black artists without credit. amazing.

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an idea for hcs! hows about the bros have a crush who is nice, yet reserved, how would they feel when their crush starts opening up?? like, they start mentioning interests they dont tell anyone about and telling em personal stuff when it seems like its hard for them to do that, and its like, their crush feels as though they wont laugh or brush them off or think their interests are stupid? bros noticing they are making a proper connection for someone like that to open up to them? love ur blog btw

[ISEB Author’s Note: NGL, I was wasted off of like two glasses of wine when I wrote the bulk of this headcanon last night, so apologies are in order if I kind of missed the mark. Oh well, onward and upward to the next Ask!]

Noctis: The crown prince has managed to peel back the layers of the reserved individual he is courting enough to discover a few interests they have in common; lackadaisical mornings spent wrapped up under a heap of blankets, spontaneous drives out on the open road unburdened by the constraints of direction or destination, forsaking the importance of vegetables in one’s diet in favor of indulging in a freshly baked pastry. But what he doesn’t know about them is that they recognize a tackle box when they see it; after casually mentioning to him that the Fatal Roulette lure is much more effective at catching Lucian Carp than any Poppeck, Noct’s jaw nearly unhinges itself, and he finds himself torn between wanting to hang his head in shame at the admission of his rather unconventional hobby and the desire to promptly throw his object of affection into the passenger seat of the Regalia and head for the nearest fishing hole. They are the one, however, who prove tentative to continue the conversation, stating that every person they’ve met thus far has either laughed at their keen interest in rods and reels or deemed their preferred extracurricular activity of choice an excessive waste of time. But their concerns seemingly fall on deaf ears, because Noctis is already stuffing the trunk of his vehicle to the proverbial gills with several spools of Spider Silk, giddy with anticipation at the thought of spending many quality hours getting to know them on a more personal (and aquatic) level.

Prompto: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and Blondie has his lens trained on his heart’s desire at all times in the hope that capturing their elusive image might tell the story they themselves are hesitant to share. His dreams are dashed somewhat when they shyly explain to him that they prefer being behind the camera rather than in front of it, but he makes lemonade out of lemons by offering to be a dutiful photography subject if they happen to be interested in trying their hand at taking a few snaps. It’s not an entirely wasted effort; while he knows his own modeling skills leave something to be desired, he enjoys having any excuse to spend a few private moments with the one he holds dear, and at the very least the embarrassing tumble he took whilst attempting to summit a large boulder elicited an adorable smile from them. But when he invites them to sit beside him on a (much more stable) rock so that they might peruse through the viewfinder together, Prompto’s eyes widen with marvel and awe; the candid and earnest photos they took of him reveal the eye and skill of a true artist, and he realizes rather quickly that the title of sharpshooter clearly belongs to them.

Gladio: A man of few words as it is, the big guy struggles to reach out to his intended in order to articulate his feelings; the best he can do is hang around the local Coernix Station he knows they frequent in the hope of ‘casually’ running into them. So while chancing upon them in the aisle where the refrigerated sheep’s milk is located is par for the course, stumbling across their path while out trekking in the wilderness admittedly takes Gladio more than a little off-guard. He attempts to play it suave, suggesting that if they were both headed in the same direction, it might be worth it to linger in one another’s company for the duration of their hike (for safety reasons, of course, since the feral Basiliks were known to be rather aggressive in these parts). But it’s Gladiolus who is surprised to discover the depth of their encyclopedic knowledge pertaining to the natural world; Aegir Root can be ground into a curative salve in a pinch, they point out, while Malmashrooms are safe to eat only if the head has not yet split from its stem. As his sweetheart teaches him a thing or two about the effect the Fulgurian has on the local weather patterns, Gladio delights in learning a few personal tidbits about them as well.

Ignis: The strategist is somewhat of an oyster himself when it comes to the disclosure of personal information, so he doesn’t take offense when the object of his admiration proves reticent to reveal any of their own private interests. There are plenty of ways to enjoy spending one’s free time organically in the company of a companion without resorting to probing inquiries or obtrusive interrogations, so he offers to accompany them on a quick jaunt to the local farmer’s market, thinking he might kill two chocobos with one stone by helping them with their bags in addition to picking up a few ingredients for his own recipes. When the apple of his eye bemoans the fact that Ulwaat Berries are no longer in season, Specs’ curiosity is piqued, and he asks them if they happen to know of a suitable alternative if he were to hypothetically attempt to whip up his own Memory Lane pastry; a bushels of Duscaen oranges later and they are back at his apartment, retrieving measuring cups and rubber spatulas from the kitchen cabinets and cracking Birdbeast eggs into a ceramic mixing bowl. They pass the hour waiting for the cake batter to rise discussing proper baking temperatures and their favorite cooking publications, and it’s only after they’ve sampled the culinary masterpiece they’ve created that Ignis surmises there are very few things that bring two people together quite like a mutually shared love of food.

I love this cutie sweetie creepy bogeyman~ Drew this for @aranda-art for her birthday but also because I don’t need reasons to draw Stephen~

Stephen, whose fancier name is “Bogle”, is Aranda’s character from her story which is also called Bogle.

break time 🍓 🍓 this friendship is something merlin needed tbh. oh well!

(percival) (leon) ( gwaine ) (elyan) (arthur)

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"Please, the only thing I want you to do is just read me a story..," Jacrutchie

Ahh, sorry this took so long! Inspiration finally struck, but bear with me if it’s really bad - I was on pain meds of my own when I wrote it. Enjoy!

Crutchie could swear that Jack was The Flash. Within five minutes of receiving Crutchie’s text (“bad leg day, can you come over?”), Kloppman popped his head in Crutchie’s room to let him know that Jack was visiting.

“Geez Jack, did ya fly here or somethin’?” Crutchie grinned, despite himself.

Jack’s eyebrows were knitted as he swiftly made his way to sit at the edge of Crutchie’s bed. “How bad does it hurt, what’s goin’ on?”

“It’s fine, calm down,” Crutchie replied, his voice thin. “Just a bad day, is all. I’m just waiting for my pain meds to kick in and I need someone’s hand to hold in the meantime.”

Jack was lying beside Crutchie in an instant, quickly taking his hand. “Your text had me worried.”

“Sorry,” Crutchie squeezed Jack’s hand. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

“Nah, you know me,” Jack said softly. “I’m just a worry-wart.”

Crutchie chuckled, but it sounded strained. “Don’t I know it.”

They both sat there for a while, hand in hand. Crutchie’s face was tense, and Jack just wished he could take all his pain away. He wondered how on Earth Crutchie managed to go through all this with a barely a complaint.  

After a good fifteen minutes, Jack felt Crutchie loosen his grip on Jack’s hand. He glanced over at him. “Are you okay?”

Crutchie nodded and smiled slightly, his eyes only half-open. “Mhm, my meds just make me real sleepy. Just means they’re working.”

Jack could feel his face heat up because dang, Crutchie’s drowsy little grin was adorable. “I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do for you?”

Crutchie seemed to think for a moment before giving a yawn and responding, his voice thick with oncoming sleep, “The only thing I want you to do is…tell me a story, please?”

Jack chuckled. “A story? What kinda story?”

Crutchie shrugged lazily. “Whatever kinda story you wanna tell.”

Jack nodded, smirking. “Alright. Well, I’ll, uh, I’ll tell you a fairy tale then, how ‘bout that, huh?”

Crutchie smiled, closing his eyes and cuddling closer to Jack. “Perfect.”

“Okay,” Jack began dramatically. “Once upon a time, there was this villager boy who had a peg leg.”

“Golly, I wonder who that is.” Crutchie giggled.

“Uh, I’m the storyteller here, Mr. Morris,” Jack feigned offense at being interrupted. “May I continue?”

“No.” Crutchie replied sarcastically, squeezing Jack’s hand.

“Anyway, this villager kid was real great,” Jack continued, squeezing Crutchie’s hand back. “Everyone in the town loved him. One day, this traveling artist from Santa Fe came to the village.”

“He wishes he was from Santa Fe.” Crutchie murmured.

“True that,” Jack snickered. “Anyway, the artist met the villager, and the villager was like, ‘hey, could you paint my portrait?’ And, of course, the artist was like, ‘Heck yeah, I love painting pretty people.’”

Crutchie buried his head in Jack’s arm self-consciously. “Jaaaaack.”

“It’s true, the villager is real pretty!” Jack beamed. “And, so, the artist worked all day on this portrait of the villager, trying to get it just right. When he was done, he showed the villager, and he was all proud of himself. The villager was like, ‘This is great, but the boy in the painting has a crown on, like a prince, but I ain’t a prince or nothin’, I’m just a peasant.’ And the artist was all like, ‘Nonsense! You gotta be a prince!’ But the villager was like, ‘I don’t got royal blood.’ So the artist was like, ‘You don’t need royal blood to be a prince. You need a heart of gold, which you got.’ The end.”

“I don’ think that’s how royalty works, Jackie,” Crutchie mumbled. “But, thank you.”

“Hey, it’s my story, so that’s how it works,” Jack retorted. “You’re a prince to me. Got that?” He waited for a response. “Crutchie?”

Jack looked down to see that Crutchie was fast asleep, his head still tucked into Jack’s arm. He still lightly held Jack’s hand, and Jack could swear that, even in his sleep, there was the trace of a smile on Crutchie’s lips.

Jack grinned and closed his own eyes. “Sleep well, Prince Crutchie.”

reTHG: The Hunger Games - Chapters Five and Six: Cinna

I have a lot of in-depth headcanon about Cinna.  Probably even more than Haymitch, a character I like more, but don’t spend a lot of time thinking about.  Haymitch’s personality is so external, and his history is fleshed out enough (by MJ) to understand his motivations.  Cinna’s are so wide open.  I have a story about Cinna and Portia I really want to write, so I won’t divulge ALL my Cinna theories here, just a few relatively pertinent ones.

When I first read this book, I was vaguely troubled by Katniss’ description of the Capitol citizens, because she’s very judgmental of them, in a superficial way.  To me, the described Capitolite modes of self-expression are not intrinsically offensive – certainly not intolerable – and judging people by the way they look strikes me as fussy and conservative.  I understand Katniss’ revulsion to them – she associates this audience, their lack of misery, their lack of compassion, their numbness to the tributes, with how differently they act and look from the district citizens.  I was more worried about Collins’ judgment, really.

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Without trying to shade anyone but legit, Niall is the only one since the start that really wanted to be involved in the music industry. He went to X Factor expecting to be an artist & sell arenas, he had a true passion for it. He was going to study Sounding Engineer even if he didn't make it. Niall is the one with a true passion for music & you can see that. He is so smart in music & everything about it but the fandom sleep on him for 7 years to hype and praise someone for simply breathing.

welll……i’d counteract that claim with liam bc he had been on xf even before niall and was ALSO doing his own little tour around england (?) just as niall was doing his around ireland…all before they even tried out.

BUT i do agree that nialls passion for music runs deep. a lot deeper than the others maybe. i mean!!!!!! HE SCRIBED IT INTO HIS DESK!!!!!!! HE TAUGHT HIMSELF GUITAR!!!!!! HE HAD AN AGENT AND DID SHOWS TO SCREAMING GIRLS !!!!! he was in it from the beginning, ready and wanting it so bad. he’s into every aspect of it too, learning and engaging and i just love his passion so much.

Completely screwed

I hate the f… word, screwed not much better. I agree with crisswift. I am concerned with Darren’s well being at this point. Could he even take on another beard? He talks about not remembering words to songs. I question if this is because he can’t focus…to a degree PTSD. We have seen the bruises. He ends up hurting himself, M possibly. I believe it is him with so much on his mind he cannot focus or think clearly. I’m sure he tries to escape within his own mind, while I’m sure Chris is there for him he can not take Darren’s demons away fully, as much as he wishes. Remember sometimes it is better to deal with the norm “M”. Pain, confusion, hurt are an entity unto themselves. Darren says he goes with the flow, malleable…never heard Aquarius defined that way…they march to the beat of there own drum, they have never meet a person they didn’t in some way connect with….malleable? My dad was an Aquarius, he’d give you the shirt off his back, but then expect you to learn to stand on your own two feet. Something M has never done. I think Darren describes himself this way to be able to live in his own world. I also believe that is why he describes himself as an exercise nerd/junky. The release of endorpins takes you away from both thoughts and feelings. Not saying not ok, actually a healthy way to cope. But in the end does not make the problem go away, just a brief respite. He is caught between “a rock and a hard place”. I wish I had a crystal ball. I do believe the way things are now will not stand. I believe as this intensifies it will at sometime get uglier! I am concerned for Darren’s welfare. He is no doubt strong. A body and mind can take only so much. I pray every day for his sanity and physical health, and that Chris will be there. I believe their love is one of the only reasons he gets through. Look at what he went though to save the Christmas holidays for himself and those he loves. As said in the end it is his life, he has to make the choices. He has grown, matured and faught for his career and life.  He needs the people who love him to support him, not judge him… and be proud of the person he has become!


My number one concern is Darren and his mental and physical health. And it always has been. I strong believe he struggles with depression. And I agree. When he is going through an especially rough patch, it’s written all over his face and expressed though his body language. And I think Chris has been his rock that has stood by him and has helped him to survive. Their love is rare. It is epic. Nothing less would have enabled them to survive this nightmare. 

 And his parents. I am so grateful that has has 2 parents that clearly love and support him. And will do anything for him. I think the combination of these three amazing people fighting this war by his side are the reason he’s still standing and that he has managed to have an amazing career and artistically be true to himself despite the evil that is constantly surrounding him. 

 But as @crisswift stated. Yes they can help him. They can relieve the burden somewhat. But they can’t take away his pain and his internal struggle. Because it is Darren alone that is hiding his true self. Yes Chris has a PR relationship. But he is out. He is proud. He advocates for LGBT+ rights proudly as a member of the community. Darren is not able to do this. And I think he blames himself for involving so many people that he loves in the charade. Particularly Chris. 

And the nightmare for Darren is not just hiding his sexuality. And being told on a constant basis that his true self is not good enough. That if he were to reveal that he identifies as gay/bi/pan, the constant reinforcement he receives from his team that his fans would love him less, or worse, walk away. That the only way he is valuable is if he fulfills the teenage dream fantasy.

What exacerbates his situation by a million fold is the person who has been cast as his girlfriend. Who is insufferable and spoiled. Manipulative and abusive. A complete liability. And who has demanded way too much of him and his time. 

And I firmly believe he needs to be free of her. To me. That is key and the number one most important step in his journey. I believe once she is gone, he will breathe easier. That a weight will be lifted. Even if he decides the time is not right to expose the full truth. 

I think on what comes next. We have to trust them. I know what we all want. But we have to remember. What we think is right, isn’t necessarily right. They have to consider what’s right for them. What’s right for their careers. And what is right for their fans. And remember. Most of their fans aren’t reading CriissColfer blogs. I was a clueless fan for years. I naively believed what I was sold. I just didn’t look that close. Miarren always seemed off to me. But I made no logical sense that fox would closet Darren. And over the past 2 years. Since I immersed myself in this world. My eyes have become wide open. 

 And remember. The secret Darren has. It’s not just his sexuality. It’s the identity of his partner. There are so many fans of these gentlemen that are not a fan of the other. They are not going to be pleased at the depth of the lies and the lengths taken to hide the truth. They are fully invested in Will and Mia. This is a strong consideration in formulating the plan for moving forward. 

Does Darren take on a new beard? Maybe. And if that is the decision that he and Chris make., and make no mistake they are walking side by side and making these decisions together, we have to support them. Because I don’t think it will be one made lightly. And I think it’s the last thing Darren wants. But I think there needs to be damage control. 

Fact. When miarren “break up” immediately the spotlight will shine on CrissColfer. It’s inevitable. It’s why Chris named Will. And we will likely see more Chill outings than normal. And if there is a new beard, that will make the light shine less brightly and perhaps provide a bridging between the end of miarren and the future reveal of CrissColfer. In my opinion. 

What I think is critical. Regardless of whether a new woman is contracted to play Darren’s plus one. Re-establishing that Chris and Darren are friends. Because people believe they hate each other. And they need to be disavowed of that notion. And soon. They need to be seen together. Start with something less obvious like attending the same event. Move to attending the same party. Then move to perhaps hanging out on their own. They need to show they are, at a minimum, friends. And this will lay the foundation for them to come out as a couple. In time. Which I believe is the ultimate plan. It’s just a question of how many steps will there be before we achieve that goal.