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Jimin's wrist size is 15cm... dainty wrists confirmed

#Confirmed Dainty Lil Bastard.

You know what’s great is I feel like he’s really embracing his daintiness lately. He used to be all like frat boy swagger and muscles and muscle tees and he kind of looked like the human personification of axe body spray, but now he’s like…. hey get a load of me in the xxl fluffy sweater and kitty choker…….. check these dainty sweater paws…… look at how tiny and boopable my nose looks in these massive glasses……..

How I imagine Draco's coming out
  • Draco: Mother, Father, I'm gay. I don't care if you don't like it, this is my life and--
  • Narcissa: Draco, we've known you were gay since you were 11.
  • Lucius: The only truly shocking thing about this is that it's taken you so long to tell us.
  • Draco: --I won't be stopped from--what? I don't--But... how?
  • Lucius: Draco, you sent us letters every day about how devastatingly perfect Potter was for five years.
  • Draco: WHAT? I did NOT!
  • Narcissa: You most certainly did, dear. Let me go get the boxes. We saved them all.

Brand new talking time with foreign swaggers Jaehyun, Mark and Johnny


“In fact, what happened was Harrison and I both began to drink and at some point early on I said, “Do you want to see me do an imitation of you?” Harrison didn’t walk, he swaggered, like John Wayne in slow motion – taking his seemingly bad attitude for a walk. To depict this, I moved out of sight and after a moment reappeared, strolling as he strolled, sauntering my way into whatever fresh hell I found myself. I’d become him, disenchanted Lord Ford, master of all he surveyed. I hadn’t looked at Harrison yet to see how my portrayal of him was going over – too busy appearing indifferent and impatient with my surroundings. As I continued to portray his inner monologue, I finally let at least one of my eyes slide wearily to his face and saw that he was not only laughing, he was laughing that silent and hard laugh reserved for true enthusiasm. Almost 40 years later, I still think of it as one of the greater moments of my life.”

All right I got like five requests to tell the story of the Shakespeare Mansplainer, so: 

Today I went to the bookstore to buy the Arden edition of ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore because I need it for one of my term papers. But I looked at my punchcard and realized buying it would get me a free book, and because I’m standing right there in the drama section I start browsing around. Enter the Mansplainer. Now, I can only assume that this guy saw me flip through a few books and put them back and decided I didn’t know what I was doing. Mansplainer to the rescue. Up he swaggers. Now, this guy is average-looking but so am I, so at first when he says, “Oh, are you looking for some Shakespeare?” I’m willing to entertain the possibility that he might be worth flirting with or at least talking to, but he literally doesn’t give me enough time to even answer the question before he says, “You know–” And this is like, the most fatal phrase in a dude’s vocabulary, because as soon as he says it odds are 90 to one he’s about to start telling you what he thinks you don’t know. So I shut my mouth. I shut my mouth and I stand there and smile and nod like I’m in utter awe of all his manly wisdom while he proceeds to tell me every wrong “fact” he learned about Shakespeare in secondary school. For those of you who don’t know me, here’s what makes this hilarious: I’m getting a master’s degree in Shakespeare. I’ve been a Shakespearean actor for ten years. I’ve written a fucking book about Shakespeare. I know more about Shakespeare than this guy knows about breathing.

Anyway, for two, maybe three minutes I let him go on about how the balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet is actually a sonnet and they were both like thirteen because that’s how young people got married in England in the 1700s and so on and so on. (All of this is wrong, by the way.) Towards the end he starts to flounder, because he was clearly expecting me to jump in and start cooing like a fucking pigeon about how romantic it all is or whatever the Great Mansplainer expects a woman to do when he dazzles her with his dizzying intellect. He finally finishes with a showstopping, “So, yeah.” And this is my cue. So I say, “Actually,” and then proceed to correct literally everything he said while I beam at him like the fucking sun because I want to watch his ego shrivel up like a fucking raisin. And it does. By the time I’m done (which only takes half the time because if women take up more than 25% of a conversation men think they’re dominating it and I’m 100% certain his little Mansplainbrain would just explode under the stress) he’s physically taken two steps away from me and is looking toward the door like he’s grappling with some intense fight-or-flight instinct. So I stop and smile again and because I just can’t resist I wave my staff pass and say, “Sorry, I need to go now, I have to be at the Globe in twenty minutes.”

And that is the story of the time a guy tried to mansplain Shakespeare to me and I will cherish the look on his face until the day I die.

Headcanon I

It’s sixth year and Harry is just that tiny bit more observant in his stalking of Draco Malfoy.

At first everything seems so ordinary that it is almost boring, the blonde swaggers casually around the castle, a sneer plastered to his face , his personal goons following behind him. But secretly Harry knows that watching Malfoy will never be boring for him because there’s a certain magnetic pull that the Slytherin has.

After some time though, just as Harry is considering giving it up, he begins to realise things about Malfoy. He begins to pick up on how his shoulders slump immediately and he let’s out a long breath that such a thin (and was he always that thin?) boy couldn’t possibly have held as soon as he’s alone. He begins to realise how defined his shoulders and ribs and cheekbones are and how hollow and dark the bags under his eyes are. He takes in the way he begins to let go of and then lose completely his former swagger and how he never seems to be in anyone else’s company anymore.

This continues for a few weeks until Harry knows something is definitely wrong. Draco no longer wanders the halls of Hogwarts like a self-proclaimed prince, instead he lies on his back with his arm covering his eyes on the grass field behind the school or stares blankly across the school grounds from the astronomy towers.

And he is always alone.

In class he’s always absent, Harry notes. He stares forward in the direction of the teacher but he always seems to be looking through Professor Snape. There’s something wrong with his eyes as well, they’ve lost their usual malicious gleam and seem to have rusted over (not that Harry stares at his eyes or anything regularly). His hair is much too tousled and his gaze when he sees Harry staring at him from across the great hall is much too passive.

The blonde is reduced to hardly anything more than a skeleton at this point and soon Harry realises that he isn’t stalking Malfoy to stop what ever the fuck he’s doing, it’s so that he can keep a close eye on the slowly deteriorating boy because no one else is.

No one else is seeing what he is seeing.

No one else is realising that Draco is slowly dying.

No one except for him.

It’s suddenly Harry’s unspoken mission to make sure Draco doesn’t suddenly slip past his fingertips and disappear completely because then who will he have to call a git and chase around the castle long after his anger has subsided and his chest hurts from running and a strange burning sensation?

One day, instead of heading up to the astronomy tower or behind the school, Draco Malfoy leads a determined Harry up to the owlery where the howling wind and beating rain is much more menacing. Harry is shivering under his invisibility cloak and he can see that Draco is too, all he’s wearing is his now-soaked button up and his school slacks.

Harry is confused (and all too relaxed, he tells himself after) until Draco’s stiff body begins to move towards the stone wall and he lifts a leg onto it.

What’s he doing? Is all Harry can think.

But then Draco is lifting his second leg and it all clicks.

The Gryffindor throws off the invisibility cloak and sprints over to grab Malfoy’s wrist and pull him away from a premature death.

Malfoy spins around and even through the rain, Harry can tell he’s been crying. The Slytherin is too stunned for words as Harry throws his arms around his waist and pulls him close in a bone-crushing hug.

‘Pot-’ is all Malfoy can manage before he starts crying again.

He can feel Harry’s warm breath on his neck, repeating over and over that it’s ok and that he shouldn’t do this.

He can feel Harry’s tense muscles against his chest and around his middle.

It’s Potter. Of course it’s Potter. It’s always Potter. Is all Draco thinks as he succumbs to the shorter boy’s sleep-inducing body heat and rests his tired head on his shoulder.

Harry would’ve loved to be the taller one in this situation so that he could rest his chin on the blonde’s head, but he does the next thing he can think of which is to play with Malfoy’s hair as he hiccups into Harry’s shoulder.

Malfoy slowly wraps his arms around Harry, appreciating the warmth the latter seems to be radiating.

Harry can feel all too well each and every rib of Malfoy’s and though that in itself isn’t a nice feeling, having a raw, vulnerable Draco in his arms is.

‘It’s ok.

It’s ok.

You shouldn’t do this.’

Malfoy nuzzles his face into Harry’s neck and breathes in his scent.

'Thank you Harry.’

I’m so sorry guys but I think i’ll always be bitter with Emma...

Because we had this incredible beautiful view of our baby Even

I mean look at him! omg the glasses, the clothes, the way he’s sitting, his hair, his effortless cool swagger. It was a gift from the gods. The music, the aesthetic, the perfection…must I go on? 

But then this happened…

and then this

and soon…

Emma made Even disappear. I just I can’t let this go. the only scene we had of sunglasses Even, and Emma cut it short with her blurry head 😭


Isak’s reaction to this cruelty

A friendly reminder that once you beat Pokemon Sun/Moon and go to Guzma’s parents house on Route 2 his mom will tell you that Guzma wanted to give you a gift…

You wanna know what that gift is?

It’s the fucking “SWAGGER” TM.

Upon further conversation with his mother not only was “Swagger” his favorite move but he also taught all his Pokemon “Swagger” and won competitions as a kid with said Pokemon.

All of his trophies in his room are from those battle competitions where he just used “Swagger” all the time to beat his opponents.

Bless Guzma.

Boyfriend Vs Brother

Theo x Reader

“You know she’ll be pissed.” Theo sighed when Stiles refused to leave.

“You think I’ll let my sister go anywhere with you?” Stiles scoffed.

“Oh, trust me she’s been places with me.” Theo smirked as he got out of his truck, slowly swaggering over to the gym where your team was pouring out.

“Theo!” You squealed and skipped into his arms.

“Hey babe, you do good?” He asked as you leaned up to kiss him.

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-My dad notices and starts reading the Danny Phantom “it’s not gay if he’s dead” poster-
Him: so what’s that like? Necrophilia? -walks out-


The man bun dance swagger! I haven’t seen this posted here so I thought I’d share. This is from 2014, you can see Sophie Turner in the background throwing her hands up in the air to greet someone off camera just as Kit Harington starts to dance/walk away.

In fact, what happened was Harrison and I both began to drink and at some point early on I said, “Do you want to see me do an imitation of you?”

Harrison didn’t walk, he swaggered, like John Wayne in slow motion – taking his seemingly bad attitude for a walk. To depict this, I moved out of sight and after a moment reappeared, strolling as he strolled, sauntering my way into whatever fresh hell I found myself. I’d become him, disenchanted Lord Ford, master of all he surveyed.

I hadn’t looked at Harrison yet to see how my portrayal of him was going over – too busy appearing indifferent and impatient with my surroundings. As I continued to portray his inner monologue, I finally let at least one of my eyes slide wearily to his face and saw that he was not only laughing, he was laughing that silent and hard laugh reserved for true enthusiasm. Almost 40 years later, I still think of it as one of the greater moments of my life.

—  (x)
Boss!Harry AU - Part 4

Part 1, Part 2, Part 2.5, Part 3

Here’s part 4 of the Boss AU. I hope you like it. After a good first few hours of writing this, my writer’s block seemed to come back even though I knew where I wanted to take it so I’m sorry if it jumps a little bit from place to place. We might still be in New York for part 5, we might not, we’ll see. (ALSO, the last scene, it’s fucking shit) x

“Sir, here’s your keys,” the hotel receptionist hands over two room cards to Harry as stands checking you both in. “You’re in rooms 442 and 443. Enjoy your stay.” Harry flashes a flirtatious grin at the receptionist, making you roll your eyes, and he swaggers over to you where you sit on one of the comfortable sofas in the lobby as a bell hop puts the bags on to the trolley and goes on ahead of you.

“All done. Let’s go,” he signals his head towards the lift, holding the two room cards in his hand, tightly.

“Do I get my key?” You say. “Or are you going to hold on to it like you’re my dad? Hey…daaaaaad,” you tease, grabbing hold of his hand.

“Hey….don’t go callin’ me yeh dad. Way to make m’ feel weird.”

The atmosphere between you has lessened since your argument over everything in his office. In the few weeks since, you hadn’t seen each other outside of work at all and it had been strictly professional between you both. Glances had been exchanged and yoga classes had been thoroughly enjoyed together, as good friends but nothing more; neither of you wanted to make it more complicated than it already is, especially with you still threatening to leave. You hadn’t seen his son at all, even though Harry mentioned that Sam keeps going on about you and asking when he’ll be able to see you again and how Harry’s running out of reasonable excuses that won’t hurt his son’s feelings like ‘she’s on holiday’ and ‘she’s working late for daddy’. It feels good, though, having no pressures on the relationship between you, and now that everything is out in the open, he doesn’t have to hide anything to do with his family to you, and he’s mellowed a little around the office…not too much, though, he’s very much still an arse to his staff, even more so to you because ‘the others might get suspicious’ if he’s seen to be treating you like his favourite.

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{Imagine} College AU where the school’s ‘ bad boy’ Jungkook has a crush on you

His lip curls in a smirking way, his thickly lined eyes pinning men and women alike as he swaggers the hallways in that confident strut that has almost everyone experiencing what must be a mixture of true love and lust. But the key word there is almost. You’re the exception to the rule. You’re the only one that can reject his sexy exterior, but somehow that only enhances his interest in you. His eyes scan over your body as he reaches his locker which is inconveniently placed beside yours. He claws at his lip with his teeth, and you can’t help but glare at the dark haired male with the provocative lip ring, and the earphones that are blasting heavy guitars and drum beats in his ears. Your eyes like daggers, piercing the electric blue of his eyes as you once again reject the notorious playboy, Jeon Jungkook. 

“Changed your mind against that date offer yet, {y/n}?”

“No chance”

BTS reaction to being on a show with their idol crush


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 He’s the type to try his best to impress you if he has a crush, but Jin being Jin, might fall over but his beautiful smile would make you forget about the wreck, as you help him up. He’d be shy the entire day, but ask you out at the end as an apology, while he stutters, probably a few minutes before the show ends, giving you enough time to dream about him.


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 He’d try to be more bubbly, but get tired half way, and decide to be himself. Swaggity Swagger Min Yoongi. But he wouldn’t do anything before the both of you finish filming, only then he’d ask you out, in the most yoongi way possible, which includes politely pulling you away, and telling you to come with him.

 "yah, let’s go get coffee.“


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 He’s sweet with everyone, but super super super sweet with you. Where he helps you out for everything. Like if he had a chance to save one person from a penalty, he would save you. Which would earn the both of you a comment from the MC, but once you walk close to him, he’d whisper in next to you. 

"Who wouldn’t help such a beautiful princess.”


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 As the leader, he wont do anything that’s too obvious. But he’d find every opportunity to be near you. Standing beside you, being in your team, or pairing up together. Which would make it obvious in your eyes. He’d get your number from his other idol friends and call you up to meet, after a good week of the show, according to your schedule that is. 


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I’m sorry but also not sorry

 Chimchim doesn’t exist no more. Jimin is going to full on flirt with you, but make it look like a part of the show. He’d be all touchy and flirty. But once the show gets over and you approach him, he’d have a rosy blush on his face, as he asks you out to apologize for his indécent behavior but the PD “asked” him to do it. 


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 He’d literally just stare at you wide eyed. Most of the time too lost to focus on what’s going on. He’d probably trip on his feet as well, but laugh it off. So when you go up to help him, he’d just reply by saying something cheesy. Asking you for coffee because you owe it to him somehow.


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 If he has a crush, he’ll try to avoid you. Just so he doesn’t make a fool out of himself. But he’d ask for help from his hyung, probably Taehyung. He’d ask for the three of you to meet up somewhere later, and he’d slowly try to get you into the small group of friends he has. But wouldn’t ask you out alone until after at least 2 months.

It’s Inauguration Day, and Trump swaggers his way into the White House. He makes his way to the Oval Office. It’s eerily quiet. He expected there to be a huge commotion upon his arrival, but there’s no one to be seen anywhere. He’s getting confused and irritated.
He opens the doors to the Oval Office and sees that he in fact is not alone.
Sitting at the desk, Trump sees him: clad in a dark navy blue suit with a matching tie, casually leaning back in the chair, his feet resting on the desk, wiping blood off of a katana.
Joe Biden puts down the blood-stained rag and looks over the rim of his aviators and chuckles.
“You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”