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That thing I think about a lot but never mention.


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One of the best parts about this love is that it’s a judgment free zone. I get to say what’s actually on my mind, do what makes me happy, and be who I really am. That includes me being super emotional, or me being corny and laughing about my own wack jokes, or sharing my opinions without feeling like I have to check myself. I can be the smart, silly, sensitive girl I’ve always been. And unlike other guys who made me feel like being that girl was too much, I’m in love with a big nerd who cherishes my feelings, laughs and my stupid jokes, and shares with me every controversial, personal, silly thought or feeling he has too.

List of Awards

  1. Pokémon League Champion (Kanto).
  2. University Recognitions; Undergraduate: Swimmers of the Year (Undergraduate; Sophomore Yr.), Second Place Swimming Nationals (Undergraduate Team; Junior Yr.), Outstanding Community Service Award (Undergraduate), University Engagement Recognition Award (Undergraduate), Graduation with Honors for Academic Excellence (Undergraduate). 

    University Recognitions; Graduate: Graduation with Honors for Research (Graduate), Graduation with Honors for Special Achievement (Graduate), Celadon University Science Fellowship (Graduate).

    Post-Grad: Kanto Research Grant, International Research Grant.

  3. Kanto Prize for contribution in advancing scientific knowledge and serving for the cause of peace and human and pokémon prosperity. (Pokédex).
  4. Johto Award for recognized outstanding work in the field of science and technology along with philosophy and arts. (Pokédex).
  5. Pokémon Science Association: Best Host Award (103rd Annual Pokémon Science Emporium Event), Best Motivational Speech (Pokémon Research Gala), Research Merit Award, Honorary Documentary Nominee (The World of Pokémon), Outstanding Lab Recognition, Voted Most Resourceful Camper (Annual Professor Summer Summit).
  6. Academic Recognitions: Professor of the Academic Year (Celadon University), Merit Award (Celadon University), Motivational Speech Award (Celadon University), Most Influential (Celadon University).
  7. Gold Award Winners (Radio): Best Coverage of Live Event, Best Community Programming, National Radio Journalist of the Year, Local Radio Journalist of the Year, Best Interview of the Year, Best Promotional Campaign, Best Feature or Documentary, Station of the Year (under 1 million), Station of the Year (1 million plus).

    Gold Award Winners (Television): Most Rated Interview, Co-star Award (DJ Mary’s Cooking Show), Highest Grossing Daytime TV (Pokémon Lectures).
  8. Poetry Recognitions: Achievement of Pokémon Poetry Mastery Award, National Book Critics Circle Award, Kanto Times Best Seller, International Best Seller.
  9. Community Service Awards: Preservation of Agriculture Award, Recognition of Energy Efficiency, Civil Service Certificate (Pallet), Tea Ceremony Performance Recognition.
  10. Miscellaneous: 70′s Dance-a-thon (Bronze Winner), Best Ugly Christmas Sweater (Sinnoh), Karaoke Grand Prize Winner, Poké-zine Sketch Submissions (Finalist Runner-up), Local Fastest Video Gamer Award (Dubbed ‘Flying Finger Sammy’; Age 9).

    & more.

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For the SS shippers sending you stupid messages. Could you guys please stop acting as if Sasuke was some kind of stone who would never do anything nice for another human being unless he has deep, romantic feelings for them? Look 80% of the time he was rude to Sakura or simply ignored her and the other 20% he was being a human, he has NEVER done anything romantic for her, we all know what the forehead poke meant, it wasn't exactly romantic, and that's all you guys have.

THANK YOU. Many SS shippers think Sasuke’s an emotionless dickhead, for reasons I don’t understand. 

However, I would just like to remind all those SS shippers that when he was in a stable state of mind and allied with Team 7, this happened 

Naruto told Sasuke to save Sakura and Kakashi but he grabbed Naruto and left them to fall into a sea of lava. Where was that love connection then? Oh, I forgot. He DID save the person he’s connected with, silly me. 

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Do you think they really met on tinder? That would be super interesting but I've also been dying to know their backstory regardless lol Amy seems way too chill to be on a dating app

I thought about it and I think it was just him picking an silly answer like he did with the more personal ones. I know they’re from the same city, but she’s a few years younger than him, so I doubt they knew each other very well in school.
I’m sure they met through mutual friends or family or just ran into each other when he was back home.
I’d love to know their story, though. I’m dying to know. I want a major motion picture.


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I was wondering if you could do jealous Tae head canons where he's upset yoongi and sungah are so close. He feels left out of the family sometimes

The first time he really feels a bit jealous is when Sungah is having a parents work day at school and the first person she tells is Yoongi. He feels a bit silly for being jealous of his own boyfriend but he can’t help it when he notices how excited their daughter is to have Yoongi be at her class. 

He’s always been used to her being a bit of a daddy’s girl since before she was even born and it didn’t really bother him until she would push him away and sort of ask for Yoongi more.  Park dates and whenever she does or learns something she runs quick to Yoongi and he can’t help but feel sad about it because that’s his baby too. 

One day he’s talking to his mom on the phone and he mentions it to her. She just laughs a bit. 

“Taehyung-ah you were like that too as a child you always preferred me over anyone. Sungah is just going through a phase it will pass.” 

After time and time again of kind of being pushes aside he finally brings it up to Yoongi too.

“Sungah likes you more than she likes me.” 

He doesn’t mean to cry but he can’t help it. He’s sensitive and his daughter doesn’t even like him, or at least, that’s how he feels. The tears just keep coming out until Yoongi pulls him onto his lap and hugs him tight. 

“She’s our daughter, she likes us the same.” 

“You’re her favorite.” 

Yoongi wants to say thats not true but before he can they hear Sungah crying from her room. Of course Yoongi is the one to get up but as soon as Sungah sees him she cries harder and shakes her head. 


Taehyung comes right over and hugs her close and finds out she had a bad dream and gently rocks her while playing with her soft hair until she’s falls back asleep in his arms. Yoongi just smiles. 

“You see, she may like me to have fun with but she needs her papa Taetae always to protect her and keep away the bad dreams.” 

Yoongi comes over and kisses them both and Taehyung is happy with that. He’s happy with being his princess savior when she’s scared. 

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so, i have your human version of Wreck Gar saved on my computer for reference bc I wanted to draw him later but so i was looking through my pictures so i could show something to my mom and i went past that image of wreck gar. she stopped me and asked me if it was Jesus and I just kinda sat there in disbelief

headcanon: wreck-gar is the antichrist


I think when Past Dean shows up, Endverse!Cas is all goofy, happy, and silly (even more than normal) because he's remembering the person he fell in love with. Not the man who stands beside him, resigned to the fact that they will die together fighting Lucifer; whom he has given his life and love to.

The Dean that stole Castiel’s heart and wings, free of the scars that now leave him solemn and jaded. He’s here. He's still the optimistic, find-a-way, all or nothing man that has not yet decided his humanity is an acceptable sacrifice for freedom. He is the person who showed Cas the true beauty in Earth and all its inhabitants.

Here, he stands before him; reminding Castiel that there were better times and the past wasn’t just a perfect dream. They share so many memories that have once again come to life with Past Dean’s presence. It gives Castiel one last beam of light to carry with him at the very end, a flicker of sentiment brighter than all the cloudy echoes he finds in a pill. The past Dean, his Dean, is the best high he’s ever had.


Dylan O'brien on set of Teen Wolf (03.03.2015)