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Say You Won’t Let Go

Fandom: Marvel

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Based off of James Arthur’s song “Say You Won’t Let Go”.

A/N: This song gave me huge Bucky feels when I first listened to it. So here you go. Also, this is pretty lengthy, so bear with me.

Warning: mentions of depression

Your best friend, Bucky, well…he was in a dark place. Now that’s not uncommon for college students. Statistics show that it’s very common for young adults ranging from 18 to 25 to fall into a depression. Bucky was one of those young adults. 

He felt like he wasn’t good enough. He was struggling to get by, academically and financially. He started to lack motivation in going to classes and getting out of bed. He just wanted to sleep the days away. 

But you were having none of it. During some of his darkest days, you were there to light him up. Although it didn’t really make the depression go away, it made him forget the pain with the constant temporary moments of happiness.

You came bursting into his apartment, “Luuuucyyy, I’m hoooome!” You announced. You dropped your bag and keys onto a nearby table and listened for any sign of Bucky. He was probably in his room. So you briskly walked over there and cautiously opened the door. Bucky was sprawled out on his bed staring at the ceiling. You ran over to him and plopped your entire being onto his stomach.

“Oomf! Whyyyy?” Bucky whined.

“Happy birthday, you dork.”

Bucky sighed and mumbled, “Thanks.”

You climbed off him and made your way to his closet looking through his clothes, “Let’s get you dressed. I have plans for you.”

Bucky groaned, “Can’t we just stay here and watch tv or something?”

You scoffed, “Psh. No. We’re going out.” You picked out a white t-shirt, black jeans, and Bucky’s favorite black leather jacket. You threw them at him, “Get ready. We’re leaving in ten.”

“Ugh. Fine.”

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How would the Boys react to a crush s/o asking them out..?

This is my very first ask! I hope you enjoy!

Korekiyo Shinguuji    

  • You are the slightest bit nervous when you initially come up to him
  • So is he
  • But you can’t tell under that goddamn mask of his
  • You shyly approach him with…
  • In you hands are not one, but two roses!
  • You knew he liked roses, but two was even better so you could match!
  • When you tell him your reasoning for the second rose, he can’t help but bring a hand to his cheek and sigh
  • He just sorta stays like that for a moment
  • You’re a little confused
  • Until you hear him say
  • “…How truly beautiful of you to think of that.”
  • You ask him about going on a date with you
  • He can’t hide his excitement
  • …and neither can you!

Amami Rantarou

  • Amami was browsing the books in the library on his own
  • Or so he thought-
  • “Ahah! Hey, s/o! What’re you doing here?”
  • You give him a shy wave from across the room and make your way over to his spot at the shelf - the romance section?
  • Amami notices that by your expression you’ve recognised what section you two are in
  • He blushes
  • He can see the lightbulb flash on top of your head.
  • You have no idea what you’re doing
  • All you know is that this boy is cute and single
  • And really sweet and nice and funny and caring and-
  • Before you know it, you’re standing in front of him and all these compliments are uncontrollably spilling out of your mouth all at once
  • You add a stammered “Do you want to go for a trip to the art gallery sometime?” as a cherry on top.
  • You hope that wasn’t too creepy-sounding - all he’d said was ‘hey’
  • Amami’s expression is blank for a moment
  • You can see the gears ticking in his head
  • Finally, he shows you his signature relaxed smile
  • He takes your hand in his
  • “That sounds pretty fun, s/o. I’d love that.”
  • The two of you spend the rest of your afternoon browsing the books the library has to offer…

Kokichi Ouma

  • You approach him at the vending machine, just as planned
  • He pays no attention to you, focused on punching in the correct digits for his Grape Panta
  • The Panta bottle doesn’t clank against the bottom of the machine because his hand was already there to catch it - he brings it up to his lips to take a sip
  • He glances at you
  • And immediately starts choking
  • Once he’s caught his breath, you hear him mutter
  • “C-crap…”
  • Oh no! You must look like such a stalker right now! Say something already!
  • Act natural, you told yourself
  • You had only practiced a 1000 times.
  • “Does Laser Force sound like your scene? I was wondering if you’d wanna go with me, Ouma.”
  • Well played.
  • He notices you giving yourself a mental pat on the back and smirks
  • “A soldier never goes into battle without a plan. What is yours, s/o?”
  • How ironic.
  • He’s absolutely stumped you, and he knows it
  • You tell him you’d be happy to come up with one, but only with his assistance
  • He smirks again, this time slightly more shy-looking. Is he blushing?!
  • “I suppose I have nothing better to do, s/o.“
  • The rest of your afternoon is spent strategising for your grand trip to Laser Force! Those 10 year olds will never know what hit them with you and Ouma on the scene!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • When you first approach him, he’s a blubbering, blushing mess already
  • He cannot believe that you, his crush, is talking to him
  • You’re worried you’ve done something wrong - his face is redder than a tomato
  • The poor boy starts sputtering even more
  • He assures you that you haven’t!
  • He blushes and stutters a little more, but you can make out his soft voice saying something
  • “A-as you were saying!?”
  • You tell him you’d like to see a new mystery movie that opens this weekend at the cinemas - it’s a sequel to one of his and your favourites!
  • Oh boy
  • Saihara.exe has stopped working
  • You have to ask again if you’ve done something wrong - did Ouma set you up by telling you Saihara’s least favourite movie? No, that can’t be right…
  • “I-I’d enjoy that a lot, actually!”
  • Saihara is ecstatic
  • You decide to take a seat next to him
  • The two of you rewatch the trailer and spend the rest of the afternoon theorising on who the murderer is together…

Kaito Momota       

  • You’d been planning this for weeks now     
  • You were finally going to ask your friend Kaito to go stargazing with you!  
  • How exciting!        
  • You were hoping, though, that by the end of the date you’d be more than friends.        
  • You find him in the dining hall, poking at his food        
  • The usually pumped up boy looks tired        
  • Until you approach him        
  • Now he’s looking at you like an excited puppy        
  • Weird, you think        
  • “You like stargazing, yeah? Wanna do it with me sometime?”        
  • You internally facepalm        
  • That wasn’t what you spent weeks rehearsing! Dolt!        
  • You pray your slight improvision goes unnoticed        
  • Looks like the odds are in your favour!        
  • “Me?! Stargaze? With y-you!?”        
  • Yeah man        
  • He’s back on his feet        
  • More pumped up than ever!        
  • You’re happy to see Kaito back to his energetic self·
  • The two of you discuss constellations on your way out of the dining hall… 


  • You weren’t entirely sure if this was a good idea
  • What if robots couldn’t feel emotions like love? What if they could, but he just didn’t like you? What if he doesn’t understand that you’re trying to get him to go on a date with you? What if-
  • Deep breaths, dammit.
  • You’re in the deep end here.
  • But little do you know, so is he.
  • When you walk up to him, you remind yourself that he’s just like any other boy!
  • There’s nothing to worry about!
  • The robot senses your presence and turns around excitedly
  • Hello, s/o! Iruma just taught me a new trick - Would you like to see me make my lenses brighten by a maximum of 70%?”
  • Iruma is cackling not too far behind him
  • She sees the look on your face and bolts
  • You blush at the robot’s random offer
  • “I’d love to see that, Kiibo!”
  • Just as he said, his blue eyes glowed like stars in the night sky!
  • Not to mention his cheeks
  • You remember why you’re here
  • “That’s amazing! Maybe you could show me even more of your tricks on a date, possibly?” you tell him
  • His eyes dim immediately
  • So do his cheeks
  • He’s resetting himself???
  • He suddenly comes back to life with a jolt, and is surprised to see you still in front of him - it wasn’t a 'dream’?
  • O-Of course, s/o! I would enjoy that very much!”

Gonta Gokuhara     

  • You and him were admiring some flowers the two of you had come across
  • Whenever you pointed out a bug he’d start spouting random facts about it
  • It was pretty cute
  • The reason you were here is both of you had bumped into each other earlier
  • It seems your routes overlapped when it came to going for walks!
  • He seemed more than a little excited when this had happened
  • But Gonta couldn’t possibly have planned it, it just was not the gentleman thing to do
  • Your flower-admiring session is cut short when you hear someone call something out in the dining hall, so the two of you head over to investigate
  • Gonta is disappointed he didn’t get to admire flowers with s/o a little longer…
  • Suddenly, an idea pops into your head
  • You ask Gonta if he’d like to do this again sometime, but as a date!
  • Gonta is!!!!!! Screaming internally!!!!!!
  • He says yes!
  • You’re both so happy!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • ….
  • He’s a lot shorter up close than you expected
  • But you came here for a reason!
  • And that reason is to ask Hoshi on a date!
  • He turns around and sees you
  • You think you can see something light up a little behind his eyes?
  • But his expression overall is a bit…
  • Sorrowful?
  • A little more than usual, at that
  • Yikes, maybe I should come back later, you think…
  • “What is it, s/o?”
  • Here goes nothing
  • You ask him out on a date
  • You let him decide what he wants to do for the date because you honestly have no idea
  • The light behind his eyes shines a little brighter when you say that
  • And the look on his face is anything but sorrowful!
Sakamaki Child Headcanons

(I think I said that right lol)


Shuu: shuu has little ones. His are the youngest out of the diaboys children. He’s got two boys. The oldest being 6 and the youngest being 4. His oldest boy, (s/n) is already showing his bold side. He often does dangerous ‘daredevil’ stunts that scare the crap out of you and Shuu. The youngest, well, he’s just a quiet little booger. He helps his mommy and daddy out the best he can (although being 4 years old, you’re mostly helping him more than he helps you.) You and Shuu didn’t plan your oldest, but your second child was definitely planned. We’re not gonna mention that to (o/s/n) though…

Reiji: OKAY SO HE WAS THE FIRST TO HAVE KIDS BASICALLY PROUD AS FUCK THAT HE BEAT SHUU. Reiji has 1 child, a strong and well mannered girl. Or else, that’s what he WISHES she was… she, being 15, is trying every way she can to rebel against her father. He nearly had a heart attack when she came home with one of the Mukamis sons…. she dates Kou’s son, and plans to marry him as soon as she’s old enough. Poor reiji can’t handle all the disobedience, but she makes up for it in her incredible intelligence. When she was a little girl, she would be her daddy’s little helper in the lab and reiji would give anything to be able to do experiments with his little girl one more time.

Ayato: Condoms. This boy needs condoms. You guys have 6 children cause he HAD to have more children than his brothers. 2 girls and 4 boys. His oldest child is a 13 year old boy who sticks pretty close to Laitos 2nd born. He’s pretty chilled out for the most part, but his temper tantrums can destroy a small village. Stay away from this one. Your second child is a beautiful 10 year old girl who has a huge love for fashion and often tries to put crowns on Uncle Laito. She tries to have tea parties with Kanato, but you decide that it’s better if she spends as little time with kanato as possible. Your third child is another girl! She’s 9 years old and the complete opposite of her sister. She gets down and dirty with her brothers and has gained a love for basketball. She often tries to get ayato to play with her and usually kicks his ass. Your fourth, is a 7 year old boy. He’s so hyper active that he’s like a squirrel on a sugar high. He often gets in trouble with reiji for being so wild and often breaks things on accident. He will then come to you with tears in his eyes, “mommy I broke it!” You’d comfort him and send him on his way. Your fifth boy is only 5 and VERY sensitive. He’s got the heart of an angel and cares for all of his cousins and uncles. “I love uncle Subabu (he doesn’t know how to pronounce his name) he’s so nice!” Then, your sweet baby boy, whom is only a year old. He’s a bubbly and talkative baby. It’s funny to watch ayato try to depict his babbling. “Oi, what was that? You think Ore-Sama is perfect??? You’re my favorite!” Sure ayato, that’s what he said.

Kanato: he surprisingly has more than one child, 2 to be exact. Twin girls, both 12. The oldest twin (by 5 minutes) is very temperamental. She often gets in fights with her father, and it’s a little self centered. She won’t let her 'younger’ twin forget that she’s 5 minutes older than her. Your 'youngest’ girl is very sweet and knows how to get on her fathers good side. “Daddy, would you like to eat some of the sweets I made you?” She has a promising future as a baker and is often self conscious due to her twins selfish nature.

Laito: BOY LEMME TELL YOU this guy has 2 girls and one boy and he would DIE for them. He loves his children with all he has and is a bit of a control freak. His children are VERY sheltered and know nothing of his past. He wants his children to have the pure life he never had. His oldest is his little princess. She’s about 14 years of age and is very interested in drawing and reading. She often writes stories of her 'boyfriend’ which deeply upsets Laito because he doesn’t want her interested in boys till she’s 50. His second oldest is a boy, 13 years old. This boy is the spitting image of Laito. Very quiet, kind of a lone wolf. He has taken his fathers interest in music and has Laito teach him new songs every week. He hangs out with ayatos first born and the two often get into mischief much to your dismay. And finally Laitos baby girl, only 5 months old. She’s already a daddy’s girl, often crying just for Laito to swoop in and cuddle her. She just recently started getting her fangs which shows Laito that she’s growing up. “Bitch-chan~ lets have another.” Oh boy…

Subaru: Subaru only has two children. His oldest, a very shy 10 year old girl. She often finds herself being bullied at school which she never tells her father about. She is a daddy’s girl and doesn’t want him to see her at her weakest. She enjoys singing songs and often tries to get Subaru to join in. Subarus second child is another girl whom is about 6 years old. She’s very talented and often comes home with multiple trophies from whatever competition she was in that week. She’s got a bad temper like Subaru, and is very protective over her older sister.

fakejackhemmings masterlist (updated)

The one in my bio was extremely out of date so here’s an updated masterlist for all the mobile users! (And non-mobile users who just wanna keep track of it)

Please note: Bold is mature, italicized is mildly mature; everything is separated by boy unless it’s 4/4, in which case it’s under Band (4/4); I usually accept requests but I’m in college (or uni, whichever you call it) so I’m really busy and probably won’t get to it for a good long while; I don’t do slash (unless it’s a threesome)

Also note I’m currently in college and have a lot on my plate so if I don’t post a request for a while or I don’t post on time, I have a reason. I will try to catch up over breaks and on weekends though!


#1 - Imagine - He surprises you at your dance recital

#2 - Imagine - Dating a short girl

#3 - Imagine - Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

#4 - Blurb - You’re younger than him

#5 - Imagine - Morning after

#6 - Imagine - Wearing his bandana

#7 - Blurb - You ask him out

#8 - Imagine - Heartbreak Girl by 5 Seconds of Summer

#9 - Imagine - You wake up next to him

#11 - Blurb - Corrupting an innocent girl

#12 - Imagine - The guys trick you into making out

#13 - Blurb - Losing your virginity

#14 - Blurb - Giving him road head

#15 - Blurb - Sleepy morning sex

#16 - Blurb - Blindfolding you with his bandanna

#17 - Imagine - Tonight, You’re Mine

#18 - Imagine - You get high and have sex

#19 - Imagine - Losing your virginity to your best friend (part one)

#20 - Imagine - Cute, giggly, awkward virgin Ash

#21 - Imagine - Sex so hard the bed breaks

#22 - Imagine - Sex so hard the couch breaks

#23 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#24 - Imagine - Angry make-up sex

#25 - Imagine - He doesn’t know you’re a virgin and he’s rough

#26 - Imagine - You ride him when he’s on the phone

#27 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#28 - Imagine - He fucks you against a wall

#29 - Imagine - You ride his thigh

#30 - Imagine - Blindfolds, handcuffs, baby girl, and kitten

#31 - Imagine - He eats you out in front of the guys

#32 - Imagine - Luke/Ashton threesome

#33 - Imagine - You kiss Luke and he “punishes” you



#1 - Imagine - You’re shy when you ask for a picture

#2 - Blurb - Your one year anniversary

#3 - Blurb - He finds out you’re great at soccer

#4 - Blurb- He helps you lose weight

#5 - Imagine - You talk and Twitter and meet at the airport

#6 - Imagine - You’re crazy mad at him and he tries to make it up

#7 - Imagine - He finds out you’re flexible

#8 - Imagine - He offers to take your virginity

#9 - Blurb - Walk in on him getting off

#10 - Blurb - Giving him a lap dance

#11 - Imagine - The paps catch you getting hot

#12 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#13 - Imagine - Lazy shower morning sex

#14 - Imagine - You tease him your first time

#15 - Imagine - Post workout sex

#16 - Imagine - Getting revenge on your tease of a boyfriend

#17 - Imagine - Losing it to your best friend (part one)

#18 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#19 - Imagine - Waking him up with a blowjob

#20 - Imagine - You go clubbing but head home early

#21 - Imagine - Jersey Girl (not about New Jersey jsyk)



#1 - Imagine - You two get caught in a secret relationship

#2 - Blurb - You’re anxious on a plane so he calms you down

#3 - Blurb - Neck kisses

#4 - Blurb - Cuddling with the giant

#5 - Blurb - He serenades you from your window

#6 - Blurb - Dating a 15-year-old American

#7 - Blurb - Ringing the sex bell

#8 - Blurb - Your one year anniversary

#9 - Blurb - Dating a tall girl

#10 - Blurb - Announcing your relationship to the fans

#11 - Imagine - You become a celebrity power couple

#12 - Blurb - Taking him to Disneyland

#13 - Imagine - Pizza boy Luke

#14 - Imagine - You don’t care about weight hate

#15 - Imagine - You’re insecure because you’re skinny

#16 - Imagine - He got his lip pierced and you don’t wanna kiss him

#17 - Blurb - You ask him out

#18 - Imagine - Late night drive

#19 - Imagine - Protective brother Ash finds out boyfriend Luke is kinky

#20 - Imagine - Grinding on needy, horny, virgin Luke

#21 - Blurb - Your kids walk in on you

#22 - Blurb - You’re self-conscious but he thinks you’re beautiful

#23 - Imagine - They’re Wrong (rough Luke)

#24 - Blurb - First time with him

#25 - Blurb - Morning after

#26 - Imagine - Losing your virginity to your best friend (part one)

#27 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#28 - Imagine - He broke his leg so you ride him

#29 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#30 - Imagine - Night before he leaves for tour

#31 - Imagine - He loves seeing you in his clothes

#32 - Imagine - You get high and have sex

#33 - Imagine - You celebrate his 18th birthday

#34 - Imagine - Luke/Ashton threesome

#35 - Imagine - You call him vanilla so he proves you wrong (VISUAL)



#1 - Imagine - He’s a  sketchy biker guy who likes you

#2 - Blurb - You tell him you’re pregnant

#3 - Imagine - You get in a four-wheeling accident

#4 - Blurb - Dating a 15-year-old American

#5 - Imagine - He likes you but you’re best friends

#6 - Blurb - He goes to your State swim meet

#7 - Imagine - He’s shy and likes Ashton’s sister (you, not Lauren wtf)

#8 - Imagine - Nicotine by Panic! at the Disco

#9 - Blurb - How he’d act if he likes you

#10 - Blurb - Corrupting an innocent girl

#11 - Blurb - Handcuff kink

#12 - Imagine - Losing it to your best friend (part one)

#13 - Imagine - Post concert sex

#14 - Imagine - You moan like a pornstar

#15 - Imagine - You hate each other but hook up

#16 - Imagine - You’re playing video games and have sex

#17 - Imagine - He loves seeing you in his clothes


Band (4/4):

#1 - Blurb - Reaction to you wanting a baby

#2 - Blurb - Reaction to you saying you don’t have a “pornstar body”

#3 - Blurb - You’re concerned about them being too stressed

#4 - Blurb - Getting high with the band

#5 - Blurb - Dating a girl of a different race

#6 - Blurb - They go to your swimming competitions

#7 - Blurb - They go to your volleyball tournament

#8 - Blurb - You’re insecure because you think you’re too skinny

#9 - Blurb - You’re insecure because you think you’re too big

#10 - Blurb - TRIGGER WARNINGThey find your scars

#11 - Imagine - You think they like Lucy better

#12 - Blurb - How they act when they like someone

#13 - Imagine - Their perfect date

#14 - Blurb - They suffer from PE (this was awk)

#15 - Blurb - They offer you drugs/alcohol but you say no thanks

#16 - Imagine - TRIGGER WARNING: Dark Paradise by Lana Del Rey

#17 - Imagine - You find out they like you

#18 - Blurb - You buy a pet together

#19 - Blurb - You have a panic attack

#20 - Blurb - They catch you watching porn

#21 - Blurb - He punishes you

#22 - Imagine - 5SOS brother sees marks from a rough night with your 5SOS boyfriend

#23 - Blurb - They tease you about your hickeys

#24 - Blurb - Bath time leads to sex

#25 - Imagine - They offer to take your virginity

#26 - Blurb - Shower time leads to sex

#27 - Imagine - 5SOS brother walks in on your 5SOS boyfriend giving you a hickey

#28 - Imagine - 5SOS brother walks in on your 5SOS boyfriend handcuffing/blindfolding you & 5SOS brother almost beats up your 5SOS boyfriend

#29 - Blurb - Overstimulation

#30 - Blurb - Lights-on sex

#31 - Imagine - He gets jealous of your best guy friend

#32 - Imagine - They stay overnight and moan your name in their sleep (Michael/Luke) (Ashton/Calum)

#33 - Blurb - How they feel about anal

#34 - Imagine - Kiss Me Kiss Me, Long Way Home, End Up Here, and Good Girls themed

#35 - Blurb - Making love

#36 - Blurb - First time they see you naked

#37 - Imagine - Your sex tape leaks (feat. brother5sos)

#38 - Blurb - You give him a blowjob for the first time

#39 - Blurb - Grinding until he cums

#40 - Blurb - They eat you out for the first time

#41 - Blurb - Fingering

#42 - Blurb - You become friends with benefits

#43 - Blurb - You help him go down on you

#44 - Blurb - First time without a condom

#45 - Blurb - Angry sex

#46 - Blurb - They accidentally hurt you during sex

#47 - Imagine - Nasty Naughty Boy by Christina Aguilera

#48 - Blurb - You give him head when he’s on the phone with the guys

#49 - Imagine - You catch him moaning your name

#50 - Imagine - He ties you up and “mercilessly fucks you”

#51 - Blurb - Their kinks (as I assume)

#52 - Imagine - Skin by Rihanna


Please note: The following do contain smut at least once in various chapters

Savages (Gang Ash) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen // part seventeen // part eighteen - happy version // alternate ending - for crying eyes only

He’s Just a Reject (Punk Luke) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen // epilogue

Alphia Sigma Phi (Frat Cal) - part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve // part thirteen // part fourteen // part fifteen // part sixteen

Screw the Police (Cop Michael) (IN PROGRESS) - chapter one // chapter two // chapter three // chapter four // chapter five // chapter six // chapter seven //chapter eight // chapter nine // chapter ten // chapter eleven // chapter twelve // chapter thirteen // chapter fourteen // chapter fifteen

Highway to Hell (Demon Luke) part one / part two  / part three / part four / part five / part six / part seven / part eight / part nine / part ten / part eleven/ part twelve / part thirteen / part fourteen / part fifteen / part sixteen / part seventeen

(Werewolf!Calum coming soon)

You’re an 10-13 year old trainee/soon to debut and he’s in charge of you (BTS)

Namjoon: -you were only 12 when you started and was incredibly tiny for you age. So he loved to tease you when you were dancing and stood next to him- “look how cute you are Y/N all short and stuff I’m glad you can dance”

Jin: -he made you blush even at 13 he made you hold his hand when you went places like he’s been doing since you were 11. He’d make sure you’d eat when you were out. He treated you like the little sister he never had- “eat Y/N you have practice in the morning and I’m not having you call me later tonight that you’re hungry”

Suga: -you knew every word to I Need U and could sing your heart out with such passion that he’d get jealous. He didn’t think an 11 year old should be able to make people cry by singing- “stop being so talented Y/N. You’re making me jealous”

J-Hope: -he was the dorkiest mentor someone could ever have but he was the best. He always supported you and made sure you knew he was your #1 fan. You rapped his part in DOPE and looked at him- *gif*

Jimin: -he’d been incharge of you for almost a year and was proud to say you were debuting with the tonight at 12 as the maknae of your group. So when you guys were on stage you waved to him and he gave you a cute smile- *gif*

V: -when he took you out for a day to show you around because it had become his responsibility. And fans stopped the two of you and asked for the picture with you and not him. But who doesn’t want a picture with a 11 year old trainee- “this kid she’s lucky she’s still little and cute”

Jungkook: -him being a baby himself he really didn’t understand why they left him incharge of a 10 year old. But as soon as a shy small child walked in with a backpack on and just stood there he melted- “you must be Y/N welcome to Big Hit I’m Jeongguk I’ll be your mentor”

All of them: -you were a socially awkward 10 year old foreigner that Big Hit took in recently and since they were slowly building the group they set you up with BTS as mentors. They all seemed normal well except Hoseok but you didn’t know that they all were weird yet. So their greeting was interesting enough- “welcome Y/N!”

Growing up in the country was nice. People trusted their neighbors enough to not have to lock their doors all the time, our dogs/cats were free from the confines of our yards and houses. My favorite part was being able to visit other people’s pets in my own yard. I’d get visitors of all sorts. One warm morning I noticed up my long driveway one of my favorite neighbor pets, Perry, a black lab who I had known for 10+ years (and ever since I had lived in this neighborhood). I walked up to the gate to let him, since he was sitting there wagging his tail looking at me, and he walked away. This was nothing, as he was normally a shy pup. I later that day went on a walk, and went past his yard. All of the other dogs greeted me with barks and kisses, but no Perry in sight. His owner informed me that he had passed away the night before from old age. This was my first encounter with a ghost. 🐾

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i just. i dont know maybe im overreacting but sometimes dans rudeness kinda bugs me. in this video especially. i know its just sarcasm and for laughs and all that but is it really necessary when there could be actual 10 year olds being called a ho and told to "go to hell" by a 26 year old gamer... altho it also felt like he was /actually/ taking out his anger and frustration (for world?) to this game. which was kinda weird and makes me think that he really isn't in a good place mentally rn.

i think that it’s definitely valid to be annoyed by dan’s sense of humor or rudeness in this video but i would maybe shy away from using that in isolation as a way of guessing about his mental state? i think it’s just very typical dan humor to be really sarcastic and abrasive and use words like hoe, so i didn’t find any of his comments to be super divergent from his normal personality. that being said, ya it’s kind of cringe to think about a 10 year old sat in their room feeling a bit low about the imminent demise of this website they love so much and then being forced to look at all of these weird (sometimes rude) messages. but, if i understand club penguin and its internet popularity correctly, it seems like that must happen a lot on this website right? dan kept making it sound like everyone goes on there to try and get banned? so even if there’s a small group of children who rly do use it to play games do you think it’s possible they have to endure dumb internet trolls yelling weird obscenities kind of frequently in the game? (i’m genuinely asking bc as i’ve said, i’ve never used this website i have no idea what the norms are lol) 

Super Junior Reacting to their S/O suddenly kissing them.

》 FAQ // Masterlist

Leeteuk - He would have already been used to your little surprises so he wouldn’t be too taken aback at your sudden sign of affection, but only smile happily, having an urge to hug you and never let go.

“Ah, she’s so precious.”

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Heechul - As much as it seems like Heechul can’t be surprised at any cost, he’d be dumbfounded the moment your lips touch his and wouldn’t know what to do other than more state questions than ask them, staring blankly at you.

“Wait, what.”

Hangeng - Now, Hangeng would be so happy whenever you decided to show bits of affection towards him. He’d give you a broad smile when you break off the kiss but then probably regret not initiating something more.

“I think I might marry her.”

Yesung - No matter how long the two of you have been together, Yesung would once in a while be a bit shy when you decide to be intimate with him. He’d smile awkwardly at you after the kiss, but enjoy it greatly on the inside.

“W-What was that, jagiya~”

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Kangin - Kangin would try to be a bit cheeky with you after the kiss and throw a witty comment or two, pretending like he hasn’t been affected by the kiss at all. On the inside, though, he would probably be a giggling 10-year-old.

“Alright, thank you for that.”

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Shindong - He would never get used to all the sudden things you do to him and would be very surprised when your lips suddenly touch his. He’d jump a little in his seat but smile broadly when he realises what had just happened.

“Jagi! So sudden!”

Sungmin - Sungmin would be one of the members to be the most shy by the whole situation. When you break off the kiss and go towards the door to exit, he’d be left in utter disbelief and embarrassment because of what happened.

“Jagiya, you don’t play fair!”

Eunhyuk - He’d turn into a drama queen the moment your lips touch and would quickly step back, expressing his feelings with embarrassed shouts, rapid hopping and uncontrollable hand gestures. Basically a 5-year-old.

“Why, jagi, why!”

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Zhoumi - He wouldn’t mind the sudden sign of affection that much and would be left chuckling to himself at how cute you looked. He’d become a bit needy, so the two of you would probably have a good cuddle session afterwards.

“Aw, I love you too, baeobei~”

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Donghae - Donghae would try to break the awkwardness and embarrassment he feels at the moment by throwing in a few jokes here and there. Still, he’d love it when you kiss him suddenly and wish you did it more often.

“One is not enough for me, though..”

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Siwon - He’d be a bit confused at first but soon enough chuckle and mumble a few things at your actions. Siwon would become a bit shy after that and try to cover it by hiding his face, but to no avail as he’d like an open book to you.

“Well, if you say so.”

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Ryeowook - He wouldn’t be able to hide his smile. When members ask him why he’s so happy, he’d probably give them a cringy reply, making everyone shout in disgust, but it’s not like he’d hear that as he’s just too in love with you.

“She’s so in love with me and I’m so in love with her, too.”

Kibum - He’d be really happy because of your kiss but would try to hide it, only to burst out in a fit of giggles, asking you what had just happened and why you did it, in disbelief that he has such a great girlfriend like you.

“What was that, really jagiya~”

Kyuhyun - Kyuhyun would be the most shy because of your actions. It wouldn’t be a big deal if the two of you were alone, but you were not. He’d crouch and hide his face behind his arms, re-evaluating his life choices.

“Why in front of the hyungs though…”

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Henry - It’s needless to say he’d be rather surprised, but he would try to look like it hasn’t affected him at all. At the same time, he’d both love what you did and would be very flustered about it. It’d be a real mess inside of Henry’s head.

“Oh my, okay then.”

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- Admin Lene

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How do you think daisuke affected kens transition from the digi Kaiser to Ken. With how daisuke trusted him practicly immediately and became best friends coughinlovecough

Allow me to first, paint you a picture:  8-year-old Ken Ichijouji.  Arguably neglected, or at the very least severely overshadowed by his exceptional Big Brother.  Kind, and gentle, but very few, if any friends, because he was shy and reserved.  His big brother, although sometimes displaying questionable behavior, was his one and only favorite-person.  Ryo Akiyama, his ‘friend’, companion in the digital world, who vanished from existence (and if the implications of the Anime are to be believed, also his memories) was the only other companion he had.  And then his brother died.  From Age 8-10, Ken was under the influence of the Dark Spore, which fed easily off the deep-set depression of these losses.  So, even with himself beginning to excel in EVERYTHING, his warped personality kept him from desiring any personal connections with anyone.  His soccer team-mates, his classmates, all of them were just a point of reference for his own excellence.   He had one goal; to be the best.  It’s pretty easy to argue that, for two years, Ken didn’t really have a sense of self worth as much as a sense of ACHIEVEMENT.  He believed himself Superior, above all others, so everything else was irrelevant. 

Enter Daisuke Motomiya.  Someone who stood out even among all the ‘lower’ people.  You could tell he made a real first impression on him during that soccer match when he threw aside any hope at winning the game, as long as he could get in ONE SHOT against Ken.  And then he did.  I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that, even before things cleared up for him, that Ken was unusually interested and fixated on Daisuke.  Because he was different.  He didn’t grovel for his attention, he didn’t outwardly worship the ground he walked on.  He opposed him.  He intrigued him.  Ken had never had a ‘foe’ before – someone who challenged him directly.  I think even that early on, Daisuke started to have an affect on him.   You can see as the Kaiser arc progresses, the vague moments where Ken starts to lose his grip on things.  

When he comes to his senses and goes through all of his soul-searching to re-discover the person he hasn’t been for a solid TWO YEARS (arguably more), He withdraws.  Now it’s not that he finds others to be beneath him, but he realizes the depth of his actions and thinks he does not deserve their forgiveness or compassion.   The chosen are understandably wary of him, and while he wants their forgiveness, he has no expectations of them every being his friends.  He’s not sure he trusts himself to BE a friend.  And then there’s Daisuke – Up in his face, cheerful, accepting, encouraging.  It severely throws him off, not only because he doesn’t believe he deserves it, but because as a child, that’s not the sort of encouragement he ever received from anyone.  Even when he was the Boy Genius, his parents praised him for his accomplishments, no so much accepting his character.   It was off-putting, unbelievable even. Ken is so lost, that even though he’s not ‘suicidal’ per say, he sees the potential for his own death to be inconsequential, if it’s for the greater good, and for the sake of fixing all the terrible things he’s done.  

And then there was Jogress. That scene in the series is, really, the turning point of everything.  Whether Ken likes it or not, he’s suddenly KNOWN so intimately, and for the first time, he has a strong BOND with another person.  It feels strange, but natural, and it’s empowering and exhilarating… and then it ends and he freaks out, because now that they’re not synced, the whole thing feels like some weird violation of his mind and body.  Daisuke, after that, 100% accepts that they’re partners, and doesn’t understand how Ken couldn’t.  But I think, in truth, the way he comes around after he’s had time to think (and listened to Wormmon) is that, if there’s something out there like that – someONE out there, like that, that maybe, there’s a chance.  From that moment forward, it’s not that Ken doesn’t understand Daisuke, as much as he doesn’t understand WHY… and eventually he realizes, he doesn’t need a Why.  He’s Daisuke, and he doesn’t question Ken, accepts him whole-heartedly even though Daisuke probably received the most focused of his ire when he was the Kaiser… and if Daisuke can forgive him, and accept him, maybe there’s hope that things really can turn around.  

If Daisuke – or someone LIKE him – hadn’t practically forced his way into Ken’s personal space the way that he did, I don’t know that Ken would have ever fully recovered.  He may never have felt ready or willing to open up to anyone (except Wormmon) and might very well have recklessly endangered his own well-being for the sake of atoning for his sins.

I really don’t think it’s a stretch to say, without Daisuke, Ken might not have lived much longer than his brother did. 

age: 24
zodiac: sagittarius
height/weight: 5’ 4"/148 lbs
gender: male
blood type: O
laterality: right-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual
yaoi type: seme
hobby(ies): singing, dancing, acting,
personality: he’s incredibly energetic and always eager and willing when it comes to participation, as well as the best singer of all the bears. he’ll usually be sarcastic w/ you, but never in a rude way. he was a very skeptical and cautios person at first, reflecting his childhood behavior, but, after accompanied by spring bonnie ((whom of which they have the strongest and most meaningful relationship, and doubles as my OTP)) he could never’ve been happier. other headcanon, i want him to be fucking voiced by brendon urie! IT MUST BE A THING!! IT MUST MUST BE DONE, DANMIT!!!

age: 27
height/weight: 5’ 5"/ 149 lbs
gender: male
blood type: O
laterality: right-handed
romantic/sexual orientation: biromantic/bisexual
yaoi type: switch
hobby(ies): reading, writing, singing
personality: the bite completely changed everything for him and, as was canon, tore him and spring apart. he was put into hiding and she was left alone to rot… butbesidesthepoint. he now mourns his losses as he did before, when he was a child, and still holds onto those memories. but he’s more sorroful than angry about it all, and every last regret he’s had only makes it worse. despite this, he’s very careful to not let his misery, apathy,  and hate affect the rest of the group(s). they do understand where he stands, in terms of purgatory (?), though. especially freddy, who tries to comfort him best he possibly can. goldie’s practically and almost dependent on him. and he will make himself clear of the fact that he misses spring, a lot. just listen to him.. please? he’s hurting…

age: 12
height/weight: 4’ 0"/88 lbs
b day: 12/3/1975
gender: male
blood type: O
laterality: right-handed
hobby(ies): singing, reading
siblings: felix
personality/story: he’s a fairly quiet and shy child, but not as shy as brandy. and he’s definitely pessimistic, unlike his little brother. their mom nearly died while giving birth to him, and she passed away when he was 2 years old, giving birth to felix. he has very few memories of her, but he holds on tight to them in the first ((the mortality)) and fifth ((the solidarity)) realities. when he was put up for adoption, shortly after his mother’s death, he wasn’t aware that felix was his brother. this is bc they were both separated; felix, as just an infant, was taken into the nursery. they stayed there for 10 years. once felix was a few years older, he was able to play w/ the other children. the two got along very well and felt safe when the other was near. despite this, neither of them were aware yet that they were related to eachother.. until the day that gregory was adopted, which tore them apart. they don’t meet again until amber’s birthday party, where they met their inevitable fate. the family who took gregory in was an average couple from the subburbs that bordered the city. unfortunately, luther jackson, his adopted father and his wife divorced soon afterwards.. claiming that she had discussed w/ him that she wasn’t ready to have a child. this was the next of many blows of loss that gregory had to endure, following losing his brother. a few months pass and luther marries a woman named mariah. compared to his first adopted mother, whom of which gregory really liked, he wasn’t willing to warm up to mariah.

DS by me

[UTAU COVER] Typo Blackligne (CV) Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl
[UTAU COVER] Typo Blackligne (CV) Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl

[UTAU COVER] Typo Blackligne Persecution Complex Cellphone Girl

UST made by NeeMiso

Voicebank (CV) Typo Blackligne belongs to me

Boi oh boi do I have history with the word “Typo” to the point that it became a name for this baby boi. My best friend came up with the name and I think it somehow fits.

His name is Typo Blackligne and he’s a cute quiet shy boy but he can be quite eccentric if he gets comfy with you. He’s also a lil forgetful and fidgety so please bear with him. He’s 10 years old guys so be nice to him XD

(the character will build up slowly. I literally just made him today and my voice is hoarse :”D)

PeterParkerXReader~ Introverted Part 1

summary~ you were probably the most shy person on earth. And being shy & smart weren’t always good quality’s to have as it made you an easy target for being bullied at school. Sure the rest of the Avengers were practically your family so you were more comfortable with them, but around new people, you were a mess. Not to mention the mean girls at school. But when Peter comes,there might be a chance for you to break out of your shell.

superpower~ element manipulation

warnings~ long,cursing,weird but cute,funny,& idk anymore just enjoy 

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Brad Imagine: Tristans 21st Party

Hey, can you do a Brad imagine where you’re best friends, and everyone knows you both like each other but were too shy to admit it? Thank you!

I jazzed this request up a little, I don’t think it’ll be what you wanted but I came up with the idea and it was best suited to this request. I hope it’s okay anyway xx

So, before we start, I’m going to give you the lowdown. Brad and I have been friends since we were around 10 years old when he came round to his Auntie’s one day, who happened to be my next door neighbour. We were at a barbecue, and we got talking and then bam, we just hit it off from there. Brad and I have the type of friendship everyone wants, I could tell him anything and we were so close that we pretty much knew absolutely everything about one another. We have random dance parties, we’re both as bonkers as one another and when I’m with him, I do nothing but smile. Truth? I fancy Brad. I fancy that boy more than anything. It’s awkward though, because we’re both too shy to even admit that we want to date one another. Well, I presume he’d want to date me. Wait, who am I kidding, we’re best friends. It just wouldn’t work, forget I said anything.

Tonight is the night of Tristans 21st, it’s being held at one of the nicest clubs in London so I’ve come down from Birmingham to stay in the boys flat. I’m wearing a black bardot skater dress, my hair curled and my lips a gorgeous colour of red, complimenting the blackness of my dress. As I took one last glance in the mirror and smiled, spritzing some perfume, I walked into the living room where Brad was stood with James waiting. Brad had his back to me and as soon as I walked into the room, James’ eyes widened and he nudged Brad, who immediately turned around to see me. 
“Wow” He mumbled
He was dressed in his usual black skinny jeans and a white shirt which was half unbuttoned. It drove me a little crazy to say the least, he looked gorgeous, his curly hair as perfect as always. James was also wearing jeans and a shirt. As Brad rummaged around looking for his wallet, I stood with James who whispered
“That boy is crazy over you" 
“And I know you’re crazy over him too”
“Right c'mon Taxi’s here, I found my wallet, lets go PARTY!!!” Brad shouted, rushing in before I could reply to James. I just looked him and he shrugged his shoulders and smiled.

When we arrived at the party, we were immediately greeted by Tristan who ran over and picked Brad up shaking him, then giving James a high five and a man hug and then me who he picked up and spun around. Connor had already arrived, so he came over too, giving us all hugs.
“Man you look stunning tonight (Y/N)” Tris said
“Aw thanks Tris! Happy Birthday to yooooou!” I sang
“Here’s your present buddy” James smiled, handing over the bag
“Aw thanks mate" 
We were then led away to a table. The club was already heaving, the tunes were banging out of the speakers and the majority of people were up on the dancefloor. The longer into the night it got, the more drunk Bradley became. Connor and Tristan kept buying him drinks, shots of vodka and he was becoming extremely drunk, but I wasn’t complaining, Brad was hilarious when he was drunk. I’d had a few, and was slightly tipsy but at least I knew what was going on and could hold a conversation without bursting into fits of laughter. James and Brad were sat with one another, and James kept whispering to Brad, to which he kept replying "no man, no, she’s my best friend”. I tried to ignore it but it was playing on my mind; I knew they were talking about me.

The night then carried on and Brad was sat in the booth along with James, myself and Con whilst Tris was flitting around, talking to all of his guests. All of a sudden, Ignition began blaring through the speakers. This was mine and Brad’s song that we always jammed too so as soon as it came on Brad stood up immediately, standing in front of me with his hand out to go and dance. Connor almost pushed me off the seat as I took Brad’s hand and we made it to the dance floor, dancing with one another. Our arms raised and moving our bodies to the music. Brad took hold of my hands, we started dancing like complete idiots and laughing at one another, singing along. The song then finished, and I went to leave the dance floor, that’s when another R.Kelly song began playing, but it wasn’t a dance song; it was Bump N’ Grind. As I went to leave, Brad grabbed my hand and pulled me into him as he placed his hands on my hips and I placed my arms around his neck. I didn’t know what the hell he was doing. We were surrounded by other couples dancing too. 
“What’re you doing?” I whispered
“Just go with it” He grinned as he put his forehead to mine and sang along to the lyrics, as if he was singing to me. Not that I was complaining of course, I didn’t mind at all. Slowly, he leaned in, and our lips touched. 
“Brad I…”
“I love you”
“Brad, babe, you’re drunk”
“And this is what it’s taken for me to tell you I love you, I wouldn’t have had the confidence otherwise”
“Well, I love you too”
We both started to laugh when the song stopped and the crowd burst into Boo’s to which he started the track again. Brad turned me around and put his arms around my waist and his head on my shoulder, whispering the lyrics in my ear as we swayed. 


Yayy, I finally finished him <3

I’m still looking for his superhero partners, his love interest and his friends so, please message me if you also have a Miraculous OC!

•Character Information•
Name: Alexander Maki
Superhero identity: Lemur Catta
Nicknames: Alex
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Birth Date: November 10 (Scorpio)
Age: 17
Occupation: Student, Part-Timer at Art store, Superhero
Likes: Art, music, Salty sticks, anime, Video games, Working out
Dislikes: Bugs
About: Alex appears to be uncaring, rebellious, violent and a delinquent. But in heart, he is actually quite shy, caring and very clueless. He is honest and means well in everything that he does. He is also very protective about the people that he cares about.
His parents died in a car accident when he was 8 years old, he was living at his grandparent’s house until he decided to live by himself. Now, he lives in a apartment and works part-time at the art shop to support himself. He loves music and art, in his free time he likes to sketch in his sketchbook and play on his guitar.
Abilities: Drawing, guitar playing, Sensing the energy of living organisms (As Lemur Catta), Excellent hearing sense (As Lemur Catta)
Superhero power: Lemur Catta’s Spirit Echo - Lemur Catta transforms into a see-through matter that can phase through things and posses any living being: he phases into the body of the person he is possessing, giving him complete control. It is easy to tell when he takes control of someone as their eyes will turn the same color as his own. Lemur Catta must use it wisely, as he can only use it once before reverting back into his civilian form five minutes later.
Weapons: Lemur Catta’s frisbee
Miraculous: Lemur Miraculous - A choker that turn the wearer, with help from Yuure, into a ring-tailed lemur hero with the power of haunting . Currently owned by Alexander Maki.
•Kwami Information•
Name: Yuure
Animal theme: Ring-tailed Lemur 
Species: Kwami
Gender: Genderless
Gender Pronoun: He/Him
Age: 5000+
Friends: Alexander Maki
Likes: Lollipops
Powers and abilities: Flight, Levitation, Intangibility, Miraculous transformation
About: Yuure is very playful, optimistic and He has a great sense of fun. He loves to joke and make Alex laugh. His favorite snacks are strawberry-flavored lollipops.

moitoi-ryuko  asked:

ughhh when i was young my dad pulled my sister and i along to this seafood place because they had like all you can eat lobster (we didnt even like seafood) and when we got there they had run out because it was like free fucking lobster and he threw a fit. and me being my 10-year old self was like this close to apologizing to the wait staff. i was shy though so i didnt :x

Why are old people so entitled ugh

The Chimera got a little friend. An old Chimera, he’s a little shy. He’s been in a Toy Box for over 10 years until now and was repainted and he is not good with people.

Tom Riddle Timeline : 1926 - 1940
  • Friday, December 31, 1926: Tom Marvolo Riddle is born at Wool's Orphanage in London, England, UK.
  • Tuesday, October 29, 1929: Tom Riddle is only a few months shy of his 3rd birthday. The stock market on Wall Street in New York City (USA) crashes. The Great Depression begins, ushering in a global recession.
  • Sunday, August 19, 1934: Tom Riddle is now 7 years old. Adolf Hitler becomes Führer of Germany.
  • Monday, January 20, 1936: Tom Riddle is now 9 years old. King George V dies, and his son ascends the throne as King Edward VIII.
  • Saturday, March 7, 1936: Germany invades and occupies the Rhineland, beginning Hitler's conquest of Europe. In May, Mussolini's Italy takes Ethiopia.
  • Saturday, August 1, 1936: The Summer Olympic Games in Berlin take place. The games were the first to be televised, and the radio broadcasts reach 41 countries. Over 70 hours of coverage is aired. Blackouts would occur from time to time, and the quality was generally poor. The opening ceremony was held at the Berlin Olympic Stadium. After the parade of nations and a speech by the president of the German Olympic Committee, the games were declared open by Adolf Hitler. Writer Thomas Wolfe, who was there, described the opening as an "almost religious event, the crowd screaming, swaying in unison and begging for Hitler. There was something scary about it; his cult of personality". Germany wins the most medals (89), with the United States placing second in numbers (56). The UK places 10th, with 14 medals.
  • Friday, December 11, 1936: King Edward VIII, the eldest son of King George V and Queen Mary, abdicates the British throne. He does so to wed Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee. He famously said, "I have found it impossible to carry the heavy burden of responsibility, and to discharge my duties as king, as I would wish to do without the help and support of the woman I love." His brother, Prince Albert, Duke of York, succeeds to the throne as King George VI. George VI's elder daughter, Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II), becomes first in the line of succession, as heiress presumptive.
  • Thursday, May 27, 1937: King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are coronated at Westminster Abbey in London. The return procession to Buckingham Palace was over six miles in length, making it the longest coronation procession up to that time; crowds of people lined the streets to watch it, over 32,000 soldiers took part, and 20,000 police officers lined the route. The event was designed to be a public spectacle, which was also planned as a display of the British Empire. May 1937 included a programme of royal events lasting nearly the entire month to commemorate and mark the occasion. In the lead up to the coronation, guests from across the Empire and around the world assembled on Buckingham Palace, and official receptions were held to welcome them; amongst those attending were Indian princes, and, for the first time, native African royalty. For the event itself, the prime ministers of each Dominion took part in the procession to the abbey, while representatives of nearly every country attended. Contingents from most colonies and each Dominion participated in the return procession through London's streets. It was also the first coronation to be filmed, as well as the first to be broadcast on radio.
  • Monday, December 12, 1937: The Daily Express reports that Lloyd's of London was "quoting 32 to 1 odds against Britain being involved in a war before December 31, 1939".
  • Tuesday, December 21, 1937: The Walt Disney animated film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" premieres at the Carthay Circle Theatre in Los Angeles, California (USA). It is the first full-length, cel animated feature film. The film goes on to be featured on the cover of TIME magazine, 6 days later. The film opens to a tremendous critical success, with many reviewers hailing it as a genuine work of art, recommended for both children and adults. By May 1939, its total international gross of $6.5 million made it the most successful sound film of all time. Noted filmmakers such as Sergei Eisenstein and Charlie Chaplin praised the film as a notable achievement in cinema; Eisenstein went so far as to call it "the greatest film ever made". The film inspired Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer to produce its own fantasy film, "The Wizard of Oz", in 1939. Within two years, Disney completes "Pinocchio" and "Fantasia", and had begun production on features such as "Dumbo", "Bambi", "Alice in Wonderland", and "Peter Pan".
  • Thursday, December 22, 1937: A strange fish was found on a fishing trawler in East London, South Africa, part of the British Empire (Commonwealth). It was later identified as a coelacanth, previously thought to be extinct.
  • Saturday, December 25, 1937: George VI delivers his first Royal Christmas Message. At four minutes, it was the shortest Message to date.
  • Wednesday, December 29, 1937: The new Constitution of Ireland goes into effect. The Irish Free State was abolished, and the country was renamed simply "Ireland", or "Éire".
  • Friday, December 31, 1937: Tom Riddle turns 11 years old, and is visited by Albus Dumbledore, the Transfiguration Professor at Hogwarts, at Wool's Orphanage. Tom learns that he is a wizard.
  • Sunday, February 20, 1938: Tom Riddle is 11 years old, several months shy of his 12th birthday. Hitler gives a three-hour internationally broadcast speech in the Reichstag, Berlin (Germany), vowing to protect German minorities outside of the Reich, and reiterating demands for "restoration of German colonies". Later on, the House of Commons continues to endorse Neville Chamberlain's policy of appeasement towards Germany.
  • Thursday, March 10, 1938: Hitler orders his generals to prepare for an invasion of Austria.
  • Saturday, March 12, 1938: The German army crosses the Austrian border at 8:00 AM, completing "Anschluss" (union) with Austria.
  • Monday, March 14, 1938: Hitler visits Vienna. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain makes a speech in the House of Commons on "the Austrian situation", saying the government "emphatically" disapproved of Germany's deed, but that "nothing could have prevented this action by Germany, unless we and others with us had been prepared to use force to prevent it."
  • Sunday, March 20, 1938: Thousands of demonstrators march in London to protest the Bombing of Barcelona, and the Chamberlain government's refusal to allow arms to the Republicans [in the Spanish Civil War].
  • Sunday, April 10, 1938: 50,000 attend a "Save Spain" rally in Hyde Park, protesting the British government's policy on the Civil War.
  • Tuesday, April 26, 1938: On Budget Day in the United Kingdom, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sir John Simon introduces the biggest peacetime budget in the nation's history. Taxes on income, gasoline and tea were increased to help pay for the national rearmament program.
  • Friday, June 24, 1938: The Royal Air Force launches a new recruitment campaign, and receives 1,000 inquiries on the first day alone.
  • Saturday, June 25, 1938: Douglas Hyde becomes the 1st President of Ireland.
  • Sunday, July 5, 1938: The famous psychoanalysist Sigmund Freud, 82 and frail, arrives in Paris on the Orient Express, having fled persecution by the Nazis in his homeland of Austria. After a few hours of rest, he continues on his way to London, where he had been granted asylum. The next day, he establishes a residence at a rented home near Regent's Park in London. Freud was also made a British citizen upon his arrival in Britain, despite normally requiring five years' residence.
  • Monday, July 18, 1938: Queen Marie of Romania [Princess Marie of Edinburgh], 62, last Queen consort of Romania, and wife of Romanian King Ferdinand I, dies of pancreatic cancer. She was one of Queen Victoria's five crowned granddaughters and one of three to retain their position as consort after the conclusion of World War I, alongside the Queens of Norway and of Spain.
  • Thursday, July 28, 1938: The Cunard White-Star liner RMS Mauretania is launched.
  • Sunday, August 7, 1938: The RMS Queen Mary sets a record for east-to-west Atlantic crossing of 3 days, 23 hours and 48 minutes. On August 14, the RMS Queen Mary sets a record for the eastbound Atlantic crossing of 3 days 20 hours 42 minutes.
  • Friday, August 26, 1938: Germany sent notes to Britain and France asking them to compel Czechoslovakia to accept the demands of the Sudeten Germans, including giving them the right to autonomy. The British government announces the mobilization of the Royal Navy in response to German military exercises.
  • Saturday, August 27, 1938: Winston Churchill makes a speech in Theydon Bois, saying that war was not inevitable, "But the danger to peace will not be removed until the vast German armies which have been called from their homes into the ranks have been dispersed. For a country which is itself not menaced by anyone, in no fear of anyone, to place over 150,000 soldiers upon a war footing is a very grave step." Churchill said that Europe's fate lay in the hands of "the extraordinary man at the summit of Germany. He has raised the country from defeat; he has brought it back again to the foremost ranks of power. It would indeed be a fatal act if he were to cast away all he has done for the German people by leading them into what would almost certainly become a world war."
  • Tuesday, August 30, 1938: The British cabinet holds a meeting on the Sudeten crisis, and then issues a vague statement to the public: "At the conclusion of the meeting the ministers expressed their entire agreement with the action already taken and the policy to be pursued in the future."
  • Wednesday, August 31, 1938: Winston Churchill writes the Foreign Secretary, Lord Halifax, urging the formation of a united front with France, the Soviet Union and the United States.
  • Thursday, September 1, 1938: At 11:00 AM, Tom Riddle boards the Hogwarts Express for the first time. He sets off from King's Cross Station in London. Later that evening, he is Sorted into Slytherin.
  • Sunday, September 4, 1938: A Royal Air Force plane crashes into a residential area in the Edmonton region of London, killing the pilot and twelve other people.
  • Saturday, September 10, 1938: Alfonso, Prince of Asturias, heir apparent to the throne of Spain from 1907 to 1931, dies at the age of 31 in a car accident. He crashed into a telephone booth, and appeared to have minor injuries, but his haemophilia led to fatal internal bleeding.
  • Monday, September 12, 1938: Hitler makes a bombastic speech in Nuremberg, declaring that "the oppression of Sudeten Germans must end". The speech was broadcast live to the United States by CBS Radio and was the first time that many Americans had ever heard Hitler speak. The British cabinet held a meeting almost as soon as Hitler was finished speaking. They were relieved that Hitler had only demanded "justice" for Sudeten Germans, and had not committed himself to war.
  • Thursday, September 15, 1938: Thomas Wolfe, 37, an American writer and playwright, dies of miliary tuberculosis of the brain, after a bout of pneumonia. The next day, The New York Times wrote: "His was one of the most confident young voices in contemporary American literature, a vibrant, full-toned voice which it is hard to believe could be so suddenly stilled. The stamp of genius was upon him, though it was an undisciplined and unpredictable genius.... There was within him an unspent energy, an untiring force, an unappeasable hunger for life and for expression which might have carried him to the heights and might equally have torn him down." TIME wrote: "The death last week of Thomas Clayton Wolfe shocked critics with the realization that, of all American novelists of his generation, he was the one from whom most had been expected."
  • Monday, October 3, 1938: Irish troops take over the forts of Dunree and Leenan on Lough Swilly, ending 247 years of British military presence in Ireland.
  • Wednesday, October 5, 1938: Winston Churchill delivers a now-famous speech to the House of Commons, calling the Munich Agreement "a total and unmitigated defeat". In the British periodical "The Week", Claud Cockburn writes that Charles Lindbergh, the famous American airman, had recently told a meeting of the Cliveden set that "the Luftwaffe could defeat the British, French, Soviet and Czechoslovak air forces combined".
  • Sunday, October 16, 1938: Winston Churchill gives a radio address to the United States, outlining the threat of Nazi Germany, and the need of both Britain and the United States to arm themselves. The speech was titled "The Defence of Freedom and Peace", but subtitled "The Lights are Going Out", an allusion to the famous comment attributed to Sir Edward Grey at the beginning of the First World War, "The lamps are going out all over Europe".
  • Sunday, October 30, 1938: A radio drama performance of "The War of the Worlds", directed and narrated by Orson Welles, airs over the CBS radio network in the USA. It becomes famous for allegedly causing a nationwide panic among people who thought the drama about an alien invasion by Martians was a real news broadcast, but such accounts have been wildly exaggerated.
  • Tuesday, November 1, 1938: Seabiscuit defeats War Admiral in a special race at Pimlico Race Course in front of a crowd of 40,000.
  • Wednesday, November 16, 1938: The Halifax Slasher scare begins in West Yorkshire, England, when two young women reported being attacked by "an unseen assailant with a mallet or hatchet". Scotland Yard is called to assist as reports of the "slasher" grow. The case is dropped on December 2, when it is revealed to have been a mass hoax.
  • Sunday, November 20, 1938: Queen Maud of Norway ["Maud of Wales"], consort of Norwegian King Haakon VII, and the youngest daughter of King Edward VII of the United Kingdom and Queen Alexandra; the aunt of King George VI, dies from heart failure.
  • Thursday, December 1, 1938: Britain introduces a "national register" for war service.
  • Saturday, December 31, 1938: Tom Riddle turns 12 years old.
  • Tuesday, March 15, 1939: Tom Riddle is now 12 years old, and is set to attend his second year at Hogwarts in September. The Nazis take Czechoslovakia. Over the course of the next few months, Nazi Germany allies with Italy, as well as Soviet Russia.
  • Friday, August 25, 1939: Britain signs a Mutual Assistance Treaty with Poland.
  • Thursday, August 31, 1939: It is the day before Tom Riddle is set to take the Hogwarts Express from King's Cross in London. The British fleet mobilizes; Operation Pied Piper begins in London. On the morning of Thursday, August 31st 1939, news outlets across Britain were all reporting the same thing. In the coming days, millions of vulnerable civilians would be evacuated from the country's centers of industry and shipping for their own safety. The government feared aerial bombardment of cities and towns, something the world had so recently witnessed during the horror of the Spanish Civil War. "Evacuation Begins To-Morrow," were the words printed in large type across the front page of newspapers like the Express and Echo in Devon, which quoted the government announcement on evacuation: "It has been decided to start evacuation of the school-children, and other priority classes, as already arranged under the Government's scheme, to-morrow, Friday September 1st. No one should conclude that this decision means war is now regarded as inevitable."
  • Friday, September 1, 1939: At 11:00 AM, Tom Riddle boards the Hogwarts Express, and sets off for Hogwarts. Operation Pied Piper begins evacuations of London. Nazi Germany invades Poland. On September 1, 1939, Muggle children arrive at their school, clutching their gas masks and rucksacks which they had been required to bring to school for over a week in anticipation of the evacuation. They are organized in squads of fifty, with at least five teachers per squad. A banner giving the school name and colors leads each squad. Teachers wear bright-red armbands with the school numbers in black lettering. They were then marched to the train stations. Some mothers followed behind weeping, and a few had to be restrained by the police, from joining their children or snatching them back. Other children mustered at their local primary school, carrying their gas-mask, toothbrush, change of underclothes and label. Many of the evacuees thought they were going on vacation. In his Mass Observation diary, Joseph Welbank describes a conversation with a school mistress the night before the evacuation. "I said 'I bet the kids feel miserable don’t they?' She said 'No fear, they are looking forward to it. Some of them are sorry there wasn't a war last September. They want the holiday. That's the best way to look at it." This shows that many of the children did not know what was really going on, or why they were being evacuated. Some younger children had even arrived with shovels and pails, having been told by their parents that they were going to the seashore. The biggest problem for the evacuees during the long journey was a lack of food and water. Teachers had forbidden the children from bringing any water, the "official" reason being to avoid broken glass, but in truth, they did not want to worry about children having to use the bathroom. Fruit, such as apples, oranges, and pears, were used as thirst quenchers. When the children arrived at the railway platforms, they were loaded onto whatever train was available, with little effort to control their destinations. School groups and families were broken up in the rush to get everyone on trains. Parents were told that their children would send them a postcard notifying them of where they were once they had reached the reception area. One mother was overheard saying, "She (her youngest child) cried a lot last night…wish I knew where she was going." Other parents saw the disorganization and secrecy as reasons to evacuate their children privately.
  • Sunday, September 3, 1939: Britain, France, Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany. By this point, nearly 1,437,000 people had been moved from British cities without a single casualty or accident. Evacuees are lower in number than anticipated by the British Muggle government. In London, only half of the schoolchildren went at this time. Nationwide, 827,000 schoolchildren, 524,000 mothers and children under five, 13,000 expectant mothers, 7,000 handicapped people, and 103,000 teachers and helpers were all evacuated. Aside from the complaints of mistakes in the evacuation, most of the hosts' grievances regarded child guests who were "verminous, bed-wetters, liars, thieves, had no respect for property, unclean habits, rude, quarrelsome, stuck-up, gave no assistance in the home, and would be too expensive to keep". Most of these problems were "diseases of poverty," which helped to make the middle and upper classes, as well as the poor people of the countryside, aware of the "deep and shameful poverty which exists to-day in the rich cities of England". E.A. Stebbing wrote in his diary for Mass Observation, "If good can come out of evil, then this war is surely doing good in showing people how other people live. There is no doubt that people in this district have been taken aback by the habits and conditions of the life of slum children." The hosts would have been more sympathetic to the conditions of their evacuees had London been bombed, but since it was not, they felt that the exposure to these dirty habits and "diseases of poverty" was unnecessary and their moods quickly changed from sympathetic to hostile. There was also the question of decent clothing. Many slum children were ill prepared for evacuation. Some arrived with little clothing, and others had clothes that were not suited for the wear and tear of country living. Kind foster parents felt it their duty to re-outfit children who came ill prepared. They often did this at their own expense, and then asked the parents to pay later, which caused issues because many parents could not afford new clothes for their children. In some towns, charitable funds were organized for children who had insufficient clothes or shoes and the government secretly distributed thousands of pounds for the poorest and most "necessitous cases". The children in London, who had not been evacuated, were left without school for several months. Since the government had expected more people to take part in the evacuation, they had re purposed many of the schools for the war effort, and sent all of the teachers to the country with the evacuated children. Doctors and social workers began to note the physical deterioration of the children left behind, because of the absence of school supervision, medical services, and school milk. The government was reluctant to re-open the schools in the evacuation areas, because it meant admitting the evacuation had failed.
  • Monday, September 4, 1939: British Royal Air Force attacks the German Navy.
  • Tuesday, September 5, 1939: United States proclaims its neutrality; German troops cross the Vistula River in Poland.
  • Sunday, September 10, 1939: Canada declares war on Germany; Battle of the Atlantic begins.
  • Wednesday, September 27, 1939: Poland surrenders to Germany. Nazis and Soviets divide up Poland.
  • Thursday, November 30, 1939: The Soviets attack Finland.
  • Monday, January 8, 1940: Tom Riddle is now 13 years old, and midway through his second year at Hogwarts. Rationing begins in the UK. Great Britain begins issuing ration books containing coupons for bacon, butter and sugar. Shortly after, tea, jam, biscuits, breakfast cereals, cheese, eggs, milk and canned fruit rationing were introduced. Later, as the war continued, many more items of both food and non-food items were introduced including meat, petrol, clothes, tea, and soap were rationed. The Ministry of Health records that 43% of the unaccompanied schoolchildren had returned home. Overall, Operation Pied Piper is considered to have failed, because by the beginning of 1940, almost 700,000 evacuees in England and Wales had returned home.

Imagine – Babysitting JJ with Jensen ((Part 4))

Word Count – 2,285

Pairing – Divorced! Jensen x Reader



- 1 year later –

Today was the day you and Jensen were going to announce your relationship to the fans at Vancon today. You have never been so nervous in your life. Jensen was nervous too but he knew his viewers would never do anything to upset him or the guys, ever.

It was Friday morning and you and Jensen were packing, getting ready to leave for the week. JJ was with Danneel while you guys would be away, giving you both comfort knowing she’s in good hands and taken care of. You packed your clothes, makeup, hair curler and straightener, body wash and shampoo, toothpaste and tooth brush and a few books to read along with your phone charger and laptop. Jensen packed his clothes, shower things, toothbrush and laptop.

“You look beautiful the way you are, babygirl. You don’t need all that makeup and hair done.” he said standing behind you in the mirror with his arms around your waist while you did your hair.

“I look better with all this though.”

“Beautiful either way, even when you’re sick you’re still the most beautiful girl in the world to me.” You kissed his cheek, making him grin.

“You ready for tonight?”

“I’m nervous, but yes. I just can’t believe we were able to hide it for so long.”

“I know it’s been killin’ me. I can’t wait to show you off to the world and show them how much I love you, even though words can’t describe.”

You finished your hair and kissed him, hugging him after. He squeezed tight and kissed the top of your head, making you smile even more than before.


The airport trip was quiet, thank god. There wasn’t many paparazzi’s and only a few fans wanting a picture together. Eventually you, Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark finally got on a plane, on your way to Vancon and sadly you weren’t a huge fan of airplanes, let alone heights.

“Babe, you okay? You’re shaking like a leaf.” Jensen said sitting next to you, looking at you with worry.

“Let’s just say heights aren’t my friend.” You said while trying to steady your hand and bouncing leg.

Jensen put his hand on your lap and gave you a warm smile.

“Think about JJ, think about us. Just picture us at a beach. A warm, summer day of just the sounds of waves crashing and seagulls yelling in the air.” You cut him off

“I hate seagulls. One stole my ice cream when I was 3.” Jensen sighed, smirking to himself and shaking his head.

“The smell of the salt water filling the air while the warm sand is in between your toes. JJ laughing and building sand castles with you and me. Cuddling on the towel while she plays in the sand. Think about “Cant Help Falling In Love With You” and our first kiss, id sing it for ya now if I could but there’s to many people around and well, I’m shy.”

You closed your eyes and listened to him hum it softly to himself, melting your heart and making all your fear go away at the sound and vision of the beach. You could also hear the sounds of Jared, Misha and Mark making jokes like the 10 year olds they are and giggling with each other about them, warming your heart even more.

“I love you, I love you so much Jense.” You said sleepily, laying your head on his shoulder as he leaned his head on top of yours.

“I love you too baby girl, I really do.”


You finally arrived to the hotel. You and Jensen got a room while the other guys got their own rooms, which you and Jensen didn’t mind of course. You both laid your bags on the floor and plopped on the hotel bed.

“You know what we should do? Jump on the beds, or or! Build a fort!” You said, jumping on the bed.

“How old are you, 12?” Jensen laughed

“On a scale of one to ten I am.” You smirked sarcastically while Jensen threw his hands in the air in defense

“You got me there, babe. Come on we gotta get ready for dinner”

You sighed and hopped off the bed, changing into nicer clothes while Jensen did too.

“You owe me a pillow fight when we come back, deal Ackles?”

“Deal, Y/L/N.”

You walked into the fancy restaurant arm in arm, smiling at each other the whole time while Jared, Mark and Misha kept making “lovey dovey” jokes. You got a 5 person table and sat together. You all ordered your food and drinks then continued talking about everything and anything.

“So y/n, you excited to see the fans again? Been awhile since you’ve been to a convention.” Misha asked, taking a bite of his food.

“I’m a little nervous, but other than that I’m really excited. I missed it so much and I especially missed spending it with you guys.” Everyone at the table awe’d, making you red.

“We’re glad to have ya come with us y/n.” Jared said with a smile.

“Hows West and Maison doing, Misha?’ you asked, thinking about how terribly you missed them. You haven’t seen them since they were tiny babies.

“Growing like a weed. By the time they’re 10 they’re gonna be carrying me on their backs.”

“That’s how I feel with my son sometimes” Mark laughed.

“How is he?”

“Good, lady’s man just like his papa” He joked, making Jared, Jensen and Misha almost choke on their food from laughter.

“Are ya nervous to tell everyone about you guys? I was when I told everyone about me and Gen.”

“We’re a little nervous, but I trust everyone so I hope it’ll be okay.” Jensen said holding your hand after.

You all finished your food and headed back to the hotel, getting some rest for tomorrow. When you arrived back you and Jensen had that pillow fight he promised, you lost.

“Damn it Jense, why are you so strong?” You laughed, laying your head on his chest.

“I’m not sure, I mean would ya look at these pecks!” He said pulling up his arms and kissing his muscles.

You shook your head and turned your back to fall asleep, feeling his arms wrap around your waist tightly after and his head nuzzle into your neck. You interlocked your fingers with his and kissed his hand.

“Goodnight babe, I love you.”

“I love you too” he said half awake.




The next morning was very anxious feeling. You kept thinking of everything that could go right, but also everything that could go wrong. What if they don’t like you and never did? What if some girls get jealous? What if he decides he doesn’t want to? All these thoughts leaving you crazy and upset.

“You’re quiet today, somethin’ on your mind sweetheart?” He said, resting his chin on your bare shoulder after you got out of the shower.

“What if they don’t like me, Jense? What if they hate the idea of us being together?”

“You’re talking non sense babe, they’ll love you, they’ll love us. I love you! I love us!’

“I know, I love you and us too. Just anxiety gettin’ to me I guess.”

“Don’t stress it babe, we got this.” He kissed your shoulder.

You blow dried your hair and curled it, put on your makeup and wore your favorite flannel shirt along with black skinny jeans. Once you finally came out of the bathroom your boyfriend looked at you like it was the first time he ever saw you.

“Beautiful, so damn beautiful…my girl.” He said before kissing you, making you blush and feel happy about yourself.

“You look good too, handsome.” You said with a nudge, making him blush as well.

You walked out of your room to find the rest of the guys dressed up and ready to go.

“You both look great” Mark said, giving Jensen a pat on the back.

“Is everyone ready?” Jared asked, everyone nodded.

By the time you all got there everyone was already in the big crowded room waiting. Once you saw everyone your heart started to pound harder and harder, and your hands began to shake and your knees felt weak.

“We got this. Think about the beach, darlin’.” Jensen said softly to you, kissing you after and giving you a hug.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

Those were the last words you said to him before he walked out on stage with the guys. You sat over where nobody could see on the stage to the side, watching them and smiling away at how dorky and welcoming they were being.

Everyone was asking questions and cracking jokes as the usual when you heard a question that caught your full attention.

“Will we ever see y/n again?” A random fan asked them.

They all froze, especially Jensen. They didn’t know what to say or do knowing it wasn’t time for the announcement yet. Jensen looked over at Jared then at you from across the stage with a weird, worried look.

“Well boys?” one of the managers said.

“Um well –“ Jared was about to say until Jensen cut him off.

“Yes! I actually wanted to talk to ya’ll about that. As you know the actors on Supernatural always stay close even after some of them aren’t on the show. Well we of course are still very close with y/n but one of the actors are VERY close with her if ya know what I mean.” Misha said to the fans while they all gasped.

“Will the lucky man raise his hand!”

Everyone looked at each other like they didn’t know while the fans were chanting “do it, do it, do it!” after about 10 seconds Jensen finally slowly raised his hand with a dorky smile. Everyone was screaming and cheering while Jensen laughed hard, bending his back as he usually does and wiping the tears away from his eyes from laughing.

“WHERE IS SHE!” Someone screamed in the crowd. Jared jogged over and grabbed your hand, pulling you with him while everyone was still screaming, screaming even louder when they saw you.

Jared pushed you over to Jensen, making you bump into his chest but he caught you with his arms before you could pull away, making everyone awe’.

“KISS, KISS, KISS” they chanted, making you and Jensen blush. “Fuck it” Jensen said under his breath, placing his hand on your cheek and kissing you roughly while everyone yelled and Misha and Jared jumped up and down happily.

“Hi, my name is Shannon and I’d just like to ask HOW DID ALL OF THIS HAPPEN? Also, congrats!” She said into the mic.

“Uh, I don’t know we kind of were just hanging out one day while JJ was with Danneel and I kind of just couldn’t hold It in anymore.”

‘Come on man, give us the full details!” Jared yelled from the back.

“We were dancing to Elvis then Cant Help Falling In Love With You came on and I just took the moment and kissed her.” Jensen said, wrapping his arm around your shoulder proudly. The crowd filled with awe’s again.

“Hi, my name’s Sean and I’d like to know what your OTP name would be?”

Everyone looked at each other with confusion other than you, understanding what he meant.

“Sorry, these guys are apparently getting old and don’t know what OTP means but I do. Um, I guess it’d be (whatever you think yours and Jensen’s ship name would be)”

“Well, I ship it!” He said happily.

The night went on and on and on with questions about you and Jensen, not that you minded of course. You and Jensen were very happy everyone was so accepting and nice and not a rude thing was said that night.

“Last question” The manager said.

“My name is Kelly and I know this is weird but have you guys had sex yet?” You and Jensen looked at each other with wide eyes while everyone yelled “OOOOOOO” even Jared, Mark and Misha.

You were standing a few feet away from Jensen so couldn’t ask what to say. He looked over at you with a grin and shot you a wink, making the boys scream louder.

“N-no.. we have not.” You laughed nervously.

“Not yet!” Misha said while you slapped him playfully on the arm.


After 4 hours you all arrived back to the hotel. Everyone was sleepy and sore from standing the whole time and throats hurt from talking a lot but it was fun and worth it all. You all said goodnight and went to your rooms.

“My fucking feet are sore, can’t even imagine how swollen they’re going to be when I’m pregnant I can’t even stand for a few hours and they get swollen to hell.” You grumbled, taking off your sneakers while Jensen took off his boots.

After you laid back on the bed Jensen sat at the end of the bed. Before you could ask what he was doing he started rubbing your feet with his big hands, making you moan in comfort and lean your head back against your pillow.

“God, you’re an angel.” You chuckled while he smirked and kept on massaging.

“I so owe you.”

“Sex would be a cool gift, or pizza.” He winked again, making you feel warm and excited inside.

“Maybe both?”

“You have NO idea how much I love you.”

shinskullyman  asked:

I'm legit struggling to find a reason to like Ken Amada and the only reasons I can possibly think of for other people liking him is either because they like his trash story, looks cool in that fight game, or because they have a shota fetish. I'm guessing you're the last one though I could be wrong.

as someone who played p3p before the original i wasnt first exposed to him being an emotional hindrance/mostly there to kill off your most useful team member (how ive had him described to me from people who exclusively played the original or fes). in p3p he gets a REALLY WELL DONE social link and back story besides bitter kid whose mommy died (actually thats over half the cast, but…) where he’s more like desperate for a mother figure and shy and it makes him less an unnaturally mature 10 year old and a normal 10 year old with a crush on a big sister figure. it’s cute ok!!! i love ken!!