he is a serious actor

‘’He was one of those kids who was picking up the music so fast, and he was a really wonderful player. And he was so serious about everything. Even on the film, he was the most serious young actor. And with music, he took it very seriously.  


“At that time, Stand By Me was called The Body. So we were playing it together [Stand By Me song], and the two of us have always believed that Rob Reiner heard us and decided, ‘Oh, that’s cool. We’ll call the film Stand by Me.’ I don’t know if it’s true, but we decided to believe that anyway,” Sutherland said.

- Kiefer Sutherland on The Talk, April 2017.


Reality vs. Fiction

Richard Armitage is known for his “method” acting. More than once he has talked about his characters and how he even dreamt in character. 

Everybody knows how John Proctor had him living “like a monk” for three months, or how Thorin Oakenshield made him grumpier

It’s not so strange, then, that Richard / Thorin makes a “motivation speech” to his fellow actors / Dwarves, just as Thorin himself could have made. 

And it shouldn’t come as a surprise, either, the fact that he keeps being serious as soon as they finish the scene, whereas the two actors who play his nephews start smiling at once. It is true that both Fìli and Kili are young Dwarves and “know nothing of the world” so they could laugh and smile out of excitement… Or maybe Aidan and Dean are just happy with the resulting scene…

The thing I know is that, when I see him, in the final pics, I don’t see Richard. 

I see Thorin, son of Thrain.

Thank you, Richard, for making me believe.

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Bellarke: actors in a soap opera with so many plot holes and things that could never happen realistically

thanks for the prompt, I hope you enjoy!! ao3

“How dare you.”

Bellamy looks up with a grin as his dressing room door crashes loudly against the wall. “I see you’ve read the script.”

Clarke falls across his couch like a swooning southern belle, one hand to her forehead.

“After all we’ve been through, Bellamy. I can’t believe you would father one of my own sister’s twins.”

“Just one of the twins,” he points out, spinning his chair to face her. “Because that’s biologically possible.”

“That doesn’t make it better,” she sniffs, but her expression cracks into a smile when she looks over at him.

This is why Clarke is his favorite person on set. She, somehow unlike the rest of their cast, is aware of just how ridiculous their show actually is.

Which is part of why he likes it, honestly. He got into acting because there didn’t seem like much of a downside– if he didn’t get regular work, it was something he could fit around his patchwork schedule of minimum wage positions, and if he did get something more steady, it seemed like it would pay a lot more than Starbucks.

He never set out to be a serious actor, hence why he had no reservations about going out for any job, from voicing a squirrel in a Geico commercial to, yes, soap operas. He took the job because it gave him enough hours to get health insurance from the SAG. But ask him why he looks forward to going in to work every day, and he’d have to try really hard not to mention Clarke Griffin.

“Really?” He asks now, propping his feet up on her thigh. “It wouldn’t be worse if I was the father of both her twins?”

“You slept with her even after I saved your life.”

“I wouldn’t have gotten hypothermia if you hadn’t pushed me down that well in the first place!”

“I was possessed by my dead lover’s ghost,” she says, fighting a smile. “It was really traumatic for me.”

“For you,” he mutters. “Which one of us had to spend six hours in cold water?”

“I thought it was twelve.”

“I’m not talking about Antonio. I’m talking about me, Bellamy. They couldn’t even make it warm water?”

“They were going for realism,” she says, patting his ankle patronizingly.

“Yeah, realism is really important to this show,” he snorts. “Realistically, I doubt I would have taken my shirt off if I was hypothermic.”

“It was wet, it wasn’t keeping you warm,” Clarke points out, finally letting herself smile. “Besides, if you’re going to die, might as well go out looking hot.”

“Oh, you think I’m hot?” He teases, nudging her in her most ticklish spot with his foot.

She yelps and swats at it. “You were shirtless and ripped and wet. Yeah, I think that’ll do it for me.”

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harry also

  • lied about how he met the guitarist(said he worked at a pizza shop and that he’d never been in a studio before, when he’s just roommates with harry’s other very famous producer who has worked with celebrities and they were also in a band together for years with picture evidence of them both in a studio)

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“At the time of Johnny Depp in “Cry Baby” (1990), he was basically Justin Bieber. (At the time, Depp was the star of the TV hit “21 Jump Street.) He was a teen idol and he hated it. I think he made a wise decision to come with us because he could make fun of the whole thing. Then he moved on and made “Edward Scissorhands” and became a serious actor.”
 John waters with Johnny Depp, 1990 (Photo by Bob Adams)

He’s (Jim Caviezel) a very serious actor. He brings an interesting … he doesn’t give much away, so he remains mysterious, which is good, especially good for this character. The more I watch him do it, the more I think they so lucked out to find him. He has … I don’t even know if they knew exactly what qualities they were looking for, but the quality he brings to it is kind of perfect. There’s a sense of danger at all times, and an uncomfortable relationship between the two men (Finch&Reese). We’re a very odd couple! [Laughs]

Michael Emerson about Jim Caviezel, by interview metrojacksonville.com

  • Ouat Cast: Robert Carlyle is a genius, it's an honor to work with him.
  • Robert Carlyle: *spends an hour to prank Colin O'donoghue*
  • Robert Carlyle: *holds a water bottle to his side to make it look like he's peeing so Lana Parrilla messes up her scenes while laughing at him*
  • Robert Carlyle: *starts peeling his Rumple skin off during rehearsals and throws it at Jennifer Morrison to troll with her*
  • Robert Carlyle: *makes faces during Emilie de Ravin's shots to make her laugh*
  • Robert Carlyle: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Heyy! I really liked your first HC, can I request a scenario when the RFA and Saeran meet MC working as a bartender on a club or at a bar before she joined the RFA? And like, they’re a little tipsy from the drinking and open up to her, but they don’t recognize her at first when she appears in the chatroom? I don’t know if I made myself clear, but something like this? Tnx

Hi! Thank you so much! I think I got it hahah. Such an honor to take my first request A_A So… that got very looooong, I hope you have patience to read till the end lolololol 

RFA + Saeran meeting bartender MC


  • His college buddies finally managed to make him forget LOLOL and go out that week
  •  They went to one of those sports bars, they really wanted to make him get drunk just to see how he would look like
  • You watched as they tried to make him choose some really heavy drinks, he looked like a light weight, and the scene make you feel… uncomfortable
  •  You made your way close to them in the balcony . “What can I get you, boys?
  • “Something really strong to make this boy here get turnt!”, one of them said shaking Yoosung’s shoulders
  • Yoosung looked really embarassed, he glanced quickly at you and looked to the floor again, you felt really bad because he obviously didn’t want to drink.
  • “You got it! Why don’t you guys go sit over there right next to our new cool TV and I’ll see what I can do for him?” they nodded as they went to the sits a little far from the balcony.
  • You looked at him and gave your sweetest smile: “What can I do for you, cutie?”
  • He blushed a little, looked at the menu and pointed some random drink quietly
  • “This is pretty strong, are you sure?”, “Yes, I am…” “Well, I’m sorry if I’m being nosy, but you don’t look like you really want it, can I get you something lighter or maybe a virgin version of this one?“
  • Yoosung looked at you, you were very pretty and looked really nice, but he didn’t like how you were felling pitty for him, he was a man, he could take this drink! So he refused.
  • “Okay… coming right up…” you answered reluctantly and went to prepare the drink. It was an expensive one, why did you care if he really didn’t want to drink? You handed over his drink and proceeded to service another customers
  •  A few minutes later, you looked at him, the boy looked very dizzy, you could tell he was going to pass out any minute.
  • “Hey… can I get you anything? Some water?”
  • “Could you tell me why I’m so pathetic?” Oh boy… you dealt with drunks all the time, just put them on a cab! Why were you so interested on what he had to say? He didn’t look pathetic to you, he just looked lonely and vulnerable…
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “I’m such a lame boy, am I not? I’m always worried about what other people think of me! I just came here because I didn’t want being called a loser, I took this because I wanted to impress you… I’m just… ugh…” well, he definitelly was making an impression
  • What could you say to this poor drunk guy? “Hey, listen to me: there’s nothing wrong about wanting to fit in with your friends and… impressing girls, but you have to speak up your mind so people can like you for who you really are, you can’t be a people pleaser all the time, or else you’re gonna lose your mind.”
  • “But it’s so f… so damn hard.” He whined, you tried to hold back a chuckle when he refused to swear. “How can I do that?”
  • “Well, there’s no set answer, but… just so you know, I really like how you’re not afraid to look vulnerable in front of me right now. It takes guts to show your insecurities, you know what I mean?” he nodded, you’re not sure if he is actually listening as he’s laying down his head on the balcony, oh shit! He’s gonna throw up!
  • You called his friends back and went with them outside until they got a cab, you couldn’t help but worry about this cute blonde guy.
  • “Bye, pretty ladyyyyy! I would kiss you if I hadn’t thrown up , so I hope you enjoy your tip”
  • It wasn’t a big tip, and yeah, a kiss wasn’t the best he could give you right now, but you appreciated his words.
  • The next day, he reminded talking to a nice girl, actually, he reminded making a fool of himself to a nice girl, so although he really would like to see her again, he felt really embarassed and never took courage to go to the sports bar again. Little did he know you would meet up again in the chat room a few weeks later.


  • It was a model’s agency event. Although he was really trying to stablish his carrer as a serious actor and take some distance from modeling jobs, his manager insisted that he had to attend
  • So there he was, listening over and over how handsome he looked. Not that he didn’t like being complemented on his looks, but… haven’t anybody in this lounge ever watched him on stage?
  • He went to the bar, he needed some drink to make this event bareble. He ordered whisky, since beer was not being served. It was a really fancy party.
  • You couldn’t take your eyes off of him, he looked strangely familiar, but… why?
  • He noticed you staring at him, and of course he thought you looked really pretty. “Hey… what’s up, lady?”
  • “Oh… sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I…”
  • “You couldn’t help to think how good looking I am? Well, it happens…” he grinned.
  • “Yeah, so good looking and so modest too…” he gagged a little on his whisky “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I was… just kidding. Shit, my boss told me I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut, I’m really sorry, sir…” he laughed at your despair and said it was fine, actually, your spontaneity was very refreshing in such a shallow environment
  • “But tell me… a gorgeous lady like you working as a bartender? You could easilly be one of those models right there, maybe even an actress!”
  • “I think you have to be tallented to be an actress, no? It’s not only about looks…”
  • “Yes, sure, but looks can help a little. I know it helps me, at least.” and now you were staring him again. “I KNEW IT! YOU ARE AN ACTOR|! I’VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!” he was surprised at first, but you looked so fascinated that he couldn’t help but smile “What are you even doing here? This is a model’s event”
  •  “Yeah… well, as I said, looks help a lot. I’m not that famous as an actor…” “Yet” you interrupted him and he blushed a little “Oh… yeah, yet, so… sometimes I just take these modelling gigs, but if I could, I would only work as an actor, even with all the struggling and the sacrifices on my personal life… did you know I don’t go out on a date for five years?.” Why was he suddenly talking about this? Maybe the whisky was stronger then he thought.
  • “Oh… don’t worry, I know one day you’re gonna find someone  who will help you with your struggle.”  “Maybe I just found her?” he thought, admiring her
  • He would stay the whole night talking to her, but his manager dragged him to meet new acquaintances. When he returned to the bar, you weren’t there anymore, maybe you got replaced because you couldn’t keep ypur mouth shut, he thought and chuckled a little. But he were really frustrated he didn’t even get your name.
  • So when you visit him during his route, you recognized each other immediately, and he knew this was fate and you two were meant to be.


  • It was a saturday and she decided to go to a quiet and small bar one of her colleagues talked about, they even served alcoholic drinks made of coffee, so that caught her attention
  • She ordered one of them, and you noticed when she pulled some papers out of her briefcase and started to work, very focused. You were impressed that she was working on a saturday,but felt bad since this was supposed a place to relax.
  • She picked her phone. “Yes, Mr. Han, I’m already on it… I’ll send to you tomorrow morning tops… what do you mean ‘a new cat project’? Right now? Ok, I’ll do a research and report to you asap. Goodbye.” Gosh… her voice was beautiful… even when she sounded so tired…
  • “Stop staring at the clients and focus! Why are you distracted?” your boss nagged at you  “S-Sorry,sir, I’ll…” “I let you at the balcony because the male clients come to you, but if you don’t focus, I’ll move you to reception. Actually, you’ll work on the balcony today and reception tomorrow, double shift, understood?” Great, now you working sunday night too… “Yes, of course”, what can you do? You really need the job…
  • The lady already finished her drink, so you went to take her glass, she ordered another one, and she observed you, your eyes locked when you were finishing her drink. “Tough day, huh?” you asked, “Tell me about it…” she replied and you both chuckle, sharing this subtle and bothering bond.
  • “Sorry you had to see this, I’m… I’m still new at this job and… well, who cares? I’m just here because I’m cute,apparently… oh, sorry, I… pretend I didn’t say that, I’ll…” you stop talking, pull yourself together!Why are you talking like this to a customer? To her?
  • “Hey, don’t… don’t feel bad about what your boss said about you attracting male customers. You’re very competent to your job, it’s not about your looks… I know that because this is really good” she pointed at the drink you made, you blushed and smiled, she seemed so cold at first sight, who knew that in addition to being beautiful, she was really nice and sympahetic?
  • “And don’t let your boss get to you, ok? He’s giving you this much job because he probably trust you’re gonna do a good work. Well… at lest that’s what I tell myself about my boss, that’s the only way I can endure him…”
  • “Oh right… you’re working right now, right?” and then she procceded to tell you this was one of the weird cat projects, which you couldn’t believe it was actually a thing, you two were laughing and telling stories about the bizarre things you had to do in your jobs because of your bosses. She was having fun with this smart, witty and sweet bartender, but… she had to go back to work.
  • Without thinking much, you took two shot glasses, poured some vodka and handed one to her. “To our bosses” you made an ironic toast and chugged, she did the same and laughed.
  • You talked a lot and you were living when she flirted a little to you, but when she started to tripping in her words, you realized she was too drunk  and called her a cab, wondering if she would remember you.
  • She had a vague memory of a really nice and beautiful lady, but wasn’t sure if it was real or a trick of her drunk mind, but decides to never go back to that place because the drinks were really heavy and she got too distracted from her job.
  • So when you two meet, she thinks you’re familiar somehow, but it took a long time for her to realize you were that bartender (and you were real!), which made her even happier about opening a cafe with you, because not only she got rid of her stressful job, she saved you from yours too.


  • It was an engagement party for his father. Maybe the second or third in less than two years? He didn’t know…
  • Always the same thing, the same compliments, the same futile people, the same women…
  • Trying to avoid these people, he sat on a corner of the bar, he noticed that the bartender were taking too long, then he saw you, looking through a little gap on the kitchen door, were you spying on something? Someone? Oh… what difference does it make? You should be working!
  •  He coughed to get your attention, and you promptly went to him, a little flustered
  • “Sorry, sir. What can I get you?” “Wine. And maybe a more focused bartender.” You were scared, oh shit! He looked like someone powerful enough to get you fired with a simple nod… “Yes, of course, I deeply apologize… It won’t happen again and…”
  • “MC! You’re missing! He’s gonna tell her the truth! He’s gonna tell her the truth!” one of your colleagues said, putting his head out of the kitchen, then he realized you were actually working. “Oh… nevermind, sorry.”
  • You poured his wine, but you looked aprehensive, which oddly surprised him, what was going on?
  • “What’s happening?” he asked casually. You thought you shoudn’t really talk about it. “Oh… nothing. Don’t worry, sir. Can I get you anything else?
  • “The truth. What’s happening?” you trembled a little, his tone was monotone and cold, but you were scared as if he was yelling. “Oh… it’s just… this soap opera… we were watching on the kitchen.”
  • “Which soap opera?” he asked looking at his glass of wine, you said the name and he finally looked at you, his eyes widened a little “He’s going to tell her he’s not really rich today?”
  • You were surprised and confused… “Y-Yes…she found the documents that prove his bankrupticy… and now she’s confronting him because she loves him, but he was lying this whole time!” you were surprised at yourself about how much you got carried by the plot, and apparently so was he.
  •  “Yes… it must be a shock, right? Thinking your partner is finnancially stable and then… find out he’s not.”
  • “Well, yeah… but I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s just… she loves him and really trusts him, if he lied about such a trivial thing, what else could he be hiding?”
  • “Trivial” he couldn’t hold back a little scoff “You think money is trivial?”
  • “No, of course not… I need money to live, but… it’s not the most important thing when it comes to relationships… specially the romantic ones, otherwise it’s just…”
  • “Business” he was following your thread of thoughts and chuckled “My dad’s fianceé could learn something with you.” What was he saying? He didn’t even drink this much wine…
  •  You didn’t know how to respond, but something in his eyes said he was really… sad, such beautiful dark eyes… He noticed you staring at him, you blushed furiously and looked away, which he thought it was very… amusing. “So… I’ve been very busy and missed a great amount of episodes, can you catch me up on the soap opera?”
  • “S-Sure.” You obliged, still afraid of being fired, but you really enjoyed talking about it for some reason. Whenever someone would approach you waiting for a drink, he would just glare and that person would walk away, scared of Chief Han’s son. And you went on to tell him everything. He was mesmerized, you talked so passionately and your eyes were so bright… he could listen you talk about whatever through all the night.
  • But he had to work the next day, so he called his driver and let you a generous tip, even though this wasn’t a regular bar and you both knew you did a poor job that night.
  • He though of you from time to time, but he never saw you again working on any of these events. Probably you got fired because you kept watching TV during work hours.
  • So when you go to this house during his route, he couldn’t be happier, this was just… perfect! He would hear you talk about everything, and there was no bartending job on the way this time.


  • He had this mission on a bar, apparently some business men were meeting there once in a week to seal some shady deals.
  • You noticed this redhead guy coming there every wednesday, he never ordered any drink or talked to anyone, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone.
  • You handed some random drink in front of him, he looked at you. “You’re gonna look very suspicious if you don’t order something with alcohol.” You whispered as you took a quick glance at the business men’s table, he looked too and noticed he was being observed. “Oh… thank you…” he genuinely thanked, how did he not notice he was being watched? And how did she notice?
  • “You’re welcome, officer” oh… she thought he was a cop! Probably she saw a lot of cops around here and noticed some pattern in their behavior, wow… she was smart! And really cute too.
  • “Oh no… I’m not… what you thinking, I’m…” whoa, what was he going to say? “I’m just…”
  • “Don’t worry, I don’t need to know” Right you were! “But I’m glad someone’s putting a stop to this. These guys are really rude! I’ve seem a bunch of thugs here, but these are the worst! I can’t believe the police didn’t shut down this place yet! Oh… I should stop talking, I know what happens to snitches” and you walked away from him, he knew you were doing the right thing, but… he didn’t really want to stop talking to you?
  • “Hey, can I ask you something?” he said while you washed some glasses, you looked at him a little concerned “Don’t worry, it’s not about them, it’s just…” he took a sip of the drink you gave him. “You… why does a girl like you work at a place like this?
  • “A girl like me?” “Yes, you look… so nice and… good, what are you doing here among these… guys?”
  •  “Oh well, I… didn’t know I don’t have the right look for this place”, he looked flustered, “Relax, I’m joking!” and you laughed, God, your laugh was really something…
  •  “I mean… there isn’t a look for a good person, right? A good person can look like me, you, that guy over there… oh, nevermind, he looks really evil”, he laughed, and you enjoyed making this cute guy laugh.
  •  “I don’t think I’m even close to looking like a good person, let alone actually being a good person…” he looked down, “Why do you say that?” you asked.
  • “Well, I… did awful things in my past…” “Well, haven’t we all? We all did something we’re not proud of. Doing bad things don’t turn you  in to a bad person right away, and… if you really regret it, then you’re really not bad, you’re just human.”
  • “Even when you hurt another human?” what was he doing? What was in this drink?
  • “ Well, I don’t know what happened to you, but… it looks like you really got hurt too, so… maybe you’re not that bad? Maybe you’re just… lost?”
  • He received a notification on his phone, indicating that he got all he needed, which made him relieved or soon enough he would be the one talking too much. What was with this girl and why he wanted to keep listening to her? Although she sounded a little naive, she was pretty smart, he would really like to know her thoughts about a lot of things in life.
  • He didn’t say anything else, just paid her and let a good tip. You felt confused, and a little sad, but you knew you crossed a line there.
  • He wanted to see you again, he didn’t even need to talk to you, just… see how you were doing. And he got a little concerned about your safety working on a filthy place like that, but the place shut down a couple of days later as you predicted and he never saw you again.
  • Until you ended up on the Messenger and he immediately recognized you, his heart skipped a beat and he knew he had to protect you, because yes, you were smart, but yet very reckless.
  •  And you tried your best not to cross that line with him again, but… we know you failed.


  • He was looking for the perfect target to proceed with the plan to destroy the RFA, it was a long hunt that night, but nobody met his expectations.
  • So he ended up at this pub, really frustrated, he sat at the balcony and you promptly went to him.
  • You poured his order and let a glass of water aside, explaining it was a very strong drink, so he better be careful and drink that water right after.
  • “Why do you even care?” He thought.
  • You went to attend another customer, and he saw the guy was drunk and trying to touch you, he even cat called you. You were very uncomfortable, but didn’t react.
  • When the guy tried to touch your boobs, Unknown lost it! He got up and went to the guy, he had a very threatening look, which shocked you, because he looked so calm and quiet.
  • He grabbed on the guy’s shirt and was about to punch him, but you stopped him.
  • “Please, it was nothing… I’m fine.”
  •  “No, you’re not! He was trying to touch you, why would you let him treat you like that?”
  • “I don’t want any trouble, please, let him go!” He looked at you, the pleading in your eyes hipnotized him for a little time, time enough for the guy to react and punch him instead, he felt confused and now even angrier.
  • “Okay, that’s it! I’m calling the police on both of you!” the guy ran away, scared. He was about to run too, but you grabbed his arm. “You’re bleeding”
  • “It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He wiped the blood of his mouth, but it kept on bleeding.
  • “No, you’re not! Here… sit here, I’m gonna get the first-aid kit, but you have to promise me you’ll go to a hospital later, ok? I’d go with you, but I can’t leave the work”
  • “Why would you go with me? You don’t even know me!”
  • “You don’t know me either, but yet you stepped up for me, right? It’s the least I could do. But… since I can’t, let me at least clean this for you” You took a gauze and wiped the wound on his upper lip. He was shivering with your touch and with the little distance between you two.
  •  “Why didn’t you let me hit him?”
  • “You two are customers, I can’t let two people getting hurt because of me.”
  • “Why do you even care about drunk assholes?”
  • “Well, it doesn’t really matter if he’s a drunk asshole. Nobody should get hurt if we can solve this in a different way, right? Would you let me fight for you over a silly thing like that?”
  • “You would probably lose, anyways. Ouch!” You pressed his mouth a little too hard. “Oops, sorry… my bad.” You said with a smirk, and he noticed you did on purpose, what an interesting girl…
  •  “Ok, you’re good to go, at least till you get to a hospital. Thank you for your help! Oh… and your drink is on me, sorry for the trouble.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous!” he paid much more than the real price of the drink and what would be considered  a reasonable tip. What a weirdo…
  •  He never went to a hospital. Instead, he followed you to your house and managed to hack into your phone.
  •  You were the perfect bait!  Cute, caring, naive and took responsabilities easily,it will be great to have you in Paradise by his side when that time comes!
HC MC showering and fainting in their apartment

well that happened to me like a few days ago I had a fever came out the shower got dizzy tried to go the bed but fainted on the way being naked. I hit my head on the door frame too. I was alone but  I somehow thought it be a interesting hc and I also wished they would be their lol.

Im a unicorn now

So For this MC is not with anyone yet but their some feels. Somehow the water was not working in that apartment so seven was saying you can go to one of the members to take a shower.

In the guys case Jaehee was way too busy to be in the chat where it was desired where to shower.

If anyone wants they can write that chat.

Let´s just pretend it makes sense

if anyone wants i can add unknown and v too


  • so you thought it would be good idea since zen  has probably no interest in you and he said he was going to  practice his lines anyway so no big deal
  • you stared to feel a bit sick but brushed it off
  • zen was really nice showing you how to set the temperature while flirting with you
  • you didn’t took him serious I mean he is an actor and he must be flirting with anyone
  • so you thought at least
  • so you started feeling dizzy in the shower getting out setting the water off wrapping a towel around yourself
  • the bathroom was so small you couldn’t risk fainting in here you thought you would made it to the couch but you didn’t
  • you fainted right in front of the bathroom door
  • Zen just heard a loud noise ~knight mode activated~  thinking you might dropped something so he  checked on you
  • but then  he saw you and panicked right away. Lucky their you woke up still hazy grasping on what happened
  • your towel meanwhile moved a bit to south you where to out to notice it and Zen was way to worried
  • you said it happens sometimes no big deal you felt feverish anyway so a bit laying would help
  • Zen was still super worried and despite you saying its not so bad he carried you to the bed
  • He noticed the towel had moved but tried his best to not look too much ~ ignore the beast Zen~
  • so you ended up in Zens bed but different then you ever imaged he was super worried still and refused to let you go home
  • Zen cooked for you and was really relived that you where pretty okay by the evening
  • could not get halfnaked you out of his head never mentioned what he saw but it seemt he became more serious towards you


  • He was a good friend and he thought it would be no issue at all to let a girl take a shower in his apartment ~naive Yoosung~
  • so you took his offer
  • he was more flustered then he thought as you arrived tried his best to not let it show kinda regretted his decision already
  • but then again it was nice to have you around
  • he prepared everything for you
  • you felt really dizzy in the shower turning it off wrapping yourself also the bath was way to small to faint in it so you stepped out
  • Yoosung seemly confused ~did she needed something why was she in  a towel +insert panic-blush here+ ~
  • but then bamm you where on the ground instant super panic attack by Yoosung.
  • He has none of this calling the ambulance despite you telling him you okay you just fainted you be okay
  • Yoosung was not listening he would not risk to loose you
  • at least he agreed to you dressing something while waiting  
  • After the medics said its probably no big deal but took you just in case anyway he was relived
  • He refused to let you drive alone and he stayed on your side the entire time after it was clear that it was nothing he finally passed out on a chair right next to you
  • he figured that you where more then his friend but it took him a bit to confess it


  • This made the most sense anyway you both are girls despite your feelings for her
  • you knew it was one sided so it was all okay
  • so you set everything up since she was so busy
  • and you started feeling dizzy you forgot the towel too -darn
  • you had no choice but go out naked
  • Jaehee just heard a sound she came to look what you broke ~she was super worried but wouldn’t say that~
  • she was panicking but stayed  calm enough on the outside checked your vitals ignoring the fact that you are naked on the floor
  • you woke fast back up hazy trying to grasp what happened Jaehee calmly explained you fainted
  • well you knew that already but thank you Jaehee she helped you to the couch so you could rest covered you up asap
  • you told her that fainting just happens sometimes to you so no need for a ambulance she is okay with it
  • letting you stay till you better and then over night
  • not really wanting to let you go the next morning was not saying anything over that to you
  • letting later hints drop of you moving in with her so she can make sure you are ok ~really smooth~


  • His penthouse is huge with two bathrooms and all that.
  • Much better then his offer to let you stay in a hotel you would feel awful to make him pay for that anyway.
  • So you arrived he was different then normal but you just thought he was uneasy around you
  • Jumin had someone prepare the bathroom for you
  • He fast excused himself to his home office you thought you annoy him
  • So you took a shower got dizzy and left the shower bathroom was huge but everything looked so expensive you don’t wanted to break Jumins stuff
  • You wrapped yourself in a towel and stepped out you managed to go in the living room before you fainted on his carpet
  • Jumin thought it was his cat but it was you
  • He was the calmest on the outside but we all know that was a lie inside he crumbled he felt your vitals a bit embarrassed at your quite naked state
  • Jumins was relived as you woke up quite fast.
  • You where hazy but you could tell him what happened
  • Jumin called a doctor to check on you anyway their was no option to refuse him.
  • Made sure you dressed proper
  • The doctor was agreeing to what you said but recommended you to take it easy
  • So you did in Jumins penthouse he refused to let you go back for the next 3 days
  • just to make sure you are okay ~because he would use all excuses to keep you their as long as possible~
  • After everyone telling him they call the police on him he finally gave in
  • Making sure you know how he feels about you by kissing you before you leave
  • well damm now you cant go ~plan succeeded~


  • you where sure it was not a good idea but you liked him so you thought it be nice to spend time with him ~i feel sorry for you already~
  • after he opened the door ~you  had to beg him to open it since you don’t know Arabic~
  • You had to prepare the shower yourself since he was busy ~and you distract him enough as it is~
  • So you take the shower and you get dizzy his bathroom is small so you have to open the door you wrap yourself in a towel and step out
  • Seven does not hear you falling but he does see it
  • wants to Run over in a instant but then he is relived as you move being really hazy and wobbly
  • Seven has no clue what to do so he freezes up somehow finds himself going over to you as you lay on the couch
  • he is acting like he has no clue what just happened you explain that you need to lay after you just fainted
  • you don’t need a doctor but he lets you rest you
  • Seven leaves the headphones down just in case you need something
  • brings you whatever you need. Seems annoyed but you see right threw him
  • Seven is embarrassed over your towel only outfit lets you dress in his room after you feel a bit more clear
  • lets you sleep in his sine you still wobbly by the evening
  • trys not to think on you sleeping in his bed on his pillow under his blanket ~fails hard~
  • somehow thinks its his fault
  • drives you back in the early morning from now on he will keep an close eye to the cctv out of security reasons
  • he is not worried about you at all ~lies~
  • will ignore his feelings for like 3 days and pretend its nothing
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa - Sebastian x Reader - One Shot

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#1 -  Take your hands off those presents right now”
#5 “Can you stop feeding our child so many sweets, they are refusing to sleep right now”

Love love doing these little one shots,. 

Daddy Sebastian x Reader - It’s the night before Christmas and nobody will go to sleep.

Prompt list can be found on my main page.

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anonymous asked:

Sorry, most people think shipping is idiotic. I'd never even heard of it. My twenty-something kids had to explain it to me, all the while laughing at how ridiculous it is. Just like the Outlander cast is laughing and eye-rolling. They appreciate fans. They also clearly think lots are kind of pathetic, particular the shippers, particularly Tobias. He's not eye-rolling at Sam, he's eye-rolling at the whole US, hyped up Outlander circus. He's a serious British actor, lives in London, not Hollywood.

Thanks anon. 

You’re a real charmer too. 

If they are laughing at their fans then that’s on them.

Shipping happens in EVERY SINGLE FANDOM. 

We won’t even talk about how much they encouraged it… 

Kinda like trying to sell someone a car, but then telling them it’s not for sale. 

I don’t blame them for any of their behavior… I am the one who got suckered. That’s on me for not being a savvy consumer. 

Have a great day… now go find someone else to bother with your opinions. 

Gotham 4x05 (There’s like fifty spoilers here probably)

-Ah Gotham, the place where even ambulance drivers are psychopaths

-of course Ra’s is literally gonna get away with murder and I LIVE FOR JIM NOT BEING OKAY WITH THAT

-nooooo I don’t want harvey and Jim to break up their brotp :(

-Bruce already having unhealthy sleep habits…Bruce having unhealthy sleep habits because of guilt and anger…nooo

-Bruce’s dad figures fight

Jim: you suck at your job

Alfred: you suck at your job more

Bruce: I’m going to kill Ra’s because you two don’t know how to walk further away than the hallway


-he also is NOT gonna be stopped by a little desk drawer lock come on Alfred

-I never thought I’d see the day Ra’s al Ghul would have to break up with Jim Gordon’s crazy ex-girlfriend

-Butch…took a turn for the worse…looks like the albino from the Princess Bride but on steroids…SOLOMON GRUNDY IS HERE GUYS

-“perhaps you overestimate the pleasure of your company” Oswald always has the best lines

-Right in front of Sofia Falcone

“mr. Pen, item number 4 on my to do list?”

“Kill Sofia Falcone”

“Add a question mark, will ya?”



“I’ll even consider a nATURAL remedy”

-also that pharmacist was the best NO DUMMY THEY’RE SUGAR PILLS


-Alfred: *shows up in the GCPD* heeeeey

Jim: oh no

Alfred: bruce is gone…again

Jim: you had one job

Alfred: also he is about to commit murder

Jim: whaaaa?

-when Bruce’s grapple hook looks vaguely bat-like and when the music gets that Batman Begins vibe

Me: *kisses my fingers and releases the kiss to the air* yessssss

-aaaand the video feed goes off









-listen I don’t know you, best of luck to you hope you get the skin thing figured out, later, OWW!


-this show and it’s actors are ridiculously good at making me feel sorry for the bad guys

-“well I am feeling a bit peckish”

-wtf does the League have dripping dungeons under every building in Gotham?? ?

-…….idk what Ra’s really even wants anymore


-Sofia is one smart cookie

-wow Alfred does not pull punches–er, shots









Jim: *gazes intensely at Bruce and grips his shoulder* “Just because you know you are capable of something doesn’t mean it has to happen again. Bruce, you and I have known each other a long time, since the night your parents were murdered. Now you may not feel like that kid anymore, but I know that you are. One who believes in doing good, in fighting for what’s right, who will do anything to keep the people he loves safe. NOTHING that happened today changes any of that.”




-well…I almost thought Ed was gonna spill the beans to Solomon for a second, and maybe he was but…it’s a bad guy brotp, I shouldn’t have expected that it would be perfect, or entirely equal, and it probably won’t last long…even though I want it too


Beauty and the Beast - Thoughts

Okie so this is going to be a long post, just a heads-up. There may be unintentional spoilers, and if anything I’ve said is offensive I’m really sorry, the last thing I want to do is to offend anyone… But basically here is everything I loved about this movie after seeing it yesterday.

- All the backstory was great! Things that didn’t make sense in the original were explained, like how the village totally forgot about this castle, and why the Beast had emotional issues, and the whole age thing under the spell.

- Some minor characters got their own backstories and personalities fleshed out - Cadenza the harpsichord and Madame Garderobe, Mrs Potts’ husband, Cogsworth’s wife…

- Maurice was really well developed. He wasn’t just a bumbling inventor, he was an artist, a genius, a caring father, and I really loved the relationship between him and Belle. ‘How Does A Moment Last Forever’ was beautiful, it said so much in so little time; and getting some backstory on Belle’s mother was also great.

- Philippe the horse has officially earned his awesomeness ranking among the Maximuses and Samsons of Disney horsedom (I mean he already had in the original, but having a real horse made it even better)

- Belle’s girl power vibe was great - the way she stood up to Gaston, and how sassy her reprise was

- The librarian (he’s a librarian right? There were about four books but I guess it’s still a library…) - I won’t call him “the black librarian” or anything, that’s like saying “the female politician” - but I liked his character, how he defended Maurice, and that yes, he was a person of colour, which was awesomesauce.

- Also in general the ethnic diversity in the movie was well done, I thought. There were several mixed-race couples toward the end and everyone was chill with it, so I think that was great.

- Gaston’s character arc was excellent! I loved how he wasn’t really evil at the beginning, just extremely narcissistic, but then took a darker path later on…

- The enchantress got her own story too! No spoilers but she was a cool character

- Belle and Adam bonding over books was beautiful - I loved the Shakespeare references and the poetry, even if it was borderline cheesy at times

- Adam’s reaction when Belle says her favourite play is Romeo and Juliet - hahahahaha

- But then how he reads Guinevere and Lancelot in secret - aahhh <3

- Oh and Belle’s squeal when she sees the library - I would so do the same…

- Dan Stevens’ acting rocked in general. Obviously I was expecting that because Downton Abbey, but he really added new depth to the Beast.

- I’ll admit it, I thought Emma Watson was a bit overhyped as an actress, but she was amazing. I was proven totally wrong and it was great.

- By the way, about Gaston’s Macbeth reference (“screw your courage to the sticking place”) - I know this was in the original, but does that mean he does read books upon occasion? Not the sappy romances, but the dark and gory ones?

- The new songs were great - the part with young Adam gave me goosebumps, as did, like, the whole of Evermore

- Also the Beast got really emo toward the end there, haha

- I was a bit sad that one of my favourite lines was cut - “Lefou, I’m afraid I’ve been thinking”, “a dangerous pastime -” “I know” - but it was okay.

- LEFOU!!! Okay, I’ve been building up to this, I could make an entire separate post about it so bear with me here. I was amongst those getting mad about an LGBT Disney character, for a whole bunch of reasons. The fact that his name literally means the Fool; that he’s your classic imbecilic sidekick; that he’s in love with a self-obsessed straight guy who does nothing but abuse him in return; that Disney is using him as some kind of marketing scheme and token “representation” (gee thanks Disney); that he’s pretty much just a joke, and that his sexuality is therefore made into a joke as well. But… I was proven really wrong about, like, all of this. Disclaimer, I’m not part of the LGBT community, so I realise I have no authority to speak on this… but I thought he was portrayed really well. He was so much more than just a stupid sidekick, so much more than the comic relief, so much MORE than the “token gay character”. He had real personality, his own values and character arc and everything… And the relationship between him and Gaston wasn’t really abusive, not at the beginning. They actually had a nice bond toward the start, Lefou wasn’t just some hopeless obedient guy following him around… And the best part was that when Gaston went from being narcissistic to being plain evil, Lefou had real integrity, he saw Gaston’s true colours and stepped right out of it. He stood up for what he believed in, and got his own happy ending. As for him being nothing more than a joke - I think it depends on the audience. People /could/ take him as just the comic relief, I heard plenty of people laughing at the beautiful moment where he dances with Stanley… But that was up to the viewer. Josh Gad acted him excellently, I thought. Lefou wasn’t a serious character - he was never meant to be - but the actor took the role seriously, so that if audiences looked past the humour, they could see the depth he’d added to him. Tl;dr - Josh Gad exceeded my expectations as Lefou and it was wonderful. 

- Not only that, Lefou got some of the best lines in the movie - the part where he tries to spell Gaston but realises he’s illiterate; the part where he calms Gaston by reminding him of “happy things, like war, and widows”; and how he tells those girls fawning over Gaston “It’s not gonna happen, ladies” (we were all thinking it)

- Which reminds me - STANLEY!! My new favourite minor Disney character… His face when Lefou sings “whose team they’d prefer to be on” and doffs him on the head; the way he grins when Madame Garderobe dresses him in girls’ clothing; and of course the part where he and Lefou dance - how they stare into each other’s eyes… Aahhh I ship it

- The whole symbolism about being a beast was super deep

- Oh and Stephen Chbosky wrote the screenplay! I didn’t realise until the end, but I thought that was pretty cool.

Anyway, overall I loved this movie, it was amazing and beautiful, and really did justice to the original… I’d recommend very muchly if you haven’t already seen it! :D


Ben Affleck Appreciation Week | Day 3: Favorite Relationship - Matt and Ben/Ben and Matt 

“I guess I was eight or seven. Matt moved to Cambridge, where we both grew up, from Newton. I met Matt at the park. He had heard there was another kid in the neighborhood who acted. He wanted to know if I was a real, serious actor or if I was a dilettante. He was ten. And that’s how we met.”

The Artist (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

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Prompt: Could I request a prompt, where the reader is an artist who is Sebastians’ friend and he brings her art supplies as a bribe so she can be his date for a premier. And she gets called his girlfriend and he doesn’t correct them.She just goes with it :)

A/N: THIS LADIES. THIS IS ‘THE WINTER SMOULDER’. You have to read this story to get that joke. Thank you to @goner300 for the prompt :) 

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