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Chocobros: Confessing

Noctis: Noctis’ confession would be entirely sincere, it would be a big deal to him that he actually was confessing to someoneIt may take quite some time after knowing you to actually confess his feelings. Noctis would feel overwhelmed with all his princely duties, that he may push when he’d confess to a later date. He wouldn’t necessarily plan out exactly when he would confess, he wanted to make it as natural as possible. But, being the awkward guy he is, when the time actually would come, he’d stutter out his feelings and try to make the smallest amount of eye contact possible. He definitely would practice his confession in the mirror as much as he possibly could in order for it to be rehearsed and for him to not screw up…but he’d still get flustered and probably screw up. As the day comes closer to when Noctis actually wanted to confess, fears would develop and he’d push the date even farther. Fears involving if the person was using him for his high position of power. Something like that could happen, it was an entirely probable situation. He was hoping for the best, hoping that he wouldn’t be used. It would break him. One of the most important things to Noctis once the relationship has officially begun, is to keep it out of the public eye. He wouldn’t want his s/o feeling stress or pressures from the people, and in order to do that, keeping his relationship hidden from the people of Insomnia was a priority. 

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Prompto: Prompto’s confession would be so damn genuine!!!! He will pour his heart and soul into everything he says to the person he’s confessing. Honestly, it would have attempted planning it out, but then he just couldn’t, it was too stressful. Prompto’s confession would be very abrupt, the words might just accidentally slip out of his mouth. He wouldn’t be able to back out after making that abrupt mess up, so he’d just continue his heartfelt confession. Prompto would be worried that his crush may not accept, that would be his major fear. His insecurities would come rushing back at full speed, causing Prompto’s heart to beat faster and faster. He’d be so caught up in his anxiety that he might not even hear his crush if they had already given him their response. If his crush didn’t accept his confession, it’d be like his heart stopped. Deep down he saw it coming, he’d be like a deer in headlights, truly he wouldn’t have a response. Maybe he’d say a hushed “Okay…” or give a forced laugh. BUT, if his crush did accept his confession, PROMPTO WOULD BE SO HAPPY! His crush would’ve made his day just by accepting, and he’d immediately take them on a date afterwards. At the end of the day, his camera would be full of photos of them. 

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Ignis: We all know that Ignis’ confession would be romantically planned. I swear that he’d have everything scripted and planned down to the millisecond. It’d be that case where he’s imagined his ideal scenario multiple times in his head to the point of already having his fantasy take place as a memory that hasn’t even occurred (if that makes sense). As for what exactly Ignis would have planned, well, he wouldn’t want to start cooking for them right away. Ignis thought that inviting them over to his place so that he could cook a meal for them would be too strange. Ignis would take his crush to a lovely fairly dimly lit fancy restaurant. The menus would have a hard to read cursive writing, a single rose and small flickering candle on the table, faint classical music, the ideal place for a date. Ignis wouldn’t confess there however. If the conversation went well, the date would go on. If not, the two would simply part ways; Ignis either continuing to court them or allowing himself to move on due to lack of chemistry. Saying the date went well, Ignis and his crush would take a romantic stroll through the city, he would offer them his jacket if he believed they were chilly. Perhaps on bench near some sort of body of water the two would sit and talk more, fireworks in the distance. This is when Ignis would confess. His confession would be profoundly  genuine. He’d most likely state the qualities he admired in them, something like that, something really sincerely romantic. Ignis would hope he wasn’t being too blunt, fake, obnoxious, or weird, or anything negative. He REALLY didn’t wanna seem fake. It was rare that Ignis would fall for anyone, there must be something really special that drew him to the person he wants to confess to. 

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Gladio: Gladio’s confession would be random. The person who he has been crushing on would start to suspect that something was up. Gladio had started acting very sweet lately, and at times he had almost let his confession slip, before he caught himself. His crush would know that something was up and would confront him about it, simply wondering if everything was alright. Gladio did seem to be a bit off guard lately. Gladio did hate to admit it, but he was really nervous. There had been many times where Gladio was ready to confess, and he was ready at all times to confess to his crush, but just looking into their eyes he couldn’t bring himself to do it. It wasn’t necessarily because he knew that they wouldn’t say yes, it was because he didn’t want the dating relationship to completely change his crush and him as a person, he really still wanted the platonic relationship but with the added bonuses ;) . The day that his crush confronted him would be the day he confessed since he wasn’t able to keep up the ruse up any longer. His crush would ask why he’s been acting so strange and he’d make up an excuse. Gladio’s crush would refuse to believe that and THAT’S when Gladio would confess. It would completely take his crush by surprise even though they saw it coming from the minute he started acting strange. From that point on their relationship would start, but it wouldn’t be a drastic change from their friendship. 

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A/N: I tried making them all the same length and of course goddamn Ignis turned out the longest what a rude dude. Also im still pretty sure that im not taking requests bc im not ready for that but u can sure try if u wanna try to request stuff, but requests are just suggestions and there’s a 50% chance i may not do it

Not sure what happened to the gifs i think it’s fixed now 

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as a latina, i will say this once, and only once: i love ben barnes, but he should not have been cast as caspian.

let me explain this. the film-makers of prince caspian were looking for this mediterannean/spanish feel to the telmarines which is why you see mexican, spanish, italian, etc actors portraying the telmarines. the fact that they wanted real people of those mediterannean/spanish-influenced areas to portray those characters yet their main telmarine being played by an anglo englishman is so entirely offensive. they gave ben a tan and taught him a spanish accent and believed that would be somehow okay and it’s not.

xenophobia is a real thing, guys. latinos and mediteranneans and eastern europeans experience it on a daily basis and those of us that aren’t white either (because yes, you can be latino/mediterannean/east european and be white, it’s an ethnicity not a race) also experience racism. it’s so damaging to see an anglo white be able to put an accent and have a tan take the role of people that have literally been put down for centuries by his people. just as you don’t put a white man in blackface or yellowface and call him black or asian, you don’t give a man a tan and an accent and call him latino/mediterannean. i honestly felt it so insensitive that the film-makers constantly called the telmarines spanish or mediterannean yet didn’t bother to cast a spanish or mediterannean actor for the telmarines.

and don’t get me started on the fact that they lumped the latinos in with the spaniards. you know what the old spaniards are? a bunch of disgusting colonizers. just as it was unacceptable for the english to practically colonize the world and commit mass genocides of those native to those lands they colonized, it’s unacceptable for the spanish to have done the same. and for anyone who’s still not understanding this: spaniards and latinos are entirely different. just because we all speak spanish doesn’t mean we’re the same. if english-speaking white people can get offended for being confused for one another, then bet your sweet ass that us latinos will be offended too.

honestly, ben barnes is an amazing actor but what he did wasn’t right, what the film-makers did wasn’t right, and the fact that the fandom writes that off isn’t right either. go ahead and argue with me. but just know: i don’t care that they couldn’t find a non-anglo white actor that they liked. i don’t fucking care. it doesn’t excuse anything.

Wonder Woman brought up some Real Shit™ that is still applicable today, most importantly:

  • Chief explaining what happened to Native Americans
  • Charlie having PTSD and trying to deal with it
  • Sameer talking about how he wanted to be an actor but the color of his skin prevents that from happening

alright but listen, just listen, hypothetically if lotor was the galra from the weblum, how hilarious would it be if he was just deadass convinced that he owed a life debt to keith???? like can we please just talk about a ridiculous s3 in which the big bad is actually just like “hard pass, this guy saved my life, not gonna kill him” or, maybe life debts are a big deal in galra culture and so lotor physically can’t be the one to take out voltron because it would involve killing keith in the process. i mean can you imagine how hilarious it would be to have to explain to galra generals that, sorry, their prince can’t come to the battlefield right now because the mullet guy pulled him out of a small intestine once

When you remember that Laurent was only twenty years old and he was surrounded by all this decadence and really unhealthy stuff, and his uncle loathed him and he had no family and he was trapped and alone, and in the first book he’s having to act significantly older/ colder than he naturally is. 

And then you get into the later books and he and Damen are hiding from the people who are looking for them and he’s finding the whole thing hilarious and you just look at him and think ‘yep, he’s twenty.’

Types as Disney Villains

NOTE: Continuation to Types as Disney Heroines where I showcased the strengths of each type. This time, I’m focusing on the downsides and what the types may look like when unhealthy or looping.

ISTP - Aloof. Vulgar. Aggressive. Cold-hearted.

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“I tire of your arrogance, old man. Bow to me!”

ESTP - Possessive. Boastful. Disrespectful. Immature.

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“Were you in love with her, Beast? Did you honestly think she’d want you, when she had someone like me?”

INTP - Lazy. Untrustworthy. Awkward. Cynical.

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“He’s gotta have a weakness, because everybody’s got a weakness. I mean, for what? Pandora, it was the box thing. For the Trojans, hey, they bet on the wrong horse, okay?”

ENTP - Facetious. Moody. Noisy. Obnoxious.

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“Ah, how shall I do it? Oh, I know. I’ll turn him into a flea, a harmless, little flea, and then I’ll put that flea in a box, and then I’ll put that box inside of another box, and then I’ll mail that box to myself, and when it arrives, I’ll smash it with a hammer!”

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Q&A Cristina, Kieran, Mark and the politics of trust

“clockwork-artifices said: Hello, Cassie. I<3 Cristina, so i wanted to ask about her. She’s been described as someone who’s been hurt and betrayed in the past (and recently), therefore she doesn’t really trust people that easily now, so with that in mind i couldn’t totally understand 


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She took in the city’s skyline, the bridges, the quays, remembering the beauty of Themyscira with a pang - and fresh determination. War had done this to this city. Once Ares was dead, it would become habitable again. “It’s hideous,” she said bluntly.

Mildly amused, appreciative of her frankness, Steve took in Whitehall - the Houses of Parliament- and St.Paul’s Cathedral. It would be difficuld for her to comprehend the sense of relief this skyline engendered in him. She had lived in an untouched Eden. But for him, this had pretty much become home - if a spy in the middle of a war actually had home. A home base,  then. Same for her, since she couldn’t return to Themyscira. She must be going through six hundreds kinds of culture shock. She had stepped into this world of her own volition, but it had to be hard for her to deal with. He felt for her.

Royal!Bitty AU

(Hey, why is Jack the one who’s always literal royalty? Let’s get some royal!Bitty love up in here! So, Royal!Bitty AU -or- ‘How do you play a contact sport with bodyguards?’)


Now that Jack and Bitty have come out, nosy journalists are trying to dig up anything they can on the Bittles.

It doesn’t take long for someone to find one of the family’s most guarded secrets: that MooMaw was the secret half-daughter of the recently deceased King of *jackhammer sound*.   

Bitty’s great uncle, the childless, current King of *car horn*, wants to meet his long-lost American sister and her family. King Whatshisface takes a shine to Suzanne and Coach and Bitty and basically tries to repatriate the entire Bittle clan. 

In true Princess Diaries fashion, Bitty gets made up and over as the country’s new media darling, and everyone is calling him ‘Prince Eric’ (even though he’s technically a Duke? Maybe?), and suddenly Jack is the one dealing with an entirely new type of attention because he’s dating the world’s first openly gay royal.

**Bonus: Jack gets all blushy and stupid calling Bitty ‘Prince Charming’, and Bob keeps trying to get Coach to knight him 

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I was wondering if you came across any "arranged marriage" pics? For some reason those have really been my jam lately. Love this blog!

Thanks for these requests! I think I have a few here that fit what you’re looking for!

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Arranged Marriage AU

Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon by OathKeeper, Explicit, 17k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri, heir to the throne, is in an arranged marriage with Princess Mila. The only problem is that Yuuri’s attracted to men, and Mila’s attracted to women. Oh, and her brother, Prince Victor, is really attractive. I’m obsessed!

Spring and Winter by MidnightCrow, Teen, 8.4k (WIP)
Viktor is the beloved second prince of the spring kingdom, Yuuri is the shy prince of the winter kingdom, in order to prevent war between their two kingdoms Viktor is sent to the court of his enemy as a peace offering, a husband for their own prince. Can flowers even bloom in frozen ground? Love this!

The Rules For Lovers by ADreamingSongbird, Teen, 22k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri Katsuki has a duty to his country, above all else, and he knows this alliance will help to ensure the safety of his people. That’s the only reason he accepts Prince Nikiforov’s hand in marriage. The pleasant surprise, of course, is the part where they fall in love along the way. The unpleasant one, well… that’s a long story. Great fic so far!

There’s a Rumor in Saint Petersburg by MagicalGirl15, Teen, 5.8k (WIP)
Viktor Nikiforov, the prince of Saint Petersburg, now twenty-eight years of age, needs to find a suitor appropriate enough to please his father, the king, and continue the blue blooded Nikiforov line. What happens when he meets an attractive peasant in town and sees him in secret? Rec’d by a follower!

My Name On Your Lips by feelslikefire, Explicit, 44k (WIP)
Victor Nikiforov has finally returned home, and Yuuri is being summoned to the capital for their wedding. He needs a plan to put off marriage long enough to find a way to break the betrothal, while keeping his practicing from being discovered. A/B/O elements, if that’s your thing!

born to make it happen by norgbelulah, Teen, 15k
Victor is pleased Yuuri has accepted his proposal of marriage. Yuuri is anxious they’re rushing into things. Matters are complicated when they realize they will have to convince literally everyone else it’s a good idea. Lovely fic!

King Maker by aquaselution, Teen, 7.8k (WIP)
Yuuri, Crown Prince of Glaciena and Victor’s betrothed, had been missing for ten years only to be found at an obscure inn in a quiet coastal town. But he does not remember Victor and he does not think he is fit to rule the Kingdom. Great fic so far!

Melody of the Sky by Kagami_Sorak, Teen, 21k (WIP)
In which Yuuri is an omega but ignores his secondary gender because he can and bitchslapps the alpha king more often than necessary because Victor needs to be put down from his high horse and they slowly fall in love while dealing with more problems than they need. I haven’t read this yet, but it sounds like a great fic if you like A/B/O elements!

SO. I had this idea back when I watched the Samurai Jack finale. How would a man who was forced to give up his childhood and lived on his own for 50+ years deal with moving back in with his parents? He might be a taaaad underdeveloped. He’ll probably be an angsty “teenager” of a prince. 

Big thanks to the awesome peeps for suggestions/support for this idea! @sallychanscraps, @lilboatbigocean, Sakurascout, @sachikothekitsune @orenashii and esmer :)

I wrote a thing about Link getting smashed and Sidon having to deal with that but I was thinking…what about Sidon getting hammered and suddenly, Link has a 11 foot tall, muscular, very excitable as well as very, very, very drunk shark man on his hands?

Like, Link goes to the Zora Domain one day to be told that Sidon is supposedly “tipsy” so he, of course, goes to go see the Zora Prince so he can know how he is when he’s drunk and discovers that Sidon’s touchy feely, affectionate levels have gone through the roof. In other words, he’s a cuddle / compliment monster who could literally spend an hour gushing about how small and amazing Link’s hands are as he strokes and kisses his knuckles or how his eyes look like the ocean or just generally how unbelievably incredible he thinks Link is. Link also learns early on to never, ever let Sidon get him into an embrace because the Zora Prince’s arms will lock tightly and he won’t be getting loose until Sidon sobers up (which I mean, isn’t the worse thing in the world but Link has places to be and Sidon doesn’t really know his own strength when he’s drunk)

Bonus: Sidon talks incessantly about marriage whenever he’s drunk and about how he plans to make Link his bride, his “Queen”. Link mentions it to him once after he’s sobered up, expecting Sidon to get embarrassed but the Zora Prince just nods and is like ‘yes, that sounds about right, I’m just waiting for the perfect moment to propose’

Voltron Frozen!AU


-Ice Queen Allura

-Her younger (and lonely) brother, Lance

-Coran, the faithful royal advisor and caretaker 

-The charming Prince Lotor of the Galra Kingdom

-Ice boy Keith and his reindeer, Red

-Hunk loves warm hugs don’t fight me on this

-Lance ofc falls for Lotor bc Lotor is nice and sweet and makes him feel worthwhile (like a lot of Lancelot hcs)

-Then he has to deal with Keith, who talks to his reindeer and is rude (and possibly a little crazy wt the boulder thing)


-Hunk is ready to melt for Lance and also this sunshine boy needs some sun

-Fuck yeah Lance punches Lotor in the face

-L a n g s t

-White haired! Altean Lance bc that happens too in this story

-N then theres Shiro with the white streak

-where did it come from?

-another snow wielder?

-who knows

-find out in the sequel

EDIT: For those asking about Pidge, I’m not really sure but I think she/they would come in like Shiro-after the original plot. Feel free to add your own ideas if you’d like

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Okay, but like, clearly when Prince Adam turned back into his human form, some parts of the Beast still remained (hence the growl). So can we also conclude that other certain *ahem* animalistic instincts stuck around as well? Like... hot damn. 🔥🔥🔥

I am 100% here for this headcanon. and like, aside from the instincts I know you’re implying, imagine like the super cute and fluffy ones? HEADCANONS IN GENERAL LEGGO.

  • Probably doesn’t want to admit it but he absolutely loves his hair being played with. Fingers diving in and out, twisting his hair, brushing it out. Prince Adam loves it and silently dubs it his, ‘Secret guilty pleasure’.
    • Not really a secret because you’ve figured it out.
    • No doubt has a sweet spot right behind his ear(s) where if you rub/kiss gently, he feels like he’s on cloud nine.
      • I’m not saying he’s hairy all over but the dude is probably more hairy than average guys during that time. Interestingly enough, he likes to keep facial hair, but not absurdly long facial hair. Needless to say, the style grew on him.
  • Still has the keen sense of danger/the need to be protective. Sort of like a sixth sense, Prince Adam can still probably tell when/if a situation is dangerous but will still act on the instinct and need to be protective or territorial over things that mean a great deal to himself.
    • Would probably threaten someone if he felt like they were being menacing in any sort of way.
    • Threats would be sent in the form of growls. Prince Adam will attempt words, but anger takes over and words do tend to come out as animalistic sounds
  • Does eat with silverware on special occasions, but if given the choice and when there’s no one of importance around, he does eat with his hands, and or shoves his face onto the plate and eats that way.
  • Spends a lot more time in the sun than he did before. Reads outside, mindlessly sits outside with no intention of doing anything in particular, keeps the curtains open.
    • Probably likes to garden now that he’s not stuck in an eternal winter. Roses are his favorite. Different colors of roses. Red, White, Yellow, etc. He also likes sunflowers, the name more than the flower. They’re just happy.
    • You can find him just standing in the middle of the hallway in the afternoon, taking in the sun leaking in through the tall windows.
      •  The feeling of sunshine on his skin is a sensation he never thought he’d feel again. How he had taken such a naturally beautiful feeling and never appreciated it was a foolish move indeed. Prince Adam would cherish everyday in the sun from now on.
  • After the transformation, he probably didn’t spend that much time in the west wing as it brought back terrible memories. But, there is nothing bringing them back to life, he would convince himself. He knows that this is his choice and he can’t just forget that it never happened.
    • Eventually makes his way back to the west wing, tense and a bit cold as a sudden shiver or remembrance runs down his spine. He looks around, his sharp blue eyes setting on objects he’d never thought he’d see in perfect condition ever again. Everything is as it was before the curse was set. Everything looked just as pristine and as new as before. Prince Adam shuts his eyes and breathes in. Everything is as it should be. 

**These are just some tester headcanons! Lemme know what you think, and depending on that, I might write more! Thanks!** -Em.

Highlights of the new VLD teaser:

  • Lance smiling
  • Hunk looking beautiful as always
  • Lance and Hunk maneuvering shit together
  • Kolivan’s “Go, go” and the blade of marmora coming down a ship like the cool shits they are
  • Lance and Hunk most likely being on a mission with the blade of marmora
  • Keith most likely piloting the black lion
  • Lance most likely piloting both the blue and red lion
  • Did I mention Lotor? Because Lotor
  • Lance probably getting a fan club
  • Lotor
  • Prince fucking Lotor
The Prince of Egypt (problem number 1)

Someone asked me (in person) what I think was the worst injustice in the movie “the Prince of Egypt”, and my answer is going to sound weird at first, but once you hear the explanation, maybe it will make more sense.

My answer is, they robbed the leader of the jewish people of his jewish education and Pharaoh’s daughter of her jewish identity.

Moses (Moshe in hebrew) did not grow up thinking he was an Egyptian. Not remotely. When Yocheved (his mother) put him in the basket on the river, Miriam followed the basket, until it reached Pharaoh’s daughter, whose name was Batya. Now, Pharaoh’s daughter wasn’t just coming down to the river to bathe herself. It’s explained specifically in Tractate Sotah (in the talmud) that she came to ritually immerse herself in order to convert to Judaism. I’ll say it again, Pharaoh’s daughter was converting to Judaism when she found Moshe. Miriam knew this, and went up to Batya and asked her if she needed a jewish caretaker to help her raise the baby and give him a jewish education. After Batya agreed, Miriam brought Yocheved, Moshe’s own mother, to raise her own son in her own jewish household (until about age 5-6 when he went to go stay by Batya in the house of Pharaoh). Moshe always knew he was jewish! His mother was jewish, his foster mother (Batya) was also jewish. He always knew his sister Miriam, and his brother Aharon.

So as a side point - if that’s the case, why did Pharaoh agree to let his daughter raise a jewish baby as her own? He came up with a test to figure out if this baby boy was wise and power hungry (and thus a threat to his own son). He placed in front of Moshe a bowl of gold, and a bowl of burning coals, and if he reached for the gold, he was a concern, and if he reached for the coals, he would be safe to keep in his house. An angel took hold of Moshe’s hand and put it in the coals, after which Moshe put his hand in his mouth, burning his tongue, and giving him a speech impediment that would plague him until the last 40 days of his life (something else they conveniently left out of the movie). Because Moshe couldn’t speak clearly, he had to bring Aharon with him as a spokesman when he spoke to Pharaoh - the arrangement sort of that Moshe would whisper it to Aharon, and Aharon would relay to Pharaoh what Moshe intended to say. So in addition to the gross inaccuracy of the movie in general, those of you who make a big deal about Ableism by movie makers doing away with character disabilities. Here is an example of a real historical figure who had a REAL speech impediment that makes a big difference in how Moshe should have been communicating. Why do you remain silent? Please reblog this, thanks.

Reasons to read Captive Prince it has quotes like

  • What’s a death but easy, quick. It’s supposed to haunt you forever that the one time he beat you was the one time that mattered.
  • I don’t share your craven habit of hitting only those who cannot hit back, and take no pleasure in hurting those weaker than myself.
  • Like a man who enjoys owning an animal who will rake others with its claws but eat peacefully from his own hand, he was giving his pet a great deal of license.
  • A golden prince was easy to love if you did not have to watch him picking wings off flies.

It also has quotes like

  • You hit like a milk-fed catamite.
  • How lucky I am to have servants to point out my shortcomings.
  • “Is there anyone at this court who isn’t my enemy?’
    ‘Not if I can help it,’ Laurent said.
  • Laurent could inspire homicidal tendencies simply by breathing.
  • Nephew. you were not invited to these discussions.’
    ‘And yet, here I am. It’s very irritating, isn’t it?’
  • Damen had never before seen half a dozen soldiers reduced to compliant housekeeping by the sheer force of one man’s personal arrogance.
  • Yesterday I brutalised him. Today I am swooning into his arms. I would prefer the charges against me to be consistent. Pick one. 
  • Yes, apparently I have fucked my enemy, conspired against my future interests, and colluded in my own murder. I can’t wait to see what feats I will perform next.
Why the shows treatment of Yin Fen bothers me

*spoilers for if you are not up to date with either the show or infernal devices*

In the show you are introduced to yin fen as if it were any other recreational drug. Izzy gets hooked on it and displays the typical drug addict symptoms: cravings, fever, jitteriness, ect.  She is shown to be addicted to it, she is willing to do anything to get more of it; she is shown to be a very typical, unflatteringly painted, drug addict.

This completely destroys and undermines Jem Carstairs’ entire character arc.

It is immediately established in Clockwork Angel that Jem is not a drug addict in the common sense. Yin fen is not a metaphor for meth or cocaine or any other recreational drug. It is a metaphor for the wasting, cureless diseases of the day, such as consumption or typhoid or something:

A hero […] who was condemned to die young of a fatal demonic illness, no matter how desperate the efforts were to save him, just as in reality victims of consumption sickened and died without penicillin(Forward of Clockwork Princess, pg. 4) 

Clare states it clearly herself, yin fen is not a recreational drug like the show made it to be.

By giving Izzy this plotline, they have ruined any chance of Jem’s arc making any sense at all. People would see that Jem is addicted to yin fen and not be able to understand why he can’t just kick the habit. It wouldn’t make any sense that the drug is killing him, turning his hair and eyes silver and paling his skin, because this very obviously not what happens to Izzy. Izzy isn’t dying, she just feels like she is. 

It is made very clear that Jem hates what yin fen has done to him. He hates that he must rely on it, he despises how it has stolen his life from him. And while he compares it to the Opium in China and himself to the addicts(thus offering a compelling metaphor about colonialism and racism):

The British bring opium into China by the ton. They have made a nation of addicts out of us. In Chinese we call it ‘foreign mud’ or ‘black smoke’. In some ways Shanghai, my city, is built on opium. It wouldn’t exist as it does without it. The city is full of dens where hollow-eyed men starve to death because all they want is the drug, more of the drug. They’ll give anything for it. I used to despise men like that. I couldn’t understand how they were so weak.


There was one thing they couldn’t fix, though. I had become addicted to the substance the demon had poisoned me with. My body was dependent on it the way an opium addict’s body is dependent on the drug.

(Clockwork Angel, ch. 15, pg. 339-340)

He also makes it very clear that the drug is more of an bastardized medicine:

After weeks of experimentation they decided that nothing could be done: I could not live without the drug. The drug itself meant a slow death, but to take me off it would mean a very quick one.

The yin fen is what keeps Jem alive, and he despises that. He wants to burn bright like Will does, he wants to live to grow old with Tessa(though not for her but that’s another rant). This why he throws it in the fire in Clockwork Princess, why he was taking less of it. He loathes relying on it. 

This is not the case with Izzy. Izzy, like most drug addicts, craves how good the yin fen makes her feel. She actively wants more of it. It is not a unavoidable and cruel medicine, it is a recreational drug. 

But the worst aspect of this is that it plays right into the negative and degrading view the other Shadowhunters have of Jem and further causes and creates Jem’s greatest fear. 

The books works extremely hard to make it very clear that Jem Carstairs is not a drug addict. It is consistently referred to as his illness, the other characters work hard to combat this kind of thinking in the novels themselves. This plays into the vilification of the Lightwoods especially, with Gabriel constantly saying awful and derogatory things about Jem:

“You’re a decent Shadowhunter, James,” [Gabriel] said, “and a gentleman. You have your–disability, but no one blames you for that.”

(Clockwork Angel, ch. 9, pg. 206)

“I think,” Gabriel said, “that perhaps you might consider whether jokes about opium are either amusing or tasteful, given the…situation of your friend Carstairs.”

Will froze. Still in the same tone of voice, he said, “You mean his disability?

Gabriel blinked. “What?”

“That’s what you called it. Back at the Institute. His ‘disability’.” Will tossed the bloody cloth aside. “And you wonder why we aren’t friends.”

(Clockwork Angel, Ch. 11, pg. 269)

Not only this, but the scenes during and after Jem retrieves Will from the Drug Den, are extremely telling.

When Jem drags Will out of the den, the reader sees him lose his temper for the first time:

“You did not have to come and fetch me like some child. I was having quite a pleasant time.” 

Jem looked back at him. “God damn you,” he said, and hit Will across the face, sending him spinning. Will didn’t lose his footing, but fetched up against the side of the carriage, his hand to his cheek. His mouth was bleeding. He looked at Jem with total astonishment.

(Clockwork Prince, ch. 9, pg. 195)

In this moment, Jem is so blindingly angry at Will, even Tessa observes herself how this was so utterly unlike him, because he feels as if Will is mocking Jem and his addiction by going and getting high on a drug when Jem is literally dependent and dying because of the yin fen.

“There’s no cure,” […] “I will die, and you know it, Tess. Probably within the next year. I am dying, and I have no family in the world, and the one person I trusted more than any other made sport of what is killing me.”


“He knows what it means to me,” he said. “To see him even toy with what has destroyed my life–”

(Clockwork Angel, ch. 9, pg. 200)

Because Jem has to battle against the label of a drug addict everyday, and his biggest fear is that he is just a addict, that that’s all anyone sees. He hates that label. Which, as seen, is openly talked about in the books. This is such a big deal that Will actually apologizes for it:

“I went to that den because I could not stop thinking about my family, and I wanted–I needed–to stop thinking,” said Will. “It did not cross my mind that it would look like I was making a mockery out of your sickness. I suppose I am asking your forgiveness for my lack of consideration.”

(Clockwork Prince, ch. 11, pg. 247)

Even though Will makes a point to never apologize about anything so that others will hate him. He apologizes to Jem for this thoughtlessness because he realizes how royally he messed up. 

All of this is totally disregarded in Izzy’s storyline. People entering into TID after watching the show will be confused and not understand how Jem is sick and dying and is not really a drug addict at all. In short, they will enter into the novels with a prejudice and misunderstanding of Jem, and see him just like the other Shadowhunter’s do: a weak drug addict.

tl;dr: the show totally ruins and misconstrues and mocks Jem’s character arc by giving Izzy such a typical(and utterly incorrect) recreational drug addict storyline and I am furious about it.

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Ok, so the best part of thar gif set with Talisin calling Travis' roll is the fear in Matt's eyes as he realizes how Talliesin's powers have expanded. Talisin is either a chaos deity or has struck a real world deal with Orthrax.

that man is the purest condensed force of undiluted chaos I have ever seen. Who is he. What is that life like. What must it be like to meet this man for the first time and discover facts about him like “Was Once Vampire Prince of LA” and “Has A Royal Reputation At Renfaires.” What about “lord satan dude, we are totally ready to serve you.” 

Taliesin when the fuck did you say that outside of an RPG. Taliesin, is that why your luck is the Way It Is. Taliesin, we want answers.