he is a precious gem in my life


Before I start this, I just want to say thank you all so so much for 1,500 followers!!! It’s mind blowing and crazy but thank you from the bottom of my heart!! And now onto my lil jelly bean, the light to my life, Kim Taehyung aka V aka Tae aka okay I need this kid to chill the fuck out bc my heart cannot handle him like he’s just like lol i’ll just casually wear a fucking collar and leash like can you casually not

  • Proposal here
  • Wedding here
  • Honeymoon here
  • For those of you haven’t read either of those parts (it isn’t mandatory it’s just further backstory but it’s totally readable without it) this features young!taehyung
  • This lil precious gem right here would be such an amazing husband
  • Like actual top quality
  • He’s already madly in love with you like this kid would fall h a r d
  • But the fact that he now gets to refer himself as your husband just amplifies it
  • He spends the first month of being married, telling you he loves you every two seconds
  • He makes you breakfast in bed whenever he wakes up before you
  • Tae seems like he’s more of a cereal guy in general, cooking skills or not
  • But he knows the exact way you like your cereal
  • Like the e x a c t way, he’s spent his entire life with you so he’s got all of these lil facts down
  • He makes it all cute by pouring the milk into a cup on the side (bc who wants soggy cereal when they first wake up not me) and your favorite cereal and a lil flower
  • He brings it up super carefully and slowly bc he doesn’t wanna spill anything
  • His favorite activity is cuddling
  • He l o v e s doing anything with you really
  • It can be going to an amusement park or just a lil café or just singing along to songs in your shared apartment
  • No matter what it is he has fun bc he’s with the love of his life but the cuddling is his most favorite
  • He loves anything skinship so having an entire event dedicated to nonstop skinship is just !!!!
  • He would love love love having days off bc it meant cuddling all night just to wake up and cuddle all day and then repeat the process
  • Okay but just take a second to truly imagine this
  • Imagine waking up to see your loving husband at your side as usual
  • His hair would be a mess, like he’s posted a pic or two of him with bed head I believe and while it's precious and absolutely just 10/10 it’s definitely messy
  • He seems like the type to lowkey wear like dinosaur pajama pants to bed and it’s one of the reason we would get along so well but like just picture his cute lil legs in them bc y e s
  • He’s a bit tricky to wake up in the morning so you do have to wake him up slowly so he actually stays awake
  • It's pretty easy honestly
  • Just give him a kiss every few minutes, whether it’s on his lips or his cheek or his lil nose it doesn’t matter, just keep doing it until he officially wakes up  
  • He would be s o whiny if you wanted to get up at any point though
  • “Tae I need my phone to see what time it is it’s just on the other side of the bed”
  • “I’m honestly so cold rn don’t leave me alone dONT”
  • It’s all playful though like when you do get up he chases you around and the apartment is filled with giggles coming from the both of you
  • Pretty much every day with Tae is playful
  • He’s just a very playful person overall but it really comes out around people he’s comfortable with
  • Being with Tae is like being with your best friend only you get to kiss him like talk about a bonus
  • His favorite pet name is just all of them
  • I have this head canon that’d he call you pb and you’d call him j bc peanut butter and jelly
  • Husband!Tae is just your best friend that’s beyond in love with you and you both adore each other so so much

( @persephonce cont.)

He watches her closely, drinking in every ounce of her 
reactions to him, of her
thoughts as they passed over her fair and lovely features,
as if it was itself his ambrosia -
his life source.

Steel eyes fall to her smile, 
small though it was, 
and he brightens only barely at how it lifts her cheeks 
and bares her teeth,
and turns her soft face into the most precious of gems.

“If you wish to have me- 
My truths and gentility,
For my love belongs to you already,”
Breaths he, the mighty host, who’s voice was same as the mist 
that glinted over the Asphodel’s ashen petals.
“then gladly I am yours. But only then. If you will take it.”

I am so in love with him. I am consumed by him. He is the light that shines at the end of the darkest of tunnels, the most precious gem known to the history of the world. He is not harsh, but gentle, the way streams flow when it’s sunny out. You know that you’ll find in him something you can’t find in everyone. And I am so in love with him. I know that I’ll never stop.