he is a part of this show

get this - a Thai show about gay love refuses to cast gay men in the roles of gay men (I know, unbelievable)

they (the organizer of the show) released a statement saying that they were searching only for straight actors because they felt they would fit the roles (of gay men) better

not only did they basically admit that they’re not creating their series for anyone but straight fangirls by saying something like that (because they can still ship themselves with the straight actors even if they somewhat or completely believe in their OTPs), they’ve also used a really popular, openly gay rising actor, Newyear Kitiwhut (part of an internet-famous Thai gay couple) to draw attention, only to drop him in the final stages of auditions (he brought in a lot of fans and supporters to the show by auditioning)

it also shows that they don’t really care about the content they are creating and the story they are telling, just the popularity of it (even if the organizer of the show is gay himself, he still only wanted straight men to play the roles)

you can read the full translation of the statement here + the opinion of the person who translated

the show is called 2Moons The Series

‘i missed the show because i was in the studio whole day’ and then he shows up at universal music group after party is the new ‘harry and louis are on vocal rest and just relaxing that’s why they are not in a radio interview to promote the album they are part of in a normal promo appearance’ 


I don’t care who you are or who you stan, you NEED TO WATCH THIS RIGHT NOW.

Even if you don’t like kpop, if you have no idea who he is, please watch this.

For those of you who don’t know - this is Jo Kwon, a kpop idol; he started as a singer in a ballad group called 2AM, and he has also released solo albums. He’s always been a bit “different” in the kpop industry, he’s extremely out there and often dances to girl group songs and wears “girl” clothes. 

These past few weeks he has been a part of a show where he made a lot of cover songs, most of them of originally female performers (last week he performed a Byonce song and omg he was amazing). He has been getting a lot of hate for it, because people don’t understand him and think he’s a drag queen. He said last week that he’s not, that he’s just a performer and this is what he does - perform.

This week, on the last episode of the show, he performed Lady Gaga’s “Born this way”. You can see in his eyes how powerful the lyrics are to him (he also has that sentence tattooed on his back. And has a dog named Gaga lol). This performance is his way of saying “fuck you” to those haters. 

I love Jo Kwon with all my heart, and he keeps on inspiring me every single time. There aren’t many kpop idols like him, and he’s one of the most talented, hardworking and genuine people out there.

Please love and support him!

(and if you haven’t listened to his solo album I recommend Animal and I’m Da One because those songs are just amazing)

Honestly the most relatable scene out of the entire show is that one part where Jonathan is in the car just driving and minding his own business when all of a sudden Should I Stay Or Should I Go comes on and he gives The Look of brooding depressed loner and just what kind of relatable tfw you’re just tryna live your life but then that one song with too many memories connected to it comes on and you gotta take a moment to act like the indie movie protagonist you really are inside

you know what i love about oswald? i love that he’s such a nervous, panicking boy when he’s in love. he’s such a shaky teenager. the way his expression just lightens up when he sees ed, like his eyes are SPARKLING guys and he’s such a sweet little peng. i mean in that one scene he literally slaps his own head with his papers once ed’s looking away because he thinks he EMBARRASSED himself. oswald = small birb crushing and blushing on and around everyone who shows him genuine affection. he is BRUTAL and he should get some help but he is also a tender little egg

Band (Part 2)

College band kid again! Today we had our last practice before our concert on Friday.

Literally all this happened today.

- Two kids went back and forth speaking in different TV show character voices while everyone died laughing.

- Trumpet player not realizing how loud he said the word, “SHIT!” DURING A SONG.

- *As my band director walks on the stage.* “And then they will throw babies at my face.”

- “I will drop my hands, turn around, and bow. Don’t be surprised if they don’t clap right away, they’re still processing it.” - Band director

- “This isn’t even any of ours.” *Chucks drumstick out into house*

- Kenny: *picks up drumstick from house and starts playing on armrest*

Band director: *Walks back into house* KENNY. STOP HITTING THINGS.

- A guy said, “Touch my butt.” He turned around and realized I wasn’t his girlfriend.

- My band director almost fell over trying to get her podium up. A clarinetist had to help her.

- The fact my band director screamed from backstage and nobody heard her. (She wasn’t in danger, she just wanted to let us know we could take the mallet instruments/chimes through the gym and to the theatre.)

- *Band warms up*
*Lights get SUPER BRIGHT and everyone just stops playing for a second as they’re trying not to be blinded*

- *Band director points to the backdrop* “You know? I know this is the set for The Little Mermaid, but it’s actually a good band shell….”

- Band director: I’m going to be playing percussion for it, but go see The Little Mermaid for Lance and Kristen! I’ll just happen to be there….

- Band director: We have like EIGHT KIDS AUDITIONING AND ONE OF THEM IS AN OBOE. But there’s no brass…. (We have 4 brass players.)

(That number of kids would almost double our band.)

- *In a very bad southern accent* “Have you tried marking time?”

- “Don’t touch the set pieces. Don’t put stuff on the set pieces. DON’T EVEN LOOK AT THE SET PIECES CROSSEYED.” - Band director

- “I’m going to turn the house lights on so you don’t die.”

- Kenny: (As Lance descends down the stairs) AAAAAAND HERE’S OUR NEXT CONTESTANT ON THE PRICE IS RIGHT!

Band director: (While making motions.) Then they’re (the contestant) running down the stairs and their boobs are flying out of their shirt???? Its happened.

- *Entire band singing All-Star*
*Everyone stops singing and realizes what that means.*
*Band director bursts out laughing.*

- Kenny: *Moves baseball hat to the side of his head* Yo yo!

Bass Clarinetist: No, Kenny.

- Bass Clarinetist: I worry about you two… A lot.

I’m surprised we actually got anything done….


She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.

anonymous asked:

I would love to see a backstory on Rowena featuring Crowleys dad. I wonder what he would think of his son being King?

*rubs hands together* Settle in folks.

Ooohkay so we know Crowley’s father was rich and maybe a big deal in some part of Scotland.

And it’s implied Rowena’s filth and weakness is why he left her

So it would make sense that if he learned that their son had become the King of Hell, he might begin to show a little more interest in her. Probably only to use her and see what else their progeny could accomplish. Let alone the fact she’s now a powerful witch. His interest seems to have been to use her, and so I think he would continue to do so in a modern context. I’ll leave you to fill in the blanks as to how toxic that is.

As to the back story, I think he was equally as toxic back then, and used her. Bearing in mind when he met Rowena, she wasn’t the powerful witch she is now.

So, she was naive and wanted love and affection. She was also presumably still quite a pretty little thing. For the right kind of douche, she was a prime target. He could use her for what he wanted and she was relatively easy to keep on board.

He took complete advantage of her while she was vulnerable. And you can see the pain it brings her to talk about it. She also doesn’t talk about it until she literally has no choice with the witch catcher. (Gonna point out Crowley is doing what his father did and taking advantage of her - but I do get his position here). 

So I think any backstory with Crowley’s father would be SUPER toxic and abusive. 

((my screen grabs))

Reasons Why "How Is Flowisk Not More Popular tbqh"
  • Flowey spends basically the entire game following Frisk around.
  • Flowey makes a giant show of fighting Frisk and lets them come back as many times as he want, when nothing is really stopping him from killing them if he actually wanted to do that.
  • Doing the above enough times has him admitting that he’s having fun fighting with them, even if he thinks that Frisk might be a sicko who is dying on purpose.
  • His form during this fight has cacti for arms, and the cactus is canonically the most tsundere of plants.
  • Minor one, but tying to the above, “(You stop to smell the flowers.)” as Frisk investigates another cactus.
  • “You REALLY think I want to be friends with YOU? Heh…” as his face drops to a somewhat bashful-looking strained grin.
  • After the Asriel fight, Frisk and Asriel (AKA Flowey’s true form) have the option to hug, which Asriel doesn’t want to let go of.
  • “You’re the type of friend I wish I always had.”
  • “Let Frisk be happy. Let Frisk live their life.” even after Asriel goes back to being Flowey (what happened to being unable to care about anyone, kiddo? Seems like you care, to me).
  • In a more meta sense, post-TP they could confide a lot to each other that nobody else would be able to relate to, as they both possessed the ability to reset at different points.
  • Both Frisk and Flowey are presumably similar in age and both around at the same time, where bringing back either Asriel or Chara in full would take some canon-bending or intense magic (which in Asriel’s case, he willingly gave up because it came at the expense of others).

(And before anyone gets mad about the last one, ship whatever, I’m just sayin’ that Frisk and Flowey both exist as-is by the end of the game without having to rewrite anything (just clarifying because I don’t trust there to be no upsetti))

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: if allura was so against the galra why didnt she make any comments about shiro's arm. she knew the galra, wouldnt she have been able to instantly recognize their tech? why did she instantly trust him despite showing strong prejudice against the galra and why did she never ever have anything against him until he wanted to go to ulaz's base. why was it only when keith was revealed to be part-galra she got iffy about one of the paladins having something to do with the galra. why did she trust shiro? why didn't she ever make any remarks about his arm? IS THIS OBVIOUS SHALLURA THAT WENT RIGHT UNDER ALL OUR NOSES-
Bob's Burgers: Gene Belcher: ENFP


Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Gene is a Ne-dom to the max. In the above GIF, he goes through many phases, changing his style constantly, claiming each is who he really is. He’s imaginative and creative and comes up with ideas effortlessly. When in a cheer-off, he comes up with several original cheers on the fly, beating his opponent handedly. In one episode, he writes a musical based on Die Hard, coming up with all the dialogue, dances, songs, and acts all the parts in it too. Whenever his ISTJ dad gives him a mundane task, he finds a way to make it fun, for instance, turning handing out free samples into a singing performance. Gene is highly distractable and gets bored easily.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Gene doesn’t talk about how he feels, but rather shows it through actions. For example, he doesn’t say it hurts his feelings to be ignored, but dons a Sasquatch mask and makes noise, grumbles and huffs till he gets attention. While Gene is mostly a dreamer who just wants to come up creative, fun ideas, he will do what he thinks is right if pushed. When people make fun of Tina, he stands up to them, exclaiming that only him and Louise are allowed to tease her, they’ll stick together from the womb to the tomb. When high schoolers are about to take down the young trick or treaters on Kings Head Island, he helps his siblings save them. Even though his ex girlfriend annoys the living crap out of him, he still lets her in his musical because it’s the right thing to do.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Gene loops a lot, coming up with ideas and just going for them, without stopping to consult his Fi. He wants to be in a band and starts one, even though he can’t play more than two notes on his keyboard, but then almost looses his friends because he doesn’t like how they’re trying to take over “his” band. His musical isnt selected by his teachers, and he plans on doing it anyway, stealing cast and audience members from the other play, but at the end combines his with the other play because he feels bad for sabotaging the other kids. Gene gets caught up being Beefsquatch, without caring he’s ruining Bob’s cooking show, but of course realizes he’s wrong and reconciles with his dad in the end.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Gene is forgetful and not very aware of his environment. He constantly looses things and has a hard time following through on tasks; he forgets the black garlic during the burger contest and almost gets distracted by the food fest and forgets to give it to his dad again. He’s also not very aware of his own bodily sensations and continues to eat lobster even though he’s VERY allergic, just to experience the thrill of trying new food.

He really pulls it off. He really does exude the kind of charm and arrogance you imagine RD Laing would have had to have had.

First review of ‘Mad too be Normal’, The Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland (x, the part about ‘Mad to be Normal’ starts at 46:40)

“The film is definitely held together by David Tennant’s performance. It offers kind of like a patchwork view of this period, in that scenes kind of drop in and drop out. It’s really his performance that is the centre of the film and it is excellent. It’s definitely David Tennant’s first real proper opportunity to have a leading role in a film to do some work which can be compared to some of the best he’s done on TV and here I think he really does dive wholeheartedly into this role.”

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“Sometimes being a total geek pays off.”

I’ve never been really popular at school. Sounds cliche but in my school you’re still a total loser when you know more about comics and TV shows than about One Direction or the Kardashians.

But there’s one class where all this pays off: History.

Watching shows like Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, The Tudors, The Borgias, etc made me passionate about parts of world history and it helped me raise my grade from a friendly D to straight A’s. 

One day, we were talking about the origin of the Anglican church. With despair, my teacher stood in front of us and tried telling us about it. You could see how he hoped that at least one of us would engage in class.

Jenna, my class mate and best friend, tapped on my arm and showed me her drawing: A suicidal stick man with the words “please kill me” underneath it.

“You’re so stupid”, I whispered and laughed.

“So, can anyone tell me what caused the birth of the Anglican Church?” my teacher asked. Sweat was running down his face. 

Of course, no one answered. Synthia filed her nails, Braiden tried to look at her boobs without being too conspicuous. I sighed. Watching Netflix really helped.

So I raised my hand and as Mr Collins asked me with a seemingly tearful voice, I answered: “The Anglican Church was establish because Henry VIII wanted to marry his lover, Anne Boleyn, but wasn’t able due to the pope not wanting to annul his marriage to his brother’s widow, Catherine of Aragon. The pope was afraid to cause more tension between the Catholic Church and Catherine’s nephew, Charles V. But because Henry knew there was no other chance to keep Anne than to marry her, he established his own church, annulled his marriage and married Anne Boleyn”


Dead silence.

Mr Collins seemed to almost faint out of joy and Jenny stared at me as if I was an alien. 

“How do you know that?” she asked, eyes wide open.

“Well,” I said and grinned. “Sometimes being a total geek pays off.”


I’m sorry, I’m sick and my writing is terrible :D

Red- or James Spader - is he too old?

I’ve been thinking hard these last weeks about a few things. Which could explain the way this show is running.

First, our hero is a man, in his fifties, always dressed like a business man, never showing any part of his old body. And that man is played by James Spader, with his baldness, his little weight, far from the sex-symbol he used to be. Well, wether I like him now better than younger, it doesn’t change the thing that for many viewers, he’s quite old. We’re all said that after 50, we’re too old for everything!!!! Look at the commercials, the movies, etc…even the ratings consider people under 49.

So as our hero is over 50, he doesn’t deserve any love story. His only means are, being a father figure for a woman, a grand father for a baby, because, hey, a man over 50 must be a grand father! That’s the rules! And above all, he needs to fix everything before he dies. Yes, because when you’re over 50, death is at your door step, of course!!! You’re old!!!! (I need to fix an appointment asap with my lawyer!)

Why do I say that? Listen carefully to the dialogues after season 1 and more often after season 2. He’s often called old man. Which was not obvious at all in season 1. He’s got no love interest, only former ones. Red never makes love, guys! Because he’s too old for that! (I wish Spader to be more sexual than his character…hopefully for his girlfriend!)

Second, in every show, every where, there’s always a ship. Unfortunately here, the hero is an old man. What did they do to build the ship? They chose Tom Keen! He’s perfect for the youngest viewers and his fake marriage with Lizzie just help building a real character…with real muscles! He’s young, he’s quite handsome, he’s a spy. Yeah, that’s the new James Bond, guys!!! Let’s give him a huge role in the main show and a biggest one in his own show later. That’s good for the ratings (or the money dropped by the commercials dedicated to people under 49).

So we’re watching Tom Keen (or whatever his real name is) sailing the show, becoming the lover perfect figure in it. What about Ressler? I mean, he’s young, nice body too, some may say he’s really gorgeous (not my kinda man, but, well, you know…I’m over 50 myself! LOL), and he doesn’t deserve anything like that? Why? Why Keen could be better than Ressler? 

So, I’m sorry to say that, but in Hollywood like everywhere on Earth, people make money on youth. Youth is the key to success. Youth is the hope. When you’re over 50, you’re only good for paying the taxes, watch your family grow, pay for your medecines and pills, prepare your death and that’s all!!! 

What if, it’s only a brief and stupid thought, what if you don’t wanna die so soon because you’re ONLY 50 or 57, or even 60? 

I remember some good old days where Clark Gable was more than 50 and was still a lover. And what about Gregory Peck? What about John Wayne? What about Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Pierce Brosnan, Brad Pitt? Are they too old as well? 

Anyway, if I’m right about why TPTB don’t want Spader to be a lover in that show, I’ll consider it as a waste of time for me. 

On The Edge With You: Part 2 (Spencer Reid x Reader)

A direct continuation to part 1, which was so well received. I can’t thank you guys enough for the kind words! I needed to calm myself after tonight’s episode so I finished this up. Hopefully you like it! PWP. Smut. Spencer shows the reader the finer side of taking your time. 

“Come here, Y/N,” Spencer said, leaning over and grabbing a cloth out of the nightstand drawer. He cleaned his torso as well as he could and shifted over so you could lie next to him.

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So there it is! Special thanks to @minchen0897 and @ceara-banana - You know what you did <333

Dead Robins Society - Runaway Part II

Summary: Finding Jason is harder than expected, but there is one person that should know where he is…

[Read on AO3]

Jason was hard to find if he did not want to be found. He had been trained by the best as well as the worst and Damian was still only twelve. It was an excuse, sure, but right now, he was okay with that. Jason would have been proud.

Sighing, Damian curled himself up on the backseat of Steph’s car. It was a hunch they were following. Nothing more than a hunch, but at least they were moving. If Jason had been with them, he would have fiddled with the radio, singing along whenever he knew the lyrics, but he wasn’t here.

For some kind of idiotic reason, the dummy had decided he wasn’t worth Damian’s time. Wasn’t worth being around him and being a bad influence on him. Which was the most moronic conclusion Damian had ever heard and he hated even thinking about it.

He didn’t understand it, either. Didn’t understand what he was doing here in the car with Steph either. In what little time Jason and he had spent together, Damian had been given so much… he was in no place to ask Jason to give him even more, no matter how much Damian wanted his brother to come back.

Just before he could fall asleep, Steph put a cassette in the old radio, filling the car with what she called ‘music’. Damian called it ‘crap’ and shot up in his seat. “Will you turn that down!”

“Just put your earphones in.” Looking at him through the mirror, Steph grinned and turned the music louder. It was a punk band with a female lead that had no idea what it meant to hit a single note.

“I’d still hear it,” he complained.

“Yeah, well, sucks to be you. I’m driving and I need to stay awake.”

“Oh for– just let me drive.”

Steph considered it. He knew she considered it by the glance she gave him. Her reply still came out dry and negative.

“Let’s talk again once there’s hair growing on your face.”

“If facial hair were a prerogative to drive,” Damian started, pulling out his iPod. “Neither you nor Drake would ever be allowed. Just pull over next time you get the chance. I need to pee.”

“Again?” Steph whirled around.

“Keep your eyes on the road!”

“Shit!” Cursing, she brought the car under her control again, flipping the honking man behind them the bird. “Still need to pee?”

“Not anymore,” Damian grumbled.

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Missing (Part Three)

note: this is part 3 of 10!

pairing: thomas jefferson x reader

word count: 2100

warnings: swearing, kidnapping mention

summary: alexander hamilton has gone missing, and you had spent an entire week trying to decipher what happened when a familiar face showed up on your doorstep, suggesting the two of you work together to find out where he has gone.

a/n: i hope you guys like this part!!! i just started workin on this again, so expect part four… sometime??? not that anyone pays attention to this fic enjoy <3

Part Three - November 13th, 5:04 pm

Within several minutes, you were pulling up in front of Lafayette and Hercules’s apartment building and pushing your way through the front door. After some navigation through the overly spaced-out lobby (and the close dodges of many ceiling plants hanging down in Thomas’s face), you found your way to the staircase and started making your way up to the sixth floor. Since the boys had moved in, the elevator had broken 7 times, and you recalled when you came over two weeks prior that it had been busted again, so to save you time that you would normally spend trudging down the million-mile first floor hallway to get to said elevator, you took the stairs.

It turned out, as you arrived on the sixth floor, that the elevator was just fine and Lafayette was actually just arriving home, stepping out of it as you and Thomas pushed through the stairwell door.

Mon ami!” he exclaimed when he saw you, placing his grocery bags on the ground and rushing over to hug you. When you saw him up close, his eye bags were almost jumped off of his face, and he looked very… disheveled. You suspected the boys were still upset over Alexander’s disappearance, and you hated to think about what the other two looked like. “And… Jefferson, bonjour, good to see you.”

“Yeah, you too,” Thomas said unconvincingly, glancing away.

“What are you doing here, if you don’t mind me asking?” Lafayette said.

“We actually came to talk abou-“

“We want to ask you and your friends some questions about Halloween,” Thomas interjected before you could finish.

“Questions?” Lafayette repeated. “What?”

Your head swiveled around and you shot Thomas a glare, elbowing him in the side while you were at it. “No, no, we just wanted to talk about Alexander’s… disappearance. We wanted to see how you guys were doing, hear your thoughts…”

“Oh.” Lafayette was statue-still for a moment, then nodded. “Oh, yes, of course, come on in. I was just going out and getting dinner – John hasn’t cried in three days and I was very proud of him this morning. He’s been very emotional over Alex’s disappearance, mind you. Feels guilty, like he should’ve been able to stop it.” The French man picked up his bags and beckoned for you and Thomas to follow him over to his front door. “I think it’s unreasonable – I told him so myself, I said, ‘John, mon ami, it is not your fault Alex is missing’ and he always argued back that yes, it was, it was all his fault and the cops might as well arrest him instead.”

You and Thomas exchanged a look as you stepped through the doorway.

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Noct tried to fix it headcanon

So part of my fanfic research involves rewatching pretty much all the cutscenes in the game. Last night I was rewatching the first train scene and I realized how absolutely gutted Noct looks and it got me thinking…

When you first go to the hotel in Altissia is when Gentiana shows up with Umbra to explain the time travel thing. Now meta-wise this is just a mechanic that let’s you go back to open world play whenever you want. But, let’s look at it as a plot device. Several weeks pass between Noct waking up in Altissia and the train scene (which is part of why Gladio is telling him to get over it) and Noct is still so messed up…what if it’s because he used Umbra? What if he tried to go back and replayed it over and over again Groundhog Day style? What if he tried to save Luna, tried to protect Ignis, tried to fix even any small part of it but he couldn’t. It’s one of those fixed moments in time where it doesn’t matter what you do, things always turn out the same. And he tried and he tried and nothing ever worked until he was forced to give up (or likely Gentiana made him stop).

What if that’s why he’s in such a funk on the train? Because he’s dealing with the fact that the people around him can die, they can get hurt, and he can’t save them.

Armed Detective Agency Off-Set

Atsushi- Atsushi’s personality takes almost a complete 180 off set. He’s quirky, fun and loud. He finds his outfit kind of annoying to deal with because the belt keeps smacking him in the ass and legs when he’s filming. He also thinks he looks kinda like a hobo, even if that is the point of his getup. The hardest part in filming was trying to keep a straight face as Akutagawa spit out the word ‘Jinko’ because of the strange accents he would do. Atsushi is crazy dedicated to filming and is always seen with his script in hand. But, just like the Show Atsushi, they’re both kind to everyone, although irl Atsushi likes to joke around a lot more. When they were filming the Chazuke part in the beginning, he couldn’t finish it all, so the crew teamed up to help him.

Dazai- Dazai is so extra that he refuses to take off his costume until the set is actually closing, and even then, it takes five people to shove him into a change room. He’s really cheeky and mischievous to people that he’s comfortable with, but the entire crew can tell you that he kept to himself for the first two weeks because he was really shy. He’s a crazy good singer, but the only person he sings seriously for is Chuuya. They aren’t officially dating, but everyone knows that he will eventually.He’s pretty good at keeping in his alcohol too. Also, Dazai is the king of pranks. He once switched out everyone’s scripts for the Bee Movie script (even Asagiri’s). Dazai also acted like Yenpress Dazai for a week, driving everyone insane. A not-so-funny prank ended up with him in the hospital after accidentally hanging himself as a joke. The wiring was faulty and he was choking for a good 20 seconds before Yosano panicked and said that it was indeed real. There’s at least one crew member watching Dazai’s actions from that scare.

Side note: The entire crew once played ‘Never Have I Ever’ without Dazai there for fun and accidentally found out that everyone has had a crush on Dazai at least once from the entire time they worked with him. They all vow to keep it a secret (although Chuuya is slightly jealous, he would never admit it) They can’t help it, he’s really charming. 

Fukuzawa- He’s the most like his character than anyone on the set (excluding several other members). But… he’s actually semi-allergic to cats, which kills him inside because he loves animals. He, Hirotsu and Mori are always seen together talking about politics and other things that most of them don’t care about. Fukuzawa is great friends with everyone and is in charge of making sure the studio doesn’t burn down from everyone’s shenanigans

Ranpo- He’s not as lazy as everyone thinks. The guy goes for an hour runs before filming begins because he knows the amount of food he’s going to consume is ridiculous. Ranpo sometimes kidnaps Carl to freak Poe out, which sometimes leads into really loud bickering. He can be found helping with the cameras/filming or reading a book in the corner while blasting rap music from his headphones. He’s also brilliant at chess and graduated early. Ranpo has never found a job he actually likes until he became and actor on BSD

Yosano- Still Queen off and on set. She and Kouyou are best friends, but everyone has been trying to get them together since the production began. Yosano and Ranpo had a slight fling back then, but are still pretty great friends. Because she plays someone with medical knowledge, she does actually have training so everyone goes to her when they have an injury. She also really adores kids and always gives candy to Kyouka, Yumeno and Kenji (and Oda’s kids, but they’re rarely around)

Kunikida- He’s actually pretty laid back off the set and is always willing to give advice. Dazai’s antics have worn onto him, and is sometimes seen helping him out with pranks and such. Kunikida thinks his character is ridiculously uptight, but the crew has already placed bets as to when he’ll discover that some of the behaviours are coming off the screen and into his own life. He’s known to tie with Dazai and Chuuya when having drinking competitions.

Haruno- She’s Naomi’s stylist and helps out in the set and crew when she’s not on-screen. She’s surprisingly handy with technology and constantly wonders how she puts up with all the weirdness on and off set. Haruno loves them all though

Tanizaki Siblings-  Tanizaki siblings love each other, but not that much. The whole incest thing wasn’t really their choice. Junichiiro believes his outfit is pretty similar to how he dresses, but Naomi finds it kind of gross and wants to change his style. She constantly goes to Kouyou to get fashion advice  and drags Haruno, who is her designated stylist to go with her. She finds wearing her school uniform slightly convenient because she has to rush there after filming anyways. Junichiiro is always roped into zooming through traffic on his motorcycle to get her there on time. They are also designated to get coffee each morning because everyone has given up on Dazai getting it for them.

Kenji- No matter what his role is in the show, he is most definitely not a farmer’s boy. If anything, he’s the most corrupt 14 year old any of them had met. His mind has surpassed the gutter and currently lives in the 9th circle of meme hell. Everyone wonders what happened to him. Regardless, he’s still pretty sweet and loves to cause chaos on the set. He’s also quite a charmer and has a small crush on Kyouka, leaving a small love triangle between them and Yumeno. The entire team is divided between the two boys and some of them *cough (Kunikida and Haruno) wonder why their lives aren’t as cute as theirs is. Kenji is also crazy smart and sassy af.

Kyouka- Everyone adores Kyouka so much. She’s the princess around the set and you can see Chuuya and Kouyou absolutely spoiling her. Her personality also takes a big turn. She’s not into cutesy things at all, at least that’s what she said when everyone gave her giant Dango pillows, but unbeknownst to them, she still has them in her room. Her pigtails feel childish to her and she finds it annoying every time Kenjii flicks them like reins. She’s extremely sassy and knowledgeable about the relationships between everyone on set. People constantly watch their back, but she’s like the black market dealer for secrets, no one knows how she does it. Kyouka comes from a rich family, but because of that, she’s homeschooled, so everyone tries to pitch in and make her life fun to make up for all that she’s missing. Also, Kyouka hates the phone around her neck in the show; more than once they’ve had to refilm a part because one of her 5 cellphones go off in the middle of a recording. Normally it’s one of her online friends or a recording studio asking her to come to a cover for them.

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1/2 Well, I did listen to jrot and even when he said the romantic shit he also said that for him their relationship works better as friends, obvs he wouldn't be jrot without a bit of baiting "Idk when or if it will happen". Same old shit. The blarke part is the least important, the worst was how he spent 20+ min talking shit about us without mention us, he said that they are also ppl and how much negativity gets to them and affects them, that there is a difference between lying and spoiling.

2/2 The show is a tragedy “don’t watch if you can handle it”, called Kim “his right hand” (for those who still defend her) S5 will be announced any day (pretty much thanks to netflix views) his pilot is being filmed now.. basically, he learned shit and he’s still he’s still laughing at us. The funny thing is that he’s so pathetic and irrelevant that HE was the one to contact tand ask those blarkes moms for the podcast.
All of this.