he is a mouse!! how can she not see that

Movie Night

Prompt:  Person A falling asleep watching a movie with Person B so B carries A to their bed. Bonus: Person A wakes up in B’s arms but pretends to still be asleep so they can be carried to bed.

Just so you know I wrote this at 2 am so…

  Chat Noir looked at the computer clock which now read one in the morning. “Wow,” he yawned, “that sure went by fast.” He rubbed his burning eyes and waited for a reaction from his companion but there was no response from Marinette. He turned to see that her head was resting against his shoulder and wondered how he hadn’t realized that before. A faint wheezing pierced the new found silence with Marinette’s every breath. In the dim monitor light it was visible that her eyes were closed tight as she was lost in a deep sleep. Oh my god she’s actually snoring, how cute can she get? he chuckled to himself and carefully navigated the mouse to exit out of the movie they had just finished watching.

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Dragon's Little Sheep 03

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Everything, Eventual Smut
Rating: M
Written by xoxoTheQueenOfHearts

A/N: Sorry if it’s short. I had some interruptions today.

He didn’t talk to you for several days after that. For awhile you thought he was annoyed that you knew his little secret. Or maybe it was because of other reasons. You wanted his attention but every time you tried something he would turn his back or go the other way. You were getting desperate.

“I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Does he hate me?” You asked your mouse friend.

Your mouse friend was sitting beside you outside in warm heat rubbing your back to calm you. “I’m sure he doesn’t hate you Y/N. Just maybe give him some space.” She said to you.

You look at her. “I have been giving him space and it’s hard because we share the same dorm.” You tell her in an upset tone.

Your mouse friend looks at you. “Maybe I can talk to Hoseok and see what’s going on?” She offered but you shook your head.

“No that might make things worse.” You say to her.


“Man why don’t you just tell her how you feel and stop shutting her out?!” His snake friend Hoseok exclaimed to Yoongi.

Yoongi was bouncing a ball up and down before making a goal on the basketball court. He was conflicted by his feelings for you. After Yoongi made a goal, he collect the ball as he passed it to Hoseok. “It’s not that easy.” He said as he tried to get the ball from Hoseok but he made the shot.

Hoseok caught the ball before passing it to Yoongi. “What’s so hard about telling her how you feel? It’s written all over her face that she cares for you.” He says to Yoongi.

After Yoongi took a shot and missed from being distracted about thinking about you, he walked over to the benches and grabbed his water and towel. He sat on the bench to rest. “I want to tell her but she looks at me like she’s scared to death of what I am and I can’t love her if she doesn’t love my animal.” He says.

Hoseok scoffed. “Are being for real right now?” Hoseok asked him as he sat beside his friend. “As much as I want to strangle her mouse friend, I don’t because I love her.” He confesses to Yoongi.

Yoongi stares at his friend for a long time.


You wanted to confront him but you didn’t have the courage to ask him why he had been ignoring you. After classes you just decided to hang out in your room away from everyone else. You were feeling down and let your sheep ears out. So you decided to take a shower and maybe feel better. But something was missing.

As you undressed and looked yourself in the mirror you really started to cry. Did he not like the way you were? Did his animal loathe your animal so much? What’s so great about sheep anyway? The longer you stared, the more you started to hate yourself so you turned around got into the hot shower. Your ears were put back so you could wash your hair and body and then you just stood their as the water ran down your body.

For awhile it was relaxing until the water ran cold. You got out and dried off just before you changed clothes. You walked out of the bathroom and got snack from the fridge and a drink of water.

When you were finished, you just decided to go to sleep because their wasn’t much you wanted to do. You always spent your time with him and now that he had been avoiding you, you weren’t happy.

You didn’t know what time it was in the night but you heard him shuffling around the room. He had woken you from his movements but you pretended to be asleep. Your face flushed when you felt him cover you up with a blanket and kissed your cheek. You were blushing and you were trying to keep yourself from revealing yourself.

But you weren’t expecting the next thing. He leaned down close to your face to wipe some hair out of your face before planting a kiss on your cheek. He whispered in your ear. “I love you.”

Like, okay, to get kind of real and be obvious about how much I project on Anne Shirley always…

When I was in sixth grade, I was on the girls basketball team for three practices. On the third, the coach pulled me aside and told me that the reason I didn’t have any friends was because I cried so much. I quit.

I ruined parties that the whole class was invited to by being moody and dramatic. Teachers had to remind me, “Alex, your voice projects. Take it down a few notches.” I used to start get into talking about something and watch the faces of the people around me slowly go from amusement to discomfort or boredom and that was the way that I knew I had gone too far.

When I was fourteen, I finally convinced my mom to let me go to public school instead of my small church school. I thought, I just need a bigger pond and then I’ll find some kids like me and it’ll be fine. I made a couple kind of friends, one that’s actually lasted though we haven’t been close in years, but I remember sitting down to lunch with them and a couple other people one day, and one girl told me, “You talk so much, you need to learn to talk less or someone’s going to punch you in the mouth.” 

And after about three months, I went back to my old school because I wasn’t really close to any of those kids but at least they all knew me and the teasing was more passive aggressive than outright.

I was too eager in class. I cared about the wrong things too much. I was too sensitive. I was annoying. My whole life. And I constantly told myself that I could do better the next day, I could just tone myself down and be quieter and more subdued, but the next day rolled around and I couldn’t. I had one teacher in my junior year of high school, who claimed to be a really good people reader, that told me, “You’re proud of the things that make you unique but you also feel alienated by them.”

And I’ve always related to Anne in the books because she talks too much, she’s too eager, too sensitive, she’s annoying, but only really for the first half of the first book. After that, the things that make her annoying are treated like endearing quirks that make everyone love her that much more, like they kind of were in the first place but her peers needed to catch up. That…feels like wish fulfillment to me. 

It’s a little different now that I’m not in school anymore. I lost some of my special snowflake syndrome and my voice doesn’t usually project accidentally unless I’m just really excited. I definitely cry less.  I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t really need to be accepted, because I’m fine on my own. But it still affects me. I have friends now that I thought for the longest time didn’t like me because I thought I came on way too strong and scared them off. I still go into new social situations and think, “be better, be better, just don’t be so full Alex” but then I am. 

I remember a few years ago a post going around about how when you’ve been told that you’re annoying it’s hard to get that out of your head, and that’s true. And then Anne in Anne With an E is someone who has been told that she’s annoying several times and in some really terrible ways. You can hear it in the way she delivers her line to Matthew, “Am I talking too much?” And how relieved she is when he says he doesn’t mind. You can see it in the way she tries so hard to be “quiet as a mouse” when she meets Diana. The way she’s so quick to believe that people don’t like her or won’t like her or want her around.  The way she gets so excited to make new friends and start over and then wants to quit at the first sign of messing up. The way she clings to a hope that tomorrow, she’ll be better and won’t make as many mistakes.

She’s a more nervous Anne than I’ve seen before but…in a lot of ways, I appreciate that. Because most people don’t find it cute and quirky, especially when you’re a kid and especially in Anne’s case because as an orphan, the societal cards are kind of already stacked against her.  Amybeth McNulty is excellent at pinning down that this Anne has been convinced that she’s annoying, and that affects her deeply as a person. 

Your Savior - 15

Hey all! Thanks again for stopping by! I’m loving all of the reviews, seriously, keep them coming! I did also have a couple of questions messaged in and I enjoyed those too! I hope I was able to answer them satisfactorily and keep you coming back for more! And in general, I’m sorry that chapters are posted so late, I work and have kids, so night is the only time I get to write!

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Chapter 15

Link to Chapter 14

Warnings: Swearing, Negan being Negan

“Please don’t kill her. Don’t kill Karen.”

Negan’s face was contorted with rage, rendering him silent for a matter of seconds before he finally managed to spit out, “And why the hell not? No, Y/N,” he interrupted you as you opened your mouth to answer him. “I want you to think long and hard before you fucking answer me. Give me one good goddamn reason to not bash her useless fat head in with my girl Lucille. Just one! She attacked you! Tried to kill you! While you were naked, defenseless, and alone proving what a goddamn coward she is!”  

“I remember Negan, I was there when it happened.” You answered coolly.

He leaned in close to you, whispering in your face dangerously. “Now is not the fucking time for your attitude! I am so not in the mood!”

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Tech Support

Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 5750
Co-written by: syl-writes-stuff
Summary: @skimmingsurfaces​ sent me a prompt:  “‘I keep calling the IT center because you seem really cute’ au because Wirt and technology fails and he would so keep calling Dipper because Dipper is insanely cute.” I filled the prompt <3

Tech Support

“Thank you for calling Mystery Tech. For your awareness, this phone call may be recorded for quality assurance purposes. My name is Tyrone. How can I help you today?”

“Um. Right. H-hi. I don’t-” There was a gusty sigh. “My little brother got me a laptop, and I have no idea what I’m doing.”

Tech support laughed. “Okay, no problem. Is there something specific that you’re trying to do?”

“I- Oh, no. Wait. Hold on. He can’t know I called tech support.” The caller’s voice was muffled. “I’m coming, Greg! Just give me five minutes!” Pause. “No, I know exactly what I’m doing and absolutely don’t need your help!” There was another pause before his voice became clear again. “I have no idea what I’m doing, and I need your help.”

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Service Dog Prospect ramblings

So lately I’ve been getting a lot of interest in being on our waiting list for potential service dog prospects…  we don’t intend to breed often, and our next planned breeding is one I have selected specifically for speed, size, conformation, drive, etc… temperament is of course always going to be crucial for us, while color is just a fringe benefit, but without a doubt the goal for this next generation is to really focus on producing silkens that are highly functional sighthounds.

Mouse is bulletproof, biddable, and just an all around amazing dog… you can go through all my posts here and on Facebook to see just how impressive she is shaping up to be.  But until now, I’ve only seen Ranger at race meets, where I fully expect to see a dog that is in a highly aroused state… Ranger is just a small, solidly built speed demon.  He’s one of the fastest dogs in our breed right now and really a joy to spend a day with in the field. 

Recently Ranger was sent to a breeder in Canada to sire his first litter (Mouse will be his second, the owner has no intention of letting him be overused) and I expressed my concern about using a dog that I only know personally from his dominance in racing.  I asked her to tell me about his temperament during the time she spent with him so that I could get an outsider’s opinion.  She sent me an extremely detailed response, but I’m just going to leave this bit here:

“He is extremely biddable, very outgoing and friendly and one of the more unflappable dogs I’ve met.  I would think that Ranger has the potential to sire excellent service dogs.  Christina describes him by saying that every day is Ranger’s best day ever, and she’s absolutely right.  He just seems to take it all in stride and he’s very friendly and polite.“

Suddenly, I’m even more excited about this litter…  waiting is so hard!


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I butchered a prompt here. I’m sorry anon, but I was so tempted to do it… Sometimes I just feel like playing with my readers.

Summary: Sehun pointing out you basically know shit about sex.

“You do realize that it doesn’t work like that?” You jump in your seat, hand instinctively coming up to slam the laptop closed, as you turn around to face the speaker. To your mortification it’s Sehun, reading what you wrote under your arm. He even nudges your elbow out of the way.

“Go away– “ you whine weakly, but the harm has already been done, you know that. Sehun just laughs, but clearly not at your words, but at the page in front of his face. He squats next to you so it’s easier for him to read, and you’ve had enough.

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Two women, two journeys, one goal. Two youngsters who grew up loving music and then, in all the best ways, were diverted on to a new path, and new, exciting futures.

One, a girl born in Chennai, India who relocated to Hartlepool, Britain aged 11 and ended up, via Imperial College London, at Jaguar Racing. The other born in… well, no one’s sure where… who joined a band before she was even a teenager and who we first met at around 10 years old; a Japanese guitar prodigy and martial arts expert who mysteriously arrived at Gorillaz’ Kong Studio in a FedEx crate…

[FULL ARTICLE UNDER THE CUT, it’s a really interesting read from both Charanya and Noodle]

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12 Reasons Why Batman & Catwoman Make the Purr-fect Pair (Updated)

You could write an entire dissertation exploring the merits of Batman’s numerous love interests, as a matter of fact “Batman love interests” has over 20 million google hits. Fans have devoted much debate to whether Batman actually has a true love, other than dark vengeance. Despite both Bruce Wayne and Batman’s many romances and flings with numerous women on both sides of the law in the end Batman has only one, undisputed greatest love. Any guesses who?

Hush said it best:

“It doesn’t matter whom you’re with—diplomat, socialite, or super-powered freak—there’s only been one woman that really held your heart.”

Pencils down children, the test is over and if you answered anything other than Selina “Catwoman” Kyle you answered incorrectly. Many, many, MANY fan blogs (including this one) have been dedicated to this terrific twosome, and in polls and lists of Batman’s greatest love interests Catwoman always comes out on top and there’s a reason for that. Here are my top 11 reasons why Batman and Catwoman make the purrfect pair.

      1. They Are Exactly Alike and Yet Total Opposites

Both Batman and Catwoman had difficult childhoods marred by tragedy. Orphaned or abandoned (depending on which era you follow), with vastly different outcomes. Batman of course became devoted to acquiring justice in his parents’ names, however Catwoman of course didn’t have a loyal friend and a billion dollars to fall back on and turned to a life of crime.  Their continuous attraction to each other is rooted in the fact that they’re both dark, creatures of the night. They contrast in that Bruce is more brooding and Selina is happier, at least a little bit more emotionally well adjusted, and has a touch of evil just to keep things interesting. Plus we all know that good boys like the bad girls. Catwoman’s moral ambiguity makes her a fascinating counterpart to Batman. Their mutual attraction and shared morals draw them to each other, but often times their differences keep them apart.  

 2.       They Really Care About Each Other

In Batman: Hush Nightwing pointed out that all of Bruce Wayne/ Batman’s relationships have failed because he could never share both parts of his life with his partners. Catwoman is one of the few that get to be involved in both parts of his life and the only person who’s gotten involved on a deeper level. They’re emotionally involved, to the point of worrying about each other and their safety constantly, and caring about their general well-being. I love, love, love the fact that when other people aren’t around, whether they’re in costume or not, they always call each other “Bruce” and “Selina” never really “Batman” or “Catwoman” which a big deal for a man as irrationally petrified of intimacy as Batman. They see each other for who they really are.

Yes, Batman, that Batman, was almost in tears with relief after Catwoman had gone missing.

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Thanks to @howeverlongs for this gorgeous cover and to @ashleigh-jewitt-xx for the one I posted last chapter. If you haven’t read this yet, hope you like the update!

Spellbound: Part 6: Witchcraft

Mikaelson Compound, French Quarter Sunday - PM

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Rebekah asked pointedly. Klaus looked over to the front gate relieved that Caroline had already gone outside and didn’t have the same supersonic hearing as the rest of his family.

“Excuse me?”

“Excuse you, Niklaus,” she drawled. “Is this the way you’re trying to get women these days? Pretending to be in love with them so you can cop a feel?” Klaus growled instinctively, there was only a few people that could annoy him this much and Rebekah was at the very top of his list right now. As much as he revelled in her touch, Klaus wanted so much more than that from Caroline.

“I’d watch how you speak to me.”

“Yeah, yeah,” she scoffed. “Stop trying to be the big, bad hybrid when you are pathetically rubbing yourself against that witch in my presence. I mean talk about visuals that I won’t be able to get out of my head.”

“I shouldn’t be surprised that you’ve made this situation all about you, little sister.”

“This situation? Why shouldn’t I be surprised that you’re trying to divert attention away from what’s really going on here,” she growled. “How about we stop pretending and get to the point.”

“The point?”

“The point where you admit that this supposed spell is a ruse for your real intentions. Can’t you just tell the girl how you feel, you know like normal people do?” Before he could bite back she continued. “Oh that’s right you’re not normal, silly me.”

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Hope you enjoy!


“Kian…I’m scared, dude!” You sat down, looking wide-eyed at the mouse traps and two rat traps sitting in front of you.

“Baby, I know it’s going to hurt but you can hold my hand when you do it.”

“Is it to late to back out?” You mumbled.


You sighed an sat back in the chair. Kian got the camera set up and sat down beside you, taking ahold of your hand. “Hey what’s up you guys? Welcome to my channel! Today I’m here with my lovely girlfriend, (y/n).”

“Hey…” You mumbled.

Kian laughed an kissed the top of your head. “As you can tell, she is nervous because today’s challenge, as you can see, is the ‘Rat Trap Challenge’ that i did with Jc a couple of months ago. So, in this hat we have numbers and we also have pass and reverse. So (y/n), are you ready?”


“I’m gonna let you go first, sweetheart.”

You glared at him an rummaged through his hat. The first piece you pulled out was pass.

“Pass! Ha! Thank you, Lord!”

“How?” Kian laughed and mimicked your actions. He rummaged through the hat and pulled out a three. “Oh thank god, it’s a mouse trap.”

You put on slowmo for the fans and placed it right on Kian’s finger. “This is for, (y/n)!” He pressed his finger down. The force of the snap made you cringe, knowing that you’d probably have that happen. “Shit!!” You stopped the video and shuffled in the hat.

“Oh my gosh. I got number five.” You looked down the road an seen it was the rat trap. “Kian!” You squealed. He grabbed your hand and started rubbing your hand.

“Baby! You’ll be okay.” Kian couldn’t stop laughing which pissed you off.

“Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.” You pressed your forearm down onto the trap, screaming when it popped you. “Fuck!” You screamed, throwing the rat trap off your arm.

“Woah! It left a mark on your arm.”

You looked down and pouted your lips. Kian leaned down an kissed your mark. “Listen, I bet you I’ll get a rat trap next.”

“Doubt it!”

You watched as Kian dug through the hat. He pulled out a reverse.

“B-fucking-s!” You grabbed a random one and got a six. “Okay, it’s just a mouse trap.” You placed the side of your hand down, jerking back. “Kian! I’m so scared now.” You tried laughing through the pain but it’s a fucking piece of wood and metal that kills rodents. You smashed your hand down, jumping back when the metal smacked against your skin.

Kian kissed your hand. “We only got four left so it’s almost over.” Kian grabbed a piece of paper; it had number two which was a mouse trap. Kian quickly popped the trap. “I promise you won’t get it.”

You grabbed the next piece of paper and got number three; which was the rat trap. “I’m fucking pissed.” You just ram your arm on the trap. “Fuck!” You started slowly crying, shoving your arm up to Kian’s face to kiss.

“I’m so sorry, baby.” Kian got another mouse trap and put his finger in there. “Dammit!”

You drew again and got pass. “Thank you!”

Kian Drew and got the last mouse trap, causing you to jump up out of your chair. Kian decided that he wanted to do his ear like Jc. “This is honestly so stupid, Kian.” You slowly placed his ear right there, jumping back when it snapped against his ear.

“Fuck! Dammit! Shit! Fucking cunt!” Kian ran around, jumping around, cussing, anything that made him look more dumb. “Okay, I’m done.” Kian sat back down and gave you a kiss. “So that was our 'Rat Trap Challenge’. Hope you all enjoyed because we both didn’t. Bye guys!”


Kian shut off the camera and ran to his room. You walked into his room an seen him sprawled on the bed.

“I’m never doing that challenge again.” He mumbled.


“Sorry baby.”

“It’s fine.” You sat down beside him and gave him a kiss.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, Kian.”

Which “Dresden Files” Characters should you fight?

Harry Dresden: You can try. You’ll fail and he’ll be throwing snark at you the whole time, but he’ll see how weak you are compared to him and let you off easy. 

Karrin Murphy: Ha! What are you crazy? She will kick your ass ten ways to Sunday, and roll her eyes the whole time. 

Mouse: How could you? He is a gigantic ball of fluff, and it would be much funner to rub his belly and get doggy kisses. Also, he’s a gigantic magical dog that can destroy you, but he’s too sweet for that.

Mister: He’s a big, cute kitty! You’re heartless if you try. 

Michael Carpenter: He’s old and needs a cane, but he has angels guarding his ass, so good luck. Also, after you lose he will forgive you and try to help you become a better person.

Charity Carpenter: You will end up beaten, bloodied and comatose. Do not try to fight Charity Carpenter. 

Thomas Raith: Do not fight Thomas Raith you will lose. Have sex with him instead, and you will win. 

Toot-Toot the fairy: He is too small and quick for you to hit him, and he has an army of other fairies armed with boxcutters to cut you up. Do not fight Toot Toot. 

John Marcone: He’s the head of a criminal organization even if you do win he’ll just have some of his boys fuck you up later. Do not fight John Marcone.

Butters: Probably the only person in this line-up you’ll have any chance of beating. Go ahead and fight him. You’ll win, but Polka Will Never Die!, and he does have some powerful friends that might find you and fuck you up. 

Bob the skull: If you make sunlight hit him he will die immediately, so it will be pretty easy, but why do that when you can use him to learn about magic and talk about boobs?

Converse High (One Shot/Scenario/Request)

Summary: There are two things he doesn’t get; why everyone thinks she’s so great and her choice of shoes. 

Original Scan: ©

There are many things Min Yoongi doesn’t understand about high school. For one, who decides who the cool kids are? Who picked their school lunch menu? Since when does grilled cheese validate as remotely healthy? Because the hardened pieces of bread glued together by American flavored cheese are frankly horrifying.

Also why was his music technology class only one semester?

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anonymous asked:

I love love your writing but the guilded au always hurts so bad ;A; can't we have an alternate ending where they work everything out? I mean Chrom and Robin were best friends and they were probably in love when they first got married.

Omg I’m the biggest Chrobin shipper but I love angst shhhh

Note: Okay so this picks up after the fight where no cheating happened ever and basically you get a happy fluff

Enjoy ^_^

Your name: submit What is this?

You begin sleeping separately from him after that night. Back to your older quarters, you find that solitude does not bring you solace. Your smaller bed feels much too large now that you’re alone. The beat of his heart that you’d grown used to sleeping against is no longer there. Pangs hurt your heart as each change settles in. No one to say good night to just as you surrender yourself over to sleep. No one to wake up with, all messy in sheets and too lazy to get out of bed. Fooling around and even occasionally sharing kisses.

You never minded them…they were comforting. You touch your lips, remembering Chrom’s warmth. Kisses became more and more sparse but they were always something that grounded you, reminding you that there’s someone to come home to at the end of the day. But now, now that’s gone.

Being alone never felt so lonely before.

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Notice Me >> Ravi, You

This was requested by anon ^^

Rated F (For too many Feels

He knew the feeling that you couldn’t help but fall for that person. That was how he had been feeling for months now.

A crush? They named it. But for him she was an angel that wasn’t supposed to be on earth. One of the girls that he couldn’t think was just another girl to play around. She caught his heart. He never felt nervous around someone like how he felt when he was near her.

A gasp sounded and Ravi turned to see his roommate, standing in front of him. His mouth slightly open and his eyes popped out of his skull as he held his breath.

Hyung, are you sick?” Hyuk asked, tracing his eyes over the tidy bed and the clean floor. No clothes, no paper and no empty snack bags. Everything was tidy. And he wasn’t the one to tidy it, it was his messy and anti-clean-places older member.

Ravi grinned as he leaned on the broom wooden handle. “I also can be useful.”

“No way.” Hyuk snickered as he threw himself, over his own bed. “Why the broom? We have vacuum.”

Sitting next to Hyuk, Ravi felt proud of what he had done around the room. Everything was clean. The pillows were where they were supposed to be, over the bed, not over the ground. The papers also were over his dark wooden desk next to his laptop. There was no empty cans or any useless empty bag.

All clean!

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Hello Sweetness


There’s a difference between expectation and prediction. He always predicts when and where he’ll see her. Sometimes in his dreams, sometimes at the end of a dark alley. Her heel at his throat or her hand down his back. His sight affords him the confidence of safety more often than not, and he’s rarely found himself wrong when it comes to life or death situations.

But these are far more unreadable.

He never expects her to show up. Of all possibilities in all outcomes being there is something he can’t account for. When she presents herself in her full auspicious glamour he realizes just how pinned he is. He doesn’t have time to prepare. No time to chart exit routes, no time to shuffle a card for safekeeping out of her sight. No time to mentally prepare himself for the slings and arrows of her razor sharp tongue. Oh god that tongue..

Panic surges through him. But his natural instincts keep a level expression. Revealing your hand to an opponent is never an option. He barely shifts from his sitting position as he gingerly pushes an empty bottle of the local liquor to the side.

If she wanted him dead, she’d do it by now. And if she wanted something else she knows exactly how to get it from him. He doesn’t like being the mouse in this scenario but he’ll play along until he can make an exit.

“That’s an awful complicated way o’ sayin’ yer’ happy t’ see me.”

“Let’s not make assumptions we can’t retract, Sweetness.”

She came from out of the shadows, which may be a comforting or terrifying sight, depending on his alcohol intake. She wore a deep burgandy mini dress of crushed velvet, and a leather jacket adorned with studs along the shoulder. Patent leather heels, adorned with an ankle strap, glinted in the low light.

He’d recognize them. He had bought them, after all.

Those heels clicked towards him, slow and methodical, against the floor. Her need for elegance required her to navigate around the knotholes in the wood, lest her stiletto get caught. It hadn’t even happened due to her diligence, yet. One couldn’t be too careful in the shoddy homes of Bilgewater. You had to give it to them, making something useful out of things that had been decimated.

Just like she would be doing soon enough with her old flame.

“I know enough that you still prowl the gambling rings,” she began, while pulling out a chair soundlessly. She sat in the chair, and crossed one shapely leg over the other, then reached into a pocket in her jacket and withdrew a cigarette. “From my understanding, you uphold false friendships for easier games. I need you to tell me where I can find one of your…associates.”

She didn’t care to explain what for. She’d leave him to draw his own conclusions. Evelynn held her cigarette into the flame of the candle sitting on the table briefly for a light, then took a drag.

fic: black cat (iii)

title: black cat (iii)
summary: That jutsu might be having a few side effects. Or: Sasuke breaks his rule because he desperately needs a bath.
notes: this title is a little disingenuous, since Sasuke is not really a cat for most of it! But it is the same universe, and this is the black cat universe, so! I’ll post more Sasuke!kitty drabbles when I get the chance.

To say that Sasuke likes being a cat would be…overstatement, to put it politely.

He is happy for the time it gives him with his daughter; watching her grow and making her smile. He enjoys seeing his wife in the flesh, being able to speak with her face to face. To be close enough to touch her. It isn’t the touch he craves, but it is more than what they have had in a long while, and if he takes the opportunity to slip under her nightshirt while she’s lying in bed, well, who can blame him?

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The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air, Episode 3 Review and Analysis!

THIS WEEK: A cricket controversy sparks conversation around the globe and brings our favorite janitor and favorite radio show host closer together. Also featured: The Power of Human Connections, Magical Realism,  and how sometimes things don’t go as planned and it’s a GOOD THING.

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wow so when we went to Québec I doodled a Marisu in my notebook and it looked so evil I had to come up with a story for her so here we go

(and in case you can’t read my shitty cursive handwriting, that says “Mice? Why, yes, I do like mice. They make the most scrumptious appetizers!” geddit cuz she’s a cat)

Marisu is the queen of a huge kingdom that absorbed multiple other kingdoms as her reign grew (yes, that’s an empire, but then she wouldn’t be a queen so), like Equestria, Mobius, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, etc. and as she absorbed them into her evil kingdom, she corrupted them so they were all colourful and cute and Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

But everyone loves her because she’s so PRETTII AND SMEXXII!!!!!1!!!1111!!one!!!!

Enter our hero, Fourth-Wall-Breaker Mouse, who’s the only one that can see how EVIL!!!1!! Queen Marisu is. So he embarks on a quest to defeat the evil queen. But will he be able to overcome her poorly-drawn hedgefox minions and her recoloured diaper-wearing ponies? Only time will tell….

wow that turned out longer than I expected

anyway, you like?

That’s a great story, it’s probably canon. Wonderful.

–Mod R