he is a mouse!! how can she not see that

pokeshipping drabble : december 25th

On Christmas morning, there’s a knock at Misty’s front door. When she opens it, she sees a pretty holiday box on the ground with a dainty bow wrapped around it… but, before she can fully appreciate its appearance, the box starts to shake a bit.

Worried yet curious, Misty bends down and removes the bow.

“Pikachupi!” a familiar electric mouse shouts excitedly, popping his head out from under the cardboard lid and immediately thrusting it over so he can leap up into the redhead’s arms.

“P - Pikachu, how’d you…? Why would Ash throw you in a box?!” she asks incredulously, “Did that idiot actually try to mail you here?!”

“Of course not,” says a voice that’s as familiar as the Pokemon Misty had found waiting for her on her stoop. “That idiot just thought that his visit would be more surprising if you saw Pikachu first,” he laughs, stepping up from his position glued to the wall on her right.

“A - Ash…” the redhead mumbles with a frustratingly obvious flush, biting her lower lip, standing up again, “I can’t believe you’d actually…” But the words fade to nothing when she reaches for him and grips him in the strongest one-armed hug she can, Pikachu still monopolizing her other arm.

“Yeah… Merry Christmas, Misty,” he wishes her tenderly, wrapping his arms around her too.

Which “Dresden Files” Characters should you fight?

Harry Dresden: You can try. You’ll fail and he’ll be throwing snark at you the whole time, but he’ll see how weak you are compared to him and let you off easy. 

Karrin Murphy: Ha! What are you crazy? She will kick your ass ten ways to Sunday, and roll her eyes the whole time. 

Mouse: How could you? He is a gigantic ball of fluff, and it would be much funner to rub his belly and get doggy kisses. Also, he’s a gigantic magical dog that can destroy you, but he’s too sweet for that.

Mister: He’s a big, cute kitty! You’re heartless if you try. 

Michael Carpenter: He’s old and needs a cane, but he has angels guarding his ass, so good luck. Also, after you lose he will forgive you and try to help you become a better person.

Charity Carpenter: You will end up beaten, bloodied and comatose. Do not try to fight Charity Carpenter. 

Thomas Raith: Do not fight Thomas Raith you will lose. Have sex with him instead, and you will win. 

Toot-Toot the fairy: He is too small and quick for you to hit him, and he has an army of other fairies armed with boxcutters to cut you up. Do not fight Toot Toot. 

John Marcone: He’s the head of a criminal organization even if you do win he’ll just have some of his boys fuck you up later. Do not fight John Marcone.

Butters: Probably the only person in this line-up you’ll have any chance of beating. Go ahead and fight him. You’ll win, but Polka Will Never Die!, and he does have some powerful friends that might find you and fuck you up. 

Bob the skull: If you make sunlight hit him he will die immediately, so it will be pretty easy, but why do that when you can use him to learn about magic and talk about boobs?

wow so when we went to Québec I doodled a Marisu in my notebook and it looked so evil I had to come up with a story for her so here we go

(and in case you can’t read my shitty cursive handwriting, that says “Mice? Why, yes, I do like mice. They make the most scrumptious appetizers!” geddit cuz she’s a cat)

Marisu is the queen of a huge kingdom that absorbed multiple other kingdoms as her reign grew (yes, that’s an empire, but then she wouldn’t be a queen so), like Equestria, Mobius, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria, etc. and as she absorbed them into her evil kingdom, she corrupted them so they were all colourful and cute and Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

But everyone loves her because she’s so PRETTII AND SMEXXII!!!!!1!!!1111!!one!!!!

Enter our hero, Fourth-Wall-Breaker Mouse, who’s the only one that can see how EVIL!!!1!! Queen Marisu is. So he embarks on a quest to defeat the evil queen. But will he be able to overcome her poorly-drawn hedgefox minions and her recoloured diaper-wearing ponies? Only time will tell….

wow that turned out longer than I expected

anyway, you like?

That’s a great story, it’s probably canon. Wonderful.

–Mod R

Inside Out (movie) Sentence Starters

“Oh look at you, aren’t you a bundle of joy.”

“So that’s how you want to play it old man?!”

“Come back here you monkey!”

“Alright we did not die today, I call that a unqualified success”

“I’m starting to envy the dead mouse.”

“Everything starts feeling droopy!”

“I saw a really hairy guy, he looked like a bear”

“We are not going to end the day like this.”

“Get back in your circle!”

“You see that look? They’re judging us!”

“Can I say that curse word now?”

“Sir, she just rolled her eyes at us.”

“Nothing else bad can happen while she’s asleep”

“I’m positive you will get lost in there.”

“I’m too sad to walk. “

“This is not working, are we getting close?”

“This isn’t one of your short cuts, is it?”

“Does it all have to be so interactive?”

“Sorry, I went sad again, didn’t I?”

“Its to dangerous! We wont make it in time!”

“We’re stuck down here!”

Now think about the promo for CPD 3x17… and add in Haas’ tweet from this morning about what’s next for Lindsay. I know he isn’t always reliable when it comes to these Q&A sessions, but how fulfilling would it be if it’s Erin’s turn to step up and be there for her partner and she actually brings her all to the table?

Yes, I want to see Jay shatter (sorry, writer thing), but I also want Erin to be there to collect the pieces, or even not be sure what to do with the pieces. We are charging head first into terrain no one but Mouse is familiar with next week and can you imagine the team reeling in shock?

Sure, they know Halstead got a serious side to him, especially when innocents or people close to him get hurt, but 3x17 is going to be a whole new aspect of Jay that none of them have dealt with. And I could see Erin struggling to know how to be there for him, to support him as a partner and as his lover (sorry, totally hate gf/bf terminology) and seeing as how brutally Jay shut down Mouse this week, it’s not hard to imagine him slamming down walls to keep Erin out too.

Basically, I’m dying for 3x17 to be here.