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Prompt: teen!lock au; M thinks shes crushing on JW and after failing to catch his attention (for JW likes gutsy, outgoing, confident, poised girls which M is certainly not) M decides reluctantly but out of desperation to ask J's best friend SH (who she hates on principle for being a cold asshole) to help her become J's dream girl. SH seeing the childish overly cheery lost cause before him agrees with a sneer (not one to back down from s challenge). But the more he helps her with her 1/2

2/2 Metamorphosis the more he realizes he actually likes the cheerily childish but full of fun and love girl, while Molly discovers that the cold asshole isn’t so cold after all but can be quite sweet and funny. And they actually have a lot of shared interests. Can end up with M/J (failed awkward) date as J finally sees M but M already pining for S who is in a jealous and depressed fit as the date take place. In the end M and S end up together :)

This 2 part prompt is pretty complex for a mini fic prompt. So I hope you don’t mind, anon, that I cut it up and tweaked it quite a bit. In general I’d say I’m going for more of what the second half of the prompt outlines. The settup is teen!lock, and it’s right before uni time for all of them. And Sherlock and John have a flat together…basically because it just helps the plot lol. Enjoy! ;D

“Look, all I’m asking is that you try to be civil,” John said to his best friend while buttoning his shirt and checking his hair in the mirror. “Honestly, I think you’ll like her. She’s…well, I think she’s probably the first girl in a long time that I really genuinely have a lot in common with. She wants to be be a doctor as well!” John was trying his best to make her sound thrilling. “And besides that, she’s adorable and sweet and just…well, she’s just really nice.”

“I can hardly wait,” was the only response Sherlock offered, still focused on the contents of the dish he was holding. 

John rolled his eyes at Sherlock’s sarcastic words. “Listen, if you don’t want to bother with her then just go to your room and keep to yourself so I can at least enjoy her company. And I’m not sure if we’re getting take away or eating at a restaurant, but either way I can get you something.”

Sherlock shrugged. “Not hungry.”

A knock at the door made John rush to answer with one more warning glance at his friend.

“Molly, hi!” John greeted warmly. “Take you coat?”

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Let me explain, yes he hates omnics, but when he was four or five his entire home was just taken away from him and given to them. If that happened to you, you wouldn’t like them much either. He’s also not stupid, he build his own gun, his own trap, his own mine and probably his limbs too. He most likely did that before he met Roadhog meaning he did it on his own. Junkrat probably isn’t the biggest fan of Overwatch either seeing as they’re kinda the reason he lost his home and his childhood (I did the math, the omnium probably blew up when he was 5 or 6). And we saw in Going Legit that when Junkrat is crossed he doesn’t mess around, he got the guy that tried to kill him, but him in a noose made of a chain, and blew up an entire building. But he hasn’t made a single attack at Overwatch. He hasn’t done anything about Overwatch at all. He is perfectly capable of it but never has. He could hunt down Mercy, Torbjorn, Bastion, Tracer and Genji but that’s not what he’s doing. He’s just a thief and works for hire. He’s also been running from the police from a very long time and somehow has not been caught yet. Also Junkrat isn’t mean, the closest thing to a mean interaction he has is when he’s messing with Tracer but I wouldn’t call that bullying. He gets concerned about Mei and she gets mad, Hanzo and Reaper and trying to take the treasure he found from him and McCree wants to arrest them. He’s only actually evil if someone crosses him first. I classify him with Sombra on they’re not good, they’re not bad, they’re in a side of their own.

Confession… I am a Christian…

Who still love LGBTQ+ community, and Klance is still my life. 

My best friend is a Muslim, I sometimes forget to read my bible, and I sometimes drink with my friends. I tell lies on occasions.. and they’re not even the good ones (like i’m a horrible liar lol), I make mistakes and I fall short everyday.

And you guys know what? I think that totally qualifies me to be the perfect Believer… because guess what? There is legit no such thing as a perfect Christian and everyone who spews that hateful us-against-the-world rhetoric isn’t really even a Christian themselves. They’ve only tricked themselves into believing they are. 

Matthew 15:24 “I come only for the lost sheep” (That’s like the entire wold so if you think you’re high and mighty… suck it)

We’re all equally loved by him! If you’re LGBTQ+ don’t let them trick you into thinking God somehow messed up. Cause uh, like how in the world could God even mess up… like he legit invented everything. 

Secret Idol Relationship With Jaeyoon

-You guys make it super obvious like super. (More like you’re trying to save both his and your lives and does at the end but it’s always dangerous in any situation but he just can’t control himself when you’re around). Forgets people are around when he sees you-you could be walking across the music building to the bathroom and he’ll just yell out in the open, “oh! Yah! Over here! It’s me!” And you’re there walking with your head down like IGNORE IGNORE and fans are just like “Who’s he calling to? Definitely not y/n she’s not even looking at him” And at that point he’ll get really upset and pouty because ‘why is she pretending she doesn’t see me :(’ until he finally realizes ‘ohhhh im in public i forgot, the secret thing’

- Even though ya’ll have a secret relationship, he really hates it when alot of idol guys like you and was cool about letting it go at first but once two or more male idols were like ‘my ideal type is y/n’ or ‘y/n’s really pretty, I’m a fan.’ he also went ahead one day and said ‘OH y/n is my ideal type 100% I’M A HUGE FAN OF HER’ on a radio show even tho like jaeyoon noone asked you. Would be really obvious in being your fanboy though. Purposely move himself to stand next to you at a music show ending, or sing along to your part in his sf9′s behind the stage video. He’s such a fanboy, fantasies are so used to it and they’re not even fazed anymore as long as it’s just a fanboy thing and he legit know all of your group dances.

- But one day he messed up really badly where you looked extra beautiful one day during MAMA Awards, and he legit could not peel his away off of you and when you were walking past him in the hallways of the building’s waiting rooms, in the midst of walking past him without making eye contact, he grabbed your wrist suddenly and pulled you back onto him for a hug and U LEGIT HAD TO THROW HIM OFF U like ‘homeboy u serious this is a public hallway! even if there isn’t anyone there could ALWAYS be somebody you feel’ and he’s like not taking it seriously and laughing while  whining really cutely like ‘but you look so beautiful and i miss you so much’ but like you still walked past him because you’re not trying to end your career that day and he will understand.

-Days where you both have days off and are able to see eachother, you guys loveee to go to a cat cafe or any cafe that is dimmed super dark inside where there is a upstairs that is even more darkly lit with like a cute lamp or something to read books and drink coffee on the table. Lays his head on your lap while coddling a baby kitten as he looks up at you, babbling on and on about how one day he will take you out in the actual daytime and do many fun things and you smile rolling your eyes but inside you know he really means it and your lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, hoping one day you guys actually do get to do those things because even though it’s hard dating, you don’t want to leave him at all. ‘the first place I’m taking you is to an zoo/aquarium, we can look at Inseong’s family, the foxes!’ 

-Sf9 had to go on the asia fanmeeting tour and he was devastated because that means no more cat cafe for a while, so every night he would face call you on the phone even when the time zone is different so you legit get a call during practice and everyone like ‘whos that? pick up your phone’ and you awkwardly and nervously laugh like ‘its ok its noone- i gotta go to the bathroom’ and would scold him saying how he can’t call you without warning, and you could hear him pout over the phone but you sigh and tell him you love and miss him alot, which makes him suddenly happy again and he’ll go over his day with you on the phone happily and you can’t help but laugh because you can hear the joy in his voice.’

-After the tour which lasted for weeks, he finally text you to come to the cafe again at 1am so you make your way there. You head upstairs to the room you always go to with him and you see him there silent. Once you make yourself known in the room, he will look at you and smile, slowly getting up. You smile back and you both just stand there apart from each other, exchanging looks until he breaks out into a teethy grin with a ‘did you miss me?’  and you can’t help but start crying but also laughing cuz you look silly right now being so emotional and he’ll just dash to hold you and he does-really really tight. 

-you guys end up dating for years until one day his ass did something stupid and you guys get caught lol.

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• your first impression of him was that he was a shy guy that really didn’t talk much considering the fact that he wasn’t fluent with his Korean yet aw poor cutie
• his first impression of you was “look at them, I wish I could talk to them but my Korean isn’t good enough,”
• basically you were one of the reasons why he pushed himself to learn Korean as fast as he could, no matter how difficult it was AW
• our little Junhui would have probably stayed up all night, practicing what he was gonna say when he asked you out the next day. he’d have his cue cards in front of him and he’d be saying it to the mirror and being a little cutie. it would be the last thought before he went to sleep and the first, when he wakes up.
• he pumped himself up, along with the help of the other members and SO thought he was ready to face you and just straight up ask. but nOPE when he saw you he completely forgot what he was going to say and had pull out his cue cards again and he kept fumbling with them and stuttering his words because you threw him off guard.
• “wen junhui… are you asking me out?”
• “I-I.. No, yes? Yes.”
• but you do say yes and he’s the happiest boy in the world and he gains so much confidence from that and stuff awe
• your first date with jun was in a fancy restaurant bc this boy wants to keep it classy. he’d take you to a real expensive restaurant and feed you the best food ever until your stuffed bUT THERES STILL DESSERT LEFT ! Then instead of getting something hella fancy, you guys just pigged out on ice cream, then some ice cream got stuck on your chin and jun just had to reach over and swipe his thumb over it and you DIED AND WEN JUNHUI JUSY SAT THERE WITH A SMUG LOOK ON HIS FACE LIKE YEA B FLUSTERED
• then since he’d want to keep things nice and stick to the classics, he’ll probably walk you to your house to make sure your safe and be all cute with you
• time for your first kiss !! your first kiss was absolutely adorable, like he was walking you home one day when he really wanted to tell you that he wanted to kiss you but wasn’t sure if he was saying it right in Korean, so he blurted it in Chinese and you just stood there confused and he had to grab a piece of paper and wrote it down for you and when you read it you got all blushy, then he got blushy and you all turned v red.
• but wen junhui still needed an answer so when you finally said yes he went straight for it.
• “ye-mmf.”
• skinship with jun all day everyday fellas. touching your hand, touching your arm, touching your nose hE JUST HAS TO HAVE SOME SORT OF PHYSICAL CONTACT W U
• “jun is it really necessary to hold my hair like that?”
• “well, your hands are full so where else am I supposed to hold you?”
• he has a habit of overdressing for every occasion. sleeping - fancy satin pyjamas with eye mask, eating on a date - a suit and tie, going on a beach date - a suit and tie, going to a kids party - a suit and tie.
• same goes for hugs except he especially like those hugs where your smothered into his chest and sneaky hand reaches to your lower back ;))))) but only when you guys are at that comfortable phase, jun wouldn’t want to rush into things that would make you feel uncomfortable~
• when he wants your attention and affection he won’t be able to keep his hands to himself tbh, and he won’t be able to shut his mouth. he’d keep trying to distract you with his little cute pouts but you don’t buy any of it so you just keep going about your business lol
• “jagi, kiss me.”
• “yah, I’m busy, do it lat-”
• oh did I mention he likes to cut you off by kissing u?
• he also likes to eat food, like all the time. he’s always up for trying new food from all around the world, especially korean food. your dates would probably consist of going to those night markets where there’s food EVERYWHERE and you two pig out on EVERYTHJNG and it’s the cutest thing ever.
• however he dislikes not knowing enough Korean to be able to express himself in front of everyone,both on and off stage. you have to let him know that he’s still learning and it’s fine if it takes a while. you’ll love him all the same.
• he secretly gets all giddy whenever you initiate something bc when he initiates something he’s so confident but when you do it oh my goodness he’s so flustered and red it’s funny.
• has an addiction to you, not in a creepy way, but not in a way everyone else feels. he must know your whereabouts AT ALL TIMES and it doesn’t matter if he’s practicing or about to go on stage, he has to know where you are. BC WHAT IF YOU GOT HURT??????
• acts like he’s too cool for couple items tbh but really really lowkey wants to buy so,e bc wouldn’t that be cuTE.
• “jun, I know you want them.”
• jun would be quite intimidating when he’s jealous, I mean, this dude is legit - he knows martial arts, don’t mess w him! like when he sees someone flirting with you or taking things too for he’d have no problem coming up beside you and glaring at them with that terrifying glare of his with his hand clasped around yours until they get the picture and walk away.
• tbh you find it quite scary yourself when he’s like that.
• but the second they’re gone he goes back to his usual self as if nothing ever happened and your confused like ??
• I feel like what’ll get jun SUPER flustered is if you say something kind of seductive in his ear but IN CHINESE like he’ll melt to the ground in a pool of feels.
• his phone background is a photo minghao took, it was of you trying to copy some sort of martial arts move he was doing and failing miserably, but the smile on your face was too precious to delete.
• your phone background is a photo of him while he was extremely concentrated in learning korean, he didn’t even see you take the photo and was like WOAH when he unlocked your phone and saw the photo.
• one time you asked jun to teach you some choreography from mansae and you got confused hella fast and he just laughed and kissed your forehead bc aigoo your so stupid but he loves u.
• “one step at a time ok?”
• jun, being a dancer often takes his dancing too far and hurts himself really badly with sprained ankles, pulled muscles and things like that. and it really breaks your heart to see him come home in pain or having to sprint to the hospital because he was hurt.
• “i-i need to become better, jagiya.”
• but he’s always extremely thankful to have you take care of him whenever he needs it.
• he’d send you to sleep by wrapping you up in his arms tapping small rhythms on your skin until you fall asleep, then he’d stay up an extra hour or so until he’s certain your safe and then falls asleep himself.
• he would wake you up by blasting his music hella loud until you finally sat up and yelled at him to turn it down.
• “lol good morning, my beautiful.”
• your first fight was pretty bad one since it got both you and jun upset. jun got too jealous one day and asked if you wanted to leave him for all the other people who wanted you, you got a little mad at his lack of trust in you and the argument resulted in you slamming the door and stomping away.
• you had pretty much thought that was the end for the two of you but was utterly surprised when the next couple of days he showed up at your door in his suit and tie OFC and held your hand tightly. he led you to like a boardwalk that was set up in a dinner style and there was a small orchestra with instruments and the music started to play and he asked if you wanted to dance AND YOU DANCED THE NIGHT AWAY
• after that he ended up apologising fifty thousand times.
• although jun looks mature and is one of the hyungs in the group, with you he’s a teenager again, getting weird strange feelings that he loves so much. he won’t tell you it often but amongst all the greasy pick up lines and smooth moves, he really, really loves you.
• “Shh, I bet you’re surprised
Of course, all your five senses are alive
Of course, I’ve entered your heart
Look at you look at you look at you.” - sexy junhui~

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The thing with Bukowski is he's a ducking sexist asshole but he writes it in way that is somehow considered romantic and beautiful like it's so damn filthy but there's been a few of his poems that I'm like...damn. Like idk it's weird and I don't think that confirms anything on Harry's end but I do know he fucks around like he's human I don't know why people hold him up to some standard that he's this super amazing guy that doesn't mess with girls feelings cause he legit don't even know his own

exactly like……. everyone acts like he’s flawless and wont make mistakes… but i know damn well……. that… he’s done a couple of shitty things… like i can FEEL it in my loins. 


Dedicated to saharawarez

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2 since I'm a very angry person all the time heh)

What my muse is like when they’re angry:

Oh you do not wanna mess with Pr Aku when he is angry! He will legit mess you up if you are not nice to him and don’t show respect or obliterate you if you hurt the ones he loves, like Jack for example. He although has to maintain his full anger though or else he can turn into a very creepy demonic form of himself where he has no control of himself either and even is like the old, evil Aku.

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How would the 2p's (all if possible, but if not just Allies) comfort a s/o who has night terrors? Night terrors are basically nightmares almost every night. They usually involve calling out names or just moaning (like you're screaming in the dreams), and you often have no memory of what happens when you wake up, so you just feel afraid but with no idea why. I've had ever since I was a tiny little girl. Gifs would be much appreciated c:

2p America: *tries to wake s/o up* Hey babe? How about I make you some hot chocolate? *will try to calm them down and will stay up with them if they want to talk about it*

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2p Canada: *0-0 wakes up very confused but will try to wake them up and just provide them comfort* It’ll be alright maple *strokes head and neatly covers them with the blankets*

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2p France: *Is legit about to punch s/o until he realizes they aren’t messing around and they really are scared* Uhm… *holds their hand* It’s ok s/o… I’m here to keep you safe. Try going back to sleep.*kisses cheek*

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2p England: *strokes cheek and hugs* D-deary? Are you alright? *super worried and will make you the best breakfast in bed by sunrise*

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2p Russia: *0-0 doesn’t know how to react. He is very tired from his lack of sleep. Will still try his best as awkwardly as he can* S/o?… .*pats head* There there *holds them close for the rest of the night to reassure them* 

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2p China: WHAT HAPPENED?! BURGLERS!? ZOMBIES?! ARE WE OUT OF WAFFLES?! *will probably scare s/o even more (not on purpose of course) and when he realizes what’s happening he will cuddle with them for a while before falling back to sleep*

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Some people are thinking Toby could be A.D. and I totally think he would have a legit motive to be it.

I mean, Alison messed up his life pretty bad back in the day.

But what if Sara Harvey is actually Bethany Young. The body in the ground is the real Sara Harvey. Bethany and Charlotte were both there when Toby’s Mother was pushed off the roof at Radley.

What if Toby blames them both?

Seems strange that they both would end up dead. What if the same person killed them both and it was Toby.

Things That Would Kill: Jeon Jungkook
  • The way you talk real real fast when you’re hyped about something.
  • How surprised you get whenever he takes the initiative to pull you close or kiss you because he’s usually a shy af bean who gets flustered all the time.
  • That small smile you get when you’re reading a happy scene in the novel you’re currently devouring,
  • but also the way your eyebrows knit together and your eyes become squinted when the scene is…well… not so happy.
  • Your hardcore laughter whenever you guys are talking about something pretty dumb or stupid (because let’s be honest, that’s like 96% of the time).
  • HOW THE CORD OF YOUR EARPHONES TRAIL DOWN FROM YOUR EARS AND FRAME YOUR FACE (don’t ask me pls Idk why he just finds it so so so attractive).
  • The way you hum while you’re cooking/doing chores/anything that doesn’t require you to talk because you hum all the time and his ears are blessed every single time.
  • Kisses on his cheek, tip of the nose, and forehead.
  • How you’re just as messy as he is and your bedroom is legit a mess-
  • and how you call it an ‘organized mess’ since you can still find everything without too much trouble.
  • The flustered laugh you do when he does something super cute to you omg.
  • Your willingness to try anything and everything from activities you’ve never done to food you’ve never tried!
  • The way you fawn over his singing-
  • and ask him to sing all the time.
  • How you stroke his thumb with yours whenever you hold hands.
  • You dragging him to wherever whenever you’re walking about and you get a random idea to do something.
  • The way you take care of him when he’s having a bad day,
  • The way you take care of him even when he doesn’t notice it sometimes,
  • YOU JUST CARE SO MUCH AND IT WARMS HIS HEART (also makes him want to work so hard for you gah).
  • And lastly, when he teases you about something suuuuper sarcastically and you have nothing to say,
  • but you run after him and tickle him like crazy ‘till he begs for forgiveness,
  • and when he realizes just how close you are to him and gets that urge to kiss you,
  • you don’t let him ‘till he says sorry~~~

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- Karina :D
{I’m not doing these in any specific order, so if you want a certain member of a group to be done ASAP, you’re free to send a message and I’ll prioritize your member! Groups going to be done are EXO, BTS, and Seventeen}