he is a legit mess

Campwolfe Fandom Nan™ is sensing perhaps some tension, nay fear, in the tags this morning regarding our glorious shiraz swilling Serena and the attentions she may pay a certain swarthy bobby.  Just as I did with @cinemastill I come to calm the troubled waters my lieblings.

***swans about sprinkling the sapphic waters of serenity***

While it is true that our endless toil of waiting for the beloved a bit emotionally thick BMAM to return from fannying about in Eastern Europe from her pilgrimage of how the hell do I deal with the reality that I’m soul-destroyingly in love with that brunette surgeon self discovery, our wait is almost at an end and we must forbear as Serena puts her house into order and lays waste utterly to her idea, however fleeting, of a future with the police force.

Be not afraid of the bumbling, neanderthal copper.  He is but a passing moment for our gorgeous Sass Queen.  She is exercising her goddess-given right to hedonism in all its glory and yet it may come to pass that she finds their lip-lock perhaps not up to the same sapphic, heart-pounding lingerie destroying caliber that she has become used to as of late.

CUE: This Looks Like a Job For………….

yes I know I have used this gif before but is there a such a thing as overuse with it? Really? Like can that actually be a thing?

Damned to Repeat - Chapter 3 - Edvin - Hamilton - Miranda [Archive of Our Own]
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    Some have theorized that, when you die, your entire life flashes before your eyes. Alexander’s almost positive that to experience such a thing would be better than… this.
    In which Hamilton dies and is reunited with his friends, only to learn that God has more plans for him and the others. And so they are thrust into the modern world to live their lives for a second time. Of course, no one said that it was to be easy; from the chaotic hurricane, to the false families, from the emotional breakdowns, to the manic episodes.
    The story of how Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Madison, Laurens, Mulligan, and Lafayette take the world by storm.

Hurt/Comfort, Emotional Hurt, Angst, Fluff, Hugs, touch-starvation, Humor, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Alternate Universe - College/University, Reincarnation, Canon-Typical Violence, My Writing is as Bipolar as Spring Weather, Hints towards religion, Tears, Abuse of Google-Translate-ed Foreign Languages, References to Canon, This is Like a Cesspool of Tropes, This isn’t quite a Reincarnation AU, read the summary, Hurricanes, Occasional Dark Themes, Possible Trigger Warnings(?), Foster Care, Emotional Abuse, Time Travel Fix-It, Hamilton’s mental health is Not Great

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You know in that deleted scene where Carol is threatening Merle if he messes with Daryl and Daryl is legit standing back? Why was he just standing there? Did he know Carol was protecting him? What was with that standing around? An anti caryl said he probably bitched at her for threatening his brother but I legit LMFAO at that remark.

Oh good grief that’s reaching for haters. Hasn’t everyone walked in on people talking and stood back because you didn’t quite know what to do, walk off and you might draw attention, walk in and you look like your eavesdropping. I mean how many times has Norman said Daryl is awkward? Plus I think he was taken aback seeing them alone and being protective of Carol, making sure Merle wasn’t doing anything he shouldn’t then surprised to hear not only is she fine, but taking up for him as well.