he is a gift to social media

Does Ryan Ross hate his fans?

So in response to an ask I got, I thought I’d make a detailed post 

First of all I want to stress the fact that Ryan Ross is a shy, awkward guy. Naturally, people tend to compare him to Brendon. But while Brendon is excitable and wild, Ryan’s quiet and introverted. That’s not a bad thing, it’s just their personalities.

Post split, a fan sent him flowers on his birthday. When she met him after a TYV concert and asked him if he got them:

His reaction when a fan gave him a gift basket:

LJ era excerpts showing how he appreciates fans’ art even if they aren’t confident about it. More recently he’s also appreciated fan art on ig 

An Afysco era discussion, basically the same topic

He’s always pretty polite and respectful

  • Recently Z Berg talked about how he’s internet shy. So he’s not too active on social media.(x)
  • Another very important point is that his ex manager, sh**e used to post nasty shit from Ryan’s accounts, posing as Ryan, which confused and hurt fans.(x)
  • Sometimes, his sarcasm can be misinterpreted, but trust me he’s just trying to be sassy
  • Ryan used to feel bad about not being able to sign everyone’s stuff. Even after he’s been musically inactive I’ve never heard of him denying a fan a photo
  • Ryan has said he doesn’t mind fans illegally downloading his music for free.
  • That story about how he had so many stuffed toys in his bunk that he could barely fit but he didn’t want to throw them out cuz they were gifts from fans.
  • He gives good hugs??? jfgjkfkl

In conclusion, my boy is just shy, he’s said it millions of times. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate his fans. I’m pretty sure he understands us pretty well. 

Movie Date

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader, slight Stony


Could you please write a Peterxreader where reader is the youngest member of the team. One day they have a movie date in the tower and the team spies on them?Could it be in the point of view of the team?[bonus points if deadpool is in it] thanks <3            

Wade has created a chatroom.

Wade has added Natasha, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Steve, Clint, Vision.

Clint: What, Wade?!

Tony: Can we text later? You’re going to distract me!

Bruce: I need to ask, but is it not weird that us, adults, are spying on Y/N and Peter, our youngest and most loved members movie date in a very cramped up spot?

Natasha: If you don’t like it, then you can leave, Banner. It’s not weird. We are just being protective parental units/uncles/adopted android sibling.

Vision: Overprotective*

Steve: Should they be sitting so close? Natasha, should they? Maybe I should go in and sit between them.

Tony: I will kick your ass, Rogers! Don’t you dare ruin their date!

Thor: Grab him, Stark! I shall lay Mjolnir upon him so he may not move.

Steve: Try it and I will run off with Mjolnir!

Thor: You? Worthy? HA! Do not fight us!

Steve: I know you have your doubts. I know deep down you know that I was faking not being able to lift Mjolnir. Would you like to test me?

Thor: Anyone has any rope?

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Now that we’ve actually seen the trailer for 2x18. And actually all remembered that Lena has an ex-boyfriend. And apparently they are actually going to make out to some degree (under mind control or no), let’s all remember that Rahul Kohli is an actual sweetheart, probably got on extremely well with Katie (because they’re both nerdy as fuck) and not send him hate via Twitter or Insta during the hiatus (or at any time at all really)? Because that’s rude. He’s nice. Leave him alone. Also remember he has gifted us pictures of actual cryptid Katie McGrath too.

“The UN was not created to take mankind to heaven, but to save humanity from hell." 

– Second United Nations Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, in a speech in May 1954 (pictured here on the wall in the visitors’ area at UN Headquarters in New York).

An inspriation to many around the world then and today, Dag Hammarskjöld served as Secretary-General from 1953 until he died in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia, along with 15 others, in September 1961.

At the age of 47, Dag Hammarskjöld was the youngest to have held the position of Secretary-General and during his time in office he fought for the independence of the UN and guided the Organization through some of the world’s most complex crises.

”“He had been a prodigy since his adulthood — an intellectual with an uncommon gift for public administration and practical statesmanship,” said longtime UN offical Brian Urquart. "When he died in a plane crash in Africa, we grieved for him as for the most intimate of friends because we realized that working with Hammarskjöld was a privilege and an experience that would never come our way again.“

He was awarded a posthumous Nobel Prize.

📷: Roberta Politi   / UN Social Media Team

Secrets We Keep // Spencer Reid x Reader

Request:  Hey, 💕😁 your requests are open! YASS! ❤ Can you do an Imagine, where the reader is a very good trained assassin and dating Reid but she is also on the team. But she never talked about her training and maybe after a hard case, she tells him about her training to an assassin. And maybe she started to cry because, it was a really dark moment in her life. ❤💕 Love ya and i hope it’s not a problem to write about this 😊

A/N: I apologize for how long this took! I rewrote it a million times and I’m still not sure I’m 100% happy with it but oh well lol. I hope you like it!

“Penelope?” you asked in surprise as you opened your front door. It was late, and Penelope had always been the type to call before dropping in for a visit.

“I did something,” Penelope began, her voice rising as it did when her anxiety over situations arose. “I know I shouldn’t have. I tell myself I need to stop being so nosy but I have the information right there at the tip of my fingers and I just can’t-”

“Pen,” you interrupted. “What did you do?”

She fell silent for a moment as she fidgeted in place. You watched as her hands nervously played with the bracelets on her wrists before she strode into your home.

“Penelope,” you repeated as you shut the door. “What did you do?”

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Pevensies + Social Media


  • high king of instagram
  • seriously the best feed you will ever see
  • all his pics are aesthetically pleasing
  • especially his candids and workout photos (wink)
  • pictures of his siblings EVERYWHERE
  • aspiring photographer or model wink wink


  • snapchat snapchat snapchat
  • snaps everything from the places they are traveling to to Ed’s latest prank on Peter to just snapping her homework and complaining how bored she is
  • you basically get to know everything about Susan through her story
  • she can give Peter a run for his money when it comes to modeling
  • she’s most famous on snapchat though for playing amazing covers of famous songs on the harp


  • tumblr (obviously)
  • but before tumblr it was vine where he uploaded his pranks on Peter #ripVine
  • uses tumblr for fanboying and posting longer and more detailed pranks
  • amazing at dissing and shading and for writing deep insights on anything and everything
  • he never revealed his face though and whenever people hear his voice on video they assumed that he’s hot
  • the one time his faced showed up on camera though…let’s say that people started seeing him as a gift from God let’s be honest he is ;)


  • youtube (vlogger!Lucy anyone???)
  • basically a day in the life of Lucy Pevensie
  • records some of Ed’s most hardcore pranks, hair and makeup tutorials with Su, baking/cooking with Pete, book/movie reviews, talks about her opinions on certain topics, etc.
  • increase in subscribers when her fans and Ed’s fangirls realized that they were siblings
  • let’s be honest…they wanna see Ed’s face more and her vlog is basically the reason she and her siblings have such a following on their respective social media accounts
  • videos where all the Pevensies do those brothers do my makeup videos, mega pranks on their cousin Eustace, reacting to whatever weird trash there is on youtube,etc.

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Can you write something on dex being really fucking extra and building nursey some furniture or making stuff for him out of wood? I just see dex shrugging it off "you said you need a bookshelf (or desk, or dresser, or box to hold your pens) so it wasn't a huge deal..." scratching the back of his neck nervously, " don't make it weird, Nurse"

This kinda became an entrepreneur!Dex ficlet and I would be sorry, but it all started with his love for Nursey and I think that’s beautiful.

The thing is, at least half of Nursey’s furniture has been hand crafted by William J Poindexter. And while every time he just shrugs it off and plays it down, Nursey knows he’s put a lot of work into the piece he’s given him.

Because it’s not just a half-assed plywood bookshelf or a beginner’s pen box. No, the stuff Dex makes… it’s all high-quality. Hand crafted, blood sweat and tears (though Nursey isn’t sure Dex is capable of producing tears). If they put a good wood stain on his stuff and sold it on the internet, Dex could probably make a fucking fortune.

(They do, eventually. Dex comes up with a brand name, makes himself a website, and they set up a little workshop in the back yard for him and everything. Once it gets out there, Dex makes fucking bank, just like Nursey expected. Enough to buy better equipment and even hire Bitty to run his social media for him. WJP Woodwork is a legit company in just under a year.)

But the stuff he makes for Nursey is even more special. And not just because he gifts the pieces to him, despite Nursey having plenty of money to pay for it all.

Every Nursey piece has this intricate detailing in it, he knows it’s Dex’s signature design because he’s seen him carve it into small pieces of wood on long bus rides when he’s stressed. Nothing else he makes has it, because it takes Dex much longer to carve the small details in. But all of Nursey’s gifts do.

And every piece comes a little after Nursey mentions off hand that he needs a new–whatever. Not by request, but because Dex hears Nursey mention his desk has a wonky leg or he’s running out of room on his bookshelf. The fucking desk and dresser took a little longer than the rest… because Dex built a fucking desk and dresser. But even they didn’t take that long.

Nursey tries to put his foot down when the old bunk bed frame in the attic breaks. But Dex just shrugs and says “It’s easy to make. Easier than making a dresser, don’t make this weird, Nurse.”

Nursey figures Dex has to sleep on it, too. So at least it’s something he’s also going to get use out of.

After they graduate, Dex brings Nursey into the company as his CFO and communications specialist. Basically Nursey runs the business side of things and Dex runs the computer stuff and the actual construction of products. It’s nice, because they work well together and Nursey has plenty of time to work on writing his first novel while making business deals at the same time.

At first they have to rent a small storage unit to work out of, since they can’t do that in their Providence apartment. But they quickly start to build a very loyal clientele, including many customers of NHL status all across North America. They’re featured in a national home design magazine and soon enough they’re bringing in enough business to buy their own workshop.

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Hi! You're great and I love everything you write! For the Military MC imagine, how do the RFA and V and Saeran keep in contact with her while shes deployed? What do they send her?


  • he’s constantly texting
  • he knows MC can’t check their phone way too often, but he still texts all through the day
  • double texting has nothing on him. he’s sent 6 messages on a row and will probably send more
  • he insists that when he sends a kissy emojis, MC has to answer with one
  • that’s a message kiss ok you have to return the kiss
  • he tries to skype at least once a week but the feed from his cam is always super laggy and it upsets him


  • she texts usually
  • asks before calling
  • she likes calls, but when she hears MC’s voice is tired she tries to keep them short
  • not like they can be too long anyways thanks dsn
  • she tells MC about her day in hopes to distract them for a bit
  • she loves to skype, but since it’s so hard to match up schedules, it’s not too usual


  • he sticks with skyping
  • he stays up late or wakes up too early to not mess MC’s schedule
  • he jokes that he looks bad bc of the webcam
  • maybe he looks not so fresh because it’s 3 am and he’s slept one hour but he’ll never tell MC that
  • recent google searches: 
    • is skype sex a real thing
    • are skype video calls recorded


  • he forces some poor intern to show him skype
  • he literally did not know how to use it
  • he had seen it before and used it in video conferences but. using it himself? at home? 
  • the first few days MC talks to a blank screen while Jumin asks how come he can see them but they can’t see him
  • turn on the webcam jumin
  • also if he can, he’ll send MC gifts through physical mail


  • uh everything
  • any social media MC has is just. him saying like “hi”
  • always online in everything
  • because since he doesn’t know what MC will check
  • he sends ONE physical letter once MC expected a meme but it was actually a super heartfelt letter from him and it manages to make them shed a tear


  • it’s pretty hard for him not to see MC
  • face timing and skype calls with video are a must
  • he sends MC emails with stuff he did through the day, and MC answers with their day
  • he likes it because since MC can answer more thoughtfully through email, he feels more connected
  • still tries to call daily though


  • he doesn’t really mind between normal calls or video calls
  • video calls do have the advantage that MC can see him, though
  • he sends MC photos of nice things he thought would look pretty
  • always comments on how MC’s voice sounds different through the phone, but it still sounds beautiful
Little Nightmares // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: domestic fluff, family fluff, parent!phan, fluffffffffff

Words: 2.1k

Relationship Status: married

Warnings: little bit of swearing

Summary: Four-year-old Winnie Lester has a nightmare and doesn’t feel comfortable sleeping by himself. He cuddles with his dad to help him fall back asleep.

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What the fans think of you...#7


Saying the fans were happy was an understatement. They could not be happier that their Niall has finally found his princess after so many heartbreaks. Many pictures of Y/N and Niall have surfaced and it has been nothing but positive feedback. You can see the way Niall’s eyes sparkled when he looked at her and the way her smile lit up her face just by looking at him. The fans caught her and Niall shopping one day and found out that she was super sweet even when the cameras weren’t around, which made them even more happy if possible knowing that she wasn’t there for the fame. The first picture together is what got the fans started and now they can’t get enough.


Harry’s announcement of his relationship on social media nearly broke the internet for good. Anyone who is a fan of one direction is secretly in a relationship with one of the boys in their head or just super protective, but for some reason Harry’s fans were incredibly protective and aggressive when it comes to him dating. Some were balling their eyes out and some were hateful at first. Some had speculated he might’ve been taken though, due to him being photographed with a dozen roses or random gifts or just this smile that no one has ever seen. Harry had asked y/n- nearly begged her to join him on the red carpet event he was to attend. Y/n didn’t want the fans to think that she was in any way using him for fame or attention. Harry assured her that even if they did think like that, he and she know that that’s not true in the least bit. Eventually she agreed. As they made their first appearance as a couple, paparazzi were going crazy and so were fans and interviewers, they were dying to see who would get to interview them first. Everyone seen and even heard how supportive and how caring she was of him and the way he held her, and whispered in her ear making her blush and or giggle. The way she’d look at him and how they kissed. The sparkle in his eyes that haven’t been seen in a long time, and his smile was true and not the least bit forced, he was so protective over her all through the night people seen that as he showed the world his precious baby. Everyone knew how real and serious this was for him as he’s never done this with anyone ever before. He’s never been public with his relationship. He even said himself that night that she was the one that stole his heart and stopped his world. Ever since that night he and y/n were one of the most influential couples and role models for all. When Harry and y/n were spotted sometimes the fans just wanted to have pictures with y/n and that made Harry smile. Not only did he have his personal friends and family’s approval but his fans as well. Not that he needed it but it still felt great.


At first, when Liam showed the world his sweetheart, the fandom was not too happy together. They wanted to protect their puppy dog eyed, toy story loving man. After everything he has been through, the fans just want what’s best for him. But the more pictures and videos of the two that got released, the more the fans started warming up to Y/N. what really sealed the deal was when Liam broke his wrist again, and Y/N was there with him, by his side every step of the way until he was fully recovered, showing that she truly does care about him.


The fans love y/n and Louis together. Out of all the girlfriends Louis ever had, y/n was the one that had the fans most approval. Y/n nurtured Louis back to life and they saw that. She had helped him so much and got him through that horrible patch of life. He looked more lively, healthy and truly happy. He stopped the drugs, and drinking, he stopped partying so much. Every time they were spotted and how they’d look at each other they seen how much they truly cared about one another. When fans catch them some times, y/n would always offer to take pics for them with Louis by their side or sometimes even make friends with them which Louis found incredibly amazing.

 **Credit to @bbygprincessblog for harry and Louis’s parts


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Have you got any Malfoy Family (Lucius, Narcissa, Draco) headcanons, i'm curious (If you don't mind my asking of course?)

Their marriage was quasi-arranged.  If Narcissa had vehemently objected, her parents would have dropped it, but she would have paid a price for that, and after Andromeda’s misalliance she knew better.

They adore each other, however, and did from almost first sight.  

Lucius HATES her parents.  

She had a hard time getting pregnant, and had several miscarriages before Draco.  Both of them regard Draco as a near miracle.  They didn’t try again afterward for fear Narcissa wouldn’t survive the pregnancy.

Draco is spoiled absolutely rotten.   He’s treated like a little prince, and has everything a child could want and then some.  

They had trouble keeping nannies.  They could have used a Mary Poppins but never got one.  

Draco’s birthday parties were the sort that people laugh about on social media.  Ponies, elaborate, obnoxious themes, gift bags that cost more to fill than normal people make in a week.  Draco honestly thought this was normal for a long time because he didn’t know anyone who didn’t live this way.  

Lucius is prone to tirades about liberal politics over dinner and Draco absorbed his father’s hatred of Dumbledore, the liberal Ministry, Muggle-lovers, and everything in between with wide eyes.  Narcissa just sniffs and makes comments like, “What would you expect from people like the Weasleys?” whenever Lucius complains.  Her contempt isn’t feigned.  She regards them as despicable, worse, really, than half-bloods because they had the option to be what she regards as better and threw it away to be poor.  She has opinions about people who have more children than they can afford - and her idea of what afford means is a trifle outrageous - and no shame in expressing them.  Draco grows up with the ingrained belief that poverty is the result of character flaws. Only bad, weak people are poor.

He wants more friends, but has no idea how offensive some of the things that come out of his mouth are.  He really wants to be friends with Harry Potter and that rejection stings enough to give him a grudge he nurses for years.

His parents listen to all his ranting about school and Potter with patient ears. Narcissa’s parents were of the ‘children should be seen and not heard’ mindset and she’s determined to never make her child feel like his opinions are unimportant or what he says is uninteresting.

Though she does sort of wish he’d shut up about Potter.  So does Lucius. 

Port Mafia Tattoo Shop AU

Another self indulgent AU hc post nobody asked for. This is a weird mix of a high school AU too because everyone is 18 except for Kouyou (20), Hirotsu (40), Gin & Higuchi (16).~

- Tattoo Artist { specializes in watercolor and surrealism but can bang out a new school tattoo and make it look like a sticker. }

• Started working at the shop when he was fifteen. It was across the street from a bar he did dishes at in high school and he’d always doodle outside during his smoke breaks. One day one of the artists and partial owners walked by and offered to teach him under the table after school.

• The biggest tattoo on his body is a phoenix that starts in the center of his chest and spreads down his left shoulder to the middle of his arm. It was Kouyou’s birthday present to him on his 18th birthday—she took a few of his drawings and melded it with her own.

 - Piercing Specialist { known for corset piercings and intricate non-permanent piercings for photo shoots and cons }

• Gin dragged him into the shop because she wanted her belly button pierced for her 16th birthday and Chuuya recognized Akutagawa from school. Weirdly enough Akutagawa had a fascination with piercings, and once he watched his sister get one he kept inching towards the piercing gun. Kouyou mention in passing they were looking to hire a trainee. He of course didn’t accept until both Gin and Chuuya pushed him towards the front desk to fill out paper work.

• Under Chuuya’s watch Akutagawa started sketching more after becoming the official shop’s piercer—but his true talent lies in the intricate piercings used in photoshoots or for conventions. He’s the only man in Yokohama that can give people corset piercings without tearing or destroying the skin. As for tattooing he’s on the fence about it and doesn’t have a solid grip on his artistic style yet.


 • Work part-time as the shop’s receptionist and helps clean the tools with another girl from her school, Higuchi. Gin’s nervous about getting a tattoo but she loves watching Hirotsu’s new apprentice Michizou practice his new school style on clients.

• Has no interest in working as a tattoo artists or piercer as a profession but she loves the atmosphere of the shop and looks up to Kouyou as a woman in power. A lot of her love and sex advice happens at the shop when she’s helping Kouyou clean her area and tools.

-Receptionist,/Akutagawa’s assistant

 • Aspires to be Akutagawa’s apprentice but he refuses to teach until she’s eighteen (even though Kouyou offered to pay under the table like she did with Chuuya). She dotes on him, cleans his equipment, and runs his social media accounts (without being asked) and helps with daily things around the shop like filing, appointments, and cleaning.

• She’s offered to let Akutagawa practice new piercings on her when they come into fashion, but the only one he’s been willing to do on her were surface piercings solely to see how long they stayed in. The experiment is still going and Higuchi is rigorous about cleaning the tiny gem pierced into her hip bone.

 -Owner/ Tattoo Artist { specializes in realism, water color, neo traditional }

• Started the shop with start-up money from a silent partner when she was twenty and continues to run it with Hirotsu. Kouyou was originally from Tokyo but was tired of getting bounced around in the system, so when she was fourteen she ran off and started working in a restaurant where down the street from the shop. When she was fifteen she lied about her age and started apprenticing, but she was so talented Hirtosu pretended he didn’t know her real age.

• Kouyou’s art has been featured in multiple tattoo magazines, and she’s actively speaking out on sexist trolls on social media in the tattoo world who try and put her down. She expects the best out of her employees and doesn’t take shit, even if Chuuya’s had a shitty day and a hangover that could kill Satan she expects his ass to do his best work or nothing at all. Has an entire cherry blossom tree up her spine with petals spreading over her shoulders down to her forearms—Hirtosu started the tradition of gifting tattoos to underage apprentices—that was her gift when she turned 18.

 - Owner/Tattoo Artist { specializes in traditional, realism, and tribal }

• ‘Grandpa’ of the shop tbh, and he’s always bugging his artists (especially Akutagawa) to eat and take care of their hands. He’ll point out if someone’s not hydrating enough after a long stretch of tattooing and he hates using the computers to look for references. He’d rather freehand and he’s damn good at it—it’s what he’s known for. His original and intricate designs that just come out with zero effort.

• Keeps in touch with a young kid named Dazai who taught himself how to tattoo at home out of boredom. He worked at the shop for a little but kept getting annoyed with the rules and standards so he set off to start his own one-man traveling tattoo shop. Sometime he stops by to show Hirotsu his work when Chuuya isn’t there. Hirotsu learned how to use Instagram just to keep up with Dazai’s work secretly.

 - Tattoo Apprentice { learning everything, prefers new school }

• Learns from Chuuya sometimes because Chuuya is better at new school, but he’s really Hirotsu’s apprentice. Has a hard time not getting snappy when Hirotsu makes him practice traditional, but he knows he should have a well-rounded education over specializing from the beginning. He followed Chuuya’s Instagram a few months back and tracked down the shop. Instead of asking for an interview he shoved his artwork in Chuuya’s face and stuttered about wanting to learn from him.

• He has a crush on the receptionist and likes when she watches him draw, but he’s too nervous to ask her out because her brother has threatened to kill him with a piercing gun, twice. Sometimes he sneaks little drawings in notes and slides them to her when Akutagawa is in the back doing something or he bribes Higuchi to distract him so he can talk to Gin on his break.

- Owner/Business Partner

• He met Kouyou as a teenager and ate at the restaurant a lot between college classes. When he mysteriously came into a large amount of money he offered to help Hirotsu buy the property out rather than lease the shop and gave Kouyou a percentage to buy her way in. He knows enough about the tactical ways of business and tattooing, and often bugs Hirotsu to convince Dazai to come back to the shop.

• Too nervous to get any actual tattoos, but he once let Elise draw a picture and Kouyou used semi-permanent ink to draw it on his arm—while muttering under her breath what a pussy he was. 

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RFA+ Minor trio reacting to Mc being really good with makeup? both special effects and "normal" makeup, and always looking like a goddess because of it?^-^

I know next to nothing about makeup and I don’t wear any irl, but oh my god does that stuff take talent

-He has never seen somebody with such perfect makeup
-The only way he can describe you is a God(dess)
-Your special effects makeup would be great for cosplaying, if you’d ever be up for that
-Whenever Zen sends a selfie in chat and  brags about his looks, Yoosung will send a selfie of you
-Zen would shut up because god damn your eyeliner could not be more on point
-Yoosung does get jealous if there is too much attention on your selfie though
-How precious

-The first time he sees you he freezes
-You’re so beautiful, more beautiful than he is!
-Perfect eyeliner, perfect eyebrows, perfect highlight
-Your makeup is actually flawless
-His heart is going 100mph
-He can just tell that you do better work than the professional makeup artists he’s worked with
-Zen would ask you to be his makeup artist
-He could put in a good word about you with his manager and even see about getting you into doing it as a career if you’re interested
-He would love to be able to see you at work, and see the amazing special effect makeup you can do

-Just wow
-She’s never seen makeup that flawless
-And this girl keeps up with celebrities, none of their looks come close to yours
-(I headcanon that Jaehee is super into beauty channels on YouTube so)
-Even the most popular beauty channels can’t pull off the work you can do
-Once you guys begin getting close and begin dating, she’d ask if you’d be okay with giving her a makeover
-You happily oblige
-She loves the heck out of it and can barely recognize herself in the mirror afterwards

-Okay, he has seen a lot of faces because he’s a businessman and all
-But holy shit
-Even the people he’s seen that have had professionals do their makeup look like middle schoolers compared to you
-He has no idea how someone could be so good at doing makeup
-It’s such an underrated talent
-He could be able to afford the really good makeup palettes and beauty products for you as gifts
-He could help you launch a career out of it if you wanted to

-When he first checks out the CCTV
-There is a literal angel in Rika’s apartment
-He can see your bomb ass highlight from the CCTV camera alone
-And these are not the nicest cameras ever
-Then he finds your social media accounts
-Holy mother of god
-He sees all the makeup you’ve done on yourself, and on other people, and he is speechless
-He thought he was good at changing his appearance, but you can literally make somebody into a mythical creature if you wanted to
-He’d be completely up for teaming up with you to use your amazing makeup abilities to prank Yoosung

-Forget taking photos of nature let me photograph your contour like damn
-He calls you nicknames like God(dess) or angel
-He takes millions and millions of photos of you
-He’ll also take photos of your special effects makeup or any other projects you do on other people
-So amazed by how you can use all these powders and liquids to make something so gorgeous

-He knows nothing about makeup and he doesn’t see the big deal about it
-So he doesn’t think too much about your daily makeup and never pays attention because you look fine with or without it
-He doesn’t at all care what you look like
-But when he sees you do special effects makeup on other people
-He’s so impressed
-Like you can change a human being into a monster
-Or you can give somebody completely new bone structure
-What kind of sorcery
-He’s curious as to how you manage to create different looks like that
-If you offered to let him watch you do somebody’s makeup or even your own, he would like to
-He’s too nervous to ask though

look into your eyes

Summary: Five times Yuri Plisetsky’s eyes had left Otabek helpless, even if he didn’t know it at first. (word count: 2303)

1. and the sky’s the limit

He did not have the natural talent, nor did he have a lot of resources. Compared to the others, the ones with so much more, he was nothing. It felt easy to just give up, leave Russia, and forget about his dream of becoming an ice skater and making his country proud.

And honestly, he was about to do exactly that. Not only was he stuck with students 2-3 years younger than he was, he still keeps getting scolded for not being able to do what they could.

All those thoughts were erased from him when he looks up and sees a boy - probably ten or eleven, at most - do the exercise perfectly, lifting his leg and pointing his toes exactly as the instructor had told. But it wasn’t that that had captivated him.

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Attention Fairy Tail Guild Mates

So guys i saw this post for a great idea that us fans can do as a special gift for Hiro-Sensei:

You know what would be really cool? If people took pictures of themselves doing the Fairy Tail hand sign and we would make a collage and send it to Mashima to show how much we love Fairy Tail.

I really want to make this a reality because i think Hiro-Sensei deserves to know our love for him and the series he’s put everything into, but i’ll need your help. 

Now if you’d like to be apart of this here’s what i need from you the fans. Just send me a picture via submission of you or you plus friends and/or family doing the fairy tail hand sign (bonus points to those who do it in full cosplay or paint it on them somewhere). You’ll have till the 30th of June to send it in, which will then give me time to begin compiling them together in either multiple or one big collage (depending on how many people send in pics will also effect the submission date). 

Once completed i’ll send our special gift to Hiro Mashima on the 7th of July, same as when the final chapter releases, and also place it on various social media sites to be sure he sees it. 

Please spread the word!! I’d love for any and all fellow Fairy Guild Mates to participate! I feel like this a great way to show our love to Hiro-Sensei after all the amazing content he has provided us with through the years, or if you’re new to the fandom just the wonderful stories he’s told. We’ve laughed, cried, shipped, and wept angsty tears as we followed his amazing story of a celestial key and whip wielding heroine, a pink-haired fire breathing boy and his flying blue cat who both have a serious appetite, and the powerful lessons of family, life, and love. 

[!] Yongguk’s Birthday Project!

Hello BABY family! So there have been many fan projects floating around for Yongguk’s birthday this month, and I’d like to share an idea for a project that I believe Yongguk would absolutely love!

As many of you know, fans all over the world have provided monetary support for B.A.P’s Helping Hands, a fan-made organization partnered with Pencils of Promise, which turned Yongguk’s dream of building a school in B.A.P’s name into a reality. The team at BHH recently posted this series of tweets which states that if enough money were raised, Yongguk would be able to visit the school.

Some BABYz were upset that OT6 could not visit the school together (which is ideal) but this is something that Yongguk has been passionate about for a long time, and if we have the chance to send at least him to see his dream, it would be an amazing birthday present! 

Now I have to mention, this is not an official birthday project idea through BHH or any other B.A.P fan organization, but I saw these tweets and thought that it would be a perfect idea for a birthday project!

If you can donate any amount of money at all to Helping Hands, not only would it make Yongguk proud and see his dream come true, but it would bring education to so many young people. 

To build the 2nd school (in Ghana), we must raise $35,000.
To send Yongguk to see the first school it costs $50,000.

The monetary goals may seem like a lot, but BABYz are no strangers to overcoming challenges and if we work together we can make this a reality!

There is no time limit for this project, it’s not even a project so much as just general information in case you or someone you know would like to participate.

However, to make this a “birthday project” of sorts, if you do donate, you can post verification of your donation on social media and tag Yongguk (and the other B.A.P members) so he sees it, along with #YonggukBirthdayDonation or another hashtag so he knows that the donation was made in honor of his birthday. It would be best to tag him on his birthday (March 31st) so that these “gifts” aka donations can be “given” to Yongguk.

I hope those who can donate are able to give anything they can, and those who cannot please spread this so that other BABYz and fandoms can join! 

Any other information you may need about Helping Hands you can find through their TWITTER.

Ultimate Victuuri FicRec List

bc I am utter trash and have spent the past few weeks hiding away on ao3 reading fics to fill the gap in my heart and I want to keep all my favorite links in one place. Will be updated as I find more that I like! Suggestions are always welcome!


Clarity by thylaa | 3k words | mature

- An interesting one about the immediate aftermath of The Kiss. Light touches of commentary on homophobia but it isn’t really delved into; mainly just cuteness

i know my madness by astoryaboutwar | 14k words | explicit

- Canon divergence, where Yuuri wins silver in the Sochi GPF, and Victor is a rich figure skating playboy who decides to wine and dine the newcomer Japanese skater and ends up catching an STD known as Feelings, and it’s really hot and really well written and if you haven’t read this yet who even are you

victory cheer by SportsAnimeRuinedMyLife | 3k words | teen and up

- Told from various POVs immediately following The Kiss, but still just as cutesy as anything told from Victor or Yuuri’s POV. 

When He’s Not Even Trying and One Night to Blow by qwartooty | 2k words & 3k words respectively | teen and up

- These can be read as one-shots but the first is actually a prequel to the second. When He’s Not Even Trying = Phichit being the best/worst wingman ever and Victor just worshipping everything Yuuri does; One Night to Blow = bachelor parties feat. the return of Pole-Dancer Yuuri and Victor being super into it. This fluff is so sweet it will give you cavities

Addicted (to the taste of you) by smudgesofink | 5k words | teen and up

- Super cute post-Kiss fic that features a lot MORE kissing and it’s beautiful and Chris is the best-worst wingman ever

Praise Please by surveycorpsjean | 5k words | explicit

- Praise kink, need I say more? I’m not always a huge fan of fics where Victor is super dominant, but this one is just really hot okay leave me alone

Appreciation by Merit | 4k words | explicit

- Yuuri’s exhausted after the Cup of China free skate so Victor’s gotta do all the work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   smut with feelings. Victor is so in love I can’t even deal

From the Moon by ButterBeerBitch | 4k words | mature

- Victor finds his way into Yuuri’s bedroom/shrine and instead of it going horribly wrong like Yuuri expected, it goes better than he could have dreamed.

all for a moment by Authoress | 2k words | teen and up

- Post-Kiss…kissing. Lots of kissing, in a stairwell bc these losers can’t even wait to get back to the hotel, though it never veers into mature territory. And flirting. It’s so beautiful read it

Distance by surveycorpsjean | 5k words | explicit

- One of my favorites! Domestic married Victuuri, plus a super hot kitchen sex scene that is an absolute gift to this world.

Silliness and Stolen Shirts by smudgesofink | 2k words | teen and up

- I love this one so much! “In which Victor is weak for the Boyfriend Shirt, and Yuuri doesn’t realize he is, too.” Domestic post-ep. 12 fluff and these losers are so cute omggg

Victor Effing Nikiforov by shysweetthing | 13k words | explicit

- Canon divergence: in which Victor does not retire to coach Yuuri, but the banquet still happened and Yuuri still doesn’t remember it so he is v confused when he shows up to the World Championships and Victor effing Nikiforov is suddenly getting all affectionate. They still end up being couple goals. 

live with a man who knows you by jinlian | 3k words | teen and up

- Ahhhh. Domestic fiance life in St. Petersburg, from Victor’s completely lovestruck POV. The writing is BEAUTIFUL and the sweetness is so, so strong. It’s a quick read but it’ll give you all the warm fuzzies, just do it, seriously.

Works in Progress

solo and pair by calciseptine | 17k words | teen and up | 7/? chapters

- soulmate AU where you get an identifying mark on your body that matches your soulmate’s; Yuri realizes when he’s really young that his and his skating idol’s marks look extremely similar, but he feels like he doesn’t deserve Victor because fuck anxiety. Seriously some of the most beautiful writing ever & my absolute favorite soulmate AU. I can’t wait for the day this one is completed!

A Choreographer’s Dilemma by Mysecretfanmoments | mature | 5/? chapters

- In which Yuuri and Victor officially start dating following The Kiss, and they go through all the awkwardness and fascination and learning experiences that come with starting a new relationship. It’s the hyper-realistic domestic Victuuri fic I never knew I needed, and it is gorgeously written. It is canon compliant but as of right now all 5 chapters take place after episode 7 and before episode 8.

Winter Song by proantagonist | 62k words | explicit | 11/? chapters

- THIS IS IT. THIS IS MY FAVORITE FIC OF ALL TIME EVER and chapter 6 reduced me to TEARS it crushed me to RUBBLE but not in a bad way, these are 100% tears of joy. This is so beautiful, this is everything I never knew I needed. My skin has cleared, my crops are flourishing, my GPA has skyrocketed (maybe not but w/e). If you want lots of domestic, in-series, canon compliant, healthy and mutually supportive Victuuri in looooove then read this, for the love of my smol son Yurio, read it and understand. I’m almost glad this isn’t complete because it means that there will be more. I can’t fucking deal I s2g

Dot, Dash, Star* by shorelines | 6k words | teen and up | 4/6 chapters

- (cw: emotional abuse) Soulmate AU where you get a little floating orb of light that follows you around and allows you to communicate with your soulmate in Morse code. Feat. smol Yuuri, smol(er) Yuri, and smol Victor, Victor’s mom who is awful and abusive, Yakov being a kind cinnamon roll, and lots of sadness and angst with just enough hope to keep you reading. I’m on the edge of my seat for this one because right now it’s really sad and I don’t want my smol Victuuri to be sad; luckily it seems to be frequently updated so I’m sure it’ll be completed soon. 

Low Bars by TheCookieMonster77 | 11k words | teen and up | 3/? chapters

- Basically, the anime as told through text messages - mainly those between Yuuri and Phichit, but also featuring other characters. It’s hilarious and Phichit is a gift that we do not deserve and I want more of this so much


katsuki_fc wrote by tetsurashian | 12k words | general audiences | 7 chapters

- A favorite of mine! The story of Victuuri, from the Sochi GPF to the pair skate, but told through the social media posts of Yuuri’s fans. A quick and fun read.

Hold Me Tight by smudgesofink | 11k words | teen and up | 2 chapters

- “Alternatively titled, ‘Five Times Victor Hugs Yuuri, and the One Time He Doesn’t.’” Beautifully written Victuuri fluff that touches on some more serious topics in chapter 2 - read: homophobia in Russia. But it is handled well, and it has a happy ending!

The Fundamentals of Caring by braveten | 20k words | explicit, but the first chapter is more teen and up | 2 chapters

- Yuuri gets a fever while staying at Victor’s flat in St. Petersburg (pre-Barcelona), and so Victor and a reluctant Yurio have to take care of him. However, Yuuri is also completely delirious and loses his filter, so he starts proclaiming his love for his coach and Victor is so so happy and Yurio becomes their #1 shipper. (I was totally in Yuuri’s boat a few months ago, but I only wish I had someone like Victor to take care of meee)